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Like most families we do our computing on laptops or tablets and no longer have a computer desk with a desktop computer. Because of this, we had two office chairs that had basically been banished to a dark corner. A few months ago, I decided to remove the back of one of them and use it as a rolling laptop stand. I used it this way for several months and while it worked decent, the arms of the chair were a bit cumbersome, there was no place for a mouse, and it was a too low to get my legs under. I decided to fix all that. Keep reading and see how I did it.Disassembling the chair is pretty straight forward. There are a few screws that hold the base to the bottom of the seat. As mentioned earlier, this particular chair, even when fully elevated was not high enough for me to sit on the couch and still get my legs under. It's very possible that your office chair may be taller or may not need any height added, in which case, skip the next step. Otherwise read on. I knew I would be using this while sitting on the same couch the majority of the time, but if I wanted to use it at different couch or chair that sat higher, I'd want to maintain the adjustability of the stand. I made sure that the chair was adjusted to it's lowest setting before proceeding. The chair lift cylinder is press-fit into the wheeled base. It can easily be removed with a sharp blow from a plastic mallet. Once the lift cylinder is removed, you can see that the bottom of the cylinder is tapered to provide a snug fit into the base. Looking around my garage, I found a short piece of 1-1/2" Schedule 40 PVC that fit pretty snug in the base. With the PVC dry fitted into the base, I took the base and the lift cylinder back to the couch to determine how much height I needed to add. I ended up cutting the PVC to 11-1/2". The PVC is approximately the same outer diameter as the lift cylinder, but PVC is easy to re-shape once it's warm. I used a heat gun, but the same results can be achieved with a propane torch, camp fire, barbeque grill, etc. The big concern is not getting the PVC hot enough to burn or release toxic fumes. Probably the safest method is to dip the end in boiling water until it has reached a temperature for it to be soft and pliable. Regardless of how you do it, soften the end of the PVC and press it over the bottom end of the lift cylinder. Pay attention to the alignment of the cylinder and the PVC. Ideally, you want them to be perfectly inline with each other. Note:Since this was originally a chair, the platform that the seat bolts to is made to have a rear leaning cant (i.e. - the back of the chair sits slightly lower than the front). Because of this, when the whole assembly is turned upside down, the lift cylinder is not perfectly vertical. If I were to do this over, I would first level and mount the top as shown in the next step and then come back to this step to complete the height modification.For the bottom of the PVC where it fits into the base, you'll probably have a little bit of play. This is because the PVC is the same diameter all the way up, whereas the lift cylinder was tapered to fit the taper of the base. To remedy this, I heated a small section of the pipe 1" from the bottom. Once it was soft, I inserted the PVC into the base and applied enough pressure for the PVC to "flare" out to match the taper of the base. Hold things steady (and plumb) until the PVC has cooled enough to hold its shape. For the top of this stand, I used an old smooth faced cabinet door that I found in the garbage. The door was basically square, so I cut it to the size I needed. On the underside of the cabinet door, I found the center by drawing a line from corner to corner. I then offset the center point in both directions to match the bolt hole spacing. I dug through my hardware bin and found some suitable wood screws and predrilled the holes. Tip: keep hardware from everything!!! If you replace a light fixture - strip all hardware from the fixture before throwing the fixture away. Same goes for cheap particle board furniture - remove and keep all those specialty type brackets and screws before tossing it out, because you never know when it'll save you a trip to the hardware store.As mentioned earlier, for ergonomic reasons, the seat platform is manufactured so that it slopes to the rear. You can see in the 4th photo that the piece that connects the round tube to the seat platform is a trapezoid. The edges that connect the tube are not parallel with the edge that is welded to the bottom of the platform. Since I want the top surface of this to be level, I placed a stack of washers under the low side to help level it up. Once leveled up I screwed the seat platform to the underside of the door, hand tightening the screws to prevent stripping the holes. I sanded the cabinet door with a small palm sander and wiped it down. It appears that this door was given a "wood grain" finish by some paint method. The lighter color you see is a solid shade of pale yellow. The original grain pattern was achieved by a 'false graining finishing technique'. I like the look of the tattered board. I'm really happy with how this turned out. It provides a nice adjustable work surface that can easily be rolled out of the way. Thanks for reading and be sure to vote.

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Its a winner1. Hi looking for an office chair, any suggestions?I just typed in OFFICE CHAIR on EBAY search. There are over 1200 of them listed. Good place to start. Have a good day!2. What would be the best way to secure an office chair to the floor?Can you chain it to the wall or maybe use rope? That way you could keep it in your office and still move around.3. Is is safe to use an exercise ball as an office chair?it will put a lot of stress on your back and cause problems for you... You can also fall if you are startled by something and hit your head but the worst thing is your back... seriously.. you dont want back problems... i have a bad back.. its not hurts and it never really gets better.4. How do you remove semen/water stains from an office chair?your only option at this point is to completely cover the chair with semen, thereby evening out the discoloration. or possibly dye it with urine5. How do i fix an office chair that's too low and it won't pump up?The hydraulics is beyond fixing. Try setting it at the height you want and putting a bolt through the stem to hold it there6. Why would you bolt your office chair to the floor?To metaphorically say that you will be there forever so you wont get fired?7. How to Pick the Perfect Office Chair | Top Office Chairs 2021 OverviewWhat to Look for in an Office Chair Office chairs are one of the focal points in any office, and many people care more about the looks than about how it influences the health of the person who uses it. However, the ergonomic design should be a priority when looking for a chair for your office. Here are few things to consider to make sure you have picked a good, supportive office chair: A good office chair has to have support for the lower back. Some of the better models even have an adjustable lumbar support allowing the user to fit the chair to their lower back like using mid-back mesh. This prevents back strain that can worsen and become sciatica - a potentially debilitating condition. Almost all office chairs have a height and arm adjustment, but this are just basing adjusting and not the most important ones if you are looking for a really comfortable chair. The best office chairs have at least five adjustments with some having up to 14 different adjustments. Important features that should be adjustable include lumbar support, arm width and height, seat back width and height, seat and back angle, and tension control. Many of the supports are dial controlled while a few are controlled with a hand-held bulb pump, similar to a blood pressure cuff pump. Nearly all office chairs have a wheel base; however, if the office is carpeted it may be necessary to get a chair with wheels specifically made for carpet. Rolling is important in preventing strain due to reaching across a desk to retrieve items that are out of reach. All office chairs should swivel freely to allow for easy access to various parts of the desk. If the chair does not swivel freely, arm fatigue can result from over extending to reach various items. The fabric should be breathable to keep the chair from becoming hot and uncomfortable after hours of sitting in it. In addition, it should have enough cushion to support the person sitting in it without feeling the base of the chair through the cushion.8. We just had laminate wood floors installed...can we have a leather office chair that rolls directly on it?My friend put a floor like this in his office I was surprised to see ware spots from the wheels I think its A year old9. How do I get ointment/ antibacterial cream off my office chair, or how do i make the oily stain go away?use dawn dish liquid to break up the grease then rinse well The greasy look will be gone.10. How can I clean sperm stains off an office chair?Hahahaha! Do not do that sh*t at work! They do not pay you to spread sperm...unless you donate sperm for a living 0_o... Work! . . . (P.S. Say it's milk if anyone asks)
I'm Going to Get Comfortable Office Chair?
try City Chair Pretty good pricing and free shipping on a number of items1. The Best White Office Chair ReviewsLooking for an ergonomic and elegant white office chair? We reviewed the best white office chair selections for your home office. These chairs are ranked based on price, adjustability, comfort, and aesthetics. A chair can be supported by a base made of any rigid material. Chairs are used in a wide variety of settings: in private homes or offices and are essential for making your Work From Experience good. A contemporary design and rich White color brings a modern touch to any room. Not only are white chairs appealing with their clear lines and simplistic designs, but the chairs we reviewed are optimized for physical comfort. What does this entail? Well-padded seats, backrests, and armrests for extra comfort. Excellent quality, nice construction and durable. Chairs that are extremely sturdy and have long lifespans. Chairs can be made from wood, metal, or other strong materials, like acrylic. In some cases, multiple materials are used to construct white chairs; for example, the legs and frame may be made from metal and the seat and back may be made from plastic and the colors may be the same or leverage complimentary hues. When you are searching for white office chairs, you can find that there are actually quite a few different options to choose from. So, if you are searching for the best white office chair, you might want to consider the following guiding principles: White leather office chairs - if you are looking for white leather office chairs, you will find that there are lots of options that are white. The most popular of these is the white leather office chair with chrome accents. White mesh office chairs - if you are searching for a more modern look, you can find that white mesh office chairs are an excellent option. These chairs look great, are breathable, and pair well with clean futuristic office furniture. A great office chair is important since you will likely be sitting in it quite often, and want it to look and feel great. Thus, we hope you enjoy our reviews and find them useful as you make this important buying evaluation. When buying a white chair for your home office, there is much to consider beyond the color. You need to first think about ergonomics and comfort as nothing is more important. If a chair does not feel like the right fit for your body, what is the point of buying it? A good chair promotes health and productivity. It keeps your lumbar supported and your shoulder comfortable so that you can type, make phone calls, and work through out the day. Beyond comfort, many people select a chair based on how it looks. If you are searching for a white chair you likely enjoy that color or want a white chair because it compliments the broader home office you plan to place it in. White compliments both light and dark spaces as well as modern desks made of metal and glass. The third broad evaluation of chairs - white or otherwise - is their functionality. Namely, you want a chair that meets your needs. This includes a chair that supports your arms, weight, and height, and that can be adjusted based on your preferred seating style. When looking for any office chair, much less a white one, ergonomics should be top of mind. What is ergonomics? It is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment. And to no one's surprise, a chair plays a very big part in that. What makes a chair more ergonomically correct than others? It essentially boils down to how configurable it is and if it offers lumbar support. Since everyone's body is different, a good chair can adjust to all shapes and sizes. This means it can be raised and lowered. It means you can move the arm rests up/down, but also in/out. A good ergonomic chair also has tilt tension so that when you lean back, you can adjust the tension to tilt you back smoothly and slowly. Ergonomics also means that you can sit up right and not slouch because the chair supports your body. In addition to finding an ergonomic chair, we recommend other ergonomic tools for your office such as a laptop stand for your desk to keep your neck level, and an ergonomic mouse. A chair is designed to be used for sitting. But if you sit for too long you can develop neck, back, and hip pain. An ergonomic chair can help you lean forwards or backwards, sit upright, enhance your posture, and take pressure off your joints. Adjustability, as we have written, is the name of the game. Your body is unique and you will want your chair to reflect that in its built-in features. All of these chairs we review offer ergonomic benefits, but some have more features than others. The primary ergonomic settings we prefer to optimize for include lumbar support (which helps the lower back), adjustable arm rests (which support your shoulders and arms), neck support, and thick seat cushions. There are other ergonomic settings - such as the ability to tilt the entire chair - but that is a nice to have rather than a must have. Before thinking about the color of your chair, think about how it will feel to use it? If you are working 6-10 hours a day in your chair, there is a good chance you will care how the chair feels on your back, hips, and backside. A good chair has built-in attributes that will make you feel better because the chair will be working every hour of the day to support you. We should certainly know! Having reviewed and tested hundreds of chairs, we know the basic and most important variables one should consider in regards to comfort. So what should you be mindful of? First, a chair needs to fit you and your body. Some chairs, for example, have weight constraints. Others have small or elongated backs. Some have head and neck support built in. Think about your body - are you tall? Large? Small? Do you have broad shoulders that can benefit from height adjustable arms? These types of general framing questions will help you identify the general size of the chair. The next variable to think about - irrespective of color - is how the chair will give you lumbar support while you are working. One way to test for your lumbar needs is to sit on the ground with your back to a wall. Do you naturally find yourself leaning forward? Are you able to keep your back erect against the wall? If you are slouching forward, and rolling your shoulders, you should evaluate chairs that have extra thick seat cushions. This is because you likely lean in while working. If, on the other hand, you find yourself able to sit on the ground and keep your back erect against the wall, you might want to consider buying a chair that has built-in tilting. This is because you have a stronger back and likely can benefit from stretching it vertically throughout your work day. A white chair looks great in many different home offices. Once you have selected the chair for comfort and functionality, you can think about it in the context of aesthetic. If your home office has poor lighting and is dark, a white chair can bring a much needed contract. If your home office is lighter, a white chair adds a nice complimentary color. White looks great with glass, wood, and metal desks and will enable your complexion to pop during video calls. We think they look particularly great with mid century modern desks. White is a classy furniture color that is both functional and appealing to many people. Features to look for in a white chair In addition to the ergonomic features that are important to evaluate for your body, white chairs come in many flavors of color shades and material. For example, some home office white chairs are leather. Others have a breathable mesh back, usually made of a manufactured fabric. These types of material will impact the brightness of the white shade and even the maintenance. A mesh back white chair might become slightly darker with prolonged use. A white leather chair, in contrast, will remain its original color for a longer period of time. Some white chairs are fully white: the arms, base, and core material are all white. Other chairs we have reviewed are both white and grey or white and black. If you value a home office chair that is a solid color, you should select a chair that is monochrome. White chairs require maintenance, especially if you want to keep them clean over time. Consider this and the warranty when buying your next white chair. White symbolizes elegance and professionalism. So adding a white chair to your office interior can give you the vibes. Such an office chair is sure to boost your interior aesthetics by several levels. However, looking good is not going to be the only purpose of the chair. You will need it to be comfortable above all. You will be sitting on it for long hours, so you cannot overlook this crucial feature. Nowadays, a lot of the office chairs come with a meshed/screened back. This feature allows for better ventilation and comfort. It also reduces sweat build-up and fatigue. Besides, modern chairs have a calculated curved design that improves posture maintains better health. Most of these chairs are height adjustable. Some also allow you to adjust the back tension/motion. You will find the swivel function in almost every chair. And for better mobility, they often come with casters as well. So take a look at our selections above and see if they are up to your likings.2. If I cannot sit "correctly" in my Office chair, how / if can I MODIFY my seat?Bobby (if it fairly is your actual call), i wish you've your own workplace or artwork at abode. attempt Febreze. It has bumped off icky dogs smells, cat urine smells, and cooking smells from fabrics in my abode. per chance in case you saturate the chair one evening previously you go away the workplace it will be more suitable ideal once you come decrease back. JOSH if that's you, i trust sorry on your new co-workers in Malaysia. Curt, if that's you - convey your files right down to me because i do not favor to bypass into your workplace3. Which Office Chair Should I Buy? HELP!!?Very curious, George... your links do not work. All we get is a box asking for our zipcode... but hey, click on the links, you will see what I mean
How Can I Clean an Office Chair?
Try resolve multi-surface, I used it on mine and it worked pretty well1. 3 Best Office Chair Wheels/Casters For Your ReplacementIt seems like they are always so problematic, does not it? It breaks, does not move, leaves scratches and marks on the floor, and the list can go on. If only we had better ones... Well, you can get better ones! The casters that will suit you best. We are here to help you do just that. To be sure, there are certain things to consider when buying replacements. We will tell you everything there is to know about it. Not only that, but we will also recommend some great office chair casters. This will be your one-stop article for the best office chair casters. So let's get to it! If you are not familiar with the components of a caster, it's easy to get confused with what we talk about here. That's why we are starting with this. There are 2 main components to all casters... There's the metal stem. This is what secures the caster to the office chair's legs. There are the wheels. Of course, they allow the office chair to move around. When we say, "casters" we mean the whole thing, stem, and wheels included. Now that that's out of the way, we can begin searching for the best office chair casters for you. When it comes to caster stems, there are 3 different types. The threaded stem casters are like screws. You twist it into the leg's socket to thread and secure it in. The grip stem casters are somewhat like a clip. It has a groove at the top that latches onto a ledge inside the socket. The plate mounted casters are unique in that they do not have stems. Instead, it has a plate that's screwed in on the legs. This type of caster, however, is not common in office chairs. If you want to learn more, including how to remove each type, click here. How does this help you find a replacement? Well, you will know what type of casters you should buy, of course! Say, for example, your office chair has grip stem casters. You will know that you should avoid buying the threaded stem or plate mounted casters. You have to make sure your replacement matches. How to Determine the Right Stem Size Sure, it's easy to figure out that you need to match the new stems with the old ones... And you can determine the type of stem with just one glance. What is hard is finding the right stem size. If you look into casters, you will find some stems are short, while others are tall. The same goes for thickness and thinness. If you get the wrong size, it either wo not fit at all or will be super wobbly. To avoid that, you need to measure your old casters. There are 2 things to measure... The length of the stem The diameter of the stem Measuring the length is easy enough. Measuring the diameter will be a lot harder, though. It will be confusing where the exact measurement points to. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you get the exact diameter measurement. The first one is to use a drill gauge. This is perfect since there are already exact measurements in each hole. Check which hole your stem can fit through. That will be its diameter measurement. Another trick is to use an adjustable wrench. Secure the wrench onto the stem. Then remove the stem. From there, measure the wrench with a measuring tape or ruler. This is a lot easier than measuring the stem's diameter itself. For other tricks on how to measure the diameter, check this video: If you get these two measurements right, you will be able to find a replacement that fits perfectly. The Different Types of Caster Wheels We've stressed that you need to find a replacement that matches with your casters' stem. However, when it comes to the wheels, you can pick whatever you need or prefer. There are so many different types of caster wheels... But all fall under only 2 categories - twin wheels and single wheels. Let's take a quick look at each category and the benefits it provides. These are the most common casters you will find in office chairs. Since they are so common, it will be so easy to find one in the markets today. There are even twin-wheeled casters with special features, such as the locking feature. Click here for available twin-wheeled casters. Another great thing about these casters is their double wheels. With a wider surface, it can distribute weight more evenly. If your main concern is availability and stability, then twin-wheeled casters are best for you. What is great about the single-wheeled casters, on the other hand, is that it's a lot stronger. It will be able to hold and withstand a much heavier person. It also has a very solid structure with fewer moving parts. This makes it last much longer than twin-wheeled casters. And, there's no need to worry about hair getting stuck. Single-wheeled casters are high-raised, making it hard for hairs to get in. If some do get stuck, you can easily pluck it out since single-wheeled casters have wider openings for better access. If you are looking for casters that have a strong build, last longer, and do not get clogged with hair, then single-wheeled casters are a good idea. The Different Types of Wheel Material When replacing your casters, the wheel material you choose will play a big role. You will see what we mean. The hard ones made from hard nylon. The soft ones made from rubber or polyurethane. It all depends on your flooring. If you move your office chair across carpets, rugs, or soft chair mats, it's best to get the hard nylon material. If you move it across hardwood, tiles, or vinyl, it's best to go with the soft material. A quick tip: Just remember that soft floorings are best with hard wheels. While hard floorings are best with soft wheels. You might be wondering: why is that? It takes less force to get a hard wheel rolling because of its impact on the ground. So it wo not be difficult moving around soft carpets, rugs, and chair mats. If you roll hard wheels on, say, hardwood, the impact will leave scratches, scuffs, and marks. Who wants that? The soft wheels are best for hard floors then because it minimizes the slides and scrapes on its surface. Another tip: If you can not tell whether the wheel is hard or soft, try pricking it with a ballpen or your fingernail. If it dents a bit, it's soft. If not, then it's hard. Depending on what wheel material you choose, it will be able to protect your hardwood, tiles, vinyl, carpets, rug, mats, etc. How to Pick the Best Caster Size What about the size of the caster? The bigger, the better. This is because it creates less resistance when rolling. It can overcome obstacles such as small bumps on the flooring. It's also more durable, able to carry heavier weights, and lasts longer. The good news is, you do not have to get the same size as the old ones. So if you were not satisfied with your old casters, you can go a size bigger on the replacements. Say, for example, your casters are the standard size, 2in. If you want the added benefit of a bigger caster, opt for the 2.5in or 3in ones. But, you should never get a smaller size. If you do, it wo not be able to handle the weight and pressure of the office chair. To get you started, we are going to recommend 3 high-quality office chair casters. If you are looking for a soft caster, this is one of the best in the markets today. As promised, it wo not scratch your hardwood floor, tiles, etc. You can say goodbye to area rugs and chair mats. Its ultra-thick polyurethane material makes sure the wheels are silent while moving around. Not only that, but it also makes movement very smooth. What is more, these casters are gorgeous. There's something so beautiful about its clear, thick polyurethane and black accents. The 5 casters can carry a total weight of 650lbs! And the best part is that it has a standard stem size. These casters can fit a number of office chairs. Of course, there are some downsides as well. It's not great for carpets and soft floorings. Remember, soft wheels are for hard surfaces. Another downside is that it will make your office chair taller. This is not a problem if you can lower the chair's height. What stands out with these twin-wheeled casters is their material. Usually, twin-wheeled casters are made from hard nylon. These casters are made from a sort of rubber. It's hard enough to roll smoothly on soft flooring. And, it's soft enough to lessen the impact on hard flooring. A quick tip: Though it's better than other hard casters, it's not the best in avoiding scratch marks on the floor. How much can all 5 casters carry? Finally, what we love about it is that you get all that for a very affordable price. Okay, what are the downsides? It still might damage hardwood, tiles, vinyl... The feature that we love in this set of casters is its locks. There's always that annoying problem of our office chairs suddenly rolling away. Have you ever experienced that? To stop that from happening once and for all, get these casters as replacements. You can lock the wheels when you want to stay put. And, if you ever need to move around, you can unlock it. They are made from high-quality nylon which is sturdy and durable. And, they can carry a total of 220lbs. Another thing about them is that these casters are even cheaper than the Slipstick ones. It will be a great quick deal for you. The package has only 4 casters inside, though. If your office chair has 5 legs, which is more common, you will have to buy another set to complete it. Are you thinking about replacing your office chair casters? Remember to keep these important points in mind: The stem type and size should be the same as the old ones. Twin-wheeled casters make movement easier with their roll and swivel function. Single-wheeled casters are more solid and can carry heavier weights. You can choose between the same caster size or a bigger one. Never get a smaller one. With those points, you are well on your way to finding the best office chair casters for you. We hope that this guide has been a great help!2. How do you keep an office chair from bunching up an area rug?Thay are called rug grips. They are made for rug to carpet application or rug to floor application. Buy the best quality you can afford. Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, JoAnne's, etc.3. Is is safe to use an exercise ball as an office chair?I actually tried that before. It will make your back so uncomfortable you will wish you never saw the thing. You should use it around or after lunch as an excercise ball, not as an allday support item. If you ask your doctor you will hear the same thing.
4 Tips to Create a Beautiful and Functional Back to School Workspace
Whether you're a student heading back to school, a freelancer who works from home, or an employee with a dedicated office, having a workspace that both functions well and feels good is essential to your productivity and well-being. ( Don't believe me? Try sitting in an uncomfortable desk chair for eight hours and see how much you get accomplished...) No matter what your office needs are, these four tips will help you create a beautiful and functional workspace, just in time for back to school season:Choose the Right Desk for Your Needs . If your work is mostly done virtually, a small desk with room for a laptop and lamp may be all you need. If you deal with a large volume of paperwork or like to spread out while doing homework, a larger desk with storage drawers and shelves will help you keep your workspace tidy and functional. It's important that your desk fit with the way you work best.Invest in a Good Office Chair Office chairs have improved greatly in style and function in recent years. It's not just about bulky, clunky options anymore! There are many great ergonomic designs now available that also happen to be stylish. Try out a desk chair before you buy to make sure that it's comfortable for you, and take a look at these tips for buying an office chair The Right Lighting Makes All the Difference . There are three basic types of lighting that work together in your home: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting provides general illumination in a room; task lighting is brighter and is specifically directed to help you perform a task better (like reading); and accent lighting adds drama by creating visual interest. In an office, task lighting is most often introduced in the form of floor and desk lamps. Choose task lighting that allows you to see without eye strain, and that eliminates troublesome glare or shadows. Here's how to choose the best desk lamp for your home office If Space Allows, Include a Comfortable Reading Chair . An ergonomic office chair is great for completing tasks on the computer, but if your school or work requires you to read good old fashioned books, a comfortable reading chair will be a welcome addition to your workspace. Choose a comfortable upholstered chair that you can relax in while still enjoying proper back and neck support.Back to school season is just around the corner, so get started with these four tips to create a beautiful and functional workspace now! By the time your much-needed holiday break comes, you'll be glad you did.All images via Lamps Plus
Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Office Chair
Here are top 10 questions about office chair asked by people online.1. How To Remove Hair From Office Chair WheelsAre you utterly sick and tired of dragging your office or home computer chair across the floor like a stubborn child? Scratching your head at the furry protrusions that used to be functioning wheels? When was the last time you cleaned your office chair wheels? No, us neither. Although if this issue is left unresolved you can severely hobble your chair, reduce its functionality and find yourself pulling your back out lugging it from one end of the room to another. Now, your chair is end-up and you are wondering where to start. Fear not! We are here to help you. Below is our handy list of do's and do not s for removing those unsightly stray ends from where they should not be, so grab some duct tape and fire up the blow torch - we are not joking! How To Remove The Castors For Easy Cleaning Firstly, flip your chair on its belly so that the wheels are sticking straight up in the air. Most manufacturers design their office chairs with removable wheels to allow ease-of-access when cleaning. Wedge a regular screwdriver in between the wheel and the chair base and gently lever in downwards. The wheel should detach with relative ease. Some castors can also be removed with your bare hands. Now that the wheel is fully detached, you can get up close and inspect how much hair is really trapped in there - that's if you have the stomach! The easy option to remove most of the large debris is to grab yourself a butter knife from the kitchen drawer and scrape out all the clumps of dirt and loose hair. The knife should fit in easily between the narrow grooves, although make sure you do not gouge the plastic, as it might damage the wheel's ability to roll smoothly across the floor. One of the less drastic solutions for getting those hairs from between the wheels is by using a vacuum cleaner. Now, most vacuum cleaners wo not be strong enough to remove particularly tangled hairs, but it might prove useful before or after a cleanup operation, sucking up hairs and dust that you've removed using other implements in this list. Okay, so the knife has worked out the longer plaits that have accumulated in your wheels, but what about those entangled hard-to-reach hairs? Well, for finer hairs, dust and gunk, take a roll of duct tape and wrap it, sticky side out, around your fingers. Press it firmly onto the wheel, covering as much of the surface as possible, then pull it off quickly, almost like you were removing a band-aid. Keep sticking and ripping until there's more hair on the tape than on your wheel! Cotton swabs dipped in hot water and detergent are also very efficient for cleaning out those hair-clogged nooks and crannies. They Do not Just Clip Your Nails, You Know Tweezers and nail clippers are perfect tools for snicking those matted and entwined hairs that fingers are just too big to grasp. You can slice and grab hairs in one single movement with a pair of tweezers, although make sure you do not cut through your own hand in the process! If You Ca not Stand The Heat... At this point maybe you've exhausted your arsenal of weapons to fight back the hair. The butter knife, the duct tape and the tweezers just have not worked. Well, now it's time for a more radical suggestion: the blowtorch. Hair notoriously does not do well under naked flames, shriveling up in an instant under its intense heat. Understandably a lot of people do not have access to one of these industrial tools, so a simple cigarette lighter will do. However, the intensity and brevity of a blowtorch will decimate any hairs quickly without melting the plastic of the wheels, which is a definite hazard when you are using a slower-burning flame like a lighter. Make sure when applying the heat that your chair is not near any other flammable sources such as carpet or newspaper. It might be better to apply the heat outside if possible - although you might have to deal with a few strange looks from passers-by! When you've removed all the hair in sight, take some warm water or a hose and blast off the ashes and burnt hair. As Simple As Soap And Water A tried and tested method of removing anything, you can try and dislodge the hair the more leisurely way - with hot water and soap. You might have to work this one a little harder, but water can get to the places that tweezers and knives just can not ! Once you've removed the castor wheels, you can leave them to soak, possibly overnight in a bowl of soapy hot water. You can also use a fingernail brush to intermittently remove the hairs as they loosen. Blasting them with a high-pressure hose is also a very effective way of detaching the hairs from between your castors. Once you have cleaned the wheels thoroughly, give them a few minutes under a warm hairdryer to get rid of any droplets that have accumulated, avoiding a wet office floor. Remember: do not hold the hairdryer over your wheels for too long, as it will melt the plastic. Now that all the water and ash is cleaned off, it's time to apply lubricant to stop the metal parts of the wheel from rusting. Coat the lubricant liberally onto both the plastic and the metal parts of the wheel for maximum movement and rotation. Avoid applying the lubricant on the part of the wheel that touches the floor as this will leave long greasy streaks - which might not best please your boss if you are working in an office! To get into the narrow crack in your wheel, use a lubricant with a long application nozzle. If you think your castors are a write-off, you might want to replace them with brand new ones. Here's a quick guide on replacing various types of chair castors: Turn the chair upside down so the legs are in the air Remove a threaded castor by twisting it clockwise. You can test if your castor is threaded by pushing it clockwise at the base, if it budges, then just keep turning! Uninstall a grim stem castor by just applying lubricant to the point where the wheel and the chair base meets and just pull away forcibly Use a screwdriver and pry bar if the castor wo not budge with lubricant Once removed, measure the size of the castor stem (where the castor connects with the chair base) Decide whether you want a twin- or single-wheel castor. Twin-wheel castors distribute the weight more evenly, whereas a single-wheel castor has fewer parts and is therefore more reliable Purchase carpet castors for soft carpet floors and hardwood castors for hardwood floors. If your chair will be rolling on both surfaces, it's best to get hardwood castors, as they will cause less damage Install your new threaded castor by turning it in until it wo not turn any more Push in a grip stem castor until you hear it snap into place. You might want to apply some more lubricant if you are meeting some resistance For some people with hairy office wheels, some of the above suggestions might seem unnecessary and slightly too extreme for their particular problem. You might want to employ a cleaning service to completely overhaul your chair from top to bottom, although this might come with a hefty price tag, so it might be better to do this in bulk and have all the chairs in your office cleaned at the same time. It's usually a lot more tricky to remove the hairs from your wheels when they are wet. Try your best to eradicate the hair first before you wash them. It is best to clean your wheel regularly to avoid them getting too congested with dirt and hair. Check them regularly once every two months, removing strands of hair as and when they appear. When purchasing an office chair, remember to get one with removable castors to ensure ease of cleaning when the time comes. Investing in a chair mat will prevent hairs trapping in the carpet and then getting caught up in the wheels. Some lubricants can attract a significant amount of dirt and hair. Hopefully, after reading this handy how-to guide, you will be able to keep your office chair from sprouting unnecessary hairs, enabling you to glide across carpeted and hardwood floors with ease! Remember: avoid your wheels becoming too clogged with monthly maintenance and if you are using more extreme methods such as a knife or the blow torch, be very mindful of your safety as well as the safety of your co-workers and family.2. How to "discreetly" remove day old blood stain from office chair fabric.,?get a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. ( pour it ,not blot it , on the blood ) it eats blood like crazy, then clean it up with a towel , google " hydrogen peroxide removes blood " to learn more
Turn an Old Car Seat into a New Office Chair | Articles
Desk jobs are not all bad, what with their air conditioning and livable salaries. But there's one thing that's been bugging us: our uncomfortable office chair. Most people see two options here: Suffer on an uncomfortable perch all day long, or pony up for one of those expensive "executive" chairs found in the SkyMall catalog. We are car people, though, so we prefer a more creative solution. Almost anybody who's built a car or two has an extra seat lying around, and in our case it was the stock seat from a Fiesta. Time to put it to use. The office chair is held to its base with four bolts near the middle, while the Fiesta seat is bolted to the car with a bolt on each corner. To bolt the Fiesta seat to the office chair base, we would need to make an adapter. We used pieces of scrap steel, but you can also buy some appropriate metal at your local home improvement store. We started by cutting, drilling and bolting a piece of angle iron to either end of the seat. Then we cut two more pieces of steel to create a box. Ideally this box should match up to the office chair's base. We clamped everything together and sat the seat on the chair base to make sure everything was lined up correctly. Time to break out the torch and weld our steel pieces together. Do not own a welder? Bolting the steel together will work fine, too. Once the welds were cool, we drilled four holes and bolted the steel to the base. After applying a quick coat of paint, we were ready to attach the car's seat. All done. We gave it a test-sit to make sure we would centered the weight over the base. Not surprisingly, our new chair is much more comfortable than the one it replaced. Interestingly, I was contemplating the exact thing yesterday. Did you maintain the electric controls? Oooo ... since I am on work from home status for the foreseeable future, I should do that with the GTI's passenger seat! But, I would need to hook up the seat heater to really make it comfortable down here in my basement "office"! I am sitting in my usual chair, an office chair made from a Viper seat. I've had this one for over twenty years. Now to figure out the armrests and heated seat function.... I have a chair made from an E36 passenger seat that came out of my 318ti. It's very comfy. Because it was a fully manual seat, it needed no hookups. While it no longer slides or rises up, I did keep the tilt back function for when i need a small nap I've been staring at that spare captain's chair from the van sitting in the garage & plotting how I am going to install casters on it, so I can use it for suspension work. Or just sit in it, trying to get enough motivation to do suspension work. Does it immediately fall over if you recline? :P Here's mine! (And yes, you can keep the power functions like recline and heat - just grab and old laptop power supply rated for 14ish volts). Who's going to build one out of one of those Mercedes-Benz messaging seats? Fiesta? That's a fair bit of work, maybe better to choose an upmarket (and more ergonomic and comfortable) seat like a BMW M or some of the modern Jags etc.? There are a lot of cars whose seat I would not want to spend the day in, and the Fiesta is one of them. I made one from a blue/purple velour Saab C900 seat. Now that I am working from home it is more comfortable than my normal office chair. I did not hook up the seat heater though. Oh you gotta do the heater. Game changer. Possibly even more effective if your cohabitator is always cold and you do not want to get boiled out of your own house. FuzzWuzzy said: Now to figure out the armrests and heated seat function.... Heated seats are as simple as a 12v power supply. OK, I grant you that anything with th BMW symbol wo not be that cheap! I actually spent a fair bit for my office chair but it was worth it - I got a couple of decades of comfort out of it. If this is not going to be a constant every day use chair, ergonomics can come second. Back seats also make great sofas. This was made from a old Maxima rear seat and makes a great addition to my living room. You will need to log in to post. Log in1. Purchased an old massage office chair, but it does not have its attaching plug, where can I find one?There is not enough information here for me to attempt an answer. Brand name of chair? It could connect directly to 110V AC or it might need a different power source. Try googling the brand name and see what you find. There might also be information stamped near the power socket2. Choosing an Ergonomic Office Chair Part 1: What is Seat Pan?Of all the components of an office chair, the seat pan is one of the most critical to get right for optimal ergonomics. After all, the weight of our entire body bares down on the chair's seat; even small changes in the seat's length, width, height, or contours can have a dramatic effect on our comfort levels. This article is part of our "Choosing an Ergonomic Office Chairs" Series: Syncro Tilt and Other Tilt Mechanisms in an Office Chair Explained Types of Lumbar Support for Office Chairs (and What to Choose) Armrests on Ergonomic Office Chairs- What You Need to Know Seat Pan refers to the flat surface area of the chair we sit on. It's attached to the base of the chair that usually come with various levers for common adjustments such as chair height and backrest recline angle. An ergonomically designed seat pan will usually feature a sloped (aka waterfall) edge and slightly hollow center to stabilize the pelvic area and distribute your body weight more evenly. What to Look for in an Ergonomic Seat Pan The BIFMA G1 2013 ergonomic guidelines serves as a great starting point when determining the ideal specs for the most ergonomic seat pan. It uses a large civilian dataset that is more reflective of the current general population than other guidelines such as csa-z412. As an ergonomist, I would never say a seat pan should be exactly 16" deep or 14" tall, as that would ignore the fundamental fact that no two bodies are alike, and what works for one person will fail miserably for another. However, guidelines produced by BIFMA or the OSHA are based on what works for most people. If your body is on the much larger or smaller size, use the baseline suggestions and then extrapolate the extra adjustments needed to fit your body. The following are the recommended specs in a seat pan on an ergonomic chair: Like everything, the devil's in the details. Let's look closer at each of the important items to check off when it comes to seat pan selection. The height of the seat pan is measured from the back of your knees to the ground. Proper seat pan height is critical to prevent undue pressure from building up in your thighs and hips. If the seat is too high, circulation is cut off from the underside of your thighs as your legs dangle, while if it's too low, increased pressure is applied to the hip and sitting bones. Choose an ergonomic chair with an adjustable seat pan in the range of 15" to 22" to accommodate most people. Adjust the seat pan so your two feet are firmly touching the ground, with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Seat Pan depth is measured as the horizontal distance between your buttock and the back of your knees. Proper seat pan depth ensures your body is properly aligned in the seat and against the backrest of the chair. If the seat pan depth is too short, a good part of your knees will be unsupported as you sit. On the other hand, a long seat pan will prevent your back from fully resting on the backrest of the chair, all the while applying excess pressure on the ends of your thighs. Look for a seat pan depth of between 17" to 21" to fit most people. Ergonomic chairs with a 2" adjustable seat depth are ideal to accommodate different sitting positions and people. In the end, the ideal seat pan depth is where there is a 2-3 fingers gap between the edge of the seat and your inner thighs. Seat pan width simply refers to the width of the seat on a chair. The proper seat pan width ensures that you are able to enter and exit a chair easily, and just as importantly, that the armrests (if any) are spaced appropriately so that you are not extending or contracting your arms to rest on them. BIFMA guidelines suggest a seat pan width of 19.2" to fit most people. OSHA simply suggests that the seat width should be at least the width of your thighs, which you can easily measure yourself. If the chair you are purchasing comes with armrests (which it should), also measure the distance elbow to elbow and compare it with the horizontal distance between the armrests on the chair to make sure they match. The seat pan angle should not be confused with backrest angle, though in chairs with synchronous tilt, the two reclines in tandem. The ideal resting angle for the seat pan should be between 0 degrees and 4 degrees as suggested by BIFMA. OSHA also recommends a chair that can forward tilt up to 5 degrees, which lessens the strain on your thighs and waist as you lean forward to perform certain tasks. Currently very few chairs on the market support forward tilt, with the Herman Miller Aeron and some of its alternatives among the elusive list of chairs that do. Last but not least, we arrive at the contouring in a seat pan. Look for a seat that slopes downwards at the edge to reduce pressure build up around the soft tissues of the thighs. Proper seat contouring all around the seat pan also makes a huge difference. Half of your body weight when sitting down is supported by an 8% area under the sit bones. A seat with a slightly hollow center can more evenly distribute this weight across your entire buttock.3. What kind of steel should I use for supports for an office chair?use something thats about 1/8 inch thick in the walls, it will support, 500,lbs
How About This Office Chair? What Do You Think?
It sound very good1. The 5 Best Office Chair Covers | Slipcovers for 2021Office chair covers will protect your office chair from dust, dirt, and different types of stains, and keep your chair looking nice and new as well. But selecting the best office chair cover not an easy job, it's a little bit hard task because there are lots of different types of chair cover and slipcovers available on the market. Hello, how are you today? Are you looking for the best office chair slipcover or cover? If so, then this office chair covers reviews content, is the best one for you. Here we've reviewed the top 10 office chair slipcovers & covers for you. So, read the review content, and then pick one that you like for your office chair. If you are looking for a high-quality cover for your office chair, then this H.VERSAILTEX Office Chair Black Cover is one of the perfect ones. The chair cover made from a high-quality stretch knitted jacquard fabric, which is durable and soft. The office chair cover is perfect and fits on most of the desk and computer office chairs. But, make sure to measure the size before you purchase it. Therefore, this cover is super soft, comfortable, and ECO friendly as well. The product comes with two matching armrest covers, and it protects your office chair from spills, stains, and tears as well, which ensure your chair long life. However, it's easy to install, and it's a perfect and ideal option for both leather and cloth chair. With this cover, you do not have to worry about its care and maintenance, because it's easy to care and maintain. It's machine washable separately in cold water on the gentle cycle (Do not use bleach), which makes this product easy maintenance and care as well. The cover protects chairs from spills, stains and tearing perfectly It's our second Chair Cover for office chairs on our list. The CAVEEN Office Computer Chair Seat Cover is yet another high-quality product and an ideal option for people who looking for a top-rated & top-class office desk or computer chair cover. The cover fits on most office chairs, but always you must make sure to measure your chairs before you buy it. This office chair cover is well designed and nice-looking, and it protects your office chairs from dirt, different types of stains, and scratches of pets as well, and keeps your chair new for a long time. Do not think this pack includes a chair, it's only chair cover. Additionally, it's easy to put on and off as well. Overall, it's a great product to protect your office room chair from stains, spots, and dirt. The chair cover has seven hundred plus customer reviews on Amazon, and most of the user reviews are positive. Which means, it's one of the popular chair covers for office room chairs. It protects your office room chairs from dirt, stains, and scratches of pets Good and fits on most office room chairs The cover is well designed This cover available in eight different colors It's simple and easy to put on and off The smiry Stretch Jacquard Office Washable & Removable Chair Seat Covers made from 92% Polyester/8% Spandex. The chair cover easily fits on most office chairs. If you are looking for a chair cover for your old, ugly, and damaged office chair to give a new look, then this item can be a perfect option for you. It's an affordable office chair cover out there on the market, the cover cost you about $ 15. If you would like to protect your chairs from scratches, spills, and accidents, then just purchase it. This office room chair cover is easy to fit and anti-slip, easy to use, wrinkle resistance, and reusable as well. This item does not need ironing and easy to clean, because it's machine wash in cold water (gentle cycle). If you are looking for cheap, high-quality, and heavy-duty chair cover for your office room chair, then go for this product without worries. The cover is anti-slip, wrinkle resistance and reusable It has almost 80 percent positive customer reviews Perfect item for office workers and students, and pet users This WOMACO Office Chair Cover is one of the best waterproof chair covers for office chairs available right now on the market. So, if you want to buy a waterproof cover, then this WOMACO Office Chair Cover can be a perfect product for you. It made from comfortable and soft fabric, and it keeps your chair safe from the dent, stains, accidental food, liquid spills, wear, tears, scratch, and hair as well.The cover, not 100 percent waterproof, but it's a creative water-repellent desk chair cover. The chair cover provides great and full protection against wet stains, spills, and other accidents as well. Typically, it's an ideal product for office workers & homeowners with kids, and pets as well. It made from 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex, which is an anti-wrinkle, soft, non-fading, durable, and high stretch as well. This water-repellent chair cover gives your old desk chairs a new look. Therefore, this product available in eleven colors, such as black, coffee, brown, dark gray, dark blue, off white, light gray, wine, teal, matcha, light purple. The cover is soft and non-fading It protects against wet stains, spills, and other accidents Deisy Dee Slipcovers Computer Office Stretch Polyester Desk Chair Covers are yet another best office and desk chair covers, you can buy right now. It's a sky blue color chair cover, but available in 16 different colors, including sky blue, blue, black, brown, dark gray, champagne, green, dark purple, gray, lake blue, lemon green, red, navy blue, rose pink, pink, and taro color.So, if you select this office chair cover, you will have lots of color choices, just pick what you love. This is a must-have office or desk chair cover for pet owners. If you would like to upgrade the look of your office or desk chair, then just choose it without worries. Lots of people use this chair cover, and most of the users are happy with its quality and performance. It (desk chair cover) has 300 customer reviews, and 74% reviews are five out of five. So, if you like this item, you can purchase this item without thinking twice. A desk chair cover is an ideal option for pets owners It upgrades your char look The cover available in 16 colors Now you can easily purchase high-quality and the best office chair cover or slipcovers. These ten products are perfect and high-quality, so if you want you can pick anyone. But if you are looking for a cheap one, then go for this smiry Stretch Jacquard Office Washable & Removable office Chair Seat Covers. But if you want top-rated and most popular cover for your office chairs, then you can buy this H.VERSAILTEX Office Chair Cover Black or CAVEEN Office Computer Chair Seat Covers.2. How to "discreetly" remove day old blood stain from office chair fabric.,?switch chairs, staple a cloth down over it while moving it loll. or cut out the piece, then staple a cloth over it, say it ripped
Using Heavy Duty Office Chairs at Work
When it comes to office furniture, does it really have to be a battle between form and functionality? Who says that you can not have both? Gone are the days when heavy duty office furniture meant solid, heavyset wooden pieces with intricate gargoyle like carvings; and seat cushions with just as much padding as a pancake run over by a concrete paving machine. Fortunately, there are now solidly made furniture that are both ergonomically designed and built for long term use. A very good example would be the numerous heavy duty office chairs coming out every season. Although most of them are still relatively bulky (as compared to flimsy looking counterparts,) they do get better mileage.For one thing, heavy duty office chairs are quite comfortable for people who have larger builds. As most of you would know, there really is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all category, especially with chairs and most other seating pieces (like benches, couches, ottomans, sofas, stools, etc.) There are just some pieces that seem to fit people with zero gravity and just about the same dress size. Fortunately, heavy duty office chairs now have the support systems with the capacity to sustain heavier weights. The support systems for some office chairs can be fantastic. They can literally make sitting for long hours at a time easier on the back and the hind quarters, no matter what how lean or heavy you might become.This is particularly great if you have to be stuck in that same chair for more than 8 hours at a time, (overtime and breaks not included, of course.) And since most office furniture chairs that are coming out now are ergonomically designed, these larger chairs can be moved about the room with ease. Speaking of designs, most of these chair pieces are leaning towards the modern but comfortable look. So you do not have to worry about chipping the gargoyle carvings off, or ruining the varnish in case you are prone to coffee spills in the morning.Some of these chairs will definitely not win the artsy award for futuristic design. However, with comfortable padding and easier maneuverability, they can win candy-and-potato-chip awards from the happy office employee who once had to settle for straight back dinner wooden chairs behind those bulky office tables.Admittedly, some heavy duty furniture pieces are rather on the expensive side of the price catalogue, they do get better mileage than the cheaper alternatives. Naturally, cheaper alternatives need constant replacing. Some of the en vogue signature designs usually go out of fashion very quickly. And if you are promoting a certain look for your company, you would want to be stuck with a furniture faux pas. Besides, if you have not noticed, some of those mass produced mono-block pieces have all the elegance of a backyard barbeque party. Additionally, with all the wear and tear of daily use of most office furniture, it would be a bit more sensible to invest in expensive but heavy duty pieces. At least, with such pieces, you know that you are really getting value for your money.
Is There a Way to Press Once to Start and a Second Time to End Bulb Mode on a Canon Rebel T3?
One click to open and another click to close shutter is named Time Mode (T mode). Some cameras offer it (more so in the old days, new users do not know, do not care). Otherwise, most any remote shutter release offers a slide switch to hold it open until you change it.1. Which DSLR camera is better? Nikon d3100 or Cannon EOS rebel t3?As already stated, it depends a lot on taste. The best thing you can do is first decide what type of photography you want to shoot. Then check the features available on each model. Third, read some customer reviews on both models. My preference is Nikon. But that's me. Good Luck and do not be discouraged by rude remarks. Some people are just like that. Makes you wonder why they even want to answer. (Insert sheepish grin here)2. What would be a good but cheap flash for my Rebel T3?I recently Purchased A Rebel T1i and i use an old vivitar flash it is old but it works great so dont go looking for name brand so much especially if you want cheap. I do not recommend b&H photo because they are expensive if you narrow down what you want amazon is great for that3. Will my luggage be transferred automatically on a layover between T3 and T2 of Dubai International?Terminal 3 is for Qantas and Emirates only. Jet Airways flights arrive at Terminal 1."Ukrainian Airlines" - I think you mean "Ukraine International Airlines" which also uses Terminal 1. Now, since both your airlines are using Terminal 1, you do not need to worry about transferring terminals.If you are on one ticket for the entire journey, then your luggage will be transferred.If you have two separate tickets then you will need to enter Dubai (which means, you will need a visa), collect your luggage, and then check in again. It also means you cannot board your Jet Airways flight unless you are able to land and enter in Dubai4. What are the homeopathic remedies available for subclinical hypothyroidism (TSH being in the range of 4.5-5.5 and T3 and T4 being normal)?I am not sure - however there is a homeopath that owns a website Homeopathy for Health, unique specialty formulas She will make you a custom formula if she does not already have it5. Creative Gigaworks T3 sub with different speakers [closed]I am not sure if it is damaging, but plugged them into the 4ohms out and it just amps them up louder. So I guess it is fine. I am sure it damages something somewhere though6. Whats the best lens i can buy for my canon T3?As you have bought the T3 I will assume you are on a tight budget and wo not be buying L series lenses. You probably already have the best lens! The 18-55 is wide enough in a tight space to get groups and long enough to get individuals. Your best investment would be a good Canon Speedlight - at least the 430EX do not bother with the 270EX as it is not much better than the pop-up. The 50mm f/1.8 or 1.4 are both great lenses but trying to get a party group shot indoors in a small house is tight! If you want a prime lens then the Canon 28mm F/2.8 or the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 would be a better buy. I take lots of kid's party shots and even an f/1.4 lens wo not give a fast enough shutter speed to freeze excited kids - you need a flash that you can bounce. I use a Canon 450D (Rebel XSi) and a Canon Speedlite 420EX. In the tight confines of a small house I use my 18-55 kit lens; in larger venues I use an EF 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5. I have a 50mm f/1.8 - never use it for this - not versatile enough.7. Where can I sell my Canon Rebel T3 (not online)?Friend, classmate, schoolmate, dorm mate, flea market, fairs, pawnshop8. Which lens is best for a canon t3?A direct replacement for your 18-55mm costs more than your budget, and probably wo not make much difference - in your shoes, I would look at the 55-250mm EF-S, for more power. The only fisheye in your price bracket is the Samyang/Rokinon/Whoever put their name on this weeks' batch 8mm f3.5. It's MF. and you are limited to Av and M modes, but it's a fair performer.
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