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where is the nearest McDonalds where you live? I have two each within a block. one to the right and one to left.We like the one to the right. It has modern furniture and a fake fire place. 2.what time is it?2:37pm 3.WHERES THE BEEF? In Texas the beef people 4.are you bored?No 5.are you a yahoo answers addict?No 6.whats your favorite movie? I do not know 7.what color is your underwear? White with blue snowflakes 8.what scares you the most? I do not know 9.name the last orange thing you saw orange windows in an old vintage print 10.why so serious? I guess since I need to exercise but my foot is in the way

1. I'm redoing my room but i don't know where 2 go to find chic modern furniture and bedroom accessories?

Hi there! I love the shabby chic look and just type that name into google and find the sites that way! Antique shops and second hand shops are a good place to check out for Shabby chick stuff or decorating old furniture in Shabby chick style. Hope this helps!

2. how do you imagine a wizards world?

My wizard is fully immersed in the 21st century. Of course he runs a successful antique business, and he is fully up to date with laptops and smart phones. He rides a limo, and has an "office" on the top floor of a modern office building. Modern furniture, big-screen TV. That is where he has his "laboratory" that is hidden behind the private bar

3. Contemporary/Modern Furniture store in Milwaukee?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Contemporary/Modern Furniture store in Milwaukee? Hello. Does anyone know of contemporary/modern furniture stores or even interior designers in Milwaukee??

4. Animal Crossing Gamecube NES Game Codes????

This Site Might Help You. RE: Animal Crossing Gamecube NES Game Codes???? I need all 15 game codes! help me please! (also i need modern furniture) i want the "super tortermir" game too

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern furniture?

you pushed the button Eman. For me is Modern everywhere (Lounge, Dining and bedroom). Why? 1. Modern is simple, easy on the eyes, makes you feel comfortable. 2. Modern is easy to clean, classic will have too mane curves and work that dust will hide in between. 3. Classic is more expensive and need special attention, and I suffererd a lot as my wife has always banned me and the kids from using the "Saloon" at our Egypt's home becuase it is only for visitors. It was this Louis XVIIVV gold painted thing, I hated it from the bottom of my heart. 4. Classics always come is sets, The lounge comes along with its cofee table and side tables, anything different will look ugly (more than it is already). Even the carpet will have to match. modern, you can play around with single pieces if you have the touch. 5. Classic require a lot of maintenance 6. Modern makes you feel at home, not in one of the middle age castles or Villas of one of the Pashas. Having said all the above it is a personal taste, and you may like one over the other. I know you will get too much pressure from mothers and older generations becuase they want you to recieve visitors in you fancy looking Saloon ...etc., but remember that this Saloon is not a single use, it will stick with you for the next 5 years at least, so you and your partner have to be comfortbale with it. .

6. were can i find the cheapest modern furniture preferably a fouton or studiolike stule.?

The cheapest place to buy modern furniture would be the city dump, and its tax free also. Have a great day!

7. Anyone knows a website/store that has nice and inexpensive modern furniture?

when you are searching for warm fixtures made in the u . s .--it truly is uncommon--enable me propose Stanley fixtures. It has some exciting strains and when I bought it many years in the past it changed into properly built and exciting with out searching like IKEA. that's fairly priced. in case you have not been to Haverty's it also has some respectable fixtures and this is type of different because they pay fixtures manufacturers to cause them to slightly different kinds than different shops get from those manufacturers. do not forget Craigslist as a source of fixtures at a good fee

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