Proper Tire Pressure for My Bike?

Your tyre suggests 40-65 PSI, so that's a good start.The lower pressures are much more likely to pinch-flat as the rim bottoms out on the ground, if you are riding over a rock or lump or kerb/curb.For your weight, on a MTB on the road I would aim for 50-55 PSI, and vary it by a little to see if it feels better or worse. Generally the rear wheel is holding about 60-70% of your whole weight, so it makes sense to add 5 PSI more in the rear. Again, try and see how it feels for you

1. My tire came off the rim?

If the tire did not lose any part form it, and still in the good shape you may use it, and if you feel that its not ordinary when you put it back, then I suggest you to put it as the spare tire and use another one, specially if you are moving fast and for long distance, your life worth more than a new tire. Wish you and all the safe on roads.

2. How is a tire able to float in water?

Is this tire on a rim? Things float because the water they would displace if they were pushed all the way under water weighs more than they do. If you were to measure the amount of water displaced by a floating object, you would find that the weight of displaced water exactly equaled the weight of the floating item

3. how would i make my regular 00' ttr125 in to a big wheel ttr125 and how much would it cost?

Well you would definitely need a 16" rim and tire, existing hub should work. You will probably also need a new chain or add links to the existing one. The big thing will be whether or not you need a different swing arm. The wheel base difference between the two models is less than an inch so they may both use the same swing arm. I would go to my local Yamaha dealer and check prices on these items and hopefully they will have both models in stock so you can measure the swing arm. The parts guys can also look up the part number of the swing arm for you to determine if they are indeed the same lenght.

4. Is a flat tire really that big of a deal?

You can bust the rim itself, you can bust the suspension, it's ultimately a fire hazard, you can break any of the parts under the car, the brake system... Yes, it is really that big of a deal.

5. Boat Trailer Tire Size?

Yes Sir! After five years buried in the ground, I would not trust the tires across town. Replace them and inspect the wheel bearings. A larger wheel will turn at a slower speed and keep the tires cooler. But is the extra cost worth it? Also you may not find a larger wheel that will fit your trailer. Slow down on the highway and check tires often. Also check out the motor, or have it checked at a shop. It probably has "varnish" build up from gas/oil evaporation in carburetor and gas tank. The rubber hosed may be rotted. When you do get it in the water, do not take it far from shore the first few time you use it. Look for leaks blockages bad plugs, rats nests, and so forth. Have a dipper handy. Logan A.

6. What is the tire pressure of a travel trailer?

For ST tires the general practice is inflate to the maximum pressure rating printed on the sidewall.For LT tires go to the manufacturer's website and look up the load-inflation tables for your brand and size of tires. Divide the max gross weight of your trailer by the number of tires, and inflate to the pressure corresponding to that weight. Do not run P tires or Mud-Snow tires on a trailer.Also do not exceed the pressure rating of the wheel itself. Usually stamped on the wheel.The higher the inflation the more weight the tire can safely carry, the tire will run cooler, and the less rolling resistance (better MPG). But there is a tradeoff, higher pressures will cause the trailer to bounce more and things inside will get shaken. Reducing the pressure to make the trailer ride smoother will cause the tires to run hotter, get less MPG, and can safely carry less weight

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MY CAR IS MAKING A SOUND SIMILAR TO THAT OF A FLAT TIRE BUT I HAVE 4 BRAND NEW TIRES.?Check your wheel bearing. Also, does your steering wheel involuntarily turn to one direction when you are not directing it? Does your car swerve to one direction if you do not harness it? Could be the control arm failing, and it could be many more things. You should take it to a local wheel/tire shop and have them jack up the car to see if the wheels wobble while jacked up. If it wobbles, you need to replace your wheel bearing. If your wheel turns by itself while jacking up, you need to re-align or replace the control arm— — — — — —I have a flat tire on a car that I have not used much the past few months.?i would fix the flat - the other tires might get insecured if they feel you do not care about them— — — — — —When was the last time you had to repair a flat tire?Last summer I had a blowout.....!!— — — — — —Can a flat tire make you wreck?A tire with low pressure can make a car pull or drift in a direction. But I will not cause a violent jerk that will throw you off course. Only a blowout or a sudden deflation could do that. But always keep them to the specified PSI do not put the PSI that is indicated on the tire. That is the MAX PSI the tire should have— — — — — —Is there a saying that has Influenced your life?A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you are going nowhere until you change it— — — — — —What is the name of the tool needed to take a flat tire off my car?Hello there, first of all please look in your trunk for tools to remove your flat tire off your car. The tools should be with the spare tire. Failing that you will have to purchase a cross brace wrench, which will have four different sizes. Please note that for your own safety when raising a vehicle to change a flat tire, you must block or use safety stands under the vehicle. This is task you must have someone to show you how to do it. (that's if you are not sure) One more thing after changing the tire the wheel must be re-torqued after a say 100 kilometre run. Okay. Far as the tire shop loaning them out it's not a general practise for safety reasons of-course. Thanks.— — — — — —What to Carry in Your Bicycle Seat Bag in Case of a Flat TireI am an avid cyclist who has ridden 30,000 miles over the past seven years. I enjoy sharing the little I know with interested others. The Time to Prepare is Now Let's say you are out on your daily bike ride, looking for and successfully finding solitude. You are all alone, more than walking distance away from home, no cell phone signal (this happens a lot up here where I live on the Palouse), enjoying the fresh air, exercise, perspiration and isolation. Suddenly, your front wheel (or your back wheel) starts to feel different, less responsive, maybe even squishy beneath you. This is a telltale sign of a slow leak in your tire...and probably means that soon it will be completely flat. Right now-now, when you are sitting in your chair or at your computer reading this article and maybe have some time and inclination to do something about it-is when you need to think about the answer to this question: When your tire does go flat, and you are out there all alone, will you be ready to fix it? Are you prepared? Do you have what you need in your saddle bag, in your jersey pocket or on your bike? This very thing happened to me one day (slow leak, squishy handling, rapidly deflating front tire) and, though I truly thought I was prepared for that moment, I found out quickly I was not! I definitely made some rookie mistakes along the way, too, and I want to help you make sure you do not repeat them. The Right Tools for the Right Job When I ride my road bike, gravel bike or mountain bike, I almost always carry a saddle bag kit under my seat. It looks like this: On the day in question, I pulled off to the side of the road, opened up my seat kit pack and found this inside: a miniature patch repair kit (Skabs), tire levers, and a CO2 inflator with a spare CO2 canister. At this point, I thought I was probably going to be able to do what I needed to do to get rolling again. Indeed, in most situations this would have been enough. When I removed the tube from the front wheel of my bike, though, and began troubleshooting, I found trouble and then said, "Shoot." I was prepared for a lot of stuff, but I was not prepared for this: the tube was torn length-wise--like maybe 1" to 2" rips--in a couple different spots. When I discovered this, I started digging through my seat kit pack again, looking for a spare tube. That's when I discovered rookie mistake number one: I did not have a spare tube with me. Ugh. Sometimes You Have to Improvise Though I did not have a spare tube, I did have lots of Skabs on hand so I was able to jury-rig a fix to the problem by overlapping the little patch circles along the entire length of the rips in my tube. I did this in two places. Here's what one of them looked like: You might think that rookie mistake number two was putting the tube back on the wheel, trying to inflate it only to find that I did not actually get the tube fixed. Or, maybe you think I did not check the inside of the tire for protrusions, goat heads, small things that might re-puncture the tire. Well, those are not it. I actually did do both of those things (but not in that order) and when I went to check that the tire would hold air, that's when I discovered rookie mistake number two. I need to digress a bit here to set the stage for mistake number two. See, about six months prior to this incident, back when the world was normal and all, I put my bike in my truck and headed to a town south of here about 33 miles. I wanted to ride on the trail down there, and there's no way to ride a bike from here to there without braving a narrow, no-shoulder, two-lane US Highway. Braving would not be the right word for that either, actually. It would be more like stupiding if you were to attempt it. And now I've digressed too far... Anyway, while I was riding down there in the Lewiston, ID/Clarkston, WA area on the trail along the Snake River, I got a flat tire when I was about 12 miles away from where my truck was parked at Walmart. Long story short: I had everything I needed except a frame-mounted bike pump. My CO2 canister failed, I did not have a spare, and I also did not have a frame-mounted pump with me. That's when I started doing the walk of shame back toward Lewiston, pushing my injured bike down the road, looking at my feet, listening to the flat tire bump bump bump rhythmically round and round. See, I did not have cell phone coverage, either (remember I said that happens routinely up here on the Palouse?) so I also could not call my bride and tell her about my dilemma. Thankfully, mercifully, a man hauling a trailer, and who would been out camping with his young kids the night before, stopped alongside and offered me a ride. I took him up on it and vowed to buy myself a frame-mounted bike pump as soon as I got home. Which brings us back to our story: Before installing the tube back on the wheel, and not wanting to use my CO2 canister except in case of real dire emergency, I went to check whether the tube would hold air, using the frame-mounted pump I would purchased some five months before. That's when rookie mistake number two really hit home: that cheap pump I would purchased and mounted so nicely on my bike frame right next to the water bottle? Well, it did not work. At all. It did not push air out of the little hose thingy. It did not deliver the goods, as it were. So in the end, I had to use my CO2 canister to troubleshoot (shoot!) and also to inflate the tire. Preparation Is Key - Do It Today! Using the inflator, I was able to get enough air (CO2) into my front tire, and the patch-up job held long enough for me to make it back closer to civilization. Close enough to have cell phone signal, anyway, so I could call my wife and have her come pick me up. At the end of the day, that was plenty good enough. After my two rookie mistakes, I also learned a few things about my level of preparation, and I've since taken steps to correct them: I always carry a spare tube; I have a pump that actually works; and I look through all my saddle bags regularly to make sure I will have what I need when I need it out there on the road. If you are planning a long ride of your own someday soon, if the trail/road/mountain is calling your name and you plan to respond...there is no better time than right now to take inventory and make sure you have what you need. And if you do not , there is also no better time to get it. Once you do, you will definitely be ready for the next time your wheel starts to wobble and your tire starts to hiss. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author's knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. Hi Liam - agreed. Tubeless is a great option for many folks. I do not have any of my bikes set up for tubeless, but I know those who do love the arrangement. I am considering it for my gravel bike. I also buy cheap tubes, and carrying more than one spare is an even better idea if you have capacity to do so. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week! Tubeless is great on the mountain bike rather than the need for tubes- far better handling and performance. I tend to buy cheap tubes and take 2-3 with me. Getting patches to seal on dirty mtb inner tubes can be a challenge in itself. Kyler - thanks for the thoughtful comment. Yours sounds like a harrowing (and memorable) learning experience. I am glad all I had was a shredded tube and not a shredded face! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week! When I was gifted my first mountain bike, we took it to an amateur trail that was quite long and I pulled my front hand brake and went right over the handlebars. Took off half my face and, unbeknownst to us, my dad's tire was swiftly deflating while we field-treated my face. His spare had a hole in it too! After walking about half a mile with my face bleeding, no water left, the ranger pulled up to us and gave us a lift. Thank goodness we were lucky enough to have the ranger pull up!
Dilated Left Heart and Reduced LV Function. Generalized LV Hypokinesia Diastolic Dysfunction?
The rhythmic pumping and pausing between heart beats are the systolic and diastolic functions. If it is normal, it means it is good,but the dysfuntion of the diastolic function means that his blood pressure is not resetting or going down between beats. The heart needs to rest between beats, but can not if the pressure does not lower against the muscle between the beats. It probably is not too serious, but he needs to see a cardiologist immediately and see what the treatment for this is, as after a long time, of this, the heart will begin to swell, tire and eventually he may suffer heart failure, wherein the lungs begin to fill with the fluids squeezed out of the blood. It can be treated in most, if not all cases, but he needs to move early if he wishes to remain healthy1. What should my tire pressure be?i own a shop,and look on the tire its self,put what the tire says to have in it not what the vehicle calls for,each tire will be different from the original tires that was on it,and the sticker only applies to the original tires in most cases,good luck i hope this helps2. Flat tire or just needs air?Tires go flat for only one reason, a leak. The longer you ignore it, the worse it will get. If the tire has 75% of the wear gone, you should replace that tire and the one across from it. Otherwise it would be worth the time to take the vehicle in and have the tire repaired. Should be around $15 or less. If you drive on a low tire you will wreck the sidewall, and if it has most of the tread left, you will have destroyed a good tire, there is no repair to the sidewall. Good luck!3. uneven rear tire wear?This normal when tires are rotated - The front tires are moved to the rear and it takes many miles driving for them to even out. Only time I have seen it on a rear fixed axle is - low tire pressure and then BOTH inside and outside wear uneven.4. How to Remove Tire Shine.?You could try some alcohol. Not beer, rubbing alcohol. The problem is that Tire Shine, Armor All, etc. will soak into the rubber to a certain extent. I would try pouring on the alcohol and going after it with a scrub brush while keeping it soaked. Then just take it easy for a couple of hundred miles until you've worn it off. And hey, do not feel like an idiot. We've all done goofy stuff like that without thinking. Ride safe!5. Lugs Too Tight on Tire?This is common when shops use large impact guns with no torque sticks. They put them on so tight that you cant get them off with hand tools. You are going to need a large breaker bar or someone with a 1/2" impact gun.6. My tire went flat, but doesn't have a hole. How?most likely the valve stem. or it really could be a tiny whole like he said. Tire could need to be ballanced. You could just go to a tire warehouse it cost like 40-50 bucks per tire to get a new (well) Their used be their very newish. tires put on with new valvstem and all. and if they fail within 30 days they have to keep trying untill they get it right. good luck.7. Plugged tire and road trip?The odds are in your favor. I have rarely had plugs leak. As long as you check the tire pressure or temperature (on high speed drives the two are both good indicators) in comparison to the other tire on that side you should be good to go. Just do not let your guard down8. What causes inner tire wear?Overinflated tires is another possibility9. Why is my tire losing air?check if there is a nail or something by wiping the tire clean and observing it all around. If there is no nail it could be the valve . Aluminum rims have a reputation for leaks. Finally if you get too many flats you need a new set of tires
Its Time ToGrow a Pair and Be Your Own Hero
How to unleash your greatness and make your markThis message is not about building biceps. Its about shrinking balls.In the spirit of calling a spade a spadeweve become a society of soft, wimpy, fearful, politically correct, entitlement driven, hyper-sensitive and convenience-addicted weenies.I am not of this tribe. I loathe mediocrity. I find excuse making revoltingand, I believe many parents and institutions are handicapping their children by shielding them from obstacles, hard work, failure and suffering. Rather than placing blame and focusing on the problemI prefer to educate and provide a sustainable solution for building a strong, vibrant and responsibility driven society. THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE In Freuds psychoanalytic theory of personality, the pleasure principle is the instinctive seeking of pleasure and avoiding of pain in order to satisfy our most basic and primitive urges, including hunger, thirst, anger, and sex. Sometimes referred to as the pleasure-pain principle, this motivating force helps drive behaviorbut it also intensely desires instant satisfaction. The Pleasure Principle helps us understand why people by nature are quite predictable, easily manipulated and seemingly defenseless when it comes to issues of ease and convenience. In other wordswithout a challenge, without the conscious pursuit of the strenuous life, and without self or externally enforced resistancemost people will not stretch themselvesthey will not willingly put themselves in a position of vulnerabilitythey will not become their own heroand they most certainly will not grow into their full potential. The majority of people are not hard acts to followthey look for the low bar by focusing on the bare minimum they can do to get bythey settle for mediocritythey are quick to call it quits, and capitulate their dreams to the smallest of obstacles and the slightest whiff of fear. They are inclined to procrastination and laziness, and they tend to crawl into the false sense of security promised by the comfort zone. They create diversions by hiding behind excuses, habits, customs and the latest technologyand in the name of protective posturing; they do everything in their power to minimize risk, prevent rejection and shy away from any form of responsibility or accountability.As a result of these behavioral indiscretions (poor choices), they display the mental strength of a 98-pound weaklingthey throw commitment, character and courage under the busthey undermine their own reputation. By doing so, they rob themselves and the world of another masterpiece, another great bookanother superior teacher. DO HARD THINGS The solution is to do hard thingsto live the strenuous lifeto pursue challenging goalsto grow a pair and be your own hero. Hard, challenging goals or pursuits are illuminating in that they immediately expose weakness and reveal strength. They do that by testing your mind, resolve, character and commitmentas you will either RISE TO MEET the mental demands and physical rigors of a challenge or you will succumb to them. Ultimately, your response to a hard task or challenging goal exposes you for the courageous or cowardly person you really are.And, precisely because victory begins in the mindall challenges are initially won or lost between your ears. THE CHALLENGE RESPONSE PRINCIPLE The human body serves as the perfect metaphor for understanding the importance of pursuing hard, challenging goals for the simple reason that the body is built to adapt and respond to demands that are placed upon it. The stronger the demandthe stronger the response. Physical muscles continue to grow and strengthen through the challenge response principle. This principle is based on the theory that muscles must be challenged in order to upgrade and grow and that they will progressively work to overcome a resistance force when required to do so. The opposite is also true, as physical muscles will downgrade and weaken with the absence of a challenge. As an example, if you simply lift the same amount of weight each time out, you keep your muscles in a comfort zone and dont provide any resistance force for them to adapt and grow. The Challenge Response Principleoperates the same way in every area of our lives, and that is why we all NEED to be challenged. And not just physically challenged, we need intellectual, leadership, spiritual, relational, sales, and any type of performance challenge that stretches us to growforces us to overcome adversity, tests our character and commitment, and which inspires us to resist the gravitational pull of the comfort zone.When will your finest hour come, and how will it arrive? Do you really think it will materialize without a challenge, without being pushed to your limits, without perseverance being tested, without being tormented and put through your own personal hell? In short, for an individual, team, company, community or country to become great, it requires that they DO HARD THINGS by looking for and rising to the great challenges that are thrust upon themor the ones they thrust upon themselves.My goal is writing this message is to persuade you that there is an awesome opportunity waiting for you to pounce on ita chance to significantly change your lifeunleash your greatness and make your mark.Not by doing things that are soft and easy, but by doing things that are hard, demanding and highly rewarding.It starts by making a simple choiceBe Your Own Hero.I created the 100 Day Challenge to show you how!Gary Ryan Blair is creator of the 100 Day Challengea radical approach to goal achievement that shows people how to achieve 10X size goals by applying the methods and best practices of growth hacking. Get all the details here.If you enjoyed this postit would mean a lot to me if you could click on the claps iconup to 50 claps allowed Thank You!
My Car Shows "Low Tire Pressure Warning Light". What Does It Mean? This Means My Tire's Air Is Low?
Yes, you have a low tire brainiac. btw, You now qualify for the nobel peace prize!1. Airbag Warning Light Won't Turn Off?This Site Might Help You. RE: Airbag Warning Light Won't Turn Off? 2005 Volvo s80 T6 Premier I Just got Subwoofers hooked up into my car and they had to undo the battery and what not for the wiring and now my car gives me a message saying "SRS Airbag Service Urgent" the guys told me it was because they had unplugged the battery and it should go away...2. Theft Warning Light Came on 2001 Ford Ranger?You will need a wiring diagram print out, do some reading and by visual checking and comparing the wire's color; you will find out what you have done. Nobody will be able to tell you what to do other than putting themselves into you shoes.. Want to know why? Because we can not see and testing nothing! Buy a repair manual from Auto part store or get online for one, if you lucky.. Good luck!3. My break warning light is on, what should I do?check your brake fluid level on the master cyclinder, if the level is low have your brakes inspected for wear or leaks in the brake system,, if its okay then the float sensor on the master cylinder reservoir cap might be defective, you need to replace the cap and the sensor4. My Nissan Maxima 2007 tire pressure warning light?Believe it or not, check your spare tire too. Toyota has a reset button hidden in the glove not know about Nissan. Check your car manual5. Hyundai Sonata 2011 - How to reset warning light?It should be covered under warranty. Take it to the dealer and have them check it. It could be a number of things6. i have an orange warning light on my vectra that is a circle with 3 dashes either side of it. any ideas ?Have a look in your hand book it will tell you what light it is ,but i think you may have left your air conditioner on7. What does a warning light mean?to warn u8. What is the problem if the low coolant level dashboard warning light keeps coming on and then going off?You do not , take it to a volvo dealer and tell them the problem or a mechanic will flush the coolant and replace it. It can also mean that your transmission may soon go, so get the coolant problem fixed first9. Mercury Grand Marquis brake warning light?if the light does not illuminate when the park brake pedal is fully depressed,, then you should have it checked. a good mechanic can check the light by checking fuses, yes, but can also check the master cylinder reservoir for a level sensor, if equipped, can be unplugged to make light illuminate. there is also a switch on the park brake assy that when closed by the pedal arm moving it, also illuminates the brake light on the dash. . either way, should only take roughly an hour to determine the problem.. and it could also be a bad bulb itself10. Besides the gas warning light, what does your car engine do to let you know you should pull over now?I ran out of gas...The car began to shake like it was having a seizure. After that, the engine just turns off. It might come back on for a split second, but it will eventually just die on you. That's why I do not use the guage to see if I need gas. ..I use Miles per gallon. If I put in 5 gallons in my car, I know I have at least 125 miles of gas left. I use the miles the car runs instead of a gage11. hi is there any way to reset engine warning light on my Choverlet Trail Blazer with out code reader tool help?I checked with Auto zone and they will NOT reset the code. Any other suggestions?12. Dashboard warning light is on. Looks like exclamation point inside a horseshoe shape.?It sounds like that could also possibly be the tire pressure indicator (another guess, having not personally seen the light). Take it back to the dealer and have whatever the light is resolved - it should not cause you any problems, or cost you anything to have fixed. Also, tell your salesperson that there was no manual. The manual is something you are entitled to when you purchase the car, and any normal, non-shady dealer will have no problem providing you with one. It's a small cost that they will have to eat, but it's a small price to pay, especially to keep a customer that can come back for future service and sales happy
Help with Tire Pump Psi?
Help with tire pump psi?You will probably be able to fill a balloon with that thing, that's about it. You will need anywhere from 20 to 40 psi to fill a tire depending on the type of tire. The only thing fast enough to give you what u need would be something like a dremel tool motor, anywhere from 5000 to 10000 rpm. And when you mount the blades in the tube make sure that there as little space as possible between the blades and the interior walls of the tubing, that help you get the most psi— — — — — —Teens, how much of the following can you do?Cook CPR Change a tire (I am only 15, so i am pretty proud of that) Do Laundry Shoot a Gun Build a Fire 6/11— — — — — —What psi should I inflate my tires to?Any modern tire is almost impossible to "explode" via over inflation. If a tire says 44 max you can safely put 50 lbs in it without blowing it off the rim. if the tire says 35 lbs you can put 50 lbs with no fear of a blowout.— — — — — —1991 plymouth voyager severe shake on accelerating and stops when you let off the gas?Check the engine mounts, the mounts are on the right and left sides and one at the front of the engine, one MAY have failed. I would not think a lost wheel weight would cause a side-to-side movement but would cause a "bounce" of the wheel/tire combo at speed and this would probably cause a steering wheel vibration as well. If the plies seperate in the "tread" section of a tire, a side-to-side motion will occur either at the front or rear depending which axle the tire is located but USUALLY disappears at a higher speed. The motion occuring only under acceleration makes me think an engine mount has possibly failed or is loose.— — — — — —Tires! Tires! Tires!?You can buy slicks form good year or any other company put there usally drag tire ut i think you can as well for cicrle traack— — — — — —I cannot go 30 miles without a flat. I can't figure out what the problem isSlow down. You are a commonality here. Yes you may be installing improperly every time. A smaller tire is NOT the direction to go. You want as big a tire as will go on the bike and run it at top of pressure range posted on the tire. Bigger tires have a bigger load capacity and are more pinch resistant. I do not like the super heavy duty tires as they have a hard ride. Get a heavy duty tube. On my daily commuter I run 32 mm tires and only flat I got was because I was riding a tire worn way past the limit. It is a single speed and I do not even carry a repair kit. On my workout/fun bike I run 35 mm and in 5 years one flat. The tube just flat out failed. If you inflate the tube and then pop it on the rim you are not doing it like everyone else because I do not do it that way. Watch a video on YouTube. Inflate to give it some shape. Then deflate and get it on by hand. Get the tire down in the grove to get some room. I only have to use tools on brand new tight tire. Take it up to 10 psi and then deflate to let folds come out. If that does not work then take the wheels into a bike shop an have them look at them. Do not just tighten the spokes a turn - that is NOT how to treat wheels— — — — — —World's largest model tire421614N 831233W / 42.27057N 83.20907W / 42.27057; -83.20907 Allen Park is home to the Uniroyal Giant Tire, the largest non-production tire scale model ever built, and one of the world's largest roadside attractions. Originally a Ferris wheel at the 1964 New York World's Fair, the structure was moved to Allen Park in 1966.— — — — — —Canadian Tire moneyCanadian Tire money, officially Canadian Tire 'money' or CTM is a loyalty program operated by the Canadian retail chain Canadian Tire. It consists of coupons, issued by the company, which resemble real banknotes. It can be used as scrip in Canadian Tire stores, but is not considered a private currency. The notes are printed on paper similar to what Canadian currency was printed on when they were still paper, and were jointly produced by two of the country's long-established security printers, British American Banknote Company (BABN) and Canadian Bank Note Company (CBN). Some privately owned businesses in Canada accept CTM as payment (see history below), since the owners of many such businesses shop at Canadian Tire. In Canadian Tire stores, CTM is accepted for Canadian money at par. However, consumers without the card would still earn paper Canadian Tire money.
How Do I Fix Leaky Valve in Bike Tire?
How do I fix leaky valve in bike tire?Spray the valve with soapy water and look for bubbles. The tool to fix it is a schrader valve tool. You can get one at an auto parts store and they will show you how to use it. Good day.— — — — — —Desmodromic valveIn general mechanical terms, the word desmodromic is used to refer to mechanisms that have different controls for their actuation in different directions.A desmodromic valve is a reciprocating engine poppet valve that is positively closed by a cam and leverage system, rather than by a more conventional spring. The valves in a typical four-stroke engine allow the air/fuel mixture into the cylinder at the beginning of the cycle and exhaust gases to be expelled at the end of the cycle. In a conventional four-stroke engine valves are opened by a cam and closed by return spring. An engine using desmodromic valves has two cams and two actuators, each for positive opening and closing without a return spring.— — — — — —Mitral valve prolapseMitral valve prolapse (MVP) is a valvular heart disease characterized by the displacement of an abnormally thickened mitral valve leaflet into the left atrium during systole. It is the primary form of myxomatous degeneration of the valve. There are various types of MVP, broadly classified as classic and nonclassic. In severe cases of classic MVP, complications include mitral regurgitation, infective endocarditis, congestive heart failure, and, in rare circumstances, cardiac arrest. The diagnosis of MVP depends upon echocardiography, which uses ultrasound to visualize the mitral valve. MVP is estimated to affect 2-3% of the population. The condition was first described by John Brereton Barlow in 1966. It was subsequently termed mitral valve prolapse by J. Michael Criley.— — — — — —What is a butterfly valve | See main types - AVK InternationalA butterfly valve is a shut-off valve with a relatively simple construction. In closed position, the disc blocks the valve bore while in open position, the disc is turned to allow flow. A quarter turn takes the valve from fully open to fully closed position, or opposite, and thus the butterfly valve allows for quick opening and closure. Where are butterfly valves used? Butterfly valves can be used for a broad range of applications within water supply, wastewater treatment, fire protection and gas supply, in the chemical and oil industries, in fuel handling systems, power generation etc. Some of the advantages for this type of valve are the simple construction not taking up too much space, and the light weight and lower cost compared to other valve designs. The valves can be operated by handles, gears or actuators according to any specific need. The butterfly valve can be centric or eccentric. On a centric (concentric) butterfly valve the stem is centered in the middle of the disc and the disc centered in the bore. The eccentric butterfly valve has one or more stems (stub shafts) located offset from the center according to the categories of double and triple offset valves.— — — — — —4G15 12-ValveA 12-valve version (two intake and one exhausts per cylinder) of the 1468 cc 4G15 engine. It entered production in 1989, for the third generation Mitsubishi Mirage/Lancer. It was available with a carburettor or fuel injection, producing 85 or 100 PS (63 or 74 kW) in Japanese market trim at the time of introduction. Later, a natural gas-powered version was added and in 1991 a new lean-burn technology called "Mitsubishi Vertical Vortex" (MVV) was introduced on this engine— — — — — —Valve control in four-strokesIn a side-valve engine, the valves are operated from the "underhead" cam without special valve gear. Overhead valve (OHV) engines have valves operated by pushrods. Single- and double-overhead camshaft (SOHC and DOHC, respectively) engines have overhead camshafts typically operated by chain, belt, gear train or bevel gear drive. The earliest motorcycle engines had exhaust valves operated in the same way as a side-valve engine, but they had overhead intake valves held closed by a weak spring. The intake valve was opened by the suction caused by the intake stroke. As the need for mechanical control of the intake valve arose, the design was modified by adding another cam to the camshaft and using a pushrod and rocker arm to operate the intake valve. Honda equipped the CBR400F with REV, described as "revolution responding type valve pausing mechanism", in 1983. This system enabled switching over the number of valve operations per cylinder between low and medium speed revolution range and high speed revolution range. In 2002, Honda introduced HYPER VTEC in the VFR800 Interceptor. In 2006, Kawasaki introduced VVT in the Concours 14.
Manual Bicycle and Car Tire Inflator?
Any floor pump with a schrader valve head will work on a car tire. It might take a while to pump a car tire manually because of the volume of air, but it will work. I have not done it on a car tire, but I have used my floor pump on a motorcycle tire.1. Can you air up a car tire with a air pump for a bicycle?if its a high pressure pump then yes you can cause i've done it before but if the pump cant push the pressure the tire might not inflate all the way but i say go for it, you might get lucky2. My car tire keeps losing air, is it okay to keep driving my car?It will cause the car to use more gas, it will effect the handling of the car, it will cause the tire to wear out faster... now tell me, is it OK to keep driving like this or are you brainless3. pumping my car tire am really confused need help(easy instant 10 points for best answer)?The manufacturer of your car has tested thousands of their own cars and decided that the air pressure they recommend is the best for that particular car. The tires are used on many and various different vehicles and the posted tire pressure on the tire is the maximum that should be used. Maybe another car recommends 35 PSI for their vehicle. It may be a heavier vehicle thus needing a higher air pressure. Use your car manufacturer's recommended air pressure.4. what could you use to slit a car tire?That's real strange that happened to me, my ex took an ice pick to all four of my tires, it just happen that I had just installed my surveillance camera and it caught him in the act of splitting them. I notify my insurance company an the police and to this day he is still behind bar not only for my tires but for other things as well.5. My car tire blew out. What should I do?go to a salvage yard they have used and new tires they are usually pretty cheap my dad owns one. i think you would be ok just replacing the one blown out tire. Just make sure you rotate your tires every once in a while because they will last longer.6. My car tire keeps going flat.?You can try a can of "FIX-a-FLAT" or similar from an auto parts store. About 5 to 8 bucks. Probably wont work but this is the cheapest and fastest. If really handy you might be able to use a hammer and smash the rim back into some roundness at the damaged area. The rim is shot anyway! Stranger things have happened!7. I need some advice on fixing a slow leak in my car tire:)?1. You cant take the tire off the rim to work on it. 2. If you "plug" a tire you or the shop are gunning for a lawsuit from whomever you have an accident with! 3. You need liquid soap in a spray bottle mixed with water and squirt it all over the tire, the tire bead, and the valve stem to find the leak. Hint air it to 40 psi to look for leaks 4. Go to a tire shop and they will do it all for you. 5 Specify- I want it Patched! ASE Cert Auto Tech, since 19788. How to put a car tire on a bike and converting it to be able to pedal?Just use duct tape9. Is a repaired car tire as good as a new one?(too long for a comment)You are asking three different things, and I think that is the cause of the confusion here."As good as new" is something quite different from "safe", and still different from whether replacing the tire it is a good idea.It is easy to find evidence about the danger of improper tire repair, like this. However, I did not find any statistics on the reliability of properly done repair. To add 3 more data points to the discussion: I've personally been driving 3 tires (light truck 2.8 t, vmax 110 km/h) that had been punctured (by something leaving
20 Replica Mercedes Benz Style Chrome Wheel and Tire Package
. Set of four brand new 20 inch Chrome replica Wheels and Tires. Our 20 inch Chrome replica Wheels come in a Durable Triple Chrome Plated Finish. Our Mercedes Benz rims are made from the highest quality materials which exceed the manufacture specifications. Ourreplica wheels for Mercedes feature OEM replica style at an unbeatable price. Our Mercedes replica rims are guaranteed to fit your Mercedes Benz perfectly or your money back. These rims will fit most Mercedes models. All of our style rims for sale are backed by our lifetime warranty and no-hassle return policy1997 Mercedes SL 500 you can still get the valet key for them, wont be a flip key but at least you will have access to your car.2001 Mercedes S430 Window glitch?Newer Benz vehicles ( including your '01 S-Class ) use door control modules where the various switches and controls are routed through. It sounds like it is gone which would explain why multiple functions ( all for the driver's side ) are not working. If this is correct, the only fix is to replace the module.I have a question regarding a Mercedes-Benz? has a pretty good cost of ownership calculatorWhy does Dodge put a 4.7 Mercedes engine in there Dakotas?it is an awesome engine, tons of power, lasts forever if you take care of it, and it is not a mercedes engineWhich Mercedes should I choose?Google Mercedes Benz reviews and you should be able to get information from there. The car you like are renowned for mechanical problems. If you like the look of the C class have a look at the 2006 W203 c 180 Kompressor sports which came with a factory sports pack. I owned one of these they are a fantastic zippy little sporty car with sports steering and suspension and body kit and zenon lights. I have since updated to a new E but that would not suit the look you are after even though I much prefer the E class as a car overall. If you like the 2 door Mercedes I strongly recommend the CLK versions whether it be the coupe or the convertible. They are a much better car than than the one you are looking at buying.wich is better mercedes-benz or bmw?BMW is better for performance, but Mercedes is better in comfort and a bit more luxurycheep part available on mercedes benz or BMW?None of the Germans are cheap. But, I prefer BMWCan you put the mercedes benz star on the sports sedan?It obviously does not come from the factory that way but, with the right amount of money, I am sure a body shop can do whatever your money will pay forwhich Mercedes-Benz car is the most hi-tech?A Mercedes is extremely costly to maintain. on the broking a typical oil substitute will fee close to $one hundred. If an alternator is going out you are finding at probable $seven hundred. maximum inner maximum shops do not decide for to artwork on them so which you are especially much compelled to apply the broking for upkeep & upkeep. to not point out the surprisingly long waiting cases at Mercedes dealerships. Mercedes incredibly produces a astounding device yet you pay for superiority. The Toyota is the budget friendly selection. purely confirm the gas pedal has been repaired below remember!!What made you get rid of your Mercedes Benz?It was a 25 year old POS that needed more time and money than I had time, money, or patience. In my experience ditch the euros and go for the big 3. Chevy, Ford, Dodge. I also support the Japanese cars as they hold value better than US build vehicles.2001 Mercedes ML320 good and bads?Apart from being ranked "Worse than Average" in reliability by Consumers' Union, being a first generation design with the weakest engine available, and being a truck, they are not horrible I suppose. At least they had Stability Control standard from 2000 and upcar opinions on the Mercedes E class...?The E was a little small for my tastes. I would go with a BMW 545i
When the TPMS Light Appears on My Dash, How Can I Tell Which Tire Is the Problem?
You can not if all the tire pressures are what they are supposed to be. Tire shops and most shops tese day's have a scanner that picks up which of the TPMS is not providing a signal. Good luck and hope this helps1. How do I reprogram the TPMS sensors on my 2016 Infiniti QX80? I have a TPMS scanner tool but it says I first need to put the vehicle in learn mode. How do I do that?Tire pressure monitoring system should reset on its own, once the tires are at reccomened pressure. Tire sensors do fail ,perhaps one of yours is no longer working.A tire service professional knows how to check.2. I have a malfunctioning TPMS. Is it okay to check tire pressure every morning?Checking the tire pressure once a month is normally enough. If you see a low tire, check it!3. How much does it cost to replace or repair a TPMS sensor in my car?just cost me 225$ Kanata Dodge for a Jeep Grand Cherokee4. How do you shut off the TPMS light in a 2013 Corolla?Put the correct amount of air pressure in the tire and the light will go off, assuming to TPMS system is functioning correctly.How do you shut off the TPMS light in a 2013 Corolla?5. how do you reset ford 2008 tpms?I think you will have to take it to the dealership for this. One of the tools they use is a circular magnet that I doubt you will be able to find for any cheaper then it will be at the dealer. Also, did you change the wheels from the factory ones?6. On-vehicle triboelectric nanogenerator enabled self-powered sensor for tire pressure monitoringTire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are becoming increasingly important in an effort to ensure safe and efficient use of tires in the automotive sector. There is growing interest in using energy harvesting technologies to provide power for TPMS because battery supply has serious drawbacks such as replacement difficulty, limited durability and environmental pollution. In this study, we proposed an on-vehicle magnetically triboelectric nanogenerator (V-TENG) scavenging rotating energy from tires and serves as a direct power source for tire pressure sensor. The V-TENG effectively generates electrical energy at the alarm temperature through a thermally stable polymer film. High electrical output has been achieved among the wide ranges of rotation speed and magnetic force through systematically experiments test. Meanwhile, there is no obvious decrease in the output voltage of the V-TENG after continuous working for about 12 h. Moreover, a battery-less pressure sensor was enabled by a single V-TENG device to measure barometric values of the ambient environment. The V-TENG also have been demonstrated to power a commercial wireless sensor for sending the real-time temperature data to a receiver and displaying on a monitor interface.7. TPMS light on tiers ok?Are you using the 33 PSI recommended by Nissan? If so, you have a TPMS sensor which is faulty8. How does direct TPMS communicate with a car?The majority of TPMS sensors are activated with a low frequency (LF) signal (125 KHz). This LF signal varies from vehicle to vehicle (some require more power than others) and forces the sensor to transmit. The TPMS sensors then transmit information and communicate via a UHF signal (314. 9-433. 92 MHz). How does direct TPMS communicate with a car?How do TPMS sensors communicate with the car they're installed on?9. 2008 Honda Civic,50k,TPMS light stays on after tire change.Check in your owners manuel and see if there is a relearn for the tpms system. But if the place you had put the new tpms sensors have not been woke up that's what has to be done first the system has to be reset or relearn whatever you want to call it.10. Tires have 60 per cent tread but all tpms sensors are bad, new sensors are the same price as new tires, what should I do?Replacing the tires will not fix the TPS sensor problem Replace the sensors if you have already tried resetting them11. Complete TPMS Disable GuideMy truck is a 2008 and I cut the Blue wire behind the radio (coming from the red box) and ran a fuse link and had to hook it to a Hot source. I've done this to two 2008's. Did a write up last year - search" Disabled TPMS on my 2008 " for pics
OEM Wheels and Tire Compatability Question!?
why do not you upgrade to some fifteens? yeah selection for fourteens is OK but dwindling you have a million options for fifteens. they do not even have to be expensive I love rocking the OEM rims from a different year makes people scratch their head you can get a set of 94 to 01 Integra GSR "Blades" with tires for under $400 on Craigs list or some forums. any rim with a 4X100 bolt pattern will fit your car MANY MANY MANY cars mostly foreign use the 4X100 bolt pattern. all honda's up to 2002 i think, toyotas, nissans, anything japanese1. Hyundai Elantra Parts Catalog - Hyundai Elantra Aftermarket PartsThe Hyundai Elantra is a compact vehicle. It was manufactured in 1990 by a South Korean manufacturer. Now, it is boasting six generation models. Initially, it was first marketed in Australia and a few European markets as the "Lantra." This happened in Australia because of the similarity of another model known as the Mitsubishi Magna Elante. For this reason, there was a disagreement between the motor vehicle manufacturers and in 2001; the name "Elantra" became standard to other areas of the world except for Korea. In 1992, the Elantra was redone for the European marketplace. The logo for Hyundai was added to the grille. However, the models in North America kept the look of the previous year. Again in 1993, the vehicle was redone to become the third generation in other parts of the world and second generation in North America. The last facelift came in 1994 for the fascias; front and rear. Other distinct features of the third generation were: o Front airbags o ABS brakes o Fog lamps o Alloy 7-spoke wheels o Power operated side mirrors In the models for years 1998 and 1999, the new grills were added. The European "Lantra" had a different design for the wagon and sedan. The design was a single front end. The codes received were the 'J3" or "RD2." The vehicle had a new engine option for buyers; the 2.0 liter. The GLS Australian model was upgraded from the GL model. It had a 2.0 liter engine, soft cloth seats, velour trim and alloy wheels as well as outside side view mirrors. It was in the year 2003 that all car models were redone, introducing new tail lights, front and back bumpers, headlights, grille, trunk and dashboard. The Elantra has a standard GLS trim. The G trim offered leather seats, alloy wheels stiffer suspension, and lip spoiler. In 2001, the company offered this model as a hatchback 2002 model. The options that The GT carried was anti lock brakes having traction control, CD deck and power moonroof. In the year 2003, the GT trim came on the scene as a replacement for the 2006 model. The paint colors and chrome were newly designed and the vehicle model came with leather shifter, leather steering wheel and wood trim. It featured some amazing steel rims like that of the GLS model. In the same 2006, the GT trim came with five doors. The vehicle, though compact on the exterior was listed as a midsized vehicle by the EPA due to its spaciousness on the inside. There were not many changes to the powertrain design since the company designed the second generation. However, fuel economy was improved in the Elantra. It came with manual transmission, which the EPA rated as enjoying fuel economy of 24 miles per gallon. Of course, there was an improvement in the horsepower. It went from 135 horsepower to 138 horsepower. It also went from 132 torque to 136 torque. When you call, ask for the 2014 Hyundai Elantra aftermarket parts!2. Help! Wheels keep wobbling? ?tires: 1-out of balance 2-out of round wheel: damaged car: out of alignment3. Best Beginner Mountain Bikes For Under $1000 In 2021 | 99 BikesIf you are after an entry-level mountain bike that wo not break the bank, look no further than a hardtail mountain bike. A hardtail mountain bike is built with a front suspension fork, while a dual-suspension mountain bike is also equipped with a rear shock which adds to the price of the bike and the weight, in reality you are unlikely to find a reliable dual-suspension mountain bike for under $1000 so a hardtail is clearly your best option. When you are looking at a hardtail in this price range almost all bikes will be built with an alloy frame which is durable enough for trail riding but not too heavy that is has a sluggish feel which you can not control. The alloy frame is paired with a suspension fork from a range of brands, but most usually from brands such as FOX, RockShox or Suntour for entry-level bikes. These bikes are usually built for relatively straightforward trail riding and for that reason they will usually have 100mm travel or 120mm at most. The next most important component is your brakes, mountain bikes come with either mechanical disc brakes or hydraulic disc brakes. Otherwise known as cable disc brakes, mechanical disc brakes are a cheaper option which use a steel cable to apply the braking pressure. While Hydraulic brakes use hydraulic fluid to transfer the braking power and offer a much smoother and reliable feel, meaning that you should always make hydraulic disc brakes your preference on a mountain bike. Most bikes in this range will have mixed groupset from the lower end of the range, it's best to look for a bike with the majority of componentry provided by SRAM or Shimano to ensure that you get the most reliable ride possible. Groupsets in this range will run a double or triple chainset for a range of gears to handle a variety of climbs and descents. As mountain bikes get more expensive they are usually outfitted with anything from a 1x10 speed to 1x12 speed drivetrain which requires less maintenance as there are less moving parts. When it comes to wheels, you will get a mix of 27.5" and 29" wheels with some brands changing the size of the wheel for the same model depending on the frame size. The smaller 27.5" wheels are lighter and stronger, typically offering a more agile ride and a lower standover height. While the 29" wheels give you better traction and comfort which is something a lot of entry-level riders look for. This usually comes down to personal preference and your size, if you are a smaller rider you might just feel more comfortable on a smaller wheel. The Norco Storm 1 is still one of the best affordable mountain bikes in 2021, designed to be an an incredibly capable bike as Norco have maximised every aspect of this hardtail. The suspension is taken care of with a Suntour XCM HLO DS fork with 100mm travel for finely tuned performance on the trails. Brand new for 2021 is the clear standout feature on the Storm 1, the 1x11 speed Shimano drivetrain offers reliably smooth shifting and together they allow you to tackle tough trails. The 1x setup is simple and efficient and in line with high end bikes which are just a slight step up with a 1x12 speed groupset, however it is still incredibly good as 1x11 speed was top of the ranger until the last few years. The Storm 1 is built with a lightweight and durable X6 alloy frame with longer reach, slacker head tube angle and steep seat tube angle which help you ride with more powerful and efficient pedalling, as well as better climbing traction and control while descending. You will ride in control with the Tektro M275 Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 160mm rotors which give you all of the braking power you need on the trails. The Norco Storm 1 offers similar capabilities to more expensive bikes and is built to impress. The Cube Aim Pro brings advanced German design and technology at an affordable price which does not compromise quality. The Aim Pro is built with an Aluminium Lite frame with internal cable routing and a Suntour XCT Disc fork with 100mm travel for agile and snappy performance. One of the highlight are the powerful Tektro M275 Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 160mm rotors and incredibly crisp braking performance so that you can ride with confidence on the dirt. The 3x9 speed Shimano drivetrain and Shimano Rapidfire-Plus Shifters are more than up to the task when it comes to taming trials with the range of gears to tackle any climb or descent. The Aim Pro comes in both 27.5" and 29" wheels with Cube's size split system which gives you the perfect fit. The bike really earns the Pro tag, built to be super light and perform like a boss without the high price tag, ideal for the entry-level rider who wants to grow into an adventurous rider Coming in at under $800, the Merida Big Nine 200 is the most affordable bike in the Big Nine range to be equipped with Hydraulic Disc Brakes and this bike packs plenty of heat. Equipped with the Big Nine Speed TFS aluminium frame and relaxed geometry, this bike is lightweight and easy to control while you are sitting in a more upright position thanks to the relaxed geometry. The internal cable routing is a great touch for a bike in this price range, giving it a sharp and clean look while minimising maintenance. The Suntour XCT 30 HLO Fork with lockout offers the versatility to push the limits and really have some fun even as you are still learning and improving. While the 2x8 speed Shimano drivetrain is more than capable for entry-level riding on a variety of surfaces. If you like the sound of this bike but are looking for a smaller option, the good news is that this bike comes in a 27.5" wheel with the Big Seven 20D Model. The Big Nine range has a bike for every rider looking for a hardtail, but when it comes to price you just can not beat the bang for buck with the Merida Big Nine 20. The Merida Matts 6.5V comes in a range of great colours for both male and female, regarded as one of the most popular bikes in the range. This is a mountain bike very much for the entry-level rider, as the rest of the bikes listed are higher on the spec list but also in cost. The 6.5 comes in under $600 and makes a capable commuter or off-road bike for any rider. You get a lot of the basics right with the light alloy frame, 3x7 speed Shimano drivetrain and a comfortable design. The V-brakes are not built for intense trail riding, but are more than capable for someone starting out or a kids first adult size bike with 26" wheels
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