Ps3 Media Server Problem?

The problem might be with the streaming. Try letting it load for a few minutes before actually attempting to watch the movie(s)

1. does my pc that has the movie content must be on for a media server to work?

So you streaming the movies from your computer to your ps3? or are the files already on the ps3 or on the server? If they files are on the ps3 then no.. If the files are on the computer and then yes. If the files are on a server then the server must be on but not a computer. Hope this helps.. Plus give me a thumbs up if it helped !!

2. Plex Media Server Working on Ubuntu

I have tried to follow several posts for setting up a Plex Media Server on Ubnutu 16.04 and up with no luck. It works perfectly on 14.04 so I suggest if you are having difficulties as I did, Just use 14.04 and the setup is very straight forward.The only change that is needed is editing this file:and changing the plex user to you as here:The user that PMS should run as, defaults to 'plex' note that if you change this you might need to move the Application Support directory to not lose your media library (match what is in /etc/passwd)Changing Groups and restarting ServiceStop the service:Then add user steve to Group Plex:and finally start back the service:I hope this helps someone like me that spent 2 days banging their head on the keyboard! :)

3. Hard drive options for home media server

What about Drobo?The revolutionary Drobo FS was designed with one purpose in mind: to deliver the best file sharing experience ever. From the moment you plug it in and it instantly appears on your desktop, you will know there's nothing like it. The all-in-one Drobo FS is perfect for any connected home, home office, or small office environment needing a simple, safe device for sharing and backing up files over the network. Like all Drobo storage products, Drobo FS provides redundant data protection without the complexities of RAID. Just plug in your Drobo FS and your data protection is all set up with no configuration required. We call this BeyondRAID technology. You will call it peace of mind

4. Plex media server is not detecting symbolic link

I was wrong. After fiddling with symlinks, I realized my mistake. Target folders/files need reading permissions. You have to chmod -R r SOURCE_FOLDER. Now the symbolic links work as intended.As far as I can tell, Plex does not recognize symbolic links. I've tried symlinks to both, files and folders, to no avail. This discussion from 2013-2015 in a plex forum suggest to symlink directories, but it did not work for me

5. PS3, a media server error occurred?

A Media Server Error huh. Well try calling sony and see what the problem is with it

6. ps3 network problem .ps3 disconnected from media server media server ?

dont test your connection, this will reset everything and u will have to enter everything again. it u have a router, try disconnecting the powet and putting it on. (when mine says disconnected from server, i would turn off then turn on my router and it will work again)

7. What is the RA Media Server?

Check out this thread, on the Dell Community forum. From the thread:this account is created by Dell Remote Access application.uninstall Dell remote access application and delete the user RA Media serverYou can find more about it there, including steps for uninstalling Dell Remote Access and deleting the account. You do not normally need this account, you can safely delete it, if you want.

8. WIN 7 IIS, apache and media server all not working PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!?

helpful it particularly is achievable. confirm to make efficient that a million. the DB service is working on the 2003 server, 2. you are utilising the biggest stunning credentials (eg. username & password) 3. that your packet internet site travelers is not being blocked to the port assigned to the listening DB service. If all else fails attempt guy mysl. stable fulfillment

9. How to setup media server for ps3?wireless?

the right way!

10. How do you host an online radio station from a media server?

You would need some form of playout software which handles the actual playing of the music you want to use. You will also need an encoder to take that music and stream it to your audience. You would have to have a pretty hard core media server to handle a large number of listeners, so i would encourage using an online streaming service. But if you really want to do it purely on your media server, you just need the relevant software. You would also need to install the relevant streaming services on your media centre. Iceboats or Shoutcast etc. Set it up and then you would use your playout software to play the music, your encoder to send the music to your streaming software and your streaming software to send it out to the world. Hope this makes sense. Carl.

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