Recycling Plastic Waste to Make 3D Printing Furniture Takes Only Two Hours

(source: Zhongguancun Online)

Belgian designer and artist Joachim froment uses plastic waste as raw material in his latest sustainable furniture series. "Strat" is made of locally recycled plastic and printed in 3D into seats and stools. The full range of works includes benches, leisure chairs and a variety of other furniture. The portable 3D printer used by the designer is developed by "colosus". This printer can be easily moved to the area where plastic waste is generated, which is very convenient.

The full-size furniture designed by froment can be produced with a specific 3D printer in less than two hours. By reusing the plastic pellets produced in the recycling area of Belgium, the designer's goal is to create products made of local recycled materials, sell the products in the local market, and provide recycled product services, so as to provide people with furniture that is completely utilized in the state of circular economy.

Bringing technology into design and improving it with common industrial processes also provides a new form of industrialization with great potential. Adaptable customized products also reveal a new way to create sustainable goods. The seats and other products of this series are specially designed according to the standard that can complete 3D printing within a certain time range. At the same time, they can also achieve the most efficient utilization of materials and avoid waste to the greatest extent.

The closed loop form of this seat not only strengthens the mechanical strength of the structure, but also follows the "vase mode" process, so as to ensure that the product can print continuously without interference. The whole production process greatly saves time and energy. The organic soft curve of the seat creates a unique lightness, which clearly shows the importance related to the raw materials of the product. The curved curve also enhances the mechanical properties, which is also a necessary condition for strengthening the seat structure.

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