ROM Chip Commonly Used in LCD Color Display

In the display, flash chips of different models are required to save OSD setting parameters and call preset display mode, so that the host can find the display model and store MCU program data.


On the LCD driver board, 24C16 is generally used to store the user mode and preset mode of the display, as well as the brightness, contrast, sharpness, color temperature and other data of the OSD panel adjusted by the user. The physical chip is shown in Figure 13, and the preset data of factory mode is also stored in 24C16. The more preset modes and user modes of the display, the larger the storage space of the chip. Therefore, we may see that 24c32 and 24C08 are used to store OSD data in actual maintenance.

The data in the chip is very important. If the data is accidentally damaged or lost, it will lead to very strange fault phenomena such as unable to start the machine, abnormal image, undetectable signal, color deviation, flower screen and so on.


The chip is generally used to store the model, manufacturer, supported resolution type, production date and other information of the display, as shown in Figure 14. The chip is usually located near the VGA and DVI interfaces to complete the information exchange with the PC host. If the VGA interface does not have this chip, the host will not be able to recognize the display model, can not automatically match the resolution supported by the display, and can only display the plug and play display. However, the chip data near the VGA interface is damaged. It does not affect the operation of the display. The display works even if it is blank or not. If the DVI interface does not have the chip or the data in the chip is damaged, the DVI interface device can only be used after the computer is restarted, and can not be plug and play when the host is working normally. The model of this kind of chip used in Samsung LCD is a21sc, and the reading method is the same as 24C02.

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