Should L, TX, RX Led Light on While Connected with Laptop

On Arduino Uno (and most basic Arduinos), the 'L' LED is operated by whatever code is on the Arduino. RX and TX flicker whenever the Arduino is sending data to the PC (TX) or is receiving data from the PC (RX).If you have never re-programmed your Arduino, it is running whatever code was in it when it was shipped to you. It sounds like your Arduino has a bootloader but no code yet. The bootloader listens for the PC to try upload a new program. While it is listening, it blinks the L LED. If the PC tries to upload, you will see the RX and TX lights flicker as the two communicate, until the upload is finished. Then whatever program was uploaded will run, and it will control the LEDs.If the PC does not try to upload a new program within a few seconds (how long depends on which bootloader version is in the Arduino), the bootloader will start whatever program is already in the Arduino. Again, that program will then control the LEDs

1. My LED light blinks red on my Xbox 360..?

This is a common problem referred to as "the red ring of death." The reason Microsoft is making no money on xbox 360s is because 60% of them suffer this problem and are broken. You need to remove the silver part (your hardrive with all your data) and send it down to texas, where i believe the microsoft office is, and in 3 weeks youll get a new one. Luckily for me, I had a 1-year warranty at gamestop and they just handed me a new one when i walked in for free.

2. What gauge wire should I use for my LED light?

Here's a link to a chart:

3. Which LED light should I use to decorate my house?

get the ones that can turn 16 million colors

4. What power supply do I need for my LED light strips?

You have the general idea right but there are a few caveats.Your best bet is to simply power one section and measure the actual requirements.As to one small section being brighter than a large section, it wouldnt be, as long as the supply can provide the current as set by the current limiting resistors on the segment.

5. Where can you buy cheap led light bulbs?

From a store. =] !

6. how can i use led light for 12 volts dc light?

LED lamps are a semi-conductive device that emit light. You know that. Supply it with a voltage source and it will light. What a lot of people tend to forget is that once a semiconductor junction fires it will try to conduct all available current across it. In simple terms, it is a short circuit. The junction is also destroyed at currents above 40 milliamp. I make this point because people insist that, because the forward voltage of an LED is 2v, all you need to do is string 6 of them together like Christmas tree bulbs and they will work. I really do not mind, as I get to sell a lot of replacement LEDs to these people, but it is a senseless waste that could be prevented with a simple 4 cent resistor. It is not rocket science. I like to call it 'hand grenade science, because if you get it into the ballpark it will do the job. Your typical LED drops 2v (approximately, some are more, some less). Ohms law tell us that your applied voltage over your resistance gives us your current flow. You have a 12v source, less the 2 volt drop across the resistor, is 10v. You want to keep the current flow at about 20ma (the current most of the LED specifications are given at), so 10v over 20mA works out to 500 ohm resistance. For those people who like their answers gift wrapped with a pink bow, you can run the LED on a 12v system with a 500 Ohm resistor in series as a current limiter.

7. I think someone's watching me through my webcam because the led light is always on?

would it be posable to delete the webcam from the computer? the only other way i can think of is jamming something small and pointed into it and hoping u only break the webcam then buying one that plugs into the usb so u can unplug it and plug it in when u want also maybe try to use something like McAfee first i mean its good to have anti spyware on ur comp anyway

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