Smart Mirror Display Will Take You to Experience the New Trend of Smart Home

Shanghai villa magic mirror ks-mt-1822g is closely related to our life. When we wash, we can understand the weather change, temperature, humidity, what clothes to wear and the hot water temperature at home. Important calls will not miss the answer, and the life information is clear at a glance.

Shanghai villa magic mirror ks-mt-1822g is at rest, which is equivalent to an ordinary mirror. It is no different from an ordinary mirror. When the intelligent mirror is awakened, it is an intelligent interactive platform and becomes your intelligent housekeeper in one second.

Shanghai villa magic mirror ks-mt-1822g can realize the remote control of TV, air conditioner and light through the interactive methods of magic mirror, such as voice control, multi touch and gesture recognition.

Shanghai villa magic mirror ks-mt-1822g is fitted with a smart screen equipped with Android system behind the touch-sensitive mirror. When it is closed, it is an ordinary mirror. When it is awakened, the mirror display screen hidden behind the magic mirror will light up.


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