Spouse's Video Games / Computer Usage...I Want Both Male and Female Input on This Please.?

I am a woman, and in my marriage, I was the one with the computer game addiction. I wanted to play that game more than I wanted anything else, even sex or being with my husband or talking to him. Needless to say, it was really destructive to our marriage and caused a lot of pain and loneliness to my husband. He was always loving to me even though I did not deserve it. He showed me kindness when I showed him indifference. Eventually his love won me over and I quit the game. Our marriage has been so much better since then, we have grown closer and I've just grown to appreciate the wonderful man I am married to that I do not deserve. We only live one lifetime. Although the addictive force of the game and the intense but useless and imaginary pleasure it provides was extremely powerful, I am so glad to be living real life. We live one lifetime. I do not want to waste mine on sitting on a chair in front of a screen imagining that I am doing something cool or worthwhile or fun when all I am really doing is getting fatter and duller and more self-absorbed when there are actual human beings who need me and love me that I am blowing off. I read about how video games overactivate the pleasure centre of your brain to the extent that you become unable to enjoy normal things anymore. Like a real conversation or watching a sunrise or swimming or hiking or making love with your spouse.

1. Why isn't Deepika Padukone's video 'My Choice' banned yet?

It should not be banned because it is an awesome video. I personally like it because it has helped expose some of the top and well known Indian Quora writers as hypocrite and pea brained. Spitting venom against it is trending now and some of the writers have chosen to manifest herd mentality. Most of the Young Indian men and women seems to have problem with the line 'sex outside marriage'. But the whole thing was metaphorical and one should not take it in literal sense. What the line tries to imply is if a man can cheat on a woman without feeling any qualms about it and without society frowning upon him then the society should also refrain from calling a woman a slut or whore if she choses to cheat on her husband. The only person who has right to confront the woman is her husband, not the society. If you can see comedy in movies like 'No Entry' why are you making fuss about this video? Believe me in a month or two there will be a new trend. Indians will realize where they went wrong and will start supporting this video and they will claim they were never against it. But for now, by critisizing this video Indians have proved they are not ready for change in this arena. All this Indian Quorans writing stuffs in Quora about equality and modernism is pretentious bullshit. You guys are way behind.

2. How would I set up an S-Video cord?

why did you ask this question twice with different wording?!

3. Is it worth buying Dr. Najeeb's video lectures for the NEET PG/AIIMS PG preparations?

Yes it is worth buying Dr. Najeeb video lec as he makes the complex things into simpler and easy to digest texts for students.U can check out him by his video and can know his depth and detail knowledge that he sharesHope got ur answer

4. I am looking for something that can do the job of a VCR without playing tapes....and must output S-Video.?

Pick up a DVD Recorder with a built in Hard drive, then you can have the best of both worlds in one. Toshiba has a nice model

5. How do i connect my computer to my tv if my video card does not have s-video out or vga?

There are converters which convert a VGA signal to S-Video or Scart, but they usually result in a poor quality picture because just about every resolution is too high for a TV. I've not seen one made by a reputable manufacturer and you will end up with sore eyes unless you are running an application in 320x240. So what I am getting at is... do not buy one. The other option would be to buy a more recent TV with proper support for VGA or DVI inputs which will display a native resolution. Or.... buy a new graphics card.

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