Taking Care of Your Garden Plastic Furniture

you can't be irresponsible with how you use and take care of these wonderful creations. You do have to realize their limitations as well as what their primary uses and functions are for, and don't go beyond them. If you are concerned that maybe your garden plastic furniture needs a break, then here are some helpful tips for how you may get the same great use out of them, but tack many years on to the life expectancy in the process. Many homeowners are not so careful as to use these suggestions. If you are, then you can expect your garden plastic furniture to last for decades. First of all, you have to realize that not everyone sits in a chair the same way. It is difficult to keep a chair in good shape when you are not maintaining even weight distribution throughout the piece, so it is recommended that you routinely rotate cushions - one to four times per month - to ensure that the surface sitting area is not bowing the overall structure of the furnishing piece. These things can get away from you if you are not careful, and since longevity is of the utmost importance, it is recommended that you keep changing things up. You may also want to increase the thickness of the cushions while you are at it. Secondly, it is wise not to leave your chair or furniture set at the mercy of certain weather conditions. While many don't bother with getting their chairs out of a storm, or at least covering them in order to keep them from taking the brunt of winds and rains, the smart outdoor furniture lover will do his very best to shield plastic furniture as he would any type of furniture caught in the same conditions. Many times the life span breaks down on account of a disinterested owner, and so in another year or two, the owner is forced to replace a furniture piece that could have lasted a lifetime if taken care of properly and with discernment. Thirdly, attend to the chair or furniture set's needs by giving it the attention it deserves. You're not going to be able to protect your belongings from every little thing, but you will be able to act quickly in ensuring that the products are dried when wet and that cushions and weight distribution are kept even. If you can't bring yourself to give your chair or furniture set any TLC when it needs it the most , then it's hard for you to complain about the overall quality later on.

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High Quality Small Outdoor Rattan Storage Cabinet Furniture Wholesale
Model No.: YSJS-425 Size: big 90*40*100,small 43*30*90CMCM Material: rattan,1.2–1.8mm aluminum frame tube Package: Plastic foam,kraft paper,carton. Loading quantity: 180set/40HQRattan undergoesphysical property testing,tensile report,heat and cold resistancereport,high temperature test, REACH report.Normally we have three designs rattan ,warranty 2 years,warranty 3 years and warranty 5 year.Our goods already pass DEU — -CP certification.DEU — -CPR certification,EN581 certification.Other test certification could be make if client need it.Payment Terms: 30% deposit by T/T in advance,balance by T/T or L/C should be paid before loading. Sample cost: Paypal ,western union , moneygram and cash also is available.FAQQ1: What is your MOQ? A: For tables,the Minimum order quantity is 10pcs per item.B: For chairs,the Minimum order quantity is 50pcs per item.Q2: What is the warranty policy? A: Most of our products can guarantee at least 3 years.While above the warranty does not cover failure or damage caused by improper applicationsand unreasonable conditions or abusive use.Q3: Could I take some samples from you? How about the sample charges?A: Yes, samples are available. The sample cost is triple of the unit price.But we will return the extra once received your next order·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is the use of a fire alarm control module?On the most basic level- and many systems are still like this- a fire alarm system consists of two separate electronic loops- one is the detection loop and the other is the alert loop. In the middle of these two loops is an alarm panel that contains several components, commonly including a monitor module and a control module, along with an automatic phone dialer or other external monitoring connection.[Of course panels and alarm control systems can contain a lot more parts, but that goes beyond the question]The detection loop usually contains a collection of devices that have "normally open" relays- heat detectors, smoke detectors and pull stations, for example. When one of those relays "closes"- completes an electrical circuit- the monitor module on the panel sends a signal to the control module.A control module is the output side. It activates warning devices like a bell or horn strobe. It can also activate relays connected to automatic door closers, elevator controls, fire suppression systems, smoke ejectors, and the like.What is the use of a fire alarm control module?
How Much Do I Have to Spend to Sit in My Own Back
PHIL MITCHELL IS A TEAK MAN. SURE, he'll talk about cypress. And he might even set you up with mahogany if it's that tennis-whites, Boca Raton-resort look you're going for. But where it really counts, in his own back yard, he's teak all the way.Mitchell knows teak. It accounts for a healthy 25 percent of the sales at Park Place, the outdoor furniture store on Wisconsin Avenue in Northwest Washington he owns with a partner. And with Washington warming to its annual love-hate relationship with summer, business at the store is hot.This year Mitchell had a goal. In the sometimes costly world of outdoor wood furniture, he wanted to find quality teak tables and chairs to offer his customers for less than $1,000. He just made it. Nine hundred and fifty dollars was the price tag for a 48-inch round table and four chairs by Kingsley-Bate. And supplies didn't last long.Okay, relax. Take a deep breath. Let it out slowly as the sticker shock sinks in. "A thousand dollars," you moan, "just to sit in the back yard?" The fiscal facts show that you can furnish your garden for as little as $9 or as much as $9,000. But if you want to furnish it with high-quality, long-lasting, fashionable pieces, it's going to cost you.If cost is the main criterion, stick with the aluminum, vinyl-strap folding chairs sold at hardware and variety stores. The price is right: cheap. Their hollow frames may not withstand Uncle Cecil's substantial weight; their webbing may stretch, sag or give way altogether; and their light weight makes them susceptible to summer gusts. But they remain, undeniably, among the most comfortable and accessible options on the market. And we buy them -- again and again.But face it: No one is going to confuse a yard furnished by G.C. Murphy with an English country garden, an intimate French courtyard or a Palm Springs patio. For those you pay bigger bucks.While the looks are virtually unlimited, outdoor furniture (and we mean that literally -- furniture that can be left outdoors year-round) comes in four basic materials: plastic, metal, wood and wicker.Though many outdoor furniture manufacturers have been taking their cues from the past, there are makers whose lines have a 20th-century point of view. They've turned to plastics.Today's technologically advanced resin has become the material of choice for sleek, contemporary outdoor furniture designs. Perfect at poolside, plastic resin furniture can have its day in the sun for years. Plastic resin is a formulation of a polyvinyl chloride developed in Europe after World War II and used predominantly by the French for outdoor furniture.Louis Bamel, owner of Bamel's Quality Casual Furniture, a porch and patio furniture store in Rockville, swears by it: "It has a nice, clean European look and it's good transitional furniture" -- transitional because its unobtrusive styling can bridge the gap between formal indoor furniture and relaxed, yet classic, outdoor looks. He mentions the comfort factor. He's right. A quick sit-in confirms the sit-ability of a variety of styles, cushioned and bare.Bamel enumerates the advantages of resin: "It is solid and the same color throughout. Regardless of how high the air temperature might go, it remains relatively cool and comfortable to the touch. It doesn't yellow. And it's easy to keep clean."The stuff is practically unbreakable, although it will scratch. "But not easily," Bamel maintains. It can stay out all year, though he does recommend taking it in or covering it during the winter, and it has a life span of about 20 to 25 years. The tables and chairs are adjustable, with some chairs offering as many as a dozen positions. Tables can be raised and lowered; some are drop-leaf and others expand with leaves (some to 118 inches to provide seating for 10 or 12).A number of manufacturers offer resin furniture. At the high end is Triconfort from the French firm Allibert Inc. It is the ne plus ultra of the industry, high-styled and high-priced with a decidedly European flair. One Bamel's customer plunked down $9,000 for eight pieces.The average price is much lower. Allibert and other makers -- like Grosfillex, Kettler and, at the low end, Rubbermaid -- offer styles that feature good looks, cushioned comfort, durability and practicality (they stack, they fold). Allibert, for example, offers a 48-inch table and four adjustable high-back chairs in white, green, black or straw for about $700. Add cushions for $19 to $45 each, depending on fabric. On the low end, a 42-inch Rubbermaid table and four chairs can be had for $200 or less.An important distinction in resin furniture is between pieces that are lacquered and those that are not. Lacquer-finished pieces have the luminescence of a fresh-off-the-assembly-line Corvette. Their high gloss, the result of as many as 10 coats of lacquer, makes them easy to distinguish from matte-finish, unlacquered pieces. The latter are made of raw resin, which is much more porous and difficult to keep clean. Plus, unlacquered pieces are more apt to gray. Keep in mind that the lower-end pieces often don't contain as much resin as higher-price pieces and, therefore, are not as strong.The look is nostalgic. It speaks of an era when men were mannered and women demure. The Victorians cherished their gardens and filled them with heavy iron furniture fussy with dolphins and ferns, lilies and vines.America's love affair with this romantic past has had consumers combing shops and estate sales for outdoor heirlooms. Today's manufacturers have responded with new products made of steel or aluminum finished with space-age materials that withstand the elements far better than the Victorians' crusty old cast iron.There are those for whom only the originals will do. But Marjory Segal, owner of the Well-Furnished Garden in Bethesda, one of the first antique garden shops on the scene, sees a trend away from the old pieces. "There still is plenty of the old iron around, but it has become so costly and often is in need of such heavy repair that people are turning to the new," she says.Of special interest here are the historic reproductions being offered with the blessing of some of our most respected institutions. Garden Source Furnishings is manufacturing the Victoria wire bench ($500 is the list price), a filigreed lacy-looking settee that has been reproduced line for line out of an intricately woven and twisted small-gauge-steel wire from an original in the collection of the Office of Horticulture at the Smithsonian Institution. Brown Jordan has its cast-aluminum Daylily Collection ($2,000 for a table, $689 for a chair), original examples of which are also in the permanent Smithsonian collection. This year a new 36-inch round Carrara marble-topped garden table ($799) joins Brown Jordan's cast-aluminum reproductions of the cast-iron Fern Leaf garden bench ($1,369) and chair ($739), which can be seen at the Smithsonian's Enid A. Haupt Garden at the entrance to the Sackler and African museums. Smithsonian reproduction pieces are available at Woodward & Lothrop, Park Place, Offenbacher Pool 'n Patio in Rockville, Laurel, Falls Church and Springfield, Schirmer's Casual Gallery in Falls Church and Stover Hearth and Patio in Frederick and Hagerstown.Garden Source Furnishings also makes pieces from the Winterthur Collection in wrought iron and steel, wrought-iron originals of which were chosen by Henry Francis du Pont for the grounds of Winterthur, his Wilmington, Del., estate cum museum. This collection includes benches, chairs, tables, plant stands and footrests richly worked with scrolls, curves, twigs and branches. Prices range from about $250 for a small plant stand to around $1,000 for a 57-inch-long bench. Woodward & Lothrop carries the Winterthur Collection, as do Park Place and the Kellogg Collection, on Wisconsin Avenue NW and in Bethesda."People definitely are buying a look here," says Charlie Betts, Phil Mitchell's partner in Park Place, because -- let's be honest -- though this furniture is beautiful, it isn't always comfortable. Pity the toes stubbed against its unforgiving feet.For longevity there isn't much else that can compare, however. Pieces made of aluminum will not rust -- ever. Pieces from the Wintherthur Collection made of wrought iron and/or steel are finished with an electrodeposition epoxy primer and a heat-cured polyester topcoat that resist chipping and fading. Another advantage is that you don't even have to wait for the pieces to take on the rich patina of age. If you like, they come already washed or verdigrised to mellow perfection. The price? It varies from retailer to retailer, sale to sale, but Park Place, for example, will outfit your garden with a table and four chairs from the Winterthur Collection for about $1,500, depending on the table size and chair style.Price-wise you can get the Victorian look for much less, but be prepared to sacrifice weight and finish. Park Place offers a heart-patterned patio set with a table and four chairs for about $600.No look at outdoor furniture would be complete without mentioning the enduring popularity of wrought-iron patio sets. Available almost anywhere outdoor furniture is sold, these metal standbys worked with vines and curlicues have been back-yard favorites for years, selling for as little as $300 for a table and four chairs.Fast-forward to the present and there's an entirely different look available in metal. Manufacturers like Brown Jordan, Tropitone and Woodard feature smooth contemporary chairs, with taut mesh seats and backs, made of no-rust aluminum finished with a powder coat of vinyl. As Louis Bamel explains it, "The powder is negatively charged and the aluminum frame is positively charged. The powder is dusted on the metal, and the piece is literally baked. In the process, the powder fuses to the metal and the result is a nearly indestructible finish."No doubt about it, these pieces are comfortable. Their mesh sling seats support the body like a hammock. There is one teeny, tiny drawback, however. If you sit in them when you're wearing shorts, the backs of your legs will look like orange peel.Prices for a table and four chairs start at about $630 and go up from there.You can go a long way with wood. From the folksy familiarity of an Adirondack chair to the lyrical beauty of a Lutyens bench, wood lends itself to a variety of styles and budgets. It can be painted or left untreated to silver in the sun.Heading the most-wanted-wood list is teak, the mainstay of the English country garden look. Of recent concern, however, is whether this enchantment with teak might be harming dwindling rain forests. Conscientious suppliers of teak furniture, such as Barlow Tyrie and Kingsley-Bate, maintain that consumers can rest easier in their gardens secure in the knowledge that they obtain their lumber from government-controlled plantations in countries like Indonesia and Thailand.Teak furniture will most likely cost the most because it will last longest. It also requires virtually no maintenance. Teak is a dense wood that is naturally rot- and termite-resistant. It is high in natural oils, which increases its longevity but also makes it unsuitable for painting. Left to the elements, it will weather to a pleasing soft gray. Stains can be easily sanded away and the wood left bare to resilver.Even though teak will last 40, 50, 60 years without anything being done to it, Phil Mitchell, the teak devotee, advises swabbing it down twice a year with a mild detergent and washing it every five years or so with a cleanser such as Fantastik to remove any pollution-induced grunge. Mitchell wouldn't dream of becoming a slave to maintenance, but he advises customers who want their teak to retain its warm, un- weathered hues to use a teak oil to maintain the patina.A brief lesson in teak, courtesy of Mitchell: "Basically, there are two distinct types. The first is Indonesian or Java teak. Most English joineries use Java teak. A few American firms do too. Teak used by the English is air-dried as opposed to kiln-dried."The second type of teak comes from Thailand. Just like the Java teak, it is grown on government-controlled plantations and has the seal of approval from a number of environmental groups. Thai teak is kiln-dried."Mitchell's teak of choice is Thai teak. Raw Thai teak is shipped directly to manufacturers in the United States and therefore costs a bit less than teak that reaches Americans via England. Because Thai teak is kiln-dried, Mitchell says, the joinery of furniture produced from this teak is tighter and better. He acknowledges, however, that the selection of styles from English joineries is larger than from other producers.Teak can be a lifetime investment. It calls out to be touched and stroked. "If you're buying teak," Mitchell says, "it's important to feel the pieces, to touch them. Often, people will buy teak furniture based on photos and then aren't happy when it arrives."As with any material, there are different grades of teak. A low-quality teak piece can be pocked with knots or made with a filler. It will weigh less and probably cost less, and the joinery may be substandard. Furniture that is shipped assembled is stronger than that shipped in pieces for on-the-spot assembly.While teak doesn't lend itself to painting, a variety of other woods do. Mahogany, cypress, cherry and oak all take paint well. Mahogany and cypress are excellent outdoor woods and cost 20 to 30 percent less than teak for comparable pieces.Weatherend Estate Furniture favors Honduran mahogany for its pricey Maine summer-home look. The distinctive curved pieces are finished with the same polyurethane paint used on airplanes, skyscrapers and yachts. A moisture-resistant epoxy is applied to the feet of each piece to prevent absorption of ground moisture. All this costs an estate-type price too -- about $8,000 for a 48-inch table and four curved armchairs.Left unpainted, mahogany will silver like teak. Cypress, on the other hand, will turn dark with black streaks. Cypress is a good domestic wood, Mitchell says, and takes a finish well. It's a favorite for the Chippendale style mainly because it was a wood readily available in the South, where that style was popular.This year Park Place is offering a cherry Adirondack chair of its own making. Price: $179. Before selecting cherry, Mitchell weathered several samples of wood in his own back yard, testing for strength and warping. The wood is finished with a marine-quality epoxy urethane. Mitchell estimates it'll be four to five years before the finish even begins to deteriorate. All painted furniture, he says, is subject to chips and dings and is never fully free of maintenance. "Anytime you paint something, you have to maintain it." Even the Weatherend line may lose its glossiness after 10 years or so and need polishing, he points out.Oak and pine are two other popular woods used in outdoor furniture. Neither is high on Mitchell's list, although he thinks oak is fine for a porch or other protected area. For those on a limited budget, however, a number of attractive, low-priced painted pine pieces are available. There's the Adirondack chair ($127) and Victorian settee ($189) at the Door Store, the garden bench at Conran's ($149) and the English loveseat at Pier 1 ($270). This year Conran's also offers an Adirondack called the Delta for the first time. Made of pine, it is weatherproofed in white lacquer or mahogany stain and costs $139. Ikea offers knock-down oiled-pine pieces at very low cost. The Graso style features foldable chairs and bench and a folding table. Chairs are $65, benches $90, the table $95.Recycled redwood is another wood making an appearance, with Molino of Sonoma in Forestville, Calif., using it instead of cutting endangered old-growth redwood trees. Demolished buildings are the source for these, which are replete with carving and French in feel, with a touch of Spanish thrown in. Park Place is carrying the line for the first time this year. The pieces are protected by a stain that seals them against moisture. Prices compare with those of teak pieces. W I C K E R W O N D E R L A N DFashions come and fashions go, but like lawn parties and Newport beaches, wicker is always in the best of taste.Antique wicker has been the rage for many years, and the plenitude of pieces still around attests to the durability of its natural materials. In fact, though, wicker has become a generic classification that covers all woven furniture made from natural and synthetic materials. The pieces we call wicker are really made of reed, rattan, fiber or any number of other materials (in the early 1920s, even twisted paper came into popular use, with the Lloyd Loom chairs). Rattan is the most common material. Vine-like, young rattan shoots are woven over hardwood frames to produce the look we recognize as wicker. Older rattan is stronger and doesn't need to be woven.A little weather can be good for wicker. In fact, dousing it with water is the prescribed way to remove dust and dirt and to ensure continued flexibility (don't try this with "wicker" made of twisted paper, however). Nonetheless, wicker lives longest when it spends most of its day indoors or in a protected area such as a porch.The good news is that now there is a new honest-to-goodness all-weather wicker. Lloyd/Flanders has come out with a copy of the Lloyd Loom twisted-paper "wicker," weaving a composition fiber with stainless steel over an aluminum frame. A plastic-like finish, offered in a rainbow of colors, protects the fiber, and Lloyd/Flanders says that the pieces can withstand 15 to 20 years of outdoor use and still look good.Bamel's, Bloomingdale's and Dalton- Brody, a Northwest Washington gift shop, carry Lloyd/Flanders all-weather pieces. Expect to pay about $340 for a dining chair, more for armchairs and rockers. Conran's offers a weatherproof version of the Lloyd Loom-type wicker as well. Though these seats are made of woven paper, frames are updated with aluminum, and steel rods are used in the construction. An armchair is about $300. Caribbean Designs in Alexandria carries its own all-weather wicker made of plastic on an aluminum frame. An armchair costs about $249.Now that you know the territory a bit better, you can decide how big a check you want to write this spring. And once you've written it, you can sit back and relax this summer.Kathy Legg is on the staff of the Home section of The Washington Post.
The Home Front: Using Your Outdoor Living Areas Year Round
In Vancouver and all across North America, people are now using their outdoor living areas year round, says Joanna Leung, vice-president of Vancouver-based , which has specialized in outdoor furniture since 1980."I see more and more people with slightly covered [outdoor] areas," Leung says. "It won't be fully enclosed, but they'll have awnings or they'll have glass on top. Because it's not really the cold that bothers people; it's getting wet." Large waterproof umbrellas can also do the trick, Leung says."Combined with cosy pillows, blankets and maybe a fire pit or space heater, you're good to go in winter months," she says.Fire pits, she notes, are proving to be more popular than ever."Even in November, when the months are getting a bit cooler, having a fire pit is a great asset, and something we make a lot of," she says. "It's like having a fireplace outside. It's great for warmth, it's a focal point for the space, and it really grounds things, because it makes it feel like the living room. It's communal and it's nice to have a glass of wine around." Round fire pits are currently trending and add to the communal "around-the-campfire feel" outdoor fires are known for, she says, adding that the latest fire pit designs are more bar table height."People always think of fire pits as lower like living room pieces" Leung says "But a lot of people like the bar height or counter height." These bar-height versions are particularly popular in cities like Vancouver because outdoor living areas are often small and people want to take advantage of views."When you're sitting down low, you can't get the view, and Vancouver is one of those places that's gorgeous and everyone wants to catch the mountain view, so a lot of people use countertop-height fire pits as well as bar-height fire pits." Outdoor furniture design is changing and becoming more sophisticated and detail orientated, she says."People really want to create the outdoor space as an extension of the indoor space," she says. "I think traditionally, outdoor furniture was woven, like wicker, and now we've really changed up the trends. We have a lot more upholstered pieces, we have upholstered platform pieces that look like indoor furniture, and they use fabrics like chenille that is a really indoor texture and feel, so it feels like you're sitting on a living room sofa, but you're outside." Ratana's new line is a good example of this evolution, she says, with its thick, woven, knitwear-like esthetic, which is currently trending in both home design and fashion."The Bogota collection is a very beautiful collection inspired by the indoors. It looks and feels like a woven material, but inside there's a rubber lining to create that thickness, and then the upholstered fabric is wrapped around it, so it creates that beautiful lush look, like a thick knitted sweater, but it's very quick to dry. Because we've been in the outdoor furniture industry for so long, we know you can't have furniture that takes days and days to dry." In a city like Vancouver, it's important to be realistic about the weather, Leung says, noting that Ratana recommends that outdoor furniture pillows be taken inside when not in use during the winter months. The frames of the outdoor furniture pieces, however, are fine to be left out year round, she says.Because outdoor furniture is not something you replace often, Leung recommends people stick with neutral colours for the frames and add colour and pattern with cushions, throws and pillows."I think keeping your frame really neutral lets you focus on the actual materials, and how beautiful they are, and it also gives people an opportunity to keep current," she says. "And because we're using the same outdoor furniture all year round, you might not want the same throw all year round; you might want some cushions and throws for the spring. You want something different for the summer, you want something different for the fall, so those are things that are really easy to change up if you get bored or you want something more on trend or current."
Garage Doors and More! | Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service of Raleigh, NC
Are you ready to get the outside of your home and garage ready for summer? Winter can cause debris and grime buildup that should be removed before summer. Below, our Raleigh garage door repair experts offer a few tips to help get things in shape! Outside Work - If you have plants or shrubbery outside your garage, it's important to get them groomed. Remove dead branches and twigs, and also be sure to get any overgrowth out of the way of your garage doors. Prep your flower beds and make a list of preventive maintenance around the garage, as well as a list of things that must be repaired. Outdoor Furniture - Many people store their outdoor furniture inside the garage during winter. Spring cleaning and organizing the garage can help you get motivated to take the furniture back outside. It will also motivate you to clean the furniture, as well! Cleaning the Drive and Walkways - When the snow is falling during the winter it often looks clean, however the salt and sand that is used to keep us from slipping on the driveways and walkways is not clean. Cleaning the drive and walkways off to remove the sand is a good idea. The sand can get stuck in your garage door track during spring winds and can cause real issues with opening and closing the door! Cleaning them also gives you a chance to see if there is any damage to the walkways that needs to be repaired before additional damage occurs. Clean the Gutters - Fall leaves, winter winds, and snow tend to do a number on clogging your gutters. Be sure that you get them cleaned out before April showers hit. Otherwise, the rainwater will have nowhere to go and could cause the gutters to pull away from their hangers and block your garage doors or other entrances to your home. Even worse, imagine using your automatic opener to open the garage doors while backing up, and running into a gutter that has fallen down through the night. That is not a great way to start the day. Checking the gutters for blockages is one of the most important springtime projects! Besides cleaning the gutters, cleaning the walkways and other spring projects there is always a need for oiling hinges and locks to remove squeaking noises from your Raleigh garage door. The winter weather has a way of causing grime and buildup in your garage door components. You could even use the oil on the external doors of your home as well! Hanson Overhead | Raleigh Garage Door Repair Hanson Overhead, Raleigh garage door repair, is a company with years of experience and service. If you are interested in any of our services, or just have general questions to ask about our work, experience, or service, be sure to give us a call; especially if you have a problem with your Raleigh garage door and need a quick repair!1. What should I do with a fiberglass boat where the finish is turning chalky on the topside? can I use a wax?I use OXY clean for outdoor furniture and give it a good scrubbing with a stiff brush.This does a good job of removing loose oxidation and the scumline. Next you can use a fiberglass restorer polish or buffing/polishing compound then a good marine wax. Use a buffer or an orbital waxer.2. Where can I find inexpensive outdoor furniture (plastic)?ebay is my first choice, city, country. that way you dont have to pay shipping charges3. What's a good way to keep stray cats from your outdoor furniture summer & winter?buy a dog they wont go near your back yard after they get a WOOF of him lol.yea cats are a pain like that but yea a dog would send the cat/cats a message4. What is the best product to seal and protect teak outdoor furniture?Teak wood is impervious to bugs and moisture. That is why they use it for decks on luxury yachts. You do not need anything on the teak.5. HELP. i cant find a list of new building materials. 10 pts.?*Porous concrete and asphalt, modular blocks, and crushed granite. These materials, especially modular paving blocks, are widely available and a well established method to reduce storm water runoff. -Cement-fiber siding is a masonry product made from Portland cement, sand, and cellulose and will not burn, cup, swell, or shrink. -Coated metal products are available for both roofing and gutter applications. There are also roofing materials made of recycled rubber and plastic that resemble traditional materials. -New pressure treated wood uses a much safer recipe, ACQ, which stands for ammoniacal copper quartenary. -Plastic-wood composites are a combination of plastic and wood fibers or sawdust. These materials are a long lasting exterior weather, insect, and chemical resistant wood lumber replacement for non structural applications. Use it for decks, docks, raised garden beds and planter boxes, pallets, hand railings, outdoor furniture, animal pens, boat decks.
Can Natural Cane Be Used for Manufacturing Outdoor Furniture ?
yes it's called rattan but you would have to use on the porch1. Top 7 Best Outdoor Sectional For Your Home (2021 Guide)When you have friends or family over to enjoy some outdoor time, distractions can really ruin your fun. It might be a pesky neighbor blaring loud music, construction work on a street nearby, or even the left arm on a brittle plastic chair finally giving way with one of your guests on it! Now, that might be a rather funny situation in hindsight, but in the immediate moment it can really put a dampener on your day. But first here is a quick look at the top three best sectionals from the list... With one chair down, you might have to bring out a dining chair, stool, or resort to a makeshift chair so your guest has somewhere to sit that is not the cold ground! However, you could spare having to get out the 'spare chair' when guests come round with outdoor sectional outdoor furniture. A sectional provides you and your guests with somewhere comfy and relaxing to sit, as well as maximize seating space so you never have to resort to a makeshift chair again. I've tried and tested a bunch of sectionals over the years - both my own and those of friends and family - so I know what sort of qualities and aspects make for a great unit. With that in mind, I will be taking a look at the best outdoor sectionals so you can find the right one for you without giving your right arm for a set. Compared to traditional outdoor seating, a sectional provides more space for guests. Sectional sets can also be used to fill up a corner in your backyard, which is handy if you have a lot of empty space outdoors. Outdoor sectionals can be broken up into smaller segments and easily moved around to create multiple seating areas. This is perfect if you want to give guests their own individual chair or make a portion of your yard a bit more eye-catching and inviting. Indoor furniture is made from materials like fabric and wood that would discolor or fall apart if used outdoors, particularly when exposed to rain, sunlight, and snow. Outdoor sectional sets or patio furniture are designed to withstand all weather elements, preventing a set or seating from discoloring or disintegrating. For example, wooden outdoor sectional sets are made from strong and robust woods like teak. This type of wood has tight grains and contains natural oils that strengthens its resistance against moisture, decay, and insects. Indoor wooden furniture is often made from softwood like pine or spruce, which is then treated with a coating of varnish to help protect it from drink spillages. Unless tanalized (pressure treated to withstand outdoor elements), softwood would perish quickly outside as it lacks the means to protect itself from damp or rot. Important Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Sectional Furniture Stationary seating set sectionals can not be moved or taken apart to be put in different styles, shapes, or configurations. They are one big unit, making them quite bulky as a result. Modular sectionals, on the other hand, can be pulled around and moved. You could put a couple of pieces in one sectional, and then the rest in a corner to fill up empty space. Outdoor sectional sets come in a wide range of shapes. The right style set for you depends on your floor plan, preference, and your desired configuration of seating. Some shapes like L shaped outdoor sectional sets can be a bit pricier than more compact sectional sets like chaise sectional sets, mostly because they offer more seating and modules. L shaped outdoor sectional sets are a great choice for filling empty corners. Two sofas are attached to one another in this type of sectional, forming a right angle. U shaped outdoor sectional sets are best used for areas that are large like a poolside or a deck patio as they make big spaces feel more cozy. They provide a lot of seating and make an elegant, comfortable space for guests. The end pieces with arms on this style of sectional will face one another. A chaise sectional patio set consists of a seat that extends on one side to create an ottoman. Its design allows guests to stretch out and relax. The ottoman on a chaise might be attached or might be a separate unit. Chaises are very elegant and sophisticated - you might actually recognize them from the "draw me like one of your French girls" scene in Titanic. Sleeper sectionals have a living room style to them, so they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They are typically U shaped or L shaped, and are one of the most multipurpose sectionals you can use. And as their name suggests, sleeper outdoor sectional sets are a great place for a nap as they allow you to fully stretch out and relax. Perfect for an afternoon doze after a fun day out in the sun! If you do not know what LAF or RAF means, then do not worry! LAF means left-arm-facing, whereas RAF means (yep, you guessed it!) right-arm-facing. When you are facing a LAF sectional, the arm is on the left. RAF means that the arm is on your right. A lot of outdoor sectional sets are lightweight and robust, but it's still important to check the weight limit on the outdoor sectional set you want to buy. For example, an ottoman attached to a chaise might not be able to hold as much weight as the sectional itself. Most sectional sets manufacturers will state the weight limit in the product description. However, if you can not find it listed, do not be afraid to ask the seller directly. What is the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture? Outdoor furniture with a wrought iron or aluminum frame is typically the most durable. Not only are sectionals created from either of these materials incredibly long lasting, they do not require frequent maintenance like wooden patio furniture. What Should I Do with My Outdoor Sectional Set During Snow or Rainy Season? Outdoor sectionals made from teak or rattan can be left out all-year round, including winter. Cushions designed for outdoor living are normally water-resistant, so they can also be left outside. These cushions are known as being hydrophobic. Patio sets constructed out of aluminum, plastic, or wrought iron can tolerate sunlight, snow, and rain as they do not rust or rot. Here are the top three sectionals from the lineup... After looking at a wide range of sectionals, I think the best outdoor sectional for a patio or backyard is the Do4U Patio Sofa 7-Piece Set Outdoor Sectional. It's a fantastic choice for any patio or backyard, boasting a stunning, comfortable, and high quality design. The sectional provides you with a lot of space for a small group of guests, and even comes with a stylish side table so they can enjoy snacks and refreshments while they relax. To ensure none of the modules slide around, the sectional includes furniture clips to keep everything in place. The only minor issues with the outdoor sectional is that it's a little frustrating to assemble, and the cushions are not fully waterproof. If the Do4U outdoor sectional does not seem like the right or best option for you, then two other great outdoor sectional sets are the Walsunny 7pcs Patio Outdoor Sectional and COSIEST 5-Piece Outdoor Patio Furniture. Either one is a lovely addition to your outdoor space, though the former is a slightly more affordable selection. COSIEST's outdoor sectionals are my personal favorite due to their stunning design, sturdiness, and easy assembly. I hope that this little look into outdoor sectional seating has given you some inspiration, and answered any questions you may have had about your next sectional sets. Got a question? Get in touch with me on social media, and share your new set with me by sending me a photo - I can not wait to hear from you!2. How i protect my teak outdoor furniture from adverse environmental condition?Hi, I have Teak garden furniture, and have had for the last five years. Like you mine is exposed to the elements. Once a year I oil it around October I get a lint free cloth and and I go over it very well. I do not rub it off until around June when we begin to use the furniture. At this time I rub off any excess oil for fear of staining clothes. By exposing it as I have , the furniture has taken on a natural color. Do not be afraid to try different oils , once there teak based you can not go wrong. What ever you do do not varnish. Good luck, Cathorio3. How do I deter squirrels from ruining my outdoor furniture cushions, this is the second set they've destroyed?dog...does not have to be a big one...get a skiperkee...they will deter the squirrel. peace
What Are the Properties of Wood That Make It so Useful for Everything It Is Used In?
First of all wood is a tremendously varied material. From super hard woods like Lignum Vitae and Ironwood to very soft ones like Balsa and Basswood and everything in between. There is a type of lumber for almost every application and some are quite specific. The cellular structure and chemical composition can be quite varied between species and allow for thousands of different uses. Wooden cutting boards are less likely to develop bacterial growth than plastic ones. Certain woods like Hickory are ideal for striking implements like axe and hammer handles and drumsticks. Redwood, Cedar, Ipe, and Teak are naturally resistant to rot and insect damage and are used for fencing, decks, outdoor furniture, and boats. Some species are light in weight and ideal for a lot of things like sporting equipment, aircraft, boats, and anything that has to be carried. Others are very dense and used for things that require strength, such as bowling alleys, basketball courts, butcher blocks, and even as street pavers in the old days. It's an ideal building material because it is a renewable resource, has the ability to flex under strain without breaking, is plentiful in a large portion of the earth, and is inexpensive. It is stable when dry and there is some evidence that wood framed buildings may even be more fire resistant than steel framed structures. There are temples in Japan that are over 1000 years old that were made without glue or metal fasteners. And that's in an area of frequent earthquake activity. All of the byproducts can be recycled for many purposes. I used to work in a Redwood sawmill in Northern California that sold their scrap to a power plant for use as fuel. Some places form sawdust into other building materials like particle board and molding. It's easy to work with and you do not need the amount of special tools you do with metalworking. It can be bent into shapes as varied as a bent back chair, a hockey stick, or a Stradivarius violin. Before the industrial revolution people ate off wooden dinnerware and used wooden utensils. Most wood floats and has been used to make boats for millennia. It has the ability to swell and contract with changes in humidity and some species like Teak, in addition to being rot resistant, also have natural oils that repel water. Today there are still boat builders crafting highly prized vessels from solid wood. It has a feel and resonance that man made materials do not. The best musical instruments are made from wood because of the warmth of their tone. Clarinets, flutes, and obviously stringed instruments still use wood even though there are modern replacements that simply do not sound as good. It's a good question because it made me think and I apologize for the manifesto-length answer.1. Designers on Tips for Easy and Elegant Outdoor Rooms - Fresh American StyleHow to make the most of indoor outdoor living "I will forever love stripes: They are so graphic and bold. Stripes can be playful or sophisticated; they can be nautical or preppy-there are so many variables, but there's always a stripe that will work. Plus, stripes are the easiest way to add pattern to a room - with a rug or throw pillows." - Rachel Shingelton, Pencil Shavings Studio "I thought this black tile was a little too harsh for the beach environment, so the tactile nature of the rug served to ground the space. This one feels like wool, and we did it just because of the chunkiness and the warmth of it - and obviously the all-weather wear of it, because this is in a covered porch that does get rained on." - Eddie Lee, Eddie Lee Inc "I think the extra comfort and softness of using outdoor rugs and pillows really pulls outdoor rooms together. This outdoor living room is not loud and colorful. Instead, it uses different textures to tell a strong story. I used Annie Selke rugs and textiles because I love their durability. I know that's not a sexy word, but, in busy homes, you know, there's traffic! The way she balances beauty and utilitarian capabilities is really quite amazing." - Michelle Boudreau, Michelle Boudreau Design "Select patio pieces that combine the elegance of indoor furniture with the durability of outdoor furniture, like tailored slipcovers, woven woods, or exquisite cane detailing. Forget about matching sets; when it comes to an elevated arrangement, it's all about the mix!" - Marie Flanigan, Marie Flanigan Interiors "Outdoor living spaces should be equally as inviting as the interiors. It's important to plan them just as thoroughly for function and comfort because we use them the same way." - Bunny Williams, Bunny Williams Interior Design "Get creative and strategic with the space you have! This Charleston porch, for example, was one of the most challenging projects I've worked on due to the narrowness of the space. I did not want to simply line the porch with rockers. There needed to be seating versatile to any occasion. The unique layout and mix of patterns paid off, making this porch a definite standout in the neighborhood." - Charlotte Lucas, Charlotte Lucas Interior Design "Jute's irregular, chunky, natural texture adds an island feel and flair to your floor. But if you are looking for a weather-friendly option, we recommend a jute look alike - Veranda, Pebble, and Sonoma are all made from weather-friendly PET." - Annie Selke, The Annie Selke Companies "In Los Angeles, all my projects require products that are good for that indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Dash & Albert makes the greatest indoor/outdoor rugs hands down on the market, but there's also a point of view, so I know if I need something boho or if I need something coastal, their take on it is going to work for me." - Erin Fetherston, Erin Fetherston "People always talk about bringing the indoors outside, and as an interior designer, I always like to create spaces that feel like home. Some important elements that can create that atmosphere are outdoor rugs and cozy upholstery. When I am looking for the perfect outdoor rug for a space, that's where I tend to do something fun and patterned. I like to bring a lot of fun colors and bring in pattern, like a fun stripe or even a outdoor kilim." - Faith Blakeney, Faith Blakeney Interior Design "The courtyard at Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada was designed as a living room that just happens to be outside, and that's generally how I approach outdoor spaces. We used plants for texture, and residential touches like rugs, pillows, sofas and great sconces on the walls. It feels very cozy, the coffee table is styled with books, candles and there is amazing lighting that changes during the day." - Margaret Shutze, Shutze Studio "Make sure you choose the right materials and fabric for the space. Outdoor fabric and rugs have come a long, long way. We even use a lot of outdoor stuff indoors - everyone has a kid, two pets, and sticky fingers! They can run around and not worry about it." - Killy Scheer, Scheer & Co Interior Design Designers on Tips for Easy and Elegant Outdoor Rooms was last modified: by2. The Best Camping Gear for SummerIf you have not already started thinking about your summer vacations, there's no time like the present -- Memorial day is just a few weeks away! Just in case you are looking for a little outdoor escape this season, camping is a great option to get away and spend time with yourself, a significant other or a small group of friends or family. After all, getting outdoors is more needed than ever -- especially when you've been spending so much time within the confines of your home. Whether you are the type of person who loves to take regular camping trips or a camping novice, it's never a bad idea to have trusted gear on your hands. To help any camper prep for the next trip to the great outdoors, or inspire gifting ideas for loved ones who enjoy getting outside, ET Style gathered the best camping essentials and travel gear you will need to comfortably (and safely) enjoy days under the sun and nights under the stars, even if it's your first camping trip. You do not have to go all out -- you can pack your bags and hit the road for a car camping trip nearby a national park (and maybe bring a swimsuit or two while you are at it). Or, create the ambiance of a campsite right in your backyard to create a unique opportunity for a staycation. Either way you do it, now you will have the gear to make your camping Spring Break experience complete. From a sleeping bag that does not cost a fortune to tents, coolers, sun shelters and high-tech equipment, shop our selection of the best camping gear below. Prime Day 2021: What You Need to Know About Amazon's Epic Event The Best Walking Shoes for Women 2021 -- Allbirds, Nike, Asics & More The Best Deals on Outdoor Furniture to Level Up Your Space The Best Shoes to Style with Mom Jeans The Best Swimwear for Summer Best Shoes to Update Your Closet for Spring The Best Amazon Lululemon Dupes We've Found on TikTok Best Swimwear For Summer From Amazon Lizzo Tried the Booty-Lifting Leggings That Went Viral on TikTok The Best Leggings for Lounging, Working Out and Yoga3. Is it okay to leave outdoor furniture cushions outside in the rain?If the dog is outside all the time surely he has a Kennel or somewhere he can go to shelter from the rain or the sun. You just can not leave a dog outside without some living accommodation for him Think of the poor dog getting soaked to the skin and get an umbrella and go and bring him in and dry him with a towel. If you intend to leave this dog outside then you must make adequate provisions for him.
How to Restore Eucalyptus Furniture Easy Care Tips
Eucalyptus is one of the most popular woods for outdoor furniture. It looks beautiful and holds up to the elements wonderfully. But like any wood furniture kept outdoors, the color will eventually fade and become uneven, and dust and dirt will accumulate over time. Do you know how to restore eucalyptus furniture? If you own some of this lovely hardwood, you really should. The changes in your eucalyptus furniture's appearance will take place slowly, and so you might not even notice-until one day you compare the look of your dull grayed patio table with photos from the first week you bought it. Wow, what a shock! Where did that warm, glowing color go? The good news is you can get that brand new look back with a little bit of tender loving care. Once you know how to do it, restoring eucalyptus furniture is easy! So if you would like to know how to refinish eucalyptus patio furniture that has seen better days, keep reading... The 3 main steps to Eucalyptus hardwood furniture care or restoration are: Do you need to follow all 3 steps? It depends on how old or neglected your furniture is. If your furniture is brand new, and you simply want to protect it for the future, then you can skip to Step 3: Treating with an oil or wood seal finish. If your wood furniture is in pretty good shape, and just needs a bit of a touch up, then you can skip the first step and start with Step 2: Cleaning. However, if your patio furniture has been ignored for years and is looking quite rough-or the exterior is showing signs of discoloration-then it's best to begin with Step 1: Sanding. First, you will need to prepare some or all of the following materials depending on how many steps you will follow: Perhaps you've picked up some secondhand patio furniture that has seen better days. You probably got a great deal on it because the original owner gave up on it too soon. Many people do not realize how easy it is to restore hardwood furniture to its former glory by sanding off a millimeter or so of the weathered exterior, thus exposing beautiful fresh wood to the world. Begin by using the orbital sander and 80 grit sanding discs. It is truly an amazing process as the upper layer of tired-looking wood is ground away to reveal fresh new wood underneath. Follow the electric sander up with 150 git sandpaper by hand. This lets you get every surface feeling smooth and slick to the touch. I found this great video demonstrating what some sanding can do for an old outdoor table. He does a great job sanding, but then mixes his own wood polish at the end of the video, which I do not particularly recommend. Instead, it's going to be much easier and more effective to use a teak oil or teak sealer product as demonstrated in Step 3 below. If you began at Step 1 and sanded off the outer wood layer, then you do not need to deep clean the wood surface, as it is already freshly exposed. Rather, all you need to do is go over the wood thoroughly with a microfiber cloth to make sure you remove all of the dust particles created by sanding. Then you can go ahead and move on to treating the wood. If, however, your furniture was not looking all that nasty to begin with, you can start the care or restoration process with cleaning. To do it right, I recommend using a teak cleaner, such as Starbrite Teak Cleaner. Although formulated for teak, it works great on similar hardwoods such as eucalyptus. Following the directions, you want to apply the cleaner to the wood, and then give it a little time to activate. Use a scrub brush to scrub the surface of the wood in the direction of the grain. Make sure to get inside all the little corners and gaps between wood slats, if your furniture has any. Finally, rinse off the cleaner and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Then allow another 24 hours to fully dry before treating with an oil, wood sealer, or other protectant. Once your furniture is fully dry and/or free of dust, you can begin treating the wood. The two best options for treating an outdoor eucalyptus furniture set are to use an oil or a wood sealer. Best stain finish for for Eucalyptus wood? If you are wondering what the best stain for eucalyptus wood outdoor furniture is, I really would recommend NOT using a traditional wood stain product. Instead, my number one choice would be a wood sealer, and my second choice would be an oil treatment. Generally, I do not recommend using a teak oil on teak wood as it can interfere with the naturally occurring oils that already provide sufficient protection from moisture and pests. Eucalyptus wood, is very similar, and so I am more prone to recommend using a sealer instead. However, there are a few teak oil formulations that actually work quite well. There is a lot of variety in "teak oils", since this is more of a marketing term than a scientific description. The best oil for eucalyptus wood furniture that I've found is Starbrite Premium Golden Teak Oil. The color protection that you get from it seems to last a lot longer than most. You will probably want to use two coats. The oil can be applied with a clean microfiber cloth. Rub the oil in following the direction of the wood grain, and use just enough to fully coat. After letting it sit just a minute or so, you want to go over again with a fresh dry cloth to make sure there is no pooling of any oil. The surface should be free of any standing oil. Come back the next day, and repeat the oiling process to give it a second coat. After you allow this to dry for 24 hours, you should be good to go for using your outdoor furniture. The other option I mentioned is to use a wood sealer, such as Semco Teak Sealer. I usually recommend this product for teak wood furniture over applying an oil, and it can work well for eucalyptus wood furniture, too. The advantage is that the protection is usually longer-lasting and only needs to be repeated once a year. Whereas with an oil, you may want to repeat it every couple months to keep the wood looking its best. The sealer can be applied with a sponge, cloth, brush, or spray canister. You want to use just enough to coat the surface completely. And again, allow a full 24 hours for it to dry. So, it may be more convenient, but some people also prefer to "warmer" look of oiled wood. You can decide for yourself which you would prefer for your eucalyptus wood furniture restoration: oil or sealer. As you can see, once you become familiar with how to restore eucalyptus wood furniture, it is not a difficult process. Just follow these simple steps and you can have your outdoor furniture looking like new.1. With metal outdoor furniture that will rust if not covered. Is there any type of rubberized paint to protect.?I use Rustoleum on mine2. Outdoor Party Planning Tips - Florida Inspired LivingOutdoor parties are among the highlights of Florida living. Smart entertainers pay as much attention to exteriors and interiors. Good outdoor entertaining spaces can expand on your interior design, says Syril Lebbad, a designer for Baer's, a collection of fine furniture stores with 15 locations throughout Florida. Bring the same colors and styles outside. "It's an extension of the living room," she says. Beautiful, well-constructed outdoor furnishings now hold up well to sun, water and salt, she says, with marvelous fabrics that do not hold the damp. Some of these furnishings are so well made, Lebbad says, "I've actually taken outdoor furniture and put it inside." The design of outdoor entertaining spaces should take features of the environment into consideration, the experts say. In some areas, Lebbad suggests bar-height tables and swiveling chairs that make it easy for your guests to take in the view. "Watch the sun," advises party planner Martie Duncan of Martie Knows Parties. Keep seating in shadier areas away from blazing afternoon sun. At night, freestanding firepits or firepits built into cocktail tables are very popular, Lebbad says, especially where evenings are cool. Outdoor kitchens are popular with people who do a lot of entertaining outside. "They can get pretty high-tech," Lebbad says, featuring not only grills but refrigerators, cooktops, ovens and more. Avid bakers install wood-burning bread and pizza ovens, Duncan says. She recommends choosing outdoor cooking gear that complements your indoor kitchen equipment. For example, if you find oven space at a premium for big holiday feasts, an extra oven or a gas grill with baking or roasting capacity can make cooking for a crowd easier. Even if you do not go all out with an elaborate kitchen outside, having some outdoor food prep space and equipment helps the host enjoy the party, Duncan says. She recommends adding a portable induction burner to your cooking gadgets. You can cook anything with them. "The sky's the limit! "You do not want to be stuck inside in the kitchen while your guests are outside enjoying your great party area," she says. "Do not isolate yourself." A bar cart can be invaluable in getting food and drinks from inside to outside with a minimum of back and forth. "Bar carts are fantastic," Duncan says, "beautiful, functional, they really expand your outdoor space." Also make sure you have the ability to keep hot food hot and cold food chilled, she says. For food safety, cold food should be kept at under 40 degrees F., and hot food at above 140 degrees. On an 80-degree day, do not leave prepared food out for more than an hour. On a buffet, it's best to put out small servings of food and replenish the platters frequently than to risk contamination of a large amount. To control traffic flow, put the food and drinks where you want people to be, Duncan advises. If you want your guests to circulate between indoors and outdoors, put a bar and munchies in both areas. To keep people congregating outdoors, keep serving outside. Place serving areas away from doors and pathways to keep them clear. Outdoor living spaces can even include big-screen TVs and other electronic gear. Cushy, comfortable seating and conversation pits work just as well as indoors, Duncan notes. "The man cave has moved out to the patio," Lebbad says.3. How do I protect teak outdoor furniture in an uncovered environment?I am a 37 year experienced painter and live in Florida, as well as I lived in the Florida Keys for 6 years..I have refinished many many sailboats and a few yachts...I would definately suggest a marine varnish or marine spar var. ..Teak will grey in if left alone. If you want the beauty of teak to show well..I suggest this
The Construction Industry: Disruption on the Horizon
The Construction Industry: Disruption on the Horizon
The smart home market is expected to grow into a $53 billion industry by 2022, according to Zion Market Research.If true, that will comprise 3.5% of an estimated $1.5 Trillion construction industry in the United States. It is difficult to say if this will be a sustaining addition to the well established industry, or a new market disruption, as the majority of smart home additions are slow to be absorbed.Given the global escalation in construction costs, there is a desperate need to find efficiencies and make development feasible to match growing housing demand in prime markets. Since the issue is not location specific, but a recurring theme in almost 50 of the worlds most desirable cities, there is a noticeable vacuum in innovative methods and products that can alleviate the astronomical cost burden that has no end in sight.Enter Amazon, the real-world version of the Tyrell Corporation. Amazon has injected $6.7m in Plant Prefab through their Alexa Fund.Why is this important?Prefabricated homes allow the majority of building systems to be pre-assembled off site. Imagine youre building a Lego house, and rather than assembling all the 100 blocks, the blocks come preassembled. It saves a considerable amount of time and coordination, reduces errors, and makes things tremendously more efficient.A University of Utah study reports that modular construction processes result in an average of 16% cost savings and 39% savings in time. When considering a development proforma, these savings are passed directly to the consumer, allowing end units to be rented or sold for considerably less and still maintain a reasonable development yield.What will happen to all the disruption of jobs from the skilled and unskilled labour? We will have to wait and see.Until recently, prefabrication of homes was reserved for more pedestrian housing. With startups like Plant Prefab, were moving into a more advanced, luxury style of prefabrication.Watch for this as for-sale product coming to a city near you·RELATED QUESTIONhow do modular homes hold up over time?For the most part factory built homes, modular, are as good and may be better that site built "stick" homes. Both will last forever if maintained. Being factory built inside a building saves the home from weather damage during construction. The saws and other equipment used to cut and fit the home are better and more accurate in a modular home than a guy cutting a board over a saw hourse in a stick home.
Which Server Distribution Has the Best Market Share? [closed]
Which Server Distribution Has the Best Market Share? [closed]
Which server distribution has the best market share? [closed]Personally I would recommend something like Ubuntu server, or Debian if you are comfortable with it. For a web administration interface if you need it, look at webmin.Thanks, RayQuang— — — — — —Market shareUnited StatesSales of Juul increased 700% in 2016. As of October 2018[update], Juul accounts for over 70% of the US e-cigarette market monitored by Nielsen. Juul's market share in the US has increased by 10 percentage points since April 2018. According to Juul Labs, 90% of Juul products are purchased at retail stores as of August 2018[update]. Juul plans to sell their products internationally. According to Dow Jones VentureSource, Juul Labs was the sixth-most valuable US startup in July 2018, behind Uber and Airbnb. Juul's revenue in 2018 was over $1 billion, up from approximately $245 million in 2017. Sales totaled $1.1 billion for the year ending July 2018. Juul's success has inspired a flood of imitators, namely pod-mod devices with similar boxy designs. These devices come from companies ranging from startups to "Big Tobacco" company R.J. Reynolds. The company filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in early-October 2018 over counterfeit products manufactured by companies in the United States and China that Juul Labs says infringed on its US patents. The complaint seeks to end importation of these products into the US. In February 2019, Juul sued several companies for infringing on its trademarks, among which was a cartoon logo titled the Juul Monster. InternationalIn May 2018, Juul started selling in Israel, which did not regulate e-cigarettes at the time. Israel later banned JUUL in August 2018, citing public health concerns, according to a statement by the Ministry of Health. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, acting in his capacity as Health Minister, placed a complete ban on Juul because it delivers nearly three times Israel's recommended amount of 20 mg/ml of nicotine. Juul has appealed the ban to Israel's High Court of Justice. In July 2018, Juul announced it would launch in the United Kingdom. Flavours sold in the UK have slightly different names from the American versions and contain 1.7% nicotine, translating to 20 mg/ml, to comply with local regulations. It was noted that the UK was chosen as an early launch market as it had the world's most supportive government when it came to encouraging smokers to vape. In August 2018, Juul introduced its products in Canada, starting with an online launch before introducing them to vape shops, gas stations, and convenience stores in early September. Juul launched in Russia in late-2018 and launched in South Korea and Ireland in May 2019. Juul launched in Ukraine in June 2019. At the beginning of 2019, Juul started selling products containing 1.7% nicotine in Germany. In January 2019, Juul announced plans for a launch in India. In response, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare called for the device to be banned from India, citing concerns that it could derail the government's anti-tobacco programs. The regulation of e-cigarettes in India is disputed between the government and the judiciary. Six states have banned their use, though the Delhi High Court has stayed the bans. As such, Juul e-cigarettes are not legally available in India and they are commonly sold on the Gray market for as much as $100 for the starter kit that costs $29 in the United States. In June 2019, they announced plans for their products to be available in the Philippine market. On January 25, 2020 it was announced that Grant Winterton, president of Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Ken Bishop, president of Asia-Pacific South divisions, were both leaving the company amid global cost-saving and restructuring. Winterton was reported to organized high-profile, expensive events as part of the companies efforts. Among them was a conference in Berlin last May, attended by 1,500 employees, and a meeting for his direct reports in Cannes, France, in July, according to two employees.— — — — — —Why is it that companies refrain from disclosing their market share?Sometimes, they do not know the size of the market and their market share. nThere are other instances where the estimated marketshare is not public knowledge and may be considered short term competitive advantage or disadvantage— — — — — —Should Apple rethink the iPhone pricing strategy to avoid losing its market share in countries like India?They already are. If you read the news then you already know it. They lost market share way too much so yes they are doing it pretty soon. How much? Time will tell. But I do not think its going to be anything drastic.
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