Teach You How to Adjust the Monitor

As a graphics worker, when the painstakingly processed pictures are printed, he finds that the color is not what he wants at all. I believe the mood will be very complex, and the work of several hours needs to be overturned and started again. In this article, we will specifically discuss why such problems occur and the solutions to such problems.

Why are there different colors

In the process of digital image from input device to display, then to output device or final image file, it is very difficult to maintain the original color. Because each related hardware or software has its own color processing technology and also represents different color restoration characteristics, the scanned photos and images will show different colors on the display, color proofing or printed manuscripts.

The fundamental reason for this is that due to technical limitations, each display or processing device cannot faithfully reproduce the color of the original, and different devices use different technical principles to generate color. Another point is that the printing industry usually adopts CMYK mode, while it is RGB mode when displayed on the computer. The different number of colors also causes color display errors.

Can you see the difference between the images output in two different modes (CMYK on the left and RGB on the right)

What is the normal remedy

Generally speaking, in order to compensate the influence of each device on the image color and the deviation and loss of image files in the transmission process between devices, we can compensate through two methods: the image processor can adjust the color manually repeatedly, or use the color management system to control the whole process. However, for ordinary users, if the color is adjusted repeatedly, it is undoubtedly too troublesome, and the deviation caused by the technical problems of the image processing equipment itself is not within the scope of our ability to solve. Therefore, what we can do is to correct the color difference caused by different color display modes between the display and the output equipment.

Correction of color difference using display driver

First, right-click the desktop and select "properties", then enter the "Settings" page, select "advanced", click the "monitor" page, and select "properties" to update the display driver. The display I use is LG 775ft 17 inch flat CRT display. Download the latest driver package from the Internet and find the driver installation of 775ft. If we continue to use the plug and play display driver, it will still have a certain impact on the color performance, so we choose to install the special driver for the display. While installing the driver, the color management has been updated to the management profile of LG 775ft.

The display driver system is installed correctly, and the color profile is also selected correctly

Now let's start Photoshop 7.0, click 'Edit' and select "color setting" in the drop-down menu. Then select "LG 775ft profile" in RGB (R) option in color setting, and set CMYK (c) as "retain embedded profile" and gray (y) as "retain embedded profile". Then restart the Photoshop software to complete the setting, so as to ensure that the color of the picture processed by Photoshop is similar to the last printed picture to the greatest extent, and you can get the WYSIWYG image.

Import the color profile of the display in Photoshop

Maybe some readers can't find the monitor driver and color management software because they bought the monitor earlier or don't know the model. They can also set the color temperature of the monitor to 9300k. You can specify the system ICC as the same ICC as the monitor model (usually in the monitor installation CD), such as Trinitron compatible 9300k g2.2.icm, diamond compatible 9300k g2.2.icm, or use the ICC monitor profile builder software to generate the ICC characteristic file of your own monitor. Finally, when setting Photoshop software, set the RGB of workspace to the same file name as the system ICC.

Don't think that the display driver has no function. Its function is not only to identify the display, but also includes the color configuration file in the display driver. A small operation can let us get the WYSIWYG picture.

Tip: what is ICC

ICC is a cross program standard defined by the International Color Consortium, which is used to accurately reproduce colors between different platforms, devices and ICC compliant applications (such as Adobe Illustrator and adobe PageMaker).

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What Are the Components of DNA in Increasing Complexity?
Bases -> Nucleotides -> DNA double helix -> genes -> chromosomes -> genetic material The bases A,T,C and G form nucleotides together with other components like phosphate groups, for example. The nucleotides join together to form a double helix of DNA. Genes are actually sub-units of DNA but in this case it depends on what you mean by DNA. Chromosomes are made up of genes (and other stuff like introns). All the chromosomes in a nucleus = your genetic material. If you want more info, the internet is your friend. Hope this helps you, somewhat!1. Separate Simple Signal into Exponential ComponentsYour problem seems to be finding the analytic signal to a given real signal.What you apparently need is the Hilbert transform. This will allow you to "recreate" the imaginary part of $y(t)$ from the real part alone, which is essentially your measurement $x(t)$. Note that the transform can only be approximated as it is a acausal filter, and only works best when the signal $x(t)$ is available in the computer for all $t$.A simple implementation is to Fourier transform $x(t)$ and set the negative frequency components to zero. After transforming back you obtain (the complex signal) $y(t)$.2. Need Help on Picking Components for Gaming Pc ?... I would only say that you should update some components for your PC... If some of 'em are outdated, find the better working components.... Good luck!3. Physics help - vertical components?If the projectile is launched horizontally, there is no initial vertical component The only source of a vertical component is gravity. Since you specify that g = 9.8, the vertical velocity at t= 5.51 sec is: v = at = 9.8 x 5.51 = 540 m/s4. software components?Software componentry is a field of study within software engineering. It builds on prior theories of software objects, software architectures, software frameworks and software design patterns, and the extensive theory of object-oriented programming and the object-oriented design of all these. It claims that software components, like the idea of hardware components, used for example in telecommunications, can ultimately be made interchangeable and reliable. A software component is a system element offering a predefined service and able to communicate with other components. Clemens Szyperski and David Messerschmitt give the following five criteria for what a software component shall be to fulfill the definition: Multiple-use Non-context-specific Composable with other components Encapsulated i.e., non-investigable through its interfaces A unit of independent deployment and versioning A simpler definition can be: A component is an object written to a specification. It does not matter what the specification is: COM, Java Beans, etc., as long as the object adheres to the specification. It is only by adhering to the specification that the object becomes a component and gains features like reusability and so forth. Software components often take the form of objects or collections of objects (from object-oriented programming), in some binary or textual form, adhering to some interface description language (IDL) so that the component may exist autonomously from other components in a computer. When a component is to be accessed or shared across execution contexts or network links, some form of serialization (also known as marshalling) is employed to turn the component or one of its interfaces into a bitstream.5. What components to use for this circuit?Well..... why? How do you want to use it, ie in what role or context? That will make all the difference in your choice of components and what parts overall you will end up using - in any project, really. For a circuit like this, since its putting out pulses at a certain frequency, what frequency are you looking to put pulses out on? You will be choosing your R and C values depending on what frequency you want, just like the formula on the page says. There are variations to this circuit that can give you different frequencies, if you are not sure... do not think they are too much more complicated, maybe another part or three. Hit me back up with some more information, maybe I can give you some better advice... Saul6. Components and connectednessStuff like your problem was discussed some years ago at Ask a Topologist, topology forum where it resides in the archives. Since S is open and R^n both connected and locally connected, there may be some short cuts to these results from my notes, each dependend upon the previous. The last generalises your problem. Proofs are not long but in all it's complicated. A,B separated when A cap cl B and B cap cl A are empty. S is a topological space with K subset U. 1 separated A,B, closed K, SK = A cup B implies A cup K closed 2 connected S,K, separated A,B, SK = A cup B implies A cup K connected 3 connected S,K, A clopen within SK implies A cup K connected 4 connected S,K, C connected component SK implies SC connected
LCD Monitor Arm
it is simply adjustable which implies it needs minimum effort but can achieve maximum precision.LCD Arm suspends your flat panel above your desk, allowing you to quickly reposition the monitor which reclaim your desk’s work surface, even as you work, in greater ergonomic comfort. Monitor arm is an innovative best-value product with incredible flexibility. These are designed to permit effortless height, tilt and rotation adjustment of the monitor by hand. Ruggedly constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy, the arms mount easily allowing the user to save desktop space while providing maximum viewing flexibilityAdapt company is one of the best design sales and manufacturing company located in the USA.We provide our offers an international team of consultants to assist your work. There can be no better place to invest with our people. There is no investment an organization can make that will give them a better return than investments with their people. That is the role of management Lace needs. It was formed by bringing standard ergonomic office solutions.We provide you services as· Ergonomic Assessments· DSE Assessments· Design and Space Planning· Installation· Project Management· Reconfiguration and Retrofits· E-Procurement· Furniture Selection· Budget analysis· Financial Alternatives· Sound Masking· Delivery· Lighting AssessmentsFor more information visit us at USA 17650 32nd Place, Ste 10B Aurora, CO 80011, Toll free: 844–538–5659.·RELATED QUESTIONHow can I design a safe LED night light for kids?I am unsure why you think an existing off the shelf night light would not be safe? Almost every electronic product sold to consumers has to go through extensive safety testing. Assuming you are using a grounded outlet, and you have modern GFCI circuits installed in the bedroom as is standard for current code, any spillage that would be dangerous would cause the circuit breaker to cut the power. Further more, you presumably are standing right there if there is a spill, and can take action.Without knowing the physical configuration of what you are trying to do, it is hard to give much more advice, but it seems like you are overthinking this. I understand that when you have a new baby, you aren’t getting consistent rest, and if this is your first you are concerned about safety. You may also consider just buying a battery powered LED night light with a screw for the battery cover. That way you don’t have to worry at all about any electrocution risk, which is small anyway. Keep in mind that until a baby can roll over and crawl (4–6 months) they are not going to be at risk of messing with any electrical outlets, but I don’t know if you are talking about a baby or if you have older kids as well
LG Display Has Stopped Producing Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Panels for IPhone
. The factories that produce these panels are clearly turning into manufacturing sites for automotive display panels.According to the elec report, the factory is moving from the LCD panel used in the iPhone to the car display panel site. In the third quarter of last year, the South Korean technology giant has stopped iPhone LCD production on turtle tail's AP3 production line, and even stopped producing panels for other smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2020. For those who don't know, the LCD iPhone production line has been very low in the profitability of LG display.This is particularly important after the Cupertino based giant's latest iPhone series has recently been converted to OLED (organic light emitting diode) panels. Therefore, it is expected that the sales volume of OLED panel of sports iPhone will also exceed that of LCD panel model this year. At present, Apple iPhone se 2020 using LCD panel will use LCD panel made by JDI and sharp, and LG display has tried this method, but failed.The company's AP3 production line will now focus on the production of automotive display panels, which will produce low temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPs) thin film transistors (TFTs). LTPS TFT is a better alternative to the amorphous silicon (a-Si) TFT panel used by LG display. LG display plans to scale down due to competitors such as BOE from China and AUO from Bay. These LTPS TFT panels have become more and more popular in the recently launched new models.
ROM Chip Commonly Used in LCD Color Display
In the display, flash chips of different models are required to save OSD setting parameters and call preset display mode, so that the host can find the display model and store MCU program data.(1)24C16On the LCD driver board, 24C16 is generally used to store the user mode and preset mode of the display, as well as the brightness, contrast, sharpness, color temperature and other data of the OSD panel adjusted by the user. The physical chip is shown in Figure 13, and the preset data of factory mode is also stored in 24C16. The more preset modes and user modes of the display, the larger the storage space of the chip. Therefore, we may see that 24c32 and 24C08 are used to store OSD data in actual maintenance.The data in the chip is very important. If the data is accidentally damaged or lost, it will lead to very strange fault phenomena such as unable to start the machine, abnormal image, undetectable signal, color deviation, flower screen and so on.(2)24C02The chip is generally used to store the model, manufacturer, supported resolution type, production date and other information of the display, as shown in Figure 14. The chip is usually located near the VGA and DVI interfaces to complete the information exchange with the PC host. If the VGA interface does not have this chip, the host will not be able to recognize the display model, can not automatically match the resolution supported by the display, and can only display the plug and play display. However, the chip data near the VGA interface is damaged. It does not affect the operation of the display. The display works even if it is blank or not. If the DVI interface does not have the chip or the data in the chip is damaged, the DVI interface device can only be used after the computer is restarted, and can not be plug and play when the host is working normally. The model of this kind of chip used in Samsung LCD is a21sc, and the reading method is the same as 24C02.
DSL Continues to Dominate the Broadband Access Market
DSL Continues to Dominate the Broadband Access Market
Access network semiconductor market: there will be only two or three semiconductor suppliers in the futureDSL continues to dominate the broadband access marketSince 2004, the Asia Pacific region (APAC) has become the main market for broadband access, and the main market growth also comes from this region. In 2008, the global broadband market was about 250 million lines, and APAC broadband users accounted for 40% of the total global users, most of which used ADSL technology, and most of them used ADSL Technology in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa); In NAFTA, half of the users use ADSL and half of the users use cable modem.Based on the economy of PON network, it was once considered as the best technology to solve the bottleneck of last mile. In 2008, the number of PON users of APAC will reach 14.5 million, most of which will still come from South Korea and Japan, but the main growth in the future will come from China, while Europe and the United States will perform mediocrely in terms of PON deployment.According to the report released by infonetics reseach, a communication network market research organization, in June 2008, the overall PON market in the world fell and the growth slowed down. At the same time, considering the high cost of optical fiber deployment, access methods such as FTTB, fttn and FTTC can integrate DSL technology to provide broadband access services. At the same time, in China, we note that China Telecom's EPON network equipment will also support FTTB DSL networking. Its application is mainly for occasions with sufficient copper wire resources such as commercial buildings.On the contrary, with the development of new ADSL2 and VDSL standards, DSL technology has made good progress in the past few years. The increase of various business traffic and the pursuit of high bandwidth make users interested in these new technologies, and operators are also interested in these new technologies, especially ADSL2 , because the cost of upgrading from the old ADSL network to ADSL2 is very low. Therefore, DSL technology will still dominate the global broadband access market in the next few years. In China's broadband access market, DSL and EPON are bound to coexist for a long time.Global access network semiconductor market (in millions of dollars, Gartner Dataquest data June 2007)Structural changes in access network semiconductor industryIn recent years, in the broadband global access network semiconductor market with a market size of more than US $2 billion, the income of the global access network semiconductor industry in DSL access and T1 / E1 market commonly used for mobile base stations has been relatively stable, and even declined in the European market; In the traditional PSTN line card market, semiconductor revenue is also declining year by year.The recession of the market has had a great impact on the whole broadband access semiconductor industry. In the past two years, there has been a continuous trend of mergers and acquisitions in the broadband access semiconductor industry. Infineon, a semiconductor market giant, ranks first in the overall broadband access market. It also consolidated its market share by acquiring ti's DSL CPE business. In addition, Zarlink acquired legerity and Ikanos acquired the DSL business of Centillium. Keshengxun even received a delisting warning from the Nasdaq stock market at the beginning of the year.In July 2008, Erwin ysewijn of Infineon Technology Taiwan said at the bbwf forum in Hong Kong that with the slowdown of market growth, access network semiconductor suppliers can survive only by improving their scale and market share, and with the increasingly fierce market competition, only 2-3 semiconductor suppliers may survive in the access network semiconductor market.According to the data provided by Gartner Dataquest in 2007, Infineon has an overall market share of 20%, while it ranks second in the ADSL market. Yang Erwen pointed out that Infineon consolidated its advantages in the DSL market with a market size of about US $1.1 billion by acquiring Ti DSL CPE business last year. At present, Infineon accounts for about 34% of the overall broadband access network market share.Erwin ysewijn, vice president of marketing of Infineon Taiwan's fixed network access business departmentBroadband value added services (bvas) look forward to taking offAmong the global access network business profits of about US $9.1 billion, the bvas market accounts for us $2 billion, of which VoIP contributes 21%, which also makes the VoIP based semiconductor market still grow greatly under the condition that the overall broadband access market is flat; European VoIP operators have tasted the "first taste" of VoIP, while NAFTA still focuses on data services, and its current VoIP is mainly based on ATA (analog telephone adapter) scheme.And since Yahoo BB has provided ADSL broadband IP value-added services to Japan, Taiwan will also become popular in mainland China, Chinese mainland, India and other places. According to Yang Erwen, Infineon's cordless telephone chip integrating DECT 6.0/cat IQ standard can optimize VoIP call quality, improve the functions of base station, mobile phone and VoIP channel, and support Infineon's dual channel duslic XT equipment.At present, although the uplink rate of ADSL2 technology is still low compared with the downlink rate, today's main video services are still based on ADSL2 technology. Yang Erwen believes that DSL technology can fundamentally select different optimized protection combinations for different services, so it can provide low latency and jitter for VoIP, games and other services, and DSL traffic identification also allows IPTV streams to have high delay.At the bbwf forum in Hong Kong, Infineon also launched a combination of ADSL2 and VDSL2 solutions for CPE, including transceivers, routers, VoIP, ISDN and related software, which can optimize IPTV and other applications. In addition, Yang Erwen stressed that many operators have focused on investing in IPTV business based on DSL technology. He believes that IPTV will make a breakthrough in 2009.
Out of Doors Dynamic Advertising the Ultimate Advertising Solution Is the Led Video Wall
Out of Doors Dynamic Advertising the Ultimate Advertising Solution Is the Led Video Wall
Outdoor digital signage is the massive growth industry to be in, with the advancement of new technology the solutions are becoming more advanced and unique enabling firms to advertise in regions and to distinct forms of customers for a lower cost than traditional marketing solutions.We have all see the huge electronic marketing billboards at the side of the road, now there is a more affordable solution for outdoor digital signage and this is the flexible video wall.What is a led video wall?Well this is a mass of LED diodes that are cabled together to form an area 1 metre wide x 5 metres long with over 2,200 LED's per 1 square metre segment, what this does is provide a high definition colour (life like), but the results do not stop there, as well as furnishing a major clear photograph or video presentation they also reduce costs.Ok back to the start, these diodes are on a versatile backing, so they can be rolled up or folded, minimising storage space, commonly in the case of music festivals enormous video walls are made from connecting together thin frame monitors, then the image and video is tiled across the tvs using sender and receivers.Fitting a video wall.Generally a flexible video wall at a music concert can take up to 4 hours for 2 men to build, this video wall, can from taking it out of the box to working a test video take up to 1 hour, what a cost saving in man hours. Rather than having to fit the heavy screens to the support structure all you need to do with a flexible video wall is connect the top of the flexible video wall to clamps on the top rig then attach clamps at the sides and bottom, pulling the tensioner straps on the back of the video wall taking up any slack.Storing a video wall.In contrast to the conventional flexible video wall and the issue of storing large flat panel tvs and the mounting frames, a flexible video wall deminishes storage and transportation costs by 76%, owing ability for the product to be stored in a roll or folded up.Now a flexible video wall that is ideal for all weather conditions except snow - but who would want to be out in freezing temperatures watching content?These weatherproof and dust proof solutions are as competitively priced as a normal outdoor digital signage solution with the further benefit that if the neighborhood is to be moved on a regular basis cost savings in labours time as well as storage and transportation costs will prove the flexible video wall as an ideal advertising medium for tradeshows, exhibitions, football stadiums, music concerts, demonstrations and rallies.To recap.It is reported that anyone using a video wall over a common thin frame video wall solution will save 78% on deployment time, will use 76% less space for storage as well as saving 79% on transportation costs. The first investment is around the same as the old technology of the thin bezel video wall but any installer or event organiser can see the opportunities with this product.The writer is an expert in the field of kiosks as well as manufacturing their range of monitor enclosures.
Comprehensive Development Plan
Comprehensive Development Plan
Comprehensive Development PlanFlagship ZonesUnder the plan, five "Flagship Zones" in the 221,634.1 hectares (2,216.3 km²) of land covered are identified as developmental focal points. Four of these Flagship Zones are found in the "Special Economic Corridor" (SEC) of Iskandar Puteri-Johor Bahru-Pasir Gudang. The corridor—which includes the significant ports of Tanjung Pelepas, Pasir Gudang and Tanjung Langsat— is prioritised for development in the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), with particular focus on Iskandar Puteri. The CDP originally included "Free Access Zones", but these were dropped from the plan in 2007. Flagship Zone B is Iskandar Puteri, with planned development of the Kota Iskandar, Medini Iskandar Malaysia, a medical hub, EduCity, a resort for international tourism and an industrial logistic cluster and residences. Flagship Zone C, the Western Gate Development, focuses on the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP), Malaysia-Singapore Second Link, a free trade zone, the RAMSAR World Heritage Park and the Tanjung Piai. Flagship Zone D, the Eastern Gate Development, focuses on the Pasir Gudang Port and industrial zone, Tanjung Langsat Port, the Tanjung Langsat Technology Park and the Kim-Kim regional distribution centre. In the final Flagship Zone, Senai-Skudai, development is focused on the Senai International Airport, hubs for cargo and knowledge, a multimodal centre and the MSC Cyberport city. Both of these were developed in mind of the region's economic strengths in manufacturing and services, with 60% of value-added manufacturing derived from electrical and electronic (E&E), chemical and chemical products (petrochemical, plastics, oleo chemicals) and food processing sub-sectors. A number of service and other manufacturing areas have emerged in support of these. The SET focuses on such factors as strengthening existing economic sectors and encouraging diversity, through incentives, stronger international ties, and proper allocation of resources and space. The Future Growth Scenario is aimed towards strengthening the economy internally and internationally by such factors as improvements in global transportation and developing manufacturing and service clusters. Also promoted by the Future Growth Scenario is the encouragement of the immigration of skilled, monied foreigners to help develop an international lifestyle attractive to foreign workers and investors. The presence of foreign companies were also significant, with Singapore being the largest investor in Iskandar Malaysia followed by the United States, Spain, Japan and China as of September 2014. Residential enhancementPart of the CDP includes attention to quality of life of residents with emphasis on functional, liveable communities that promote social wellbeing. Among the components of this plan are factors designed to integrate various members of society into a cohesive whole while also ensuring that the needs and wishes of special populations are met, such as reducing marginalisation by mixed-cost housing communities, promotion of a sense of communal belonging, ensuring that adequate rental homes are provided for transient populations, monitoring the housing requirements of those with special needs, and ensuring that accessible housing is available to the disabled. Residential plans also include guiding residential development to minimise crime and maximise energy efficiency, through the application of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) guidelines and the implementation of a "Green Building" rating. Physical Development PlanThe Physical Development Plan (PDP) was designed to guide the development of land within Iskandar Malaysia to help promote the CDP's overall goals of economic development and quality of life. To that end, the CDP includes two major subdivisions among land zones, "Basic Zoning Districts" and "Special Overlay Zones". There are several dozen primary "Basic Zoning Districts" governing the use of land in commercial, residential, industrial and other sectors, including determining the density of development and what mixed use may or may not be allowed. Also governed by the "Basic Zoning Districts" are such special use zones as green space, wetlands, cemeteries and governmental developments. "Special Overlay Zones" are areas that require exceptional treatment. For example, the "Johor Bahru CBD" allows exceptions to general commercial plot ratio and height because the zone is the commercial and financial centre of Iskandar Malaysia and the capital city of Johor. Similarly, the "Iskandar Puteri Central Planning Area" is given special handling. Other "Special Overlay Zones" cover environmentally sensitive areas, historic areas, coastland, development around highways and rail stations and the "Water Catchment Zone" around the Sultan Iskandar Dam. Commercial developmentThe commercial focus of the CDP is on six services identified as "pillars", including creative, educational, financial, healthcare, logistics and tourism. The CDP included the establishment of the Iskandar Investment Berhad (formerly the South Johor Investment Corporation Berhad), a commercial investment holding company created to oversee and encourage regional development. The CDP promotes the "Strategic Catalyst Development" goals of developing waterfront areas, promoting tourism, expanding healthcare and iconic areas, and mixing commercial and residential development. It also incorporates a "Business Incentives and Support Package" (ISP) discussed by Prime Minister Badawi on 22 March 2007 which allows special incentives to encourage investment in certain concentrated hubs in the flagship zones. The specific zones involved were revealed in October 2007 and at that time included only Medini Iskandar Malaysia, which is a mixed-development zone incorporating leisure, residential, financial and high-end industrial components. Incentives include tax exemptions for qualifying companies for income from qualifying activities, exemption from Foreign Investment Committee rules, and flexibilities under the foreign exchange administration rules, including those restricting the numbers of "foreign knowledge workers". Doubling sizesOn 22 February 2019, Iskandar Malaysia will growth corridor which doubled in size and will include at least two new districts which is Kluang and Kota Tinggi. The region was 2,217 sq/km previously and will cover an area of 4,749 sq/km, which includes parts of Kota Tinggi, Kluang and Pontian.
Louis  Hon
Louis Hon
Louis HonLouis Hon (11 September 1924 - 5 January 2008) was a French association football defender and manager. He notably played for Real Madrid— — — — — —Did Louis XIV Respond?because of the fact he had absolute potential interior of his realm. that's a edge of "divine suitable monarchy". GOD himself has located Louis on the throne of France, so in spite of he says is a dictate from God.— — — — — —Bertie Louis CoombesBertie Louis Coombes, or B. L. Coombes (1893-1974), was a Welsh coal miner, notable for his autobiography "These Poor Hands: The Autobiography of a Miner in South Wales" (1939) which became an instant best seller. He also produced short stories, dramas and other autobiographical works about the lives of coalminers and the communities in which they lived— — — — — —Louis TracyLouis Tracy (1863 - 1928) was a British journalist, and prolific writer of fiction. He used the pseudonyms Gordon Holmes and Robert Fraser, which were at times shared with M. P. Shiel, a collaborator from the start of the twentieth century. He was born in Liverpool to a well-to-do middle-class family. At first he was educated at home and then at the French Seminary at Douai. Around 1884 he became a reporter for a local paper - 'The Northern Echo' at Darlington, circulating in parts of Durham and North Yorkshire; later he worked for papers in Cardiff and Allahabad. During 1892-1894 he was closely associated with Arthur Harmsworth, in 'The Sun' and 'The Evening News and Post'.— — — — — —Louis LowenthalLouis Lowenthal (Löwenthal, Lowendall, Lowendahl) (born 1836) was a luthier. He learned violin and bow making in Leipzig and Berlin. He founded his violin manufacturing business in Berlin, expanded into Dresden and eventually opened an American branch. That's where he anglicized his name to Lowendall. Different grades of his instruments were sold in Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs in the early 1900s.— — — — — —Louis BouveaultLouis Bouveault (11 February 1864 - 5 September 1909) was a French scientist who became professor of organic chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Paris. He is known for the Bouveault aldehyde synthesis and the Bouveault-Blanc reduction.— — — — — —Louis BuffetLouis Joseph Buffet (French pronunciation: [lwi byf]; 26 October 1818 - 7 July 1898) was a French statesman. He was born at Mirecourt, Vosges. After the revolution of February 1848 he was elected deputy for the department of the Vosges, and in the Assembly sat on the right, pronouncing for the repression of the insurrection of June 1848 and for Louis Napoleon Bonaparte. He was minister of agriculture from August to December 1849 and from August to October 1851. Re-elected deputy in 1863, he was one of the supporters of the "Liberal Empire" of mile Ollivier, and was finance minister in Ollivier's cabinet from January to 10 April 1870. He was president of the National Assembly from 4 April 1872 to 10 March 1875, minister of the interior in 1875, and Prime Minister of France from 1875 to 1876. Having made himself obnoxious to the Republican party, he failed to secure a relection to the Assembly in 1876. Then, elected senator for life (1876), he pronounced himself in favour of President MacMahon failed attempt to grasp political control on 16 May 1877. Buffet had some oratorical talent, but shone most in opposition.— — — — — —Louis BlériotLouis Charles Joseph Blriot (/blrio/ BLERR-ee-oh, also US: /blerio, blerio, blrjo/ BLAY-ree-oh, -OH, blair-YOH, French: [lwi blejo]; 1 July 1872 - 1 August 1936) was a French aviator, inventor, and engineer. He developed the first practical headlamp for cars and established a profitable business manufacturing them, using much of the money he made to finance his attempts to build a successful aircraft. Blriot was the first to use the combination of hand-operated joystick and foot-operated rudder control as used to the present day to operate the aircraft control surfaces. Blriot was also the first to make a working, powered, piloted monoplane. In 1909 he became world-famous for making the first airplane flight across the English Channel, winning the prize of 1,000 offered by the Daily Mail newspaper.[Note He was the founder of Blriot Aronautique, a successful aircraft manufacturing company.— — — — — —Louis NiedermeyerAbraham Louis Niedermeyer (27 April 1802 - 14 March 1861) was a composer chiefly of church music but also of a few operas, and a teacher who took over the cole Choron, duly renamed cole Niedermeyer, a school for the study and practice of church music, where several eminent French musicians studied including Gabriel Faur and Andr Messager
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