Tesla Model S P100D Takes on the Mercedes-AMG E63 S [Video]

We recently featured a drag race in which the Tesla Model S P100D took on some of Germany's finest. Tesla handled some fierce competitors from the likes of BMW and Audi but one of Germany's most lethal cars was not on the track — the almighty Mercedes-AMG E63 S. So Top Gear decided to pit these two beasts against on another. Could the Mercedes-AMG E63 S be a car that challenges this ludicrous competitor? Top Gear notes, "The Mercedes-AMG E63 S is a deeply, deeply fast car. I can not express that enough. It's a super saloon with astonishing reactions, phenomenal traction and epic torque from its 4.0-litre twin turbo V8. 604bhp and a vast 626lb ft of torque from 2,500-4,500rpm. That's colossal, even for a car that weighs almost two tonnes."How does that stack up against it's all-electric rival? It's reported that, "The Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous does a phenomenal job of overcoming its mass (it weighs a quarter of a tonne more than the Merc). Its twin electric motors develop 762bhp and 687lb ft, giving it a power to weight ratio of 339bhp/tonne, against the Merc's 303bhp/tonne. But there's more because of course the Tesla does not have a conventional rev band. That power is available everywhere."How does the Tesla fare throughout the race? Well, it's just "… bloody quick. The acceleration rates are interesting to analyse because the P100D goes through every increment roughly a tenth faster than the E63S… at all relevant speeds the Tesla is faster — just look at the 30-70mph figure to give you an indication of what it's like joining a motorway. The Merc makes the leap in 2. 68 seconds, but the Tesla is almost exactly half a second faster."Is Tesla's launch control impressive? Top Gear reports, "Tesla's launch control did play up. With amusing results for everyone watching as my head snapped back. That was less impressive. Gave me neck ache the following day, too — which goes to show just how hard these things go off the line."===Note: Article originally published on evannex.com, by Matt PressmanSource: Top Gear

Are av cables needed if i have an s-video?

Yes, you need AV cables ( red & white ) for audio

Do I need S-Video if I use HDMI?

If you already have an HDMI connection it will supply audio and video to your tv unit. You do not need an s-video to your TV from your dvd player. S-video will provide video, but since your HDMI already has it, you do not need it. It is far inferior to HDMI anyways, because it's an older analog connection. Remember some dvd player requires that you tell it which connection to use. If you unplug your S-video cable and the tv goes black, plug it back in. You will first need to go into your dvd player settings and tell it to use the HDMI connection instead of your s-video connection. Hope that did not confuse you.


the cable that connects your Hp to your monitor can be used to connect your hp to the tv

Do you think we should boycott the media for the Virginia Tech Tragedy for airing the killer's video?

I understand your frustration, but in this case, I do not see this as sensationalism--I see it as an extremely important piece of this story. Journalism is suppposed to inform. This man did this horrible thing, and everyone wants to know why. We have video where he explains why--is not that important? You are not talking about news; you are talking about propaganda, where things are sanitized. The minute you start doing that, the truth starts getting lost. The victims are labeled victims because that's what they are. It's not a bad word and is not disrespectful toward them. I also admire Professor Librescu very much, and my local news is giving him the full and respectful coverage he deserves. (You might be interested to know that over on the religion boards, there are those who believe this brave man, who died saving his students, will not go to heaven because he is not Christian.)

Making an 80's video.. need ideas!?

Polyester jump suits with super loud colours, or adidas, adidas sneakers with loud colours. FAT gold chains. Have the girls wear half a can of rave hair spray (if they still make it)look up girls 8-s hairstyles and same for the boyz. And also give the girls Hoop Earrings that are like 5 inches in diameter. YOu need fanny packs Loud Loud fanny packs. have some people maybe tie their jackets around their waists like they are cool and maybe even throw in a pseudo-slater dude sitting backwards in a chair at the local cafe. Thats about all i could throw in good luck!.

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