The Ball Is Out of Bounds? Xiaomi Box Suspended Video Content Service From the 23rd

On November 22, Xiaomi box announced that the video content service would be suspended from November 23 due to system maintenance. There is speculation that the suspension of services may be due to license risk.

Xiaomi released its set-top box product Xiaomi box this month, with a price of 399 yuan and a member price of 299 yuan. It was officially launched in December. At that time, some set-top box manufacturers worried that the set-top box business was on the edge of policy, and Xiaomi's high-profile publicity might bring disaster to the whole industry - there were other players such as LETV in this circle.

Wang Xin, CEO of Nora, another company that launched TV entertainment services, also told Netease today that the form of set-top box was embarrassing. "Radio and television issued an 818 document, and there were some control provisions on set-top box, which was a great policy risk". The scheme of Nora was to think about accessories and launch a large Nora screen similar to USB flash disk, "(large screen) It cannot be used independently, and the policy risk is much lower than that of set-top box ".

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