The Dummies Guide to Touring Caravans Part One

You may be considering upgrading from a trailer tent/conventional tent or you may be totally new to camping and have decided you want to enjoy camping with as many home comforts as possible and are in the process of looking to buy a touring caravan.This guide is designed to help anyone who is interested in buying a touring caravan giving you the basics and some food for thought before you are limits to what you can tow depending on your car and caravan. I would say this is the only complicated area to understand when looking for either a new car if you already have a caravan or if you are looking for a new touring caravan to be in ratio with your current car.However once you have an understanding of the towing guidelines, terminology and the weights you will be in a great position to choose the right caravan for you.In your cars/caravans hand books or on the weight plates of your car/caravan you will find the manufactures figures for working out the legal towing weights. (The weight plates also known as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be found under the bonnet or on the driver's door pillar in a car and in the caravan should be in the entrance door).Knowing your cars and caravans actual weight when loaded is not that easy to work out due to the different kerb weights, towing limits etc. but to stay in the legal Gross Train Weight (GTW) limits you should take your car and caravan loaded to a weigh bridge or purchase a portable weighing machine. This way you will know you are safe and legal to tow.Car to Caravan Weight Ratio = It is strongly recommended that you do not exceed an 85% caravan to car weight ratio. i.e.: Your caravan when fully loaded should not be more than 85% of your cars kerb-weight (or max tow weight if this is lower). If you are experienced at towing you may tow up to 100% but this is not recommended.Actual Weight = The weight of the caravan loaded as you tow it on the road. This must not exceed the MAM or MTPLM, as inscribed on the weight plate of the caravan.Essential Equipment Payload (EEP) = This is the fluids and items that are needed for the caravans equipment, this means things such as gas and water.Gross Train Weight (GTW) = The maximum a car and caravan, is allowed to weigh when fully loaded.Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) = This is the total weight that a car or trailer/caravan is designed to carry. Meaning the weight of the trailer with its load, the car must never be loaded beyond this weight.Kerb Side Weight (KW) = U.K, This is the weight of the vehicle but with no passengers, including adequate supply of liquids for its operation, and the standard set of tools and equipment. E.U Directive, weight of the vehicle with fuel tank 90% full plus driver and 7kg of luggage.Mass In Running Order (MIRO) =This is the weight of the caravan in standard trim as it leaves the factory, it includes a tolerance of plus or minus 3% per cent. Mass In Service = The Mass in Running Order (MIRO), or kerb weight including a 75kg driver, of a car as it left the factory. It excludes any components added by the dealer. This figure is given in the car's Vehicle Registration Certificate V5C ('log book') for newer vehicles.Maximum Authorized Mass (MAM) = This is the maximum total weight that a vehicle is designed to carry, it includes the vehicle weight and the load carried. The absolute maximum total weight as set by the manufacturer.Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) = Same as MAM, This is the maximum total laden weight allowed, as set by the manufacturer, that the caravan can take.Maximum Towing Limit (MTL) =This is the total amount that the vehicle can move from a hill start. The vehicle must be able to do this 5 times on a 12 per cent hill within 5 minutes. This limit is an absolute maximum and must never be exceeded. I would not recommend using this as your main guide to what your vehicle can tow.Nose Weight = The downward load the caravan puts on the tow ball of the towing vehicle. The maximum must be no greater than either that stated in your Caravan or Car handbook, whichever is the LOWER. (Usually between 50-100kg, typically 75kg) Personal Effects Payload (PEP) = This is the personal items that you would carry in your caravan and includes things like food, bedding, clothes etc.Towing Limit = The maximum weight a vehicle is designed to tow up a 12 per cent hill (1 in 8).Un laden Weight = The weight of a vehicle when not carrying a load and excluding fuel or batteries, if it's electrically powered.User Payload = The weight of extras that can be carried in or on the caravan.Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) = This is the number on the metal plate fixed to the chassis of the caravan or on the car which identifies the vehicle, on a caravan it has the weights on it.In Part Two of the dummies guide we will look at how to load your caravan safely.

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Tong Wen, Huawei Wireless CTO: Three Key Contents of 5g Development
On the evening of May 31, at the "first global 5g conference" held today, Tong Wen, Huawei wireless CTO and Huawei academician, said that unlike previous generations of mobile communication technologies, 5g mainly has three application cases: first, enhancing mobile broadband, second, extensive machine communication, and third, ultra-high and reliable low delay communication. Combining these three application cases with other application cases will enable 5g to bring us different businesses and adapt to the development of different industries and markets.According to Tong Wen, the key of 5g mainly includes the following three aspects: first, the network architecture, including what is the network used for? What is the goal? Because 5g involves many industries, we can't afford to build many isolated networks as before, but we need a physical infrastructure to deliver all network services; End to end slicing has increasingly become a very important technology, enabling us to realize application driven networks. Second, wireless access. In the process of standardization, representatives of the industry have reached an agreement that the new wireless will become the representative of 5g. It is abbreviated as Nr. NR will have a new air interface and forward compatibility, which can be supported by many versions, Many applications can be supported, and for the new wireless air interface, we will meet the requirements of energy efficiency, high speed and low delay. Third, inter industry cooperation and intra industry cooperation, which means that our ecosystem must embrace other ecosystems in order to promote and realize the adoption and success of cross industry mobile technology, which is the top priority.Tong Wen said that from the beginning, Huawei firmly believed that 5g is an open technological revolution process. No one can complete 5g evolution, technological revolution and commercial success entirely on their own. Only by adopting an open and unified attitude can we succeed. 5g is an ecosystem. Without a successful ecosystem, 5g cannot succeed. The same is true today. The whole ecosystem and the whole industry must make efforts. Only in this way can we have a unified global standard.
The Furniture Market Is Chaotic. Wooden Furniture Pays Attention to Safety and Stability
There are many "chaos" in the furniture market. In fact, pure solid wood is not so "pure" Does the furniture meet the environmental protection requirements? How to judge the quality of wooden furniture? How to judge the authenticity of "solid wood" furniture... This is a problem encountered by most owners in the decoration process. Due to their lack of understanding of the home decoration industry and the younger age of decoration owners, more and more owners are powerless in the face of decoration. Take solid wood furniture for example. At present, many shops selling wooden furniture will display the signboard of 100% pure solid wood. As layman consumers, it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false, and it is even more difficult to distinguish what material they use with the naked eye. Insiders revealed that some so-called "pure solid wood furniture" use multilayer boards and particleboards in parts that are not easy for consumers to notice, such as backboard and drawer board, so as to deceive consumers. Similar to "pure solid wood furniture", zero formaldehyde is also an important means of promotion for some businesses. According to the insiders, with the current process level, the standard of zero formaldehyde is difficult to achieve. More than 90% of the products in the market are formaldehyde products. At present, the slogan of "zero formaldehyde" played by many furniture manufacturers is to seize the psychology of consumers who want environmental protection and safety products, which is difficult to achieve. "There are also some cases where it is clearly a domestic commodity, but it gives itself a foreign name to pretend to be a" foreign brand ", so consumers must ask for relevant product descriptions when purchasing household products, and do their homework in advance. It is best to look at which commodity and then go back to the Internet." Tips for selecting wooden furniture many small pieces of wooden furniture can be "thrown" "Now many people buy houses by brand developers. In the future, the house is guaranteed, and so is the decoration of the house. Looking for a brand home decoration company should be more guaranteed in terms of quality." Wang Wei, general manager of Xingsheng home, said. "Take solid wood furniture as an example. There are many ways to identify it." Wang Wei said that most solid wood has wood fragrance. For example, pine has the smell of rosin, camphor has the obvious smell of camphor, while fiberboard and particleboard will have a strong pungent smell, especially in the cabinet door or drawer. Even if it is opened for a long time, it will still have a pungent smell. Another way is to put your hand on the surface of the furniture and touch it to see if it feels smooth. "Pay special attention to whether the platform foot and other parts are rough, whether there are streaks in the paint painting, whether the paint at the corner is too thick, and whether there are cracks or bubbles." In fact, there are many tips for selecting wooden furniture. Wang Wei said, "wooden furniture should first have safety and stability, and the method to test the stability is to open the two cabinet doors at 90 degrees and gently pull them forward by hand, so the cabinet can't automatically tilt forward." in addition, small furniture such as chairs and stools can be dragged and gently dropped on the ground when selecting, If the sound is crisp, it means that the furniture manufacturing process and quality are better. If there is noise, it means that the quality is worse. Decoration precautions: don't let the chandelier change "off" It should be noted that the harmful components in the coating will cause damage to the human body. Therefore, when decorating the wedding room, the new couple should try to choose environmental protection paint. Even if ordinary paint is used, they should try to choose light color paint to reduce pollution. "Now many young people prefer high-rise houses for marriage. Most residents of high-rise houses will choose to install protective nets inside the windows, and the balcony railing height of high-rise buildings is at least 110 cm. Some people install guardrails with insufficient height in order not to affect their beauty, which is very unsafe, especially when they have children at home."
TERMURAH!!! WA 62 81290801259 Jual Catering Sekolah Karet Tengsin MAPAN
Kami Catering Mapan (rumah sarapan)sudah berpengalaman memenuhi ORDERAN Nasi Box dan Nasi Kotak untuk berbagai macam acaraataupun hajatan.rumah sarapan MAPANMELAYANI :– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Kantor– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Wisata Jogja– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Ulang Tahun– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Wisuda– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Selamatan– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Syukuran– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Berbuka Puasa– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Reuni– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Komunitas– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara di Sekolahyuk tunggu apa lagi.?segera order Nasi Box dan Nasi Kotak untuk kebutuhan acara anda.hanya di rumah sarapan MAPAN.Hubungi Bpk ARIF WA/TLP 0812–9080–1259.·RELATED QUESTIONHow should I word a wedding invitation asking guests to pay for their own meal? Iu2019m paying for everything else. That would be their gift to me.Keep it simple and it will be simply beautiful. But feed your guests.My wedding all-in (dress and all) for 60 guests cost just under $3000 (In 1995). I’ve been to a lot of fancy weddings since; and mine is still my favorite.I made a giant shrimp cocktail and a giant cheese and meat appetizer thing. The reception was in my country backyard with rented catering tents, tables and chairs. A good friend bartended as a gift (I bought the booze, mixers, ice and rented glasses). A caterer was hired to drop off and serve a good but not fancy dinner. They served the cake too. Another friend’s hubby D.J.’d for a rediculously reasonable rate. I got the necessary flowers from a lady who did floral design as a side gig - They were beautiful. I hired a photographer for 2 or 3 hours. The cake was about $250. We had lawn games available and at the end of the night we had a bonfire. The out of town guests stayed at my house (and watched my dog). My new hubby and I went to a local hotel for the honeymoon night. Oh, and I made and provided my sister’s royal blue maid of honor dress because control-freak-me couldn’t find anything cute at a reasonable price (I’ve paid way too much over the years for bridesmaid dresses that are relegated to Goodwill the next day - no, you can just about never shorten it and wear it again).In retrospect, I should have hired a person to work in my kitchen to do dishes and generally help out (I found out years later that my cousins jumped into that roll). I can only guess that it was bar glasses that they were cleaning and the appetizer things. Otherwise it was all dispossable. My mom and sister pitched in at the last minute, to finish the appetizer creations, because there is only so much that an overly optimistic frantic bride can do. I did clean the bathrooms a few times throughout the day (control-freak-me).The best part is that almost 24 years later I am still married to the same man that I married in 1995. We have two kids and we are so proud of them both. We are currently planning a 25th anniversary European river cruise.Have and awesome marriage! The wedding is only one day
Some Factors Needing Attention in the Design of LED Lamp Power Supply
At present, the LED fluorescent lamp lighting market is relatively active, and the manufacturers of LED driving power supply are mainly divided into three types: the first type is to develop factories for LED chips or LED lamps, which infiltrate downstream; The second is the factory that used to do general lighting; The third category is completely new factories. They used to do power supply or other products or start a new business.LED fluorescent lamp power supply is a very important component of LED fluorescent lamp. If it is not selected properly, LED fluorescent lamp can not play its due performance, and even can not be used for normal lighting. Here are some small suggestions on the lighting power supply of LED fluorescent lamp for your reference.1. Why must the power supply of LED fluorescent lamp be constant current?The characteristics of LED semiconductor determine that it is greatly affected by the environment. For example, the current of LED will increase with the increase of temperature; With the increase of voltage, the current of LED will also increase. Working over the rated current for a long time will greatly shorten the service life of LED. LED constant current is to ensure that its working current remains unchanged when environmental factors such as temperature and voltage change.2. How can the power supply of LED fluorescent lamp match with the lamp board?Some customers first design the lamp board and then find the power supply. They find it difficult to have a suitable power supply, or the current is too large and the voltage is too small (such as I > 350mA, V 180V), resulting in serious heating, low efficiency, or insufficient input voltage range.In fact, choose the best series parallel connection mode, the voltage and current added to each LED are the same, but the effect of the power supply can play the best performance. The best way is to communicate with the power supply manufacturer and customize it.3. What is the most appropriate working current of LED fluorescent lamp power supply?Generally, the rated working current of LED is 20 mA. Some factories use it up at the beginning and design 20 mA. In fact, the working heat under this current is very serious. After many comparative tests, it is ideal to design 17 19 ma. It is recommended to design 18 ma.4. What is the working voltage of LED fluorescent lamp power supply?The recommended working voltage of general LED is 3.0-3.5v. After testing, most of them work at 3.125v, so the calculation formula of 3.125v is more reasonable. Total voltage of M lamp beads in series = 3.125 * M.5. How wide is the series parallel connection and voltage of LED lamp board?In order to make the LED fluorescent lamp work in a wide range of input voltage (full voltage) AC85 265V, the LED series parallel mode of the lamp board is very important. Since the current power supply is generally a non isolated step-down power supply, when a wide voltage is required, the output voltage shall not exceed 72V, and the input voltage range can reach 85 265V. That is, the number of strings in series does not exceed 23.The number of parallels should not be too large, otherwise the working current is too large and the heating is serious. It is recommended to be 6 parallel / 8 parallel / 12 parallel. The total current should not exceed 240 ma. There is also a wide voltage scheme, that is, first raise the voltage to 400V with L6561 / 7527, and then reduce the voltage. It is equivalent to two switching power supplies, and the cost is twice as expensive. This scheme is not cost-effective and has no market.6. What is the relationship between series parallel connection of LED and PFC power factor and wide voltage?At present, there are three situations of power PFC in the market: one is without PFC special circuit, and its PFC is generally about 0.65; One is with passive PFC circuit, the lamp board is well prepared, and the PFC is generally about 0.92; Another one is made of active 7527 / 6561 circuit. The PFC can reach 0.99, but the cost of this scheme is twice as expensive as the second scheme.Therefore, the second scheme is more. For passive PFC circuit: also known as valley filling PFC circuit, its working voltage range is half of the peak value of AC input voltage. If the input is 180V, the peak value is 180 * 1.414 = 254v, half of the peak voltage is 127V, and then minus the step-down differential voltage of 30V, the maximum output is 90V, so the number of LED beads in series is up to 28.Therefore, in order to obtain a relatively large power factor, the number of lamp beads in series cannot be too much, otherwise, it will not meet the requirements of low voltage.7. What is the most appropriate constant current accuracy of LED fluorescent lamp power supply?The constant current accuracy of some power supplies in the market is too poor. For constant current schemes such as pt4107 / HV9910 / bp2808 / smd802, the error reaches ± 8% or ± 10%, and the constant current error is too large. The general requirement is ± 3%.According to the error of 3%, 6 channels are connected in parallel, and the error of each channel is about ± 0.5%. If 12 channels are connected in parallel, the error of each channel is about ± 0.25%, which is sufficient. If the accuracy is too high, the cost will increase greatly. And for LEDs, 17 Ma culture and 17.5 Ma culture have little effect.8. Isolated / non isolatedGenerally, if the isolated power supply is made of 15W and placed in the LED lamp tube, the transformer has a large volume and is difficult to put in. Especially for T6 / T8 tubes, it is almost impossible, so the isolation can only be 15W, few more than 15W, and the price is very expensive. Therefore, the cost performance of isolation is not high. Generally, non isolation accounts for more mainstream, and the volume can be made smaller, with a minimum height of 8mm. In fact, if the non isolation safety measures are well taken, there is no problem.9. LED fluorescent lamp power efficiencyOutput power (voltage of output LED * output current / input power). This parameter is particularly important. If the efficiency is low, it means that a large part of the input power is converted into heat and emitted; If it is installed in the lamp tube, it will produce a very high temperature. Coupled with a light efficiency ratio of our LED, it will stack to produce a higher temperature.The life of all electronic parts in our power supply will be shortened with the rise of temperature. Therefore, efficiency is the most fundamental factor determining the service life of the power supply. The efficiency cannot be too low, otherwise the heat consumed on the power supply is too large. Generally more than 80%, but the efficiency is related to the matching connection of the lamp board.10. LED fluorescent lamp power supply sizeHeight is the main limiting factor. It is generally used for the size of T6 pipe / T8. The height shall not be too high ≤ 9mm. T10 tube height ≤ 15mm. The length can be longer, which is easier to dissipate heat.
The Set of Elements That Do Not Escape the Tent Map Is a Cantor Set
I have a relatively simple proof for all $r>2$. There is no need for $r$ to be odd, nor integer, rational, etc. We only need $r$ to be real and greater than two. I think Epsilon's answer confused $s$ with $r$, since he thought $fracr-12rin C;(wrong)$, which it does not , the point he describes is $frac1rin C$. As stated in the question, the set of $x$ with bounded orbits is in fact a Cantor set with $r=frac2ss-1$, but, in order to avoid the confusion of the previous post, I will provide the definition of the Cantor set in terms of $r$. First, $C_0 =,$. Then, $$forall nin mathbbZ_:C_n=left(frac1rC_n-1 ight)cupleft(fracr-1rfrac1rC_n-1 ight);.;(1)$$ You can check that this definition coincides with the one of the question if $r=frac2ss-1$. We need $r>2$ so that the Cantor set just defined is a proper subset of the $,$ interval. In fact:The sketch of the proof is as follows:1. Understanding concatenating the empty set to any set.It turns out from the comments that the context is regular sets. If $A$ and $B$ are sets, we define $Acirc B=ab:ain Atext and bin B$. If $B=varnothing$, there are no objects $bin B$, so there are no objects $ab$ such that $ain A$ and $bin B$; thus, $Acircvarnothing=varnothing$.2. Write an open set in terms of a closed set$A$ is closed if $A^c$ is open. Remember that in a metric space, a set is open if for each point $y$ there is an $epsilon$ such that the $epsilon$-ball around $y$ lies completely in the set.So let $y$ be any point in $A^c$. There is an $n_0 in mathbbN$ such that $d(y,a) geq r frac1n_0$. For any point $x in A$ it holds that $d(x,a) r frac1n_0 - r - frac12 n_0 = epsilon$$ follows. Therefore, the $epsilon$-ball $K_epsilon := y' in X: d(y',y) 3. A set containing one element is an open set. Why?In general, it is not the case that single-element sets are open. For example, in the usual topology on $Bbb R$, the one induced by the usual metric, single-element sets are not open; open sets are unions of open intervals, and every open set (except $varnothing$) is infinite.Say we have a metric space with the so-called "discrete" metric $d$. Recall that this means that $$d(x,y) = begincases 0, textif $x = y$ 1, textif $xe y$endcases$$ A metric space has a natural topology "induced by" its metric. The "metric topology" induced by the metric $d$ is the one that has as its basis all "balls" $N_d,epsilon(x)$ where $$N_d,epsilon(x) = p mid d(x,p) 4. Generate a set of combinationsI highly recommend that you make two public functions, that return different data. I would also not name a public function genCombinations2, instead use combinations.You should make the combinations function work the way your code does when elemsSize = undefined. As handeling the elemsSize should be a different problem.And so you would have:From this, you want to group your values. This is two loops over your data:And so you just need to think of a way to create combinations. One way could be to do the same as Python's itertools.combinations: (Note the following is not tested.)
How Backpacking Tents Differ From Camping Tents
If you've never backpacked before, chances are you drove right up to your campsites in the past. Your biggest concern in choosing a tent was probably size; you wanted plenty of room to move around and store your gear. You set it up and left it up for several days while you pursued your camping activities. On a backpacking trip, the tent is set up and packed away nearly every day. For a backpacking tent, you'll still want to consider size, but also weight, style, and design. Size. Backpacking tents come in smaller sizes. Are you backpacking alone, or are you sharing the tent with someone? A solo backpacker only needs a one-person tent, although many choose a two-person tent for the extra gear storage space. Two people can sleep in a two-person tent, but it's a close fit. A tent for backpacking is designed with poles that break down into shorter lengths to take up less space in the backpack. Weight. A car camper isn't much concerned with the weight of the tent, but a backpacker will be carrying a tent for many miles. Ten pounds over a mile isn't so bad; at the end of the tenth mile, however, that tent feels much heavier. Backpacker tents are designed to be as light as possible. A two-person tent should be no more than five or six pounds. Style. Camping tents are almost always free-standing and used on a level surface created especially for camping, while backpacking tents can also be found in a non-free-standing design. These are usually smaller and lighter tents. The drawback is that when you are backpacking, you don't always have a convenient, level spot for the tent. If the ground is too rocky for tent stakes, it is hard to erect a tent that does not stand by itself. A free-standing backpack tent is easier to use on a hard surface and can be moved around to the best spot even after it is set up. Design. A camping tent usually has plenty of headroom, large doors that are easy to move through, and a rain fly that covers just the upper part of the tent. It may have heavier fabrics in the walls and floor, and be challenging for one person to set up. A backpacking tent, on the other hand, is designed to be an easy setup tent because after hiking all day you won't want to struggle with your tent. Because of its space-saving size, there is not much room to move around, and you'll have to crawl through the low doors. The rain fly covers more of the walls, sometimes even reaching the ground, and often provides a covered vestibule to protect gear without having to drag it into the tent. Of course, each of these considerations affects the others, and you'll have to decide your own priorities. Some people backpack in order to camp off the beaten track. They don't hike as far and are willing to carry more weight in order to be more comfortable during their time in camp. Others camp because they are hiking a long distance. They are more concerned with being comfortable with the weight they carry than being comfortable in camp. Probably the most common on the trail are 2 person backpacking tents, which come in a wide range of styles, designs, and weight. Some of them may even be camping tents, but now you know the differences to watch for. Whatever type of tent you choose , don't buy a cheap tent. Make sure you shop for a quality tent that will hold up to many nights on the trail and many days in the pack.
The Serpentines New Pavilion Launch: the Party That Draws Everyone From Kate Moss to Sir Mick Jagger
There’s a running joke, Julia Peyton-Jones tells me, between her and the architect Cecil Balmond. In the early days of the Serpentine pavilions, just as it was about to open, she would call him up in a panic. “As vice-chairman of Arup in those days, Cecil was our key collaborator. I’d ring him up and say, ‘Cecil. It’s not going to work. We’ve got a really big problem. I know I’ve said it before. I know I said it last year. But this time it’s really, really, really impossible. We’re not going to get the thing open’.” It’s that crucial time once again when Peyton-Jones, the Serpentine Gallery’s 63-year-old director, might well be on the blower to Balmond if he were still on board, as she and her “incredible band of foot soldiers” prepare to open the 15th annual summer pavilion. Talking to her in the Serpentine Gallery’s boardroom, I sense mild panic beneath her cool exterior as she sends her head of media relations off in search of her lost handbag. “I feel bereft without it and need my hankie,” she says. He returns 10 minutes later clutching it. She’d left it in the boot of her Mini. “The thing is,” she explains, pouring herself a cup of green tea, “the pavilion is so all-consuming that when you’re in the middle of it you can’t think of anything else, except the now. And then, when it’s opened, there’s such a sense of relief and celebration.” This year’s pavilion is a “playful”, chrysalis-like polygonal tunnel wrapped in “very unpretentious”, rainbow-coloured webbing by Spanish architects SelgasCano, a Madrid-based husband and wife team who are known for their love of synthetic materials and colour. How does Peyton-Jones choose them? “It’s incredibly serious and difficult. We have a list and we add people. We ask our peers, colleagues and past pavilion architects. Some names have been on the list since 2002. We often think we’ve made the decision but then we go back.” The final decision is made by her, co-director Hans-Ulrich Obrist and head of programming Jochen Volz. There are then six months between commission and completion. Does anyone ever turn them down? “Hopefully they’ll say yes but once someone — I can’t say who — said no. We asked them another year and they said yes.” This year, Peyton-Jones’s persuasive charm has also secured the platinum-plated sponsorship of Goldman Sachs. She credits Michael Bloomberg, “a titan” and the gallery’s chairman since January 2014. He has told her he wants to make the Serpentine “the best museum in the world”. In fact, Peyton-Jones and Obrist have just come back from giving a talk at the investment bankers’ swishy Fleet Street offices. “It was thrilling. You read about what they do as a business and how they’re making millions of pounds, and indeed when you go there the whole organisation purrs like a Rolls-Royce; everything is delicious. You think you’d like some tea and by magic it appears. And can you imagine walking into the lobby, where they’ve got big posters up of all 14 previous pavilions? It makes me weep for joy.” Obrist, she says, “who works on a 24-hour clock so his week is 14 days whereas mine is seven”, became so excited that he almost fainted. Does he often faint? “Yes, very occasionally he does. It’s another running joke,” she says. Peyton-Jones’s ambition, to grow what started in 2000 as a temporary tent for the gallery’s annual party on a budget of £100,000 (admittedly designed by Zaha Hadid) into a world-famous institution, has been fully realised. “I and my team have commissioned some of the greatest architects of all time,” she says, referring to Frank Gehry, Oscar Niemeyer, Daniel Libeskind, Toyo Ito, Rem Koolhaas and Jean Noovel, to name just a few past pavilion starchitects who, in keeping with pavilion rules, had never before constructed a building in England. They are paid only a “modest stipend and expenses” and must adhere to a budget. When architects MVRDV overshot it in 2004, the entire project had to be cancelled. Then there was the time when Sou Fujimoto came all the way from Japan to meet Peyton-Jones without knowing why. “We had a meeting and after 45 minutes I said ‘Well, you’d better see the site’, and he, in a wonderful Japanese way, just blinked at me and said, ‘Why have you invited me here?’ I said ‘This is ridiculous. We’re inviting you to do the pavilion.’ We’d sent him the letter and he’d either not read it or misread it. But the end result was beautiful.” After four months up, the pavilions are sold, usually to private buyers, which recoups up to 40 per cent of the costs. “There’s only one buyer every year and they buy before they know they can get planning permission, so it’s an incredible leap of faith.” There is also the annual summer party — a fundraiser which Peyton-Jones has engineered into becoming London’s tip-top social event of the season. Eight hundred guests eagerly fork out £375 a head to schmooze in the heart of Kensington Gardens with A-listers, from Kate Moss and Mick Jagger to Princess Beatrice and Sir Salman Rushdie. This year Christopher Kane co-hosts and guests can expect ultra-luscious goodie bags courtesy of co-sponsors Nars and Godiva Chocolates. Could I buy a ticket? “You could,” replies Peyton-Jones, “absolutely. There is only one teensy-weensy problem, which is that we are over-sold. We have all our supporters and sponsors, so it’s quite complicated.” Peyton-Jones, who reminds me of a glamorous head girl, refuses to acknowledge her reputation as a networker extraordinaire. “I don’t recognize myself in that description. One of the things that comes with the job is building audiences and we work with an incredibly broad range of people, from the disenfranchised of society to the billionaires who support our programme.”The former art student — she studied painting at the Royal College of Art — taught at Edinburgh College of Art and was a curator at the Hayward before joining the Serpentine in 1991. She says she was not brought up to be ambitious, nor was she academic at school. “I come from a generation where the role of women was very unclear; being a secretary was considered a great idea, and indeed it’s a very honourable profession.” What changed her life was discovering that she is dyslexic. “I only found out very late, when I was 42. I was listening to a report on The Today Programme and thought ‘that’s me’. I got tested and of course it was terrific. It explained everything.”It can’t be a coincidence that the discovery came as she was making her mark at the Serpentine. “To come out of that not being very good at things to really finding what you love most is just the greatest thing. I feel very privileged. It’s a little miracle for me, and a miracle that continues being miraculous.” With that, Peyton-Jones gets up to leave. She’s got a dinner with one of the trustees and a 7am flight to Moscow for the opening of Dasha Zhukova’s Garage Museum, designed by Koolhaas, in Gorky Park. Most pressingly of all, though, is her other little miracle — a Jack Russell called Charlotte, which is sitting outside waiting for her. @jkatielawThe Serpentine Pavilion 2015 is at the Serpentine Gallery, W2 (020 7402 6075, from June 25-Oct 18Follow Going Out on Facebook and on Twitter @ESgoingout
International Art Bubble Bursts
Art dealer and collector Niels Kantor paid US$100,000 two years ago for an abstract canvas by Hugh Scott-Douglas with the idea of quickly reselling it for a tidy profit. Instead, he is returning the 28-year-old artist's work to the market this week at an 80 per cent discount.Such is the new art season. At auction houses in London and New York, sellers are preparing to bail on their investments after the emerging-art bubble burst and the resale market for once sought-after artists dried up."I'd rather take a loss," said Kantor, who is offering the Scott-Douglas work at the Phillips auction in New York on September 20. "I feel like it can go to zero. It's like a stock that crashed." Prices for works by young artists such as Scott-Douglas and Lucien Smith soared with the auction market in 2014, sometimes reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars, when they were traded like bull-market tech stocks. But since auction sales began to drop in late 2015, the emerging names have been hit especially hard. Sales by some artists are down 90 per cent or more as the glut of work and nosebleed prices scare away buyers.That's because speculators purchase art to resell it, not to keep it."When those speculators realise that there is no end user at a higher price, then they scramble to sell the work before they lose everything," said Todd Levin, director of Levin Art Group, who advises collectors. "The demand is driven by greed, the selloff by fear. It's Economics 101." Today's market is a far cry from a few years ago, when young artists churning out process-based abstract work presented opportunities for outsize returns.The works were often created by artists still in their 20s. Smith saw a painting he made while an undergraduate at New York's Cooper Union fetch US$389,000 at Phillips in 2013, two years after it was purchased for US$10,000.This week, estimates for three Smith pieces are as low as US$7,000. One, from the series he made by spraying more than 200 canvases with paint from a fire extinguisher, is estimated at US$12,000 to US$18,000. A bigger spray work sold for US$372,120 two years ago."This whole year has been a big readjustment, a much-needed one, like a chiropractic session," said Timothy Blum, co-owner of Blum & Poe Gallery in Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo. "It can hurt, but you come out on the other end better than before." Scott-Douglas's untitled canvas, one of several resembling a sheet of blueprint grid paper, is estimated at US$18,000 to US$22,000 at Phillips's "New Now" sale. The work was part of the artist's sold-out exhibition at Blum & Poe in 2013, when it garnered US$25,000.Kantor acquired the work privately in July 2014. Four months later, a similar piece from the series went for US$100,000 at Christie's. Kantor expected the prices to keep surging, but in February 2015 another canvas from the same series failed to sell at auction."I feel like we were a little bit drunk and didn't think of the consequences," he said. "Then the bottom fell out. Everyone got stuck with their pants down." Before consigning his piece to Phillips, Kantor tried selling it privately for a year -- through Blum & Poe, the work's former owner, even on EBay. At one point he was asking US$50,000 but couldn't get an offer."There are certainly some cases where people have paid more at the height of the market," said Rebekah Bowling, head of the Phillips sale. "We are in a market where we have to be conservative. Everyone is very price conscious." As a result, auction estimates often not only are down from the heyday, but also below primary market prices. At Phillips, more than half of the 204 lots are estimated below US$10,000.Still, dealers representing Scott-Douglas in the U.S., the U.K. and Hong Kong say they continue placing his newer works through the gallery market, which is more stable. His collectors include billionaires Francois Pinault and Eli Broad as well as Japanese artist Takashi Murakami."No one is folding tent because auction prices have declined," said Casey Kaplan, whose gallery is opening the artist's solo exhibition in New York next month. Prices for fresh works by Scott-Douglas range from US$25,000 to US$80,000.There are several reasons to sell low, according to Kantor."Some people are looking for a tax loss. Some people didn't pay much. Some people bought for an investment," he said from Los Angeles. "These are large works. You are paying storage and insurance." Keeping estimates modest could help set up a new bullish cycle, said Stefan Simchowitz, the Los Angeles entrepreneur known for buying in bulk from young artists on behalf of clients and for his own collection."I am going to be extremely active in the auction market as a seller and a buyer," said Simchowitz, who owns 3,500 artworks.At Phillips, Simchowitz is parting with a piece by Lucy Dodd, an artist he said he isn't able to collect in depth. The work, made of rope strands hanging off a horizontal wooden bar like a curtain, may bring US$10,000 to US$15,000. Dodd's auction record of US$37,500 was set in May, shortly after the Whitney Museum of Art displayed her large-scale paintings made with materials such as fermented walnuts."I want to create a supply chain of work at lower price points so that people can come in again and start buying opportunistically," Simchowitz said. "People can say: 'I don't have to worry about losing this money."'
LED Solar Garden Lights Outdoor Owl Ornament Animal Bird Decorative Lamp
Waterproof & Effective The Solar Powered Owl Landscape Light is made with resin and pp material, which has IP55 waterproof level, no worry to pick up in a hurry and normal work in rainy weather. This LED Solar Powered Landscape Light can create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere in any season. Energy & Saving The Owl LED Solar Garden Light will last 8 hours after fully charged (6-8 hours). No extra wire. The Owl Stake Light has a realistic appearance enough to scare away critters. Automatic Charging New Design just turn on the switch on the Owl LED Solar Garden Light. The Solar panels can absorb solar cells to generate energy to automatically illuminate the Stake Light, and turns on automatically when dark by built-in light sensor. Easy To Use This Waterproof Resin Stake Light for Outdoor can be installed easily. Easy to use, just plug the Owl LED Solar Light into the soil and turn on the button back of the solar panel, no needs to connect additional cables. Multi Application This Solar Powered Owl Decoration Lighting can be used for your garden, lawn, courtyard, aisle, porch or tent, picnic, driveway, etc.What is the best two person freestanding tent for around $125?Tents are like cars -- there are many choices in most price ranges that are equally good performers so it is up to personal choice. I would recommend you check out the offerings at Everything they sell is decent quality or better and they have dozens of models with very good comparison tables on size, weight and featurs. On a budget, all of the Eurekas are an excellent and I have heard good things about the fairly new Big Agnes brand. They also tend to have specials like discontinued models. I've bought gear from them for about 20 years and have always been pleased with products and service. L.L. Bean's house brand tents are well made and designed too. For packing in a lot of rain and wind, I recommend getting a tent with a good sized vestibule fly -- it's really nice to have that sheltered space for cooking and gear storage. Also, a catenary angled roof, rather than a curved dome, can be better at shedding wind and hard rain, but a dome does give a more spacious feel inside which is preferable if you are stuck inside for a while. Again, it comes down to personal preference. Bargain tents that I would avoid are the house brands at Sears or Walmart. I would be careful of Coleman and Swiss Army too -- mostly made in China with flimsy materials.How do I get tent stakes to hold in sand?This is somewhat like some camping I've done in a place with barely a half inch of soil over bedrock. Obviously, stakes do not work there, either. In that case, we used stones to weigh down tent corners and guy wires. No matter where we stopped our canoes, we knew we could find plenty of stones. However, the beach may not supply that. I suggest that for each stake you would normally have, you bring a square of burlap, about a foot and a half on each side. Burlap is cheap and water goes right through it, while sand holds pretty well. It's nice and lightweight to carry in your tent pack, lighter than your stakes. Turn each square into a stone-sized sandbag by scooping a couple of handfuls of sand into the middle of the square of burlap, then tie it shut with a bit of twine. After you strike camp, just untie or cut the twine, dump out the sand, and you are good to go. It will probably survive a couple of camping trips before you need to replace it, but burlap is cheap and available at any fabric store.Why do people always complain about the size of their tent?It's been that way ever since I can remember with dome tents, if I go to buy one I always figure double the size I want and that works out!Why are refugee tents white?So they can be recognized as a refugee or noncombatant tent and (hopefully) not attacked
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