The Hottest Questions About LED

Do you want to know about LED? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. What was the decisive event that led the US to withdraw from Vietnam in 1973?

Tet in 1968 was a psychological victory against the Americans, though it was costly for the Vietnamese. Tet proved the war was unwinnable for the Americans

2. What events led to the Rwandan genocide?

This question, among other factors, motivated me to study the genocide and write a longer post on the causes of the genocide which you can find here: zimdiaries.wordpress.comTo summarize my opinions:I agree with User-11271435790106573456 that the genocide would not have occurred without the "ethnicization" of Rwandan politics by the Belgians in the first place. However, the genocide was not a result of divisions in Rwandan society at large. It was organized by a few hutu authorities who were at risk of losing power, and who implemented the genocide in a top-down fashion, as part of a coup d'etat. By 1990, after 31 years of hutu rule, there was not much resentment of rural tutsi by rural hutu. They were equally poor; they were intermarrying and getting along fine. Thereafter, from 1990 to 1994, torrents of propaganda built up the divide again, until there was enough hatred that the hutu masses could be ordered to kill their tutsi neighbors.So what factors caused the change starting in 1990? In order of importance:Invasion by the RPF in October 1990. Agreed with Subhrajyoti Ghatak. This was a group of Rwandan tutsi refugees, most of whom had grown up in Uganda. Without their attack, there would have been no genocide. I think it is worth noting that they were exceedingly militant, and so although they "ended the genocide", we can also to some degree say they caused it.Assassination of Burundi President Ndadaye in October 1993. Agreed with Makarand Sahasrabuddhe. Ndadaye was a moderate and the first hutu president of Burundi. Tutsi army officers killed him, which made Rwandan hutu more suspicious of the mostly-tutsi RPF.Fall of coffee and tin prices in the late 1980s. Agreed again with Subhrajyoti Ghatak. This meant there was less money to go around, so power was more important. It also meant Rwanda depended more on aid, which allowed international donors to put the pressure that led to multi-party politics (below).Advent of multi-party politics in 1991. This change was a result of international pressures. It threatened the power of the ruling elite, a group which included the future organizers of the genocide. The assassination of Habyarimana was in my opinion more like the first act of the genocide, and not a cause, though it helped mobilize hutu all over the country.The four events above fall into three categories:Things that motivated the organizers of the genocide: 1, 3 and 4.Things that motivated rural hutu: 1, 2 and 3.Things that served as good propaganda: 1 and 2.

3. Has the Google era led to lazy brains? Why?

The technology always moves ahead. In past 10 years internet has changed many things. Internet has been the greatest revolution in human history. But every great thing has its cons. Nowadays we do not even bother to think anything because we know we will get particular stuff on internet. Day by day phones are getting thinner and smarter and people are getting fattier and dumber . These effects on our brains are invisible, but after next 40-50 years we ourselves will realize how technology has destroyed our lives. Time will come when we would know that this all is virtual but it will be too late.

4. Manipulating 3 IR led's on Arduino Uno

but I do want to add a note. has the default IR led pin as pin 3 (last time I checked, maybe it has changed). I do not know how to change it, but if you are considering to use multiple IR leds, you might have to debug that problem!So try to make 1 code work before you attempt to stick them togheter.

5. Supplying power to an 5V LED strip

While it's not possible to turn all the LEDs on max brightness without extra power, the main problem was that I had not realized that Pololu sells 2 almost identical 0.5m LED strips, and I was reading the instructions for the other variant.Now that I am sending instructions using the correct protocol everything works fine as long as I limit the number of LEDs I turn on. Sorry for the mistake.

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