Vuereal Micro LED Screen Technology Has Made a Breakthrough, and the Yield Can Reach 99.99%

For micro LED (known as the next generation display technology), although consumers are not familiar with it, Apple will soon use it to promote such products. After all, it is used to perfectly replace OLED.

Since it is commercial, it is necessary to solve the problem of mass production of micro led. According to foreign media reports, the Canadian company vuereal announced that its micro LED screen technology has made a breakthrough, with a yield of 99.9996%. The company has been committed to the research of flip chip micro LED chips.

It is understood that vuereal's light-emitting chip is only 8 microns in size. Its production process is based on a two-step mesa process and uses a through-hole process with other manufacturers, which will lead to fragile structure, low yield and sensitive to ESD static electricity. Of course, the most important thing is that its process steps are not only as simple as vertical micro LEDs, but also compatible with existing LED manufacturers.

Compared with LCD and OLED displays, microled screens have several advantages, including thinner and more energy-saving. For example, the power consumption of microled screen is only one tenth of that of LCD display, and the color saturation is close to OLED.

In addition, microled can support higher brightness, higher dynamic range and wider color gamut. At the same time, it can also achieve faster update speed, wider viewing angle and lower power consumption.

Due to the difficulty in developing microled technology, it is expected that the early design will rely on mini led between traditional LED and microled technology. However, according to previous reports, apple still believes that microled technology is the "top priority".

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