Was Led Zeppelin the Best Band of the 70's?

There are hundreds of best questions here on Quora relating to music and musicians, and I rarely answer them, since my answer would only be one guys opinion.On top of that, theres a long list of bands and musicians who could/should appear on a best of the 70s list. Starting with the Rolling Stones, and including Pink Floyd, Queen, the Who, the Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton in his various incarnations, David Bowie, the Eagles, and several others.

Okay, having said that, if you had asked which rock band was the most prominent and popular during the 1970s, and is highly ranked based on album sales, concert ticket purchases, critical consensus, and overall musicianship, then Led Zeppelin would be close to the top, if not at the top, of my list

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Which is the best smart TV under Rs.40,000?

TCL 48 inch Full HD Curved LED Smart TV is the best TV under 40K. If you really want to buy something that is a statement piece in your home and love to spend a lot of time hanging out with friends at home and a big ultra-luxury TV is something that is going to make the living room a lot more attractive. So choose this TV that fits your lifestyle and enjoy making memories with family and friends right at home.

TCLs Ultra HD Smart TV is the new entrant in the world of television and quite obviously, it has taken the whole country by storm. It features the best functionalities, nothing of which India had before. If you love watching TV, then this HD TV may be the one you were looking for.


Why was France so easily conquered at the beginning of WWII?

First , France was fractured by political infighting which did not help it in preparing for war. Second its leadership seemed unable to understand that this war would not be fought like WWI. Third, the French were convinced the Germans would attack through the Low Countries believing the Ardennes was impassable by tanks. The Germans were well led and trained and had a better Air Force trained particularly well in the ground support role. I would also add that giving the initiative to the enemy is always risky. If France had been better prepared in 1939 it could have attacked Germany in force in the west during its invasion of Poland. That might have even caused Stalin to hesitate in attacking Poland in the east. It was not until he was certain the Germans would succeed that he ordered the Red Army to invade Poland


Why do some people feel the need to talk trash about people who they barely know?

When you are young and insecure, you might not know what to say to be accepted.However, gossip is a well-known means of bonding; negative, but popular.By attacking somebody who is outside the group, the insecure individual can transfer their insecurities and their feelings of being judged and rejected. They are in fact acting out their unspoken fears of being judged by the group, becoming the very thing which they fear; an unreasonable judge. They do this in hopes of artificially inflating their status inside the group, so as to increase likelihood of acceptance and suppress their insecurity and social anxiety. The rationale isa) If I make this person look bad, I wont look as bad to these people and they might like meb) The groups reaction The enemy of my enemy is my friend. (Here enemy refers to an outsider to the group)Confident people dont randomly trash others for the hell of it


Which are collectively better musicians, Led Zeppelin or Rush?

The guys is Rush are better players in a technical sense; John Paul Jones was the only guy in Zep who was a "technically proficient" musician. Neil Peart is considered one of the most technically accomplished drummers, ever. John Bonham is thought to have had amazing feel; he may not have been the most technically accomplished drummer, but the grooves he could lay down, and his instincts as a player, were absolutely amazing. To my way of thinking, as a musician, Bonham is miles above Peart. The same comparison can be made between Alex Lifeson and Jimmy Page. Page couldn't get through a solo without flubbing several notes, whereas Lifeson was cleaner and more technically sound. But, Page's playing sounds and feels SO MUCH better than Lifeson's. Page is raging, bleeding emotion, and I think of him as the better of the two.Full disclosure: I own records by both bands, but in my opinion Led Zeppelin DESTROYS Rush.


How is Genghis Khan viewed in China?

The Mongol military genius. He facilitated the foundation of the Mongolian-dominated Yuan dynasty (disputable from a western standpoint ) Since the Yuan dynasty inherited the imperial examination system (erected in Tang dynasty to select men with visions to be government officials) , remained the tradition of confucius worshippingbut did not admit the throne position of Confucianism in imperial education?., and utilized chineses character when issuing imperial edicts, we did not hold the view that the Mongolian invaded us(merely a replacement of the old dynasty ). More important we do not attach much importance to the nationality of an emperor ( at least at the time ). " Assimilating barbarians whoever invade us " , a perspective by some Hans, perfectly depicted this picture. Hence, he a hero, a great military commander in history having accelerated the geographical expanding of Yuan dynasty


Why don't film critics make movies if they have so much knowledge?

Idk about this so much knowledge but some did, like in the past was truffaut, goddard, or contemporary like park chan wookIf we talk the majority of them, many film critic just like us moviegoers, But, with more passion toward movie as medium, likely more knowledgable and have more insight whether about moviemaking (could be more theoritical rather than practical), movie bussiness and literate about art form in general.We shouldn't seen them as skilled as filmaker, but more as representative of us, moviegoers. We seek recomendation, obtain some of their useful perspective/knowledge to more understand and increase the statement of the movie itself, whether by agreeing or even disagreeing with them.

The problem, there time the critics made audience lose, harshly to filmakers, led ppl think "why don't this person prove with his own instead". well actually it doesnt matter, cause in the end, matter of subjectivity, it was ourselves that give the perception


Is the Indian economy in doldrums after demonetization?

The banks whether private or national are the ones who do not pass the currency to small banking customers. My experience is till today if I have asked for Rs50-100 or ten / twenty ruprees from tellers say for even Rs500/, I have not received it. No bank manager helps you out, but when cash comes to the bank its in big trunks. Nexus between the bank employees and buisnessmen gain, no surprise checks are conducted by the banks themselves, to find out who gains. I am 72, in my career for 37 years, and now pensioner, I have not got it in delhi. What about small people in small towns or villages? Same with bank loans, rich get it or those who bribe bank managers. Modi or anybody on this planet cannot wipe out corruption, demonetization or no demonetization


Was the great depression a turning point in US history and/or economic policy?

The Depression, or rather FDR's response to it (the New Deal), resulted in a much larger Federal bureaucracy and a much increased role for the Federal government in the lives of individual American citizens. (If there had been no New Deal, to take one enormous example, there would be no Social Security today. Take a look at my answer hereSince the United States is over 238 years old, how did the government function, as well as survive, not taxing the public for over 100 years? How did they pay the bills? for more details.

)And then came World War II, which ended any possibility of the US going back to isolationism. Not only was it obvious that it had been necessary for us to join the fight against fascism, but once that was defeated, the Cold War began immediately, and for nearly 50 years our entire foreign policy was predicated on the necessity of "containing" Communism


What if the entire Middle East including Turkey and Egypt went to war with NATO (no nukes)?

The massive disruption of international trade resulting would devastate the international economy and lead to riot and famine in cities across the Middle East.Europeans would be utterly baffled at first, right-wing bigotry would be energized, and Muslims would be killed by nativist rioters in a dozen countries.NATO air power would shut down any military threat from the Middle Eastern coalition in a few days. NATO mechanized forces would seal off Turkey's European border.There would be little or no ground fighting, as the Middle Eastern coalition lacks the means to attack Europe, Canada, or the United States in the face of NATO's overwhelming air power.The fighting would end in a few days and the chief activity would be negotiating for the safe return of NATO forces and Western civilians trapped or besieged in Middle Eastern countries.

What was the point of this hypothetical war, anyway? It seems a destructive waste of time


How could Darth Maul kill Qui-Gon but yet be defeated by Obi-Wan?

By the same token you could ask how a hobbit beat a demigod or how a boy beat the most powerful wizard everbecause in tradtional mythic fantasy the good guys win even if their power level says the shouldn't. Make no mistake desptie its space trappings Star Wars is mythic fantasy. If we were to base everything on power level alone then the Empire would always win, then we have no Star Warsthe end. While the climatic scene was poorly filmed for the last few seconds before Mauls death it is possible for a person to beat an opponent of much greater skill in real life. That said applying real life to a fantasy like Star Wars is the acme of foolishness IMO. So the simple answer again applies. In Star Wars the good guys win in the end-period, so the script reflects that even if some don't like it.


What is Putin's strategy? Why is he operating so overtly and catching flak from all the western countries? It's as if he's intentionally trying to get more sanctions put on Russia.

Putin certainly laments the loss of power and prestige which came following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and his foreign policy is geared towards increasing Russian influence in the world. This plays out very nicely with his domestic/ regional audience who have been conditioned to respect the strongman leader. Russia's economic power does not match this posturing however, and they are not the superpower they once were, but through control of the media they are able to spin such events as the recent poisoning to foster anti-west sentiment in their country, and thus bolster their support and prestige domestically. The danger for the West is in escalating the conflict and precipating a new cold war with all the threat of mutually assured destruction back on the table again. Never underestimate the possibility that one man may seek the annihilation of humanity. It's hard to understand but there are examples of such people.


What do real Navy SEALs think of the TV show SEAL Team?

I'm not kidding here, because I cannot watch any war movie or anything involving combat and not see every mistake and calling bullshit. That show is honestly far more accurate than anything I've seen involving the Teams. True story, I wanted to bash it, then I watch and I'm like wow they really did their homework and diligently. Like, you can only go so far without risking TTPs and SOPs which most people have no clue about anyway. But for me, it's the little things, like how they're breaking down their weapon and hitting a corner, or seeing actors stack up correctly and actually fluidly move through targets, I was impressed. It doesn't hurt they have Tyler Grey acting and as a producer on the show, who's a CAG guy, and probably one of the best gunfighters around and all around great guy. Very impressed.

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Solar Powered Led Street Light with Intensity Control Ppt
High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps, often High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps are being replaced by more low powered Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps. A basic solar powered LED street light system components are: 1. Solar Panel or Photovoltaic Module 2. Lighting Fixture - LED lamp set 3. Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery (Usually Li-Ion battery) 4. Solar Charge Controller 5. Device in solar LED street light system The solar street lighting system consists of many sections. In this chapter, only the Solar panel, the Battery, the Controller and the Led lights are briefly introduced. 2.1 Solar panel 2.1.1 Working principle The Photovoltaic (PV) cell is composed of at least two layers of the semiconductors road rehabilitation of 120 poles sm 08 double arm solar street light seming lightings on katsina-ala bridge. rehabilitation of street lights on makurdi bridge at makurdi. cross river state. dualisation of odukpani - itu - ikot ekpene road in cross river 9.7 km/ akwa ibom state with a spur to ididep 12.2 km. gully erosion control project at eastern naval command headquarters• You May Also Want to Know5 Reasons to Install Best Led Street Light FixturesIn today's market, there is tough competition due to technology and innovation. Like, we can see the upgrading of LED street lights from simple street lights. It all happens because everyone now wants to take the benefit of technology. It is worth to use new lighting choices as they provide environmental benefits as well as save energy and cost. LEDs are now using in various fields of life, e.g., Here, in this article, I am going to share 5 reasons to install LED street lights. The LED street light fixtures use less electricity and hence less energy than incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and other street lightings. Only 5% of energy is convert into heat in LED's, and rest is used to generate light. LED's are perfect to use in building, restaurant and manufacturing industries that can get hot quickly as it reduced energy consumption. These lights emit less heat. Thus, less demand on cooling systems and this makes LED's a safer and cost-friendly option. The LED street lights have a longer lifespan, almost 5 times more than fluorescent bulbs and other street light technologies. Now, you do not need to change fluorescent bulbs regularly. LED's have a superior quality system embedded that can even last up to 100,000 hours. In addition to quality, LED's do not have a filament, due to which they are very durable and stay for a longer time. The LED street light cost has been reduced due to more technology and high competition. Now, they are readily available in the price of fluorescent bulbs and simple street lights, thus making them affordable. The LED street light fixtures also use less energy and convert into 80% of energy. Thus, a slight decrease in your monthly bill and result will be the save of money. The LED street light fixtures are best environment-friendly; they contain no toxic material or mercury. This quality makes them safe to use in homes and offices, and it also helps to reduce toxic when they are disposed of. Installing LED's means to be lowered the toxic in your environment and less waste of packing and transportation too as these two industries are also associated with LEDs. 5. No need for repairing or maintenance Our best LED street light fixtures are a huge time saver as they do not require repairing or maintenance. Unlike fluorescent bulbs that abruptly fail anytime but LED's does not stop working suddenly thus save money on repair and maintenance. If you are planning to install LED street lights, then various options are available in the physical market and online stores. Whether you have a new office or a building for which you are making an installation. You need to do a little bit of research about the quality, offers, design or guarantee before buying LED street lights.What is The Advantage of Solar LED Street Light? - BlogWith the rapid development in science and technology, solar energy PV products are getting more popular, for example : solar charger, solar generator, solar water heater and solar led street light, ect. In all the different sorts of solar energy products, I think that you will not be strange to solar led street light because solar led street lights are so common nowadays . so what is the advantage of solar led street light? Because solar led street lights do not require any moving parts, they only need to receive sunlight and convert them into electricity. plus solar street light is uneasy to damage and do not need to maintain, so it has a low running cost. Solar LED street light's biggest advantage is energy conservation and environmental protection. Solar led street light utilized solar panel for producing electric power. Solar panel absorbs the sunlight and converts solar energy into electrical energy stored in batteries during the day. The battery provides electricity to the solar led street light at night. It is a kind of energy-saving environmental friendly product because solar power will not produce any waste, pollution, noise and radiation. Thirdly: Easy Installation Traditional street lights need to frame power lined and dig the ground. Solar led street lights only need to fix the lighting fixture and solar panel. it did not need a lot of labor forces and material resources. You may have heard the traditional street light is not very bright and the battery explode. Solar led street lights wo not make you worry like this. its led light source is brighter than traditional street light. Solar led street light is safe and reliable compared with traditional street lights. Solar led street lights do not cause accidents such as electric shock or fire. Solar led street lights are ideal green energy product, and the use of solar street lights will give you a sense of green image and improve our living standards. Solar led street light is more popular than traditional street light.What to Expect from LED Street Light Projects in the Coming Year - Great Basin Lighting, Inc.Municipalities are Making The Smart Choice For LED Lighting Projects The year 2020 is shaping up to be a big one for LEDs in general and LED roadway lighting in particular. This post takes a look at the reasons LED street light projects have been trending upward in popularity and will likely continue to do so in 2020. According to the LED manufacturer GE Current, LEDs use roughly half as much energy as traditional light sources such as halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs. Additionally, because LEDs can be much more precisely aimed, there is less light-and therefore energy-wasted by bulbs that spray light in useless directions. These factors mean that in 2020 and beyond, LED street lighting can help municipalities cut down on their energy usage. Another advantage of LED street lighting is that they last much longer than old-school lighting solutions. According to one figure cited on HowStuffWorks, an LED light can enjoy a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. For comparison's sake, a calendar year has 8,760 hours in it. The end result for LED street lighting is that cities can spend less money and maintenance crews can spend less time on changing bulbs. Smart LED street lighting is becoming more widespread in different cities, with great results. For instance, intelligent sensors can augment the efficiency of LED lights by turning them off when they are not needed. This can lead to huge cost savings for cities, some of which spend 50 percent of their annual energy budget on street lighting, according to Dan Evans of LEDs Magazine. Traditional light sources are actually fairly bad at creating light but great at creating heat: According to GE Current, for example, incandescent lamps convert less than 10 percent of the power they use into light. The rest of the power is wasted as "infrared (IR) or radiated heat." This can create a burning hazard. LEDs meanwhile, do not pose such a threat. The selling points of practical and decorative LED street lighting have convinced many cities to make the switch. For instance, Rochester recently passed a budget that included a plan to fully convert the city's streetlights to LED technology in 2020, per the Med City Beat. Expect more cities to follow. For Municipal LED Street Lighting in California or Nevada, Contact Great Basin Lighting Contact the professionals at Great Basin Lighting, a west coast outdoor LED lighting company, about how smart cell poles and municipal LED lighting projects can impact and improve everyday living.How do I control the brightness of an LED street lightNot going to work. LED emitters themselves are inherently constant-current devices. However, the street light is probably a packaged commercial product, designed to accept a constant voltage, and it includes a constant-current power supply. These are usually switch mode, which tend to be inherently multi-voltage, because when they see a lower voltage, they simply hold the switch open for a bit longer, which draws more current. Aside from working on world-market AC power (i.e. 100V Japan through 277V USA 3-phase), this also gives them a natural ability to ride through brownouts at full brightness. It probably has some some capacitors too, to get across those AC zero-crossings without shimmering the LED (which annoys people in motion relative to a point light source, some car taillights do this. ) So, as you dim it by messing with its voltage, it's just chopping harder and pulling more current to stay at full brightness. It will never work. You need to disassemble the light and replace the power supply with one that is friendly to dimmingLED street light power?LEDs are solid state lighting devices that utilize semiconductor material instead of a filament or neon gas. An LED light is a tiny chip encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure, which makes LEDs far sturdier than traditional incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Since LEDs don't use fragile components such as glass and filaments, LEDs are able to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperature. The LED method of producing light loses far less energy to heat than do other lighting technologies. It's dramatically more efficient than the vacuum/filament method used in incandescent bulbs -- sometimes around 85 percent more efficient.GS Yuasa's LED Street Light Lamp "LEGA:LAMP-R" Wins Prize at 2019 Energy Conservation Grand Prize EventGS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674; "GS Yuasa") has been awarded the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Commissioner's Prize in the Product & Business Model Category for its LEGA:LAMP-R street light LED lamp at the Energy Conservation Grand Prize event hosted by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan. The LEGA:LAMP-R is the first LED lamp in the industry to conform to the various Japanese government standards for lamps used in street lights. Up until now it has been standard practice for street light fittings to be replaced when installing new LED lighting. GS Yuasa has made the installation of LED street lighting simpler and more affordable by successfully developing a product that can be installed in existing road lighting fittings and poles but still satisfies stringent standards on light intensity, longevity, brightness, evenness, and glare. The product can also be replaced in the same manner as conventional lamps and facilitates reductions in power consumption of at least 50% compared to energy-saving lamps like high-pressure sodium-vapor lights. The LEGA:LAMP-R also helps to cut down on waste material created during the replacement process because existing light fittings can be used. • The first LED lamp in the industry to conform to Japan's various street lighting standards and specifications. • Highly economical and long-lasting: Boasts a rated life of 60,000 hours (lumen maintenance factor of 80%). • Expected to contribute to the 3R Promotion Campaign, by helping to reduce light fitting wastage because existing road lighting fittings can be reused. This marks the second time GS Yuasa has received a prize at the Energy Conservation Grand Prize event. The first time was in 2001 when the company was awarded the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize for ECO-CERA, a high-color rendering, long-life, high-efficiency GS ceramic-metal-halide lamp. GS Yuasa recognizes that climate change driven by global warming is a significant issue facing society. The company will make every effort to help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by society at large by continuing to provide lighting that harnesses the company's energy-saving technologies. *About the Energy Conservation Grand Prize event The Energy Conservation Grand Prize event is an opportunity to broadly share information about companies in Japan that are doing their part to advance energy conservation, as well as the activities of companies that have developed products or business models that attain high levels of energy efficiency. The event is aimed at recognizing companies' outstanding energy conservation initiatives, raising awareness about energy saving, facilitating more wide-spread use of energy-saving products, and contributing to the development of the energy conservation industry and the formation of a low-energy economy.
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