Was Led Zeppelin the Best Band of the 70's?

There are hundreds of best questions here on Quora relating to music and musicians, and I rarely answer them, since my answer would only be one guys opinion.On top of that, theres a long list of bands and musicians who could/should appear on a best of the 70s list. Starting with the Rolling Stones, and including Pink Floyd, Queen, the Who, the Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton in his various incarnations, David Bowie, the Eagles, and several others.

Okay, having said that, if you had asked which rock band was the most prominent and popular during the 1970s, and is highly ranked based on album sales, concert ticket purchases, critical consensus, and overall musicianship, then Led Zeppelin would be close to the top, if not at the top, of my list

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Which is the best smart TV under Rs.40,000?

TCL 48 inch Full HD Curved LED Smart TV is the best TV under 40K. If you really want to buy something that is a statement piece in your home and love to spend a lot of time hanging out with friends at home and a big ultra-luxury TV is something that is going to make the living room a lot more attractive. So choose this TV that fits your lifestyle and enjoy making memories with family and friends right at home.

TCLs Ultra HD Smart TV is the new entrant in the world of television and quite obviously, it has taken the whole country by storm. It features the best functionalities, nothing of which India had before. If you love watching TV, then this HD TV may be the one you were looking for.


Why was France so easily conquered at the beginning of WWII?

First , France was fractured by political infighting which did not help it in preparing for war. Second its leadership seemed unable to understand that this war would not be fought like WWI. Third, the French were convinced the Germans would attack through the Low Countries believing the Ardennes was impassable by tanks. The Germans were well led and trained and had a better Air Force trained particularly well in the ground support role. I would also add that giving the initiative to the enemy is always risky. If France had been better prepared in 1939 it could have attacked Germany in force in the west during its invasion of Poland. That might have even caused Stalin to hesitate in attacking Poland in the east. It was not until he was certain the Germans would succeed that he ordered the Red Army to invade Poland


Why do some people feel the need to talk trash about people who they barely know?

When you are young and insecure, you might not know what to say to be accepted.However, gossip is a well-known means of bonding; negative, but popular.By attacking somebody who is outside the group, the insecure individual can transfer their insecurities and their feelings of being judged and rejected. They are in fact acting out their unspoken fears of being judged by the group, becoming the very thing which they fear; an unreasonable judge. They do this in hopes of artificially inflating their status inside the group, so as to increase likelihood of acceptance and suppress their insecurity and social anxiety. The rationale isa) If I make this person look bad, I wont look as bad to these people and they might like meb) The groups reaction The enemy of my enemy is my friend. (Here enemy refers to an outsider to the group)Confident people dont randomly trash others for the hell of it


Which are collectively better musicians, Led Zeppelin or Rush?

The guys is Rush are better players in a technical sense; John Paul Jones was the only guy in Zep who was a "technically proficient" musician. Neil Peart is considered one of the most technically accomplished drummers, ever. John Bonham is thought to have had amazing feel; he may not have been the most technically accomplished drummer, but the grooves he could lay down, and his instincts as a player, were absolutely amazing. To my way of thinking, as a musician, Bonham is miles above Peart. The same comparison can be made between Alex Lifeson and Jimmy Page. Page couldn't get through a solo without flubbing several notes, whereas Lifeson was cleaner and more technically sound. But, Page's playing sounds and feels SO MUCH better than Lifeson's. Page is raging, bleeding emotion, and I think of him as the better of the two.Full disclosure: I own records by both bands, but in my opinion Led Zeppelin DESTROYS Rush.


How is Genghis Khan viewed in China?

The Mongol military genius. He facilitated the foundation of the Mongolian-dominated Yuan dynasty (disputable from a western standpoint ) Since the Yuan dynasty inherited the imperial examination system (erected in Tang dynasty to select men with visions to be government officials) , remained the tradition of confucius worshippingbut did not admit the throne position of Confucianism in imperial education?., and utilized chineses character when issuing imperial edicts, we did not hold the view that the Mongolian invaded us(merely a replacement of the old dynasty ). More important we do not attach much importance to the nationality of an emperor ( at least at the time ). " Assimilating barbarians whoever invade us " , a perspective by some Hans, perfectly depicted this picture. Hence, he a hero, a great military commander in history having accelerated the geographical expanding of Yuan dynasty


Why don't film critics make movies if they have so much knowledge?

Idk about this so much knowledge but some did, like in the past was truffaut, goddard, or contemporary like park chan wookIf we talk the majority of them, many film critic just like us moviegoers, But, with more passion toward movie as medium, likely more knowledgable and have more insight whether about moviemaking (could be more theoritical rather than practical), movie bussiness and literate about art form in general.We shouldn't seen them as skilled as filmaker, but more as representative of us, moviegoers. We seek recomendation, obtain some of their useful perspective/knowledge to more understand and increase the statement of the movie itself, whether by agreeing or even disagreeing with them.

The problem, there time the critics made audience lose, harshly to filmakers, led ppl think "why don't this person prove with his own instead". well actually it doesnt matter, cause in the end, matter of subjectivity, it was ourselves that give the perception


Is the Indian economy in doldrums after demonetization?

The banks whether private or national are the ones who do not pass the currency to small banking customers. My experience is till today if I have asked for Rs50-100 or ten / twenty ruprees from tellers say for even Rs500/, I have not received it. No bank manager helps you out, but when cash comes to the bank its in big trunks. Nexus between the bank employees and buisnessmen gain, no surprise checks are conducted by the banks themselves, to find out who gains. I am 72, in my career for 37 years, and now pensioner, I have not got it in delhi. What about small people in small towns or villages? Same with bank loans, rich get it or those who bribe bank managers. Modi or anybody on this planet cannot wipe out corruption, demonetization or no demonetization


Was the great depression a turning point in US history and/or economic policy?

The Depression, or rather FDR's response to it (the New Deal), resulted in a much larger Federal bureaucracy and a much increased role for the Federal government in the lives of individual American citizens. (If there had been no New Deal, to take one enormous example, there would be no Social Security today. Take a look at my answer hereSince the United States is over 238 years old, how did the government function, as well as survive, not taxing the public for over 100 years? How did they pay the bills? for more details.

)And then came World War II, which ended any possibility of the US going back to isolationism. Not only was it obvious that it had been necessary for us to join the fight against fascism, but once that was defeated, the Cold War began immediately, and for nearly 50 years our entire foreign policy was predicated on the necessity of "containing" Communism


What if the entire Middle East including Turkey and Egypt went to war with NATO (no nukes)?

The massive disruption of international trade resulting would devastate the international economy and lead to riot and famine in cities across the Middle East.Europeans would be utterly baffled at first, right-wing bigotry would be energized, and Muslims would be killed by nativist rioters in a dozen countries.NATO air power would shut down any military threat from the Middle Eastern coalition in a few days. NATO mechanized forces would seal off Turkey's European border.There would be little or no ground fighting, as the Middle Eastern coalition lacks the means to attack Europe, Canada, or the United States in the face of NATO's overwhelming air power.The fighting would end in a few days and the chief activity would be negotiating for the safe return of NATO forces and Western civilians trapped or besieged in Middle Eastern countries.

What was the point of this hypothetical war, anyway? It seems a destructive waste of time


How could Darth Maul kill Qui-Gon but yet be defeated by Obi-Wan?

By the same token you could ask how a hobbit beat a demigod or how a boy beat the most powerful wizard everbecause in tradtional mythic fantasy the good guys win even if their power level says the shouldn't. Make no mistake desptie its space trappings Star Wars is mythic fantasy. If we were to base everything on power level alone then the Empire would always win, then we have no Star Warsthe end. While the climatic scene was poorly filmed for the last few seconds before Mauls death it is possible for a person to beat an opponent of much greater skill in real life. That said applying real life to a fantasy like Star Wars is the acme of foolishness IMO. So the simple answer again applies. In Star Wars the good guys win in the end-period, so the script reflects that even if some don't like it.


What is Putin's strategy? Why is he operating so overtly and catching flak from all the western countries? It's as if he's intentionally trying to get more sanctions put on Russia.

Putin certainly laments the loss of power and prestige which came following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and his foreign policy is geared towards increasing Russian influence in the world. This plays out very nicely with his domestic/ regional audience who have been conditioned to respect the strongman leader. Russia's economic power does not match this posturing however, and they are not the superpower they once were, but through control of the media they are able to spin such events as the recent poisoning to foster anti-west sentiment in their country, and thus bolster their support and prestige domestically. The danger for the West is in escalating the conflict and precipating a new cold war with all the threat of mutually assured destruction back on the table again. Never underestimate the possibility that one man may seek the annihilation of humanity. It's hard to understand but there are examples of such people.


What do real Navy SEALs think of the TV show SEAL Team?

I'm not kidding here, because I cannot watch any war movie or anything involving combat and not see every mistake and calling bullshit. That show is honestly far more accurate than anything I've seen involving the Teams. True story, I wanted to bash it, then I watch and I'm like wow they really did their homework and diligently. Like, you can only go so far without risking TTPs and SOPs which most people have no clue about anyway. But for me, it's the little things, like how they're breaking down their weapon and hitting a corner, or seeing actors stack up correctly and actually fluidly move through targets, I was impressed. It doesn't hurt they have Tyler Grey acting and as a producer on the show, who's a CAG guy, and probably one of the best gunfighters around and all around great guy. Very impressed.

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How Does Traditional Market Research Integrate Blockchain
Insights network launched the install blockchain, which is one of the most unique blockchain technology use cases seen in the world. In this article, we will discuss how our blockchain Market Research Network works from a technical perspective, and how this technology can improve data quality, reduce costs, reduce fraud, and empower data creators.Next, we will focus on some of the most common problems in the traditional market research industry. Since the birth of the Internet, there has been no innovative standard practice in the traditional market research industry.Problem: low quality users. Unconfirmed false data. The traditional panel only allows users to register and select demographic information. We call it personal data value (age, gender, income level, number of children, pet owner, etc.). IP address detection is the basis for deciding whether to allow consumers to participate in the survey. In some cases, a method called "river sampling" is used to conduct real-time surveys of respondents. In this method, anyone who visits the survey link will begin to be screened for demographic questions and enter the relevant surveys (if available). This will lead to a poor user experience, which we will discuss in another article on this blog.Solution: verify the blockchain account. The submitted value is assigned to the install blockchain account as a hash value after verification. The insights network blockchain authentication account is assigned a hash value, allowing the account to participate in the smart contract. The identity is verified by a third-party authentication partner, and the value of the profile is submitted as an unexplained hash value, so it is impossible to know what value is assigned to each user. We use our patent application zero knowledge proof authentication scheme as a filter to ensure that authentication partners cannot track the documents they are validating. The technology we are applying for patent will be published and disclosed in detail before the end of 2019. Next, you will see the account verification record that occurs in real time and recorded on the blockchain. In this example, the account "fbtiezh3sty4" has received the authentication credentials assigned to its account and submitted to the install blockchain as "commit".Install blockchain record of the validated profile value submitted to the blockchain accountProblem: poor user experience. When conducting the survey on the traditional market research platform, a method called "river sampling" is adopted to conduct real-time survey on the respondents. In this method, anyone who visits the link will begin to be screened for demographic questions and guided to the relevant survey (if any). This leads to a bad user experience, and users constantly jump out of the survey in the process of accepting the survey. This is a waste of investigators' time and creates great frustration among the team members, resulting in a low retention rate of the team. For example, a requester can set a condition that only men aged 30-40 who drive a white car, own a dog and have mortgage debt are eligible to participate in the survey. Instead of predetermining these values before service users, they ask them when investigators conduct surveys. Some surveys may take 45 minutes to complete. Imagine that you spent 25 minutes completing a survey, but when they asked you if you had a pet and you said no, you were rejected. What would you think. This happened to most respondents.Solution: determine the "match" in advance before providing users with investigation opportunities. Through the smart contract on the install blockchain, you can find the value of the blockchain account submitted to each user and the local storage of the encryption profile value on the user's device. Every time a survey opportunity is created and funded, it enters the insights network data exchange smart contract. The contract then polls each device connected to the network for a device that matches the requested survey. The same selection criteria as traditional market research products can be set by the requester, but it does not allow anyone on the local IP address to access the survey - just to pop up unqualified participants afterwards - the smart contract searches for active devices on the network and only shows the survey opportunities to providers who meet the exact criteria specified by the requester. We use the so-called disconnection circuit to calculate the encryption profile value of each user to determine the "match". During the matching process, encrypted data polled for eligible demographic data will never be decrypted - giving users complete control over the visibility of their data. Here is how to record a match on the blockchain:Complete the "matched" install blockchain recordOnce a match is determined, the provider can see an investigation opportunity. Users can view the compensation provided for completing the survey, the personal data requested and the submitted data, and agree when exchanging personal data and responding to the survey. The submitted answer cannot be represented by a hash value.Install blockchain record for data exchangeQuestion: can you really believe these data? Most panel companies that complete the brand survey sample provide data sets to brands in an opaque situation. Previously, the industry has been plagued by the sharing of personally identifiable information (also known as "PII"). However, with the introduction of the general data protection regulation (gdpr) by the European Union (EU), this system has undergone major adjustments. It is illegal to collect consumers' personal identity information and sell it to a third party without consumers' consent. If the PII of consumers cannot be shared, it is more difficult to provide accurate information about the surveyed users. Nevertheless, most online panel companies have completely unauthenticated user databases, and trust in people is the only determinant of data quality.Solution: the blockchain can verify the transaction ID. When running an example on the insights network, the blockchain transaction ID is associated with each respondent. This creates audit trails that are not available in the current market research industry. There is now a clear record of team members' submissions and the relevant summary values of each team member. In addition to transparency, these transaction IDS can also be used as your consent records, that is, the consumers you investigate and exchange data agree to the data exchange you pay for them. Some gdpr laws require applicants to keep records of subjects' consent. Using the insights network, this feature is built-in to the end-to-end experience.The following is a screenshot of the data export of a survey recently launched by insight networ. As the requester, this is the data you paid and the data you received. As an additional feature, insights network uses one-time pad encryption for all data you purchase. This means that insights network cannot pry into the data set you pay as a requester. After you export the data, this is the only time you can export the data.Results of a survey sponsored by insights network on the popular cryptocurrency chainlinkProblem: slow invoicing and long revenue turnover time. At present, the invoicing time of the market research industry needs at least 60-90 days, and a brand can pay the expenses of researchers. This means that team members also have to wait for their bonus. The core reason is the lack of high-quality data and deceptive survey responses that need to be evaluated and filtered from the final data set. This may take several weeks for the brand to comb through the data and determine which data sets are available and which are false. This is a particularly painful experience for group companies because they are waiting for feedback from the brand. Basically, the brand tells them how much they will get from the data set provided by group members.Solution: early data verification and smart contract payment data exchange. As mentioned in this article, the verification of profile values, matching on blockchain and smart contract governance create a more efficient and high-quality end-to-end experience. The last thing to record is the payment scheme. Because surveys can be provided to pre-determined, pre validated audiences, payments occur immediately and are subject to smart contracts. Install cryptocurrency provides funds for the smart contract according to the budget determined by the requester, and pays the provider with blockchain transaction immediately after the provider submits and agrees to the data exchange. The following is the transaction ID of the data exchange smart contract paid to the provider who completed and agreed to exchange in the network.Blockchain transaction ID of payment data exchangeCryptocurrency payments on the blockchain and install blockchain are borderless and can be sent to anyone around the world within 1 second. It also opens up access to emerging markets that were previously inaccessible due to the collapse of their banking systems.Development prospectAt present, we are running the survey sample on the install blockchain network as the first use case of insights network. This technology has unlimited scalability, can safely verify data, and communicate privately on the network in a transparent record, such as sending bitcoin payment to friends. Some future use cases we are dealing with include releasing previously unavailable data exchange / sharing opportunities, such as nuclear power plant data exchange, PII involving Enterprise Market Research (Q4) using secret state data prediction, and simpler use cases, such as receipt data exchange and micro customer experience survey. The most beautiful aspect of blockchain technology is the global cooperation opportunities it provides.Source: blocknet
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Two Attitudes Towards Hydrogen Fuel Cells at Home and Abroad
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