What Is an Led Mr16 Bulb Connector?

LED Mr16 Bulbs Connector specially design for the spotlight, which help to connect socket

1. Light bulb help! anybody know a light bulb that does not give off a yellow aura? ?

If you want a bright white light, look for a compact flurorescent with a Kelvin rating of 5000 or more. I can guarantee you they are very white. It can be difficult to find this rating on the package and some packaging does not even give it, but look for a 4 digit number with a K after it on the package or on the bulb itself. 2700k to 3000k is about what a usual incandescent bulb is, really quite yellow. I have some 6500k CFLs and they are blindingly white. They are Philips Mini-Twisters and the K number is just above the product code bars on the bottom of the box. They are described as "daylight" and that's the description you want for white light, in CFLs or incandescents. It seems like CFLs are more likely to show the Kelvin rating. Some incandescents do not show it anywhere, not even on the manufacturer's websites

2. You have 12V, 9V, 6V, and 3V batteries and a bulbs of 10Ω. If you will connect this bulb in turns to each of?

12 volt would light it the brightest at 1.2 amps

3. how do you grow an onion from the bulb?

yeah but put em someplace you dont mind the oder cause they will smell like onion while they are growing!

4. Why is the light bulb a symbol of a good idea?

Because good ideas are "bright" ideas. Light bulbs are bright. Get it?

5. Is the longest burning light bulb still shining today?

Anyone who looks at this little light bulb may think that it's simply a dimmed-out, ordinary lamp from a few years back, but it has a long story.The "Centennial Light", an old, carbon-filament incandescent light bulb located in the city of Livermore, California, first turned on in 1901 (more than 110 years ago) and is still operating in this day and age. It has only been turned off a few times. The light was originally a 30-watt or a 60-watt bulb, but over years the light has degraded and become increasingly dim. The light it puts out is now equal to a 4-watt nightlight.Today, the lamp is located at the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department at 4550 East Avenue, maintained by the staff at the station, but it has not always been there. According to some evidence, it was originally hung in a hose cart house on a city street, and it was relocated a number of times before ending up at the fire station in 1976. In 1972, the bulb was noted by local reporter Mike Dunstan. He interviewed a number of people who lived near the area their whole lives, and claimed in a newspaper report that it may be the "oldest light bulb in the world". The bulb's longevity has been celebrated a number of times. In 2001, the bulb turned 100 years old since installation, an occasion which was celebrated by the Livermore community. Every now and then, the story of the bulb is picked up and reported by a major news outlet. FootnotesCentennial Light - WikipediaIs the longest burning light bulb still shining today?

6. Is there a heat-less light bulb for aquariums?

Yes,LED lighting

7. Is there really a light bulb that saves energy?

The bulbs you want are halogen bulbs there not that much more expensive than regular bulbs and save a lot of money and also save the environment by making less CO2. There easy to change just like a regular bulb. Good Luck :)

8. [Atheist] Do you consider the light bulb as magic?

I would be more impressed by the working time machine. I imagine Sir Humphry would be quite amazed too, and would probably forget all about his light bulb. Then Sir Humphry and I would jump back in the time machine and go visit Jesus, where I would record everything he said and did on my phone. Then I would travel back to the present, upload it on Youtube and hopefully put an end to centuries of silly arguing.

9. How was The light bulb made?

see the sites 1.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incandescent_light_bulb - 123k - 6 Apr 2007 2.au/science/k2/moments/s1523482.htm - 20k 3.invsee.asu.edu/Modules/lightbulb/meathist.htm - 3k

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