What Is Einstein's Theory of Relativity in Simple Words and What Are the Major Implications of the S

There are two principles of special relativity-

1) Speed of light is same in all the frames of reference

2) Principles of physics are same in all the frames of reference

This, you will understand after solving the math that, means any object moves at the same velocity in four dimensions in all the frames of reference.

According to general relativity the freefall state is the ideal state of any system. Any other state is a deviation from ideal. This is mainly a theory of gravity using relativity.

The major implication of special relativity are causality relations, simultaneity of two event, change of mass, time, lenght etc.

The imlications of general relativity are space-time curvature, black hole etc.

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How can Azula bend lightning in the final battle between her and Zuko if she wasn't stable? Didn't Iroh comment that lightning required peace of the mind?

Azula has never had peace of the mind. Being mentally unstable is kinda her thing.So perhaps Iroh was wrong.Or perhaps half-right - perhaps what is required is extreme focus, not peace. And one possible way of achieving that focus could be through mental calm or peace, but it could potentially also be achieved in other ways, too - Azula may be unstable, but she is also highly driven, motivated....

.and focussed.

Iroh may have even known that lightning could be bent through focus achieved multiple ways - by peace, or by motivated drive. But perhaps he wanted Zuko to learn the 'good' way, and to steer him away from the 'dark side' path


Why does the American presidency alternate between Republicans and Democrats?

Because both partys are self-interested franchised corporations registered in D.C. and both are equally self-centric and self-absorbed with procuring power for themselves by promising stuff with little intention of delivering or paying for stuff Most voters just want stuff and dont care how or who pays for their stuffThis is why the wise Ben Franklin stated, Madam, weve given you a Republic - if you can keep itBTW, this is why we pledge alligence to the Republic and not to the Democracy - The Founders (learned students of history) understood that democracies over time eventually morph into mobocracies, where the 51% majority (mob) votes to get their free stuff from the remaining 49% who are otherwise defenselessRepublics allow the 49% minority to resist mob tyranny


Who is responsible for India's GDP growth rate slumping to 5%?

All the factors across the globe and internal factors are equally responsible.First factor is global second is black market economy.Now the global due to trade war between china and USA. Thier are ripples of protectionism is spreading every where every country is trying to put barriers on trade to some extent. And the second factor is collapse of total black market economy. In India after demonetization thier is no hording of foodstuffs at that extent we have seen before so naturally thier is no market for upside. So no extra cash is being created at the root levels agriculture( farmers are not getting good price even to cover thier labourers) so thier would naturally be effect on us at higher position of pyramid in urban areas.Recession comes after every 8,16 or 24 years we should not be afraid of it


What should be my daily routine in order to crack SSB?

SSB INTERVIEW is one of the most toughest interview of the world in order to clear SSB you need to prepare well for it.FOR KNOWING HOW TO PREPARE FOR SSB READ Sandeep Yadav's answer to What is the best way to prepare for SSB? .Talking about your daily routine in order to clear SSB simply do all you work with full dedication. Get up early in the morning do exercise,take healthy diet,study well,keep yourself updated with current affairs,indulge in sports activity, hangout with friends and sleep well.most important part is that you must be satisfied with your routine there should not be this case that every night when you go to bed and think about your day you realizes that you wasted most of your time.thank you


Why wasn't Kaiser Wilhelm II punished for his involvement in World War I?

Because he was, in the end, no more guilty than the leaders of Britain and France. They still wanted him punished, they had their claims, but the whole thing just died down after a while, and nobody wanted to push it too far. After all, it could be their necks just as well as his.

I believe it was a farce to appease the people who wanted SOMEONE to take the blame. Hang a few people, let them take the blame and people will feel some closure. Basic Machiavellian tactics, but there was no real cause to punish anyone. Sometimes people call for blood, and it entertains them to see people die, and they can get difficult if they dont get what they want.An effort was made, it took a long time, and people forgot about it, and then no one cared anymore


Have you ever had a near death experience where you saw any of your pets that had died?

I never had a near death experience, but I believe the spirits of pets remain with us. After our first Cocker Spaniel died, we brought home a new Cocker puppy.I wasn't long before she would be in the kitchen, growling. I went to investigate, and could not see or find anything she was growling at. I tried to move her forward with the side of my foot, but she had all four "brakes" locked up, and absolutely refused to budge.When she did this, she always sat in the same spot on the kitchen floor, looking in the same direction. Her food and treats (actually of both dogs) were always kept in the kitchen. I wondered if she sensed the spirit of our deceased dog


Is there anyone that knows C better than Bjarne Stroustrup?

It is not a feature of the language that it is so complicated that Stroustrup only understands the language 70% (as someone here said). In fact, that is FRIGHTENING!A programming language should be well understood and have very tight paradigms. If it does not a whole lot of hard-to-track-down bugs will result. Language design should be precise and the result of precision. C is anything but an exercise in how not to design languages.But computation is very powerful. Thus any Turing complete language such as C, but most other languages is very powerful. Many people mistake this for C itself being powerful. But a language that allows developers to fall into so many traps, because it is the kitchen sink of languages is in fact a really weak language


Which one should I buy: a plasma TV, an LCD TV or an LED TV? Why?

First, theres really no difference between an LED TV and an LCD TV - LED TV is a term that was dreamed up by someone's marketing department to distinguish an LCD product with an LED backlight, but basically all TVs use LED-lit panels these days. So the choice is between LCD and plasma - if you can even find a plasma TV any more. The technology is on the edge of being obsolete, and manufacturers have pretty much abandoned it. Plasma displays are heavy, not capable of achieving high resolution (in the proper sense of pixels per inch), and in general have little if any performance advantage remaining vs. LCDs.True LED TVs are coming, in the form of OLEDs and possibly even inorganic LED screens, but neither is a significant part of the market at present


How did Vikings train for battles?

Vikings were Viking-era (8.-11. centuries) seaborne raiders that came from many walks of life, some indeed were warriors and chiefs, but many were ordinary folk and ambitious young men seeking wealth and glory.Norse peoples of the time were very fond of competitions in running, swimming and wrestling among other things, which provided a good incentive to stay in good shape.Life was pretty rough those times, and everyone had to have atleast some ability to fight back if attacked, for attacks from either outlaws, raiders or enemies were not a rare occurrence.

There are not much source touching the topic of training for combat. For most, however, there probably was no formal training in fighting, and most was learned from experience and perhaps some guidance and advice from elders


What important things did Neil Kinnock as Leader of the Labour Party, 1983 - 1992?

Hahahaha....lol, absolutely nothing at all! He was useless, dreadful fellow. And now, like all good socialists, he has his snout in the EU trough. He got his appalling wife a nice cushy EU job and his effete son a job too! Great socialist meritocracy for you. They dislike the royal family dynasty but are happy to replicate it themselves. True hypocrate left wingers. Some are definitely more equal than others!The EU accounts haven't been signed off for over 10 years as the institution is so amazingly corrupt, makes Zimbabwe look like amateurs. Kinnokio promised us 'root and branch reform' and his team promised to resign, but the lure of the filthy EU lucre is too great for him and his enobled family to resist, so they stay put.

Disgusting man, a charlatan.


Why didn't Bulgaria become part of Yugoslavia?

It is not that complicated. After WWII there were very high possibility for this to happen. Part of Stalin's plan for the Balkans was to make the relations between Bulgaria and Yugoslavia relaxed and even friendly. The only way to do that is macedonia. The long lasting problem between the two countries. The plan was to create a united macedonia, within a slavic federation. Tito insisted from Bulgaria to surrender Pirin Macedonia to Yugoslavia, and later to join the union as well. This is as close is it gets for this union to becom realty. The relations between Tito and Stalin whent from bad to wors in a very short time. Pirin Macedonia reman in Bulgaria, and the country never whent in more serious talks. Only one meeting was documented between Tito, and members of Bulgarian Communist Party.


What happened to the handlers of 26/11 Mumbai attacks?

Post 2611, the UN and India pressurized Pakistan to carry out raids on Lashkar's prime locations, when Pakistan carried out the raid they found Zakir Ul Lakhvi, who was the identified handler of the group that caused havoc in Mumbai.Pakistan arrested him but however he was kept in a luxury prison, where he was given the facility of the using the internet and if I am not wrong he also got married WHILE he was serving his prison sentence.Edit 1Zakir Ur Lakhvi tried to get a bail but it was rejected by both Pakistani high Court and supreme court maybe as a sign of helping India or maybe due to the fact that the plea came right after Peshawar attack.

Good Job Pakistan !Hope this serves.


What is so attractive about Draco Malfoy?

Well, I am not a Malfoy fan, but I can think of three traits that a proper pureblood or even halfblood girl of Slytherine house or of Ravenclaw (other houses are less likely) might find attractive about him:His family is rich, pure-blooded and powerful;He is pretty good-looking, with that blond hair and nice eyes, and far more intelligent and refined than such clutches like,say, Crabb and Goyle;And finally, after his unfortunate dabbling with the Death Eaters in his sixth year in Hogwarts, and the events of that wizarding war, he developed some sense and some signs of a conciousness, top, and is unlikely to run blindly after the next budding dark lord ever again, like his daddy Lucius did in his time.So,I think he may make a pretty attractive bachelor, if you are a girl of Slytherine (or Ravenclaw, for that matter)


Was bombing Japan with nuclear weapons during WWII a means of preventing a larger loss of life? Did the US have other options to stop Japan, such as assassination and/or focusing attacks on key locations?

Yes the bombing was nessisary. It was either whipe two cities and their whole population off the map. Or suffer an estimated 1million allied casuties and around 6million Japanese, both military and civillian casuties. Op to that point the Japanese had proven that their soldiers would fight to the death. Literally. The imperial Japanese government were even putting out the propaganda of the glorious death of 100 thousand. They massed all sorts of weapons. Single shot rifles along with military standard Arisakas, and and all pistol designs. Wooden kamakazi boats and planes. Anti tank sticks. Anti tank suicide vests. Knifes and bayonets. Guntos. Hell, even sharpened bamboo sticks. While the Americans made over a million purple hearts. They haven't had to make new ones all the way up until the end of the iraq war

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Solar Powered Led Street Light with Intensity Control Ppt
High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps, often High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps are being replaced by more low powered Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps. A basic solar powered LED street light system components are: 1. Solar Panel or Photovoltaic Module 2. Lighting Fixture - LED lamp set 3. Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery (Usually Li-Ion battery) 4. Solar Charge Controller 5. Device in solar LED street light system The solar street lighting system consists of many sections. In this chapter, only the Solar panel, the Battery, the Controller and the Led lights are briefly introduced. 2.1 Solar panel 2.1.1 Working principle The Photovoltaic (PV) cell is composed of at least two layers of the semiconductors road rehabilitation of 120 poles sm 08 double arm solar street light seming lightings on katsina-ala bridge. rehabilitation of street lights on makurdi bridge at makurdi. cross river state. dualisation of odukpani - itu - ikot ekpene road in cross river 9.7 km/ akwa ibom state with a spur to ididep 12.2 km. gully erosion control project at eastern naval command headquarters• You May Also Want to Know5 Reasons to Install Best Led Street Light FixturesIn today's market, there is tough competition due to technology and innovation. Like, we can see the upgrading of LED street lights from simple street lights. It all happens because everyone now wants to take the benefit of technology. It is worth to use new lighting choices as they provide environmental benefits as well as save energy and cost. LEDs are now using in various fields of life, e.g., Here, in this article, I am going to share 5 reasons to install LED street lights. The LED street light fixtures use less electricity and hence less energy than incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and other street lightings. Only 5% of energy is convert into heat in LED's, and rest is used to generate light. LED's are perfect to use in building, restaurant and manufacturing industries that can get hot quickly as it reduced energy consumption. These lights emit less heat. Thus, less demand on cooling systems and this makes LED's a safer and cost-friendly option. The LED street lights have a longer lifespan, almost 5 times more than fluorescent bulbs and other street light technologies. Now, you do not need to change fluorescent bulbs regularly. LED's have a superior quality system embedded that can even last up to 100,000 hours. In addition to quality, LED's do not have a filament, due to which they are very durable and stay for a longer time. The LED street light cost has been reduced due to more technology and high competition. Now, they are readily available in the price of fluorescent bulbs and simple street lights, thus making them affordable. The LED street light fixtures also use less energy and convert into 80% of energy. Thus, a slight decrease in your monthly bill and result will be the save of money. The LED street light fixtures are best environment-friendly; they contain no toxic material or mercury. This quality makes them safe to use in homes and offices, and it also helps to reduce toxic when they are disposed of. Installing LED's means to be lowered the toxic in your environment and less waste of packing and transportation too as these two industries are also associated with LEDs. 5. No need for repairing or maintenance Our best LED street light fixtures are a huge time saver as they do not require repairing or maintenance. Unlike fluorescent bulbs that abruptly fail anytime but LED's does not stop working suddenly thus save money on repair and maintenance. If you are planning to install LED street lights, then various options are available in the physical market and online stores. Whether you have a new office or a building for which you are making an installation. You need to do a little bit of research about the quality, offers, design or guarantee before buying LED street lights.What is The Advantage of Solar LED Street Light? - BlogWith the rapid development in science and technology, solar energy PV products are getting more popular, for example : solar charger, solar generator, solar water heater and solar led street light, ect. In all the different sorts of solar energy products, I think that you will not be strange to solar led street light because solar led street lights are so common nowadays . so what is the advantage of solar led street light? Because solar led street lights do not require any moving parts, they only need to receive sunlight and convert them into electricity. plus solar street light is uneasy to damage and do not need to maintain, so it has a low running cost. Solar LED street light's biggest advantage is energy conservation and environmental protection. Solar led street light utilized solar panel for producing electric power. Solar panel absorbs the sunlight and converts solar energy into electrical energy stored in batteries during the day. The battery provides electricity to the solar led street light at night. It is a kind of energy-saving environmental friendly product because solar power will not produce any waste, pollution, noise and radiation. Thirdly: Easy Installation Traditional street lights need to frame power lined and dig the ground. Solar led street lights only need to fix the lighting fixture and solar panel. it did not need a lot of labor forces and material resources. You may have heard the traditional street light is not very bright and the battery explode. Solar led street lights wo not make you worry like this. its led light source is brighter than traditional street light. Solar led street light is safe and reliable compared with traditional street lights. Solar led street lights do not cause accidents such as electric shock or fire. Solar led street lights are ideal green energy product, and the use of solar street lights will give you a sense of green image and improve our living standards. Solar led street light is more popular than traditional street light.What to Expect from LED Street Light Projects in the Coming Year - Great Basin Lighting, Inc.Municipalities are Making The Smart Choice For LED Lighting Projects The year 2020 is shaping up to be a big one for LEDs in general and LED roadway lighting in particular. This post takes a look at the reasons LED street light projects have been trending upward in popularity and will likely continue to do so in 2020. According to the LED manufacturer GE Current, LEDs use roughly half as much energy as traditional light sources such as halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs. Additionally, because LEDs can be much more precisely aimed, there is less light-and therefore energy-wasted by bulbs that spray light in useless directions. These factors mean that in 2020 and beyond, LED street lighting can help municipalities cut down on their energy usage. Another advantage of LED street lighting is that they last much longer than old-school lighting solutions. According to one figure cited on HowStuffWorks, an LED light can enjoy a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. For comparison's sake, a calendar year has 8,760 hours in it. The end result for LED street lighting is that cities can spend less money and maintenance crews can spend less time on changing bulbs. Smart LED street lighting is becoming more widespread in different cities, with great results. For instance, intelligent sensors can augment the efficiency of LED lights by turning them off when they are not needed. This can lead to huge cost savings for cities, some of which spend 50 percent of their annual energy budget on street lighting, according to Dan Evans of LEDs Magazine. Traditional light sources are actually fairly bad at creating light but great at creating heat: According to GE Current, for example, incandescent lamps convert less than 10 percent of the power they use into light. The rest of the power is wasted as "infrared (IR) or radiated heat." This can create a burning hazard. LEDs meanwhile, do not pose such a threat. The selling points of practical and decorative LED street lighting have convinced many cities to make the switch. For instance, Rochester recently passed a budget that included a plan to fully convert the city's streetlights to LED technology in 2020, per the Med City Beat. Expect more cities to follow. For Municipal LED Street Lighting in California or Nevada, Contact Great Basin Lighting Contact the professionals at Great Basin Lighting, a west coast outdoor LED lighting company, about how smart cell poles and municipal LED lighting projects can impact and improve everyday living.How do I control the brightness of an LED street lightNot going to work. LED emitters themselves are inherently constant-current devices. However, the street light is probably a packaged commercial product, designed to accept a constant voltage, and it includes a constant-current power supply. These are usually switch mode, which tend to be inherently multi-voltage, because when they see a lower voltage, they simply hold the switch open for a bit longer, which draws more current. Aside from working on world-market AC power (i.e. 100V Japan through 277V USA 3-phase), this also gives them a natural ability to ride through brownouts at full brightness. It probably has some some capacitors too, to get across those AC zero-crossings without shimmering the LED (which annoys people in motion relative to a point light source, some car taillights do this. ) So, as you dim it by messing with its voltage, it's just chopping harder and pulling more current to stay at full brightness. It will never work. You need to disassemble the light and replace the power supply with one that is friendly to dimmingLED street light power?LEDs are solid state lighting devices that utilize semiconductor material instead of a filament or neon gas. An LED light is a tiny chip encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure, which makes LEDs far sturdier than traditional incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Since LEDs don't use fragile components such as glass and filaments, LEDs are able to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperature. The LED method of producing light loses far less energy to heat than do other lighting technologies. It's dramatically more efficient than the vacuum/filament method used in incandescent bulbs -- sometimes around 85 percent more efficient.GS Yuasa's LED Street Light Lamp "LEGA:LAMP-R" Wins Prize at 2019 Energy Conservation Grand Prize EventGS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674; "GS Yuasa") has been awarded the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Commissioner's Prize in the Product & Business Model Category for its LEGA:LAMP-R street light LED lamp at the Energy Conservation Grand Prize event hosted by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan. The LEGA:LAMP-R is the first LED lamp in the industry to conform to the various Japanese government standards for lamps used in street lights. Up until now it has been standard practice for street light fittings to be replaced when installing new LED lighting. GS Yuasa has made the installation of LED street lighting simpler and more affordable by successfully developing a product that can be installed in existing road lighting fittings and poles but still satisfies stringent standards on light intensity, longevity, brightness, evenness, and glare. The product can also be replaced in the same manner as conventional lamps and facilitates reductions in power consumption of at least 50% compared to energy-saving lamps like high-pressure sodium-vapor lights. The LEGA:LAMP-R also helps to cut down on waste material created during the replacement process because existing light fittings can be used. • The first LED lamp in the industry to conform to Japan's various street lighting standards and specifications. • Highly economical and long-lasting: Boasts a rated life of 60,000 hours (lumen maintenance factor of 80%). • Expected to contribute to the 3R Promotion Campaign, by helping to reduce light fitting wastage because existing road lighting fittings can be reused. This marks the second time GS Yuasa has received a prize at the Energy Conservation Grand Prize event. The first time was in 2001 when the company was awarded the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize for ECO-CERA, a high-color rendering, long-life, high-efficiency GS ceramic-metal-halide lamp. GS Yuasa recognizes that climate change driven by global warming is a significant issue facing society. The company will make every effort to help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by society at large by continuing to provide lighting that harnesses the company's energy-saving technologies. *About the Energy Conservation Grand Prize event The Energy Conservation Grand Prize event is an opportunity to broadly share information about companies in Japan that are doing their part to advance energy conservation, as well as the activities of companies that have developed products or business models that attain high levels of energy efficiency. The event is aimed at recognizing companies' outstanding energy conservation initiatives, raising awareness about energy saving, facilitating more wide-spread use of energy-saving products, and contributing to the development of the energy conservation industry and the formation of a low-energy economy.
One Thing You Can Learn in 2 Minutes That Will Be Useful for the Rest of Your Life
In 430 BC, the second year of the Peloponnesian War, Greek general led a fleet of over 100 ships towards the enemy island.As they were charging ahead at full speed, suddenly, a solar eclipse cast the entire fleet into darkness.Unaware of the scientific nature of this unexpected and shocking event, panic befell the soldiers and sailors. But not .He took off his black cloak, walked to the navigator of his ship, held it around his head and asked the man: Are you afraid of what you see?Looking at nothing but a piece of black cloththe man replied: No, of course not! countered: So what does it matter, if the cause of the darkness is a different one?When we dont understand something, our minds conjure the wildest, most sinister and dismal explanations. The result is fear and fear leads to bad decisions.But when we question our own perspective, we find we can often explain the fear away.Perspective is everything.The beauty in that is were free to change our perspective at any second.We can choose to try different angles of looking at any situation, to break it down into its parts, to look past it, around it or through it, until we find the perspective we need to move forward.Man does not simply exist but always decides what his existence will be, what he will become the next moment. By the same token, every human being has the freedom to change at any instant.Viktor FranklIf you pause for a moment to remember this story, itll be useful for the rest of your life.I myself first learned it from Ryan Holidays book, The Obstacle Is The Way, for which I wrote a summary here.This article started as an answer on quora.com·RELATED QUESTIONHow to make a green LED as visually bright as a 0 magnitude star?This is not a full answer, as I don't know how to compare an led with a candle, and I am not sure than the "answer" makes sense, even in rough estimate terms. Please just treat it as background and I will then delete it. Candle Study AbstractUsing CCD observations of a candle flame situated at a distance of 338 m and calibrated with observations of Vega, we show that a candle flame situated at 2.6 km (1.6 miles) is comparable in brightness to a 6th magnitude star with the spectral energy distribution of Vega. The human eye cannot detect a candle flame at 10 miles or further, as some statements on the web suggest.Wikipedia says, as you already know:A magnitude 1 star is exactly a hundred times brighter than a magnitude 6 star, as the difference of five magnitude steps corresponds to $(2.512)^5$or 100. But this does not make much sense either, especially when you go up another magnitude scale to mag 0.Comparing units of light power brings us back to the dark ages (sorry). One candlepower is the radiating power of a light with the intensity of one candle. This unit is considered obsolete as it was replaced by the candela in 1948, though it is still in common use. 1 candlepower is equal to about 0.981 candela. candelaThe standard unit for measuring the intensity of light. The candela is defined to be the luminous intensity of a light source producing single-frequency light at a frequency of 540 terahertz (THz) with a power of 1/683 watt per steradian, or 18.3988 milliwatts over a complete sphere centered at the light source.
What Are the Advantages of LED Street Lamps in Street Lamp Applications
The LED street lamp with a special light design is used on the street lamp to offset the light-emitting angle of the street lamp and improve the utilization rate of roadside lighting. According to the rectangular spot with the aspect ratio of 2:1, the adjacent spot There is no shadow between them, and a bright uniform light band is formed on the road surface, which makes the lighting design of the current traffic road more consistent. Without increasing the height of the lamp post, it can meet a wide enough lighting range and improve the lighting of the street lamp. Efficiency reduces the lighting power density of the road. Therefore, high-power LED street lamps used for energy saving and environmental protection are used as road lighting. Compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, they have incomparable advantages: 1. Low maintenance cost of LED street lights: Compared with traditional street lights, the maintenance cost of LED street lights is extremely low. After comparison, all input costs can be recovered in less than 6 years. The LED street lamp has an automatic control energy-saving device, which can achieve the greatest possible reduction in power and energy saving under the condition of meeting the lighting requirements of different periods. It can realize computer dimming, time period control, light control, temperature control, automatic inspection and other humanized functions. With the rapid growth of the national economy, the contradiction between my country's energy supply and demand has become increasingly prominent. There is a serious shortage of power supply, and energy conservation is an urgent problem to be solved. Therefore, the development of a new type of high-efficiency, energy-saving, long-life, high color rendering index, and environmentally friendly LED street lamps is of great significance to the energy saving of urban lighting. The lighting mechanism is different. Since the LED street lamp is a semiconductor device, its effective life can reach 50,000 hours (that is, the light attenuation is less than 30% after 50,000 hours), which is much higher than that of sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. (Their life is about one hour). ). 2. Since the LED street lamp is a semiconductor material, non-filament and other additional materials, the LED street lamp has good impact resistance. 3. The color rendering index of LED street light sources can reach above 80, which is closer to natural light. In this case, the human eye can distinguish things more easily and is conducive to driving safety. The color rendering index of high-pressure sodium lamps is only 200.4. Traditional gas discharge lamps, such as high-pressure sodium lamps, have a preheating process when they are started, which not only wastes energy, but also is not conducive to intelligent control. Due to the essential difference of LED street light sources, there is no'start time' issue. It can work normally after power-on, and it is very convenient to realize intelligent energy-saving control. 5. Since traditional street light sources use mercury vapor light-emitting mechanism, the disposal of waste light sources is also an urgent problem to be solved in the world. At the same time, the light-emitting mechanism of the traditional light source determines that it emits ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the human body. The LED street light source is solid-state lighting, does not contain harmful substances such as mercury, does not emit ultraviolet radiation, and is an environmentally friendly light source. 6. In the optical system, the traditional street light source is omnidirectional, half of the light is reflected by the reflector, and the reflector is used to absorb part of the light, so the light loss is relatively large. Because the street lamp is one-way, the utilization rate of lighting and light is higher than that of the traditional street lamp. 7. The distribution curve of traditional street lamps is determined by the reflector, which has certain limitations. The LED street light source is a distributed light source. Through the design of each light source, the light source of the lamp can display an ideal batwing. By reasonably controlling the light distribution, the road point is rectangular, and higher light can be obtained within the effective illumination range. . Uniformity of illuminance. 8. More perfect automatic control (optional): different brightness can be set according to the needs of different time periods to further improve the energy-saving effect. If it is bright at 7 o'clock in the evening, it is 200W. When it was 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, the brightness was very low. It is automatically adjusted to 100W, which can also save 60W of electricity.I want light controlled by one switch, not twoThe picture with the wires showing where there are 2 red and 2 white wire look like you had a 4-way switch there meaning there is actually 3 locations where the switches shut off the lights. If you splice together the 2 whites under one wirenut and the 2 red under another wire nut that will take the switch out of the picture. Then you can go to the other location and splice the wire that is on the black screw with one of the wires that is on the screw above either the red traveler or the white traveler. That will take the other switch out of the picture also leaving the last 3-way there
What Are the Pros and Cons of Energy Saving Light Bulbs?
i ought to provide you with experts and cons, yet your question requested for a third important factor. perchance that ought to nicely be "What the way ahead for bulbs sounds like". i am no longer an expert, inspite of the undeniable fact that it form of feels to me the technologies for LED lights is catching up quick. perchance analyze on that and different destiny developments should be informative. As for a catchy intro... it really is somewhat problematical no longer understanding your target market and what ought to drawn them in. yet i imagine each and every human being is fascinated contained in the large image first, so perchance electricity use by using u . s . a . , then ruin that down into kinds of electricity use by using residing house equipment, and then on to gentle bulbs. and perchance then pass into capacity mark downs if each and every human being in that u . s . a . switched, and what number have switched1. do led lights have that blue glow?Take the bulb you have to the hardware store with you and get them to match it2. I know this is crazy but there is a static noise from my PC speakers when the switch to on the light in my room is flipped??? Like WTF!?If you have a compact fluorescent light bulb then these have some electronics in them that can cause interference. This may also be the case with LED lights although I do not have any experience with these. You might want to try changing your light bulb with one from another room and see what happens.3. What power source should i use to wire 250 led lights?So you will have 250 branches, each branch having a current limiting resistor and the led. There will be 20 ma per branch, so 5 amps total current. In each branch, the led will have 3.3v across it (that's higher than I would have expected, but if that's what the data sheet says ...), so if each branch has 5v across it, the resistor needs to drop 1.7v. With 20 ma thru the branch, the resistor needs to be R = E/I = 1.7v / .02 amps So R = 85 Ohms. Some chargers are more intelligent than just acting as a voltage source capable of a certain current. Many provide optimum charging characteristics for the battery it's made for. If you could experiment putting a few resistors across your BlackBerry phone charger and verify that the current follows Ohm's Law for a 5v source, then go for it.4. do infrared led lights reverse the signs of aging?Would'nt think so.Cosmetic companies market all sort of creams and lotions for this purpose.Make up is still the best camouflage5. want to install new led lights but they have aluminum wires , can i join to copper wiring with merrits?Although I doubt you have aluminum wiring in a new device (probably tinned copper). You can join aluminum wire to copper wire with alumiconns. These are special wire nuts that have a special jell inside and these are 1 use only (alumiconns are usually purple or the 2 brands I have used are purple) for example the box I have on the shelf is ideal brand Twister AL/CU, these are listed for aluminum to copper wire connections. Regular wire nuts create a fire hazard with copper to aluminum connections so it can or needs to be done with alumiconns. I would bet you have tinned stranded wire coming from the new fixture. If you take a knife and scrape the wires there will s probably copper under the tin. If copper under the tin you can just use a standard wire it that is the correct size for the wire.6. How quickly does a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor get from 0-60?Not fast enough, lol. The Crown Vic was the work horse of police agencies across the country and in many others for a long time not so much for its powerful acceleration rate (sarcasm) but rather because it had the right mix of useful attributes. It had a large body, good trunk space, could fit two semi average size officers in the front seat with gear (it could get tight), the V8 engine was big and powerful enough for high speeds and it was durable. Of course this was off the assembly line. In the old days prior to LED lights an extra battery and heavy duty alternator needed to be installed, those along with all manner of other gear (trunk safe, VHS tape deck in the old days), stop sticks, emergency kits and a mess of other stuff) weighed down the car substantially. It was funny to get a new car, take it to the shop that installed all this gear and watch it sink lower as it went in. Additionally, prior to the new LED light bars, the big old light bars created massive drag at high speeds and when they were switched on I swear you could feel car engine work harder while the car actually slowed down lol!Now with the new LEDs and other lighter equipment the load has lessened substantially. Of course the Crown Vic isn't made anymore and the current police fleet of them is dwindling. Many departments are switching to the Taurus and Explorer police cars and they do very well.How quickly does a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor get from 0-60?.
Is Canada a Better Version of the US?
Who cares?Then again, only a Canadian would ask such question.Its obviously a subjective thing and bears no relevance to much of anything. Except, perhaps, the stroking of Canadian ego. In general, the American ego isnt in need of stroking. JMO, though• Related QuestionsWhy did Klingons become dark skinned between Star Trek and Star Trek The Next Generation?Different race of Klingons.Setting aside the genetic tampering from trying to create Klingon augments, humans have different races that include blacks, whites, asians, Hispanics, etc. And even different subcategories of that race where you can pinpoint their origin a bit more accurately.We've seen numerous Klingons with different skin tones that are lighter skinned than Worf, as well as different Klingons as shown on both Discovery and Star Trek Into Darkness.------Are there any Muslims who support Modi?I think we should not ask this question time and again. Muslims in general are as similar as others.The vote bank policy has created a difference.Now this community is more visible in govt jobs and getting socially ranked up. Let them decide on their own------How much money did The Witcher 3 make?OK, lets see the bacon that CD Projekt Red brought in with their (arguably) best game yet.So, a Google and some quick Maths tells me that the company netted a total of $215.7 million since 2015, with $96.2 million in profits.That is a substantial amount, but still nowhere near any record breaker games, such as GTA V which brought in a whopping $1 Billion within the first 3 days of Release. Damn!Have a Good One!.------What killed Hillary Clinton's campaign?Spencer Klopfer I directed my reply to Spencer because he is young and have time to develop a conscience stillSurprisingly he didnt mention Russian Propaganda, Koch Brothers Money, FBI meddling on the Democratic Process, Fox News Disinformation CampaignIn addition, you might consider FBI hushing or squashing an investigation on Russian connections to the Trump campaign, Trump debt to Russian Oligarchs, $500 billion dollars worth of Oil drilling rights for Exxon------Why did the Beach Boys have so many members? Just watched The Beach Boys An American Band and they had five originals and did great. Why all these other guys?First of all, there were actually 2 Beach Boys groups: a touring band and a studio band. Secondly, Brian Wilson was frequently unable to perform and substitutes (like Glen Campbell) were often rotated in and out. The same was true for Dennis Wilson once he got entangled with Charles Manson. Mike Love was the common glue that held everything together------How does one gain wisdom?The problem here exists because there are many versions and ideas of wisdom.If it were me I would do what Descartes did and empty that basket of beliefs and I mean all of it and start from scratch. If you have a belief in politics learn the flaws in it. If you have a belief in how history has been told learn the opposite positions and etc------What will it take for Congress to remove Rahul Gandhi from the party?The Best way Rahul Gandhi can be removed from Congress party when Priyanka gandhi decides to join politics and lead Congress.We all know about maneka gandhi and Varun gandhi. After death of Sanjay gandhi maneka was no longer important in Congress party. This all happens because Rajiv Gandhi join politics.so,she decided to leave Congress party.Rahul gandhi is still most famous leader in Congress party.Thanks for Reading.------Warfare: Who was the worst General/military commander in history?Not a person but a place. The castle Croneborg in Denmark. It looks out toward Sweden. Soldiers lived on salted fish at the castle. In order to be able to eat so much salt, they consumed great quantities of beer.The castle was attacked 14 different times. It was captured 14 times.------How is the performance of Narendra Modi after he became PM?Overall the Narendra Modi government has fared well on all fronts and has been lucky with the International oil prices going down. But, Fortune favors the brave, isn't it... And as for some fallacies I have articulated them in the article Fallacies of Modi and the BJP in its first 180 days------Why can't Canada be a superpower like the USA?Canada has never desired to be a super power.Matter of fact,many (most ?) Canadians didnt even have the desire for Canada to be an independent state until quite recently.And you cant even consider being a super power if your own citizens dont have such a desire.------Except Legolas, there are no other elf parts in the final battle in Return of the King. Why?A. Because they had their own battles.B. Because they are pretty much over Middle-earth and mortals anyway.C. Because they are not involved in any military alliance with Gondor. Gondor had not invested in building relationships with the Elves and they probably would have said NO anyway. The Last Alliance (from several thousand years before when Isildur stuffed everything up by taking the Ring) is not called that for nothing------Why can't creationism and the theory of evolution co-exist?Yes, but it depends on the kind of creationism:Young Earth Creationism and some forms of Old Earth Creationism (the vocal minority), as well as some other small groups:No compatibility whatsoever, they deny evolution. They "do not come from monkeys".Theistic evolution (the silent majority) in different forms:Most Christians accept evolution, including the Catholic Church (since the 1950s), the relatively newly coined Evolutionary Creationism (see BioLogos.org) and many others.------On the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, why did a 137 year old Dr. Leonard McCoy (aka "Bones") speak with an old time Georgia accent in his cameo appearance?In real life, not just in movies and TV, some people, as they grow older, sort of revert to the dialect of their youth, in their home language. Dr. McCoy had reverted to his rather thick Georgia American English dialect several times in The Original Series. It should be no surprise that, at the tender age of 137, he might have slipped into the dialect of his youth.------What is the difference between UHD TV and QLED TV?UHD stands for the Ultra High definition Televisions. It is a digital television format which has the screen resolution varying from 4000 pixels to 8000 pixels. Hence once can say that the UHD TV stands a generic name with 4K pixels or 8K pixels. ... QLED TV stands for Quantum dot light emitting Diode Televisions------BB-8 replaces the main character of the last movie you watched. Everyone else can communicate with him and treats him like the main character. Can he clear it?Imagining BB-8 rolling around Middle Earth is probably the funniest thing Ive ever conceiveddo I think he could clear it?probablyI think hed have a pretty decent chance considering hed be immune to arrows and swords and he doesnt have any morals sooooodestroying the ring would be as simple as sam taking it off of him and throwing it into mount doom------Did Paul McCartney steal the multiple self-titled album ideas from Led Zeppelin?No, he stole it from Chicago, a band that self-titled (almost) all of their albums.Or maybe he got it from Peter Gabriel, who self-titled his first four solo albums and didn't even bother to number them.Or maybe everyone was copying Paul all along - after all there are multiple self-titled Beatles albums (mostly US versions that Capitol couldn't bother coming up with titles for).But seriously, the history of rock is full of acts with multiple self-titled albums------How can one be polite yet sarcastic while dealing with people having very little (or no) intelligence?Smile and be nice. Talk on their level. You have to patient. Like with kids, you have to talk to them as if youre interested. In a sense, you have to get familiar with them, and let them get comfortable around you. Try to understand them------What made you so motivational?Positive outlook towards life makes you motivational. It's your will power to live that makes you strong and when you see others lose hope towards something, you tend to give them some of your strength to help them see at the brighter side of things. Your determination to get or achieve something make you motivational towards it. You just don't become motivational all of a sudden, it gradually comes from within------Which president got more done, Obama or Trump? What are some examples?Donald Jay Trump is a total sinner! Many charge and sins before 2017! President Obama is a Saint compared to the reprobate passing for President of the United States today! How many wives? Always paying all his Federal and State Income Taxes. Never tying up the Courts with fake law suits like the Trump all his present life! FACTS! Everyday he proves the facts and boasts many more lies!------Why has George W. Bush come closer to explicitly criticizing Trump than he did to explicitly criticizing Obama?Because Bushs differences with Obama were politicalright vs. left, Democrat vs. Republican, conservative vs. progressive. And those are philosophical differences.Bushs differences with Trump are ethical, not political: Dont use the office for personal gain; dont endanger American lives for personal vanity; dont trample on the Constitution to protect yourself; dont bring shame and reproach to the office.Anyone who doesnt criticize Trump cant truly call themselves a patriot.------Does Australia have a 4th of July?What a stupid question. Of course Australia has a 4th of July, so does every place on planet Earth - its a date on the calendar. For non USAms who have a birthday on 4th of July it will be highly significant. Get over yourselves!------Which BITS Pilani campus is the best for CSE?Ofcourse BITS Pilani- Pilani CampusBits Pilani- Pilani Campus is the best for CSE because it holds great faculty, being an old college Alumni network is also strong, great infrastructure, more research oriented than other Pilani campuses like Goa and Hyderabad.You would also find good crowd there. You compete within toppers there.Cutoffs is high and goes most upto 384/450.Great college I would say after the top IIT colleges.Good luck and thanks for reading.Cheers!!!!.------Will the INC congress sack Rahul Gandhi?Question does not arise. The present Congress is of late Indira Gandhi. As such there could be no Congress without membrs of her family. Rahul Gandhi has become Party President as per his wish. He will continue to be the President so far he wishes to be there. No one can remove him or tell him to go------Why does Barack Obama not defend himself, when Donald Trump is always talking trash about his presidency?Because he knows he cant! Obama was a let down as president. He accomplished nothing of note, he was divisive, he was the great apologizer, he made us weaker as a country, he seemed to despise the country he was leader of, and apparently he was involved in the cover up of the dnc spying on the Trump campaign!------Do people truly believe Trump has done more in 4 years than Obama in 8?Kelvin you got to believe it; fact check and compare. Trump does not need to please interest groups like Obama . Trump has more experience getting things done than Obama still doesnt have. I dont care if its Trump or somebody else Obama did not leader but easily led by special interest groups that care about their own agenda rather than minorities or any other group------What would happen if the leader of your country suddenly announced that they are atheist?If this man said it,there would probably be some significant bad opinions about it, some journalist aticles criticizing his lack of religion, some hateful Facebook comments from some religious freaks, but he'd probably hit his average popularity indexes in a matter of few weeks.If this man said it,Nothing would probably happen. He just can't be more disliked than he already is.------Which words should you never search on Google?Your e-mail addressIt can be illuminating to see what you're linked to online, and sometimes terrifying.Reddit users reported sold accounts, spam, password leaks, the lot and in fact, it's probably safest to search to double check, even if you don't like what you find.A recommended tool to find if you've been compromised in a data breach is haveibeenpwned.com, which may let you know.You have been warned.------What are your thoughts on the Democrats' widespread resistance of Trump?If he was a weak leader they would probably like him. Because hes strong their view is completely opposite. I would say probably 75 to 80% of the dems hate him because hes not a politician ( DEFINATIONOF A POLITICAN) Someone who thinks more of himself then the people who elected them.Trump is not close to perfect, but is very good at caring for the people by his actions not his words------What is the importance of belief?Man is what he believes. - Anton ChekhovBeliefs play a very important role in our lives.Belief control all your decisions, they influence how you think and what you think.The influence the quality of our thoughts.Belief determines your action and thought.In fact you thought process is influenced by your beliefs.Belief are like the commander of brainWanna Explore more, see this Power of Belief- Beliefs have the power to CREATE & power to DESTROY.------Why do most Muslim countries hate Israel?And now we are going to be treated to a whole raft of posts that whine about how Israel, which is roughly the size of New Jersey, has been so unaccountably MEAN to those tolerant and openly accepting Muslim countries who never done nothin to hurt nobody, especially Jews**SIGH****
How Do You Achieve This Stairway 'chaser' Effect with an LED Light Strip?
What makes the light "run up the stairs" is the use of individually addressable LEDS. That means each LED on the strip has a microprocessor that can be called up and say "hey, you, turn on at this RGB value: 0x999999". That adds a bunch of complexity. Not least, the microprocessors that monitor the PIRs and sequence the LEDs in the direction being traveled. However, there's no end to the cool: the processor could roll pulsing light up or down the stairs... or it could even do rolling rainbows of color, like Boeing Dreamliner or something, because virtually all these "individually addressible LEDs" are RGB color type. It's there; the poster just has not unlocked it because the limiting factor is software (you have to write it). It also forces the installation to use 5 volts DC instead of 12/24 volts DC. This means the power supply must be heavier, and the wires must be much heavier. Parts list is: You can do the kaboodle on 12V or 24V, and so the wires get a lot smaller. You can drop the microprocessor altogether, and simply use 12/24 volt PIRs wired in parallel. (i.e. whichever PIR sees a customer turns the lights on, and the lights come on when either PIR asks for it, and the PIR auto-times out after a time.) You can also use simple, cheap 3528 monochrome LEDs in your choice of color temperature. Most 12 volt PIRS will happily run on 12V or 24V. So will dimmers. So you just get 12V or 24V LEDs to suit. Your parts list is:1. Mains LED light bulb flickers when switched off [closed]You might find that a different brand of bulb is much less prone to this kind of behavior. The internal circuit varies quite a bit from bulb to bulb. If you have a store with a generous return policy that applies to such products you could simply buy a few different types and try them. In particular, I would expect bulbs based on Microchip's CL8800 to not suffer from this problem. See this excellect article if you are interested in the gory details. Most bulbs have a small switching supply in them, but this type is different.2. What Are The Benefits Of LED Light TubesIs there any benefits Of LED Light Tubes? High performance LED light tubes are now the latest trend in the lighting industry and they are quite popular presently and they come equipped with fantastic features. These lighting bulbs are better substitutes to fluorescent lighting tubes; with products such as Flexible LED tube light as well as LED T5 and LED T8 tubes. These lights can also be utilised not only in a working environment but also at residential houses. They are particularly better than other conventional lighting in terms of energy consumption, brightness and maintenance costs. Actually LED tube light types are safer to use. They have no toxic material (like mercury) in them, unlike fluorescent lighting bulbs. Mercury dust contained in fluorescent tubes pose serious health threat to anybody exposed to it, for those who work with them; such as electricians. Once a fluorescent light tube is broken in a room, it releases mercury into the air, the mercury could last for up to few hours in the air. Mercury is capable of causing asthma and some other respiratory problems. These lighting bulbs are also easier to install as compared to traditional fluorescent light bulbs. Nowadays, high quality LED fluorescent tubes have surpassed the normal conventional lights when it comes to energy consumption efficiency. The reason is that LED consume lesser energy consume lesser energy makes them a great lighting alternative for use in companies and for residential houses as this would assist in reducing the electricity bill payable for putting lights on by a great portion. They are in fact use only about 30 percent of energy which fluorescent light bulbs use to produce a particular level of brightness. They also save you a large sum of money as they last much longer than fluorescent light tubes. The flickering of the traditional fluorescent bulbs has been proven to be causing headaches to some people. The micro-pulse wavelength being emitted by these fluorescent light bulbs is said to be responsible for such headaches. Whereas, LED do not flicker at all when switched on, as such nullifying all concerns about experiencing headaches and disorientations. Though super bright LED lighting lamps are more expensive as compared to traditional lighting, but if you look at it on a long time basis, you would discover them to be the a rather cheaper lighting option. For more information on Ai LED light tubes, pls visit Ai LED fluorescent tubes3. Why are there light rays coming out of the LED light sources?It is caused by optical defects inside your eye. It affects all light sources in the dark - consider the traditional "star" shape with points when in reality starts are round
6 Types of LED Light Bars for Indoor Farming - Upstart U
All in all, LED light bars are an excellent way to give your crops the light they need to grow in higher densities. While there are many options on the market with unique features and a range of power requirements, one thing is constant: you must be mindful of how much heat they generate.Combinatorial products of unique primesRecursively generates the products by choosing to include or exclude each number in turnlooking for Restaurant that is unique to Houston.....?a most suitable position to have a get alongside with the girls is Cork This! that's style of outdoors of Houston (in 1st viscount montgomery of alamein easily) yet is truly truthfully worth the stress. They make their personal wine and may easily make personalised wine labels for youWhat is the uniqueness of Bengali?Bengalis are unique in different ways. Lets us see.Dress: People of Bengal have a unique dress sense. They wear Dhuti and Punjabi though Globalization makes them use western dresess like pants, shirts etc. Women wear sarees and they look beautiful. They wear saree in a unique way. Durga puja is the biggest festival here on which everyone comes home to celebrate it with his family and relatives.They are born intellectual. You do not find a Bengali who is not an intellectual at least as per his own view.They are interested in sweets. Different kind of sweets is a must on their list. They love sweets more than anything else.You do not find a Bengali who does not love fish.They can not live without rice.They are more political people.Here everyone is a poet. There is not a person who has not composed a Poem. They prefer service to the business. They are peace-loving persons. Their culture, heritage and lifestyle are unique. Boul gan,i.e folk song is an inseparable part of their life. Lalon site, Songs of Voba Pagla which are highly spiritual songs with the insight of philosophy are quite popular here. Rabindra sangeet and Nazrul giti are also popular here.They love to read but the stupid box makes them lazy enough and they are busy watching tv serials on a daily basis.Pic credit: PinterestWhat is the uniqueness of Bengali?.What is an unique date idea?the simple things maybe a walk in a park with hot chocolate, play cards and have a picnic. get another couple to go double date with maybeUnique Ideas for a Fun Reception?Its sounds great just the way it is. My brother had a slide show of this is who we are playing during dinner IT was sweetUniqueness of a Tangent Linear MapThe first inequality is not justified, because $-|f(x)-f(p)-L_2(x-p)|geq -|f(x)-f(p)|-|L_2(x-p)|$ rather than the other way around. Also, there is no justification for the limits in the second and third lines to exist. (In particular, note that $limlimits_xto p frac|L_1(x-p)||x-p|$ usually does not exist for a linear map $L_1$.) And if the limit in the third line does exist, the subsequent inequality is not justified, because $-|L_2(x-p)|geq -|L_2||x-p|$ rather than the other way around.Rather, the following approach could be used. For each $xeq p$, the triangle inequality implies that $$beginalign* frac|(L_1-L_2)(x-p)||x-p|&=frac|L_1(x-p)-L_2(x-p)||x-p| &leq frac|f(x)-f(p)-L_1(x-p)||x-p|frac|f(x)-f(p)-L_2(x-p)||x-p|. endalign*$$ Since the hypothesis is that each of the fractions on the right-hand side goes to $0$ as $xto p$, it follows that for all $varepsilon>0$, there exists $delta>0$ such that $|(L_1-L_2)(x-p)|leq varepsilon |x-p|$ whenever $00$ was arbitrary, this shows that $L_1=L_2$.Aquarius people and their uniqueness?Personally, I have noticed that Aquarians' are unique at ANY age. I have NEVER met one that was a follower..EVERUnique Identifier Creation and InvalidationLooks like some Data integrity check stuff. For example adding something like CRC16 (4hex digits) will allow filter ID with typosUnique ideas for a bachelorette party???How about a weekend road trip? Rent an RV or just keep the party small and have a few girls along. Drive to fun places like Vegas, Chicago, or any places that have significance to you guys. Choose 2 or 3 places to hit (it is only a weekend, unless you want to extend it to a week), find inexpensive motels, hit up bars in the area, and have a fun girly weekend!.
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$130 online course. $120 used smart phone. $80 disk-brake bike. Also, friends have adopted dogs for $150 or less. $10 watch, $20 sneakers, $10 dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, library, EdX, apps, books, road trips, museums, $40 WWOOF travel membership (basically travel and stay on farms), etc. Weird, kinda boring yet useful-stuff• Other QuestionsHow powerful was the USSR?It had a giant submarine fleet, and it had a giant army numbering 4 almost million strong, as well as a big air force. It possessed a vast plethora of spy and ELINT satellites, and during the Stalin era, it had a huge propaganda apparatus to tell the Soviet people that life under communism was wonderful especially for peasants------What resistance should I connect to an LED to be connected to a 12V DC supply?LEDs have a current and voltage specification. It can be found in the packaging or in the suppliers website. Typical values range from:Red LED: 2V 15mAGreen LED: 2.1V 20mABlue LED: 3.2V 25mAWhile LED: 3.2V 25mASo we take RED LED 15mA, then for calculating current:15mA(12V-2V)/resistance------What are high impedance states?n tri state devices, used in digital circuits there is athird state beside logic 0 and logic one. That is calledHigh Impedance state.By this state we mean that there will not be any change onoutput even by changing our input. THis is due highresistance offered by input circuit. So output get fixed insuch cases.------Why do we use LED wall pack lights?Because they are by FAR the most efficient way to convert battery power, or any other source electricity, into light (10x incandescent and 3-4x metal halide). They stay lit longer (on battery power) and cost less to operate both because of lower power per lumen and WAY lower maintenance costs due to typical 50,000 hr life------Do you support Trump's agenda? Why or why not?I have no clue what Trumps agenda might be. Honestly. Well, apart from trying to undo everything the previous president did. Which could keep him occupied for quite a while, but I wouldnt really call that an agenda. Maybe Mr Trump would.------What do the people of Germany and France think of Britain leaving the European Union? Are they for or against it? And why?I'm neither from France not Germany, but from Sweden. Personally, I think this farce has been going on for much to long already. It is time for EU to stop being so polite, and say no to any deal. The Brits don't want us; we don't need them------Is it true that leaders are born, not made? Can some learn leadership skills?I dont believe leaders are born. It is a learnable skill. Of course, anybody can learn leadership skills. Leadership includes Communication, setting goals, directing others, delegation, problem solving etc.,it is a combination of number of skills. You can practice each of these skills------Why were the communists able to defeat the nationalists in China in 1949?The simple answer is that they were honest and care for the people, providing food for everyone to eat while the nationalists were corrupt to the core and rob and oppress the people caring not whether they live or die as long as they can rob and plunder to their hearts content------Which is the best rechargeable LED emergency light with 8 hours of backup and in a range of 500 INR in India?A2AAt that price you could afford a single 18650 cell of 2500mAh capacity, so at most you can lid a led of 300mAh (1.5W bulb). Some cheaper model comes with a 2 cell tiny SLA cell & brighter bulb but I doubt it will reach real 8 hours------Why do people like Kylie Cosmetics so much?Just don't buy the skincare range. Some of the ingredients (like walnuts) will damage your skin. nYou can't get them in the UK without paying import charges, so I've only tried them in the US. They're okay, nothing to get excited about, so not worth paying the extra tax.------Has the Scottish Labour Party lost Scotland permanently?For the foreseeable future YES. I was a Labour voter for many years but never again. To see Labour & Tory politicians hand in hand congratulating each other in 2014 for me was enough!Scottish Labour RED TORIES. At the end of the day Scot/Lab are just a branch office of the British Labour party.------What were African-Americans' roles in the American Revolution?I suggest you start here: Presenting America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage. Wallbuilders has numerous articles, books, CDs, and other media available regarding Black contributions during the American Revolution. The facts are significant. There are also numerous history links available as well. Enjoy!.------What song by Led Zeppelin has the best intro?Michael, for pure animal drive, hands down Heartbreaker.Many may suggest Stairway, but no, great song but does intro not GRAB as Heartbreaker does (Stairway has a dandy solo!)Now my friend, please remember you asked MY favorite, so If of any help, let me know!------Does the American Mafia still "whack" (kill) people these days?Its ruthless Russians in Sex trade and extortion. Italians in rackets, Westies do hits and Blacks in drugs. Not like movies. No honor or respect for anyone including themselves. Those movie Mafia days are long over. Its not a good life for most.------What are the applications of LEDs?LED provides the option to use narrowbanded parts of the usable light spectrum, compared to any older tech that only provide broadband spectrum. Narrowbanded light enable pinpointing connections to specific functions in say plants or human eye response.Compared to older tech, LED is also less sensitive transporting and lasts longer than other light tech.------Is it possible to fully disassemble Obamacare by a Republican President and the Congress?Complete dissimulation the Obamacare is not the answer of the present problem.And if you wanna know whether is it possible to wipe out Obamacare completely,theoretically, the answer is yes and i think,in real,it requires modification because the theme was not as bad as it is being planned and implemented so far.Thanks------What are the differences between the CPI and CPI(M) in India?CPI is more flexible or rather opportunist and can shake hand with parties which have nothing to do with communism wheres as CPM is rigid to the extend that Will die and kill but won't bow down. But at the end of the day both possess ideology which are not in the interest of the nation------What characters on the West Wing were based on real people?Ive heard that Jed Bartlet played by Martin Sheen, is a combination of past liberal Presidents, economically liberal-centrist like Bill Clinton (including similarities with his MS scandal), and foreign policy based on peace like Jimmy Carter. I think there are others but Im not sure------How would World War 1 be different if Bismarck was chancellor of Germany?If Bismarck were in charge, Europe would never have reached the state of Entente Cordiale vs Cenral Powers. He would have maintained the Three Emperors League in the East and the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia. The situation in the east would never have deteriorated to such a point.------Why is George Washington considered a founding father?I have to wonder if this question is sincere.Aside from signing the Declaration of Independence, he was the leader of the army that freed us from Britain. He was also the first president. He did much more, but that will more than suffice to earn the title Founding Father.------What if MS Dhoni played for RCB?Hii my friends.Let my start my answer.According to me if this is possible then 100 present RCB is win. Because RCB is need a good captain.But it's not possible.Thank you for reading my answer. if the any mistake then sorry to my all friends------How did Sensex surge despite the 21-day lockdown in India?Foreign investors have almost ran away and international position is similar everywhere. Although the demand for comfort and luxury goods would be effected and liquidity position would be tight throughout the world. The real demand as well as supply of shares has also adversely effected.------What was the point of holding the EU Referendum in the UK?No point at all, we had much more important things to worry about at the time, and still do. A small rump of people were very noisily against EU membership, but it wasn't an overwhelming national priority. Now it's a toxic mess with no good way out.------Why is RCB team turning into worst IPL team ever? Is it because of Virat Kohli leadership?It is because of1.Kohli leadership2.Kohli leadership3.Kohli leadershipIf RCB changes its captain, it may not win first few seasons but it will definitely win 3rd or 4th season for sure.Virat kohli should leave captaincy and focus on his batting, though there is no doubt about his batting ability------Is Modi able to tackle China?Our forces are now mush better equipped than 1962. We must understand that Chinese are no pushover however we are ready to fight back. This is not 1962 and we can certainly give them a bloody nose. Another matter is we are also fighting back trade wise which will also hurt them. We have to learn to do without Chinese goods,------What is the importance of representative democracy?Representative democracy is a variety of democracy founded on the principle of elected officials representing a group of people, as opposed to direct democracy. All modern Western style democracies are various types of representative democracies, for example the United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and Poland is a parliamentary republic------Is a road trip safe during COVID-19 outbreaks?Would depend on where this roadtrips is and if you are In the risk group.If you go to an Area with low to moderate infektion, you are Healthy and not In risk group. Then as Long as you take caution (wash hands etc) then I would not be concerned.------How did the Macedonian phalanx differ tactically from the pike formations of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance?Pikes were part of a strategy we call "pike and shot". Pikemen were a defensive formation to protect musketeers, who needed a lot of time to reload their matchlock muskets and could be run down by cavalry while so engaged. The phalanx was an offensive as well as defensive formation.------What is the motto of the Republican Party?You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the timebut we wont be able to fool all of the people all of the time until we can trample The Washington Post, The New York Times, MSNBC, Democracy NOW!, and The Intercept under our hobnail boot.------Is it true as alleged that Aishwarya Rai had an affair with Amitabh Bachchan?This is utterly non sense, a creation of Devil's mind.Aishwarya and Abhishek are living happily with their darling daughter, Aaradhya. They have also purchased a big villa in BKC, posh area of Mumbai for a whopping Rs 21 crores.So let them live happily, wish them for the best and enjoy watching very beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's photos and movies !------How does globalization affect me personally?Yes. Brexit is a good example. Great Britain thought the European Union would be a great idea. And it was until the common voter realized he was taking orders from Europe. Democratic control means it is you and YOUR government not yours and another government. No man can serve two masters, Jesus said, and he was right------What was Donald Trump referring to when he said it was Obama's fault there aren't enough Coronavirus test kit available?He was referring to the fact that he is incapable of telling the truth. When it looks like he might be at fault just blame the black man that came before him. He has an Obama complex and he will take it to his grave. People are dying because of this man.------Why do people join the military? What motivates them to join the military?I had no choice. My dad served 25 years. First as a POW in WWII, then in Korea, then in Vietnam. He retired. I graduated high school. It was my turn. Thats all there was to it. It was always pre-ordained. Glad I did------Is it time to "cancel" Quentin Tarantino?Why? He just won an Oscar a while back. It means he created something that was considered the best in his field by his peers.Who else should be cancelled? Nobel Prize winners? Pulitzer Prize winners? Race car drivers? Other prestigious award winners? Olympic medallists? Spelling Bee winners?------What does Disney buying Fox mean for Deadpool?It means nothing will change. Think about this, if Disney decided to cancel Deadpool 2 or make it PG-13, Disney would lose a truckload of money or two, and of course we shouldn't forget that Disney will most likely be dead meat. So, for the better of everyone, Deadpool must remain R rated------I see Vikings used a lot of axes. Would that have been a better weapon than a gladius?Swords were and are incredibly expensive both then and now. At least swords you would trust your life to. Many Viking swords were named and revered by the Norse. But only a select few could afford them. But an axe could be had by most any Viking and thusly became their most common melee weapon------Why do Communists claim that the USSR wasn't "real Communism"?Obviously because the former Soviet Union,which most communists adored while it still existed,turned out to be a spectacular FAILURE.And who wants to be associated with failure?Not to mention that mass murder and slavery-both of which were characteristics of the Soviet state under Lenin Trotsky and Stalin- have little appeal to most normal people
Dinosaur Night Light Deluxe | Long-Lasting LED Dinosaur Light Showcase
One of the newest sensations on TikTok and other social media outlets is the #dinosaurlight challenge. Teens submit their challenge videos where they start by tapping two or more lamps to the beat of their favorite songs. The changing colors make an instant fun little music video, plus they also learn about music, percussion, and how to complete a challenge.You will want to pick up two Dinosaur/Unicorn Night Lights for your child so they can enjoy the TikTok challenge. Knowing they are safe and sound as they work on the musical madness will bring peace of mind, as will the fact they can use the cute little lamp at night to keep them from being afraid of the dark and bring them pleasant dreams. Plus, it looks great in their room anywhere it's displayed, from the bedroom nightstand to a shelf to a dresser drawer. You can even use the LED color-changing night light in a baby's nursery, either on the changing table or near the crib, where the soft glow acts as a virtual lullaby for baby.Why aren't dinosaurs in the bible?The authors of the Bible did not know that they existedIs there any possibility that dinosaurs didnu2019t exist?No.Okay, that's overstating it. It's possible our world's entire past has been faked by some god or Aliens or humans from the future or something, and that none of what we think happened actually happened.But at that level of "possible" it's possible that you did not exist until you started reading this answer, and that all your memories of before then, all your photographs and souvenirs and scars and leftovers in your fridge are all just fakes designed to give the, what, two-minute old now you a past so you wo not be freaked out by just coming into being.So, yes, there's a possibility dinosaurs did not exist. There's also a possibility you should be thanking me for writing this answer and thus calling you into existence...So, I would just go with "no" if I were youDo Christians believe in dinosaurs?yes, in the creation museum, they tell you that noah had dinosaurs on the ark--yabba dabba doodo Creationist Christians believe in Dinosaurs?Why does it matter since they are incredibly wrong anywayDinosaurs in the Bible.... bull?Behemoth has the following attributes according to Job 40:15-24 It "eats grass like an ox." It "moves his tail like a cedar." (In Hebrew, this literally reads, "he lets hang his tail like a cedar.") Its "bones are like beams of bronze, His ribs like bars of iron." "He is the first of the ways of God." "He lies under the lotus trees, In a covert of reeds and marsh." neither an elephant or a hippopotamus has a "tail like a cedar" (that is, a tail like a large, tapered tree trunk). In your kid's dinosaur book you will find lots of animals that have "tails like a cedar." Leviathan has the following attributes according to Job chapter 41, Psalm 104:25,26 and Isaiah 27:1. This is only a partial listing-just enough to make the point. "No one is so fierce that he would dare stir him up." "Who can open the doors of his face, with his terrible teeth all around?" "His rows of scales are his pride, shut up tightly as with a seal; one is so near another that no air can come between them; they are joined one to another, they stick together and cannot be parted." "His sneezings flash forth light, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning. Out of his mouth go burning lights; sparks of fire shoot out. Smoke goes out of his nostrils, as from a boiling pot and burning rushes. His breath kindles coals, and a flame goes out of his mouth." "Though the sword reaches him, it cannot avail; nor does spear, dart, or javelin. He regards iron as straw, and bronze as rotten wood. The arrow cannot make him flee; slingstones become like stubble to him. Darts are regarded as straw; he laughs at the threat of javelins." "On earth there is nothing like him, which is made without fear." Leviathan "played" in the "great and wide sea" (a paraphrase of Psalm 104 verses 25 and 26-get the exact sense by reading them yourself). Leviathan is a "reptile [a] that is in the sea." (Isaiah 27:1) [a] Note: The word translated "reptile" here is the Hebrew word tanniyn. This shows that "Leviathan" was also a "tanniyn" (dragon). Unlike behemoth, who is huge, Leviathan is ferocious and terrifying. Many references (we have not listed them all) refer to the sea, so Leviathan is probably a sea creature. Although some bibles refer to Leviathan as an alligator or crocodile (and both of these are fierce) neither of these is a sea creature. They like the water, but they spend much of their time on land. Further, the question "Who can open the doors of his face. . . ." implies that nobody can open Leviathan's jaws. Although an alligator's jaws cannot normally be forced open, a punch to their sensitive snout or poke in eye might startle them enough to release their grip. Although this is a good description of an alligator characteristic, it does not fit perfectly with the description of Leviathan, which in the context of the Bible was supposed to describe an essentially impossible event, and we are not done yet.
What Is an LED?
Hi there! My name is Ed. I am an LED. The name LED stands for "Light-emitting Diode." That may sound a bit confusing, but it's actually pretty simple.Light-emitting means that I shine when a current of electricity passes through me. If you give an LED some power, it shines nice and bright.And a Diode is an electronic gizmo that only allows electricity to flow in one direction, in through one of my legs and out the other. I am kind of like a valve with a little wall that lets electricity flow forward, but not in reverse. There are lots of kinds of diodes out there, but I am the only type that shines a light.LEDs come in lots of shapes and sizes. Some have small round heads, and some have large heads. Some are tiny and look like boxes. But we all shine bright lights.LEDs also come in lots of different colors. Single Color LEDsSome LEDs, like me, shine only one color. You can tell which color from the plastic case around our heads. My head is green, so I shine a green light. An LED with a red head shines a red light. What color do you think comes from an LED with a blue head? That's right, blue!Single-color LEDs like me have two thin metal legs — called "leads" — and one leg is longer than the other. The longer leg is my "anode" and is the leg I always point towards my power source. That's why its called the positive leg. My shorter leg, or negative lead, is the "cathode" and always points toward the end of the circuit. That's where I send power after I've used it to light up.If you get up close and look at an LED like me, you might notice that one part of the base of my head sticks out like the bill of a baseball cap. That part is always on my positive side, or the side with my longer leg.Multi-Color LEDsThere are some LEDs that are very special because they can shine any color you can imagine. These are RGB, or red-green-blue, LEDs. They have that name because they have three little LEDs inside of them that can shine the colors red, green and blue. Their cap is clear so the colored lights inside can shine through.Making colors with this type of LED is a lot like mixing paint colors together to make new colors. Imagine that you have a plate with blobs of red, green and blue on it. You can even try this out yourself! Now, imagine that you take a small bit of red, a bigger amount of blue and a large amount of green and mixed them together. What color do you think you would get? Depending on how much you use, you would end up with a dark blue color.RGB LEDs work exactly the same way. If you shine the red light a little, the green light a bit more and the blue light a lot, you would get a blue light. But it would be a darker blue than if you shined the blue light by itself. This is because of the green and red light that mix with it.So how do you light up an RGB LED? Just like single-color LEDs, like me, it's all about the legs. Notice anything unique in the picture here? RGB LEDs are special because they have 4 legs instead of two. Three of those legs control how bright to make each light in the LED. Red is the shortest, blue is a bit longer and the green leg is the longest of the three. The more power you give to each leg, the brighter its red, green or blue light will shine.The fourth leg, longest of all four legs, is the positive, or anode leg. Like my longer leg, it points towards where power flows into the circuit provides current for lightning up the diodes inside. LEDs are all around youI think LEDs are the most exciting part of electronics because you can find them everywhere. You can find them in clocks, in your TV and your video game console. You may also find them in the lightbulbs in your house!In the world around you, LEDs are easy to spot. You can see them in string lights at night, in the big screens at soccer, baseball or football games and in signs on the highway.It's fun to look for LEDs and discover how important we are to the world. What things can you find around your house that use LEDs? What about at school, or when you are out with your family?Thanks for reading about me, Ed the LED! Next time, my good friend Patty will talk about the capacitor, so we hope you will come back soon!Also, my friends and I are being featured in a book that will be coming out later this month! You can find out more about it here, and tell your parents to sign you up to you can find out when the book is released!.when you get your car painted a new color do you have to get it registered at the dmv?There is no good reason to anything until the tags are due. When you renew them tell the clerk that the color is wrong and needs to be changed
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