What Is Programable Logic Devices

In school, we use programmable logic devices (ours is a FPGA). It is a small circuit board, with LED lights and hex-seven segment displays. We write code and draw schematics using Altera software that works with the board. To test the code or schematic, the module is compiled and the programmed to the board. If you call the right inputs and outputs, the board will perform whatever operation or task your code or diagram tells it to.

1. Motherboard led lights up only. Why doesn't it work?

think about power supply,at least 350 Kw to handle new motherboard

2. From what lights to use to the importance of cohesiveness, Milwaukee-area pros share holiday decorating tips

Even if you've already checked the "put up the outdoor holiday lights" box on this year's to-do list, who could not use a little help in improving their display? With that in mind, here are some tips from the pros about crafting an outdoor display worthy of wows from neighbors and passersby alike. The most important thing to keep in mind, regardless of your decorating scheme, is cohesiveness, said Justin Lex of Swimming Pool Services in Waukesha, a franchise member of Christmas Decor, the premier holiday lighting and decorating company in North America. "Each component of your outdoor decorating contributes to the overall effect of the holiday display," Lex said in a news release. "As you shop for outdoor dcor, always consider how each new piece is going to work with what you already own." Here are some of his suggestions to help refresh any outdoor display: Add oversized pieces. Larger pieces such as three-dimensional snowflakes, stars or deer figures can create a focal point and add impact and interest to your display. Use colored bulbs. Adding colored bulbs in one or two strategic places - a roofline or a single showpiece tree or shrub, for example - can create subtle depth in a traditional cool white light display. Get creative. Personalize the display with natural materials like pinecones, holly branches, twigs or other items with bark-like textures. Austin Ryan of Dousman is not yet an expert on Christmas decorating, but he's hoping to get there. Ryan is learning the ins and outs of the holiday display game so he can add it as another function of his business, Superior Services Wisconsin LLC, a "do anything" service company he and a friend started a few years ago. One decorating tip Ryan learned about early on was to roll up light strings in a ball - with the female end in and the plug end out - to make them easier to put on the tree. As for the lights themselves, Ryan said LED lights have a greater initial cost than halogen-style bulbs, but they are brighter, more energy efficient and last longer, so to Ryan they make more sense. "LED lights are so much superior," he said. Another suggestion he has for those looking to improve their display is to pay a visit to Reinders in Sussex. Reinders offers a complete line of seasonal and holiday lighting products, including one of the largest selections of LED string lights and Minleon RGB lights and bulbs, high-end artificial greenery, and a complete line of professional-grade timers and installation accessories, according to its website. "It might be a little bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for," Ryan said. "The light selection is so much better, you can literally go there, if you have the measurements on your house, you can literally get custom lights measured out to your exact house," he said. Half the battle of many projects is staying organized, and that goes for your holiday decorating items, too. Having a designated space for each season's decorations can help, said Waukesha Menards General Manager Mike Pacocha, who also shared these other organizational tips: Label totes and organizers with the season or area they belong to. Create a "list of contents" for containers with multiple items. Insert dividers for ornaments and other small pieces. Pacocha said his store has seen an influx of customers with holiday decorating on their minds. "We are finding that people in general are spending more time decorating this year because they are staying home," he said.

3. how can i redo my room?!?!?

Curtains and bed sets would definitely make a difference. Declutter. Hang some paintings, framed or a collage of pictures. Go to a thrift store, and look for a table that you can make into a vanity table. Have someone help you out in installing LED lights (cost and energy efficient). It will surely look great. Try to make some DIY stuff as well

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