What Is Some Really Sad Movies ?


1. sad songs ?

what about now? daughtry heaven dj sammy

2. can u tell me some sad hiphop love songs to listen to in a sad mood?

I only listen to sad songs when I am happy! If I listen to a sad song when I am sad I just get more sad and then it's a cycle of mardiness. So much easier to listen to sad songs when I am happy, then I appreciate the musicality and lyrics rather than drown in self pity XD

3. Survey: Anger or sad?

Sad. And being sad will make angry. They sort of feed off eachother.

4. What are some good sad movies?

mr.nobody hachiko

5. Why is "sad” not a verb? [closed]

In many languages it would be a verb, or at least indistinguishable from a verb.But not in English. Sad is an adjective, which is one of the most variable types of word.In English the rules say that a predicate adjective needs an auxiliary verb, normally a form of be. Just as a predicate noun needs the same auxiliary, plus an indefinite article if it's countable. Aside from that detail, predicate adjectives and predicate nouns both work just like intransitive verbs, so go ahead and think of them that way, if it helps you understand.

6. 33 weeks pregnant and sad?

No dependable guy will abandon a girl pregnant along with his youngster it does not matter what besides the paternity of that youngster is questionable.I realize that is gonna be tough for you however dont be too positive approximately his comming again. For him to answer to you it is too past due would imply that he is with a different lady a few guys would be so irresponsible! Not all people who had a youngster in combination is intent sufficient to be married however he is intended to take your emotions into account. Pregnancy is not a youngster's play it calls for dedication and accountability some thing tells me he is not from a dependable dwelling both as no person in his household is inclined to speak to you for God's sakes dont they've ladies in that household who is skilled being pregnant? Sweetheart, dont be too tough on your self. you probably did'nt rationale whatever you stated he would betrayed your believe ago and that could've served as a venture till your youngster is born however he is choosen to backtrack while you wanted him essentially the most. Worry at this level is not well for you. I will endorse you are taking a shuttle to his household residence and kind matters out. Expect the worst even though;possibilities are: he could receive you or now not or be with a different lady. Take him to court docket for youngster's welfare if all else fail. Be powerful and transfer on and realize that each cloud has a silver linning! Some guys are jerks. I desire you and your unborn youngster the entire nice!

7. "Adopting" a dog....this is pretty sad!?

How sad. I do not know if I would get a dog from a shelter, but we have had several dogs over the years show up at the farm and find themselves a new home

8. Poll: Are you sad right now? ?

Actually, yep, a little. But you just need to smile. Remember - nothing is permanent. If something is great, treasure it because it might not last forever, if something is bad, do not worry, it CAN'T last forever. :)

9. Isnt this a sad song.?

good band I totally enjoy them. Surprisingly I have not seen the videos just have the cds. It put a whole new perspective on the song. I like green day even more. Answer sad

10. I need sad songs to listen to!?

Crying is a common human emotion. Sad tune motives that. We do it in instances of ache and normally for no motive however melancholy. Certain tune makes me believe of warfare I begin crying. I cant ever concentrate to "Hymn to the Fallen" through John Williams (from saving individual ryan) with out crying. For me nevertheless the saddest track is Samuel Barbers "Adaigo For Strings" concentrate to either one of those and you will be able to see what I imply. Do not concentrate to unhappy tune always although intent it is not well for you. Listen to a few Beach Boys that continually cheers me up and sing alongside to.

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PLEASE Please Please!!! Help Me Find the Name of This Incredible, but Sad Movie ?/!!!?
its either take ore someother movir but the name i cant remember right now1. What type of ore is gold found in.? what type of rock is it accosicated with? What does it looks like in it's?It can be found in a number of different rocks. Quartz usually for larger flakes. But graphite to chalk as well. Most gold is micro gold. You can not see it with the naked eye. So a 10x lens to spot a speck. Graphite and copper mines produce a lot of gold. It can be found from Virginia to Main, and in most Western States. Problem is finding enough in a day to make it pay. So you need gold bearing rock. A miro grinder or stamp mill. A mercury board to float the undesirable crushing off. And to check mineral rights before mining in a area. Once you have found a area producing around 1 oz of gold per 2 ton of crushed&milled rock. You are set. You can now work 12 hours a day for a $100 a day or more. Do not forget to pay tax's. Once milled or stamped being soft. Flat whitish yellow specks. You pick those out once floated with tweezers. Mercury being a heavy metal will float the lighter rock off. And the gold silver and heavy material will be on the board under it. Best try panning for gold. Some can make $25 to $50 a day doing that2. what is Bert the iphone ore the ipod Touch?i would say iphone because you dont have to worry about not bein connected to a wifi with a WEP code encrypted. u can just use the 3G speed it comes with. but be wise if you get one to not abuse its capabilities featured on this phone or you are gonna get a FAT bill in your mail box3. How do I find more orichalcum ore in Terraria?There is not a definite answer to your question besides to keep looking. The game makes use of a lot of random generation, so it's possible you just have a bad generation of the ore. However, there is a certain point it spawns at on the map. According to the Wiki, depending on the map size, it will spawn accordingly:I know you said you went down pretty far, but you at least have some sort of reference to look for it now.Also, smashing additional altars does help create more ore, but be aware that the amount of ore that spawns decreases with how many altars that get smashed. The Wiki has a formula and example to determine the decrease percentage which they call the multiplier:This "multiplier" can be calculated with the formula 1/(ceiling(n/3) 1 - sgn(n)) where n is the number of Altars destroyed. So, destroying the 19th Altar would yield one-seventh of Cobalt/Palladium Ore compared to the first Altar4. Mining: what is the role of u201cpaste fillu201d in mining?Fill of one form or another has been used more or less throughout the history of mining. It is used to fill underground voids where the ore has been extracted, either to provide a working platform from which the next slice of or can be extracted, to minimise dilution when mining an adjacent block of ore from waste rock collapsing in to the previously mined area or simply as a means of cheaply disposing of waste rock generated through development of drives (tunnels) required to access the ore.The type of fill used very much depends on its application. For example, where an orebody is being mined from the bottom up, as a void is created by extraction of the ore this needs to be backfilled in order to provide a working platform in order to drill and blast the next slice. The cheapest and therefore most commonly used form fill is waste rock from development. However, depending upon the stage of development of the mine, waste rock could be in short supply. Mines with an adjacent processing plant will always have a good supply of tailings, the barren, ground rock left after after the valuable minimal has been extracted. Tailings therefore provide an excellent alternative to waste rock and many mines use so-called hydraulic fill; tailings mixed with water to form a slurry to backfill such voids.In some large ore bodies, the rock mass conditions dictate a maximum size of void that can be mined without risk of catastrophic collapse. In such ore bodies it is necessary to mine a series of multiple primary and secondary stopes (a stope is the area from which the ore is extracted). The primary stopes are normally filled with cemented hydraulic fill (CHF). The addition of cement allows the fill to remain standing when the adjacent stope is blasted and extracted, thereby eliminating or at least reducing the dilution of the ore with barren material. Of course pumping a slurry underground creates problems from a water management perspective. As the water drains from the backfilled areas it needs to be pumped back to surface. There have also been instances where failure of a barricade, used to retain the hydraulic fill until it drains, has led to fatalities. There are also mines located in regions which have little available water and every effort is made to recover water at the processing plant.For these and other reasons some operators may be dewatering their tailings significantly to obtain pulp densities as high as 88% solids and use this "paste" as the fill underground. Typically paste fill requires at least 1. ausimm. com. au/content/docs/cobar_1400_yumlu_mining_with_paste_fill.pdfMining: what is the role of "paste fill" in mining?
On the Sad State of Our
I have a letter in the New York Review of Books responding to Elizabeth Drew's article about money in politics. (I had done another review of that review here.)The point of my letter was to correct what seemed to me (and others) to be the criticism that Elizabeth Drew had made of my support for (as she put it) a "Constitutional Convention. " Such a convention, she had written, "would be a disaster since it could lead to all sorts of other proposals."That sounded like the fear expressed so often of a runaway convention — the common bugbear of those opposing an Article V convention. My letter tries to explain why such a fear is a confusion, and that at most, an Article V convention can simply "propose" (as the Constitution puts it) amendments, which have no effect unless ratified by 38 state legislatures (or state conventions). Drew responds to my letter by revealing the true source of her concern. It's not a convention. It is any amendment to address any problem created by our ongoing conventional convention (aka, the Supreme Court). As Drew writes,The obvious danger is that a certain mood would sweep the country to amend the Constitution by, say, banning all abortions, lowering the wall between church and state, or taking the ambiguity out of the Second Amendment so as to make it clear that guns could be purchased without exception. Therefore it would be foolhardy in not just my opinion but that of others who are also serious about campaign finance reform, to encourage, enable, set a precedent for mitigating the protections now provided by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.So here's where democracy is, some 228 years after our Constitution was drafted. Though every generation in the history of our Republic has amended the Constitution, we alone can not be trusted to do it again. That in the face of the democracy-disabling decisions of the Supreme Court, we should just sit silent because who knows what craziness 38 state legislatures might embrace?As a card carrying member of America's elite, I find this sort of elitism pathetic. And as someone who is spending more and more time in state legislatures, watching them do their work, I also find the fear completely baseless. Show me the numbers — real numbers, not lawyer's hypotheticals — that support the idea that it is even conceivable that a single house in 13 states would not block amendments "banning all abortions, lowering the wall between church and state, or taking the ambiguity out of the Second Amendment so as to make it clear that guns could be purchased without exception. " The very idea is ridiculous. The "mood … sweep[ing some in] the country" that we should really fear is that democracy in general, and the Constitution in particular, needs to be left to the experts. But we've been there. We've done that. The result is SuperPACs and a Congress that literally almost no one trusts. That, Ms. Drew, is the real "disaster."Originally published at lessig.tumblr.comWhat are some good sad songs?Love songs?failure in love?Fall for you - Secondhand Serenade Love me dead - Ludo (My favorite!)Can anybody give me the name of some sad songs???If you like Hotel California: The Eagles- Desperado Kansas- Dust in the Wind Jouney- Do not Stop Believing James Taylor- Fire and Rain Led Zeppelin- Ten Years Gone The Rolling Stones- Memory MotelWhat are the things that make you feel happy and sad at the same time?for a girl it is her "marriage"UBW episode 25 true ending: Why is Rin sad whenever the sun sets/rises?Because it reminds her of the last moments she had with Archer, from the previous episodeMy mom says that I make her sad cause i'm not like other girls?Find a way to get out. Move to another city or state if you have to. You are 20 years old and have a right to live the way you want. Shallow people are not worth your time. Get as far away as you can and start living. Life should be an adventure!Is it just me, or is seeing Robert DeNiro in the preview "Dirty Grandpa" depressing/sad?Yeah, I am with Christine Leigh Langtree here.This is not my typical type of movie, but I can see him just killing it in this role. It wo not be Oscar worthy, but it will probably be completely hysterical. Think about Analyze This, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers as the pre-game show for this. I watched them under duress, but enjoyed myself immensely, laughing riotously at the completely outrageous stuff and the aplomb and grace with which DeNiro carried himself through it, never breaking character.I would say give it a chance
Any Sad/Depressing Rock Songs That Are Sort of New?
Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy When Your Gone by Avril Lavigne Between The Lines by Sara Bareilles Thinking of You by Katy Perry If I Die Young by The Band Perry 100 Years by Five for Fighting Love the Way You Lie (part 2) by Rihanna and Eminem Gravity by Sara Bareilles These are some of my favorites (:1. My daughter-in-law is on bedrest and feeling very sad?I mean there is nothing you really can do.... Just rub her, keep her cool and give her lots of water so she will not feel dehydrated. Good Luck with your grand babies!!!!!2. Do you get sad when you watch videos of your baby when they were younger?Yes it makes me sad too. I just want to reach into the screen and hold my little baby again when I see her in the video's3. How do I get over feeling sad that my extended family is not really family (just friends)?maybe you should try to get in touch with your relatives and tell them you want to see them4. My first crushFuguchi >>>>Japan Tsunami story I do not want to be insensitive... but this writing was so ridiculous that I could not bear to read all of it. When I saw that tsunami hit Japan, it just ripped my heart out. Trust me, I really feel for them, but this writing is not doing it just.5. What do I do? I am so very sad and I feel like I have hit rock bottom and I am so lost and lonely...help me!?You need a break from this relationship and find yourself first. You must endure the loneliness for a while because only when we are going through difficulty will our minds clear up and show us what we really want and how we should deal. In the heat of the moment, your decisions are never wise. Instead, plan a few days of rest with only you and God. You should get to know God of the Bible. Only by knowing Him will you find your self. And by finding yourself you will know who is right for you and what is right to do in this situation. My immediate advice then is to cool down. Maybe also consider the fact that you do not believe in premarital sex, then should you date someone who does it as your boyfriend does? It seems to be a little unhealthy.6. I want to read a sad book that will make me cry?! Family Drama Fiction!!?A Time for Dancing By: Davida Wills Hurwin It is really sad. Also has a sequel that is more funny than sad. The name is at the end of the first one.7. i always look sad...can you help me chipper up?Lol? Do you want someone to "landscape" your face? Wrong section!!!8. What is a good sad song about heartbreak?achy breaky heart billy ray cyrus9. How can I not be jealous of people who are famous, accomplished, and the same age as me? I was watching Stranger Things, and got sad when I thought about all the attention and fame the actors were getting compared to nothing for me.That's because you are not doing anything of any significance to get that attention yourself. Are you putting in the hours and hours of work that you have to do to become famous ? Do you realize that not everybody became famous overnight and not everybody who works or previously worked for the entertainment industry became famous ? because some of those people spent years doing it only to be told they were not good enough but never gave up and kept working until they finally got their big break after many years of obscurity or just did not have the requirements for it and quit. Plus the lifestyle of people who are famous is not glamorous like you think it is, you get no privacy, large crowds of people follow you everywhere, you get stalkers and people who hate you and criticize everything that you do or say, things said about you in the news that is not true etc.
Ok Is This Funny Or Sad?
I dont get it. okokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokok1. anyone know any sad songs?dont forget to remember me by carrie underwood wasted by carrie underwood whiskey lullaby by brad paisly ft. allison krauss concrete angel by martina mcbride cold as you by taylor swift rainy day man by ? live like you were dying by tim mcgraw how do i live with out you by leann rimes we laughed until we cried by jason aldean birthday by taproot seein red by unwritten law music box by thrice behind blue eyes by limp bizkit loves me not by tatu cemetary gates by pantera no time to cry by cradle of filth wake me up when september ends by green day stan by eminem ft. dido little pills by tech n9ne darkness by twiztid your gaurdian angel by the red jumpsuit apparatus everybody hurts by REM we are in heaven version] by dj sammy cats in the cradle by ugly kid joe every rose has its thorne by guns n roses its not ur fault by new found glory civil war by guns n roses its not over by secondhand serenade perfect by simple plan where would you go by fort minor ft. holly brooke one by metallica until it sleeps by meetallica i swear by all 4 one right here waiting by richard marx seize the day by avenged sevenfold superman (its not easy) by five for fighting 100 years by five for fighting untitled by simple plan whats hurts the most by rascal flatts stand by rascal flatts bad day by daniel powter broken by seether ft. amy lee the gift by seether 18 and life by skid row i remember you by skid row time after time by cindi lauper in gods hands nelly fartado chasing cars by snow patrol shes a wild one by faith hill ...................the song amazing grace always gets me .... i hope you dance by leann womack there goes my life by kenney chesney when daddy let me drive by alan jackson listen to your heart by dht my heart will go on by celine dion hurt by johny cash everytime by brotney spears when your gone by avril lavigne christina aguilara my immortal by evanescence i will always love you by whitney houstan mad world by gary jules ill stand by you by the pretenders the river by bruce springsteen2. Good sad songs?What kind? Country, rap, rock....? Well, I do not know any rap so I will give you one each of country and rock... George Jones - He Stopped Loving Her Today Bad Company - Shooting Star3. What is some really sad movies ?Glory Braveheart Titanic How Green Was My Valley Ghost Introducing Dorothy Dandridge Patch Adams Untamed Heart Gia Love is a Many Splendored Thing The Green Mile Star Trek II the Wrath of Kahn A Walk to Remember Rent Up Close and Personal Hero Armageddon My Girl The Lover Of Mice and Men Romeo and Juliet I am Sam Forrest Gump A League of their Own Philadelphia Pearl Harbor Ghost A Walk to Remember Tristan & Isolde What Dreams May Come The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants The Guardian Waste Deep Selena American Beauty Beaches Crash The Terminator Remember the Titans Jack Frost The Thorn Birds Click Four Brothers Cruel Intenions Coach Carter4. ok is this funny or sad?hahhhahha i love it. thanks5. What are some sad songs?Terrible Things- Mayday Parade Godspeed- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Four Becomes One- Hawthorne Heights Shooting Star- Bad Company (not exactly modern but a sad story overall)6. Is this so sad (or cute)?that actually does happen to me. the bigger cat in my avatar gets out all the time(he knows how to open doors) and our other cat crys for him till he comes home. now we have another cat thats my daughters and when she goes outside sometimes we have to call her back in after 10 min. cuz her cat will go from window to window looking for her and crying for her. the other cat in my pic is named willie also! :)7. Any sad and lonely songs?One is the loneliest number Three Dog Night Whiter Shade of Pale ? The Moody blues the silence? Simon & Garfunkel bridge over troubled waters Simon & Garfunkel Amazing Grace Judy Collins or on bagpipes ( weird it's sad and beautiful at the same time) Send in the clowns Judy Collins Landslide Fleetwood Mac (stevie nicks) I just died in your arms tonight the cutting crew REM The one I love Mike and the Mechanics Living Years or The Living Years
Don't You Think Its Sad When People Don't Even Know What Their True Ethnicity Is Anymore?
do you have any idea how bad this sounds?1. Still really sad I failed to breastfeed my baby?My wife had the same issue. Helped our daughter to settle down and take the bottles much easier too instead of fighting because she wanted the same postions my wife would put her in to breast feed. it pleased the wife and pleased my daughter. I know your is a little older to do it that way but should not hurt to try it? See if you feel better about your closeness and for you some peace of mind that you have a good bond2. Anyone know how to make a sad horse happy? read more?Try sitting out with her, let her approach you and reward her. Be patient. Let her come to you and know you are there for her benefit. Do not just visit to ride her. Spend lots of time spoiling her, rubbing under chin, behind ears, brush her lots and keep her coat and feet meticulously clean (and oil feet) Horses like to see different areas without being ridden too. Walk with her on a trail and let her enjoy it. Does she have stablemates? She might be lonely3. what is a really sad song about being lonely?"Revenge Of The Number" by Portishead4. Can anyone list some SAD emo songs..please...?Are you ******* serious??? What a waste to society you are5. I'm so sad about my weight :((. My wedding is coming how many lbs should I lose?try to work out and walk your dog, or go to the park and swim, run, DO SOMETHING! yo gotta move it to lose it! if you feel like youre gonna eat something bad grab a fruit instead! Good luck! Also, i recommend the Belly Fat CUre by Jorge Cruise its really great!6. who is sad that Mariah Carey has lost her fabulous voice?It may be that she never had that great of a voice. Maybe she had a better audio engineer in the 90s7. I lost my best friend yesterday :"( and i need a sad rock/emo song?its okay i got in a fight with my best friend yesterday i wished that she would get hit by a car and die and i wouldnt have cared......that was really bad but the fight excalated over a pointless matter even when i did nothing to the friend we both made up the next day even though we really tore each other apart so dont be depressed and listen to happy songs dont let this get you down and i wanted to be mad at my friend and not be friends with her, i tried but i failed because she is a person i need in my life and depend on because im always there for her and shes always there for me even through tough times good luck young by hollywood undead knife called lust by hollywood undead my black dahlia by hollywood undead cellar door by escape the fate Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche by escape the fate the day i left the womb by escape the fate there for you by flyleaf so i thought by flyleaf my heart your hands by from first to last i liked you better before you were naked on the internet by from first to last waltz moore by from first to last note to self by from first to last a tint of rain by halifax make believe by metro station broken heart by motioncity soundtrack hold me down by motioncity soundtrack franklin by paramore never let this go by paramore cat and mouse (piano one or demo) by the red jumpuit apparatus swing life away by rise against save by the rocket summer fear of flying by a rocket to the moon a walk through hell by say anything (not really sad though but good to listen to) whats said and done by scary kids scaring kids drowning by scary kids scaring kids fornever by school boy humor giving up by silverstein smile in your sleep by silverstein she is just a glitch by sky eats airplane one eight seven by senses fail buried a lie by senses fail the city sleeps in flames by scary kids scaring kids empty glasses by scary kids scaring kids just a taste by scary kids scaring kids yeah boy and doll face by peirce the veil milk of regret by otep camisado by panic at the disco lgfuad by motioncity soundtrack the rest of my life by less than jake coffee break by forever the sickest kids the pros and cons of breathing by fall out boy practice makes perfect by cute is what we aim for lover i dont have to love by bright eyes forty five days by breathe electric my, you and my medication by boys like girls letters to God by boxcar racer adams song by blink 182 remembering sunday by all time low and they call this tradegy by alesana (the first version was better) and i dont think these are emo or anything its just kind of music you listen to when your down
How to Not Be so Sad After the Holidays?
Yeah... I think I can undertand you because I am feel the same. I like Christmas, Holydays... But I like the season, the time after the date... When Christmas come, it goes so quickly... When the others says, try to get a girlfriend or more friend for spending the time and then you will not have time to feel sad... Hugs. Happy Holidays!1. Is this sad and pathetic?i will still be for friend... but why did not you ask me to come with you. i could have paid with a real $10 bill2. Songs for when your sad?I love 9 crimes. You should try old Mayday Parade, Augustana, or John Lennon3. What are some sad songs?Arms of the angels -sara McLoughlin Sing me back home -Merle Haggard4. sad animes?Pretty much all animes are sad at some point...but if you insist: D gray man Bleach Naruto (both are CLASSIC) Clannad- what a tearjerker Air- similar to clannad DN Angel- not so much tearjerker as a romantic drama... NANA- once again, romantic, but sad sometimes. Chobits- very emotional at times, but funny and cute too DearS- Similar to chobits, but with aliens, and it seems heartwarming.5. What are some sad movies?Powder ,Swept from the sea , My Girl , The little princess , black beauty6. Lost baby today, sad but...?so sorry to hear, its normal to feel that way i read that work related stress can have something to do with m/c ?????? something to think about7. Why am I sad?Are you lonely? Feel bad about something? Do not feel sad be happy remember the good things you have and try to be happy. It will make things a lot better for you =)8. wedding speech for sad occassion?Start it off with something like We are all here to celebrate the marriage of I am sure brides/groom mother (not sure how it's bridesgrooms mother unless brother and sister) is looking down and celebrating with us, and is missed greatly Then talk about the couple only If it's not the bride or groom mother do not say anything Just in the beginning put something in about the mom Then make the speech about the couple9. Very sad question :'( ?No doubt about it... terminate10. Good Sad Songs?Oh wow where do I begin... -"Demons," by Guster -"I Will Follow You Into the Dark," by Death Cab for Cutie -"Lonely Soul," by UNKLE -the theme from "Pan's Labyrinth" -"Tell Her This," by Del Amitri -"Telescope Eyes," by Eisley -"Closer," by Joshua Radin -"Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down," by Nancy Sinatra (get it off the "Kill Bill" soundtrack) -"Mad World," by Gary Jules -"Both Sides Now," by Joni Mitchell -"Rain," by Patti Griffin -"Evaporated," by Ben Folds Five -"Brick," by Ben Folds Five -"Gravity (Soundcheck)," by Gorillaz -"One Day I will Fly Away," by Nicole Kidman -"Nemo," by Nightwish -"Ohio," by Over the Rhine -"Cathedrals," by Jump Little Children -"Face Down," by Red Jumpsuit Aparatus -"Samson," by Regina Spektor -"Casimir Pulaski Days," by Sufjan Stevens -"The Bachelor and the Bride," by The Decemberists -"White Houses," by Vanessa Carlton Okay I gotta stop before it get's overwhelming! ;) If you are looking specifically for rock, check out anything by Linkin Park. All the stuff I've given you is a pretty wide variety of genres...11. Very sad mommy needs advice?Please keep reassuring your son that you love him very much, how clever he is and that when he is ready to learn, he surely will. Maybe you could spend some time with him helping him with his letters. Make up or buy some alphabet letters on cards. Phonetically make the sound of each letter on a card and once he has learned the sound of each letter, show him some easy words. i.e c a t. m a t. f a t. s a t. j u g. h u g. t u g. then find some very simple books with great pictures and few easy words. Read him fun books at bed time and he will soon become interested in books and learning, giving him time to catch up at school. Show him love, time and patience and his confidence will grow
Why Are Circus Clowns Always Sad?
Having to wear that silly outfit and horribly ugly makeup1. What is a good sad song?Mad World or Hallejulah. They are both sad slow songs and are well known2. What are the things that make IITians sad?A broken lan cord clip3. any depressing slow sad songs?i am sorry for what happened to your best friend's mom...my condolences this is what i recommend: jar of hearts by christina perri beauty of the dark by mads langer stay by hurts i hope you will be missing me by the perishers shattered by trading yesterday missing by evenescence iridescent by linkin park someone's watching over me by hilary duff save him by justin nozuka i've got a lot of others but these are what i could think of right now..so if you need more i will be happy to give you...and if you need any other music reference just let me know4. what are some sad songs?Try "Hey You" by Pink Floyd and "When the Children Cry" by White Lion5. Is this a sad love story?Yes that's soo sad! made me cry even! (not much makes me cry)6. Should I still be sad?Dear Kate Gunn, What your feeling is very normal and your friends probably wo not understand. See you knew what he was all about, but yet you gave in and slept with him anyway and now he moves on about his merry way and you feel like crap. Again, Guys are not stupid, we are opportunist, we are like vultures just waiting for the right time to strike. We seem like we are not interested and then you chase us even harder. I once knew this girl that said never, I would never sleep with you. The challenge was on. Now I knew what I had to do, I had to be cool and act like I was not interested and I played my cards right and three weeks later, we were in bed together. Once I got what I wanted, game over and I moved on. I apologize for being so bold and so honest, but it is the way it is. Life is not always fair, but to be honest, you chose to play the game, now you have to deal with the feelings that go on after the sex is over. Statistically there are 5 women to every one man. So the best thing you can do, if stay busy, stay so busy with sports or school or friends that one day he will pop into your head and you wo not even remember his name. Good luck Kate Gunn7. Is this a really sad death scene?dont listen to what those other ppl say, your writing is really good, keep going, it didnt make me cry, perhaps it wud make other cry, but the way u right, is really good, keep writing, is this the ending? its really nice8. What are some good sad songs?Fall for You - Secondhand Serenade Monster - Skillet Would it Matter - Skillet9. Sad Country Songs to Listen to?a lot of these are love songsish but i still like them :) anything goes- randy houser red on a rose - alan jackson almost home - craig morgan i will walk - bucky covington cowgirls do not cry, god must be busy - brooks and dunn more like her - miranda lambert fall - clay walker how bout you do not - the lost trailers better as a memory - kenny chesney nothin to die for - tim mcgraw already gone - sugarland unbelievable - josh gracin home - blake shelton if nobody believed in you - joe nichols do not laugh at me - mark wills she did not have time - terri clark she never cried in front of me - toby keith what hurts the most - rascal flatts not ready to make nice - dixie chicks you are not sorry - taylor swift hope these helped!!! louie lou10. What is sad about Darth Maul?He's too small and too shallow.His incorporation into the Star Wars canon is so minuscule. He seems like a character with a lot to offer - at least in visual appeal - but is barely in any of the movies.In the TV shows, his character almost reflects his lack of inclusion. He's petty, bitter, and ultimately powerless to affect the storyline.His tragedy is his under-utilization and his uselessness. He does not matter
Whats Your Favorite Sad Song?
My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion Unbreak my heart by Toni Braxton1. really sad songs that are for heartbreak?"Something I Can Never Have" by either Nine Inch Nails or Flyleaf "Cry" by Kelly Clarkson "Happy" by Saving Jane "Careless Whisper" by Seether "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson "Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy "Losing Grip" by Avril Lavigne "I Miss You" by Avril Lavigne "Break" by The Script "Miserable at Best" by Mayday Parade "And Love Said No" by HIM "If You Only Knew" by Shinedown "Call Me" by Shinedown "Breath" by Breaking Benjamen Hope these help you like they helped me.2. Poll: How sad would you be?I've never seen your Myspace. I have only seen my own space when it comes to that stuff...(I am into dudes or whatever) BUT I bet your cleavage is hot3. what is a good sad song?Turn Back Time - Dear Juliet You Found me - The Fray You Told me You Loved Me - Cinematic Sunrise The Kill - 30 seconds to mars (acoustic) Broken Inside - Avril Lavigne The Bird and The Worm - The Used Blue and Yellow - The Used Breathe Today - Flyleaf Broken Like an Angel - Crossfade Cable Car - The Fray Cancer - My Chemical Romance Cassie - Flyleaf Colors - Crossfade Cold - Crossfade Comatose - Crossfade Cry - Rihanna Do not Blink - Kenney Chesney Given Up - Linkin Park Harder Than You Know - Escape The Fate Hate Me - Blue October Hear You Me - Jimmy Eats World Heartless - Kanye West Hero - Skillet Hero - Nickelback How To Save A Life - The Fray Hurt - Nine Inch Nails I Love the Way You Lie - Eminem ft. Rihanna Last Resort - Papa Roach My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne My Heart - Paramore Sick of Love Songs - NeYo One Thing - Finger Eleven The Other Side - Smile Empty Soul Pretty Girl - Sugarcult Unfaithful - Rihanna Romance is Dead - Parkway Drive Russian Roulette - 10 years Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade Sick Of It - Evans Blue Silhouettes - Smile Empty Soul So Far Away - Crossfade4. Very sad in an Unhappy marriage?Start stashing some cash and get the f*ck out!! take care of yourself honey he is way to abusive and he is going to ruin you if you let him!5. What are some beautifully sad songs?I absolutely love sad songs! Superman by Five for Fighting. If you've never listened to it, it's basically Superman saying that he's not as invincible as people make him out to be. If I Ca not Love Her from Beauty and the Beast. I do not know if you are into Broadway songs, but this one is truly sad. It's the Beast saying that if he can not learn to love another, there's no point in him living. Skin (Sara Beth) by Rascal Flatts. It's about a girl named Sara Beth who is battling cancer. Why by Rascal Flatts. It's a song about a man reliving memories of an old friend who has committed suicide. See You There by Joey Rory. It's a song written to share the feelings of Joey's 10 years after her brother died in a car wreck. I will post more when I think of them.6. IS This Cynical Spiritual Sad OR INSPIRING?Beyond inspiring. I honor someone who can rise above negativity and hardship and yet still retain empathy for those who gave up on her before she even began. Wonderful!7. I'm sad:( :( broken?well wat you could do is to put money down at the shelter and tell them to call you when they do get a yorkie. you could also volunteer so that you can help out and when you see a yorkie you could tell them thats the dog you want and maybe theyll help you get it or work something out8. What are some sad movies?pursuit of happinesss a walk 2 remember lion king my girl magic in the water water horse marley and me AI kal hona ho kabhi kushi kabhi gam my name is khan Edited 2 weeks ago
Things You May Want to Know About Sad
An Introduction to sadHarriot was launched in Liverpool in 1786. For many years she was a West Indiaman, sailing between Liverpool and Barbados. In 1796 a French frigate captured her, but the British Royal Navy quickly recaptured her. She became a slave ship. At the beginning of her of her first slave trading voyage a French privateer captured her, and again the Royal Navy quickly recaptured her. She made five slave trading voyages in all. Thereafter she traded with South America. She was last listed in 1814 with stale dataCareer of sadHarriot first appeared in Lloyd's Register (LR) in 1789.On 28 February 1793 Captain Robert Hunter Caitcheon acquired a letter of marque. War with France had just broken out and from her armament, though not from the size of her crew, it appears that Harriet was prepared to take prizes should the opportunity to do so occur.On 11 March Harriet and Speightown, Hall, master, recaptured Camilla, Dunbar, master, of Leith. A French privateer of 14 guns and 75 men had captured Camilla as she was sailing from Salonica to London. Camilla was carrying a cargo of 475 bales of cotton, 25 bales of spunge, 675 boxes of figs, and 12 tons of valonia.[Note On 5 April Harriet became the first privateer from Liverpool to send in to Liverpool a French prize. The prize was the brig Agreeable. P.M.Culler, master, which had been sailing from Port-au-Prince to Bordeaux. Harriet had captured her on 11 March at 4830N 1230W / 48.500N 12.500W / 48.500; -12.500. Agreeable, of 150 tons burthen, was carrying a cargo of coffee, sugar, indigo, and cotton, and the report of her capture valued vessel and cargo at 69000. The report also gave the name of Harriet's owner as Barton. The auctioneers Ewart & Ruston, of Exchange Alley, sold vessel and cargo.On her next voyage Harriet chased a French Guineaman (slave ship) into Martinique but had to give up the chase when fired upon by the fort there.In 1796 Harriot was to windward of Barbados when a French frigate captured her. HMSPelican recaptured her. Harriot was sailing to Barbados from Liverpool and Pelican sent her into Martinique.A report in 1798 stated Harriet had made 33 voyages to Barbados in the previous ten years and had taken and retaken several vessels and had been lengthened in that time, "an instance of commercial expedition,... scarcely to be paralleled."1st slave voyage (17981799): Captain William Lace acquired a letter of marque on 24 September 1798. On 29 October Captain Lace sailed from Liverpool, bound for the coast of what is now Angola Harriot acquired her slaves at Ambriz and arrived at Barbados on 12 July 1799 with 313 slaves. She sailed from Barbados on 24 July and arrived back at Liverpool on 3 September. She had left with 36 crew members and suffered two crew deaths on her voyage.2nd slave voyage (17991801): Captain Matthew Cusack sailed from Liverpool on 15 November 1799. Shortly after Cusack set out, a French privateer captured Harriot. A British Royal Navy frigate recaptured Harriot on 3 December, and Harriot came into Cork.[Note Later, Cusack and Harriot returned to their voyage. In late 1800 Harriot and Trident recaptured Jane which had been captured as Jane was sailing from Liverpool to Africa. Her recaptors sent Jane back to Liverpool. Harriot acquired her slaves in the Sierra Leone estuary. She stopped at St Thomas and arrived in the Bahamas in May 1801. There she was sold. From the Bahamas she sailed to Charleston. Harriot, Cusack, master, returned to Liverpool from Charleston on 20 July.3rd slave voyage (18011802): Captain John Flinn sailed from Liverpool on 11 November 1801. Harriet acquired her slaves at the Gambia and arrived at Trinidad on 13 April 1802 with 206 slaves. She sailed from Trinidad on 20 June and arrived back at Liverpool on 21 August. She had left Liverpool with 34 crew members and she suffered six crew death on her voyage.4th slave voyage (18021804): Captain Richard Everett sailed from Liverpool on 3 October 1802.. She arrived at Barbados and then sailed for St Vincent. Harriot finally arrived at Tortola on 12 December 1803 with 186 slaves. She was sold in Tortola. She sailed for Liverpool on 20 June 1804, and arrived back there on 6 August. She had left Liverpool with 20 crew members and she suffered eight crew deaths on her voyage.5th slave voyage (1804-1805): Captain Everett sailed from Liverpool on 27 October 1804, bound for West Africa. Harriot arrived at St Lucia on 3 Ma 1805 with 219 slaves. She arrived back at Liverpool on 9 November.When Harriet, Everitt, master returned to Liverpool from Africa and St Lucia her cargo consisted of 176 elephants' teeth, 1900 billets of redwood, 174 hogsheads of sugar, 167 bales of cotton, six cases of coffee, five dozen coconuts, and one barrel of sugar for Everitt's personal account.On 21 January 1808 Harriet's cargo from Monte Video was offered for sale. It consisted of 8600 ox and cow hides, and 60 "murquitos" or bales of tallow.On 8 June 1808 Captain Thomas Hammond acquired a letter of marque. Although neither LR or the Register of Shipping showed a change of master, Lloyds List reported in December 1808 that Harriot, Hammond, master, had arrived at Whitehaven from the Brazils.Fate of sadHarriet was last listed in LR in 1814 with data unchanged for over five years
Any Sad Korean Songs?
Do not Love - F.T Island (the lyrics are really sad) Bad Woman - F.T Island I Will - Zhang Li Yin Happiness Left Shore - Zhang Li Yin Just For A Moment, Goodbye - M.C The Max Memories Of Eden - M.Street I am really sorry I can not reccomend any more songs, I rarely listen to sad songs. Hope that helped a bit ^^1. Sad but dramatic film scene!?The last scene in the time traveler's wife when her husband and her father comes back for after years for a few brief minutes and then disappears2. Name 5 sad songs???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1. Michael Jackson - Little Susie. 2. Evanescence - Hello. 3. Christina Aguilera - Hurt. 4. The Rasmus - Funeral Song. 5. Bon Jovi - Cold Hard Heart.3. How is the movie "UP" sad?I thought it was sad that the little boy's dad was not interested in spending time with him and he did not show up at the end of the movie to pin his son's final badge on with the rest of them4. Poll: How sad would you be?well.....i dont have boobs, so i cant feel your pain :/5. Isn't it kind of sad......?No, I just see the good in life6. Helmet Breakouts = sad, sad day...?How about one of those athletic sweat band things. The maxi pad idea sounds like it would work but how embarrassing if it fell off7. How sad is it that Americans.............?At least they are not kicking around a ball for 9 hours and calling it a "sport".8. what are good songs that are sad?I will follow you into the dark- death cab for cutie The preist and the matador- senses fail Death of seasons- AFI (This song is high energy but if you listen to the words its actually really sad.)9. Happy but sad to be an American today?I am completely blown away by Prop 8. Everyone I know thought they had to vote YES to accept gay marriage. I kept telling people to vote NO. I honestly think that this was a screw up in voting. They thought they were voting YES but they should have voted NO. I am pissed off.10. Name some sad songs?staind- its been a while pearl jam- man of the hour pearl jam- nothing man seether- plastic man korn- hollowed life acoustic evanesence- forgive me the nirvana song they play in the movie Jarhead, cant remember the name right now linkin park- my december brad paisley- whiskey lullaby nin- something I can never have 10 years- shelter hour cast- memories and lies smashing pumpkins- thirty three godsmack- voodoo perfect circle- halo staind- outside creed- dont stop dancing gary (something)- mad world (donnie darko soundtrack) Bush- glycerine zero 7- when it falls mars volta- widow hope that helps. i got thousands more.11. What is something sad to draw?Anything can be sad if it is painted or drawn with the right mood. I suggest deep shadows and muted colours. Perhaps your subject could be something like a dead tree with a bird nest in it, all of the eggs have hatched, except one which is cracked and has the yolk oozing out. Or you could do a picture with juxtaposition, which shows something like a child at a birthday party, all of the kids are playing but he is away from the group looking at , oh i do not know... a hearse across the road or a dead animal on the roadway or something like that. Even a picture of a wilted rose, a burned out candle stub and a sliver of dried up wedding cake can be sad. Just keep the mood of the picture somber and it will work out fine. Good luck! Hope I've inspired you12. Is it a Sad Day in America when ?Yes and it would be a better election that way!13. Why is "sad” not a verb? [closed]"Sad" is a verb, but at this point it is both rare and nonstandard. The OED lists the following as one definition:It gives some old examples, like this one:In addition, I am able to find some very recent examples:Note that to the vast majority of native speakers (myself included), "sad" is not not a verb, and trying to use it as one sounds weird and wrong. The verb you should use is "sadden"
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