What Is the Collective Noun for U201cpapersu201d?

A collective noun is a noun that refers to a group of people/animals/things, such asbunch, flock, rope and many more. Here, 'papers' are things, and the collective noun for 'papers' are: A stack of papers. A ream of papers

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Is it wrong for a guy to have a collection of panties?

It's not wrong. Panties are only another article of clothing. Just like collecting other things, there is nothing wrong. With so many choices, your collection panties can grow.

I have bikini, thongs, g-strings, hipsters and a few others. They can be sexy. Have patterns. Cotton or nylon or polyester.So many styles, so many choices


Will the collection of coronavirus cases in India peak by the end of July?

In India Covid infections r doubling every 10 days.Cinsidering it these r projections:On 20.05.2020 :: 1,30,000 Covid infectionsOn 31.05.2020 :: 2,60,000 Covid infectionsOn 15.06.2020 :: 600,000 Covid infectionsOn 30.06.2020 :: 10,40,000 Covid infectionsTo avoid it, Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad need to control their containment zones more effectively. Else it is inevitable. Stupid governance is responsible for itIt may be wise to completely seal these cities to avoid spread of Covid 19.


Do you believe in collective consciousness? If so, do you believe one individual can lift/lower the collective consciousness?

Is there any evidence to support a phenomenon such as collective consciousness ?So far as I am aware, there is no evidence or even a model of how collective consciousness could operate.In other words, I do not accept (believe, if you like) that collective consciousness occurs. No, I dont believe it


What is it that Indian women/girls are collectively doing wrong?

Most of them doesnt know the difference between Feminism and arrogance.Let me make it simple.All men are dogs ( arrogance)Women should get fair chance than men because of so and so..women should have better rights to which most of the men including me agree. ( Feminism).


Is it true that only 20 people in the world truly understand Java garbage collection?

Which one?There are different implementations of the JVM (theres the Oracles everyone uses, IBMs J9 And all these: List of Java virtual machines - Wikipedia), with possible different memory models (which implies differences in garbage collection.From here you can only infer that the only 20 people statement is simply BS


How can I start a waste collection business?

Good luck if you happen to try and start one where a giant already exists or you will end up in the garbage. Seen it several times in the past, not an easy business to break into without you being the one who is broke.What does one TRILLION dollars look like?.


How many video games do you own?

How many video games do you own?There's currently somewhere in the region of 90 games installed on my console. With about 30 or 40 Ready To Install.I've moved whole heartedly to digital content, it is far easier to manage except for needing an external hard drive


How much is the British royal art collection and Crown jewels worth today?

billions. the stamp collection alone which was collected by George 5th is worth about a billion its own right. they own Da Vincis and all manner of stuff that is sometimes exhibited at a price and sometimes locked away for their own private pleasures i imagine. the crown jewels are priceless


Which study material is good online or on YouTube for collection and generics in Java?

You can go for both, first have basic understanding of collection and generics from any good book or online tutorial, if you get some good video tutorial online, then you can try that too, see which way is easier and efficient to learn. GoodLuck !


What is the best way to start collecting firearms?

Before you buy your first gun, read books and look at collections. Determine where your interests are. Winchester rifle? Colt revolvers? Indian War firearms?Learn to spot a fake. Learn to spot a refinish. Learn to spot a bitsa. Before you start buying, learn what you are buying.


How do you manage your physical gold/silver/platinum collection?

That is a great habit. I also collect stamps. However, please surf the internet to price your collection. It is even more amusing to surf the internet on this certain subject. I learn a lot more than prices of pieces on internet.


What is the Difference between collective and cooperative farming?

In cooperative farming, farms are owned by several farmers who pool their resources voluntarily, work together and share the profit or produce while in collective farming, farms are owned by a productive cooperative union, based on social ownership of the means of production including land and labour


What happens to a bee hive if the honey is not collected?

Nothing bad. The colony grows big and strong and eventually reproduces (swarms).This is vexatious for tidy-minded beekeepers but exactly what millions of years of evolution have designed the colony to do.If the fabled honey binding were a serious problem for the bees, they would have become extinct long before beekeepers evolved.


Who owns the largest private library collection in the world?

As outlined by other answers, the definition of 'private' is problematic. Library systems like Harvard and Oxford (let alone countless other impressive private university library systems) are 'private' in the sense that their institutions are 'private.'I would argue that the following are among top contenders for truly 'private' libraries:The Vatican

The Getty Institute Library


Do British and European people see the US as more of a collection of states like the EU is a collection of countries than as a single nation when they refer to the United States as The States?

No.Most UK/European people see the USA as a single country.The term The States is used simply because it was American usage beforehand, and some here adopted it. The plural nature of the term does not indicate the intended meaning.


What sites provide a good collection of Bollywood songs and their ratings?

You can try dhingana.Com it also has a android app but its UI is little laggy n saavn.Com is also there. If you want legal and downloadable mp3s than try hungama.Com , but you have pay to download songs. Flipkart also sells mp3 music


Is data structure in Java easier to learn using a collection framework than C/C?

Yes, it is their in java.It is more easy to work in collection framework in java as compare to c or c.

java have many interfaces and classes for this which allow us to use in build function for sorting ,uniqueness, insertion order,data with key value and many more direct functions...


How do I collect debt?

Collection of debts is a discouraging task. However, reliable and reputed debt collection agencies can solve this problem for you and get your money back to you. In my experience i foundvery helpful' they help me to collect my money faster and easy'

THEY GIVE No Collect /No Charge services.


Which are the best Tamil movies that failed at box office collections?

Aairathil Oruvan.

Mayakkam Enna.


Anbe Sivam.


Onayum aatukuttiyum.

Hey Ram.



Aayutha Ezhuthu.

and the most important, which was THE BEST and FAILED at box office, would beAARANYA KAANDAM.EDIT 1 :

Adding to the list,

Kattradhu Tamizh,



Billa 2




What is the best collection of amazing facts?

1 Carrots are originally purple in colour!2. 1998 is as far as 20383.The largest sand castle in the world measured 54 feet high.4.Lazy people actually think more.5.popcorn is an accidental invention.6.The 110-acre 'Snake Island' in Sao Paulo has 4,000 snakes. Which is one snake for every 6 square yards. It is one of the world's deadliest islands


What is 'Island of isolation' in Garbage Collection (Java)?

When there are various Objects in active state , and they are referencing each other internally but none of them are being referenced from outside. This is called Island of Isolation.E.g - Object A > Object BObject B Object CObject C Object ABut none of these object is being refrenced/used from any other place


How profitable can a debt collection agency be?

The debt collection market is very satisfied with loads of providers and therefore it is quite hard to acquire new clients. But if you have a good distribution and you continously acquire new clients a collectors agency can be very profitable


What is the total business collection of the movie 'Saaho' (2019 movie)?

Saaho was simultaneously filmed in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. Saaho has had a thunderous opening. The film has grossed Rs 104.8 crore and has a nett figure of around Rs 68.1 crore. It has beaten the record of Avengers Endgame (Rs 53 crore) as well as Thugs of Hindostan (Rs 52 crore).


Do you think India should be divided into a few countries? Would it be better if India were a collection of smaller countries which could cooperate, have controlled migration, and reap the benefits of their natural resources and local talent?

while converting the country into individual states that are independent can be really good for governance and productivity the Indian society is not mature enough for this politically and emotionally. Maybe in 150years, Can't see it being a good option anytime sooner


My dad owes $17,000 in UCLA hospital bills and is being threatened with collection action. He lives in Spain and this happened when he was visiting. What happens if he doesn't pay? Can the collection agency go to Spain?

You have 99.99% chance of nothing happening. Hospitals are used to write off bigger amounts (which are heavily padded anyways), there is no easy way to transfer this collection to Spain and these charges would be easily challenged under Spanish law anyways


Can I sue a credit collection agency for harassment for continuing to pursue an old debt that is past its statute of limitations?

Past the statute of limitations does not erase the debt and does not prevent collection agencies from pursuing the debt, it only prevents pursuing in court.The debt is outstanding and owed, so requesting/demanding/asking for payment is not harassment


Is it bad to have a plush toy collection at 23 years old?

No, if you like collections. Collectors are of all ages and all items.Just beware collections take a lot of space and can fill up a house if the items are big.If you accumulate too much things you may become a hoarder and not a collector.


Is the bible unverified and collected by unknown anonymous authors?

No, there is a lot of verification available. Read early church fathers. There are quotes from the bible as early as 100 a.d. It certainlly was not collected by anonymous authors .

. and was written well before it was officially adopted about 300 a.d


Why don't security services (like Garda's money collection people) have to conceal their handguns?

The simple answer is that, generally speaking, these independent security contractors (meaning, non-police agencies) are licensed by the states and municipalities to open carry while they are in uniform, due to the nature of their work and the fact that they are in the security profession


Is a map a collection in Java?

Map is an interface in the collections API in Java. There is no concrete class called Map, so it might be better to state that Map is the ADT, and implementations (e.g., HashMap) are the actual collections. However, that's teasing things apart a bit finely.


What do you call a group of foxes?

Male foxes are known as dogs, tods or reynards, females as vixens, and young as cubs, pups, or kits, though the latter name is not to be confused with a distinct species called kit foxes. A group of foxes is referred to as a skulk, leash, or earth


Where can I get a collection of C programs?

Lots of websites are available for Basic C Programs But only some websites provide best Code of any programs in C; Some top 10 C Programs websites are given below;SitesbayC4LearnTutorialsPointProgramizFreshtoRefreshProgramingsiplifiedC-LanguageGreekforGreekJavaTpointUdemyThese website have 100 C programs in simple and Easy way. On Sitesbay you can also download your code


Why is a map not included in the collection framework in Java?

Lesson: Interfaces java doc says otherwise.I think you are probably asking why map doesn't implement Collection interface. That is because map has a key and a value. The map does give you a Set of keys and a Set of values and Set does implement Collection


Are smart pointers in C11 considered a mild garbage collection?

Yes it's a form of garbage collection. The advantage is that there is no lag between the release of objects and the destruction of objects. Also there is no collection pause. The disadvantage is that the burden is on the programmer to explicitly handle circular references


What is the box office collection of Simmba (2018 Movie)?

Simmba has been dominating the box office, since the movie released worldwide on 28th December 2018, directed by Rohit Shetty.Simmba Day Wise Collection Breakup:1st-day collection: 20.72 crores2nd-day collection: 23.33 crores3rd-day collection: 31.06 croresTotal India Nett: 75.11 cr.Total India Gross: 96.14CrsTotal overseas collection: 37 croresTotal 3 days Worldwide Gross: 133.



Should you ever pay a collection agency after the statute of limitations is up and they threaten to sue you over an old debt?

Theres no legal reason to pay them after the debt is old enough to be uncollectable. Keep in mind a paid collection item is just as damaging to your credit as an unpaid one.Ill leave the moral issue up to you


How are ETF fees collected?

The fees are taken out daily via downward adjustments to the Net Gross Assets affecting NAV downward at the same time. Some smoothing goes on in accounting at the fund companies, but for the most part regular everyday business expenses like rent, etc., flow through daily as accrued


What is the best way to sell an entire baseball card collection?

I have found eBay to be a great vehicle.The hardest thing to determine is value/worth and eBay does all that work for you. Check what prices your cards have actually sold for and then set your prices.Facebook Market place is also an excellent place to list cards for sale.


What is the best way to sell expensive wines from my collection?

The best way to sell a single bottle of wine is through the person you bought it from. They know you personally and know that you've had the bottle for "x" amount of years and that you've stored it properly and can assure their buyers of the wines validity


Can you collect unemployment if you are on strike?

No. This is what union dues are for.If you belong to a union and the union negotiators cannot get the business or organization to give you a fair contract, and the membership agrees to strike action, then the union dues that have been invested will provide members with strike pay during the strike

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