What Is Your Makeup Collection Like?

i have 2 bag bags. one for school and for nights out with the girls and such :P inside of it is: MAC light pink lipglass MAC dazzle glass lipgloss Victoria's Secret lipgloss MAC eyesadows. about 4 of these foundation and concealer from lancome cleanser from lancome red lipstick from MAC eyeliner from MAC mascara from MAC blush/powder/and cover upp :]]

1. guilty pleasure hidden in collection?

I have a Partridge Family greatest hits CD. I am a sucker for 70s "cheeze-pop"

2. 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

What should responsible moderators not do with their power? What behavior have you disliked in moderators (on any SE or elsewhere) that you vow you will never do?

3. What is the earliest recorded music in your collection?

A 1955 copy of Rose Marie by Slim Whitman. It still plays beautifully. I inherited my dad's record collection so got a lot of old stuff. One is possibly older than the slim whitman one but that's where I am up to cataloguing them.

4. Anyone used Miss Sporty Or Natural Collection Makeup?

im not really into boys wearing makeup lol

5. Collection agency waited to take out payment and reported me to the credit bureau?

Call up whoever reported you and explain it to them, they should remove what they reported from your credit. Also dispute it with the 3 credit bureaus, they should research it and remove it themselves

6. Don't show attribute in product collection if not set

You can use this :or in your Mage_Catalog.csv set empty values to this:

7. 2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Here's a question which may seem silly at first glance, but then once you take into account the number of people who proudly proclaimed "I did not vote!" last election it is actually of some level of importance: Why should I vote? Not specifically why should I vote for you, but why should I vote at all?I personally probably will vote but I am just curious as to the answer that I will be getting

8. create a copy of a field-collection for entity clone [closed]

This has been solved by chalee on d.o on the following issue: Integrate node_clone with field_collection module.This is his function that works just fine for my use case:Again.

9. US has got the largest collection of Nuclear weapons?

Actually, Leogirl... roman is RIGHT ON the mark. no single country comes even close to matching the unites states's nuclear arsenal, especially after its only serious contender in that field, the soviet union has split into, and its stores of nukes with it. AND the US are in fact the only country that ever employed nuclear weapons in hostile action. if you have information to the contrary, i would like to hear it. as for you, roman, i generally agree. i felt pretty safe, as long as the balance of nuclear horror was intact... i am still confident in the US government, about its refrain from using their nukes, but without the threat of lethal retaliation, the temptation must be rising... in this light it may be a good thing if the other side... insofar as there is something as sides anymore... gains the potential for retaliation, in order to restestablish the balance of threat... then again, i am really not convinced that countries like iran and syria are politically capable of a responsible and secure handling of nukes and other weapons of mass destruction. i see the great risk that radical forces gain the power to employ them and to hell with all nonbelievers... my opinion is this... the balance of mutual destruction worked in the cold war, when there were basically only two players... but today, the pure existance of weapons of massdestruction adds a whole new dimension to the worldwide problem of terrorism. they should ALL and without exception be destroyed.

10. 48 Hour Urine Collection Question?

Are you being tested for orthostatic proteinuria? A split urine test is a method to determine whether the protein discovered in your urine is due to a condition called orthostatic proteinuria. For reasons that are not well understood, this causes a person to have protein into their urine when they are standing or sitting but not while they are lying down. The split urine test is one way to determine if this condition is present. Orthostatic proteinuria is a harmless condition that is not uncommon in young people. Generally, no further testing or treatment are necessary after diagnosis. (See "Patient information: Protein in the urine (proteinuria)"). EQUIPMENT The test requires that you collect all of your urine for 24 hours. Pick a day when this would be convenient. Males may want to buy an inexpensive urinal for easy collection; females may buy an inexpensive basin urinal (urine hat). You will also need two jugs and a funnel. Two half gallon plastic jugs (eg, milk jugs), thoroughly rinsed, are adequate if jugs are not provided. Label the two jugs: (1) Daytime urine and (2) Nighttime urine. PROCEDURE Perform the following steps on the day that you are going to collect the urine. * When you first get up, discard the first morning urine. * For the rest of the day, collect all of the urine each time you void. Put this urine into the Daytime urine jug. Continue to peform normal daily activities. * In the evening, lie down two hours before you go to sleep. Just before sleeping, void for the last time and add this urine to the Daytime jug. Lying down for two hours avoids contamination of the nighttime collection with urine formed during the day. * The following morning (approximately eight hours after going to sleep) collect the first morning urine and put in the Nighttime urine jug. * Take the two jugs to the laboratory.

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