What Led You to Decide/change Your Major in College?

For me personally, before applying to college, I was dead set on being an engineer. No matter what it took! When I was in high school, I had an internship with the US Army Corps of Engineers where I got to work with every engineer in the building. After that internship I decided that I specifically wanted to be a civil engineer because I enjoyed that occupation the most.

When I got excepted into Michigan State University I was declared a civil engineering major, when I arrive to campus and started to choose my classes, I realized that I wanted to be in the Applied Engineering Sciences major rather than Civil Engineering because civil was more focused on construction and applied had a business aspect to it, and was more of what I was interested in.After being in my major for roughly 3 semester and not doing so well, my engineering advisor called me in for a meeting. In that meeting, he'd expressed his concern with my academic performance and wondered if muy major was the right fit. He asked me what I liked to do and the types of things I like to do on my free time. When I told him that I liked graphic design and media arts he curiously asked me why I hadn't considered that to be my major. I genuinely didn't know. I just knew I was going to be an engineer and work with computers. After some talking, I realized that although I equated my interests to engineering, the root of my interests was technology.After we did a little research, I came across Media Arts and Technology. It was the perfect major for me. I got to keep the things I loved about engineering (technology, structure, specifics, math) and do the things that I loved, create and design. This major was in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences when it comes to learning, I have a very diverse interests and creative arts. I love to get my hands into all the new technology, skills, and education that I can. With this major I was allowed the opportunity to explore all of my interest equally and develop my skills across-the-board.

Since changing my major, I have really found myself. Although I was stuck on being in engineer as I grew I realize where my true interests lie. I definitely do not regret changing my major. Sense, I have transferred to Full Sail University and I am now majoring in Graphic Design, but I had the opportunity to explore all of my skills and figure out which ones I was more passionate about and tailor my education to those skills specifically

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What are the best camera settings with which to take photos of LED billboards?

If you are metering off the billboard, you have to consider the tonal range of the sign. If the background is mostly white then you will have to compensate by over exposing c. 2 stops (similar to taking photos of snow). If the sign is mostly black, then you will need to compensate by under exposing. If in between.... you get the idea.If the lighting is a constant light source (tungsten and other heat-based lighting) then your readings are accurate. If the lighting is flourescent or another source that is not constant you will need to compensate for the "flicker" of the lighting in two ways: 1) the exposure needs to be long enough to average-out the cycle (flourescent lighting is 60hz so 1/60 sec minimum on exposure) and 2) the meter in your camera is reading the peaks but not the valleys in the light levels so you need to compensate by increasing the exposure (for flourescent lighting this means doubling the exposure).

LED lighting cycling on-off is electronic and not necessarily based on the power grid cycling as is the case with flourescent lighting. Additionally, the on and off periods might not be identicle in duration. In now ancient microprocessor programming terms, dimming an LED computer display is accomplished by giving it fewer on cycles per second and the cycles were in the khz range (thousands per second). While commericial LED lighting is vastly different from a delicate LED display I cannot image a case where the cycling would be less than 60hz because at slower rates the flickering becomes visible to the eye and highly undesirable. A certain portion of the population is affected by the flickering in flourescent lighting and will get a terrible headache after a few hours - I'm among that population. This leads to the short answer that 1/60 sec exposure time should be useable for all billboard lighting though for LED you might be able to get a good exposure using a shorter exposure time. To check take a half dozen photos and if the histogram is stable then whatever exposure time you are using is long enough. If the histogram is dipping downward (underexposing) on some of the frames then you need ot increase your exposure time to account for the cycle time. Given that there are multiple manufacturers of LED lighting for billboards there may be variances in their cycle times.

Note: 1/60 may be in the range of hand-held exposures for your lens and personal abilities. If not you might need to resort to a tripod.If you are trying to balance the lighting on the sign to the lighting on the surroundings in a single exposure you will need to find the right time of day. As Todd commented, what you are trying to accomplish is not entirely clear


What are the differences between Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin in their styles?

Forget about Tony Iommis fingers & the fact hes left handed, forget about Black Sabbath being a group of Birmingham locals while Led Zeppelin were 2 groups of us & them (2 studio musos & 2 Black Country musos who were friends of Black Sabbath) who immediately realised there was magic in the air during their first session. Not sure if forgetting about Black Sabbath starting off as a Blues group would be muddying the waters, though.Aside from the occasional dalliances with moody acoustic guitars & contributions from keyboard session musicians such as Rick Wakeman (who would do well for himself, also guesting on David Bowie songs) Black Sabbaths style mostly consisted of doom & gloom Metal; the atmosphere & texture on their Volume 4 album sounds very similar to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, whereas one would be very hard pressed to pick 2 songs from any Led Zeppelin album that sounded even remotely similar to each other.

Also the instrumentation; while Tony Iommi played acoustic & electric guitar, the rhythm section just remained loyal to their duties in playing bass & drums. Also, as previously intimated keyboards would appear if required. When singer Ronny James Dio came into the picture the dynamics shifted; not only was his voice a force, but he sang across Iommis guitar riffs, whereas Ozzy Osbourne sang with Iommis guitar riffs. But nothing really changed much; regardless of the different members coming & going (22 in total - including the 4 original members), it was the same band with a slightly different facade - window dressing, anyone?Led Zeppelin on the other hand, were virtually a musicologists wet dream; when Jimmy Page wasnt coming up with different tunings on his acoustic & electric guitars every half hour or so, hed jump onboard a pedal steel, banjo or mandolin while the bassist jumped from electric bass to acoustic upright bass to keyboards to mandolin - I think he even played a hurdy gurdy on 1 song! Meanwhile, the drummer was just making other drummers jaws drop. Then there was the hippy singer who to me at times sounded rather similar to Janis Joplin on Led Zeppelins debut album; curiously enough, it appears that female singers seem to do justice to LZ songs more so than male singers. Actually, there was a question on Quora a while back along the lines of Why are there so many female Led Zeppelin cover bands?. With songs varying from Joni Mitchell-style ballads to bone-crunching rockers, they were more eclectic; there really wasnt anything they werent afraid to tackle.So in a nutshell - if its not a sweeping statement - Black Sabbath are more or less a Heavy Metal band, whereas Led Zeppelin are more cosmopolitan; you never know what to expect from any album


Why is a representative democracy effective?

Representative democracy system is what Winston Churchill had had in mind when he said "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others." Well, looks like we now came to the time when it is no longer true. Rapid development of information technologies in the past two decades has made it possible to fully an efficiently implement the new, technologically enhanced democratic system assisted by consensus algorithms and AI on all levels of governance.

The big obstacle we now have in our way to the fair and non-corrupt government is the whole generation of old, technologically retarded politicians, which still firmly cling to power and which are willing to do everything it takes to stay on top of this outrageously corrupt, dilapidated pyramid as long as they physically can.That is one of the main issues with this ancient form of democracy, where most essential needs of large masses of people are supposed to be adequately met by economic and social acts introduced by largely disconnected from those masses elites, most of which, quite logically, choose to pursue their own financial and political goals instead of vaguely defined "broader social benefits".The second issue is that, although, as the unique history of several selected countries has showed us, significant improvements can be made to this system by adding some elements of public control and by developing competition between different government branches, by the end of the day this system stays what it had always been for thousands of years - the subtle trick by which few subdue many to their own will and personal desires.

The third issue is that even if, again only in some selected countries, most laws are carefully observed and direct manipulation of submitted votes are rendered impossible, still, with time, even this superficially healthy system of representative democracy gradually succumbs to an inevitable process of commercialization, when laws and politicians are financed by big corporations and when "representatives" quickly turn to businessman (women) after their turns are expired being able to fully extract personal benefits from multiple federal or local legal acts, which they previously voted into the laws for the exact this selfish reason.Undoubtedly, at present, overall, we have a situation when 99.99% of good intended people across the world still believe that this grossly outdated system of indirect representation is as good as we can realistically get at this stage of our civilization, with all technological alternatives thought to be "idealistic delusions of several disenfranchised nerds".

However, that is bound to quickly change as younger generation of technically savvy political and business leaders will step up to replace the ruling, ridiculously moronic dinozaurs. Of course, even then, just because of an incredible inertia of all our social, political and economic mechanisms we are doomed to several decades of the painful transition, and, occasionally, retractions

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