What Led You to First Listen to BTS?

I knew about kpop from childhood since my aunts (my dads 6 younger sisters) introduced me to groups like HOT and BabyVox, and later on DBSK/TVXQ, SNSD, Big Bang, etc. I became a casual Kpop listener. I didn't become dedicated to a kpop group until I came across Infinite in 2011, they were the first group that really got me into kpop their music was quite unique. It takes me a lot of convincing before I start to really like a group. I discovered BTS on Weekly Idol (because Infinite was the first group to appear and I continued watching to learn about other artists) and heard their music on the show, but like I said before it takes awhile for them to grow on me.I only started looking into them after their 2015 appearance on the show and became an ARMY a while later. You can say I was ignorant about their music until I searched them up. Their genre was different from Infinite (whose music is mostly rock based) but I came to like it.Im the type of person who needs a bit of time for something to grow on me and that includes music and people in general

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Will the Germany led European Union be a Fourth Reich?

A lot of anti-EU propaganda (probably mostly Russian funded, though at some point it gains a life of its own) seem to think so, but I dont think it is.What it is a collection of treaties binding countries legally together. Some of these treaties include things like standard conditions for drinking water, what constitutes edible food, regulation of things like gas and oil, etc.

If the EU (its THE EU in English by the way: English has articles, much like other Germanic and Latin languages, but unlike some Slavic languages) is just a another German Empire than its a surprisingly toothless and benign one. Countries that flaunt EU laws may be fined and they may have funds aimed at stroking their economy withheld; but they are still reaping the lucrative benefits of living in a land without borders or much customs bureaucracy or tariffs.That is not to say that the Germany isnt a powerful player in the EU. It is. But the EU is not an extension of Germany and only lies from the East would make anybody believe that it was so. Literally no one but Russia benefits from a weakening of the European Union. Sure, its a bit of a mess but its no evil empire.


What bands should I listen to if I like Rush, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd?

Both Zep and Floyd are at the pinnacle of the styles of music they played. They have a lot in common - they were virtuosic musicians making complex music in England around the same time.But their styles are utterly different; Zep were bluesy, rocky, ragged and loud, classic Floyd were not. Zep were guitar-led; Floyd were not, and Id suggest their classic (1970s) sound was all about Rick Wrights keys.And then theres Rush. Ive tried and tried and tried again to appreciate their music, which again is virtuosic and complex, but they leave me cold; I suspect its the vocals. So I struggle to put them in a basket alongside Zep and Floyd.

That aside, you seem to have a musical taste similar to me, so here goes with some more virtuosic (mostly) English non-mainstream music from the 70s and later, mostly prog. Youll see a lot of these names in other answers. In many cases there is a whole ecosystem of bands and performers which descended from them - these are the key names to begin with.

Alan Parsons, Camel, Cream, Flaming Lips, Genesis, Gong, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Marillion, Radiohead, Yes.Finally Id like to mention Greta Van Fleet - astonishing. Youtube them immediately


Why is it so easy for people to believe in God?

I dont think it is necessarily easy at all.I remember being maybe seven or eight years old, lying on the grass on a very clear summer night looking up at the stars. I started to wonder how far away they were. A thousand miles? A million miles? A billion miles? A trillion miles? I started to feel dizzy like I was falling and spinning as the reality of the immenseness of everything donned on my young mind.How did it all get here? There had to be a unfathomably powerful Creator, I thought! I asked Who are you?Even though years later I came to know the Creator as a loving person who calls himself Jehovah, It was extremely difficult for me to believe that there are millions of angels besides the son of God existing in a realm beyond the physical.Yet they are real, and have existed since before the universe came to be. Is that easy for me to accept? Far from it! I struggled for probably 40 years to truly believe in the existence of angels. But Jesus came to earth to bear witness to the truth of unseen realities, having personally observed it all unfold as the Master Worker alongside his (and our) Eternal Father.God does not need you or I to believe in him. It is for our sake that he invites us to do so. And, as far as I know, nobody ever said it would be easy


What led to the first Marvel/DC comic crossover?

In 1974, both DC and Marvel discovered that they were working on separate treasury-sized adaptations of THE WIZARD OF OZ. Marvel's was the one which appeared in August of 1975 as MGM's MARVELOUS WIZARD OF OZ, written by Roy Thomas and drawn by John Buscema and Tony DeZuniga. It was adapted from the 1939 MGM film which had been airing yearly since the '50s, and fell into the public image of the characters. DC's was going to be adapted from the 1902 book written by L. Frank Baum, and was going to be written and drawn by veteran DC artist Sheldon Mayer. Wind of Marvel's plan to publish their adaptation reached DC publisher Carmine Infantino, and after considering what a head-to-head confrontation of warring WIZARD OF OZ adaptations would do to sales of either one, got in contact with Martin Goodman at Marvel and worked out a deal in which, essentially, Marvel shared profits with DC to keep DC's version off the stands. Both Marvel's and DC's colphons appear on the cover, though DC had very little input at all in the finished comic. Part of the deal set up the next, and in this case, true Marvel-DC crossover, which was SUPERMAN VS. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, issued in April 1976. That one was written by Gerry Conway and drawn by Ross Andru and Dick Giordano, with various touch-ups by Neal Adams and John Romita to make the characters look a little more like the style guide, with the production almost entirely DC's. From that point until the final crossover, the production would alternate between companies


What event or politician led you to switch political allegiances?

In 2000 I was living in NYC and was not registered to vote locally. I was registered in Illinois, and wasnt willing to drive 1000 miles to vote for either Bush or Gore.By 2004 I was fully aware of what a nightmare President Bush had been. I was between assignments, so I gave two months to internet propagandizing for John Kerry.I read about the election chicanery in Florida in 2000, and about the Supreme Courts Bush v. Gore decision that shut down the vote count in Florida, and about Jeb Bushs phony felons list in Florida that may have cost Gore 50,000 votes.

I sensed that the Iraq war was a fraud, and was much disturbed by the use of depleted uranium in Iraq. And I found out about the crooked computerized voting machines.Kerry and Edwards acknowledged that 2 million black votes fall through the cracks in a normal election, and pledged that they would see that every vote was counted.

And then guess what happened. After egregious election irregularities in Ohio, No-toes John Kerry caved in after a couple of days. It was left to the Greens and the Libertarians to raise the money for an Ohio recount.Later I learned from Lawrence Lessig about the corrupting influence of the legalized bribery of campaign contributions. The Democrats are up to their eyeballs in filthy money.Democrats can not be trusted. The Greens do not accept any corporate campaign contributions


Has an increased access to almost infinite knowledge, caused partly by the Internet, led to shallowness and cynicism among this generation?

The Internet has given those, who view this world as a global school, an opportunity for growth. For those who are, on the contrary, opportunists, it has become a dark place to exploit.While the Internet is becoming a network for learning and exchanging ideas, it also raises barriers and opens doors. More choices. More connections. People can always engage anonymously in these shadows and find a lower common frame of reference. But people can also grow and mature without feeling trapped in their own culture. With open and accessible instant communication, some users will get hedonistic. Even as some will live in a shadowy world of self-absorption, the majority will learn and benefit from a border less community.The Internet is not the cause for cynicism, but rather a larger cultural aberration from using the Internet as an escape. In freeing yourself from interaction you can escape. You can enter an expanded reality of your own making. This is where a cynic finds nourishment and thrives. Alone. Leaving societal norms in their former, and now abandoned, real world.

It is not the Internet that is the change agent, it is the individual. It is his cyber-drug if you will. It is always the sum of human interaction, not the vehicle they use. Going to darker and more cynical places is a personal choice. Always.


What led to the overthrow of the Ottoman sultanate in 1908?

The Ottoman Empire did not end until 1923 when the Republic of Turkey was proclaimed. I believe you are talking about the Young Turk Revolution against Sultan Abdlhamid II.For centuries, people believed that a king had the divine right and to rule and exercise all executive/legislative power. However, corruption and ambitions of these kings gradually turned people against the monarchs as there was almost no representation of the common people in some form of governance. By the 20th century, the ideology of enlightenment and nationalism took significant hold into the common people and it was gradually demanded throughout Europe that the power of a monarch be reduced and that people should be able to participate as well.Abdlhamid II still believed in this policy of divine right to rule. Yes, he did do a lot of contributions to the Empire such as building the Hejaz railway or reducing the national debt, but he was still to some degree autocratic. In addition, the Ottoman constitution of 1876 was abolished by him and parliament was dissolved so that Abdlhamid could rule with his absolute power.Because of this, Abdlhamid was held in unfavourable views especially by the Young Turks or other nationalist groups who felt they may have been restricted in power (evidently when Abdlhamid dissolved the parliament). Therefore, in 1909 Abdlhamid was overthrown by politicalized sectors in the army and a new government was installed

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Apple is all set to launch iPhone 7S and 7S Plus with rumoured iPhone 8 and now we have rumours of Apple iPhone 9, which is expected to launch in 2018.As per rumour Apple iPhone 9 will have 5.28 inch & the higher variant will have 6.46-inch display both are OLED display.The Apple iPhone 9 will be using Samsung,s OLED panels.Samsung has already sold 180 million units to Apple. There are rumours of Samsung is building a new plant for OLED panels specifically for Apple.This year Apple is all set to announce the three models of the iPhone with iPhone 7S & 7S Plus and iPhone 8. As of now, we have to wait and take this news with a pinch of salt. SourceTED QUESTIONWhy won't my PS3 display most of my pictures?Check to see if the Sharp is HD. If it is, go to the PS3 menu and change the HD output so that it matches what your TV is set to display (720p, 1080p, etc.) If this does not work, make sure you plugged the hdmi cable in firmly, and check to see if you are in the right mode on your TV (should be component)How to display a faceted-search menu where categories could contain just 1 or over 100 choices?I suggest the following rules for the check-box filters:download bmml source - Wireframes created with Balsamiq MockupsIn addition, following Steve Wortham's suggestion - display range facets as a double slider controller (eg. Ratings).I think this should give you a good start. Try this layout, test with 2-3 users and iterate.I have no tach or digital display mph ect on my GSXR 600 2009 nothing will light up on the display or tach?Ceck the fuse for the instrument panel, this is about the only thing that you can check without consulting a mechanic. Usually a blown fuse will cause this,and also if your panel is all digital then it is also possible the the circuit board can be bad,a very expensive fix might i add,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Unable to use laptop display since attaching monitorSo it looks like that Ubuntu on that Laptop is stuck in the external display modeMultiplexing 4-digit 7-segment display is flickeringTo avoid flickering of the segments, you really do need hard real time control of the multiplexing. Even small variations in the timing will be quite noticeable.Using the timer on the CPU should work quite well, but as you observed it seems a lot of hassle for one simple thing. Perhaps it's worth doing if it's not just a one-off thing you are making.Using a smart display, or making one by adding a small micro is probably the easier route. I would probably opt for the micro since it gives the most flexibility.How exacly do you display Physical passion?It is not something artificial that you can display at will. It should come from the inside, because of the chemistry and the actionIs there an app to display partition identifers?Another choice, installed by default on 12.04:There are options to display fields, remove headers, etc.may also be useful, depending upon what you find easier to parse. I do not think it will be easy to find a standard utility to convert to the grub nomenclature. The shell program /usr/lib/grub-legacy/update-grub has some shell script functions that do the conversionNeed help...Monitor, desktop display problem?Go to start button. Type are solution'. Click on adjust screen resolution. Make sure it's set to single scren display and your resolution is not more than you monitor can support. Try changing some of the settings. But what ever you do, do not set the resolution higher than what your screen can supportWindows 10: Laptop display refuses to turn offThe issue has been fixed in Windows 10 build 10586 released in November 2015. The display now turns off on its own when the machine is idleHow to disable Macbook Pro internal display when using external monitorsI use a very naive solution on a Macbook Air mid-2012: instead of using clamshell mode (closing the lid), I just press the brighness down button until the lowest level. For my surprise, the lowest level turns off the internal display. I do not know if this works for others models, but it works well for me.Flip the image of OLED 128x64 0.96 inch displaySSD1306 support display flipping (mirroring) - need only change in initialization: COMSCANDEC to COMSCANINC or vice verasa.More info in datasheet and section: 10.1.14 Set COM Output Scan Direction (C0h/C8h)Suitable low-power 10" graphical display optionsIt seems like your requirements have narrowed it down to a display type you already listed: e-ink. The others you mentioned all seem very experimental or in very specific applications.I do not know how many e-ink manufacturers there are, but "E Ink Corp. " has a 9. 7" prototype kit for sale (out of stock as of 2010 Nov 28). You might also be able to hack a Kindle DX (same 9.7" screen), not sure what is in themDo you think the Fundies would object if I put my atheism display up at the public school?All I have to say is if you do not want Christians to set up a display discussing the benefits and what not of religion then do not open the can of worms. People and their hypocritical ways are really starting to upset me. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE WAY THIS COUNTRY IS THEN GET THE **** OUT!!!!Gateway 22" monitor brings up display for few seconds then display goes dark?Sounds like a bad back light.No fix for that,I hope you are under warrantydisplay a node in the sidebar region of another nodeI think you might have heard about Views module, you can create a views block to get the child node and display it on the same page using ViewsPrevent (or at least notify about) display names shorter than 3 charsWe no longer allow names of 2 characters.3 characters is the minimum name length, and this is enforced.However, users who have an existing 2 character name may retain it, but will be unable to copy their profile from site to site until they make their username at least 3 characters.Update: as of 14 September 2011, previously existing shorter display names have been padded with dots.How to display the last user logged in Windows 7 PRO x64 logontl;dr:Explanation:so after some googling and messing around I found (thanks to ) how it's "done"Thing is, Windows fails to build user list for LogonUI display if any of keys in HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/ProfileList do not have at least values with names: Flags, ProfileImagePath and State. Then it falls back to showing only Last logged on user and "Other users" button for manual enter of username.So, to cause this behavior, just add any subkey to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/ProfileList without any values and you are good. Remove to restore. I advise calling the new key some way it's clear why it's there and what it does.And of course, if you have this problem and want to restore user list, check all ProfileList subkeys and and remove ones do not have these 3 values (usual warning: handle registry carefully and backup before doing this of course, aside from accidental errors there are ways to hide user accounts from logon screen even if list can be read, so if you only have one user for example, and it's hidden using SpecialAccounts, you wo not be able to logon after restoring user list, because there wo not be any users!)Use an iMac 5k or iMac 4k 2017 as a target display with Macbook Pro retina early 2013According to this article on AppleInsider the 2017 4K and 5k iMacs do not support target display modeWhat is better to display the sub categories? Roll-over or click?I think its a better user experience to just display the top level/parent categories and then show sub navigation on those pages. It removes the clutter from the main navigation thus not presenting the visitor with 500 different sub level and sub sub level navigation.Of course, it depends on the store and the range of products. But another benefit is this also keeps authority in the most important/top level pages of your website rather than leaking this to so many other deeper category pagesIs it possible for Conky to display Time in words and not in numbers?Could not you create a symbol-font which consists of images of the written word for every numeral? Than you should just have to choose this font (if possible) for the display of timeI bought a used VCR: RCA VR603AHF (1995), and it has no digital display. Is this possible? No display at all? Or is something wrong with it?A lot of VCR's had nothing but transport control buttons, a volume knob (maybe) and a tape transport counter. Oh, and a tape release lever or button of some sort, occasionally. Winkie lights were not considered um, essential for playing a tape.Is there a way of saving a pic in my display images to my system? I accidentally deleted it.?hmmm, maybe you can use “Print Screen“ key when your open your “My display image...“ at YM screen and paste to mspaint then save as Jpeg fileWhat is the oddest thing youu2019ve put on display in your home?I use old wood pulleys and rope, skeleton keys hanging in clumps by the door and a Victorian counter ringer to call for dinner guests. Tiny mosquitoes made from fine wire and wings cut from plastic bottles are attached to the silk waterlilies I made. I adorned a set of built-in cabinet drawers with driftwood handles, in my main room. I have a collection of crystal balls usually on my rugs. They move around. Come to think of it, most of what I like is odd. u200dWhat is the oddest thing youu2019ve put on display in your home?.In find result window of Notepad, display multiple line resultsTry the following. Let's say your document starts with the word INFO and ends with 999.Your regex would be:In order for this to work with MULTI LINES, in the search window, right next to the tick for using Regular expression, there's a checkbox that says . matches newline. You need to have it selected for it to work. p. s. Checked that it works on my Notepad version 7.5.1p.s.2 The find only returns the 1st line of each occurrence. So if your match starts at line 5, but ends in line 10, it will display on the search window that it starts at line 5. You can not change that behavior in the applicationWhen should I use my display's native gamma over the standard 2.2?Setting display gamma to 2.2 or sRGB (in LCD OSD settings, that is) will make it closer to perceptually uniform (i.e. efficient for be used by human) and also make 8 bit images with gamma 2.2 or sRGB expose less banding (bigger colour depth) when viewed at 100%. However, there is a problem, at least with DisplayCAL: creating profile for gamma 2.2 means that 1D LUT will be created. This 1D LUT can be applied in two ways:Here comes the problem. Assume that you have an 8bit LCD which does not have gamma correction at all (or does not allow the gamma to be set enough closely to taget) and also does not use editable internal 1D LUT. If you calibrate your LCD for gamma 2. 2 the DisplayCAL will make your LCD loose colour depth because it does not offer any interactive gamma adjustment. Therefore your LCD wo not even be 8bit anymore (more like 7,5bit, for example).If your entire workflow is 16bit there is zero sense in creating 1D LUT. However, since most LCDs have extra contrast, you may set your LCD gamma to compensate for it BEFORE profiling and then create profile for gamma "As measured".Creating 1D LUT for video card (8bit to 8bit) will only cut your colour depth
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