What Might Have Led...?

Firstly, Iran feels it has the right to have nuclear weapons. It looks at it's enemies, the US, Britain which both have nuclear missiles. Iran interprets the sanctions as a form of warfare. Secondly, Iran only cares about the leaders, the elite. And other Islamic nations, tradition fearful of the US, will supply food and weapons to Iran. Iran does not care about its people, except when they rise up in rebellion. Thirdly, the UN is a toothless tiger. It cannot attack Iran without the support of the Muslim nations around it. Unless Iran attacks another country, the UN can not justify invading Iran to the Muslim nations around it. If the UN did attack Iran, the Muslim nations would attack back, and radical Islamists would view this as a modern Crusade. An example are the Gulf Wars. The 1991 Gulf War where the UN invaded Iraq, also had a coalition made up of other Arab nations, discliplining Iraq for attacking Kuwait. In the 2003 Gulf War, the Arab Nations did not cooperate at all, because they had no reason to attack Iraq. Sanctions also do not do anything. If the leader is humanitarian, maybe it will. But that is unlikely. Sanctions ultimately do more harm to the general populace who cannot access healthcare or food. The UN is aware of this. If Iran ignores the sanctions, the UN can not do anything about it. Until Iran attacks some random country, no other country has a justification to attack Iran.

1. How to calculate and power supply multiple led strips

If these LEDs have electronics integrated to control the brightness of the individual LEDs independently, connecting them in series is not an option for a number of reasons (data signals to control the brightness will need to be at the same voltage, for one). In such a situation, your calculation of 10.It's worth noting that the power (18W/m) sounds like a maximum rating. In general, the power consumption at any point in time will depend on the brightness of the individual LEDs

2. Cars with LED tail lights?

this is dumb, the difference betweeen energy costs wouldnt be near the cost to switch them out and leds dont produce heat so it you live in snowy regions the snow never melts off

3. What events led to the Vietnam War?

After the WW2 , the french guys just came over , and tried to take over the Indo-China. Now this guy , Uncle Ho Chi Minh , he made a grand strategy of Guerrilla warfare , and there was a bloody skirmish known as Dien-bien-phu battle. The french lost heavily in this war and Vietnam. A paranoid US took this event very seriously(Still North Korea was fresh in their minds) , and the policy makers in Washington discussed that if the communists are not stopped now , they can not be stopped ever , and the entire third world will become communist(something called Domino's theory , that if a block of domino will be hit , it will cause the fall down of entire chain of dominoes.) . And chain here was , entire south-east Asia. So the US policy makers decided to teach this tiny Vietnam a lesson . This started the Vietnam war , which ended with "fall of Saigon" , and a loss of 59000 US soldiers

4. who is the band led zepelin?

there a hard rock band that started late 60's and 70's listen to stairway to heaven, whole lotta love and heartbreaker

5. Pc case led not working?

The lights on the front of the case are probably powered from one of the 4 pin "Molex" connecters coming from your power supply, (the one's that connect power to old non SATA (IDE) drives. It's not unheard of for one of the pins to move back in the holder and not connect so that's the first thing to check. If they are connected to the Motherboard (unlikely as there is more than 1) try putting the connector the other way round (LED's do not work if the voltage is the wrong way Also have a look on the front of the case for a small switch, I once had a case with similar lights down the front there was a small push switch to turn them on and off.

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