What Was the American Civil War About?

The Civil War, perhaps like all civil wars, brought out the greatest ferocity and courage of those who fallowed the colors AND the most profound examples of simple humanity. There are the frequent tales of Yanks and Rebs on the eve of some desperate battle informally arranging truces to trade southern tobacco for yankee coffee, filling their coffee cans and pipes and wishing each other well before parting into the shadows. Or the incident General Longstreet related years after the war of he and staff riding in the dark, close to the previous days battle lines after a terrible and bloody assault , suddenly hearing a frighted voice call out in the dark, For the love of God please dont trample me, my back is broken! They discovered a young wounded Yank. Immediately they dismounted, found the maimed boy and while they comforted him could only think to find stretcher bearers to carry him to safety and Confederate surgeons to minister to his wounds.Across the gulf of war the terrible sadness and compassion they felt for that young suffering Yankee soldier boy in his words, written many years after the war, betrays their compassion and the tragedy of that war and the suffering of those caught up in the inhumanity of that war. They are all gone now may they rest in honored peace.

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If Stonewall Jackson was still alive at the battle of Gettysburg, would Lee have taken Big and Little Round Tops? Would Lee have won at Gettysburg with Jackson instead of Ewell in command?

Nice response from Joe that in some way reinforces the simple point I wish to make regarding the reputation of historic generals. Yes, there are generals whose brilliant tactical minds changed the course of campaigns due to bold actions based on battlefield assessments.I am of the belief that more often than not the hinging of victory is determined by better or even just more up to date intelligence.

I made this remark elsewhere on Quora concerning Rommels twists of fate.One can look at Yamamoto and compare Pearl Harbor to Midway. Same Admiral- different Intel. All the way back to Leonidas at Thermopolyae.

I read, but cannot find to authenticate, a report where Napolean, the master at scouting and surveying a battlefield, spied what appeared to be the upper portion of a guard shack ( or some little structure) far a cross a field he had just ordered his army to cross. As I remember the story a he questioned a Polish prisoner asking if there was a ravine hiding the lower part of the structure and was told, deliberately, no. As his troops neared the ridge they discovered the ravine but could not easily scale the other side. More and more troops pressed over the crest soon pinning those who went before them under the weight of the humanity killing many and ultimately costing the battle


Why is "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin always considered the number 1 classic rock song of all time?

Lord, the haters :(Stairway to Heaven is the most played song by Led Zeppelin, and often gets voted the best rock song in polls. Its right up there next to Free Bird (Lynyrd Skynyrd). Stairway has a great guitar solo (not too long, really interesting chording), intriguing lyrics, and a sense of something deep and immeasurable (especially if hearing while enhanced LOL). Its accessible but feels transcendent. Its played by the best rock band of the 70s - which had arguably the best drummer, bassist/keyboardist, lead guitarist and front man of all time, and sold out arenas anytime they toured. Therefore its not surprising that this song has retained such popularity. Old rockers get married to it, and buried to it as well.

As such, both those songs have been played to death and beyond on the radio. Lots of people are sick of them. Others still love them.Fact: Robert Plant does NOT love Stairway LOL Kashmir is more his idea of best Zeppelin songFact: Led Zeppelin are second only to the Beatles in sales of albums by a group.AS for the inane accusations that Jimmy Page somehow copied some obscure song from the 60s, just go listen before saying such silly things. Its a simple chord progression that Spirit lifted from classical music, no less. Like, 2 seconds of the entire eight minute plus song. Sheesh. Plants lyrics are completely his own (if he remembers them.



Which is more evil: Communism or Nazism?

If I had to, I would choose Nazism. Before everyone throws me in prison, hear me out. I'm also assuming you specifically mean Nazism, not Fascism. Nazis are disgusting people. But the fact is, they were good at running a country. Without Hitler, Germany might never have recovered from World War I. The reason I hate Communism isn't just from stories. It's personal. My mother is Chinese. Her father was a doctor. Like most Chinese intellectuals, he was persecuted(and they say America hates smart people). The Chinese took our land. They took our home. Like many others, my mother, parents, and her four siblings fled for the hills. They got away in time. Thousands of others weren't as lucky. My mother lived in starvation and poverty. She eventually started studying at a seminar, where she met my american father and married him. They went back to the US, where I was born a short while later. Despite being able to live on my dad's citizenship as they were now family, she became an American citizen(this is also why I disapprove of illegal immigration, because my mother did it right and there is almost no way any of these Mexican immigrants have been through what she did. If she can wait, they can). So that is why I will tentatively take Nazism first, I have experience with Communism. Plus, Mao was just an Asian Hitler. The only difference was at least Hitler tried to make life better for SOMEONE(that doesn't mean I like him at all, just saying)


What are the differences between the terms Hebrews, Jews, Israelites, and Israelis?

All four terms refer to a Semitic race that goes by those names. The Semites are natives of the Levante. There are the northern Semites like the Babylonians, Akkadians, Assyrians, Amorites and many others. The southern Semites are Philistines, Canaanites, Midianites, Hebrews, Amalekites, Phoenicians, Lebanese, Moabites, Edomites and the others. Each race has its own language. But they have a common dialect called Aramaic. Their civilization goes back to C. 6000 BC.. Jericho is the oldest city in the South and Damascus, the oldest city in the north. Hebrews are southern Semites, who were essentially highway robbers and cattle thieves. The term Habiru means a bandit. Because of the association of the Hebrews with the Bible and with God. No one refers to them as Habirus. Because they were chosen by God. Hebrew is a corruption of Habiru. The term Habiru is gone out of vogue.During their long stay in Egypt, they were referred to a Hebrews. But after the Exodus from Egypt, they are often referred to as the Israelites or the descendants of Jacob and Abraham. The term Jews is derived from the word Judah, the eldest son of Jacob. It is spelt as Yehudi by the Non-Jews. It is not derived from Judas Iscariot, but from Judas. Judas Maccabeus and his brothers were a militant group who fought against the Greeks(Seleucids) and created a Jewish nation. This name has been retained till today. Israelis is the name of the modern Jews after the patriarch Jacob. Israel is the official name of the country, people and the language


Is Thor an actual god?

Over the course of the MCU, we come to learn that magic is just science that humans dont understand.Therefore, beings with greater abilities and technology that people on Earth cant comprehend were given the title of gods (and worshiped in the early ages) because humans didnt know what else to make of them.I think Odin is right in Thor: The Dark World when he says the Asgardians are not gods; they are born, they live, they die. For how long they live and what abilities they have doesnt change that. It just makes them different and more powerful than most of the other sentient beings in the cosmos.In the present day MCU, god is just a term that celestials like Ego accept out ofwell, ego, or because it is an easy title that has already been bestowed upon them and they decide they might as well use it. Hence why in Thor: Ragnarok, Odin turns around and asks, Are you Thor, god of hammers? On a technicality, the answer would be no, because as previously stated, they arent truly gods. Not in the traditional pray and you will be blessed sense of the word. They are simply powerful individuals with incredibly long lifespans that come from other realms.

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How many Iraqis have died in the most recent U.S.-led Iraq War?

Somewhere between 114,000 and a million, but probably to the lower end of this.Iraq Body Count says 114,000But this is a very conservative (albeit very scrupulous) count. They only include deaths that are tracked & logged, so many deaths (eg which do not leave a body or where next of kin cannot report & document the death) are not included. 1They say:nWe've always said our work is an undercount, you can't possibly expect that a media-based analysis will get all the deathsnThey estimate that n14,705 (13%) of all documented civilian deaths were reported as beingndirectly caused by the US-led coalition. nOf the 4,040 civilian victims of US-led coalition forces for whom age data was available, 1,201 (29%) were childrennnWikileaks 2 reports the death toll as 162,000This link 3 has downoadlable data if you want to analyse it. 3nORB research estimated just over 1 million deaths 4The prominent and apparently well-researched survey in The Lancet estimates 600,000 5While this did attract a lot of criticism, it is notable that the same team & the same techniques were used in other conflicts where their results were accepted (ie if this answer is flawed then it is very likely that our opinionds on death toll in Congo, Balkans, etc is equally in error). A good discussion of the methodology and the reason for these discreparancies is at 6. This is very critical of the higher estimates.1 Iraq Body Count report: how many died and who was responsible?2 Datablog WikiLeaks3 Civilian deaths from violence in 2003-20114 ORB survey of Iraq War casualties5 Lancet surveys of Iraq War casualties6 How many have died in Iraq?.


Could the Confederacy have won the Battle of Gettysburg?

Im no historian, but if a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, I know enough to be lethal.I believe Yes, the Confederacy might have won the Battle of Gettysburg.There are a fair number of What ifs? that support the possibilityWhat if JEB Stuart and his seasoned brigades had not horsed around (you will excuse the pun) and turned up at Gettysburg from the outset?What if Pettigrews early report of Union troops massing in the area had been given credence?What if the Confederates had made a pre-emptive strike and prevented Buford from taking the high ridges west / northwest of the town?What if Ewell had responded to Lees directions by expending the effort to take Cemetery Ridge?What if Gouverneur Warren (what a name!) had not ordered troops to occupy Little Round Top before the Confederates could?And most of all - what if Lee had not miscalculated at so many points, recognizing that his troops were not invincible, accepting suggestions from some of his commanders (Longstreet comes to mind), deploying his army more strategically and with better timing?Thus to my mind, the broad answer is Yes, the Confederacy could have won the Battle of Gettysburg - but at the end of the day, Im not at all convinced they could have sustained the resultant momentum and won the war.

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What Led to the Fall of the Sikh Empire?
During ranjit singh the power of the sikhs was on climax.ranjit singh gave special attention to the organization of army he had built a state whose main base was army the main foundation of a military state is efficient leadership.after the death of ranjit singh the army become cause of dissolution of sikh Kingdome. After ranajit singh due to the weak successors all power went to the khalsa army.in the 5 yrs of the death of ranjit Singh the number of soldiers increased 3 times and salary was also increased and due to the decreasing income of the state this situation became unbearable. Soldiers formed their own Panchayats through them they start making important decisions like military campaigns,supporting the state's clamaint etc. thus due to the absence of skilled leadership basic power of state became the reason for decline of state. And other important reason for decline of sikh state was internal conspiracy. Thus the moral decline of army ,internal conspiracy,falling economic situation make sikh state a victim of the british policy of grab.1. Are there any alternatives to a Netanyahu-led government in Israel and, if so, what are they?Israel heads to the polls on March 17th, 2015, and Benjamin Netanyahu, though still the front-runner, appears to be vulnerable. I look at the challenge facing Labor, Netanyahu's main opposition, the Labor has governed Israel for only 8. Four elements are needed for Labor to win:1. The incumbent--Netanyahu--has to be vulnerable in his own right, which Netanyahu is.2. Labor needs to shift the debate toward the economy, where it has an electoral advantage. 3. Labor has to present a credible alternative on national security, it's electoral weakness, and4. Labor needs a credible leader to replace the incumbent. nFor the full post.2. What tv to buy? LED or Plazma?PLAZMAAAAAA!!(= WOOOOOHOOOOO!!3. how to put led to indicate the signal is functioningAs Olin points out, it's hard to tell what you are really asking. I am going to assume that you want an indicator LED to light up whenever the optocoupler in ON. In that case, your circuit should look like the one below:The "limit switch", when closed, should tied the INPUT signal to 3. 3V and light up the indicator LED and the optocoupler's internal LED. The OUTPUT signal goes to an input of your PIC microcontroller.The value of the resistors will depend on the optocoupler and the LED you choose to use.4. wiring multiple led flashlights to single power source [closed]Let me start out with a summary of my understanding of the problem.The goal is to eliminate buying lots of batteries by centralizing the power source used for a system of between 15 and 30 lanterns, each separated by 30 feet, for a distance run that can be from 500 to 1000 feet long. These lanterns, in prior use, used a set of (3) AAA batteries and are very simple lanterns using one resistor of $22:Omega$ and (24) parallel-wired LEDs. (Parallel-wiring like that does not allow the LEDs to share current as well as they may, but it's how it was done and these are just lanterns so variations between the 24 LEDs is fine for this application.) Each lantern requires approximately:$$I_lantern=frac4.5:textrmV-2:textrmV22:Omegale 125:textrmmA$$Some options to consider:Well, those are some directions that could be used without needing to modify the lanterns. If you are open to completely new lantern designs, then there are still more options to consider.Since Passerby dragged my attention back here, might as well expose the computation for computing the voltage drop at the far-end of the line given periodic loads along a line. (I've no clue if there is a commonly used symbol for $fracOmega1000:textrmft$, so I am just calling it $k_wire$ for now. $D$ will be the total distance of the run. $N$ will be the number of periodic loads, which divide up the total distance into $N$ segments of wire. $I_load$ is the per-unit load. The first load is one segment downstream of the power source. The last load is at the very end.)$$beginalign* V_drop &= sum_i=1^N left[I_i=I_loadcdotleft(N-i1ight)ight]cdotleft[R_i=2cdotfrack_wirecdot D1000cdot Night] V_drop &= I_loadcdotleftcdotfrack_wirecdot D1000cdot Night] sum_i=1^N left(N-i1ight) V_drop &= I_loadcdotleftcdotfrack_wirecdot D1000cdot Night]cdotleft[ sum_i=1^N N-sum_i=1^N isum_i=1^N1ight] V_drop &= I_loadcdotleftcdotfrack_wirecdot D1000cdot Night]cdotleft[ N^2-sum_i=1^N iNight] V_drop &= I_loadcdotleftcdotfrack_wirecdot D1000cdot Night]cdotleft[ fracN^2N2ight] V_drop &= left[I_total=I_loadcdotfracN12ight]cdot left[R_total=2cdot k_wirecdotfracD1000ight] endalign*$$This proves that it comes out very close to the natural presumption of using an average current that is one-half the total current (for large $N$) times the total wire resistance, out and back. But it never hurts to do the math to test common sense. (And to also see that it's not exactly the same, too.)
What Do You Understand by Liberalism?
Liberalism is about giving people as much control over their lives as possible. Where government is concerned, this means moving power to the lowest appropriate level. However there are other things too. Power can accumulate in places other than government, and government is needed to keep that in check. This means, for example, that the powers of big business owners also need to be limited.There is also a social element. Groups of people wield power over their members, and there is always an extent to which you can only be yourself to the degree that others around you will allow it. To some degree this is necessary, but much of the time people go significantly beyond that. It's a problem liberals haven't managed to solve yet, but I think that there are solutions.Liberalism also means giving people the tools they need to be able to make decisions that have the outcomes they desire. Transparency and accountability are important here, but so is education. Without the knowledge and skills to see how to get things done, people won't be able to achieve the outcomes they desire and may end up achieving the exact opposite.Then, there's the removal of obstacles such as sickness. By which I mean both physical and mental health. Problems with either can make it really hard to get things done, and there are limits to the extent that you can control them on your own.I could keep going for ages, but this is a good start• Other QuestionsHow did you learn leadership skills?In the beginning I learned my primary job in healthcare so Id be an expert.As time went on, I became interested in administration and began volunteering for positions no one else wanted. I call this growing where your planted, there are plenty of opportunities to lead right in your backyard. Before long I completed first time high level programs learning and practicing leadership without even knowing it.Later a headquarters human resources fellowship was announced and due to the positions I held and my breath of experience the application was competitive and selected. Later I was hired as chief of the human resources department.In this position, I had contact with executives on a daily basis and they mentored me. From there I went back into an operational position and studied leadership every chance through seminars, reading and mentors. After a while I was leading directorates and now pass on those lessons learned.Leadership is a learned skill, you need to study, practice, practice and practice more. Many of the lessons I learned were from failures turned into successes.If I can tell someone five things to help them early in their leadership vision, Id tell them this:Read about past leaders failures and successes to build a tool boxWatch and talk with leaders you know, observe how they speak and made decisionsTake a theatrics course in high school or college to learn how to inspire so people feel your storiesPractice what you learn at any level, volunteer work, school clubs/sports or familyDo things that strengthen your honestly, competency, inspiring skills, forward looking and dont worry about mistakeslearn from themEnjoy the journey.------How did Charles Darwin contribute to science?Charles Darwin, was among the most conspicuous individuals of the eighteenth century who, by virtue of the great advances in scientific instrumentation, printing and publication, and world travel at that time, had been led to an inevitable understanding of the reality of biological evolution by natural selection. This was contemporaneously (and independently) figured out by Alfred Russel Wallace. Fast mounting evidence was making this mechanism clear to many. The fruit was ripe for the picking!In fact the process of natural selection had been exactly identified and published many years before by Patrick Matthew. Darwin was later forced to admit this as follows:"I have been much interested by Mr. Patrick Matthew's communication in the Number of your Paper, dated April 7th. I freely acknowledge that Mr. Matthew has anticipated by many years the explanation which I have offered of the origin of species, under the name of natural selection."Arthur Koestler, in "The Act of Creation" whimsically put another spin on it:"With a pinch of salt it could be said that Darwin's essential achievement was to combine the evolutionary philosophy of Anaximander, who taught that man's ancestor was an aquatic animal and that the Earth and its inhabitants were descended from the same Prime Material, with the philosophy of Empedocles who taught the survival of the fittest among the random aggregations of organic forms."Lucky guesses that, centuries later, were to be confirmed by observation of a wealth of new data.For an insight into the wider aspects of evolution which extend beyond biology please check out my latest book "The Intricacy Generator: Pushing Chemistry and Geometry Uphill".What is Darwin's contribution to modern science?------How did the Indian economy adapt to the globalization comment?Protests from the people affected in different countries, more so in Russia and few other former Soviet Republics in Central Asia and Eastern Europe and in South America as late as September and October 2004, indicate that the USS agenda of globalisation is increasingly meeting with resistance from a wider section of people. The LTA government with its left Allies that has assumed power at the centre in India in May 2004, has also promised to re-look at the reforms pursued and make it people-friendly, particularly those along the margins of the society socially and economically.The World Bank too has been considering a review of reforms for the benefit of wider sections of the society. People in the rural areas in India, now benefited by the painstaking work of the NGOs and the media, have become articulate on questions of environmental degradation by the Transnational Corporations dumping of hazardous wastes and people-to-people friendship across the boundaries. For instance, despite threats to their lives from the militants in Jarnmu and Kashmir, people in Indian Kashmir and in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir have been vociferously demanding opening of transportation links across.Similarly, in the Barmer district of Rajasthan and across the international border at Sindh, people have been eager for a promised route from Kokraphar to Murabas. In short, policy makers, and the media have realised that people to people relationships impact enormously the process of sustained peace and averting conflicts. Peoples action based on the ideology of human centredness has emerged as the key to questions of peace and conflict. Concern for human beings has come to occupy centre stage. The existing regional and international organisations like the Asla-Pacific Economy Forum, European Union, SAARC have been focusing on bringing about peoples access across restrictive boundaries------Do you trust the Federal government?Yeah, I trust the federal government to do pretty much all of its major functions.After social programs have been around for a few years, they tend to work very well. There is very little administrative overhead for Medicare. Medicaid pays less money than private companies for comparable insurance. Food Stamps go out very efficiently. Social security checks are virtually always on time and in the right amount. I do not question the national safety of the United States. I eat food and breathe air without worrying that I am exposing my body to harmful toxins. I don't worry about internal surveillance because I feel that there's not really a reason a normal, law-abiding citizen should worry about such things.The tax system is complicated and inefficient but that's not really a matter of trust.Importantly, I trust the federal government to give states leeway to improve upon the federal system, so I may choose a home that better fits what I personally want government to do.Actually, I don't really trust our Department of O̶f̶f̶e̶n̶s̶e̶ Defense to make decisions that foster good, peaceful, long term relations with foreign nations. But I think we're moving in the right direction.So generally speaking, yes, I trust the federal government.This answer is not a substitute for professional medical advice. This answer is for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or (in the United States) 911 immediately. Always seek the advice of your doctor before starting or changing treatment. Quora users who provide responses to health-related questions are intended third party beneficiaries with certain rights under Quora's Terms of Service (quora.com/about/tos).------Was Winston Churchill bad? Some say he was a warmonger, a tyrant, and a mass murderer. So what is the truth?Some people dislike Churchill because he expressed reluctance about Indias indpedence movement and breaking up the old British Empire. In the end, only the creation of the British Commonwealth of Nations placated him.To this I say that Churchill was not perfect He was, in retrospect, a little too in love with the glory of the Empire in its heyday. He had romantic ideas about Empire that ignored the rights of people not to be exploited.But it is wrong again, in retrospect to call Churchill a warmonger. The desire for peace through negotiation is a noble sentiment, but one time it failed in a major way was in going up against Hitler. Churchill clearly saw that the appeasement policy had failed with the Nazis. So another way had to be found.Churchills sentiments were not altogether wrong, even if he was too married to the idea of a British Empire. Britain, no matter what its flaws, had come to stand for moderation, tolerance of dissent, respect for human life, and the rule of law.Even though his vision of these values had a conservative spin, he was right in defending them in opposition to the complete rejection of law, freedom, and justice demonstrated by the Nazi regime.Theres simply no comparison. Consider what wouldve happened if the Nazis had ruled India. Not only would Gandhi have been permanently imprisoned and tortured, but the Nazis response, every time there the slightest uprising, wouldve been to line up the men of a village and shoot every other one. They wouldve engaged in mass killings long before they wouldve granted independence------Is the Coronavirus (COVID-19) actually killing more people than what is reported?Certainly.Let's review:China was the epicenter of the disease and as an autocracy has little incentive for factual information to reach the public or the wider world - It should be assumed that death toll rates provided by the government of Vhina are either false or are "massaged" to make them more "appealing".Since the disease is currently hitting the elderly and those with chronic illnesses the hardest, many deaths were almost certainly misdiagnosed as something else - People who died before January of 2020 were probably deemed to have died from pre-existing medical conditions or influenza, and not because of the virus.There are a surprisingly low number of reported cases from countries with vast populations - Brazil, Indonesia, Russia,and India have all recorded minimal numbers of cases, despite all having health care systems which are strained during "normal" times. No one has any useful knowledge concerning how many people are dying (or have died) in those countries alone.It takes time to gather accurate information - The death toll will climb when records are reviewed and deaths assumed to have been related to other medical conditions are found to have been coronavirus.There are no wide scale testing regimens in area which are now being hit - Unless or until testing becomes widely available, then people are going to grow ill, spread the disease, and die without any records until after the fact.Yes, the COVID-19 death tolls reported by the media are "guesstimates" based upon KNOWN cases. They certainly don't reflect the spread of the illness; nor do they reflect deaths that occurred prior to January of 2020
Switching From Halogen to LED Headlights
Changing out headlight bulbs is a complicated process in some vehicles. If you replace a halogen bulb, experts warn you not to touch the glass enclosure of the bulb. Grease and other debris on your hands can transfer to the bulb glass. When that greasy or oily coating heats up, it can damage the halogen bulb and reduce its life span.9 Different Types of HeadlightsCar headlights do not need an introduction. They are what keep the road illuminated for you while you are cruising on the streets late at night. It is your car headlights that keep you from bumping into a tree or running into someone after the sun has set. All cars, old or new, have headlights installed. The law has made it mandatory to have both the headlights of your car in working condition. They not only ensure your safety while you are on the road but also the safety of pedestrians and animals crossing the road. Back in the old days, all cars came with similar headlights, but today, where newer and more technologically advanced vehicles have been introduced, the types of headlights also vary. Newer models of cars have newer and cooler headlights installed. You may think that all headlights are the same, but actually, they are not . And we do not just mean different in terms of design only. They are also different in terms of operational mechanisms. If you ever have to get your headlights replaced, you should at least have sufficient knowledge about the type of headlights your car has and the types of headlights you can replace your existing lights with. Headlights are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, and they sure deserve some attention. We will be dividing the types of headlights into three sections: Types of headlights based on the headlight housing Types of headlights based on the number of bulbs Types of Headlights Based on the Headlight Housing The is the 'house' where the bulb of the headlight resides. In simpler words, it is the case that accommodates the headlight bulb. The headlight housing is not the same in all cars. The way a bulb is mounted and where the bulb is situated varies. were the standard headlights that were present in all vehicles till 1985. These are still the most common types of headlights that you will see. The bulb in a reflector headlight is encased in a bowl-like case. The bowl-like case has mirrors installed that reflect the light onto the road. These headlights that were found in older cars had a fixed casing. This meant that in case the bulb burned out, it could not be replaced, and the entire headlight case had to be changed. These reflector headlights were also known as the sealed beam headlights. In sealed beam headlights, there was a lens in front of the headlight which determined the shape of the beam of the light that was produced by them. However, newer reflector headlights come with mirrors inside the housing instead of a lens. These mirrors are used to guide the beam of light. With this technological improvement, there is no need to have a sealed headlight housing and bulb. It also means that the bulbs can be replaced easily when they burn out. These headlights are smaller in size, and therefore, take up less space within the vehicle. The light output in is less controlled, and therefore, high output light bulbs cannot be used with this type of headlight housing. The low beam cutoff is less distinct for oncoming traffic. The beam of light often has weak and intense spots. With improvements in technology in the headlight industry, headlights got better. Projector headlights are a newer type of headlight that was first used in the 1980s in luxury cars only. However, today, projector headlights have become quite common, and most of the newer models of cars come equipped with these types of headlights. Projector headlights are quite similar to reflector headlights in terms of assembly. These headlights also consist of a bulb that is enclosed in a steel case that has mirrors. These mirrors act as reflectors, just like they do in reflector headlights. The only difference is that projector headlights have a lens that works like a magnifying glass. It increases the brightness of the beam of light, and hence, projector headlights produce better illumination. To make sure that the angle of the light beam produced by projector headlights is correct, they come with a cutoff shield. It is due to the presence of this cutoff shield that projector headlights have a very sharp cutoff. Projector headlights are brighter than the old reflector headlights. They do not shine into the eyes of the other drivers on the road. This is because the lens projects the beam of light downwards onto the road. The benefit of this is that projector headlights do not blind other drivers or pedestrians who are crossing the road. The beam of light produced by projector headlights is a lot more even, with no weak or intense spots. Projector headlights can have HID bulbs, unlike reflector headlights, which can only house halogen bulbs. The output of light with projector headlights is a lot different than reflector headlights. If you are too accustomed to the light output of reflector headlights, you may find it hard to get used to projector headlights. If you wish to upgrade the headlight system of your car, are a cost-effective way of doing so. It uses the standard reflector-type housing, but instead of a sealed case, they use an H4 dual filament type bulb that can be replaced. This means that if your bulb gets burned out, you do not have to get the entire casing replaced. You can simply replace the bulb and be on the road again in no time (or as long as it takes your mechanic to replace the bulb). This also opens up the possibilities of using brighter bulbs like LEDs or HIDs. Since H4 conversions are a standard reflector-type, the light beam they produce is uneven with hot-spotting, a scattered light output, and possible blinding of oncoming traffic. Types of Headlights Based on the Number of Bulbs Headlights are divided into two types on the basis of the number of bulbs housed in the headlight housing. Quad headlights are the headlights that have two bulbs in each headlight. Non-Quad headlights have a single bulb in each headlight. Quad headlights and non-quad headlights are not interchangeable because the wiring inside is specific to each type. If your vehicle has quad headlights, that's what you can replace your headlights with. The same is the case with non-quad headlights. There are four major types of headlights based on the type of bulb being used. They are: Headlights with are the most commonly found headlights in most cars on the road today. They are an improved version of the sealed-beam headlights. The older headlights used bulbs that were basically heavy-duty versions of the regular filament bulb you use at home. Regular bulbs consist of a filament suspended in a vacuum. The filament lights up when electricity passes through the wire and heats it up. The vacuum inside the bulb ensures that the wire does not get oxidized and breaks. Although these bulbs worked well for several years, they were quite inefficient, always hot, and gave a yellowish beam of light. Halogen bulbs, on the other hand, have halogen gases filled inside instead of a vacuum. The filament is almost the same size as the bulb of a sealed beam headlight, but the gas tube is smaller and houses a smaller volume of gas to contain the heat. The halogen gases that these bulbs use are bromine and iodide (in combination). These gases ensure that the filament does not thin and break and also reduce the blackening that usually occurs inside the bulb. The filament burns much hotter as a result and produces a brighter light. The gases get heated up to 2500 degrees. They last for a longer time. Halogen bulbs are small in size, and therefore, take up less space within the vehicle. They are easy to replace. Headlights with halogen bulbs are definitely superior to sealed-beam, reflector-type headlights. Among the newer headlight options that are available today, halogen headlights are the most affordable. The beam of light is slightly yellow in color and does not cast further ahead. HID stands for . They are also known as Xenon headlights. HID bulbs employ completely different technology to that of regular bulbs. These bulbs put HID headlights firmly in the category of headlights that provide the farthest visibility to the driver. They are getting popular by the day, and more and more people are switching to HID headlights for all the right reasons. Unlike sealed-beam and halogen headlights, HID headlights do not contain the usual filament bulbs. They produce light when an arc of electric power passes across a pair of electrodes that are trapped inside a glass tube. This glass tube is filled with xenon gas. We said earlier that HID headlights are also known as xenon headlights; well, due to the arc of electricity that powers these headlights, they are also known as Arc headlights. Along with the xenon gas, these bulbs also contain vaporized metals like metal halides and mercury. The passage of electric current through the arc melts the vapors of the metals and converts them into plasma. Hence, HID headlights also have another name (although, a less common one) - Plasma headlights. It is the plasma that glows in a shade of white-blue that produces the brilliant light that these headlights are so famous for. A reflector is present within the headlight assembly that bounces the light onto the road. The light that is produced by HID headlights is extremely intense. It offers versatility, and you can adjust the focus as per your need. You can focus the beam of light into a narrow beam that extends far out in front of the car, or you can set it to a broad beam that fills the area that lies directly ahead. HID headlights produce extremely bright light in the spectrum of white-blue. HID headlights offer greater vision well down the road due to the longer wavelengths they use, and lesser scatter as compared to yellow-lights (as in halogen and sealed-beam headlights). As there is no filament to burn out in HID bulbs, these headlights are more likely to last longer. HID headlights are slow in turning on. HID headlights take several seconds to warm up and come to their maximum brightness. They can irritate drivers that are in oncoming traffic as the white-blue light that HID headlights produce is strikingly bright. Light in the blue-white spectrum can significantly affect the night vision of a person. Light from HID headlights will not only blind other drivers but can also hamper their vision when it comes to seeing anything that is dimmer (including the tail lights of the vehicles ahead). This way, HID headlights can be a cause of accidents. What is worse is that it's not just the night vision of other drivers that are affected; your vision will also be affected. You will be able to see everything ahead very clearly, but you will be almost blind to anything that is outside the spread of the light beam. As far as the performance is concerned, HID lights remain unbeaten. However, they do come with a set of some nasty side effects, including an increased risk of accidents. The bright, white light and longer lifespan have made LED bulbs quite popular to be used in car headlights. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. The potential of LEDs as car headlights is massive. LED bulbs are highly efficient, compact, and can turn on and off instantly, which gives them an edge over HID headlights. The tiny semiconductors of LED light bulbs can produce a wide array of focuses and light levels at an exceptional speed (within nanoseconds). LED lights, like HID bulbs, do not work on the principle of a filament. They convert electricity into light via the diodes that are present inside the headlights. The process by which LED lights convert electricity into the light is called . The process is highly energy efficient as compared to the process that is employed in halogen headlights. Little or no heat is produced, and this improves the lifespan of these bulbs incredibly! The LED technology is still quite new, and therefore, not all cars using LED headlights have all the features. For example, the high and low beam settings of LED light are only available in high-end and hybrid vehicles. Although LED lights do not get heated up, there are certain heating issues that LED headlights are associated with. The is quite high, as a result of which, the emitter chip base gets very hot. The LED light needs a sink where it can release the heat. Otherwise, the diode would melt. This makes the system complicated and expensive. They are small and compact. LED lights take up a very small space within the vehicle. They are so small that they do not even need a headlight house. But, of course, that would change the entire look of the vehicle. LED headlights can be turned on and off instantly. They do not blind other drivers. These headlights do not only focus on what is directly ahead but also offer a wider area of vision as well. LED lights can use any color spectrum. They are not limited to the bright, white-blue spectrum. They are more expensive as compared to HID headlights. If you think involve two piercing lasers that can melt the eyes of an oncoming driver, you can relax because laser headlights are anything but blinding. Laser headlights are the new hot thing in the automotive industry. They can produce light that is a thousand times brighter than LED lights without requiring as much power as LED lights need. The laser system uses three blue-colored laser beams that are directed into a chamber that contains yellow-colored phosphorus gas, which is phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark). Phosphorus does not store light to release later but produces light as a result of a chemical reaction that occurs within the chamber. This chemical reaction is sustained by the laser beams and is captured inside the chamber. Therefore, what you see is not actually the light from the laser beams but the glowing that is produced by the phosphorus. Laser headlights can produce about 1000 times brighter light in almost half the power that LED headlights use. The beam of light can focus up to an incredible 2000 feet. Laser lights burn in the range of 6500 Kelvin, which is about same as the natural daylight and LED lights. They can flash on and off instantly. Laser lights are very versatile and can be made into different shapes and designs. Laser headlights are way too expensive (being offered by BMW as an add-on for $10,000). Laser lights are not expected to replace LED lights in ancillary applications like brake lights and turn signals. Laser lights produce a lot more heat as compared to LED lights, and thus, they will need more cooling. After looking at all the types of headlights thoroughly, we can say that LED lights are the current leader in the automotive lighting industry. Laser headlights cannot be beaten when it comes to performance, but they are not yet commercially available, and the whopping cost makes it almost unapproachable for mass production. LED headlights, on the other hand, not only offer the brightness that is needed but also ensures that the other drivers on the road are not irritated. Although they come at a higher cost than other types of headlights, LED headlights are surely the best option that most people are turning to. Tips for Choosing Headlights for Your Car Now that you are well aware of all the types of headlights, you can decide which headlights are the best for your vehicle. Before you leap into replacing your car headlights, ensure that you check the pros and cons to see if the replacement is worth it. Below are a few tips that may help in making the selection. Select the headlights that produce a beam type that you want - spot, flood-wide, or flood spotlight. Headlights are available in numerous designs. When choosing new headlights for your car, make sure that you select a design that not only looks good alone but also looks good on your car. If you are planning on getting new LED headlights for your car, the color selection should be made as per your wishes. White light is an ideal option. One of the most important considerations when getting the headlights of your car replaced is the cost. You will find car headlights in different price ranges. Select the one that falls within your budget. Selecting the cheapest option is not recommended. To ensure the road safety of yourself and others, having the right headlights is very important. The headlights of your car have an impact on how well and how far you can see around. The wider the spread of light, the safer you and others are.
Knowledge About Dorman | 2014 Cork Senior Football Championship of Dorman
Cork Senior Football Championship of dormanThe 2014 Cork Senior Football Championship was the 116th staging of the Cork Senior Football Championship since its establishment by the Cork County Board in 1887. The draw for the opening round fixtures took place in December 2013. The championship began on 2 April 2014 and ended on 19 October 2014.Castlehaven were the defending champions, however, they were defeated by Carbery Rangers in a Round 4 replay.On 19 October 2014, Ballincollig won the championship following a 1-13 to 1-10 defeat of Carbery Rangers in the final. It remains their only championship title.John Hayes from the Carbery Rangers club was the championship's top scorer with 5-28.------Whulshootseed dialect of dormanWhulshootseed (xlucid), also called Twulshootseed, is a Native American language in Washington, which was spoken by the Muckleshoot, Puyallup, Suquamish, Duwamish, Nisqually, and Squaxin Island tribes. Whulshootseed is a southern dialect of Lushootseed, which is part of the Coast Salish language group. The last native speaker was Ellen Williams, born 1923.Whulshootseed is taught at the Muckleshoot Language Program of the Muckleshoot Tribal College in Auburn, Washington, at a local school, and by the Puyallup Tribal Language Program. A 1999 video, Muckleshoot: a People and Their Language profiles the Muckleshoot Whulshootseed Language Preservation Project.------Boundaries of dorman18851918: The Municipal Borough of Birkenhead, and the Hundred of Wirral.19181950: The Urban Districts of Bromborough, Ellesmere Port and Whitby, Higher Bebington, Hoylake and West Kirby, Lower Bebington, and Neston and Parkgate, and the Rural District of Wirral.19501955: The Urban Districts of Ellesmere Port, Hoylake, Neston, and Wirral.19551974: The Municipal Borough of Ellesmere Port, and the Urban Districts of Hoylake, Neston, and Wirral. The constituency boundaries remained unchanged.19741983: The Urban Districts of Hoylake, Neston, and Wirral, and the County Borough of Birkenhead wards of Prenton and Upton.------Parting ways with Moody of dormanIn 1996, Moody Bible Institute decided that their future focus would be solely on higher education, so the college amicably parted ways with Keswick. Moody sold its conference center property, established in 1962 on Lake Kersky, including a 48-room lodge, a 550-seat chapel and three homes, to Keswick for $600,000. The radio station remained the property of Moody. A fundraising campaign ensued to fund the purchase; however, this was only the beginning of the school's endeavors to reach new goals through a capital campaign------Personalities of dormanDirk Balster (born 1966), rowing world champion 19891991Heinz-Dieter Bttger (born 1945), local politician (SPD) in MindenFranz Bronstert (18951967)Cornelia Funke (born 1958), children's and young people's book authorAgnes Hrland-Bning (1926-2009), controversial politician (CDU)Julia Lohmann (born 1951), painter and sculptorWinfried Nachtwei (born 1946), politician (The Greens) and Member of Bundestag 19942009Manfred Nielson (born 1955), admiralGnter Prpper (born 1941), football playerPeter Schneider (born 1957), psychoanalyst and columnistThorsten Streppelhoff, (born 1969), rowing world champion in 1991 and 1993Winfried Toll (born 1955), conductor, singer and composer of classical musicKevin Vennemann (born 1977), writer------Lewis Wrathmell of dormanLewis Franklin Wrathmell (22 January 1855 16 September 1928) was an English first-class cricketer, who made his only appearance for Yorkshire County Cricket Club against Cambridge University, at Fenners in 1886. Batting at number four, he scored seventeen runs before he was caught by the University's wicket-keeper, Knatchbull-Hugessen, off the bowling of Dorman in Yorkshire's first innings of 154. He fell LBW to the same bowler for one run, as Yorkshire were bowled out for 124, to lose the game by twenty six runs.Wrathmell was born in Kirkheaton, Yorkshire, England, and died, aged 73, in Dewsbury, Yorkshire.------September 1366 of dormanAngelic de Grimoard, C.R.S.A., brother of the Pope, bishop of Avignon cardinal-priest of San Pietro in Vincoli, then cardinal-bishop of Albano (17 September 1367), 13 April 1388Guillaume de la Sudrie, O.P., bishop of Marseille cardinal-priest of SS. Giovanni e Paolo (received the title on 27 wrzenia 1366), then cardinal-bishop of Ostia e Velletri (17 September 1367), 18 April 1373.Marco da Viterbo, O.F.M., master general of the Order of Friars Minor cardinal-priest of Santa Prassede (received the title on 14 December 1367), 4 September 1369.------Plot of dormanLong ago, Vashna, the greatest of all Darklords, was defeated in battle by King Ulnar of Sommerlund. But the victory was not complete, for while his body was destroyed, his spirit, as well as the spirits of his troops, remain trapped deep within the Maakengorge. Now, Lone Wolf learns of strange sightings in the area near the Maakengorge, suggesting that there may be a plot afoot to resurrect Vashna. Lone Wolf and the reader set out to uncover the nature of the threat, and to see if, indeed, Vashna will return------EPH receptor A5 of dormanEPH receptor A5 (ephrin type-A receptor 5) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the EPHA5 gene.This gene belongs to the ephrin receptor subfamily of the protein-tyrosine kinase family. EPH and EPH-related receptors have been implicated in mediating developmental events, particularly in the nervous system. Receptors in the EPH subfamily typically have a single kinase domain and an extracellular region containing a Cys-rich domain and 2 fibronectin type III repeats. The ephrin receptors are divided into 2 groups based on the similarity of their extracellular domain sequences and their affinities for binding ephrin-A and ephrin-B ligands.------Cork Senior Football Championship of dormanThe 2018 Cork Senior Football Championship was the 130th staging of the Cork Senior Football Championship since its establishment by the Cork County Board in 1887. The draw for the 2018 opening fixtures took place on 10 December 2017. The championship began on 18 March 2018 and ended on 28 October 2018.Nemo Rangers entered the championship as the defending champions, however, they were defeated by Castlehaven at the quarter-final stage.On 28 October 2018, St. Finbarr's won the championship following a 3-14 to 2-14 defeat of Duhallow in the final. This was their 9th championship title overall and their first title since 1985.------Titles of dormanSpecial cases9 issues of Dark Horse Comics featured CGW stories, including the very first CGW story, the 3-part "Who is X?" (#8-10, later reprinted as X: One Shot to the Head); #19-20 (X); #21-22 (Mecha); and #23-24 (The Machine).At least 4 issues and 1 annual of Dark Horse Presents: #144 (Vortex), #145-147 (Ghost)A Ghost story was featured in A Decade of Dark Horse #2.Also, the Nexus story in A Decade of Dark Horse #3 featured theme park rides of Ghost and Barb Wire, and Hero Zero made a cameo appearance in a story in The Mask.------Breckland District of dormanBreckland is a local government district in Norfolk, England. Its council is based in Dereham. The district had a population of 130,491 at the 2011 Census.The district derives its name from the Breckland landscape region, a gorse-covered sandy heath of south Norfolk and north Suffolk. The term "Breckland" dates back to at least the 13th century.The district is predominately rural, with five market towns - Dereham, Thetford, Attleborough, Swaffham and Watton - and over 100 villages (full list below).------Hawarden Rangers F.C. of dormanHawarden Rangers F.C. is a Welsh football club playing in Hawarden, Flintshire, after being founded in 1974 by Elwyn Owen.For the 202021 season, the Senior teams have become members of the North East Wales Football League Premier Division, following the restructure of the FA Wales Pyramid Structure.They have previously been members of the Welsh National League (Wrexham Area) and prior to that, the Clwyd League.The Junior sections consist of teams ranging from U6 to U16, all of which compete in the Queensferry Sports Flintshire Junior and Youth League.------Diagnosis of dormanDifferential diagnosisTrevor disease can often mimic posttraumatic osseous fragments, synovial chondromatosis, ostechondroma, or anterior spur of ankle. It is not possible to distinguish DEH from osteochondroma on the basis of histopathology alone. Special molecular tests of the genes EXT1, EXT2 are used for the analysis of genetic expressions. These are within normal ranges in DEH, while they are lower in ostechondroma (owing to a mutation). These tests are expensive and the diagnosis is often made on clinical and radiological findings. Synovial chondromatosis occurs in a much older age group and can be ruled out on this basis..------Early years and education of dormanJane Meade Welch, daughter of Thomas Cary Welch and Maria Allen Meade Welch, was born in Buffalo, New York on March 11, 1854. Of New England ancestry, she was descended from John Alden, Priscilla Alden, and Samuel Seabury.Welch graduated from Buffalo Female Academy (now Buffalo Seminary) at the age of 16. At Elmira College, she was the best historian of her class, often rising at four o'clock in the morning to study David Hume and Thomas Babington Macaulay. Her studies were interrupted in her sophomore year by an almost fatal illness.------Sources of dormanAmerican Presidential Families, Hugh Brogan and Charles Mosley, Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1993.Pocahontas, alias Matoaka, and her descendants: at Jamestown, Virginia, in April, 1614, with John Rolfe, gentleman: including the names of Alfriend, Archer, Bentley, Bernard, Bland, Bolling, Branch, Cabell, Catlett, Cary, Dandridge, Dixon, Douglas, Duval, Eldridge, Ellett, Ferguson, Field, Fleming, Gay, Gordon, Griffin, Grayson, Harrison, Hubard, Lewis, Logan, Markham, Meade, McRae, Murray, Page, Poythress, Randolph, Robertson, Skipwith, Stanard, Tazewell, Walke, West, Whittle, and others: with biographical sketches, Wyndham Robertson, J. W. Randolph & English, 1887.------Academic career of dormanLaing graduated from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge in 1970 having studied Classics. He was appointed Master of his old college Corpus Christi on 1 October 2008 succeeding Oliver Rackham. He researches and writes on Arab and East African history and in 2012 he published, jointly with Robert Alston, Unshook till the end of time, a book on the history of Britains relationship with Oman. The degree of M.Phil. was conferred to him in 2013 for a thesis on the political history of Oman.------Early life of dormanEmily Mary Dorman, later to become Lady Shackleton, was born into a large wealthy family in Sydenham, Kent. She was the youngest of six children, having four brothers and a sister. Emily was friends with a sister of Ernest Shackleton, and was visiting her in 1897 when she first met her future husband. Ernest was home on leave from the Merchant Navy, having just returned from a voyage to Japan. On 9 April 1904 Emily and Ernest were married, and went on to have three children: Raymond, Cecily, and Edward (15 July 1911 - 22 September 1994), himself an explorer and later a politician.------Notable competitors of dormanThe 1999 event saw 1984 World Rally Champion Stig Blomqvist drive the late Carl Merrill's Ford Escort Cosworth to victory over 83 National and Divisional teams.In 2007, freestyle motocross star turned rally driver Travis Pastrana drove a Subaru Rally Team USA WRX STi to victory.Ken Block, co-founder of DC Shoe Co. and rally driver competes at the New England Forest Rally regularly.John Buffum, the most successful American-born rally driver ever, is a key organizer of the event, and in 2008, he drove his Group B Audi Quattro on the first stage of the event.Past winners------Manghud of dormanThe Mangghud, Manghud (Mongolian: , Mangud) were a Mongol tribe of the Urud-Manghud federation. They established the Nogai Horde in the 14th century and the Manghit Dynasty to rule the Emirate of Bukhara in 1785. They took the Islamic title of Emir instead of the title of Khan since they were not descendants of Genghis Khan and rather based their legitimacy to rule on Islam. The clan name was used for Mongol vanguards as well. Their descendants live in several regions of the former Mongol Empire------North Skelton Mine of dormanNorth Skelton Mine was an ironstone mine in the village of North Skelton in North Yorkshire, England.note 1 The mine was the deepest of the ironstone mines in Cleveland and was also the last to close, which came in January 1964. Some buildings still exist on the surface as well as spoil heaps.Due to the mine being developed further north, the name of North Skelton Mine stuck, even when it was moved south east of Skelton village.------Works cited of dormanDanky, James Philip; Hady, Maureen E., eds. (1998). African-American newspapers and periodicals: a national bibliography. Harvard University Press. ISBN9780674007888.CS1 maint: refharv (link)Jones, Allen Woodrow (1983). "Alabama". In Suggs, Henry Lewis (ed.). The Black Press in the South, 18651979. ISBN9780313222443.CS1 maint: refharv (link)Smith, Calvin (1983). "Arkansas". In Suggs, Henry Lewis (ed.). The Black Press in the South, 18651979. ISBN9780313222443.CS1 maint: refharv (link)Smith, Jessie Carney (2012). Black Firsts: 4,000 Ground-Breaking and Pioneering Historical Events. Visible Ink Press. ISBN9781578593699.
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Did Draco Malfoy Have a Crush on Hermione Granger?
He didn't have a crush on her. Jk only said that to please Dramione shippers. But in the books he constantly called her a mudblood and he wished death upon her• Related QuestionsWhy is George Washington considered a founding father?Win a major war, youre popular. Win against the world Empire at the time and youre superhuman. Britain beat Napoleon at Waterloo and beat Spains Armada. Yet somehow, against all odds, Washington beat the major world empire.------Why should teens join the military?I was 18 when I joined the Navy. However, I maintain that the military isn't for everyone but it was good for me. I came of age in the Navy and grew into a pretty responsible and productive adult------I am 23. I told my parents that I will move out in the future and they scolded me (including vulgar words). My parents are naturally rude though. What should I do?Make your plans for 5 years down the line and work your ass off to achieve every bit of it and more. Dont talk to them about it, dont reveal any details. Just work as hard as you can.And when youre ready, move out.DO NOT BURN YOUR BRIDGES though------Why did Katara outmatch/defeat Azula nearly all the time they faced against each other in ATLA?Because of one big difference. In a clutch fight, Katara never loses her shit. She remains focused, even when desperate.In contrast, Azula was already in Mental Meltdown before she even started her duel with Zuko.------Why do some so-called liberals claim that only they are right, anyone who thinks differently is not?For the same reason that some so-called conservatives claim that only they are right.It would be pretty foolish to embrace a political ideology that you didn't feel was right, wouldn't it?------Which astrologers accurately predicted BJP's and Narendra Modi's win?Even without using astrology, it was known to many that Modi and BJP were going to win.But I predicted on April 24 that BJP-NDA would win 350 seats.Aalok Varkhandkar's answer to Can BJP win 250-300 seats in 2019 election?.------If Dennis Ritchie can develop a programming language in a few years, why can we not master it in few years? Why does it take a lifetime?one has nothing to do with the other. developing a language will not make you a master of the language. The C inventor Stroustrup is probably not the best C programmer ever------Do LED lights use a lot of electricity?They use about 15% of the amount an incandescent light bulb of the same light output would use, if that is what you are talking about. They also last up to 50 times longer------I lost the remote, and I am trying to manually set up an antenna to my Samsung TV, but there is no enter button on the front of the TV. How can I do this without a remote?Its also possible one of the buttons functions as the enter button, but its not labeled as such. Assuming you have the normal buttons (vol, vol-, ch, ch-, input), the input button will probably be the select or enter button. Or, if you have a menu button, that might do it.------If you could go back in time what would've you advised Neville Chamberlain (British Prime Minister) to do in the late "30s to avoid WW II, knowing what you know now?Nothing he could reasonably do , the malaise predated his government go back to 1928 and as soon as the 10 year rule is up start rearmament and have a military capable of crushing the Germans as soon as they went near the Rhineland in 1936------Which animal would dominate the Earth if there were no humans around, why?First off, were not predators, at least Im pretty sure were not. We just manipulate the environment around us which endangers many species. Just today the last Male Northern White Rhino died, I hold everyone on the planet responsible for 1/7,000,,000,000th of the blame.------What new discovery will completely change humanity for the better or for the worse?A new source of really cheap energy: it will solve most of our present non-political problems, but allow us to continue to overpopulate the Earth driving all other life forms to extinction!------How does a US president prevent a military coup by a powerful general?They don't need to take specific measures. The authority of the US Constitution is tremendous. Also Congress has the power to impeach.It would take an extreme situation. One such is set out in a film called Seven Days in May, in which a US President has signed an unpopular disarmament agreement.------Would the Confederate Army have continued its invasion of the North if they won at Gettysburg in 1863?No it would have not. Lee had all ready had a letter prepared to be given to Lincoln. It gave the details for Union surrender. Did not work out that way. Lee wanted this war over and was not planning to shed anymore if he had been victorious------What happened to the Vikings? Did they disappear?Many moved and bred into the local populations. The Rus founded Russia. The Northme founded Normandy. There are Scottish and Irish clans that started with Norse colonists.At home they converted to Christianity and faced domestication by endless inquisitions.------Why did Manchester United release Angel Di Maria?He had a frustrating first season where mostly he was played out of his position .he developed a not so good relation with LVG and when PSG came calling he preferred a move there------If Buddhism is a peaceful religion, then why do Burmese Buddhists (especially the monks) advocate violence towards the Rohingya Muslims?Its the misguided believers who did the wrong but hide behind their religions/beliefs. All religions which promotes peace is basically good, but the peoples who practicing it were not so------Who controlled the Roman army?A group of legions could be controlled by a general, and individual legions were controlled by legates. All legions (the entire armed forces) were under the control of the Emperor, and prior to that the Senate and individual consuls------Why did Congress exempt itself from Obamacare?The hypocritical Congress-Rats have a great health insurance that is run by the government. Yep, folks, all those Repubs that claim to hate the govemnt, love their GOVERNMENT RUN health insurance plans------Is the Holy Spirit a person, place or force?No, the Holy Spirit is not a place, and not a force. He is indeed a Person - and with a captal P because He is God.My answer here spells it out in more detail: Emmanuel Oladipo's answer to What is the Trinity?.------Is anyone making money in bitcoin mining anymore?Yes - and lots of it.The key is to have recent ASIC mining gear running in an area with very low electric costs - LESS than 5 cents per watt for serious miners, and preferably less than 3 cents/watt (which IS available in a 3-county cluster of Central Washington State among other areas worldwide)------Which is the best cigarette in India?You must try Baba Khalif black cigarettes. I started loving from the day I tried first. Its ultra luxurious, ultra smooth, does not leave a smell after smoke and has a superb kick of fine tobacco. The whole group of my friends has shifted to baba khalif cigarette------Why did Greece have better weapons than the Persian army?At first hey greek have the better weapon, later the Persian use the Greeks weapon as a refrence and make their own weapon, here is the Immortals equipment, an elite soldiers of the ancient Persian empire with experience and skill in warfare.Hope it help------Every Congress leader, including Siddaramaiah, resigned after the bypoll debacle in Karnataka. Who is left to lead the Congress Party in Karnataka now?In fact ground reality is that Cong doesn't have Natural leadership to lead the party out of dynasty (Bar girl presently as interim head ) , so every corrupted face tries to prove honesty at least in his own profession by tendering resignation, by this way Cong lost everything in all the states------Why didn't the Eastern Front of World War I end in a stalemate, as the Western Front did?The Eastern Front was much longer than the Western Front and the military resources were similar so the soldier per yard density was much lower- this allowed much more fluid combat. Then Russia collapsed politically. Germany had won major battles on the Eastern Front. Austria-Hungary was falling apart.The Eastern Front was extremely fluid------What was the most important decision you ever made in your life? And how did it change your life?The most critical decision of life was to leave a person whom I love a lot just to persue my dreams . I found that sometimes loving urself is more important than loving others. It doesn't mean you are selfish , it makes you self-lover . Now I am more happy and more satisfied.------If God (the Christian god) is all powerful and all caring, why does he allow abuse? Why doesn't he do something about abuse that happens?I think this is not an indictment of God, but a serious indictment of a religion that encourages childish belief that God is ever seen as having the ability to take action in the world. God's power is solely in Spirit------I feel empty. Is this normal for a teenager?It normal for anyone. Not just a teenagers. Well, everyone accept kids I guess.It's just means that you're growing up and beginning to look at yourself and the world very differently------How does globalization affect me personally?Less expensive maufactured goods, fewer manufacturing jobs.And as evidenced here( in April 2020) a shortage of goods necessary for national security only available from overseas because of slow retooling for domestic production------Did Confederate soldiers join the US Army after the war?Did Confederate soldiers join the US Army after the war?Sure they did. By then they were Union soldiers. The nickname they had was Galvanized Yankees.The had to take an oath to the US and swear in like anyone else.------What is the real title of Led Zeppelin 4?It intentionally doesnt have one. After getting bad reviews on Led Zeppelin 3, they refused to have a title and chose hand drawn symols instead. Page came up with the idea and they had to fight the record company over it.In interviews Robert Plant simply refers to it as their 4th album.------When did you first start listening to BTS?The first time I discovered Bts was 2016. One of my favorite youtubers at the time made a reaction video to Blood Sweat and Tears. I was intrigued but I didnt really get into their music until August 2017. My best friend was a hardcore army and basically reintroduced me to Bts.------If I get screened out in my first ssb attempt does that mean I am not fit for the armed forces?No. You must have got screened out because you could not draw the attention of the assessors through your insignificant/poor participation. Now that the inhibition is gone, appear again and not only get screened but also get Recommended.Best of luck------How can you assess someone's leadership skills?Find ways to put them in leadership situations casually. They may want to help with training. Or, they could lead a small group project. You can see how they handle leadership in a hands-on way.------Why/When did ancient India started losing its amazing technology?It may seem like it has disappeared.....But I would say it's not yet discovered!!There are many more things that we don't know or know a Little less about India's technology!!!------Where does the continent name "Africa" come from?It didn't have a name that we know of. The Romans coined the word to refer to all the land south of the Mediterranean Sea. Remember that until the European Renaissance, little was known about the continent as a whole. In fact, it wasn't even fully mapped out until the 19th century.------Which camera is best for selling photos online?There is no criteria for any image to sell with camera brand or type, it is your creativity and person's choice to like , appreciate and buy your photograph. Photograph must be available to download in various sizes without loss of image quality or in hard print version depending on your options you want to sell------Why did France leave NATO?No.Although France left NATOs military structure officially, there were French liaison officers present at all major NATO headquarters and the French pretty much remained part of NATOs military planning------How many times did India win when Sachin scored a hundred?I m not going to explain his records because if you are Sachin hater you don't like it. If you are Sachinist you don't need it.I limit myself to just answering your question.Out of the 49 hundreds in ODI, India won 33 , Tied 1, Draw 1 and we lost only 14.Thanks for reading.------Does HDMI 2.1 work with HDMI 2.0 ports on TV?Such standards include backward compatibility requirements. Even if a device is capable of doing things that require 2.1, it can still constrain itself to use a display that only supports 2.0. (E.g., same principle for a USB 3.0 device connected to a USB 2.0 host.).------What makes you trust/distrust Trump?Anyone who trusts Trump at this point, knowing what is now public knowledge of his current and past bad behavior, is just living in a fools paradise, and deserves what they get------What will you do when you cannot trust your government?This question isnt very clear.Who trusts their government?You vote once in a while, and hope to minimize the hits you incur. Perhaps even minimize the idiotic, or criminal spending of your tax money.But trust? Nah. It is, imo, obvious that governments are not worthy of trust.------What are the best and affordable 40 inch LED TVs?You can check out daenyx Led tv range starting 24 to 55 .Sleek design, good picture quality yet affordable to indian customers.you can go to company website for further information.www.daenyxinternational.com.------Is Obama's IQ really 102?Heres the Snopes site for that question: FALSE: President Obama Scores 102 on IQ Test, Lowest in Presidential Historytl;drthe newpaper that published that story is there for entertainment purposes only, you know, like The Onion? A satire site------What does Germany get out of the European Union?Good publicity. We weren't exactly on our best behavior during the first half of the last century and people still seem to be a tad miffed at that. Justifiedly so, if you ask me.A nicely undervalued, export friendly currency. (FTR, I'm not happy with that.)------Is Winston Churchill's revered place in history deserved?Yes no matter what side of the political divide you stand he had charisma and was a powerful orator. He refused to back down and had the strength required of a leader during war time. His speeches were designed to stir the soul and at the end of the day they worked.
Chaining Up 5v LED Strips Using 5v Cellphone Chargers [duplicate]
If you go on ebay they sell 1 male to multiple female connectors. Having multiple power supplies is not ideal because if one goes out it puts stress on the LED strip and could short out the strip and other power supplies. With one power supply and wires to divide it evenly if it goes out, the whole thing goes out without the risk of a short in the microchips in the strip. One strip one power supply is best. An adjustable power supply to lets you choose your voltage and amperage and they are cheap. The 50/50 rgb has more versatility then that brand in you picture which looks like a 30/30. The 50/50 come with built in power connectors. You will have more difficulty tracking down the bad power supply in your example if it goes bad without a multi-meter.If you hard wiring this without a control box(small control CPU that con be programmed for sequenced patterns and brightness) a 3 12volt dimmer switch for each color would work. The control box does have a timer and can be thrown off by multiple power supplies. Some of the answer came from the comments1. im trying to make sound reactive LED strips for a car subwoofer?definite, that is conceivable, yet you gotta make constructive your sub is not stressed out down bypass 4 ohm, otherwise your reciever will bypass into look after mode. I also advise you hook up a house sub extremely of a motor vehicle sub. They both are outfitted in yet in a unique way and the residing house sub will sound alot extra proper. sturdy success.2. Why are most RGB LED strips common anode instead of common cathode?I was not able to find any definitive reasons, but I did come across:- EEng (source)It may be that the slight advantage that sinking current offers over sourcing for most devices, leads manufacturers more often to design displays in a common anode configuration3. Why don't people power LED strips in parallel instead of using amplifiers?Watts = Volts x Amps, so the current and wire size required to deliver a certain amount of power with minimal voltage drop is much larger at 12V or 24V than at 110V or 230V, and that thick cable has to be run all the way from the power source. Where will you put the cable? Not in the LED strip channel because there is not room. Not alongside it as that would be unsightly. That leaves in the ceiling or under the floor, which makes for a difficult installation. But let's say you do not mind seeing the extra cable or crawling through the ceiling to get it to the destination - just how much larger does it need to be to eliminate visible loss? The human eye is very sensitive to intensity variations, and the strips have multiple LEDs in series so they are quite sensitive to voltage drop. So to achieve 'insignificant' power loss the current has to be much lower than the ampacity of the cable. Therefore the cable needs to be oversized. A typical LED strip may draw several Amps - your cable might need to be rated for tens or even hundreds of Amps to match the output voltage of a local controller. However the room probably already has multiple mains power points that can be tapped into to supply additional LED drivers. So now you do not need to run a long thick cable to each remote LED strip, and each strip gets full voltage from a local power supply so it has the same brightness. The only problem is how to operate them all from a single location. LED 'amplifiers' or are peaters' solve this problem.4. How To Create Ambient Lighting with LED StripsHow To Create Ambient Lighting With LED Strips Ambient light is defined as the general illumination within a space. The availability of ambient light throughout the home is one of the most critical considerations in interior design. With LED strip lights, there are many more ways to effectively create ambient light to brighten the home for family and guests. Strip lights capitalize on the well-known benefits of LED technology - providing ample, beautiful light with low energy costs and incredible durability. But there is another important factor exclusive to strip lights, and that is their supreme design versatility. Our strips can be cut, curved and connected to fit any space and shine light exactly where you want it. Here are four ways to create attractive ambient light with LED strips: One of the best uses for LED strip lights is in indirect lighting projects. Indirect lighting is a great way to add focus, texture, layering and accent color to rooms throughout the house. Many people choose to run the strips above cabinets in the kitchen, behind mirrors in the bathroom, or in coves through hallways. Modern designers have expressed a preference for indirect lighting because of the way it hides fixtures and because it produces an evenly distributed glow of ambient light throughout the room. Pro Tip: Take extra care to make sure the high energy areas of your house have ample lighting. Where does the family gather? In the kitchen or the living room? Make sure that the lights you install are bright enough to energize a crowd, making everyone feel lively and excited to be together. Our LED strips are some of the very brightest LEDs you will find on the market. Ambient light in a room is not only measured by how attractive it is, but also by its functionality. One advantage of LED strips is that their versatility makes them great for task lighting installations. LED strip lights are perhaps the best solution there is for under cabinet lighting - a common example of home-based task lighting. Further, this is a simple DIY project that wo not require a huge electrician expense. To add kitchen task lighting, just peel back the adhesive on the back of our strips, stick them under the cabinet and connect them to a power source for incredible kitchen task lighting. Pro Tip: When installing task lighting, it's a good idea to put in more light than you think you will need. First, these lights will last many years into the future, and who could not use more light as the years go on? Second, when you are focusing on a task, more light means better concentration and improved accuracy. Dimmers are important for creating the right ambient light atmosphere in the home. With dimmers, you can turn down the lights as night falls, which will relax your mind and bring you closer to sleep. Dimmers can also be used to add light to a room where natural light normally enters, but perhaps clouds are letting in less light than normal and you need a little extra. With a dimmed LED strip lights, you will have full control to add the perfect level of light necessary for any given situation. Pro tip: Before you add a dimmable LED strip lighting system, it is a good idea to consider whether you want a hardwired wall dimmer or a remote inline dimmer. The first option is easier if you have a professional electrician on hand, while the second option can be done as part of a DIY installation. LED strip lights can also improve a room's ambient light by adding accent. Running strips along toe kickers or under counters is a great way to add color or textures to a room. With LED strips, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you are looking to add an extra creative flair, add color-changing RGBs and harness the power of color psychology. For instance, say you want to create an excited mood in a room, add red light and the occupants will feel stimulated and passionate. On the other hand, add blue light and the occupants will feel relaxed and comfortable. Pro tip: Many color changing LED strips on the market are of low quality. Be sure to compare options before making your purchase and make sure that the lights come from a trusted brand. While many lights claim to last 25,000 to 50,000 hours, make sure there is a warranty on the product to guard yourself against disappointment. We truly enjoy the opportunity to provide clients with the LED solutions they need. It's a great pleasure for us to see our strip lights installed in the countless innovative and sustainable projects that we see developed every single day. Your vision is what inspires us to do what we do! Do you need any help deciding which LED strip lights are right for your commercial, industrial, or home renovation project? Give us a call at 1-844-FLEXFIRE (1-844-353-9347) or shoot us an email to and we would love to get involved!
E!'s Ground Zero for Rihanna-Ciara Twitter Smackdown
On this episode of Twitter smackdown, it's Ri-Ri vs. Ci-Ci.The two singing divas (and former Chris Brown lovers) went at it yesterday after Ciara brought up Rihanna on our very own Fashion Police. "I ran into her recently at a party. She wasn't the nicest," Ciara told the Joan Rivers-led panel. "It's crazy, because I've always loved and respected what she's done in fashion. It wasn't the most pleasant run-in."Well, Ri-Ri wasn't too pleased.She tweeted: "My bad Ci, did I forget to tip you How rude of me....You gangsta huh Ha."And so it began!Ciara came back with: "Trust me Rihanna you don't want to see me on or off the stage.""Good luck with bookin that stage you speak of," Rihanna tweeted. Ouch!But apparently Ciara found that funny, replying with: "Pure comedy."It didn't stop there! The biggest diva of them all, Perez Hilton, decided to join in, backing up Rihanna.He tweets: "@ciara It obviously wasn't funny to her. It was hurtful. @Rihanna has had a difficult week.""@ciara And I'm sure your week has been difficult too, publicly proclaiming that your label doesn't support you and you want to be dropped."Dang!Eventually the beef became too much, and Ri-Ri decided to make amends."Ciara baby, I love you girl!" she tweeted. "You hurt my feelings real bad on TV! I'm heartbroken! That's why I retaliated this way! So sorry! Let's make up."Perez chimes in: "@ciara She extended an olive branch to you now and is being the bigger person. Accept it and move on. Or stay petty and less successful."What else could Ciara do but reply with: "Ri, u know its always been love since day 1! Doing shows and everything. You threw me off in that party! Apology accepted. Let's chat in person."Awww-all is good in the Twitter world again.Of course, Perez was happy with the outcome too."@ciara Good! #LoveAndLight Now if only @NICKIMINAJ and @LilKim could make peace too!"Yeah, somebody would get a Nobel if that came to pass.
How Do I Fix a 55" Diamond TV That an LED Gets on but There Is No Blue Screen?
First is it on warranty? If it is consult the store or other representative for instructions. Do not try to fix it, you cannot fix it yourself. If it is not on warranty you are free to choose the repair place. If the panel is intact there is good chance it can be fixed at a reasonable price ($100-200)-1. When & why a product warranty may be invalidWhat is the warranty period? How often have you asked this question while buying a product? The dealer, of course, delivers the usual spiel on the number of months or years that you will be guaranteed prompt and perfect service by the company. What he does not mention, and you do not bother to read, is the fine print on the warranty paper. These are the strings that could sour the perfect deal you believe you have just clinched.If you are lucky, the product will function smoothly during its entire lifetime, but if it breaks down within the warranty period, do not assume you can get it repaired or replace it unconditionally. Though companies agree to replace the parts in the product, the cleverly worded warranty document states that doing so will be at the discretion of the company.Apart from this, there are conditions that can result in the warranty being void. One of these is that the warranty card should have the signature and stamp of the dealer/seller along with the date of purchase. You must also check that the serial number is correctly entered in the card. Be careful if you are buying a pre-owned product as most companies state that the warranty is applicable only to the first buyer.So, if you plan to gift a gadget to someone, make sure that the bill is in his name, so that he can make use of the warranty when needed. While buying products from international markets and duty-free shopping zones, check that the warranty is valid in India too. "There are very few brands that offer a global guarantee. So, you may buy a product abroad because it is 20% cheaper, but may lose out on the warranty," says Purnendu Kumar, vice-president, retail and consumer goods at Technopak.Next, you should go through the usage instructions and repair guidelines carefully. If you do not adhere to these, it can lead to the warranty being cancelled. For instance, Godrej Locks says that the warranty is valid only if a professional from the company has installed the lock. Acer India states that the warranty may be claimed only by those customers who have registered their purchase with the company (either online or through their Website) within 15 days of receiving the product.Some products need to be serviced regularly, such as water purifiers and cars. Their warranty will be valid only if you get this done through the authorised service agent/centre. "If a part is not replaced according to the design specifications, it can cause further damage to the unit, which will not be covered by the company. So, further warranty after repair by unauthorised agents is void," says SK Jain, VP, sales & services, Onida. To prove that you have always serviced the product at the authorised centre, you should maintain records of past service as well as bills.The physical appearance of the product can also influence the validity of the warranty. "If there is physical damage to a part of the product, it can still be taken as a reason to reject warranty even if it not relevant to why it is not working," says Harshit Patel, director, TechShop.in. So you may file a complaint that your LCD monitor is unable to access plug-and-play devices, but if the screen has a crack, the warranty could be dismissed.Also, not all parts are covered under warranty. "In the case of a washing machine, the warranty for the circuit is only for a year, while it is longer for the motor. Most consumers believe that the motor is more essential even though the circuit costs are high at Rs 4,000-5,000," says Kumar.Even when the company is willing to repair or change the parts that are covered, you may have to pay for labour charges. "During the warranty period, only the parts replaced or repaired are free of cost, but service charges are always payable," states the Videocon service manual listing the warranty conditions.In case you are eligible to get the product repaired/replaced during the warranty period and the company is arbitrarily refusing to do so, you can approach the consumer courts. However, even to challenge a company's denial, you need to know the conditions and maintain the relevant bills and papers. "Proper paperwork and all details regarding the product transaction, service and operation are required," says Patel.Companies have started offering extended warranties, which can be taken separately if you want to cover the product for a longer period. "Extended warranties protect the consumer from high expenses in case an expensive part needs to be replaced. He is insured against all kinds of failure at a very nominal cost," says Jain.However, experts suggest caution while opting for extended warranties as the conditions for warranty and extended warranty differ. The list of parts covered is further reduced in the latter. "For instance, in a fan there is a motor, ball bearing and capacitor. No company will give a warranty of more than a year for the capacitor, but it will be willing to provide an extended warranty for the ball bearing. However, the induction coil is the most important part and is very costly. There may or may not be an extended warranty for the coil," says Kumar.Also, extended warranties may turn out to be futile expenses. "The companies that provide these are banking on the fact that the product is good in quality and will survive the extended warranty period provided the user has kept the product in pristine condition," says Patel. The company may also account for the fact that consumers may not maintain the invoices or warranty cards, which will automatically eliminate any warranty claims.However, some experts suggest that as the cost is hardly 1% of the price of the product, it may be better to opt for the extended warranty for expensive items, which you plan to retain for a significant period of time.2. Why is shutter speed making my photos BLACK?!?Put the camera controls on default, like they just came out of the box. Put the main control on full auto, if it is not already there. Take a shot, preferably outdoors in full sunlight. If you get a black picture, then throw away the camera and get a new one. And I am quite serious about that. If YOU changed the settings without knowing what you are doing, that can cause this sort of problem. By setting the camera back to default in full auto mode, that takes your settings out of the mix. If it still does not work right, then it is broken. There is nothing you can do to fix it, other than send it back to Fuji. If it is still under warranty, fine. If not, it is not worth the cost of getting it repaired.3. jeep wrangler dash lights flickering?From what you describe you have a serious problem in your wiring harness or possibly with the on board computer. Take it back to the jeep dealership where you bought it for repairs to be done under warranty. I would demand a loaner vehicle while the repairs are being done. You spent alot of money on this defective vehicle and Jeep should stand behind its product. If the dealer is anything less than compliant with your demand for a satisfactory cost free warranty repair AND the use of a loaner vehicle you should seek legal advice
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