What Will Happen If a Library Contacts a Collection Agency About Unpaid Fines and Unturned Books?

Pay the fine and avoid the collection agency. No sense starting out your credit history with a derogatory item. Pretty much anytime a debt is turned over to a collection agency, the item gets reported to the credit bureaus. They do not need your SS# to report you. Your name, address, and DOB are enough.

1. collection agency calling work, tenant, cpa...?

They are absolutely not allowed to call you at work because when you are at work you are getting paid and your time is your bosses' time. The next time they call ask them for their full name, the name and address of their business and then type up a letter on your firms stationary and demand that they immediately stop calling the work number and make sure that you mention the word "fines" and "lawsuit". That means they can only send you letters. If they keep calling get an attorney and show them the copies of the letters you sent to the collection agency. There are limits to what they are allowed to do and yes, they can be fined for stepping over the limits and ignoring the laws.

2. I have 5K debt. What is the lowest % that a collection agency settle a debt?

If you did a favour for someone, and they did not meet their end of the agreement, you could consider small claims... As for settling the debt, you will have to talk to the agency - 10% is probably low. What you have to consider is what it would cost the agency to bring you to court. Generally, they will want to avoid doing that as they usually do not have a lot of information regarding the debt, and researching costs time and money. I would say you can probably settle for 50%. If you start asking lots of questions on the debt, they may be ok with less. Talk to them and see what they say, you will only know at that point what they are willing to accept.

3. Child care providers - Small Claims Court & Collection Agency?

From my understanding a collection agency gives you the money owed...then goes after the person for the money to pay them back. If this is a small daycare I would suggest staying with a local collection agency; which you can probably find in the Yellow Pages.

4. Should you ever pay a collection agency after the statute of limitations is up and they threaten to sue you over an old debt?

Nope.My wife and I put down a deposit for putting our kids in a private school and daycare...then my wife talked to the owner of the school, got a bad vibe from him and we went elsewhere.The fine print said that we are supposed to be liable for the whole year's tuition if we decided not to enroll our kids, which was a red flag for me, but my wife thought she liked the school and I liked that they had a lot of animals for the kids.They sent us a bill when our kids did not show up, we told them we were sending them elsewhere and heard nothing more...Until about 8 years later when we got a letter from a collection agency demanding the payment. I called up a lawyer friend and he sent me a cease and desist letter to forward to the collection agency. Statute of limitations had long since expired, but these bottom feeders were trying to get suckers to pay up.It turns out my wife was right about the school's owner. A few years after the collection letter, he was arrested for molesting students and the school was closed

5. Collection agency just called for the first time?

They will mail a letter to an address they have on file for you. If they have your correct address, you will probably get several letters from them. The next question I have is this agency a law firm or simply a collection agency? It is techincally an FDCPA violation to threaten something that you do not have the present ability to accomplish. Thus if ABC Collections is calling you and they are not licensed attorneys, then they cant possibly bring a suit and attempt to get a judgment. If you owe the debt, my suggestion is attempt to work out a payment plan with them. Either a reduced lump sum settlement payable immediately, or something that may have the entire balance paid within one year or so. If you do not owe the debt, or feel you may have other defenses (such as Statute of Limitations, FDCPA violations, laches, and so on) then I would send them a cease and desist letter, and once you are served obtain counsel to defend you in this matter. Either way, good luck to you.

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How Do I Take a Company to Small Claims Court After It Has Gone to a Collection Agency?
Yes, you absolutely can take them to court--and win, too, if you can show that their information is UNsupported. It would cost the collection agency far more money to defend this type of action than to just settle, but even if they are hard asses, take them to court anyway. The damages, however, would have to based on any financial loss you have experienced due to their failure to instruct the credit reporting agencies to remove their derogatory information. Contrary to popular misinformation, you can also sue T-Mobile as well as the credit reporting agencies for the same reasons. Just look up what happened to Trans Union time and again. But it will initially cost you time and money.1. How debt collection agency from India can collect debt in Dubai?They can't unless they have agents in dubai. Here's a great article about collecting dubai debt in the uk which gives information about the cross jurisdictions but also will point you in the right direction if the debtor has returned to india with an outstanding debt owing from their time in Dubai or the UAE2. Can a collection agency file a 1099 on a debt that is past the statute of limitations?yeah i think it's either seven ot ten years, your debt was sold to a collectiona agency and they are threatenting you.3. Please Help! Collection Agency Won't Take Off Charge When I have Proof That It Isn't Mine!?You should take a legal action and hire a lawyer or attorney. He can fix your problem in better way4. What happens when you don't pay full amount to collection agency?All that would happen is the credit agency will send it back to American Express..then they will sell it to another credit agency. They try to threaten you in any way possible. .they want their commision. Pay it off when you can. ..lots of times credit agencies will allow you to settle the debt for much less than you owe. DO NOT TAKE OUT A LOAN5. Collection agency's pay for delete e-mail sent to me?Your fine on this one! I've received one of these letters from AFNI Credit Collections and RJM Collection agency when I demanded something in writing from them in return for full payment. Some will tell you that you have to get it in writing in the mail from an authorized agent of the company but seriously, they are not going to do that. I listened to people on here who swear that they wo not take it off but when your on the phone with the collections agency, they wo not do it. If you get testy they will send you and email out of fear that they are going to lose the commission so you pay and will probably get something in the mail within 10days for your permanent record. I did not have any problems with the credit bureaus taking it off my credit before I even asked them to, the companies kept their word. I say go for it!6. Collection Agency wont send a letter saying they will report as paid in full?No, i got trapped before by paying certain percentage they said, but the remain amount is still in my record, not even better than i did not pay anything. They are not gonna do things nice to you. It is just a thousand dollar, unless you pay it off, otherwise do not bother to pay any penny to them. that will be end up the same even thought you pay half of it. This is obviously a trap. They will come back for another part. Or you really wanna clear it up, go to the creidt union, show debt counsleor the statement the collection agency sent you, and ask for advice.7. What is the most inappropriate experience you had with a debt collection agency?I had an Amex charge card that I had never used. We had a cruise coming up and Amex was a great travel card so I decided to use the card, not realizing that it had to be paid off on 30 days. This was no credit card. So when I returned from vacation I found that Amex had sent my account to a collection agency. The agency was polite enough. They called me up and advised if I paid off the account within a certain period of time, any interest charges would be waived. Of course they lied. I paid off the account only to have them call back in a not so polite way and demand interest charges. I reminded them that the call had been recorded. They laughed and a "so what, you still owe it" response came out of her mouth. So I paid the interest, and vowed never to own Amex again. It took me awhile, but I managed to get my credit card rating back to where it was before they threw me under the bus. Lying collection agencies. My fault, not theirs, for being so trusting
Should I Pay an Credit Card Debt That Is 12 Years Old and now Owned by a Collection Agency?
no time has ran out for them to collect have should have done something before now1. How do I get the collection agency to send a settlement letter dated for another day instead of today?DO NOT agree to anything over the phone or by fax. You need an original letter sent to your home address that is dated for the date you are actually making the payment. If you sign with today's date and do not pay, then you will be in breach of contract and whatever you signed is void.2. Will it affect my credit score if I've been through a collection agency but paid right away?Some agencies do give a grace period to give you the chance to pay it before reporting it to your CBR, however if there is no grace period or if the grace period has expired then it will report and negatively affect your score. Once it hits your CBR it will remain on there for 7 years from the date of service, since you paid it it will show paid, which helps and with time will affect your CBR little if at all.. If the coll agcy told you that it would not report to your CBR then it probably wo not . I would definately make sure if you do not recieve that letter within the week that you call and make sure it was sent, proof is always good to have.. They do make mistakes and this will make it alot easier to get removed or corrected.. hope this helps3. How do you get a collection agency off the credit report?Are all these debts due to come off in or around October or any time soon after that? If yes, then do not do anything. Wait until the time for the original debt to drop off. Since the company that originally owned the receivable is still reporting it as a debt owed to them then, legally, the collection agency cannot also claim to own the receivable. So as long as both are showing up on your credit report wait for the original would ropoff' date to pass and then you do not have to pay any of them anything. That is the time at which you should highlight that the collections entries were erroneous duplications of the original debt. What the above poster stated is incorrect. The unpaid debts that you owe may linger in the creditor's databse forever, but the credit bureaus CANNOT keep them in your file beyond 7 years. There is a federal law known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act that strictly forbids the credit bureaus from doing this, and the only exception is if you declare bankruptcy, in which case they can keep the negative information on your credit file for as long as 10 years. If they do not remove the information after the 7 year period has passed, you can sue them and you will win. Its their screw-up so let them eat it.4. Does being reported to a collection agency make your credit go down?All collections lower your score, sorry5. can a debt collection agency find him (anon) even though he's changed name, address and bank accounts?I have a radical thought... how about paying the bill and be over with it?6. What should I do when a collection agency tries to take my house from me for a $3000 debt? Is that legal?Get an attorney and get one yesterday if you want to save this house.*7. I have a defaulted student loan and have made a pay agreement with the collection agency?The loan wil not be rehablitated without the paper signed., DO you know how many people call me pissed off because their loan is still in default after paying for years and years all because they did not sign the form? They will also reduce your collectin costs down from the 25% (average) down to 18.5% of the balance. In the end you save a ton of $ and clean your credit.8. How do you market a debt collection agency?Market in what fashion? A marketing strategy centers on your customer and the value you offer versus other alternatives. That's specific to your business.If you're referring to marcom, I have no experience other than as a customer. I can't recall the selection process but I suspect, like most SMBs, I Googled them, perused a few results, and asked for information. I also use in-house collection teams, so content with tips and benchmarks would be valuable and keep your firm top of mind.A referral from an accounting firm would carry weight.Collections specific to subscriptions, and dealing with the conflict of a business generating ill will via collections that can easily damage a firms online reputation, are topics I'd imagine are good marketing hooks.
A Collection Agency Is Asking Me to Send Them a Letter!!?
never offer anything in writing. they will try to use it against you1. I am in total debt! I have a collection agency hounding me and I need to know what my best solutions are!!?There are many great programs out there to help you get out of debt. Try going to the site below which does reviews of the best ones and choose the best one for your situation2. Before paying a Collection Agency, how do I get them to put the offer in writing?Simple. Insist on a written settlement agreement. You could write out the terms and send it to them certified mail, return receipt. At the bottom of the letter, put statement saying "as authorized agent for X collection agency, I agree to the above terms" with a line for signature and another line below for the persons printed name. Never pay a collection agency unless you have the terms in writing. And do not give them access to your bank account -- no matter what they claim. If the person you are talking to says they can not put the offer in writing, ask for a supervisor.3. Who is held responsible for inaccurate item on credit report? The original creditor or collection agency?The entire credit system is built on the individual having sole responsibility for the entries on their report. It is for this reason you should check your report and check it often. In this case it sounds like you need to do a couple of quick things. First, send a certified letter to the collection agency that placed the negative item on your credit report asking them to remove the item as incorrect. Get it certified so you can prove that they received it. If you have not heard back from them in 45 days, submit a challenge to the item with the credit bureau and use the letter you sent the collection agency as evidence of your attempt to rectify the situation. Nine times out of ten challenging something that is on your report incorrectly with the credit bureau directly will yield the result you are looking for. Collection agencies are really bad at reporting things to the credit bureau that is positive (or removing something negative) but they are great at adding negative things to your report. A certified letter will let them know you are serious about getting it rectified. Good luck!4. How do i pay a Traffic Ticket that was passed to a collection agency?Call them and tell them you aint payin ****. They will call you back and work with you. Trust me.5. I have reached a deal with a debt collection agency but they will not put the agreement in writing.?persist jointly with your weapons. Get a written settlement first and do not supply them get admission to on your financial business enterprise account. purely pay by applying money order. I propose you deliver them a letter offering to pay for delete -- you pay $x and that they delete the item out of your credit record. especially say which you at the instant are not acknowledging the debt yet making the furnish to expedite removing out of your credit record. Ask that an authorized agent of the sequence organization sign and return a replica of your letter indicating acceptance of your furnish. once you get the signed replica, deliver them a money order. I propose you furnish no greater beneficial than $200 (you need to attend till ultimately you have the money reachable till now sending the letter). it truly is advisable to start up a splash decrease and enable them to make a counter furnish. in the event that they do not settle for, your settlement, wait some months and deliver yet another pay for delete purely drop the charge off to a million/2 of your previous furnish. Oh by applying the way, the final week of the month is a truly good time to get settlement gives you popular. some creditors artwork on quotas or fee.6. Fair amount to offer collection agency as lump sum payment?You can settle for 50% and they will still make a bunch of money. Be firm about the 50%. Stop paying. If they refuse-- fine. Eventually, they will settle. It's really a waiting game
Is It Possible for a Collection Agency to Suspend My Driver License?
Only the dmv suspends driver's licenses and it is for specific driving infractions (DUI), too many accidents showing reckless driving, certain medical conditions, unpaid tickets and allowing your license or insurance to lapse. You can be in collections with thousands of people or like Trump settling out of court in 3,000 lawsuits and nothing should happen to you. But who knows some places like certain cities and states in the south have surprising rules.1. if you make a payment and it reset the statue of limitation?? collection agency?Unfortunately, yes is it does....Making a payment resets the SOL.... Anytime you take an action with an account, the statute of limitations is restarted. Making a payment, making a promise of payment/entering a payment agreement that can be documented or making a charge using the account can restart the statute of limitations on an account. When the clock restarts, it restarts at zero, no matter how much time had elapsed before the activity. Note: This does NOT restart the 7.5 year reporting cycle for reporting on credit reports...2. A collection agency has contacted me about a debt that is no longer on my credit report. Should I pay it?When ever a debt collector calls you, you are always within your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to tell them never to call you on that number. Tell them it is never convenient for them to call you, and they must obey. Look it up. It's in the law. Lots of people file bankruptcy just to end the phone calls, but this is totally unnecessary. And once seven years have passed from the date of your last payment, it will not be on your credit report3. In small business practice, is going through a collection agency or small claims more effective and efficient?If you do not have a lot of volume, you probably wo not get much attention from a typical collection agency. A middle ground would be having an attorney send out a letter on the firm's letterhead saying the account is past due and must be paid immediately. This is usually at least as effective as placing with a collector. Collection agencies tend to do well on large portfolios, but poorly on single accounts because their systems are set up to favor efficiency over effectiveness4. Can I be turned over to a collection agency while making regular payments to a business?If you make regular payment I do not think so5. What is the most inappropriate experience you had with a debt collection agency?I had an Amex charge card that I had never used. We had a cruise coming up and Amex was a great travel card so I decided to use the card, not realizing that it had to be paid off on 30 days. This was no credit card. So when I returned from vacation I found that Amex had sent my account to a collection agency. The agency was polite enough. They called me up and advised if I paid off the account within a certain period of time, any interest charges would be waived. Of course they lied. I paid off the account only to have them call back in a not so polite way and demand interest charges. I reminded them that the call had been recorded. They laughed and a "so what, you still owe it" response came out of her mouth. So I paid the interest, and vowed never to own Amex again. It took me awhile, but I managed to get my credit card rating back to where it was before they threw me under the bus. Lying collection agencies. My fault, not theirs, for being so trusting6. A debt collection agency mistakenly placed a legal judgment on my credit report - help!?Well I would say that your friend is going ot have to proof that he's who he says he is...cause more than likely you will need to help determine who you are.. can not hurt right... Good luck !!7. can a collection agency take my house in canada?I think so but im not quite sure8. if my bill goes to a collection agency, what happens to my credit?come on, not forever. all worst credit histories and even bankruptcies are cleared in 7 (max 10) years. not a short time tho :( good luck... try to pay it off asap before they send it to the collection agency... borrow from friends or family, but pay it off.
I Am in Total Debt! I Have a Collection Agency Hounding Me and I Need to Know What My Best Solutions
man, its already in collections, so dont give your money away. They want to play hard ball with you so play right back. . . hire a debt settlement company and only pay them half (if its 7000 then they will only get 3850) beside they cant garnish student loans. Another thing, FCRA laws. . . after you told them not to call you it is illegal for them to call you except to tell you they are taking other action. Threaten to report them to the state attorney and they will change real quick1. Any ideas on how to display a kechain collection?Shadow box is a great idea but could get expensive for that many key chains.You could get a thin circumference tension rod, like for hanging curtains.Hang all the key chains on one rod, the rods are inexpensive and do not require nails etc. . in the wall. The only drawback is the key chains wont be enclosed so will need dusting or cleaning occasionally2. What is in your book collection?Ok, so I can not really see all of them right now, but here are the few I can see: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Maximum Ride: School's Put- Forever Maximum Ride: Saving The World And Other Extreme Sports Maximum Ride: The Final Warning MAX FANG Lucy Moon Chasing Vermeer Elephant Run Northanger Abbey Witch And Wizard The Lightning Thief The Sea Of Monsters The Titan's Curse The Battle Of The Labyrinth The Hunger Games The Foretelling Mr. Monday So, yeah. I have a LOT more than that, but that's all I can see at the moment. :P3. Pay the bank or the collection agency?Call the bank and ask them. I am sure you will have to pay the collection agency4. What is the most reputable collection of hadiths?For common people, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Muwatta Imam Malik along with the explanations. These are the unanimously authentic books and proven by the test of time. If you want to get a summarized version of different hadith books and all their topics covered in one place then Riyad-us-Saliheen.5. What are some non-Beatles albums that you have in your Beatles collection, and why are they in this collection?Where do I start? How can I have a non Beatles album in my collection! If you possibly mean do I have any cover albums of Beatles songs then the answer is no. Covering Beatles songs is tantamount to sacrilege in my eyes! Please look at your question again and rephrase it. The question states non Beatles albums in my Beatles collection. Bizarre in the least.6. Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: Perfect Collection vs. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Platinum Collection?THe perfect collection is 6 discs. The first five are the original series and the lasy disc just have extended versions of 21-24 with about 9 minutes of deleted scenes and cuts in each of the episodes. The perfect collection is just the eight discs with all 26 episodes. what you have in the six disc of the perfect is what you will find on the evangelion disc called genesis. Also the perfect collection was released sooner and it does have remastered audio and better picture. not like the rebuilds but there is a difference in the picture.7. whats the value of this mint coin collection?All coins values are condition sensitve. Depending on the "grade" of your coins the values can vary8. SharePoint Site Collection size reductionAre you talking about SharePoint Site collection storage? If so there is not much you can do, clear the recycle bin and delete unnecessary files. It will be better for you to configure a smaller SharePoint Site Quota for you end users to make sure that the site will not grow to a huge size9. secret garden collection at victorias secret?Love Spell,Romantic want,organic Seduction and Strawberries & Champage are my fave! yet of direction you could desire to test with each and every physique of them to confirm what you like. And my boyfriend LOVES once I placed on creams from Victoria's secret and tub & physique Works10. What is the most effective system for collection of debt?You can be nice at first. Make threats, threaten legal action. If that still does not work, then you should get some guys with baseball bats to pay them a visit. You may be reluctant to get mean when it comes to collecting debts. After all, you do not want to turn off business partners. But think of it this way: Do you want to do business with someone who is delinquent and does not pay debts? If they have shown themselves to be delinquent, then you do not want them as business parters.
Debt Collection Agency (Capital Management) Refuses to Stop Calling Me. What Can I Do?
Capital Management Services Group1. Collection agency asking for monthly payment on a charge off?Perhaps our President should introduce a mandatory written exam for anyone wishing to apply for credit to be absolutely sure they fully understand what they are getting into and all the implications of not adhering to a credit agreement. Some of the questions on this site - not so much this one - make me cringe with embarrassment for the person asking the question. So many people seem to happily sign credit agreements with no real understanding of exactly what they are agreeing to or that the credit agreement itself is a legally binding document.2. Can collection agency damage my credit history?You owe. Makes no distinction that your shape replaced into not on time and which you found substitute tenants. Your hire required a 60-day word. you in basic terms gave 30. you may are transforming into something in writing out of your former landlord indicating that the 30-day word replaced into proper considering you have found substitute tenants ..... surely, if it ai not in writing, you are caught with that written hire. Pay the series business enterprise yet until now you pay a cent, get a written settlement settlement that they gained't record the debt to the credit bureaus in replace on your fee. you may desire to be waiting to barter a smaller settlement yet do no longer anticipate it. maximum pay for delete agreements desire finished fee.3. i settled a debt with a collection agency but i think they are a scam now what should i do?as long as you paid directly to boa...you are fine...takes time to clear up....follow up with them weekly4. what happens if i dont pay a collection agency?Its not worth ignoring it on the basis that it will affect your credit history for a long period of time. So if you need any help with lending in the next couple of years no financial institutions will be able to help you unless the debt is paid in ful or cleared. However, most collection agencies are happy to come to some sort of solution with you i. e a repayment plan where you can start paying them money but may not affect your expenses for Europe. You shouldnt have a problem at the airport but you should get onto it straightaway!5. If I buy a 100k house with 80k mortgage, and sell it immediately for only 60k, will the collection agency hound me for the other 20k?NOT GOING TO HAPPEN at least not in the USA. See Donald Tepper's answer.I've no idea what economics you are looking to exploit here but if you were to somehow execute this senerio you've just generated $20,000 of taxable income to yourself with exactly $0 cash coming to you6. Can collection agency add negative items to credit report after orig debt's SOL has expired?States collecting SOL have nothing to do with the reporting period. If the collector owns the debt and it is still within the reporting period, they have a legal right to report it. If they are reporting, they MUST report accurately. They cannot report, for example, past due, past due balance, open account, factoring company, 1 month terms, etc., etc., etc. If they are reporting and the original creditor is reporting also, the original creditor MUST report with a zero balance. You have a right to dispute any and all inaccurate info that is being reported by either the collector or the original creditor. One poster mentioned that the collecting SOL might be reset. The collecting SOL in Ca. "cannot" be reset once the account has been charged off - even if a payment or an agreement to pay is made. Once it's charged off - that's it. Code of Civil Procedure 337(2). RNC, Inc. v. Tsegeletos (1991) 231 Cal.App.3d 967, 972 edit SCH posted that they can report the account forever - NO Once it has passed the legal reporting period it would be illegal for them to continue to report or for another collector to place it on your reports. If they do, you have a legal right to sue them for FDCPA, FCRA and California's own FDCPA violations. If you create a solid papertrail of their violations, you would more than likely win. Ca. has their own, very strong, version of the FDCPA, you should read it.
What Happens When a Debt Has Been Sold and You Send a Cease and Desist Letter to the Collection Agen
Be advised that you DO need to find out what the status of the account is before paying another dime. IF the original creditor still has the debt or it is IN HOUSE collections then you pay them. IF the debt was sold to another OUTSIDE agency then the payments go to them. In addition of your payments have been made to the original creditor BUT the debt was sold you will now have to make any payments to them that were due after the sale EVEN if you have paid the cc company already. Now a cease and desist letter merely makes the creditor/collection agency speed up collection processes including suin your in court if the amount is sufficient enough for them to bother.1. Collection agency refuses to send contract. What recourse do I have?So, you failed to keep a copy of the contract and you are now praying that the copy *they* have has this supposed if-you-move-you-do not -have-to-pay loophole. Be prepared to pay dearly for not keeping your OWN records.2. Collection agency's pay for delete e-mail sent to me?Personally I would want something on letterhead with a real signature. However, in the case of pay for delete, if the collector does not follow thru and remove the item from the credit reports, there really is not anything you can do. The credit bureaus wo not remove an item if you dispute using the pay for delete agreement. The item is legit and the credit bureaus wo not remove legit items3. collection agency refuses to give me settlement in writing?If they refuse to put it in writing, do nothing. End of story4. Collection Agency wont send a letter saying they will report as paid in full?they have to wait 30 days after they get their payment to beable to send out that letter. Also, they report it every 3 months and the CB updates your account every 3months5. A collection agency extorted money from my sister by threatening my niece. I need advice?Tell your bank that you want to protest payment as the money was obtained from a person not authorized to access your account, by means of deceit. This is a consumer fraud and it should be reported to the office of your state's Attorney General. EDIT> This is not a "he says, she says" scenario. While it is technically true that the customer has no proof, yet the truth can be told from banking records. The withdrawal transaction can be traced to the collection agency. The collection agency has no credible explanation as to why the transaction came from them instead of from the bank's customer. If this were my account that was compromised, I would support any criminal action that might be pursued, upon the belief that my account number had been unlawfully obtained, and might be used again criminally. For that reason I myself would be dissatisfied with a compromise or settlement that did not admit guilt. If it should happen again, it would be important to establish further guilt as to racketeering. If it were my account, I would assert to my state's Attorney General that Sprint employed a collection agency for the purpose of collecting a debt by unlawful means.6. What is the most inappropriate experience you had with a debt collection agency?My girlfriend died owing a LOT of money: student loans and medical bills. Just what she owed in principal was about $165K, and with interest I suspect it was well over $200K. I was being hounded by collection agents, even though I was not responsible for any of it. But I was the last number they had for her, so I got the calls.My favorite was an agent who admitted that I was not responsible, but suggested that if I accepted responsibility, then he would not have to tarnish her name by letting her family know what a dead-beat she would been. There have not been all that many people that I wished I could reach through the phone and strangle to death, but he was one of them. ETA: Please stop trying to use my answer as your platform. Any America bashing or "This is why Bernie wants to..." will be deleted
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