Which One Is the Best Walkman Phone?

It all depends what you prefer. If you're looking for a thin, light, metal bar phone, go for the W880i. That one has 3G, a 2mpx camera and looks really cool but it has no radio. If you're not so worried about the camera, go for a W200i which is a basic Walkman bar phone with good sound, radio and IR but no Bluetooth and a low-end camera. If you want something middle of the road, the W610i is a good one with a 2mpx cam, Bluetooth, radio and IR. The W810i has almost the same specifications but it's a bit older.

If you're looking for a slider phone, go for the W580i. Cool looks and a fitness counter, 2mp cam, Bluetooth and radio. There's also the W910i but the sound quality of that one isn't great and I don't think it's too well built.

If you'd like a flip phone the W710i is really good and has a 2mpx camera and fitness counter. The W300i is also a good flip but it's camera isn't so great and it has a smaller screen, but it is less expensive. Both those phones have Bluetooth, a radio and IR.

If you're into smart phones, the W960i is really cool. It has a touch screen, 3.2mp camera and almost all other features, but it's a bit slower than all the others.

All Walkman phones have a M2 memory card slot that can take up to 2gb, and also have USB connectivity so you can put songs on them from your pc. And I don't think Sony ericssons break easily at all :)

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Can you get struck by lighting on your house phone?

Technically, you can get struck by lightNing almost anywhere. You can reduce the probability of being struck. If you use a corded phone (the ones that are NOT cordless), they are grounded. This means that they are electrically attached to the earth ground. This is actually a safety factor, in that a lightning strike to the phone system will carry some of the charge to earth ground. The problem, is that a strike to the telephone wire on the pole (for instance) will also carry down the wire and into your home. If you are on a corded phone, the current would/could carry all the way into the handset that is pressed against your head. That would not be good.

A cordless phone is far less of a risk. Yes, the base of the cordless phone (the part actually connected to the phone line) could be ruined. The air between the handset and the base of a cordless phone is your friend. Air is a fairly good insulator, and gives you a far better chance of not getting a jolt because the lightning would have to travel from the base of the cordless phone unit, through the air, to the cordless hand set. Lightning can certainly do this under the right conditions, but it is still far safer than the corded phone.

By the way, for the same reason, it is a good idea to unplug major electrical appliances (eg. big screen TV) for the same reason. I lost an expensive ham radio in the past due to a lightning strike that hit the street in front of my house, traveled through the ground, and up through the wiring of the house. It blew out sensitive semiconductors in the radio and power supply.


If both twins in the twin paradox had cell phones, how would they sound when they talked to each other?

It's really hard to answer this. For one once the frequency that the signal is being transmitted gets above, or below a certain range it would be out of the range of normal cell phone signals and thus wouldn't be picked up by normal cell phones.

However, if this effect were accounted for then I believe that the frequencies would sound a lot different, and also the sound because pitch is related to frequency.

It also depends on what point in the trip you are talking about.

On the outward trip they BOTH sound slower to each other, that's the whole purpose of the paradox is that BOTH twins think the other twin is moving slower in time. So I guess both would think the other sounded like a "deep voiced evil spirit (from various horror movies)".

However, on the return trip they will both sound like "Alvin and the Chipmunks" to the listener.

But honestly, this has more to do with just general redshifts and blueshifts than relativity.

However, if the red/blue-shift effects were taken into account by the cell phone and a signal was gathered for a while and corrected to account for it, then both observers would still think the other person sounds to be talking slower (maybe deeper) than normal on the away trip and faster on the return trip. and it is this effect that would be due to relativity.

So the extent of the effect depends on what you mean really, because did you know that it is actually possible to "see" an object moving faster than light! But this is not what is really happening, the object is actually going slower than light, it's just a trick light is playing on you, and whenever you read about an "observation" in relativity they really mean NOT what you actually "see" but what you calculate after taking into account red/blue-shifts and such.. as I explained in the second scenario.


using cell phone when your waiting at the traffic light when it is red.?

Does your phone auto answer? Y or N

If you need too touch your phone then it is not technically hands free!


When addressing the judge do not argue and when addressing the prosecution through the judge do not argue.

Below is not legal advice and is just an example of how a situation can be thought of and what actions or comments may be implemented in a certain circumstance.

Write a notice with a supporting 'affidavit of truth' to the clerk of the court for the judge to read prior to any hearing or mention, and also send a copy to the superior at the station of the issuing officer, stating you where using hands free and you have not been provided any evidence to the contrary.

When in court:-

Now! when asked to plea, 'do not' plea 'not guilty' but say your honour there seems to be a misunderstanding here on behalf of the issuing officer.

Explain politely and calmly that you were operating the device in hands free mode (ONLY IF THIS IS LEGAL) and the officer was, although trying to do an honourable job by his belief, simply mistaken. Say that you are happy to pay any liability on proof of the claim by way of material fact or evidence in support of the issuing officers allegation, as you sincerely believe there is none and none exists because you where using hands free as allowed by- (Research and Quote the act/law for the right to use hands free or the law against it, just google it for your state and have a read)

Then ask, is there any evidence in support of the claim your honour?

Your honour without evidence is any claim not just hearsay?

Does my unrebutted affidavit of truth not stand as superior evidence against an unsubstantiated and unproven allegation?

Your honour I ask the case be dismissed based on lack of material fact or evidence in support of claimants claim of the defendant using a mobile device illegally.

Now wait and see what the judge says.

Have fun and if your innocent hold your stance and ask for proof to be provided to show your were not using hands free.

The burden of proof is on the accuser/claimant to prove guilt and not the accused to prove innocence. So ask questions, we are all allowed to do that and if you ask the right ones you may get the right answers.

Wish you well over the issue


Why do phones cause cancer?

Yes, cell phones do emit microwaves. That's how they send your voice and your data to the cell tower. Your microwave oven also emits microwaves, but most of them are contained inside the microwave, and they are high enough power to heat things that are inside the microwave oven. It is well established that if your phone used the same power as your microwave oven, you would get burns and you would significantly increase your chance of getting cancer.

Cell phones use a lower power signal, so they don't heat your head a noticeable amount. But is it harmless? Nobody knows for sure. There are some studies that show increased risk of cancer among heavy cell phone users, but it's hard to get really good data because we can't take two groups and expose half of them to microwaves for 20 years to see if the groups end up having different rates of cancer. Heavy cell phone users tend to be different from light cell phone users in ways other than their cell phone use (they tend to have high stress jobs and tend to be less careful about their health), so just comparing those two groups doesn't tell us much.

There are no "cellphone related cancers". There are people who get brain tumors on the side of the head that they normally hold their cell phones. So they call them "cellphone related cancers". And if you introduce them to someone who is a light cell phone user who get a brain tumor on the side that they don't normally hold the phone on, these get dismissed as "non-cellphone related cancers". If the risk of getting a brain tumor is not increased by cell phone use, you still would expect that by random chance, half of them would get the tumor on the same side that they hold the phone on. Actually, some people will incorrectly remember how they usually held their phone once they found out they had a tumor on one side, so you'll get more than 50% (this is called recall bias, and if you tell me I have a tumor on my left side, I'm more likely to remember holding my phone on the left side and forget the times I held it on the right side). If cell phones do increase your risk of getting brain tumors, there's no way to say that any particular tumor was or wasn't caused by cell phones.

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Can You Help Me with a Budget?
The Light and Phone expenses seem to be high, but since you are catching up on old debt... I pay 79.99 for local phone DSL through Qwest, check if you have that service. I also have a suggestion for working from home if you can write that is. This is not a make $4,000 a week scheme. There is a website www.associatedcontent.com, you can create a free account and submit essays on pretty much anything and there are some basic rules, like atleast 400 words, no bad grammar, etc. They pay you $5 - $10 per post. If you can do 20 posts a month, that is between 100 to 200 dollars. It won't pay your rent, but it is something.And on the budgeting front, check out, it is a free website for personal finance management. You can create a budget, track spending, etc. I build and run this site... :-) Let me know what you think.• Other QuestionsAT&T House Phone Says "No Line"....?Your phone may have automatically switched to another carrier because you may have been in a poor/no coverage area. The other network will permit emergency calls only. Try and select the TMobile Network manually. If this does not work and if the issue is not a coverage issue then the problem most likely is associated with the Phone/SIM. Try testing the SIM in another phone (has to be with the same service provider) and vice versa. The only other reason why this may happen is if you were playing with the settings of the phone. You may require a PUK code that should be able to be provided by your service provider, but that is a stretch in this case. You should contact your service provider before doing anything to the phone, sometimes it can be as easy as the service provider refreshing the network on their end to your phone. The other thing is that their may be a service interuption in your area, contact your service provider to be certain.------Is the new tmobile my touch 3g a good phone?The 3G in the title of the HTC My Touch 3G refers to the fact that it uses T-Mobile's high speed data network. It is not the third generation of the device. This phone is basically the same as HTC's Magic which has been out in Europe for about a year. The only difference between HTC Magic and the HTC My Touch is that the My Touch has been manufactured to use T-Mobile's 3G network using the 1700/2100 MHz frequency. It has been rebranded for the US market.Some of the hardware improvements HTC has made over the G1 include more RAM, a faster processor, a 3.2 megapixel camera, 3.2" screen, and better battery life. It also does not have a physical querty keyboard. The lack of a physical keyboard allows the phone to be significantly thinner and an ounce lighter than the G1, but some miss the physical keyboard.Another improvement is that the My Touch comes with the Cupcake Android 1.5 firmware. Cupcake has incorporated several improvements in this version, including the ability to type messages in portrait or landscape view, video recording, and improved browser. The Cupcake firmware is also being pushed out the G1 owners, so if you have a G1 you should have the option to upgrade.So, overall, the improvements are in the hardware. You get a faster, lighter, thinner phone, sans the physical keyboard.------Solar panels for a phone booth, can anybody tell me the average cost for a small solar panel and battery?the 1st factor you need to do is seem on the potential desires of those issues. upload up the potential (Watts) to run all of those issues on an identical time. then you definately're additionally in hassle in case you intend to run those issues whilst it incredibly isn't any longer top image voltaic, so which you will choose some battery setup. and a few suited fuses and diodes and a controller of a few style to guard your panels and the flaws you're powering. it may take somewhat bit physics and electric know-how to try this and do it competently. I outfitted a motor vehicle that ran off of image voltaic potential in a school undertaking final college year. We had a economic employer of Kyocera 50 Watt panels that value 250 each and each. So, you will no longer have the skill to try this for below 2 hundred, sorry. in case you wanted to spend extra i'd desire to ensure each little thing you mandatory for you, yet funds would be a concern. and that i do no longer understand if it incredibly is going to incredibly be no longer expensive------How could i use blue tooth or a cell phone to remotely operate a 20 amp 110v switch, like a light switch?Start your search by googling X10Here's a wiki article regarding X10:There are a bazillion X10 products out there. Surely one of them can accept a cell phone call and do something based on your inputEdit:I'm not sure why Technobuff thinks that X10 would not work.Here is an X10 device that is specifically designed to receive a telephone call and perform actions for devices in your household:Here's another site. Scroll down to where it says "Plug-In Controllers"I quote from the site: "Simply plug in these controllers into an AC outlet and immediately control X10-enabled lights and appliances throughout your home. Whether you want to turn on your furnace from your cell phone on the way home from work, have your lights turn on at dusk, ..."------could someone tell me should the phone light on the homeguard 200 be on at all times? There is something wrong?can not find any troubleshooting tips, or anything on there websiteabout if the light should be on or not...the website claims that it has back up power, and regardless of if there is a telephone or power outage it will still be able to monitor the individual...if your nephew has been re-arrested because of faulty equiptment, I would contact a lawyer, and request a forensic expert who is familiar with this device - you should have the serial number for this specific device - as this is the "evidence" of your nephew violating the terms of his probation/parole....not only would I have the expert determine if the device is defective - i would also have him check the internal memory of the device to determine if it noticed your nephew leave its boundaries - and not phone the information back "home" and also, if he did leave the boundaries, according to this device, if there are any dead spots in the house, that the device would not be able to pick up the remote device... also, I would check the remote device that was attached to your nephew, to determine if it was defective, or its batteries needed to be changed during the course of him needing to wear this device...------Which phone should I choose?First off, if you want to get a big discount on your smartphone upgrade, visit Wirefly (The walmart of the mobile world)You'll save $100 or more when upgrading.Second, out of all of those phones, the Samsung Droid Charge will be the best choice with the LG Revolution coming in second place.The Samsung Droid Charge has an amazingly beautiful screen (Super AMOLED PLUS is really awesome), and it also has about twice the battery life of the LG Revolution. The fact that it can last 1 day - 1 1/2 days despite running on 4G is amazing.When compared to the LG Revolution, the Samsung Droid Charge somehow got faster 4G speeds despite the LG Revolution also having 4G.It's also a pretty light phone compared to the others, and it loads apps and browser pages a lot faster.The design of this phone is kind of ugly... but users have been saying that they've actually grown to love it.If you upgrade via Verizon themselves, you'll end up paying $299.99 for that phone, but if you go through Wirefly, you can get it for $99.99 and save yourself $200. The only catch with Wirefly is that you have to stay on contract for at least 6 months, but that's really not hard to do.------question about my phone? >.I had that phone, i never had problems with it, and it took A LOT of beatings lol. but nope, sorry no way to fix it! as for typing long messages, bring it up on the touch screen, then flip the phone open and just start typing your message without the screen, it will still type. then hit send then quickly hit end, it will stop the message from sending, then go back to the touch screen, go to the person, and quickly go over the message for mistakes, if there are none, resend, if there are, hit edit and fix it.(HINT!: if you never had a smartphone on verizon, you can upgrade to a smartphone anytime you want even if your upgrade isnt up! but remember! you have to go to the store and get it, not offline, and you must have NEVER OWNED A SMARTPHONE. if you are not aloud a smartphone, remember you can upgrade 4 months earlier than your normal upgrade date.)------Which phone should I get?Hai, Welcome to this NEW-WORLD of COMMUNICATION. Accordingly now a days the verbal exchange b/w each and every different has end up increasingly necessity of manner of Talking. As v are in twenty first Century the Technology has end up so complex that v can achieve one individual and the one more individual in a only a few Sec. We have many forms of communications Eg, a million.> Mobiles. two.>Land line telephones. three.>Email. Etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, These are the only a few forms/methods of speaking one persons and the opposite by way of an overly convieint manner in our OWN Destinations OK. As i'm the Communication Engineering i do know the very significance of communications........... But the important factor for the speaking OR communications is that the.................................. SATELLITES Na...... And i'm hoping you're very located of Mobile telephones Na however it's also Dangerous for the EARS it make you STOP HEARING COMPLETELY AT ONE STAGE SO PLS I ADVICE YOU TO MAKE A LIMIT------Is it wrong of me to yell at my Mom for pulling up her phone while driving?That is the kind of things adults have to yell at teenagers about, not the other way around!I work on insurance claims and I can tell you that your mom's behavior is very dangerous. One of my mother's friends was killed by someone doing what your mom is doing: texting on a cell phone. I've had mothers stranded with their young children in the middle of a busy intersection because someone couldn't put down their cell phone and ran a red light. I've had people lose their jobs because some idiot on a cell phone hit their only vehicle and now they couldn't get to work.Your mother is getting angry because she knows what she's doing isn't right. But she's refusing to take responsibility. And she's refusing to see the long term effects of her actions.The only thing I can suggest is be more constructive. I understand you yelling. Your life was in danger, but you need to approach this differently. Give her an ultimatum. You won't ride with her unless she turns her cell phone off. Watch her turn it off. Hopefully you don't have to go as far as tell your sister to only text her in the evenings, but you may have to.
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How Do You Make Glowing Letters Out of Light Or a Cell Phone?
I Mistakenly Looked too Much into My Cell Phone Video Light, now It Has Damaged My Right Eye, What t
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