Which Would Be More Efficient the a Normal 100W Ind. Bulb Or White Led?

It depends on the particular LED... Also, one of the big problems with LEDs is that they give out very monochromatic light - basically all of the light is in a single (or a few) very tight frequencies, and it does not tend to look as good. LEDs peak at around 100 Lumens / Watt. Regular light bulbs get around 15 Lumens / Watt. Figuring 100W bulb = 1500 lumens... / 100 = 15W of LED. Your LEDs are 25mA * 4v = .1w each, so you would need 150 of them to equal a 100W light bulb. -- To counter the guy above me... You can actually run strings of LEDs on AC if you use a capacitor to limit the current and you have to have enough LEDs in series to make the voltage drop across the chain not blow out the individual LEDs. I believe they use this when they make LED christmas lights.

1. Wii remote controller lag problem with Samsung LED Series 7 7050 46 inch. anyone can help please?..?

i wud purchase a gamecube controller extremely it quite is like teh comparable cost, you are able to play any gamecube pastime with it and you may use it to do watevr the classic controller does ex. digital , mario console, destroy bros., mario kart and you cant play mairo galaxy with the two of thm yet it isnt even a stable pastime


I have found the best 3D effects from a good Plasma like the VT30 or VT50 series or samsungs Plasma E8000 with full HD 3D,the larger screen projectors use different technology and although the large screen is movie theater like in size and feel,the depth effects I always found better on Plasma.I have seen new Sony 4K and vidikron etc.All excellent but very expensive and the screen is as important as the quality of the projector.I have both panasonic & Samsung plasma & the effects are fantastic,and alot less expensive. There's a pro & con to every technology.Remember Im not saying a 3Dprojector is not great,just you need an expensive projector an expensive screen and a very dark room.I find that the blacks wash easily when any light reflects off the screen.

3. do 12v led bulbs require a minimum of 12v to work? would a 3.7v work? do i need 4, 3.7 batt for light to work?

Less that 12V should still work, but the bulb wo not be able to reach it's maximun brightness

4. Toggle between two colors in a common-cathode RGB LED using a SPST switch

If all you want is to have two different colours depending on whether a SPST switch is on, the simplest possible way is to have one on permanently and one switched, giving you either red or yellow. This answers the question as written. Trevor's answer would work to give one on or the other on (without mixing colours), which may be what you meant, however requires more complexity and components

5. can i wire my led power wire to the power wire of my car radio?

If it were me, I would just run a new power wire for the lights. The last thing you need is to get the L.E.D.s all hooked up and start blowing fuses on the radio. Your best bet is to find a new source. If you want to make it so the lights come on whenever the car is running, just find an ignition hot empty fuse slot in the fuse box. You can check this with a test light. This means that the wire will only get power when the key is to the on position

6. How can I go about making my headlights clear-cornered? Where can I find some LED turn signal bulbs?

Using BLUE lights are illegal .V LEDS has many options for led lights . On HID'S use 5000k or 4300k you need to stay in the white spectrum to be legal XENTEC are good brand

7. where can I get a 65 inch LED non 3D TV? (slim)?

check under the couch :)

8. Wiring LED driving lights powered from two separate switches and a common power source for two mode operation

Here's a way, using electromagnetic relays.Three relays have been shown.Actually a single 3PDT relay would suffice.Diodes have been avoided, considering the voltage drop they would cause.

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Bartop Arcade Features Brilliant LED Marquee
If you want to build your own arcade machine, the default method is to throw a Raspbery Pi into a custom or purchased enclosure, then set it up to run RetroPie or another emulator. While having hundreds of arcade and retro games at your fingertips is amazing, entrepreneur and hacker Al Linke took things several steps further with his LED marquee-enabled bartop cabinet.The machine itself features a vertical screen and a Raspberry Pi 3 to play games to your heart's content. The marquee, however, uses a PIXEL:LED board to drive an LED matrix, and interfaces with the Pi over USB. RetroPie is set up to use its "runcommand" hook to run a script to load the proper animation or still image for each game. As seen in the video below, this is a very fun effect, and the animated Pac-Man ghost almost looks like its following the joystick around.Marquee or not, it's a solid build, with a laser-cut cabinet that's welded together with acrylic cement. It even includes access panels so you can get in for maintenance and changes without getting out the Dremel tool! Another great feature is that the art on the side of the cabinet is not stickers, but laser-cut inlays·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is the one core personality trait that you had as a child and still have as an adult? Something that has not been touched or changed by time?We got to tape our school principal to a flagpole.The rule? For every point you improved on your yearly exam, you got an inch of tape.I was good at exams. I normally scored 15, 20 points higher than my classmates.So I sat my little butt down in the computer lab chair and focused all my brain power on getting questions right.A few weeks later, the results came in.I'd grown 13 points since the last year.13 points? That's over a foot of tape!I don't know why I thought that more tape = more fun, but I was thrilled to see that number on my score card.That afternoon, we lined up alphabetically at the front door to get our tape.Being a Yates, I waited at the very end of the line.I couldn't contain myself.A whole f*cking foot of tape.This was it.She gets through the Andersons, the Jones, the Phillips, the Williams.And finally, when I step up to the teacher at the front-She rips off a six inch strip of tape and sticks it to my palm.I look down.I try to visualize what a foot of tape should look like.I conclude that this is not a foot of tape.I tell my friends and they don't seem too concerned - I soon realize that one of them got more tape than they were even supposed to. Why was no one else rioting? Why did they all seem fine with this setup?I throw up my hand."Mrs. A! You said we'd get tape based on how we did on the test."But without a word, she shuffles us out the door.I spent the rest of the day nagged by this feeling of wrongness.Was it a little unnecessary for the teacher to measure out 30-some strips of tape? Probably.But a promise is a promise.She said I'd get a foot of tape, so I should've gotten a foot of tape.Inconsequential? Absolutely.So why did it stick with me for all these years?Like my mother, I have a deep sense of justice. Of right and wrong.I firmly believe that agreements must be kept.That commitments should not be ignored.That rules should be just, and if they aren't just, they should be struck down.It's one of the most basic guiding forces of how I live my life - even at the smallest level.And while 10-year-old me never got her foot of tape...She had the grim satisfaction of taping her principal to a metal flagpole-Right before a thunderstorm.
LED Solar Garden Lights Outdoor Owl Ornament Animal Bird Decorative Lamp
Waterproof & Effective The Solar Powered Owl Landscape Light is made with resin and pp material, which has IP55 waterproof level, no worry to pick up in a hurry and normal work in rainy weather. This LED Solar Powered Landscape Light can create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere in any season. Energy & Saving The Owl LED Solar Garden Light will last 8 hours after fully charged (6-8 hours). No extra wire. The Owl Stake Light has a realistic appearance enough to scare away critters. Automatic Charging New Design just turn on the switch on the Owl LED Solar Garden Light. The Solar panels can absorb solar cells to generate energy to automatically illuminate the Stake Light, and turns on automatically when dark by built-in light sensor. Easy To Use This Waterproof Resin Stake Light for Outdoor can be installed easily. Easy to use, just plug the Owl LED Solar Light into the soil and turn on the button back of the solar panel, no needs to connect additional cables. Multi Application This Solar Powered Owl Decoration Lighting can be used for your garden, lawn, courtyard, aisle, porch or tent, picnic, driveway, etc.What is the best two person freestanding tent for around $125?Tents are like cars -- there are many choices in most price ranges that are equally good performers so it is up to personal choice. I would recommend you check out the offerings at www.campmor.com. Everything they sell is decent quality or better and they have dozens of models with very good comparison tables on size, weight and featurs. On a budget, all of the Eurekas are an excellent and I have heard good things about the fairly new Big Agnes brand. They also tend to have specials like discontinued models. I've bought gear from them for about 20 years and have always been pleased with products and service. L.L. Bean's house brand tents are well made and designed too. For packing in a lot of rain and wind, I recommend getting a tent with a good sized vestibule fly -- it's really nice to have that sheltered space for cooking and gear storage. Also, a catenary angled roof, rather than a curved dome, can be better at shedding wind and hard rain, but a dome does give a more spacious feel inside which is preferable if you are stuck inside for a while. Again, it comes down to personal preference. Bargain tents that I would avoid are the house brands at Sears or Walmart. I would be careful of Coleman and Swiss Army too -- mostly made in China with flimsy materials.How do I get tent stakes to hold in sand?This is somewhat like some camping I've done in a place with barely a half inch of soil over bedrock. Obviously, stakes do not work there, either. In that case, we used stones to weigh down tent corners and guy wires. No matter where we stopped our canoes, we knew we could find plenty of stones. However, the beach may not supply that. I suggest that for each stake you would normally have, you bring a square of burlap, about a foot and a half on each side. Burlap is cheap and water goes right through it, while sand holds pretty well. It's nice and lightweight to carry in your tent pack, lighter than your stakes. Turn each square into a stone-sized sandbag by scooping a couple of handfuls of sand into the middle of the square of burlap, then tie it shut with a bit of twine. After you strike camp, just untie or cut the twine, dump out the sand, and you are good to go. It will probably survive a couple of camping trips before you need to replace it, but burlap is cheap and available at any fabric store.Why do people always complain about the size of their tent?It's been that way ever since I can remember with dome tents, if I go to buy one I always figure double the size I want and that works out!Why are refugee tents white?So they can be recognized as a refugee or noncombatant tent and (hopefully) not attacked
Outdoor Led Signs-a Perfect Source to Grab the Attention of Intended Audience for Many Businesses
In the present scenario, the outdoor Led signs have made their unique presence when it comes to choosing the alternatives to deliver the company's messages to their intended audience through advertising on different places. In general, you can find these signs in front of stores, corporate buildings, and even places of worship. What is the main motto of the company? And what it exactly deals in? These may be the primary points which a company wants to share with their targeted audience with the help of these options in order to win their special attention. These options also come with attractive lights which work well for a company to deliver the meaningful message to its intended audience in no time at all.Gone are the days when people usually used outdoor lights in order to illuminate written or printed signs. Obviously, lots of businesses found these alternative a perfect option to display their message in dark places. And, of course, numbers of businesses started to notice the increase in the revenue of the company when people from different places got aware the company's services and products after reading the content written on the signs. Especially at night, these outdoor lights helped the people to read and understand the message printed on that signs.With the advancements in LED technology, now you can notice lots of changes in the concept of illumination. These LED sign products have the presence of diodes which are very useful in shining them brightly. Today, the usage of outdoor Led signs has emerged amongst various leading advertising firms, corporate houses and other groups. They use these alternatives to show moving images and different kinds of text. Nevertheless, in simple words, outdoor LED signs have now become as an outstanding medium to complete both the tasks-to attract the customers and deliver a corporate house's message to its intended users.
What Led You to First Listen to BTS?
I knew about kpop from childhood since my aunts (my dads 6 younger sisters) introduced me to groups like HOT and BabyVox, and later on DBSK/TVXQ, SNSD, Big Bang, etc. I became a casual Kpop listener. I didn't become dedicated to a kpop group until I came across Infinite in 2011, they were the first group that really got me into kpop their music was quite unique. It takes me a lot of convincing before I start to really like a group. I discovered BTS on Weekly Idol (because Infinite was the first group to appear and I continued watching to learn about other artists) and heard their music on the show, but like I said before it takes awhile for them to grow on me.I only started looking into them after their 2015 appearance on the show and became an ARMY a while later. You can say I was ignorant about their music until I searched them up. Their genre was different from Infinite (whose music is mostly rock based) but I came to like it.Im the type of person who needs a bit of time for something to grow on me and that includes music and people in general• Suggested ReadingWill the Germany led European Union be a Fourth Reich?A lot of anti-EU propaganda (probably mostly Russian funded, though at some point it gains a life of its own) seem to think so, but I dont think it is.What it is a collection of treaties binding countries legally together. Some of these treaties include things like standard conditions for drinking water, what constitutes edible food, regulation of things like gas and oil, etc.If the EU (its THE EU in English by the way: English has articles, much like other Germanic and Latin languages, but unlike some Slavic languages) is just a another German Empire than its a surprisingly toothless and benign one. Countries that flaunt EU laws may be fined and they may have funds aimed at stroking their economy withheld; but they are still reaping the lucrative benefits of living in a land without borders or much customs bureaucracy or tariffs.That is not to say that the Germany isnt a powerful player in the EU. It is. But the EU is not an extension of Germany and only lies from the East would make anybody believe that it was so. Literally no one but Russia benefits from a weakening of the European Union. Sure, its a bit of a mess but its no evil empire.------What bands should I listen to if I like Rush, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd?Both Zep and Floyd are at the pinnacle of the styles of music they played. They have a lot in common - they were virtuosic musicians making complex music in England around the same time.But their styles are utterly different; Zep were bluesy, rocky, ragged and loud, classic Floyd were not. Zep were guitar-led; Floyd were not, and Id suggest their classic (1970s) sound was all about Rick Wrights keys.And then theres Rush. Ive tried and tried and tried again to appreciate their music, which again is virtuosic and complex, but they leave me cold; I suspect its the vocals. So I struggle to put them in a basket alongside Zep and Floyd.That aside, you seem to have a musical taste similar to me, so here goes with some more virtuosic (mostly) English non-mainstream music from the 70s and later, mostly prog. Youll see a lot of these names in other answers. In many cases there is a whole ecosystem of bands and performers which descended from them - these are the key names to begin with.Alan Parsons, Camel, Cream, Flaming Lips, Genesis, Gong, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Marillion, Radiohead, Yes.Finally Id like to mention Greta Van Fleet - astonishing. Youtube them immediately------Why is it so easy for people to believe in God?I dont think it is necessarily easy at all.I remember being maybe seven or eight years old, lying on the grass on a very clear summer night looking up at the stars. I started to wonder how far away they were. A thousand miles? A million miles? A billion miles? A trillion miles? I started to feel dizzy like I was falling and spinning as the reality of the immenseness of everything donned on my young mind.How did it all get here? There had to be a unfathomably powerful Creator, I thought! I asked Who are you?Even though years later I came to know the Creator as a loving person who calls himself Jehovah, It was extremely difficult for me to believe that there are millions of angels besides the son of God existing in a realm beyond the physical.Yet they are real, and have existed since before the universe came to be. Is that easy for me to accept? Far from it! I struggled for probably 40 years to truly believe in the existence of angels. But Jesus came to earth to bear witness to the truth of unseen realities, having personally observed it all unfold as the Master Worker alongside his (and our) Eternal Father.God does not need you or I to believe in him. It is for our sake that he invites us to do so. And, as far as I know, nobody ever said it would be easy------What led to the first Marvel/DC comic crossover?In 1974, both DC and Marvel discovered that they were working on separate treasury-sized adaptations of THE WIZARD OF OZ. Marvel's was the one which appeared in August of 1975 as MGM's MARVELOUS WIZARD OF OZ, written by Roy Thomas and drawn by John Buscema and Tony DeZuniga. It was adapted from the 1939 MGM film which had been airing yearly since the '50s, and fell into the public image of the characters. DC's was going to be adapted from the 1902 book written by L. Frank Baum, and was going to be written and drawn by veteran DC artist Sheldon Mayer. Wind of Marvel's plan to publish their adaptation reached DC publisher Carmine Infantino, and after considering what a head-to-head confrontation of warring WIZARD OF OZ adaptations would do to sales of either one, got in contact with Martin Goodman at Marvel and worked out a deal in which, essentially, Marvel shared profits with DC to keep DC's version off the stands. Both Marvel's and DC's colphons appear on the cover, though DC had very little input at all in the finished comic. Part of the deal set up the next, and in this case, true Marvel-DC crossover, which was SUPERMAN VS. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, issued in April 1976. That one was written by Gerry Conway and drawn by Ross Andru and Dick Giordano, with various touch-ups by Neal Adams and John Romita to make the characters look a little more like the style guide, with the production almost entirely DC's. From that point until the final crossover, the production would alternate between companies------What event or politician led you to switch political allegiances?In 2000 I was living in NYC and was not registered to vote locally. I was registered in Illinois, and wasnt willing to drive 1000 miles to vote for either Bush or Gore.By 2004 I was fully aware of what a nightmare President Bush had been. I was between assignments, so I gave two months to internet propagandizing for John Kerry.I read about the election chicanery in Florida in 2000, and about the Supreme Courts Bush v. Gore decision that shut down the vote count in Florida, and about Jeb Bushs phony felons list in Florida that may have cost Gore 50,000 votes.I sensed that the Iraq war was a fraud, and was much disturbed by the use of depleted uranium in Iraq. And I found out about the crooked computerized voting machines.Kerry and Edwards acknowledged that 2 million black votes fall through the cracks in a normal election, and pledged that they would see that every vote was counted.And then guess what happened. After egregious election irregularities in Ohio, No-toes John Kerry caved in after a couple of days. It was left to the Greens and the Libertarians to raise the money for an Ohio recount.Later I learned from Lawrence Lessig about the corrupting influence of the legalized bribery of campaign contributions. The Democrats are up to their eyeballs in filthy money.Democrats can not be trusted. The Greens do not accept any corporate campaign contributions------Has an increased access to almost infinite knowledge, caused partly by the Internet, led to shallowness and cynicism among this generation?The Internet has given those, who view this world as a global school, an opportunity for growth. For those who are, on the contrary, opportunists, it has become a dark place to exploit.While the Internet is becoming a network for learning and exchanging ideas, it also raises barriers and opens doors. More choices. More connections. People can always engage anonymously in these shadows and find a lower common frame of reference. But people can also grow and mature without feeling trapped in their own culture. With open and accessible instant communication, some users will get hedonistic. Even as some will live in a shadowy world of self-absorption, the majority will learn and benefit from a border less community.The Internet is not the cause for cynicism, but rather a larger cultural aberration from using the Internet as an escape. In freeing yourself from interaction you can escape. You can enter an expanded reality of your own making. This is where a cynic finds nourishment and thrives. Alone. Leaving societal norms in their former, and now abandoned, real world.It is not the Internet that is the change agent, it is the individual. It is his cyber-drug if you will. It is always the sum of human interaction, not the vehicle they use. Going to darker and more cynical places is a personal choice. Always.------What led to the overthrow of the Ottoman sultanate in 1908?The Ottoman Empire did not end until 1923 when the Republic of Turkey was proclaimed. I believe you are talking about the Young Turk Revolution against Sultan Abdlhamid II.For centuries, people believed that a king had the divine right and to rule and exercise all executive/legislative power. However, corruption and ambitions of these kings gradually turned people against the monarchs as there was almost no representation of the common people in some form of governance. By the 20th century, the ideology of enlightenment and nationalism took significant hold into the common people and it was gradually demanded throughout Europe that the power of a monarch be reduced and that people should be able to participate as well.Abdlhamid II still believed in this policy of divine right to rule. Yes, he did do a lot of contributions to the Empire such as building the Hejaz railway or reducing the national debt, but he was still to some degree autocratic. In addition, the Ottoman constitution of 1876 was abolished by him and parliament was dissolved so that Abdlhamid could rule with his absolute power.Because of this, Abdlhamid was held in unfavourable views especially by the Young Turks or other nationalist groups who felt they may have been restricted in power (evidently when Abdlhamid dissolved the parliament). Therefore, in 1909 Abdlhamid was overthrown by politicalized sectors in the army and a new government was installed
BUCA 2.EL LED TV LCD SMART TV ALANLAR SPOTÇU 0531 649 44 08 BUCA 2.EL EŞYA OLED TV LED TV ALINIR FULL HD KTV SMART TV HD TV PLAZMA TELEVİZYON ALINIR SATILIR BUCA İKİNCİ EL EŞYA ALAN YERLER,BUCA İKİNCİ EL EŞYA ALAN YERLER,BUCA İKİNCİ EL EV EŞYASI ALANLAR,BUCA 2.EL EŞYA ALIM SATIM,BUCA SPOT EŞYA,BUCA SPOT EŞYA ALIM,BUCA 2. EL EŞYA ALANLAR,BUCA LCD ALANLAR,BUCA 2. EL LCD ALANLAR,BUCA İKİNCİ EL LCD ALANLAR,BUCA LED LCD TV ALANLAR,BUCA 2.EL LED TV ALANLAR,BUCA İKİNCİ EL LED TELEVİZYON ALANLAR,BUCA PLAZMA ALANLAR,BUCA 2.EL PLAZMA ALANLAR,BUCA İKİNCİ EL LED TV OLED PLAZMA ALANLAR,.• You May Also Want to KnowBathroom ceiling light LED retrofitYes - I would try the LED Flood light first which generate less heat than incandescent. This is less work than trying to convert the current can mounts to 4" round to mount the flat panels that are mounted by a crossbar in the outlet box. Flat panels do not need a can, but still needs feed outlet, either for power and some for the mounting point. Below is link to one brand/source that you can select the color temp, etc.Sample of Selection of color temp - LED FloodCan I connect my Samsung 32J4033 LED TV with my Android mobile phone by Wi-Fi or by Bluetooth?Yes you can, only if it is a smart TV.If its just a normal LED TV, then you cannot.You can make it smart though, by using either Google's Chromecast or Amazon's Fire TV stick and stream content on your TV, if that's what you want to do by connecting your android phone to the TV.Hope this answers it.Can I connect my Samsung 32J4033 LED TV with my Android mobile phone by Wi-Fi or by Bluetooth?.Adjusting LED currents same level for different voltage levelsThe smaller voltages would make it more difficult to light an LED with the same intensity using the method you talked about. I would probably use the different output voltages turn on N CH MOSFETS with very low Threshold voltages. Vdd should be 12 volts. Adjust your resistor values between the Cathode of LED and the Drain of MOSFET.LED light DROID 4You can use Light Flow to customize LED notifications; it also has a lite version.Light Flow allows you to take control of your notification LED colors and makes them successively flash one color after another.It also allows you to set repeating sounds on vibration patterns for you notifications. You can also set a "sleep" mode or "on charge" where the lights and/or sounds and vibrations will not be heard or seen.what kind of scientists study/create LED / OLED displays?Surely Electrical Engineers do this. But there are two types of Electrical Engineers. One who deal with power and the others who play with circuit design. Precisely , Circuit design professionals work with LES's or OLED's.Constant Current Square Wave through LEDWhy not use 1 side of an SN754410 Quad Half H-Bridge and ToneAC on the Arduino to drive the LED ?I am using this to drive 4 LED units, each 4.5V 54mA from my Arduino. My main power supply feeds a 7805 voltage regulator, and this supplies the Bridge. A diode on the output side drops the voltage to around 4.7V, and total current = 54 x 4 = 216mA.Do you think that the energy saved by using LED outweights the risk of lead?You will probably be delighted to hear that it is no longer much of an issue, as Lead (Pb) free LEDs are already in the marketplace (first link provided below), and several countries have already taken the lead in setting standards to eliminate LEDs containing lead already (second link). Arrangements should be made for the safe disposal of those which are in circulation, however they not that dangerous individually as they contain only very tiny amounts of lead usually in a sealed unit.Do LED lights get gradually dimmer as they age or just suddenly fail?Both failure modes occur. Generally more outright failures occur, due to cheaply designed power supplies that fail. But LEDs with simple power supplies just get dimmer with age. Sometimes power supply over voltages cause a premature failure of the LEDs, or heat build up will.Pi 3 not turning on red LED only lights up and the green LED lights up for 2 seconds before turning offThe number of times the green LED flashes indicates what the problem is:For Pi's running firmware before 20th October 2012:For newer firmware versions, so this will apply:I think the quickest fix is to backup anything important on the SD card. And try installing Raspbian again but on a different SD cardWhat happen if i connect the capacitors with few LED Strip in parallel?Yes, because they are in parallel. Which means that if the LED strips are different lengths, the voltage drop through each LED wo not be the same.No, the current through the capacitor will be higher so it will discharge faster. You could use a higher-value capacitor to compensate for this.Resistor calulation for two LEDI use two similar IR LEDs to send short RC code bursts without resistor without problems. If that#s your application then you should be fine. You may run into burned out LEDs, though, if the pin stays high for too long due to some issue.Do you absolutely need an LED or UV light for gelish/shellac nail polish?You would better use an LED or UV light for nail polish and the UV light will make your hands become black after you use for a long time and it will take more time if you use UV light ,so I suggest you use LED light. You can search led lights special for nail polish on website there will ba many kinds and you can choose oneHow do you like the Lg LED HX301G LG projector?First of all I have to say that I do not own one of these but I took a look at low budget LED before getting a standard lamp sourced projector. From what I understand, the HX301 can suit your needs but it has some serious drawbacks. It has quite a low resolution because a higher resolution LCD would block out too much light for the LED source to be useful. this means that image quality suffers because of both the low resolution and the low light output. None the less, if you can find a space that's dark enough, get a decent screen for it and do not care that much for high resolution movies people have achieved some very decent results. With the added benefit of functionally never needing to change any lamps. Check out some youtube videos for examples.Will LED lights ever be practical for home lighting?The guy who said they are a fire hazard was either a liar or an idiot. I have a mag flashlight with an LED. It is super bright. It's a blue shade of white though. Just like incandescent lights and fluorescent lights are a different shade of white, LEDs are yet another shade of white. It would be nice if the color could be changed, but even the way they are would be good for hallway lights and bathroom lights.Is it possible to increase CRI of LED lights/strips by using different ones together?OSRAM published an exhaustive document explaining the limitations of CRI and the case with deep red. It also describes the mixing of white LEDs with amber LEDs to obtain a high-CRI (including R9) light with high emission efficiency.http:/ledlight.osram-os.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/OSRAM-OS_WEBINAR_HighCRI_06-26-12. pdf.Ohms law and LED driver efficiency? How can this possible be true?He's trying to sell you something that consumes > 30 W as a "30 W driver", whereas it actually can only supply less than 30 W. The ratio between power that goes in and goes out is called the efficiency. The difference in power in and out is simply converted to heat. You can upgrade your LED driver to a 2500W LED driver simply by putting it in parallel with a water heater of roughly 2470W, or any other resistor, for that matter. You can simply waste more energy.So, that's what we call a scam and that's why we only buy from reputable sources in jurisdictions where one can ultimately sue someone.As a personal note: Do not argue with someone who will be getting your money. Simply make "fulfill this or do not get the deal" statements. Make the requirements verifiable, as in "The driver has to deliver /$x/$ A at /$y/$ V with a ripple of less than /$/delta/$ V and without getting hotter than /$T/$ °C in continuous operation. These are my requirements, and I can only pay for equipment that fulfills these. ".Broken LED's on PS3 controller?As far as I remember, the LED unit is one piece, but you wo not really know what is broken unless you open your controller and look in there. You may be able to salvage the remaining LED's but I am not sure. Opening it and taking a look will be your best bet. If they are soldered to the board then, no; unless you can solder it yourself and do it that way. If it's a plug or wire or something like that, it should be simple. If it comes off, it should be able to go back on.Which tv is better for movie viewing experince LED OR PLASMA?LED is better by a long shot, here's why: - Superior picture quality, with a seamless refresh rate. - Cost Effective - Viewing 3D movies with an LED is so better - And of course, if your a gamer, you can enjoy that amazing virtual graphics that the PS4 is capable of creating.how much to fix an LED tv with a cracked screen?Just too bad . to replace the “ LED display display panel “ total cost is about 85 % of same screen size new LED TV. cracked screen = DISPLAY PANEL. cannot be repair-change parts . need to replace !! display panel sold as spare parts with out warranty. you take own risk after replace . get an new TV consider is much cheapest.Can an RGB LED reproduce the colours as we see on a PC monitor? [closed]Sounds like it -might- be working the way you need it to. What you are missing is a diffuser/combiner for the light coming from the LED. When you look directly at an RGB source that's not diffused you will see the individual colors. As for dark grey vs white, that's a matter of relative intensity (assuming everything's balanced).I've used ping-pong balls for diffusion- I am sure there are better solutions but that's what I had at the time. You could also try sanding the LED lens so it acts as a diffuser. If you let us know what you are trying to accomplish we might be able to come up with a more 'targeted' solution/suggestion for youIs LED lights really that wonderful?LED lighting uses approximately 10% of electricity than that of a standard light bulb. Energy efficient LED lighting creates less carbon emissions, which helps our environment as well as saving you money. :)Can I replace a Maximum Bulb Wattage (Watts) 25 halogen light bulb with 5w LED light bulb? Is it safe?When choosing lamps, as long as the actual wattage is below the rating of the fixture, you are safe. It does not matter that the fixture generates a lot of light with the watts it consumes. The equivalent wattage they talk about, like where they say this 3W LED has light output equivalent to a 15W halogen, does not matter when selecting lamps for a fixture. The 3W actual wattage determines how much heat it may generate, not the 15W equivalent light output. In fact it's likely that the LED is more efficient, with less of the electricity consumed turning into heat and more into light, but you can not count on that. Just go by the actual wattageWhy did my 9V battery die when hooked up to a simple LED light?Very undesirable theory or layout to skill unmarried LED with 9v cellular, 70% of cellular capacity develop into wasted into ineffective warmth. replace it with 2 AAA cells to make a 3v battery %.. placed one 30 ohm 1/2 watt resistor in sequence with LED shall gentle it up and extremely last 10 circumstances longer than 9V cellular.
Where Can I Find a LED Strip That Has All Ranges of Colors with a Control Box and Remote?
Hi Try Ebay. Regards John1. RGB Led strip connecting to pc.?Hi Yes that should work but if it does not then try the reverse ie ground to the ground connection and 12V to the color.2. Can you connect multiple LED strip to one of their ends, or multiple to one power supply but you have an extension cord to one, or do you need more watts?Yes. Maybe. It depends on factors you have not described3. ATTiny45, LED strip, MOSFET, touch interface, but Vcc drops and tiny resetsI've solved the problem by putting a 100nF capacitor (the only one I had here, but with the xoscope it seemed to work very well) between the gate of the mosfet and ground. It seems that this way I've provided a low impedance path to the high frequencies of the spike when turning off the gate driving. Maybe the manual wiring to ground had a higher impedance than if it has the ground layer as it was supposed to have.Thank you all for your time. ale4. Speaker not producing the right sound after a led strip was introducedThe tone() command is interrupt driven.To get the tight timing needed by the LED strips interrupts are disabled while sending the data.That means the tone() command stops while you are updating the LED strips and starts again afterwards.The end result will be the sound is corrupted - maybe sounding like it's bubbly or underwater or just "rough". The two basically can not work together and I am not sure what to suggest to make them work together on a low-end MCU like the AVR5. How do you properly test an LED strip?Use a battery or transforma of the same volts needed. - to - and to 6. How many amps does a 12v LED strip draw?USE 25A FUSE7. How to use a digital RGB LED Strip?As far as I understand the DAT (Green wire) is a digital data wire. Try the following: 1. VCC to 5V pin 2. GND to GND pin 3. DAT to 2 Digital pin.Then try to change the state of the 2 digital pin from high to low and see if anything happens... That's what I would start out with.8. LED strip, one wire is red other is black, which one should I connect to ve & which one to -ve terminal ?red is positive and black is negative9. Wiring 12V LED Strip to plug into an outlet?A common 12V DC wall-wart power supply (AC adapter) would be very easy to use, and relatively cheap. I've picked up a number of them at thrift stores, estate sales, and elsewhere for as little as 25 cents each. I've never paid more than $3 for a used one. New ones normally cost between $7 and $20.10. Hi, I would like to know what are the consequences if I use a weaker power supply on a led strip, other than have weaker light.?It will depend on what you mean by 'weaker power supply'. For example, for this discussion let's assume the LED strip is rated for 12V DC and draws 1A. If you were to feed it with a power supply that is only 10 volts, and say 800 mA, then the LEDs will be a lot dimmer and with this reduced voltage most likely draw way less than the rated 1A. Perhaps only 200mA. That's not a problem for this power supply at all, so you just end up with low brightness. On the other hand, if you were to connect it to, say, a cheap traditional wall wart that is rated at 12V DC but only for 300mA, then the brightness will still be limited due to poor current capability, but also the poor thing will be severely overloaded and most likely overheat. Often these things have an over-temperature fuse built into the windings (or rather, between the layers of plastic tape that's covering the windings) These will usually melt to prevent the thing from catching fire, say when it reaches 85 degrees Celcius. In such case, it has self-destructed. It will no longer draw/supply power. If it does not have an integrated thermal fuse, there will be a much greater fire risk. More modern, switch mode type of wall warts may have better current limiting protection circuitry, in which case they probably do not overheat much. Still, it's never a good idea to use one that cannot deliver the required current capability (amperage).
10 Problems That Can Cause Led Driver Failure (Part 3)
5. The test results are different with different loadsNon waterproof LED driver with LED lamp test, it is normal, with electronic load test, the result is likely to be abnormal. Usually this happens for the following reasons:(1) the output instantaneous voltage or power of the driver is beyond the working range of the electronic load meter. (especially in CV mode, the maximum test power should not exceed 70% of the maximum load power, otherwise the load may overpower during loading, resulting in the drive not working properly or loading.)(2) the characteristics of the electronic load meter used are not suitable for measuring constant current source, and the load voltage tap position jumps, resulting in the driver not working normally or loading.(3) because the input of the electronic load meter will have a large capacitor in it, the test is equivalent to connecting a large capacitor in the output of the driver, which may cause instability in the current sampling of the driver.Because the LED driver is designed to meet the working characteristics of LED lamps, the closest to the actual and real application of the test method should be to use LED beads as load, ammeter and voltmeter series to test.Non Waterproof Led Driver6. Outdoor LED driver may be damaged due to the following common conditions:· connect AC to the DC output of the drive, resulting in the failure of the drive;· connect AC to input or output of DC/DC drive, resulting in drive failure;· connect the constant current output end with the dimmer, resulting in the failure of the actuator;· connect the phase line to the ground line, resulting in no output of the driver and live enclosure;7. Wrong phase connectionGenerally, outdoor engineering applications are three-phase four-wire system. Taking the national standard as an example, the rated working voltage between each phase line and the zero line is 220Vac, and the voltage between the phase line and the phase line is 380Vac. If the construction worker connects the driver input end to two phase lines, the product will fail due to excessive input voltage of LED driver after energizing.Because of the difference in the input resistance, when one driver is charged to start, the internal resistance decreases and the voltage may be mostly applied to the other driver, resulting in its over-voltage damage and failure. Therefore, it is recommended that the same distribution branch, switch or circuit breaker to break together, can not only disconnect the zero line.Do not put distribution fuse on the zero line, the line to avoid the zero line bad contact.8. The fluctuation range of the power grid exceeds a reasonable rangeWhen the distribution line of the same transformer power grid branch is too long and there are large power equipment in the branch, when the large equipment starts and stops, the power grid voltage will fluctuate violently, even causing the power grid instability. When the instantaneous voltage of the grid exceeds 310Vac, it is possible to damage the driver (even with the lightning protection device is not effective, because the lightning protection device is to deal with a few tens of us-level pulse spikes, and the power grid fluctuations may reach tens of mS, or even hundreds of mS). Therefore, the street lighting branch power grid has a large power machinery to pay special attention to, it is best to monitor the fluctuation of the power grid, or a separate power transformer power supply.9. The line trips frequentlyToo many lights on the same road lead to overload of the load on one phase of the electricity and uneven power distribution between the phases, resulting in frequent trip lines.10. Drive heat dissipationWhen the actuator is installed in a non-ventilated environment, the actuator shell should be in contact with the lamp shell as far as possible. If conditions permit, the contact surface between the shell and the lamp shell should be coated with thermal adhesive or thermal pad to improve the heat dissipation performance of the actuator, so as to ensure the life and reliability of the actuator.To sum up, there are many details of LED driver in practical application that need to be paid attention to, and many problems need to be analyzed and adjusted in advance to avoid unnecessary failure and loss!China OEM LED Driver, LED Power, LED Adaptor SupplierWe are a worldwide supplier of LED Driver established in 2006. Our products such as LED Driver, LED Power and LEDwww.ottima-power.com.·RELATED QUESTIONHome solar system - COB LED DriveAssuming there are pure LED, or perhaps just led with a resistance, you can use a current controlled step down buck converter. It will give you more efficiency than going through the 220V, in theory.Product examplePrinciple
What Is an Led Mr16 Bulb Connector?
LED Mr16 Bulbs Connector specially design for the spotlight, which help to connect socket1. Light bulb help! anybody know a light bulb that does not give off a yellow aura? ?If you want a bright white light, look for a compact flurorescent with a Kelvin rating of 5000 or more. I can guarantee you they are very white. It can be difficult to find this rating on the package and some packaging does not even give it, but look for a 4 digit number with a K after it on the package or on the bulb itself. 2700k to 3000k is about what a usual incandescent bulb is, really quite yellow. I have some 6500k CFLs and they are blindingly white. They are Philips Mini-Twisters and the K number is just above the product code bars on the bottom of the box. They are described as "daylight" and that's the description you want for white light, in CFLs or incandescents. It seems like CFLs are more likely to show the Kelvin rating. Some incandescents do not show it anywhere, not even on the manufacturer's websites2. You have 12V, 9V, 6V, and 3V batteries and a bulbs of 10Ω. If you will connect this bulb in turns to each of?12 volt would light it the brightest at 1.2 amps3. how do you grow an onion from the bulb?yeah but put em someplace you dont mind the oder cause they will smell like onion while they are growing!4. Why is the light bulb a symbol of a good idea?Because good ideas are "bright" ideas. Light bulbs are bright. Get it?5. Is the longest burning light bulb still shining today?Anyone who looks at this little light bulb may think that it's simply a dimmed-out, ordinary lamp from a few years back, but it has a long story.The "Centennial Light", an old, carbon-filament incandescent light bulb located in the city of Livermore, California, first turned on in 1901 (more than 110 years ago) and is still operating in this day and age. It has only been turned off a few times. The light was originally a 30-watt or a 60-watt bulb, but over years the light has degraded and become increasingly dim. The light it puts out is now equal to a 4-watt nightlight.Today, the lamp is located at the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department at 4550 East Avenue, maintained by the staff at the station, but it has not always been there. According to some evidence, it was originally hung in a hose cart house on a city street, and it was relocated a number of times before ending up at the fire station in 1976. In 1972, the bulb was noted by local reporter Mike Dunstan. He interviewed a number of people who lived near the area their whole lives, and claimed in a newspaper report that it may be the "oldest light bulb in the world". The bulb's longevity has been celebrated a number of times. In 2001, the bulb turned 100 years old since installation, an occasion which was celebrated by the Livermore community. Every now and then, the story of the bulb is picked up and reported by a major news outlet. FootnotesCentennial Light - WikipediaIs the longest burning light bulb still shining today?6. Is there a heat-less light bulb for aquariums?Yes,LED lighting7. Is there really a light bulb that saves energy?The bulbs you want are halogen bulbs there not that much more expensive than regular bulbs and save a lot of money and also save the environment by making less CO2. There easy to change just like a regular bulb. Good Luck :)8. [Atheist] Do you consider the light bulb as magic?I would be more impressed by the working time machine. I imagine Sir Humphry would be quite amazed too, and would probably forget all about his light bulb. Then Sir Humphry and I would jump back in the time machine and go visit Jesus, where I would record everything he said and did on my phone. Then I would travel back to the present, upload it on Youtube and hopefully put an end to centuries of silly arguing.9. How was The light bulb made?see the sites 1.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incandescent_light_bulb - 123k - 6 Apr 2007 2.au/science/k2/moments/s1523482.htm - 20k 3.invsee.asu.edu/Modules/lightbulb/meathist.htm - 3k
LG 47" LED TV Won't Turn On?
Use your warranty it does sound like the geomagnetic problem. In future run it through a surge protector and in power cuts unplug before power returns as this is usually when damage occurs,1. Garbled text when using a 32in 1080p Sceptre LED TV as a computer monitorDownload CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) and change from "Default extension block" to "No extension block". Then, either reboot or run restart.exe/restart64.Note that you will lose audio with this method.I just picked up a similar Sceptre TV (E246BV-FHD) with the same issue.edit: I am using this method with an AMD video card and am noticing that my display settings are being reset on every reboot (monitor positions/orientations). I am looking into this now.If you are still using a nvidia card, look at the "Change resolution" section of the nvidia control panel. There should be "Ultra HD, HD, SD" resolutions as well as "PC" ones. If you can select 1920x1080 in the PC section, it should work without needing to use CRU. My PC section maxed out at 1680x1050 for some reason.You can try playing with the signal type, but it did not help for me. And those options are not present when in PC mode, so the colors are definitely off (not a big deal by itself, but it's noticeable in a multi-monitor setup). But that's for another day. At least everything is crystal clear now.edit2: I reset all the profiles, rebooted, set all the positions and orientations, then modified again with cru. It looks like there's some sort of switching happening on startup. All good now.2. Seniors: How often have you had to replace your LCD/LED TV since you purchased it?they are now so cheap . also to expensive to fix your one now , cheaper to buy a new one3. Which is the best 24 inch LED TV in India?If you search for prominent brand than SAMSUNG or LG is the best4. Why does our Sony LED TV suddenly turned green, blue and yellow?LCD panel may be broken.It is something that requires a service technician. However, before you spend money on a service call, I would recommend resetting the TV to factory settings because something it is also a temporary problem.1.Turn on the TV2.Point the remote at the TV, press and hold the up arrow button. 3. While holding the up arrow on the remote, press the power button on the TV.4.You will see the word reset on the TV screen and the TV will turn off and back on automatically.5.Allow the TV to turn on completely and the set up screen will appear. 6. Follow the steps to set up the TV. If the issue is still there, I recommend having a service evaluation.For more information: My TV screen is greenOur Sony Bravia 46 LCD tv is having color issues, colors are not correct5. Graphics card for 3 LED TV setup?You can get a current generation graphics card like a GTX 780 or Radeon HD 7970 you can power up to 4 displays6. does my new led tv got any damage from that?Should not affect the TV.....If it works now, all is well7. Can you really see the difference between 720P VS 1020P on a LED-TV for PS3?Yes and yes....umless you are less than 37". Plasma does not have 60/120/240/480/960/1920 hz, only cheaper technology like LCD does. You probably wont find a plasma smaller than50". Panasonic makes a 42" , but they are not in Walmart,Target or other 'junk tv 'places.8. Which LED TV should I choose for gaming: Samsung un32F5500AFXZA or the LG 32LN5310?Rule of Thumb: Buy what you can afford9. led tv power usage - 60 inch?The math is easy once you know your electrical power rate. In the U.S., 15 cents per kilowatt hour (kwh) is typical. You can find your rate on your monthly power bill. A 60 inch "LED" TV will draw something like 150 watts (see the link). At 150 watts per hour, it will take 6.67 hours to use 1000 watt-hours, or one kwh -- 15 cents. Divide that down and your cost is about two and a quarter cents per hour, $0.0225. So multiply that by 8 hours and your cost for the day is 18 cents. (You can adjust the math as necessary if your power rate is not 15 cents.) There's also a tiny cost when the set is "off." It's not really off, or else you could not turn it on with the remote. In the "off" (actually standby) state, the set draws one watt or less. Work the math on that and you have something like a dollar or two for the year if the set is in standby 16 hours per day. - - - - - Followup: I looked online at three LED sets 55 to 64 inches, and based on those specs, I would say the power consumption curve shown in the link is a bit high. 100 watts for a 60-inch LED set would be more like it, so that would trim the above daily costs even more.
How Much Voltage Does a Led Need?
The typical voltage for a display LED is about 1.5 to 5.0 volts, forward voltage. Be sure to always use a properly sized resistor when connecting your LED. Never connect it directly to a battery or power supply, as it will burn out almost instantly.1. The New Samsung LED TV's?I disagree with above poster. Led is way better than lcd & plasma. As the best brand for led, I would say samsung is the best followed by sony & sharp. I do not have led (I only have lcds & plasma) but when I compared led with lcd & plasma on electronic shop, I can see clearly that led is way better than lcd & plasma. They used xbox 360 games & bluray movies as references. As for the tv comparison; they use samsung led, lcd, & plasma.2. Are Americans So Easily Led / Fooled as the Appear to Be?They are like sheep just begging to be led to slaughter3. How do I model an LED with SPICE?As you stated, there are 3 parameters that dictate the DC response of a diode. Those are the saturation current (IS), the emission coefficient (N), and the ohmic resistance (RS). I was able to fit the curve with a fairly high accuracy, so I will document my model procedure. The SPICE model for the diode closely matches the Schokley diode equation:where Vt = kT/q = 26mV at room temperature.The first thing to do is to get a ballpark estimate of RS to use in the more accurate solutions. You can calculate the effective value of RS from the datasheet values by back-calculating for Vf using the measured If. The voltage difference between the input value and the calculated Vf can be used with the forward current to generate a resistance. At the higher currents, this will be a good starting value.To plot the diode current using RS, you need to first calculate the diode Vf given a voltage for the resistor-diode series combination. Wikipedia lists an iterative function - it converges easily if the resistor voltage drop is significant. This function was easy enough to set up in Excel. For Vf values below 1.8, I hard-coded the input value because the iterative function did not converge. Then take this Vf value to calculate the If of the ideal diode. I plotted this with the original datasheet graph.Using trial and error, you should be able to get a RS value that gets pretty good overlap with the datasheet values. All that's left is to throw the model together in SPICE to verify your work. Below is my diode model that I verified using HSPICE. The simulation data is almost a perfect overlay for the datasheet graph. I used this article, which helped a lot with the diode spice parameters.I cleaned up my spreadsheet, and tyblu has made it available for download here. Use at your own risk, results not guaranteed, etc. .. etc.4. What circumstances led up to the Protestant Reformation?It was a number of things and the immorality of the Catholic Church elite told those moral with attitudes that the Papist were a sordid lot seduced by wealth and power. The truth has and always will be a stronger motivation than lies. It was the advent of Martin Luther's love of the truth and the printing press that added power to the Reformation, then came the Bible that King James made possible that produced a Bible in the language of his people and no other Bible has out done its influence. These are some of the things that help brake the power of the popes. But there is one thing that the Catholic Church initiated in this world that no other could afford, it instituted the first universities of higher learning5. What is better, Mi LED TV or Samsung LED TV?Hi,Let me answer the question in short.If you want a 4k and a bigger size TV in a lower price, Get the Mi's and if picture quality is the main concern and do not mind spending extra money, Go for the Samsungs.If you do not watch Bluray or Bluray quality rips or do not play console games mostly, an Mi will bring you more happiness and you can save a lot of money too.For nitpickers in picture quality, less input lags and for good HDR performance, I would strongly push them towards Samsung or other brands.
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