Who Is the Most Selfish Fictional Character Ever?

I like Alan's answer, but for TV I will go with this guyHe'll screw with his best and only friend's head to get a free sandwich, and then say everyone acts in self interest so why shouldn't he.

For movies I can't think of any one to top

He killed some of his fellow warriors and a room full of children because he thought it would save his wife.After many more years of purely villainous activity he finally draws a line of morality when watching his own son being slain. Saving his son at the very last minute somehow proves that there is still "good inside him" and he gets to ride off into the sunset as a hero because his 1 minute of saving his son's life somehow offsets an entire adulthood of dastardly deeds. Whatever.

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As a female with autism, what age were you diagnosed?

I wasnt diagnosed, and Im not going to be. When I entered the waiting list for the diagnosis as an adult, I started attending the events for similar people and found some of the psychologists to be quite condescending, so I decided that maybe I didnt fully understand the social consequences of getting a label sticked onto me, and I dropped out.Later, I discovered that my country prohibits people with any level Autism spectrum disorder from driving and from owning guns, with no appeal and no testing of cognitive abilities. So now Im very happy about my earlier choice.I choose not to drive because if I had a drivers licese, my employer would be able to order me to drive at any time, including times when I would be in a state of sensory/emotional overwhelm, and that could be dangerous. But its my choice, and I prefer to be able to make it freely for everyones benefit.


What makes your husband a good husband?

Someone who is kind, humble, patient and loyal. Someone who is willing to work you may decide together that he will be a stay at home dad, but he doesnt just quit work and stay home doing nothing without your agreement. Someone who is willing to share his paycheck and contribute to the work that keeps the household running. He may shop, cook, do laundry or all of the above or none of the above but whatever the division of labor, you have negotiated it together and agreed upon it.Someone who doesnt have a hot temper or a short fuse.Someone who does not have to be right all of the time, because believe me it sucks being wrong all of the time.

Someone who has your back, with whom you can talk about anything and who values you above all others


What is the best TV to buy in India under 25k?

Here is the list of 10 Best Tv which you can give a look which can be bought under 25k. For detail reviews, specification, pros, and cons and much more, you can visit the website bestsmarttvs.in1. Oneplus Y Series 80 cm (32 inches) HD LED Smart Android TV 32Y1 (Black) (2020 model):2. Mi LED TV 4A PRO 80cm (32 inches) HD Ready Android LED (Black) | With Data Saver:3. Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV KLV-32W622G (Black):4. SHINCO 102 cm (40 inches) Full HD Smart LED TV S042AS- E50 (Black) (2019 Model):5. LG 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV 32LM560BPTC (Dark Iron Gray) (2019 model):6. Onida 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD Smart IPS LED TV- Fire TV Edition (Black):7. Panasonic 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV TH32FS600D (Black) (2018 model):8. IMPEX 114 cm (45 inches) Full HD Smart LED TV Gloria 45 smart ( Black) (2019 model):9. VU 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Ultra Android LED TV 32GA (Black) (2019 Model):10. TCL 81.3 cm (32 inches) S6500 Series 32S6500S HD Ready LED Smart TV (Black):.


What was the 'Lehman Brothers collapse'?

The Beginning of the End: Lehman Brothers (2008)1. Lehman Brothers became heavily involved in mortgage market especially after acquiring many subprime mortgage seller to take advantage of housing bubble.2. Subprime mortgage is loan given to someone who has poor credit score. In years preceding the 2008 crash, these loans in US were given out with low rates for first couple of years of each mortgage.3. Cracks in U.S. housing market were becoming apparent. Defaults on subprime mortgages began to rise to a seven-year high.4. Now, there were more houses to sell since defaults started. The prices came down. And this impacted all entities involved be it subprime lenders, investment banks & the investors who invested in it.5. Lehman brothers borrowed too much to fund its mortgage investment which no investor wanted to buy now.6. In 2008, it had $639 billion in assets, enough to cover $613 billion in debt. However, assets were difficult to sell.

7. After no sign of bail out & no deal with Bank of America & Barclays, on September 15th 2008, the 4th largest investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.Hope this helps


What do you think of Congress and other opposition parties bringing an impeachment motion against CJI Dipak Misra?

First , I am not a Legal Expert and what is expressed is the view of a member of the SocietyThere are some recognised issues which trigger such a grave action.There does not seem to be any grounds for such a grave actionAlready the Govt of the day is showing utter immaturity in handling the Judiciary system ( delay in appointing some recommended by collegium, by passing supreme court and asking Karnataka HC chief to enquire on collegium decision)People of the Country still have lot of respect for at least higher JudiciaryOpposition should show maturity and not indulge in PolitickingEven the usual TRP hungry media has already started sensationalising the issueIf the immediate provocation is certain issues raised by senior Judges , all well meaning people including the Opposition parties to appeal to the judges to sort out issues among themselves and ensure that Public faith in the Judicial system is preservedThe Opposition and well meaning people can suggest ways to avoid similar situations , address it to Supreme Court and Govt and share it with general PublicLet us preserve the sanctity of the great Institution


What's the best two songs on the first Bowie album you bought?

I was about 14 in 1974 when I bought my first David Bowie album. Id heard many things from him before this, but hadnt gotten to buy anything by him yet. I had a limited budget, after all, that only allowed me an album once a month or so. My cash came from a paper route and I stashed most of it in the bank weekly (my Mom insisted) so I could pay for more important things as they may arise.So my first purchase of his was Diamond Dogs. It was a brilliant effort, but Ive since chosen others of that era that I liked better after purchasing them and wearing them all out. The opening with Future Legend into the title track was affirmation I made a great purchase.David ended up one of my favorite artists ever and I ultimately bought all of his early work, and, like any fan of his, eagerly awaited the next one.This two are my picks from Diamond Dogs (1974):Sweet ThingRebel RebelI miss David.


What are the contradictions in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabias crown prince warned in an interview broadcast on Sunday that oil prices could spike to unimaginably high numbers if the world doesnt come together to deter Iran, but said he preferred a political solution to a military one.If the world does not take strong and firm action to deter Iran, we will see further escalations that will threaten world interests, Prince Mohammed, known as MbS, said through a translator.Oil supplies will be disrupted and oil prices will jump to unimaginably high numbers that we havent seen in our lifetimes, he added.

Speaking to a program 60 Minutes, Mohammed bin Salman also denied ordering the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi operatives last year but said he ultimately bears full responsibility as the kingdoms de facto leader.Do you support his contradiction, let us know in the comments.Interesting feature? Upvote it!Follow Being Indian to stay on hot news daily!Source: Saudi crown prince warns of escalation with Iran, prefers a political solution.


Have you attended a marriage retreat with your spouse? Did you feel it was helpful to your marriage?

My husband and I had the privilege of attending 5 marriage retreats through his work, the first few years we were married. Those first years were the most difficult in our marriage so it was very timely we had those opportunities.Each retreat challenged us, provided clarity and equipped us with better ways of communicating as we navigated our roles as husband and wife.

I feel that much of the foundation laid in our early years of marriage is credited to the retreats we attended. Many issues which have sprung up over the years with in laws, career strain, and health have not turned into the mountain of conflict it could have. I think the early habits we formed through the counsel we received early on is to credit for averting crisis up until now.

We love marriage retreats because you can benefit in many of the same ways you would from marriage counseling, without the higher cost (usually) and less intrusive so-to-speak


What makes us think and act optimistically?

I think its realistic, but yes, many naive folks might call is pessimistic:Life is Tragedy plus Difficulty plus occasional Malevolence. The only answer to this rather dreary outlook is to find and remain working in your Proximal Development zone. svgMy recommendation is also: dont make up destructive barriers in your life. If you set up your own difficult barriers inside yourself, you make your life process almost hopeless and you slowly die.What barriers? Unforgiveness, condemnation, hate, cynicism, defensiveness, indifferenceall are self-made barriers preventing an upbeat, successful, happy and healthy life.

So even though I shared my pessimistic (real) view of life, please take a look at using your freedom to choose to transform your life into a satisfying great adventure.stay in your Proximal Development zone


What key factors led to the rise of the Roman civilization?

What has always struck me in the history of Rome is the ability to learn from previous and more evolved Italic cultures: from Greeks and Etruscans it learns the use of the hoplite phalanx, some institutions of power and, over the centuries, the ability to mediate between the needs of the wealthy and the plebs.Every painful defeat leads the Romans to modify its system of military enlistment and the organization of the legion: the fighting on mountain terrain against the Samnites changes the structure of the legion and makes it more flexible and agile. The Punic War II, with the confrontation / clash with the greatest military genius of the time, Hannibal, makes it clear that the war includes not only frontal clash but the use of tactics and guerrilla warfare. I do not know how many ancient civilizations would have survived a defeat like that of Canne, nor would they have conceived such a complex plan for the logistical skills of the time such as that of bringing the war to Carthage (such as that of Scipio the African)


Why is America shamed for slavery? Were we not the first to end it?

America still hasnt let go of slavery as an economic/social option.Right this minute America engages in slavery at a distance. US business owners hire workers in countries where pay is low, benefits are non-existent, with zero job protection, working conditions are unregulated and unsafe.

The current administration is pushing for right to work wage where workers will compete with each other for jobs by accepting ever lower remuneration for their work. The return of the Company Store system will mean workers have little more than slave-status.Legislation against womens reproductive rights deprives them of access to contraception, condones rape, punishes women for having abortions, and compels women to breed against their will.

Prisons in America are being privatized which means, in order to increase profitability, private prisons will recruit judges and police who favor guilty verdicts and long sentences. As private agencies, nothing will prevent such institutions from becoming unregulated sweatshops where cost-cutting will make living conditions for inmates the lowest priority.America is legislating to reinstate slavery in a multi-faceted and diverse way.

Thats American ingenuity!.

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Why Is There so Much Greed in This World and What Can We Do on an Individual Basis to Counteract Gre
We live in the age of greed, not much can be done about it because its been conditioned into the population since birth, entire world is obsessed with money (paper) with a false belief attached to it, you can see it everyplace and will continue to get worst like a illness, people long ago were duped into the money system which has lead to this point in time, Money and how we live has been ingrained into the population as the only way, the older generation paved the way for this by submitting to the elite and well working and being treated like shit for generations• Suggested ReadingIf Lalu Prasad Yadav is corrupt, then why did Bihar voters elect him or his party?This answer of mine to another question is relevant here.Indian National Congress, when it was ruling almost all states, was a party which tried to include everybody. It neglected the needs of specific groups. Moreover, most of its leaders came from elite groups. This has led to the political mobilisation of non-elites on the basis of caste, region, ethnicity and so on. Hence India got a generation of leaders who have led the mobilisation of specific social groups. The name mentioned here is part of this generation. Of course, some of them got into corruption cases later, but their emergence is an important part of the political transition in India------Why did Socrates oppose pure democracy?Why socrates hated democracy?See this video:Apparently he didnt so much hate democracy then express concern about people lacking education in terms of what rulership is about.If you were heading out on a journey by sea, asked Socrates, who would you ideally want deciding who was in charge of the vessel? Just anyone or people educated in the rules and demands of seafaring? The latter of course, says Adamanteus. So why then, responds Socrates, do we keep thinking that any old person should be fit to judge who should be the ruler of a country?See alsoWhat are your remarks about the video titled "Why Socrates Hated democracy"?.------Has there ever been a movie in which the actors who portray the characters romantically involved are actually married in real life?Eyes Wide Shut - Tom Cruise and Nicole KidmanBridesmaids - Melissa McCarthy who ended up in the film with real life husband Ben FalconeThe Long Hot Summer, Paris Blues and Mr and Mrs Bridge - Paul Newman and Joanne WoodwardDon Johnson and Melanie Griffith - ParadiseKim Basinger and Alec Baldwin - The GetawayRoberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi - Life is Beautiful - plus she's starred in most of the films he's directedVanessa Redgrave and Timothy Dalton - Agathacan't live without mentioning Bacall and Bogart, and Taylor and Burton, though I haven't seen every film they appeared together in as romantically involvedThere are many more, and surely from many countries------What do people think Nancy Pelosi can do to control President Trump when they say that she might tear up papers or do clapping that is not genuine, but that she should control Trump and his activities?Which of the two, Trump or Pelosi, has been impeached? And will forever be impeached regardless of what happens in the Senate?And if the Senate trial is the farce that is promised, the payback may come in the form of a Democratic-controlled Senate come November.And in the event, likely or otherwise, that IMPOTUS is re-elected (many people are unsure if Americans will do the right thing), besides being a lame-duck president, he will likely face a second impeachment with vastly different results.Will he resign? I hope not. I want to see him carried kicking and screaming out of the White House. To think I might get to see that. :).------How much of a person's autobiography is generally sensationalized or true to his or her life?Thank you, my friend, for asking me to reply to your question. Good Afternoon.I think the accuracy of an autobiography is probably a very individual thing.Now, I have done many things in my seventy years of life, many things, indeed.And, I am pleased to admit there are actually a couple of things Ive done that wouldnt be an embarrassment to a decent human being.I guess its just a matter of who we ask for an autobiography. People, being what they are, are prone to exaggeration, embellishment of the facts, and just plain old skulduggery.I hope you remain healthy, my friend, and enjoy a pleasant Afternoon------What is your favorite "hidden gem" from Led Zeppelin? A song that was never very popular.My favorite Led Zep hidden gem is Tangerine from the album Led Zeppelin III. It is a seriously under-rated song that otherwise is brilliant.Here are the lyrics -Measuring a summer's dayI only find it slips away to grayAnd the hours they bring me painTangerine, tangerineLiving reflection from a dreamI was her love, she was my queenAnd now, a thousand years betweenThinking how it used to beDoes she still remember times like theseTo think of us againAnd I doTangerine, tangerineLiving reflection from a dreamI was her love, she was my queenAnd now, a thousand years between------Can a black hole be destroyed?Yes, even a black hole has a finite life. This discovery came about when Stephen Hawking discovered that black holes should radiate energy due to quantum mechanical processes. This radiation is called Hawking radiation. As a black hole radiates energy, it shrinks and the more it shrinks, the more it radiates and so finally it will completely evaporate. However, the timescale for this is extremely long: a black hole of the mass of the Sun will take more than a billion times a billion times a billion times a billion times a billion times a billion times the age of the universe to evaporate completely! So it is not a process which has any significant effect------Which star from the TV show Friends has been the least successful since it has ended?Theyve all been working consistently since the show ended. When youre measuring the success of an actor, thats the most important factor. Many stars of hit shows arent able to get work consistently after the series run ends. None of the Friends stars has gone wanting for work, and theyre making an equal killing when it comes to Friends residuals, so at the end of the day, does it matter how they rate against one another? I guarantee you, this is not something the actors themselves think about. I doubt that Matthew Perry lies awake at night wondering if hes more successful than Matt LeBlanc, or vice versa------In Friends (TV series), which pair of friends were the closest?Hi!All of them were equally close with each other. You can't choose one over the other. Each friendship was unique and would feel best of friendship.But Phoebe and Joey looked closest. There are some instances which prove that.Joey broke up with Ursula so that Phoebe does not feel bad. They would always do craziest things together without the fear of being judged by other be it playing chess in their own way. Phoebe always supported Joey like in TOW with Vegas she was on board with Joey's identical hand twin bit or when Joey could not speak French she lied to Joey's director so that Joey would not feel bad.There are a lot such instances which prove that Joey and Phoebe are Closest.Thank You------In the guitar solo on Led Zeppelin's Heartbreaker, it sounds as Page fumbles. Does he, and if so, is this "intentional"?I personally dont like the solo. What makes that tune so good is Joness bass playing & the guitar playing immediately after that sloppy solo ends. That brief section before the main bass line of the tune returns for Plants last remaining vocals is some of Pages best playing on the early albums. The sloppy solo almost sounds like it was added as an afterthought actually. If it was removed from the song I dont think many would miss it. For blues rock soloing Peter Green & Danny Kirwan were the most tasteful of the British blues rock players. I dont think Page was concerned with neatness in his soloing.------How do Russian citizens feel about their government?Does any nation in the world (fully) like its government?Concerning Putin specifically, here is my answer on a similar topic: Eugene Radchenko's answer to Why do Russians love Putin?If you go to lower power levels, things become even more complicated. E.g. many people all but hate the Prime Minister Medvedev (I personally do not think this hate is well-grounded) but also many believe that he and the economy ministries are actually handling the issues fairly well. Also many no not like their regional governor and/or local administration (e.g. for low teacher salaries, for traffic jams, for paid parkings, for lots of road construction, or for the lack or delays in it) Still others basically think that they do like many things the government does------Why didn't Phoebe and David end up together on "Friends"?Phoebe certainly loved David. He was her first love (after the guy in van). Unfortunately after he finished up his pointless research in Minsk, Russia, she was already in love with Mike. Sometimes love is not enough, as she shared a cosmic connection with Mike as well as a history. In Barbados, after Mike and Phoebe broke up as he said he was not ever going to get married again, David showed up to propose to her. Everyone knew that Phoebe was hung up on Mike.At the very moment David was to propose, Mike shows up in Barbados and proposes. She falls for Mike and apologises to David. Pheobe and Mike wed in season 10------As a police officer, what is the worst duty weapon you carried?For me it was the Beretta 92fs pistol. Beautifully crafted, smooth as silk action, but just to damn fat of a grip for me. Couldnt shoot it for crap. Chief was giving me crap at the range one day about how bad I shot with it. Said I couldnt shoot for crap. I pulled my personal Springfield Armory 1911 out and shot a perfect score with a very tight group. Shut him up quick. He asked me too see my Beretta and I handed it too him. He then said your authorized to carry your personal 1911 if you want. I never touched the Beretta again. Carried the 1911 for a year until we sold all the Berettas and bought SigP220s.------Why does the forward voltage and voltage drop differ between different colors of LEDs?Basically the atom consists of a nucleus and a lot of electrons following elliptical path at different levels around the nucleus. If electrons are pumped up from one energy level to another and these drop back through multiple different energy levels, then the colour depends on a particular drop back of electrons between energy levels. It is like pumping up water up high and water will drop back through different size steps. In semiconductors this size of the steps, hence the colour, is dependent on the material uses.One may look upon the different materials used as requiring different energies to do the pumping up and this reflects upon the different voltage required for different colours.------Is Donald Trump running a good campaign against Joe Biden? Why or why not?Looking in at the craziness from the UK where our political system is entirely different, the US presidential race appears to have degenerated into a battle between two senile old men, each trying to prove the other is more senile. Thats the sort of behaviour youd expect from residents of a care home, not potential heads of state.So the answer is no, Trumps campaign doesnt seem very effective. Hes focused more on making Biden look bad than making himself look good, so the principal message is that Trump is the lesser of two evils. Hardly a ringing endorsement of his own competence, and more of an indictment of the failure of the US political system------What are some of the best examples of the theory of relativity?I'm not an expert at this, but will try to answer, anyway. Theory of relativity made many predictions, one was that time should appear slower when near a massive body, like a planet. This is true, time is indeed slower when near a field of gravity.A clock, near to the surface of the earth, will be slower than a clock in space. This has been observed and is of practical importance; GPS satellites have to consider this difference in time to accurately measure distance/position. If this difference is not considered, the accuracy will decrease exponentially over a small period time.I suggest you read GPS and Relativity.
Can You Make Laptop Ccfl to Led?
He's correct that CCFL screens are not manufactured anymore, at least for the most part; regulations from Europe and the United States, along with EPEAT certification, required that technology companies move away from CCFL technology since it requires the use of mercury; in fact, any fluorescent light bulb has a small amount of mercury in it. However, there's a lot more to swapping your screen from CCFL to LED. The electronics that control the screen backlight work very differently with both technologies. CCFL lighting requires high-voltage AC power that the inverter board in your laptop provides; LED lighting requires low-voltage DC power. So on top of the new screen, he would also have to replace the backlight controller; there may or may not be one available for your particular laptop. I would honestly stick with a CCFL screen for your laptop, because it would be much easier and less iffy to replace.1. How to connect dvd to led tv?Well its because your tv only has high def av plug ins. Which means there are two plugs for audio and three for video. Your dvd player has two for audio and only one for video. The yellow one. Plug the red and white ones into the red and white slots, then plug the yellow into the green one then change input on the tv to whatever input you plugged it into is marked as. That should work. Hope that helps2. What Does The HDD LED Mean?It blinks because it is currently in use and the hard drive stores memory, written on programs, and other necessary programs3. What is IPS LED technology?What Is an IPS Display? A Basic Definition4. Who led the seven angels to hell?There is no where in Bible anything about seven angels or demons led to hell. If you need some good knowledge about demons, you can read the following article5. Does the LED Cinema work on Windows?*Do not listen to the guy above me.* Simply put, no. Your PC needs to have a Mini DisplayPort, which it does not and needs a MagSafe connector, which it does not . Watch the clip below.6. Are LED lights safe for fish?as lond as there little7. Can plants use regular led lights?Leaving them on at night - no. Plants need to sleep, too. Supplementing them during the day - may help a bit. Problem is, regular "white" LEDs light emit very little in the red part of the spectrum, their light is a mixture of mostly blue and yellow. The yellow band is rather wide, extending into the red part, but it's not much. I forgot (google it yourself) which influence red and blue respectively have on plants.8. Baby led weaning gone wrong?hi there, this actually just recently happened to me with my son. he is ten months now. he probably is shoving things down his throat because that is what they like to do, put things in his mouth. my son went through this, he was doing fine, then he just started gagging on EVERYTHING! he never choked though like you said. anyways, i stopped feeding him the peices of food, and just gave him the smooth cereal, baby yogurt, and baby foods for about a month, and now he is back on the pieces again, and his gag reflex has seemed to calm down. its probably a gag reflex, which is super crazy in babies, that is why its pretty hard for them to choke. good luck, im sure he will get back into it soon, just keep trying every week or so9. Stuff about under-car led lights?they are not illegal to have on the car just to have on at night on public roads. idk on the fine10. Question about LED HDTV set up?no surge protectors make no difference in quality, but it can protect it and make it last longer its been proven that HDMI cable "quality" makes no difference either, since its a exact digital signal a $5 HDMI cable will give you the exact same quality as a $50 cable.11. pink floyd vs led zeppelin?Zeppelin, who laid the framework for bands like acdc, and also a slight predacessor to pink floyd definantly
2018 Porsche Panamera Executive: Hire the Chauffeur
"Fire the chauffeur" was the punchline of a popular 1980s Porsche commercial, in which a proud owner enjoys driving his new 928 S4 so much that he asks his butler, Charles, to terminate the employment of his chauffeur.But here's a new Porsche that is designed for those who would rather be driven.The 2018 Porsche Panamera Executive is a long-wheelbase version of the Panamera, targeting customers who like to be chauffeured around.It's available with all engines and represents the second of three Panamera body variations. (The third will be a station wagon, to be called a shooting brake, built using the regular wheelbase but it will be another year before that derivative hits the market.)Porsche's new, second-generation Panamera family also is expanding in the opposite direction.Marking the new port of entrance is the base Panamera, which is powered by a 330-hp 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 and slots neatly under the Panamera 4S. The base car will be called simply the Panamera when fitted with rear-wheel drive, or the Panamera 4 with all-wheel drive.The new single-turbo engine is closely related to the 440-hp 2.9-liter biturbo offered in the Panamera 4S.In essence, this is the engine offered in the new Audi S4 and S5, but here, it's mated to an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.In the rear-wheel-drive model, zero to 60 mph takes just 5.4 seconds (according to Porsche), and it tops out at an ungoverned 164 mph; the Sport Chrono package shaves another 0.2 second off the standard sprint. With all-wheel drive, acceleration improves further.The Panamera Executive will be available with all the engines you can get in the standard-length model, including the new entry-level powertrain.What you cannot get is a Panamera Executive with rear-wheel drive; all-wheel drive is standard on the long-wheelbase version.The Executive comes as the Panamera 4 with the aforementioned 3.0-liter V-6 turbo and 330 horsepower, the Panamera 4S with a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V-6 and 440 horsepower, the Panamera Turbo Executive with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 and 550 horsepower, and as the Panamera E-Hybrid Executive with a V-6 plug-in-hybrid powertrain and total system power of 462 horsepower.Lengthened by 5.9 inches and heavier by around 200 pounds, the Executive models suffer only a slight performance penalty. Top speed remains unchanged, and the claimed zero-to-60-mph times increase by only 0.1 second.Fuel economy is almost identical in Europe-market tests.At a total length of 204.7 inches, the Panamera Executive is not exactly compact.But it may be the most nimble and agile luxobarge out there. We've admired the regular Panamera's handling prowess, and Porsche's adaptive damping system (PASM) is standard here.The 4S and Turbo versions of the Panamera Executive also come with standard all-wheel steering, which should make the car handle even more nimbly and decrease the turning circle.There are some comfort-oriented goodies on board as well: Heated, uplevel "comfort seats" with multifarious adjustment options, an electric rear-window sunshade, and a panoramic sunroof are all standard on the Panamera 4 Executive.The 4S Executive gets soft-close doors as well; and the Turbo Executive tops it off with an ambient interior-lighting system, four-zone climate control, and uplevel LED headlights. It makes for a pretty comprehensive list of standard goodies, although the options list will let you plunk down tens of thousands more.Even the regular Panamera is graced with a surprisingly spacious rear seat.The Panamera Executive easily reaches the level of the BMW 7-series and the Mercedes-Benz S-class.We like the harmonious look of the new Panamera Executive, and it has been achieved with little compromise. To make sure your neighbors notice, there is a chrome badge on the C-pillar.The new entry-level, short-wheelbase Panamera will set you back $86,050, while the all-wheel-drive Panamera 4 costs $90,650.The long-wheelbase Panamera 4 Executive retails at $97,350, and the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Executive is priced at $105,150 ($4500 more than the short-wheelbase Panamera 4 E-Hybrid).Pricing for the Executive derivatives of the 4S and Turbo versions has not been announced yet. The first batch of new models will be delivered starting in January 2017.And your chauffeur will be pleased to get behind the wheelLED Headlight Beam Pattern: A Guide for Beginners – LoganTDSAutomotive light technology has many terminologies. And beam pattern is just one among the many. Find out more about headlight beam technology and how it affects the headlight's functionality. If you have been browsing reviews and tips online on how to find a high-quality LED headlight, chances are you've come across several terminologies that you never knew before. One of the basic terms you will encounter is beam pattern. One of the elements you need to consider when buying a car headlight is beam pattern. It is perhaps the trickiest factor when purchasing headlights online. Of course, it is impossible to know the headlight's beam pattern until it arrives at your door. It is why reading product reviews of potential options, such as this Hikari LED headlight review, is very helpful. It reduces your chances of purchasing an LED headlight with a poor beam pattern. Every light source has a light pattern. For example, flashlights have two beam patterns known as throw and flood. In headlights, most automotive features a focused beam pattern is known as DOT. It is commonly used in North American vehicles. The pattern is apparent among projector-style headlights. In a DOT pattern, the illumination has a focus and sharp cut-off. This feature allows the headlight to produce less intense brightness. Hence, you can drive without blinding the oncoming drivers with this type of beam pattern. Therefore, there is minimal risk of road accidents. Light Intensity and How it Affects Visibility Upper cut-off in headlight illumination is a crucial factor in keeping drivers safe and in circumventing road accidents. However, one should take note that the amount of light in an output pattern is also vital. A focused and small hot spot at the upper center of the beam pattern supports long-range visibility. It allows you to notice oncoming vehicles and objects. If the light intensity is higher around the middle, the light is thrown directly in the road creating blinding light projection. Likewise, it reduces long-distance vision, which is crucial in driving. In a nutshell, a headlight's beam pattern directly affects visibility and safety on the road. A good rule of thumb is to select a headlight with focused illumination and sharp cut-off since this type of beam pattern has a lesser risk of road accidents. If you are planning to upgrade your headlight, do plenty of research before finalizing your decision. Consider the vital factors when buying headlights, such as the item's level of brightness, beam pattern, type of reflector, and durability. And to make the right choices, always take into account the effects of factors on safe driving. Talk about your planned light upgrade and ask for assistance. In this manner, you can guarantee the right options and avoid spending money on poor headlights. For online purchases, send your queries to the seller. You can also look for reviews from reliable online sources. Take note that it is trickier when buying online. Thus, avoid impulse purchases, you should take time to learn more about the item to find out whether it is a good investment.
Despite Being Neighbors, How Did Canada and the USA Have Different Lifestyles?
In the old dats communication was very difficult. Even the 13 colonies that made up the original USA would often have different lifestyles.At the time of the revolution there was next to no communication between What then was Canada and the other British colonies.But these days, on the surface the US and Canadian lifestyles are very similar. This Canadian lives in a concrete high rise building, I drive a Ford, I fell asleep last night watching an American TV show, Saturday Night Live ( produced by a Canadian), the last fast food I had was McDonalds, I have too much in the way of material goods, and do on.As well, this Canadian lived in California for 10 years and did not really have to change my lifestyle at all to fit in so well that no could tell I was not an AmericanAnd in spite of what your Comedians claim, 90% of Canadians raised here from Ottawa to the west coast have the same accent as the west coast of the USA. What you hear in the majority of TV and movies that come from Hollywood is how most Canadians sound• Other QuestionsWhat's it like to be a billionaire?This is one very interesting question - also because Billionaires are very interesting people. Billionaires are interesting but very different kind of people. They work things on a different scale (read huge scale). They have to follow a different way of doing things than the rest of us.I know of following things that billionaires like to to -Billionaires are fascinated by Yachts. Also they like to race in open Seas. Larry Ellison is one of them, known for his love for yacht racing. Why Oracle Founder Larry Ellison NEEDS To Have The World's Greatest Competitive TeamBillionaires like to Bet - a lot. They take huge gambles. Sheldon Adelson spent millions on failed republican candidates like Newt Gingrich. Koch brothers do too - for them its calculated business.Billionaires like to change the world - some want to give back, some want to control. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet had given billions of dollars to help eliminate malaria, poverty, help with vaccines, immunizations, clean water and such in poor countries.Billionaires like things private - they build huge golf courses just for private use, they own jets and yachts, they own clubs and such for private use. The don't like things public.Billionaires like things big - they make these huge houses to live in, like 50 bedroom house and such. They dont like things small------Who was the most brilliant military commander of the Second World War?Erich Von Manstein is the clear choice from Germany. I would have to say that Rommel gets dinged for letting himself get decisively out-supplied in North Africa. There is no denying Rommel was an extraordinary mobile warfare commander, but Manstein shows more flexibility and consistency while still pulling off several of the most impressive large scale operations ever.Georgi Zhukov is not the most "brilliant" military commander from the Soviet Union. He is the most reliable. Also, a Front commander's duties are so enormously organizational that their contribution is that of management, but if you had to choose one of them I would say Nikolai Vatutin is the better candidate. Vatutin is more Sherman to Zhukov's Grant. That said, Vasily Chuikov would be my pick as the best the Soviet Union had to offer. He showed evidence of mastery over all terrains, conditions, and formation types (infantry, armored, artillery, etc.) More importantly, he won... a lot.Western Allied Generals that could compete for the title: Joseph Stillwell? Patton is a good one, but the western allies didn't have as much of an opportunity to flex the same muscles as the eastern front veterans did.------Why don't Portugal and Spain unite, and create an Iberian Union? Wouldn't it be better for both countries?Well, it would be better for Portugal for sure. Considering Portugal is considerably smaller and poorer, they would strongly benefit from that union as Spain would be paying massive amounts of money to reduce that inequality, as Western Germany has been doing with the Eastern part since the German reunification. For Spain, however, joining with a territory that is poorer and less developed would be a problem. Portugal would be an economic burden that would cost Spaniards a lot of money, and it would be a potential source of territorial conflicts and populism. Spaniards would need to be very generous to accept thay.However, it would also be a bigger change for the Portuguese that for the Spaniards. Spain already is a decentralized, multicultural and multilingual country so adding the Portuguese community wouldn't be a huge change, while for Portugal adding the Spanish community (almost 5 times bigger and internally divided into many communities) would be a huge change.Finally, I would like to add that if territorial issues are well managed, I don't see why it would not benefit both Spaniards and Portuguese in the long term, once Portugal has catched up with the rest of Iberia------Which words should you never search on Google?I was in the Public library and remembered that I needed to buy something that I wasnt sure would be in stock in some of the stores I would be going to so started pulling up websites from the internet.You can imagine my shock and surprise when I typed in the 2 capital letters (plus an s in the end) of a popular warehouse store and got lurid pictures and video sites.In the middle of the computer section where there were other people using the other machines.I tried to cover the screen and frantically shut down the site. I then felt obligated to go to the Library office where the staff were and explained to them what happened. I was terrified that I would not only lose my library privileges but would have policemen knocking at my door or something (this was the Public library for goodness sake!) And you could be identified as accessing any site as you have to put in your library account before you could use the computers there.Thank goodness they understood completely as they all knew me. We even had a little laugh about it as it was such an embarrassing faux pas------How does one gain wisdom?First I like to explain that there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. By gaining enough knowledge, one can express and benefit from the conventional wisdom. The conventional wisdom is how things were done historically and how do you apply it to your current situation. Conventional wisdom allows the person to make adjustments based upon previous knowledge. And in a nutshell, that's the difference between gaining knowledge and having wisdom. So how do you gain knowledge to gain wisdom. The more you read and the more eclectic your reading is, at some point you will reach a critical mass of learning. This critical mass is the knowledge of the ages speaking through you as one. That's when the epiphany has occurred. Will this epiphany happen for everyone? And the answer is no! You can read every book that Einstein read and not be able to arrive at the prophetic conclusions that he arrived at. But even if you're stuck at the conventional wisdom level, you will be at a level few people ever arrive at. So read on and learn on! You'll be pleasantly surprised by the ride that you're on------How can the American people accuse President Donald Trump of being at war with them and the world when they are at war with themselves?What are you even talking about? Trump has waltzed through his "presidency" throwing gas on smoldering fires and clapping with glee as they explode. His suggestion of "good people" on both sides is just one example. He has not addressed AT ALL the racial protests in this country; largely peaceful. Except to send in the military and throw tear gas at protesters to take a photo with the bible.He is at war with us; but only some of us. He's forgotten that he's theoretically the president of all of us. In good times (which he's happy to wrongfully take credit for) and in bad (for which his response is, "I'm not responsible").He hates us. That's why he's assailing regulations protecting our air, land and water, allowing payday loan companies to abuse their borrowers, letting thousands of acres of farmland to be sprayed with chemicals that kill bees.He refuses to protect the LGBTQ community, he refuses to speak out against the assault on the ERA.And we don't even have to go into CV19 and his abysmal and cowardly handling.Nope. He is against us. He hates us------I am dumb. I process info slow, hard time relating things being taught to what I know. I don't know a lot of things. I'm 21. How do I help myself?This is a pretty easy one actuallypick something you love doing. It doesnt matter if youre good at it or slow at learning. Just make sure you love doing it. Let me elaborate:Once you have something you love doing, commit to getting DAMN GOOD AT IT. I can assure youif you do thiseverything else will fall into place. It wont matter if youre not as smart or fast as others. Youll have a huge advantage just in the fact that youre focused.If you find something you love and get good at it, heres what will happen:youll develop discipline. Its hard to get good at something because of how many distractions exist in the modern world. Youll develop your ability to focus.Youll stand out from the crowd. Dont be afraid to be differentbeing different is awesome. Anybody who is worth anything started off different.youll realize that you DO have the power to live the way you want. You just have to have the balls to go and get it.Personally, I think getting fit is a great way to start. I found that I LOVE being physically active, and I committed to getting damn good at it. Read more about how it changed my life------Will we ever land a human on Mars?A manned mission to Mars would indeed be a tremendous risk for any human today using the current technology we have to get them there. There supposedly two organizations going to attempt a manned mission to Mars before and during 2020; NASA hoping for a 2030 opportunity. Many problems exist today, and much more knowledge needed before anyone should eeven consider it, in my viewpoint. I worked the manned mission to the moon projects and even then we lost astronauts, almost another crew in Apollo 13.A much more logical method of transportation and within this decade to get humans on the Mars surface would be teleporting them there. Of course we do not have real teleportation today of large objects and humans. However, we could possibly have it if we were to perform R & D on the technology to create it, instead of spending billions on research and development using extremely risky processes.Teleportation is real, however, one just needs to think outside the box to create it. Funding the project in order to organize a scientific team, build a laboratory and acquire the resources are needed to research and develop the technology to make it happen.
Should You Get a Cosmoblaze Or Elinz LED Light Bar?
If you're on the market for an LED light bar, there are two names you should be on the lookout for: Elinz and Cosmoblaze. Over the last few years, these two brands have made it easier for ordinary Australians to purchase quality auxiliary lighting devices without spending thousands of dollars. If you're going to choose between the two, here are the qualities that make them similar and distinct from one other.Elinz or Cosmoblaze LED Light Bar?Let's see how these two brands of light bars stack up against each other.1. PriceBoth brands are known for their quality and affordability. However, Cosmoblaze light bars are relatively more expensive than Elinz light bars. The primary reason for this is that Cosmoblaze products are marketed as premium lighting devices. This basically means that they are on the more "high end" side of the price spectrum, hence, the notable price difference.2. ApplicationIf you're looking for an LED light bar in Australia used for professional competitions and touring events, then Cosmoblaze products are more advisable for you. It is because they have higher light output per voltage to help reduce eye strain that can be detrimental to you winning the competition. On the other hand, if you need an LED light for general-purpose applications, then Elinz makes an excellent choice. Take note, however, that Cosmoblaze isn't necessarily better than Elinz. They are just designed to excel in different applications.3. DurabilityBoth brands of LED lighting devices are designed for optimum durability. Cosmoblaze products, in particular, are equipped with extruded 6063 aluminium housing and polycarbonate lens to ensure that they will survive in any driving condition. Elinz light bars, on the other hand, don't rattle easily and is great for trucks, caravans, 4X4, farming and mining equipment, and 4WD vehicles.4. Dustproof and Waterproof ratingIf you need a 4WD LED bar light that is well-protected from dust and water intrusion, then look no further. Cosmoblaze and Elinz are built to fulfil this need. Cosmoblaze light bars have a waterproof and dustproof rating of IP69, while Elinz products have ratings starting at IP67. They can be submerged to water and exposed to dust for a longer period of time.How to Know Which Brand to ChooseTo determine which brand of LED light bar is suited for you, you must determine what your specific needs are. Identify the type of application you'd want to use the light bar in. Also, consider your budget. If you're willing to spend extra, then Cosmoblaze light bars is a must-buy. If not, Elinz light bars will do.To get the best results from your CREE LED light bars, be sure to trust only the best.Keywords: LED light bar, LED light bar in Australia, 4WD LED bar light, CREE LED light ·RELATED QUESTIONI didn't get Google Glass Explorer Edition. Is trying to learn Glass dev without the hardware a futile effort?No, you can still learn the fundamentals of Glass development without the hardware.There are three main approaches for accomplishing this:1) Visit the Mirror API documentation, get into the playground, and start hashing up some code. Download the PHP, Java, and Python library, whichever you're most comfortable with. Familiarize yourself with the jargon and converntions (timeline, bundles, menus, etc). Read the support documentation (second link below) to see how the Glass hardware actually functions. Build some apps to this specification. Soon enough, you will find a friend with hardware to t
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for LED Down Light
Led lights strips install?LED is designed to focus its light and can be directed to a specific location without the use of an external reflector, achieving a higher application efficiency than conventional lighting. Well designed LED illumination systems are able to deliver light more efficiently to the desired location. Also, you can have your measurements known to the seller and they will be more than glad to do the slashing for you prior to sending the items. It comes in different brightness and it is actually defined by the number and size of LED present in the strips------Controlling a normal florescent bulb using usb duplicateSince this involves switching mains voltage, and Mains Voltage can kill, a beginner should not try to make one from scratch. Either go with a ready made commercial Usb Controlled Outlet, use a X-10 outlet designed for inductive loads with a X-10 Usb controller, or use a wireless remote controlled system that's used for outdoor lights (like they sell at christmas), with a USB GPIO module hacked to the remote control.Alternatively, use a Led light bulb, not a CFL/Florescent light. Much easier. Some can even be controlled by iphones/android------Above cabinet LED light placementThis is a matter of personal preference, however that being said you should avoid direct line of sight with the strip. For example, if you can see the LED strip while walking down stairs then it would be better to adjust the strip as to avoid this if possible as they are pretty intense on the eyes. An easy to make wooden lighting rail that basically looks like a triangle would direct the light up on the wall which has a nice effect and also keeps the light away from the eyes.------Led light strip flashing duplicateit's not a connection issue, those don't get better over time. your driver is failing because the capacitors in it are drying out. this will get worse sooner than later. As the LED strip warms, it uses more current. To supply more current, the driver increases its output voltage. When the voltage increases, a cap of a given capacity stores more energy. When the voltage catches up with demand, the flickering stops. Note that higher voltages tend to heat the capacitors and cause them to age even faster; a run-away cycle you're in the early stages of------Arduino's Serial Monitor Showing Constant ValueIn your initialisation where you declare each variable and 'connecting' them to a pin you make a mistake. Now you say that senRead is a digital pin instead of a analog pin. Change the value to A0 so you will get int senRead A0;Also in your void Setup() you forget to declare your analog pin as an input. Add a pinMode command that sets senRead as an input. If this doesn't fix your problem then it is probably hardware related. Check the connections on your breadboard will most of the times solve alot of problems.------how can money save a polar bear?You should be suspicious when someone asks you for money to save polar bears. You could donate money to a reputable organization, like the World Wildlife Fund. If you want to save polar bears by stopping global warming, use alternatives for fossil fuels or use energy more efficiently. Use compact fluorescent lights or LED lights instead of carbon filament lights. Walk, cycle or take public transit, where possible, instead of driving. Install solar panels on your house. Write a letter to your regulatory agency and your power supplier in support of nuclear power.------What's the difference between a Plasma-TV, LCD-TV and a LED-TV?Plasma TVs are emissive devices. A gas is excited to radiate either red, green or blue at each screen pixel. LCDs (Liquid crystal displays) are transmissive devices. Each pixel is a variable transmission shutter whose transmission is varied by varying the electric field on it. A cold cathode fluorescent lamp is used as the backlight. LED (light emitting diode) TVs are identical to LCD TVs but use LEDs as the backlight. They typically use less power and allow greater control of the backlight intensity in different parts of the screen. They also allow a much thinner screen.------can I buy one LED light for my Kenmore range?Welcome to VVME LED light.LED is a kind of new light resource in replace of the traditional filament lamp,fluorescent lamp, high pressure sodium light and so on.It is much more energy saving,light,environmental,colorful,money saving than the lights with other kind of light resources.We Visonari targets to offer the right light for you and would like to share the happiness of using VVME LED lights with you. We have led flood light, spot light, strip light, corn light for home use,business or construction. We also offer you LED dj lights for entertainments.You will find what you need here------How do those new flat LED street lights save energy ?LED offer excellent visibility with color accuracy, they lose nothing when it comes to energy efficiency, In fact, they significantly outperform HPS lamps in this category. When comparing the two, energy-saving lights bulbs consume 40-80% less electricity than do standard HPS lamps. A 30W LED lamp approximates the light output of a 80W HPS. This feat of efficiency stems from the directionality of LEDs, which focus light downwards and spreads illumination evenly over a given area. As a result, one LED lamp requires significantly less wattage than does an HPS to illuminate the same area------Does this RGB LED really need 220 ohm resistors per color?In my experience, red will dominate when using the same resistor values with the same voltage applied to each pin (common cathode). This is because the RGB LEDs I have used (and the one you are using) have a 2V drop for red, and 3.2V drop for green and blue. PWM can compensate for that (as can a higher resistance value on the red pin), depending on how you program the duty cycle for each pin. They are probably telling you to use the same resistor value to make the project simpler and cheaper------Bedtime for 12-13 year old girlLet her go to bed a half hour later for a week and see how she acts. If she is harder to wake up in the morning, forgetful, cranky, etc, move it back to the usual time. If, however, everything remains the same, keep it going for a month and then make bedtime 10pm. Do this again, for a week and see how it goes. A week of too little sleep won't hurt her, and if she really doesn't need the sleep, lying in bed wide awake like that can cause insomnia later on------Is this a good laptop?my advice would be try and avoid lithium ion batteries as mine in my laptop have already burnt out after a month because its constatly plugged in and its got power managent software which is meant to incease battery life not decrrease it i know they last longer but ateast with the old ones they will last longer and wont burn out ive got a old hp laptop aswell thats about 8 years old and the battery in that still lasts for 5 hours and thats constantly on charge whats wrong with the good old fashioned batteries ay?------How to turn off a light sensor LED light?The white "screws", are knockout plugs. A knockout is simply a hole where conduit, cable, wire, or a device can attach/enter the box. A knockout plug, is used to fill unused knockouts.Here is a similar box cover with the knockouts unplugged.This allows you to attach devices, like lamp holders and motion sensors.Any extra holes would be filled with a plug.You should be able to hire an Electrician to install a switch as you mention, but it would depend on if you have the legal right to (own vs. rent, etc.).------Why is everyone that is looking for LED lamps, also looking for China LED light manufacturers?Why is everyone that is looking for LED lamps, also looking for China LED light manufacturers?They aren't.As somebody who uses A LOT of lighting equipment of every configuration, I recommend people source standard configuration LED lamps from the major manufacturers, such as Philips or GE, or perhaps Cree or TCP, or even Feit. If it's specialized configurations, find a manufacturer who will stand behind the product (ie: take it back if it blows out and replace/refund as appropriate). ------Efficiency of solar panel under warm-white LED lightYou may find some other LED (cool white, or blue or even red) has a higher overall efficiency. And you probably need to arrange multiple LEDs for maximum evenness of illumination to avoid energy loss in the "shaded" part of the solar cell, and possibly reflectors to minimise spill outside the cell area.But once you factor in the LED's own efficiency, even the best cheap solar cells (currently about 22%, back contact cells like Sunpower Maxeon) won't give you 5%. Jonk's 1% may be realistic, but with care and experimentation you may be able to reach 2% or so------Magnetic connector for LED light on tent meshI dont know of anything off the shelf that is a magnetic connector but there is a thing called a cable pass-through or cable gland that you could use to pierce the netting and pass your cable through while sealing it from insects. Go to an electricians shop and describe what youre up to. Alternatively if you dont mind ugly, you could hand stitch or glue a patch of camp mattress foam into the netting with a slit in it that would allow you to push your wire through while keeping out the bugs.------Where can I find a linear mount LED light?the present passing contained in the direction of the wires will reason the wires to warmth up if no longer adequate guage. think of of the thousands and thousands of little electrons pushing and shoving lower back and forth, all this action reasons friction on a molecular point and of direction all of us know friction equals warmth. In a larger guage twine there is extra area for the same style of electons. that is incredibly that easy. Use as heavy a guage speaker twine which you will. you will have no sign loss and little warmth------King James Bible archaic styleThe answer to your first question probably lies in the fact that the Old Testament is translated from Hebrew. Arabic frequently begins sentences with and. I wouldnt be surprised if the other main Semitic language did the same.We might need a biblical scholar to answer your second question. It is, Id hazard, to do with the respect due to the Almighty, just as some people begin pronouns referring to God with a capital letter.(If you're interested in other linguistic aspects of the King James Bible, I recommend David Crystal's 'Begat'.).------What is the main advantage of LED light bulb ?The future of household lighting will soon be the wide spread adoption and use of white energy efficient LED light bulbs. Though the present market for finished white LED products is geared mainly towards enthusiasts and early-adopters, the efficiency and cost effectiveness of LED lighting systems will drive demand for more affordable LED lights. Opto-electronics is an exciting area and we predict, that in the near future, white LED lighting applications will be powerful and cheap enough to replace incandescent lighting for everyday use in our homes, in street lights, outdoor signs, and offices.------Best led or LCD tv for watching tv and gaming?plasma is better due to it does NOT have motion blur that you get with SOME lcd tv's LED TV is a bit of a misnomer but as manufacturers and retailers continue to use the term, it makes it's way into the public conscience and is worth deliberating on the differences. LED televisions are really just LCD televisions that use LED lights for back lighting instead of the flourescent CFL lighting traditionally used for LCDs. Both employ the liquid crystal diode (LCD) technology front panel containing the twisting crystals which define LCD technology.------Give me a real magicshine bike light wholesaler who can provide best magicshine bike light?If you want to own your best magicshine bike light, you can come to Shenzhen MINJUN Electronic Co., Ltd.Shenzhen Magicshine is devoting itself into researching and producing, their magicshine bike light get wonderful magicshine bike light reviews from their customers. Here are some description about their products: magicshine bike light,with compact and stylish streamline design, uses CREE XM-L ultra bright LED and high efficiency orange peel reflector to provide super bright light; 4x18650 long lasting SAMSUNG Li-ion batteries to provide 5600 mAh capacity, and waterproof rubber pack to provide perfect protection, making your night adventure more enjoyable.
%@FOXNFL%@ 2020 NFC Championship Game LIVE Stream 49ers Vs Packers NFC Conference Championship Live
The San Francisco 49ers (143), led by head coach Kyle Shanahan, host the Green Bay Packers (143) at Levis Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., on Sunday, Jan. 19, at 6:40 p.m. EST for the NFC Championship.Watch Now:49ers are coming off a win over the Minnesota Vikings, 2710. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo scored one touchdown and threw for 131 yards, while running back Tevin Coleman scored two touchdowns on 105 yards rushing. The last time the 49ers were in a Super Bowl was 2013.The Packers are coming off a win over the Seattle Seahawks, 2823. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers scored two touchdowns and had 243 yards, while wide receiver Davante Adams scored two touchdowns and caught for 160 yards. The Packers last won a Super Bowl in 2011, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers, 3125.When the 49ers played the Packers on November 24 at home, they defeated Green Bay, 378.ESPNs Matchup Predictor gives the 49ers a 71.9 percent chance of winning the NFC Championship.Fans can watch this game with a subscription to fuboTV.Heres what you need to know:2020 NFC Championship GameWho: Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ersWhen: Sunday, January 19 at 6:40 p.m. ETTV and Live Stream: Fox, Fox Sports GoLine, Over/Under: SF -7, 45TV Channel: FOXWatch Live NowHow to watch the NFC Championship Game49ers vs. Packers will be televised on CBS and live streamed on the FOX Sports app. You can follow NBC Sports and Pro Football Talk for news, updates and live coverage of the game.49ers vs. Packers history, game previewSan Francisco and Green Bay last faced off against each other in Week 12 of the 2019 regular season on Sunday Night Football. Behind the strength of their defensive line, the 49ers defeated the Packers 378. The Packers were held to 198 total yards, and Aaron Rodgers finished the game with 104 yards and one touchdown. Jimmy Garoppolo threw for 253 yards and two touchdowns, while the 49ers ran for 112 yards and two touchdowns. In preparation for Sundays rematch, Packers head coach Matt LaFleur is taking a careful look at his teams blowout loss, while Kyle Shanahan believes that game has zero relevance.49ers vs. Packers odds, picks and predictionsThe current odds at Caesars Sportsbook have the 49ers as 75 favorites to win the 2020 Super Bowl, and the Packers are at 172. The 49ers are 7-point favorites over the Packers.MDSs pick: 49ers 28, Packers 13Florios pick: Packers 24, 49ers 21NFC Championship Game history2019: Rams def. Saints 26232018: Eagles def. Vikings 3872017: Falcons def. Packers 44212016: Panthers def. Cardinals 49152015: Seahawks def. Packers 28222014: Seahawks def. 49ers 23172013: 49ers def. Falcons 28242012: Giants def. 49ers 20172011: Packers def. Bears 21142010: Saints def. Vikings 3128·RELATED QUESTIONMultisim - How to create a 2-pin red/green LED in one partThe 3 pin red/green is called common cathode.A 2 pin with red OR green is a bidirectional LED e.g. Kingbright WP937EGWThen there is an LED with both red and green in the same package e.g. Marktech Optoelectronics MT2030-HRG-AA red green in the same package has the same model as any other LED. If looking for a bidirectional then search for "bidirectional LED".
Who Makes Led Corn Lamp?
LED Lights, Bulbs & LED Lighting AccessoriesThey have a pretty decent selection.Who makes led corn lamp?1. What is this component marked "ZW1” on a LED doorbell button PCB?Its a zener diode. It will have a voltage rating which may be marked on the diode body2. What is an led watch?LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. They are the watches that light up when you press a button3. What led to the demise of the 727?The 757 was intended as a 727 replacement. It was originally going to be called the 727-300. Boeing could not decide whether it needed 2 or 3 engines. If you look at the thrust levers, you will find that they are labeled L and R instead of 1 and 2 like all of the other Boeing models out there. Boeing's order book for the plane dried up. All of that factory space taking up tooling and such is useless if you are not building airplanes. They really did want to keep the production line going. In fact, they offered to replace about a dozen of one airline's older 757s with some new ones at some very good terms, but the airline backed out of the deal. That would have kept the line open long enough to sell some more planes to other airlines. Now airlines are scrambling for 75s in the used market. Had that deal gone through, the 757 would still be in production and new orders for the plane would be coming in. The only replacement for a 757 is another 757. The A321 does not have the range or load capacity of the 757.4. What led to the rise of white supremacism in the U.S?Progressive identitarian politics.Before that, we were all Americans believing all men are equal before the law. And justice was blind. And everyone was innocent before being proven guilty.We did punish the successful, but it was not so bad that the rich felt singled out. They did it voluntarily, because they loved the country. It does not look like that will be true in the future if progressives take office.It is shades of 1933 Germany. I worry that the next superior race will come out of this thinking, and then we are all in deep trouble.5. Has skepticism by and in itself led to any reasonable scientific breakthrough?Has skepticism by and in itself led to any reasonable scientific breakthrough?I suppose it depends on what you mean by "skepticism." Some people are born skeptics in that they never accept assertions or statements by authority at face value; they always question authority to determine if the statement is factually accurate or if there is a basis for the claim.From skepticism definition - Google Searcha skeptical attitude; doubt as to the truth of something. I would say this skeptical attitude is at bottom of all scientific breakthroughs from the discovery of a heliocentric earth to the discovery that the coronavirus now known as COVID-19 is a new virus for which we have no vaccine.To answer your question: Yes, skepticism has by and of itself led to all the scientific breakthroughs of the past 550 years. People who are not skeptical are not driven by the necessary curiosity to persist until they discover the underlying but elusive answer that finally becomes accepted as a scientific breakthrough. Without a few skeptical individuals in each generation, humans would still be living in caves, dressed in skins and leaves, hunting and gathering their food. Thanks to skepticism, humans moved beyond that stage thousands of years ago6. How Common is This LED Socket?seems like wedge type end. it is common on many cars.7. Does she like me or am I getting led on?she likes you. or shes using you. well. how old are you?8. What led to the fall of the Mongol Empire?First, Mongolians are the minority ethics group in their empire. On the other hand, they have to release alots important position to other racial.Second, Mongolian empire is divided to different nations, the Yuan dynasty rule the China area, the golden horde rule the eastern Europa area, Chagatai rule the Central Asia area, ilkhanate rule the Middle East and west Asia area. They have territory dispute with each other, also the religion differences.After Mongke Khan died while attacking China. The inside of Mongolian empire is already broken down by different pieces. Also when Mongolian ruling other nations, they are more willing to marry local women. Not even one century they losing their identity really quick
CES 2021: TCL to Unveil Mini-LED Display Technology on January 11
Electronics on Wednesday announced that it would unveil the next generation mini-LED and future display technology at the world's largest tech expo ' 2021' which would be held online from January 11 to 14.According to the company, on January 11 at the 2021 Global Press announcement, it would showcase its much-anticipated innovations in mini-LED and future display technologies, which is expected to draw attention and interest from both media and the consumer electronics industry." is proud to be at 2021 and a member of this vibrant industry. As one of the leading consumer electronic brands in the world and the second largest TV brand in America, it is our mission to make life intelligent with innovative technology through our Artificial Intelligence (AI)x Internet of Things (IoT) strategy. Moving forward, we are committed to provide the best smart products and services to global users," said Kevin Wang, CEO of Industrial Holdings andTCL would join multiple sessions at CES 2021, including the Global Press Announcement, and would share its newest technologies for display as well as present a full range of smart home appliances.In addition, Samsung Electronics and LG would highlight products with enhanced customised features at the world's largest tech expo next week.Samsung announced it would showcase its upgraded BESPOKE refrigerator and Artificial Intelligence-supported washers and dryers at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021.LG said it would introduce its new home appliance line, the LG Objet Collection, to foreign audiences at the CES 2021 before it officially sells products in overseas markets this year.How to I retrieve the previous Windows Live Messenger display pictures I've had?If You are using Windows XP they will be in the folder: C:Documents and Settings Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftMessengerObjectStoreUserTile For Windows Vista it will be: C:UsersAppDataLocalMicrosoft MessengerObjectStoreUserTile ( that is if your windows is on your disk C ) if for exemple your windows user is "Marcus" ( the username you use to log into windows itself, if you get directly to the desktop when you startup then you can see that name on top in your start-menu ), and your WLM user is then the folder will be C:Documents and SettingsMarcusLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoft Messenger ObjectStoreUserTile for XP and C:UsersMarcusAppDataLocal Microsoft Messenger ObjectStoreUserTile for Vista The files use as extension .dt2 but they are images do not worry .. open them with the Paint accessory and you will see :) Merry XmasNginx image display issue after optimizationNginx chooses a single location to process a request.So when a new regular expression location is added to set the expires value on an extension, it breaks both your location /static ... and location / ... configurations.As an alternative to using location to set expires, you can use a map instead. See this document for details. For example:.How to turn off the display in Windows 8 without locking or making computer go to sleep?Found an easy solution - This way screen will be turned OFF and will only turned ON when you press any keyDo you sit your feminine hygiene products out on display when it is that time of the month?If you mean tampons or pads, then some people do. Others do not . I do not . We have like this cubby hole type thing that goes to our closet in our hallway, and I put them in there. The waste paper basket is on the other side of the bathroom.If you had a MAGA Hat signed by Dennis Rodman and Kanye West, would you wear it places, or keep it on display in a case?auction it off and donate the money to asylum seekers or environmental causesHow to project Google Earth KML files in ArcGIS so that they display properly?The Easiest way to do this before you add the data or imagery is :1) Open Arcmap 2) right click the Layer properties 3) Hit the Coordinate System tab. 4) if you have the 10.0 or later: Type the name of the coordinate system ie:(WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere)). 5) Select it. 6) Bring in the data 7) right click on the data and select Data to Export Data 8) On the Export Data dialog box : Choose "the data frame" ( Make sure you select it right) 9) Review the the data source to ensure it is correct coordinate system or you can test it by clear out the "Clear Search"Good luck
Why Was the Technology of the Native Americans so Much Less Advanced Than That of the Europeans When
At the time European explorers arrived, Native American Indians were at a Stone Age level in technology. They also had no real concepts of individual land ownership and instead believed that land belonged to everyone.Add in the lack of any core academic knowledge to support basic technologies such as working metals, glass-making, large scale farming, permanent shelter construction and it is easy to see that these huge disadvantages Native American Indians had worked overwhelmingly in the favor of those fleeing tyrant-based, European class-restricted, serfdom based cultures where any real concept of Freedom along with the right to worship as one wanted and to be able to defend themselves from tyrants and dictators were dreams to be crushed by the European Royalty Establishment.• Related QuestionsIs Mueller completely walking away from the Trump investigation?I would hardly say that finishing a job and giving a statement about the job you did, then waiting for the proper authorities to do something with the job that you did could be considered walking away. He investigated thoroughly, he made his report, he said a few things about his report, and now, he is moving on. The one thing that was made most clear from his statement is that he does not think that Trump is innocent or exonerated . He very clearly states that the current department of justice says that a sitting president cannot be criminally indicted. Which tells me that he thinks that Trump is anything but innocent or exonerated. The only reason Trump is not in a jail cell right now is because his department of justice is protecting him. He needs to be impeached so he can be prosecuted------What can I say instead of "I don't know" in an interview?"I am not sure I quite know the answer yet, but let me try and attempt it", in case you at least have a clue about the answer"Well, I am sorry I do not know the answer but I would be glad if you could tell me", if you absolutely have no idea about the answer"I am sorry to say I would not be able to answer that because that is not under my area of expertise/not something I have worked on or dealt with" could be an alternate if you do not know anything about the answer"To be honest, I do not know the answer at the moment but I would gladly learn it soon" if you do not know the answer and want to sound like an enthusiastic person------Will the USA have a chance of winning if it goes to war against China in the South China Sea?I assume that the war in SCS would be a naval engagement and not land invasion. China does not have resources or capacity to invade all ASEAN countries.Do you see the situation ? It is a clear advantage for US. In any engagement in SCS, China must send aircrafts and warships from their bases that are at least 2500 km away. That's a huge logistic nightmare. The tiny bases they have in those islands would be a shooting practice targets for short range missiles of US military bases.The strategists of Pentagon was really have a long term point of view when they built all the bases in Thailand, Philipine and Singapore long before CPC was starting to build up their navy. It was a very good move.If there is any engagement in SCS that China hopes to win, it must be a land invasion to Laos and Vietnam------What do "other Arabs" think about the Gulf Arabs?As a north africanI dont like themBecause they are the reason that the entire middleeast is in hellNot to mention thanks to them for extremism because they are the people who spread their wahabi false islamic ideology not only to the middleeast but worldwide and they are the same people that ruined other middleeastern countries as wellAnd they are the reason that world sees Muslims and rest of the supposed arabs combined the way they do todayI wouldnt wish for anything else rather than north african countries cut ties with them because they are toxic to us and to themselves and to the rest of the world worldAnd i exclude iraq from them , because its a victim of their work as well------Which US Supreme Court decisions have been generally recognized as being poor legal decisions?Dred Scott v Sandford, Plessy v Ferguson, Korematsu v US, Roe v Wade, Wickard v. Filburn, Lochner v. NY, Kelo v New London, Chevron USA v. NRDC, Obergefell, Buck v. Bell, Civil Rights Cases, Exxon Shipping Co. v. Baker, Slaughter-House Cases, Smith v. Maryland, Harlow v. Fitzgerald, Bennis v. Michigan, Gonzales v. Raich, Helvering v. Davis, Buckley v. Valeo, NFIB v. Sebelius,The Supreme Court's Worst Decisions of All TimeThe 5 Worst Supreme Court Rulings of the Past 50 Years15 Supreme Court Decisions that Shredded the Constitution | Sean J. RosenthalThe Ten Worst Supreme Court Decisions (at least so far)Ranking the 10 Worst Supreme Court Decisions of All-Time13 Worst Supreme Court Decisions of All TimeIll try to spend some time fleshing out my reasoning. These are just the ones that immediately spring to mind - I was challenged to name a single Supreme Court case that obviously violated/abrogated the Constitution.------How is it that the Beatles are ranked above a band like Led Zeppelin when they were much more talented?Talent has nothing to do with it.Nor should it.The Beatles were the forefront of a revolution in music. Their albums were more approachable and had wider appeal in their early years, and were more advanced, ambitious, and better produced in their later years.While Led Zeppelin was incredibly talented (Good times Bad Times is a shot across the bow talent-wise of Supergroups like Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience).However, even though Led Zeppelin was, on the whole, more musically talented than the Beatles, it didnt MEAN as much culturally and musically as the Beatles did.In the end, Led Zeppelin created iconic music of their own, but very few rounded music fans would readily say that and Led Zeppelin Album, even IV or Physical Graffiti, was as impactful as The White Album, or Sgt. Peppers------How did it feel watching Stephen Fry say that if God exists, he must be utterly evil?Yawn.Every. single. time that I hear the same old, If God were good why would He give cancer to kids? or If God exists, then He must be evil, because etc. etc. ad nauseam.Look, the Philosophy of Religion is a real thing. The arguments for and against the existence of God are real philosophical arguments, some of which have entire books written about them.This particular argument is known as the Problem of Evil, which was a very strong argument against the existence of God. The consensus among, even theistic, philosophers was that the Problem of Evil successfully made the existence of God illogical. Until, Alvin Plantinga, successfully refuted it with his Free Will Defense in the 1970s.So if you dont know that, you are uneducated about the debate, and look like a boob if the Problem of Evil is your go to argument against God------What are your religious beliefs?I am a ChristianMy BeliefsThere is only one God and Creator. His name is YAHWEH.YAHWEH exists as a Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.Jesus is God the Son. He is fully God and fully man.Jesus was crucified for the sins of mankind and rose from the dead.The Bible is the infallible and inerrant Word of God.The Bible is the ultimate authority when it comes to how a Christian should live his/her life.My Personal PreferencesI dont eat pork, shellfish or any of the other animals prohibited by God in the Old Testament.I dont celebrate Halloween or watch horror movies.Im against getting tattoos and/or body piercings------Who's taller, Trump or Obama?Donald Trump claims to be 6′3″, and Barack Obama has been confirmed to be 6′1″. However, in every picture of the two together, Obama has been about the same height as the incumbent POTUS, if not very slightly taller.Now, let's look at these pictures. Melania Trump is 5′11″, but I don't see a four-inch difference between her and her husband.Similarly, Justin Trudeau is 6′2″...Mitt Romney is also 6′2″...And Jeb Bush is 6′3″, Trump's claimed height, and you can easily see that the former is taller than the POTUS.As you can clearly see, the idea of Donald Trump being taller than Barack Obama is plainly and demonstrably false------Can a married man love both his wife and another woman?The simple answer to the question is No. Love is deeper than what most people take it to be, and assuming that we are talking about purely romantic love, there is no way a man can have this for two or more women. The same occurs for women too. Genuine romantic love full of affection and trust can only exist between two people. That extra woman's case is most likely a liking, lust, infatuation, crush or another thing in that line. If a man has sexual feelings towards another woman other than his wife and vise versa, that's not love. Those who are in polygamous relationships don't get into them because they love more women, but because there is something missing in their first marriages, or they siply have a high appetite for sex------Can we make the NOT gate by AND gate and OR gate?Before going to the answer I just wanted to ask you why you need the conversion?Now come to the point, it is the smallest gate in the logic family comparing the transistorized circuit. Please check the circuit diagram for NOT AND OR gates from books/online sources for more clarification.As per my understanding we can't make NOT gate only using AND and OR gate.If you want to implement the NOT gate logic by using these gates then you will need the extra circuit.The next point is that NOT AND and OR are basic gates not the universal gates.NAND NOR are the universal gates, using these two you can implement any logic.If you want to make NOT from these two you can do it------Is the Impossible burger considered to be a healthier alternative to eating beef?This plant-based burger has more protein, less total fat, no cholesterol, and fewer calories than a similar-sized hamburger patty made with beef. So in that respect, it is probably healthier. However, in my opinion, dont be fooled by the ads or vegetarian blogs: It does not really taste like meat! Its made with a protein called heme which is a molecule found in every living plant and animal. Its what gives meat its flavor. Heme in the Impossible burger is made via fermentation of genetically engineered yeast. To me it had a bit of metallic flavor and had an after taste that I didnt particularly care for. Still, the Impossible burger is developing quite a following and several restaurant chains which include Burger King, Wahlburgers and about 200 other restaurants nation wide are serving them.------What are "faithless electors" in the latest Supreme Court ruling?Original Question: A faithless elector is one who betrays the voters of their state. The voters of a particular state make a choice for President. Electors are chosen to deliver that decision to Washington for the final tally. These electors are chosen with the faith that they will accurately represent the voters of their state.If the Electors choose to pick someone else they prefer, rather than the choice of the voters, that effectively disenfranchises millions of legitimate, good-faith votes cast by the people.Opponents of President Trump have been attempting to form an agreement between several states to nullify their own voters and instead have their electors go along with the national popular vote, largely dominated by California and New York. This would be vote disenfranchisement on a massive scale
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