Why Did JFK Go to Texas to Patch Things Up Between LBJ and Gov. Connally If He Was Going to Drop Joh

That is a bit of a broad overstatement.The purpose of Texas trip was multi-fold, including helping Ralph Yarborouch who was elected to the Senate in 1956 (thus a colleague of both JFK and LBJ in the Senate before the 1960 election).Ralph Yarborough - WikipediaAnother reason was related to Yarborough. A special election in 1961 (to replace LBJ) had resulted in a Republican being elected to the US Senate.

John Tower - WikipediaThe Dallas trip had numerous political items on the agenda that needed to be addressed and fixed before JFKs 1964 reelection campaign, Connally and LBJ having a feud was but one of them.BTW: LBJ was not a big fan of Conservative Democrats, at least not the loud of openly so type conservatives. He liked liberal Democrats more, especially those adept at selling a conservative persona to voters. In addition, LBJ used his political pull with JFK to have Connally appointed Secretary of the Navy his resignation to run against an LBJ supported Democrat for governor of Texas did not sit well with LBJ

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What can the United Kingdom do that nobody else can?

Well heres a few. From what Ive understood they gave the world football/soccer, their woman can spout profanity that has no rival, have redefined what being a town drunk means, by the look at the National museum they were looters extraordinare, theyre extremely long winded about everything in which they are experts in, which is everything. Theyve successfully dodged inbreeding on an island for a while, much in part by the surliness of the dames there. Distill a nice bottle of Dutch courage. The stiff upper-lip tag is challenged when you get two or more of them together, then a bout of complaining about everything under the sun will unfold that is staggering to behold, and James freakin Bond.Theyre also really awesome people and the USA can owe everything for developing our national character. I was an American soldier for sometime and as much as I enjoy winding the British up, myself and most everyone I served with would die for the UK if called upon. The special relationship really is that special


Could the fear of humanoid monsters come from interactions of our ancestors with other hominids?

If you are wondering about some people's fear of alien visitors on our planet and the evidence we have that these visitors are engineering a hybrid race from eggs taken from women across our planet-you may be right. I personally am concerned about the races that are abducting our citizens against their will and using them sexually to produce races of hominids loyal to their wishes. There is reason for fear as they are doing this covertly and it is not for our benefit. Please consider watching Extraordinary: The Seeding, a well done documentary with interviews with very compelling testimony from people who have been abducted over and over. Watch Extraordinary: The Seeding | Prime Video Yes, you have to pay a little but it is worth the price to realize that there is really a reason to fear. There is also action that can be taken to stop the take over of our people and planet. We do have allies in our galaxy but they are not the visitors flying in our skies and abducting our citizens against their will. AlliesofHumanitydotorg


Why was Donald Trump so "surprised" that the Republican-led Senate intelligence committee had issued a subpoena for his son Donald Trump JR to testify?

Donald Trump Jr actually does not appreciate the gravity of his current situation. He believes that surviving this Constitutional Crisis is a foregone conclusion; that the GOP will circle the wagons, lie, deceive, create and spread Conspiracy Theories, and generally fall-in-line beging him, each man prepared to fall on his own sword to protect the Realm of Trump. Well, SURPRISE! Some GOP members are able to see the writing on the wall. In fact, they all do, but some are better prepared than others. Some knew that the time would come when they had to abandon ship. That time is here, and those in the know are getting their backup plan in place; complete with politically acceptable investigation into Trump crimes/corruptions and plausible deniability.

The jig is up, and someone 8n the GOP, probably a group of someone's is necessary, to explain to Trump that he is finished and should make some sort of deal wherein he can resign and walk away with no Federal Prison time, while not further dragging down the Republican Party.But then there are the State charges that await him


Who do you think are the greatest computer scientists?

Jim Gray (computer scientist): the God in database area.Michael Stonebraker: If you use Postgres, you should know him.

David DeWitt and Raghu Ramakrishnan: the Wisconsin db gang

C. Mohan: If you ever heard of ARIES

David Patterson (computer scientist): If you ever heard of RISC and RAID; and take a look at who are his students ...

Hank Levy (computer scientist): big name in Systems area; look at who are his students

Bruce Jay Nelson and Andrew Birrell: if you ever heard of RPC ...

Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat: of course, they are both the best engineers of our time as well.

Butler W. Lampson: you'll find many "classic" software engineering books just copied ideas from this guy's paperJerry Saltzer: if you ever heard of End-to-end principleLeslie Lamport: who built theoretical fundations for distributed systems, e.g., virtual clock, distributed snapshot, paxos, Byzantine Generals, ...

Edsger W. Dijkstra: who dare use "THE" to name his system (Page on virginia.edu)?

Donald Knuth: who needs no introduction


Is Alia Bhatt a good or a bad actress?

Alia bhatt is a most talented actress on bollywood ever.Alia bhatt great achievementsShe took part in numerous stage shows and concert tours.Alia Bhatt did her schooling from Jamnabai Narsee School, Maharashtra Mumbai. At the age of 4, she joined Shiamak Davars dancing school.She made her first on-screen debut as a child artist in 1999 in the Bollywood film Sangharsh, in which she played the role of younger Preity Zinta.In 2012, she got her first debut lead role film Student of the year.

She was signed among 400 girls who gave audition for the film.In 2014, she was featured in the Vikas Bahls short film Going home which is based on the safety of women.She also did many super hit films like 2 States, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, BadrinathkiDulhania, Highway, UdtaPunjab & Sons, Dear Zindagi, Raazi etc.

She has also a beautiful voice and sung several hit songs like Humsafar (Alias version), Sooha Saha, Ikk Kudi (Club Mix), Samjhawan Unplugged, Love You Zindagi (Club Mix), Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le.Alia launched her fashion label, and her products are sold onan online shopping portal.continue readingAlia Bhatt Biography | Age, Height, Boyfriend,Movies,Affairs,Awards (2019).


Was there ever a female character to lead a team in Marvel Comics?

Plenty of times.The Avengers have had several women as leaders including,Monica RambeauThe WaspBlack Widowand the Scarlet WitchThe Young Avengers were led by Kate BishopSHIELD has been run by QuakeMaria Hilland Sharon CarterS.W.O.R.D. was run by Abigail BrandBefore it got absorbed into the Alpha Flight Space Program, which was led by Captain Marvel.Shadowcat has potentially led the most diverse selection of teams. She was a founding member and leader of Excalibur, a co-leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy and headmistress of the Xavier School for a time.Speaking of the X-MenStorm led the X-Men, X.S.E. as well as the Morlocks.Emma Frost was another leader of the X-Men for a time, specifically their Massachusetts based school as well as the leader of a new Hellfire Club and the original leader of the HellionsJean Grey has served as a leader several times.

As you can see, there are plenty of women who have led teams. There are plenty of others and this list barely touches the villains


Was there any way to avoid Brexit? Could the EU have been amended to solve for the UK's concerns which led to Brexit?

Whilst its really interesting to read all these protracted answers to this old favourite, its also really boring. I remember during the war, we had no blankets and we never ad nothing to eat. But we didnt care we knew we had to defeat Hitler no matter what. The youth of today wouldnt survive the war, theyve ad it too good for too long. Yawn yawn. Will this lot ever stop sounding like my Grandad in 1975? Brexit is the reality. The danger here is that the U.K will fall back into a 1970s mentality. A nation of sick people who are really good at moaning but very little else. The majority vote was for Brexit and then with every opportunity to cancel Brexit Johnson won a landslide victory on the promise to get Brexit done. It may be wrong it may be right. However, moaning about it on forums like this one and elsewhere ad infinitum will make for a miserable way of life. Its time to move on. The U.K has decided for good or ill that the EU isnt working. And the U.

K is probably right.


As an atheist, what was your religious upbringing, and what was the process that led to your current beliefs?

My religious upbringing was mixed.Neither of my parents were particularly religious, but both of my grandmothers were quite strongly church of England. My parents and one grandmother were also communists, which might seem irrelevant, but isn't really.The good thing was that neither myself or my sister were pressured into any kind of religious or political view. We were allowed to think for ourselves.

When I reached the age of about 14, I became a Christian. As the only church I knew was the church of England, that is the direction I took.Eventually, both my parents started going to the same church (they'd never been regular attendees before), and in fact they both still go to the same church. They're both 81 now, profoundly compromised in terms of mobility, and my lively Mum has Alzheimers. I help them to get to church every Sunday.My own spiritual path could be described as disinterest, then seriously strong belief, then atheism- but always with respect for the beliefs of others.

In my opinion, we could all fo better if we learned to respect the views of other people


I am a Led Zeppelin fan and until now, I was totally unaware of their plagiarism cases. I feel weird. What are your views on this topic?

This whole plagiarism thing is a silly non-issue.We are all a product of our influences and our heroes. That has always been the case with musicians.

Led Zeppelin took their love of exploring a wide variety of musical styles and made their own music out of them.The main thread that runs through most of Led Zeppelin's music is the desire for adventure and something new.And the music that came before was the foundation for that.

And they borrowed, yes they borrowed. Consciously or unconsciously, it doesn't matter.The only thing that matters is what they produced!Something fresh, progressive, exhilarating, and some of it very beautiful that still stands miles above most of what came after, and even a lot of what came before.They blew a huge hole in the decidedly non-progressive little place I lived in at the time in the middle of nowhere, called Winnipeg, and allowed me to see that there was a whole world out there just waiting for me to explore. To wander.

Oh Father of the four winds fill my sails

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