Why Did My Heat Stop Blowing?

Look for a fuse first, then if not it's probably under warranty

1. i broke my dad's laptop how to fix? please come quick?

Your Dell Inspiron is built like crap, which would explain your touchpad's mouse keys not be working correctly. However, it will take anywhere from 5 days to 3 months for them to fix your laptop. Considering you bought a cheap laptop from them, look for it to take a bit longer (cheap purchases are less important for them to repair). However, you are not going to get it repaired "along the way" to anywhere. Dell laptop trackpads have to be replaced by Dell professionals, and of the ones that you might find, they will charge you a good bit, AND probably wo not have the part in stock. In short, you are not getting it fixed "on the way" anywhere unless you are walking somewhere and it takes two weeks. If it's under warranty, it should be free. I would however take great care in writing down or photographing IN DETAIL your laptop before you send it in to Dell. They are notorious for lying about damage done to the laptop and refusing to fix the problem. The fact you opened up the laptop actually likely voided your warranty, however small the work done actually was

2. Is this covered by the apple warranty?

try dfu mode Step 1. Turn off your iPhone. Step 2. Hold down the power and home button. Step 3. When you see the Apple logo, release the power button but continue holding the home button down. Step 4. Open iTunes and wait for it to tell you that its in restore mode. Then when its done that, restore it. Otherwise, bring it to your nearest apple retail store. it should be covered by the warranty. My ipod keeps rebooting. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying. the screen cracked and it can not be replaced for free. 87. but now its looping apple screen, white screen off, apple screen etc.

3. Should they be obligated to repair their bad repairs?!?

Should they be obligated by the law? I doubt it. I am sure there was a warranty on the repair (90 days??). What does your receipt say? Will they fix it? Maybe. Times are getting tough, and if you go in and talk with them professionally they may fix it, or maybe do it for cost. I doubt you would win in court if it's out of warranty.

4. my water heater pilot won't stay lit?

is your water heater an older style ? if so, a thermocouple can be the issue, try replacing it and assure the falme is hitting the tip properly to ensure heat detection. if this doesnt do it, the control valve needs replacing. if you have a newer style, with a sealed burner, then it can involve not enough combustion air thru the screen located o the bottom or sides of the water heater. worst case, a bad control valve, thermolink, fusible link on the thermocoupole itself. if so, try calling the 1-800 number on the tank for if its within warranty, you can get shipped the required parts at no-cost to you

5. If I don't put salt in my dishwasher, will it damage the dishwasher?

I am with everyone else on this one, 'what is with the salt'. Ring the dishwasher company, for a repairer to come out. It is under warranty

6. Alfine 8 gear crunch

The crunchiness appears to be a well-known failure mode of the Shimano internal geared hubs. If your hub is under warranty, I would not hesitate to return it and get a new one. The warranty is a Shimano warranty, so any bike shop that handles Shimano should be able to process it for you.

7. How much should it cost to remodel my kitchen?

I got my kitchen remodled and it was for $25,000 from Home Depot including the installation fee and granite countertop. Home Depot has a fair installation fee, I do not remember how much I paid but it was about $1000, try to get your kitchen remodled from a large company like Home Depot and Lowes, that way if anything goes wrong they can fix it under warranty and their quality is really good, some of the smaller companies cabinet quality is pretty low and their cabinets break really easily

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Why Windows 10 Won't Wake Up From Prolonged Sleep (or Hibernate Or Shutdown) Conditions?
As per your update you have done most of any IT tech would suggest i noted you said "the problem began after a fully battery discharge " have you tried to test with another battery to remove the battery as an issue. Borrow a battery if possible that is of the same model. Also is the machine still under warranty you could try returning it but as you have already opened it and reset the RAM may be you cannot.1. My Monitor shows everything green or pink or red?This is a common problem with the Color Gun in the Monitor. The Blue gun in the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Color gun is failing. Since this is a laptop, the RGB is controlled on the System or Motherboard. Assuming you have not dropped it and loosened or damaged the display or it's ribbon cable being dislodged, and the driver's are correct, you need it serviced by a qualified technician. 6 months old, unless some Chinese made generic product, it should be under warranty for free repairs. This will not be free if you dropped it, opened it up, or spilled something on the laptop.2. Is it really necessary when buying a new laptop that the motherboard has an M.2 interface? What advantages will this bring me?You can use this slot to install a very fast drive. That's it.If that's what you're looking for- blazing fast boot up times- then you ought to get it. But like most people, even gamers like myself, it's not a consideration unless it's a very new, and very good, laptop. Because otherwise a typical SATA solid state drive is already fast enough.I'd get an M.2 slot if I was getting a gamer laptop, or even a motherboard for a new PC. Otherwise no, that item's enthusiast territory, the same material in league with Ferraris, Gucci shoes and multiple-diamond engagement rings. The first iterations of M. 2 were oddly enough WiFi cards, but these aren't exactly universal or easily obtainable items; odds are your laptop having a busted network card is either under warranty, or old enough to warrant a new laptop altogether.Is it really necessary when buying a new laptop that the motherboard has an M.2 interface? What advantages will this bring me?.3. Is it legal to root Android phones?It is legal as long as its your phone. Just make sure its out of warranty otherwise rooting will void it for you. But then, there are ways to unroot4. I need a new phone. Does anybody have some good recommendations?sprint has the best ones out and alot of my friends switched over. they have the teir system where you only pay 5.00 per hundred minutes over. they have great phones and service. i tried many companies and they are the best. i even had a phone a few months out of warranty and they fixed it for nothing. they have many plans and also have a plan where all your incoming calls are free5. Why is my HDTV shimmery/hazy? It's a Samsung- 56" 1080p Slim-Depth LED Engine DLP HDTV?Could be a problem with the unit. Samsung is known for unreliable tvs, especially there DLP line. Major light engine problems. See if you can get it under warranty. Call Samsung tech support and have a translating book beside you.6. Is an easton warranty bat under warranty?The S2 is a replacement bat. There is no warranty on replacement bats. The only thing that I could say is that you should email Easton and tell them about it. There is still the chance that they will replace it for you.7. Are all home warranty companies lousy?UZ , no. In fact if you are buying a home , it is typical for the Seller to pay this fee. It is wise , with an older home. If you own an considering the warranty, you must do an analysis of the annual cost of the insurance, the estimated remaining life of the covered items, and your available cash to replace vs your monthly income for a payment.Best, Cory8. "Newly” acquired 1998 Honda Passport w/ engine rebuild less than two weeks and less than 250 miles ago. Smokin?Not even gonna hazard a guess. If it was in fact done by certified Honda technicians there should be some sort of warranty. Unless you were abusing the engine, which they will be able to tell.
What Are Typical Home Warranty Rates?
Depending on the additional items you can add to your contract, pool/ Jacuzzi, garage door, appliances. But a basic fee is $350-$450 per year and a $35-$55 service fee per service call. Review your contract as not everything is covered, and technicians are usually required to get approval from the warranty company before any work can begin.1. Slowing motor and electric smoke coming from Magic Bullet blender?It's basically dead. The insulative enamel surrounding the wires in the motor has become overheated. That is where the smoke is coming from. If you continue to use the unit the enamel will degrade completely resulting in an electrical short. It is actually a bit of a fire hazard, so I would suggest discontinuing use of the unit. It is possible that the unit is defective. Given its age I am sure its covered under warranty. Early failure of electric motors can also be from excessive load. It may be that your unit is not intended to process something so substantial as ice. Another thing to note is that if the unit is jammed and cannot spin, you should release the power immediately. This is the fastest way to burn out any electrical motor. That goes for a cordless drill and the like2. Would you buy the extended warranty or not?I think I would get it, wait a week or so, and then call them up, ask if the laptop accidental warranty is in affect, THEN say you broke the laptop. You want to make completely sure that the warranty will cover you before you disclose to those snakes that you've busted your laptop, and once it's in affect, then just tell them you broke it yesterday (assuming that yesterday was within the warranty period)3. If the warranty is about to expire on your car is that the time to buy a new car?This depends very much on your own goals and the vehicle in question. The question doesn't state it, but I sense the implicit assumption that the goal is to spend less money in the long run. For some people, saving money might not be the goal, and they will keep spending money on a 1970s model Rolls Royce because.... well... it's a Rolls Royce!For the rest of us, it will depend on the design life of the vehicle in question. Toyota Land Cruisers (for example) have a design life of 20 years. There is absolutely no reason to buy a new one when the warranty expires. On the other end of the scale, when it comes to luxury German saloons, they become very expensive to maintain as they age, and you may want to skip buying them altogether and rather lease them for shorter terms (although this is not an option in all countries).I'm a long time Toyota driver. I don't sell cars when their warranty expires. I buy the cars that are sold by others because the warranty is about to expire, and because they are afraid of the expensive timing belt service (around 100 000km). What people don't understand is that the first 5 years of a car's life (which is usually also about the warranty period) is when it devalues the most. The average Toyota has 75%-80% of its design life left by the time it leaves warranty, and compared to the devaluation and opportunity cost, that "expensive" timing belt service is nothing. People like me LOVE people who are scared of the expiring warranty. If the warranty is about to expire on your car is that the time to buy a new car?4. Dell Studio 540 wont turn?Ah after long time nostalgic feeling ok here goes first disconnect the power cable the do a drain flee power (holding the power button in for 30 sec when disconnected from all power sources) this makes sure to release any static energy then try powering it on again if it work good if not swap the wires or the monitor power with the tower and see if you get beep codes refer to the manuel at suppor.dell.com and see if not motherboard and powersupply need to be changed you can open the system and reseat the ATX connector the multi color wires also try removing all memory and power on the system BUT DO SEE THE SYSTEM IS OFF WHEN YOUR OPENING IT -CSS Team (BTW if your in warranty then dell will help you replace those parts without you needing to open the system GOOD LUCK !!
Is the Warranty still Valid on My Bose in Ear Headphones?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Is the warranty still valid on my bose in ear headphones? i had a pair of the bose in ear headphones then the left speaker stopped working so i called and they said i could replace the m for free or with an extra $30 get the ones with a mic so they billed me the $30 and i did that just last night my little brother sat on them so i tried them again and...1. Which over-ear headphones are better? sony vs. urban ears?Neither. If REAL quality is an issue, please go for REPUTABLE brands only such as B&W, Sennheiser (most affordable), Shure, Grado, Denon, AKG, Audio-Technica, Etymotic or Beyerdynamic. Things like Klipsch, Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Philips are ONLY "okay-ish" indeed2. do over-ear headphones or in-ear headphones have better noise-isolation?Over ear headphones have better noise-isolation. It also varies on the volume level of the music you are listening to My friend has the studio headphones--they are such good quality In my opinion I would go with the Dre Solo HD in ear headphones3. What are the best in-ear headphones?From these, either Sennheiser, AKG or Klipsch4. Best ear/headphones under 50 bucks?You can make a research about Bose ,Beats by Dr.Dre ,Sennheiser,Sony all my recommend brands5. What is a good pair of in-ear headphones that are durable and have good quality?but worth it6. Over the ear Headphones for $100?I would usually advise to stay clear of Dre Beats because theyre cheap quality production that happen to have good sound quality. I personally use akg k460's which are on ear. They also have over the ear with great sound cancelation, but Im not sure their available in the states (always buy them while on vacation in europe). Denon is also a good company, as well as sennheiser. Any of these will do well. Thesemay be more specialty though and I cant say if the ones you want will be available in stores. That being said, the dre beats, as much as I despise these plastic bastards, do have some of the best bass quality out there. So if you listen mostly to hiphop, dnb, dubstep or any other electronic music I would say these would probably be for you. No matter what dont get phillips, sony. Theyre not in the same ballpark as the ones from the Co.'s that specialize in audios.7. What are some cool over the ear headphones?ear pollution you can go on there site and customize them8. What are the best, affordable on-ear/over-ear headphones?Best Affordable Over Ear Headphones9. Are Bose® in-ear headphones good?between Apple & Bose - choose for Bose. yet in view which you even reported Bose - it skill the two you are a woman or you are new into high quality earphones. for an identical money through fact the Bose tri-port you may get a Sennheiser CX500, it particularly is miles past to the Bose in Sound high quality, Passive noise isolation, convenience & guarantee (CX 500 has 2 year guarantee) - i recognize cos I have been given the CX 500 first, gave it for a CX ninety 5 & on the instant am getting a Sennehiser CX 6. every physique with little wisdom approximately high quality sound should not & would not touch a Bose with an prolonged stick. each and every of the ultimate (^_^)10. What are the loudest in ear headphones i have skull candys but there not loud enough?go blow your ears out like you did that guy the other day...eh my man!!11. Zipbuds Choice "Over-Ear" - are these headphones mediocre enough?Maybe something is wrong with your pc or phone. The pictures and the product chart obviously show that it is over ear. According to the reviewers it seems like a decent set of cans. As interesting as the detachable cables are I do not like how it is not a one-sided detachable cable. There are good headphones out there that does not have to be your usual well known brands. Then again I have owned headphones that had great reviews only to find out that I would have given it a much lower rating. The AT's you wanted is only $20 more. $20 is not going to break your bank. I would get what you want and not regret it later because of the measly 20 bucks. This is just my opinion.
Mazda Warranty - When Does It Start?
It usually starts the day after it is made. The In-Service date. If you call Mazda USA, and ask for the in service date for your car(have vin # ready), and they will give it to you. Most likely, you have 2 years left.1. 2010 Mazda 3 or 2010 Toyota Yaris?I have not driven the Yaris, but have not heard great things about it as a highway vehicle. It has a shorter wheelbase than the Mazda 3 (100.4 vs. 103.9 inches), which is a factor in highway comfort. The Toyota probably does have some advantages in long-term reliability. I have driven the Mazda 3 and found it very comfortable. It is high on my "next car" list.2. 1996 mazda 626 side cover head gasket?Perhaps the diagnosis was "leak on side of valve cover gasket" If this is what was meant, the right thing to do is to remove the valve cover and clean it thoroughly with oven cleaner to remove sludge. CLean both surfaces. Sometimes, the original gasket can be reused if it is made with rubber. If it is torn or not continuous, buy a new gasket from Mazda. It's not that much. Good Luck!!.3. How much is fair for '04 Mazda 3 with this history?If I study between the lines of your description properly, your motor vehicle has a rebuilt salvage identify. if it is the case, no person is going to pay Kelley Blue e book cost for the vehicle - and you are obligated to show that suggestions to the customer. In long island, you and the customer could the two fill out a sort certifying that the rebuilt salvage identify replaced into disclosed. i am constructive it extremely is comparable in Alabama, besides the fact that i could no longer discover any particular suggestions on line. If the vehicle did no longer have a salvage identify, you would be able to desire to get $9,000 for it - i would choose the bumper replaced, in view which you assert it extremely is scratched and has a hollow, and that will knock funds off the cost. With the salvage identify, the vehicle is in basic terms well worth what somebody can pay. In all seriousness, that's in all probability 50% of KBB. even nonetheless there would desire to no longer be something incorrect with the vehicle, human beings would fairly have a motor vehicle that has not been in an twist of fate. i think of you would be able to desire to ask $5,000 or $6,000 and need to get that plenty.4. Looking to buy a Mazda 3 - Suggestions?I have a Mazda 3 hatchback and I can tell you I love it better than my 02 Spec-v. They are good in car, insurance is decent (but that depends on the owner). Best advice is for you to go Test Drive.. only you will know if you like it5. Mazda 6 I paintedmaybe ill do some emblems on it, if it was my amc eagle then its chrome heaven. would you agree?6. HOW TO MAKE A MAZDA CX7 FASTER?trade it in for the Touring or Grand tourning model with the 244 Horsepower turbo from the MS37. How to replace a radiator for a 2002 mazda protege?If you are trying to replace a radiator and you are not sure how to do it the most efficiently, you should look for a website to help no matter what some A- Hole who feels that anyone under their supposed skill level should try it. Screw them!8. How to start a flooded Mazda RX8?Rx8 Flooding9. Why are there less new Mazda vehicles on the road nowadays?Since we build Mazda's here in Alabama, I see lots of them. The workers here buy what they build. As they work in teams, with only a team leader and the plant manager above them. No unions. Any worker can stop the line if they see a problem. Same with my friends that work at the Hyundai plant in Montgomery. They buy what they build, and are proud of their cars. You never find a pop bottle left in the door! We also build Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai vehicles here. Five manufacturers here, one (Tesla) in California. Bonus, most will NOT build a CARB compliant vehicle for California
How Do I Fix a 55" Diamond TV That an LED Gets on but There Is No Blue Screen?
First is it on warranty? If it is consult the store or other representative for instructions. Do not try to fix it, you cannot fix it yourself. If it is not on warranty you are free to choose the repair place. If the panel is intact there is good chance it can be fixed at a reasonable price ($100-200)-1. When & why a product warranty may be invalidWhat is the warranty period? How often have you asked this question while buying a product? The dealer, of course, delivers the usual spiel on the number of months or years that you will be guaranteed prompt and perfect service by the company. What he does not mention, and you do not bother to read, is the fine print on the warranty paper. These are the strings that could sour the perfect deal you believe you have just clinched.If you are lucky, the product will function smoothly during its entire lifetime, but if it breaks down within the warranty period, do not assume you can get it repaired or replace it unconditionally. Though companies agree to replace the parts in the product, the cleverly worded warranty document states that doing so will be at the discretion of the company.Apart from this, there are conditions that can result in the warranty being void. One of these is that the warranty card should have the signature and stamp of the dealer/seller along with the date of purchase. You must also check that the serial number is correctly entered in the card. Be careful if you are buying a pre-owned product as most companies state that the warranty is applicable only to the first buyer.So, if you plan to gift a gadget to someone, make sure that the bill is in his name, so that he can make use of the warranty when needed. While buying products from international markets and duty-free shopping zones, check that the warranty is valid in India too. "There are very few brands that offer a global guarantee. So, you may buy a product abroad because it is 20% cheaper, but may lose out on the warranty," says Purnendu Kumar, vice-president, retail and consumer goods at Technopak.Next, you should go through the usage instructions and repair guidelines carefully. If you do not adhere to these, it can lead to the warranty being cancelled. For instance, Godrej Locks says that the warranty is valid only if a professional from the company has installed the lock. Acer India states that the warranty may be claimed only by those customers who have registered their purchase with the company (either online or through their Website) within 15 days of receiving the product.Some products need to be serviced regularly, such as water purifiers and cars. Their warranty will be valid only if you get this done through the authorised service agent/centre. "If a part is not replaced according to the design specifications, it can cause further damage to the unit, which will not be covered by the company. So, further warranty after repair by unauthorised agents is void," says SK Jain, VP, sales & services, Onida. To prove that you have always serviced the product at the authorised centre, you should maintain records of past service as well as bills.The physical appearance of the product can also influence the validity of the warranty. "If there is physical damage to a part of the product, it can still be taken as a reason to reject warranty even if it not relevant to why it is not working," says Harshit Patel, director, TechShop.in. So you may file a complaint that your LCD monitor is unable to access plug-and-play devices, but if the screen has a crack, the warranty could be dismissed.Also, not all parts are covered under warranty. "In the case of a washing machine, the warranty for the circuit is only for a year, while it is longer for the motor. Most consumers believe that the motor is more essential even though the circuit costs are high at Rs 4,000-5,000," says Kumar.Even when the company is willing to repair or change the parts that are covered, you may have to pay for labour charges. "During the warranty period, only the parts replaced or repaired are free of cost, but service charges are always payable," states the Videocon service manual listing the warranty conditions.In case you are eligible to get the product repaired/replaced during the warranty period and the company is arbitrarily refusing to do so, you can approach the consumer courts. However, even to challenge a company's denial, you need to know the conditions and maintain the relevant bills and papers. "Proper paperwork and all details regarding the product transaction, service and operation are required," says Patel.Companies have started offering extended warranties, which can be taken separately if you want to cover the product for a longer period. "Extended warranties protect the consumer from high expenses in case an expensive part needs to be replaced. He is insured against all kinds of failure at a very nominal cost," says Jain.However, experts suggest caution while opting for extended warranties as the conditions for warranty and extended warranty differ. The list of parts covered is further reduced in the latter. "For instance, in a fan there is a motor, ball bearing and capacitor. No company will give a warranty of more than a year for the capacitor, but it will be willing to provide an extended warranty for the ball bearing. However, the induction coil is the most important part and is very costly. There may or may not be an extended warranty for the coil," says Kumar.Also, extended warranties may turn out to be futile expenses. "The companies that provide these are banking on the fact that the product is good in quality and will survive the extended warranty period provided the user has kept the product in pristine condition," says Patel. The company may also account for the fact that consumers may not maintain the invoices or warranty cards, which will automatically eliminate any warranty claims.However, some experts suggest that as the cost is hardly 1% of the price of the product, it may be better to opt for the extended warranty for expensive items, which you plan to retain for a significant period of time.2. Why is shutter speed making my photos BLACK?!?Put the camera controls on default, like they just came out of the box. Put the main control on full auto, if it is not already there. Take a shot, preferably outdoors in full sunlight. If you get a black picture, then throw away the camera and get a new one. And I am quite serious about that. If YOU changed the settings without knowing what you are doing, that can cause this sort of problem. By setting the camera back to default in full auto mode, that takes your settings out of the mix. If it still does not work right, then it is broken. There is nothing you can do to fix it, other than send it back to Fuji. If it is still under warranty, fine. If not, it is not worth the cost of getting it repaired.3. jeep wrangler dash lights flickering?From what you describe you have a serious problem in your wiring harness or possibly with the on board computer. Take it back to the jeep dealership where you bought it for repairs to be done under warranty. I would demand a loaner vehicle while the repairs are being done. You spent alot of money on this defective vehicle and Jeep should stand behind its product. If the dealer is anything less than compliant with your demand for a satisfactory cost free warranty repair AND the use of a loaner vehicle you should seek legal advice
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