Would/Do Video Game Companies Hire Civil Engineers Or Civil Engineer Technician for Level Designing?

A bridge in a game is just an image, no need to do civil calculate details to draw a bridge in a game. Except that company wants to develop a software for student building a bridge. Then your civil talent could be helpful

1. Do civil engineers work with environmental?

Environmental engineering is one of the specialty practices of civil engineering. The professional license to practice for both is the civil engineering PE

2. What Is the Annual Income of a Civil Traffic Engineer?

Designing streets and highways is just one of many responsibilities of a civil traffic engineer. With each design, he must weigh everything from government regulations to environmental implications to construction costs before taking the helm of any major transportation project. If his estimate determines it's feasible, a green light is given. But when something does not line up, it's back to the drawing board. For the amount of time it can take to work up a plan, transportation engineers - as they are more commonly called - can command a handsome salary. As of 2011, civil engineers averaged $82,710 a year. Because high salaries in certain industries can skew this number, median wage is often a better indication of a civil engineer's earnings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, half of all people in this occupation earned less than $77,990 a year. But neither figure reflects specialty. A forensics engineer, for example, is likely paid a different salary than a traffic engineer. A survey conducted by the American Society of Civil Engineers found that salaries can vary greatly based on area of specialty. In 2012, transportation engineers earn $87,850 a year - roughly $10,000 more than the median wage for the occupation as a whole. However, transportation is not the highest earning area of engineering. Those working in sanitation, for example, earn $111,652 a year, while ocean or marine engineering can bring an annual income of $169,000, the ASCE adds. As with any job, location affects salaries, and a transportation engineer is no exception. In 2010, those working in District of Columbia earned the most in the nation, averaging almost $94,000 a year. Salaries in California were a close second, averaging almost $92,000 a year. The same can also be said for transportation engineers in Texas, where salaries average at close to $88,000 a year. Those in South Dakota and Montana, however, do not fare as well, earning $64,660 and $64,420, respectively. Through 2020, civil engineers should enjoy a 19 percent employment growth, at least according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is somewhat faster that the expected job growth for all U.S. occupations - an estimated 14 percent. The brighter than average future is likely the result of aging infrastructures. As roads, bridges and highways continue to age, civil transportation engineers are needed to design and manage rebuilding projects.

3. What skills do civil engineers have that can be transferred to a new career?

You seem to have 18 months experience as a Civil Engineer, not 6, correct?Either way, before you make a career change, consider there are facts (my exposure to a successful civil engineer and client) that persuade me there's no need to make a career change unless you think (wrongly) civil engineering is "beneath whom you think you are".Instead, be proud of being a civil engineer. Use that education and experience in support of a variety of related paths, many of which you might learn to love. My client and now good friend. seamlessly transitioned into home building, gated community design, management of other civil engineers and project managers.Before owning his own home building enterprise, he was tapped by a nationally known home builder to be the contractor for delivering the home builder's multi-million dollar personal residential complex.Related skills you ask: Listening, planning, networking, working late, working later than anyone else, learning daily, embracing finance and customer engagement; praising others in front of owners and bosses, writing more, writing every day; archiving the good, the bad, and the ugly; getting good at wanting to speak in public; never being accused of having no vision; demonstrating you have vision; using stealth in meaningful, not flashy, community service. More on skills. See value in repetition of positive traits. Be known by surrounding yourself with employees, customers, and associates, whom you know are smarter than you are, especially in areas of your life that are not your strong suits.Skills are dandy.Results make your world go round

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