Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro: Xiaomi Arrives in the UK with Launch of New Smartphone

Xiaomi has officially arrived in the UK and is bringing with it a range of new products for UK fans.

Speaking at the launch in London,Xiaomi's senior vice president WangXiang, said: "Today we witness a new chapter inXiaomi's global expansion journey, underpinned by our global ambitions. We are thrilled to make great strides by announcing our arrival in the UK." The big release is the Mi 8 Pro, Xiaomi's flagship smartphone release for 2018. The device launched in China earlier this year, but this is the first time the phone is available outside of Xiaomi's home country, and it intends to make some waves on the smartphone scene.

Here's what you need to know about the new Mi 8 Pro.

The focus on the new Mi 8 Pro is all about the back of the phone. With a transparent glass back cover that points to some of the main internal features of the phone like its Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, and red accents on the side button and camera,this is a unique looking phone.

The back of the phone is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and is curved on four sides with a gentle arc design so it fits easily in your hand.

The 6.21-inch device has an AMOLEDfull-screen display, like its rival the OnePlus 6T, with a mid-sized notch on the front to house the front camera which has infrared secure face unlock.

It's also one of the few phones to boost an in-screen fingerprint sensor, alongside the likes of HuaweiMate 20 Pro and the latest OnePlus, showing that this type of screen tech has well and truly arrived.

Xiaomi goes big on the front camera, with a 20-megapixel lens to take all the portrait selfies you could possibly want.

As well, the rear dual-camera setup compromises of two lenses: one 12-megapixel Samsung telephoto sensor and a 12-megapixel Sony wide angle lens which Xiaomi claims is ultra light sensitive to take the best photos.

It also comes complete with some AI photography features in the software such as scene detection, bokeh effects and studio lighting for portrait mode.

Inside the phone is fitted with Snapdragon's 845 processor, also fitted in OnePlus's latest device.

In terms of storage, it has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage so it will take a long time to fill this phone up.

The new phone on sale from tomorrow,November 9, at Xiaomi's online store, Mi.com/UK, as well as retail partners including Amazon, Argos and John Lewis. Three is also selling the Mi 8 Pro on contract, with prices starting from £19 upfront and £22 a month.

Its retail price is £499, making it one to compete with OnePlus's wares which also feature high-end specs at affordable prices.

With the likes of OnePlus, Honor, Huawei and now Xiaomi in the UK market, the battle of the Chinese tech giants has only just begun.

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Sounds like Stonehenge: an anthology board game:Stonehenge is an anthology board game, a new concept where five award-winning game designers, all using the same gaming components, create five very different games in one box. The ancient ruin of Stonehenge will never be the same. The five games are:1. Are Shimano components compatible with each other? Do I have to get a specific chain?As long as you use a ten speed chain it should not matter which group you take it from. Normally the higher priced ones are bit lighter but the additional price often does by far not match the lower weight. Also the higher priced ones might last not that long due to the lighter material. Therefore if it's for a bike where you know that it will see some dirt and wear, better get some mid-priced stuff. It might last longer and if does not it wo not drill as big a hole into your budget2. Does Bless Have Costly Material Components?Spell components only cost gold if they explicitly say they do.The flask of Holy Water listed is a full flask which has a number of uses, e.g. throwing at vampires.The Holy Water listed as a spell component would only have to be a very small amount, probably a drop or two. This is like the difference between leather armour and the 'piece of cured leather' required for Mage Armour. As long as you have your component pouch or focus, do not worry about it. But if you found yourself with a flask of Holy Water and no component pouch, you could use a little bit of Holy Water from the flask to cast Bless. With regards to Commune, the vial of Holy Water required does not have a gold cost listed against it. Therefore, it does not cost anything3. why do electrical components burn or explode when excess voltage is applied?in ohms law: P = E^2 / R or Power = volts^2 / Resistance and for a wii the R is const. for 220v this is nearly 4 times the watts crisping your wii.4. Are any of the components particularly weak for this price point?Where I live, that component level is aftermarket groupset, not entry level anymore. You may also found out too, within days/weeks Shimano 105 is the current entry level component and is being challenged by SRAM RIVAL5. How do I find out what electrical components run through my ELEC B fuse?Now days your not going to find anyy cars or trucks with 0 draw on battery ,you have to have what is known as keep alive memory for the cars ECU-radio -air bag systems & on &on, If you are going to let the car set awhile or just do not drive it much use a solar panel to keep the battery up ,est. cost about 39.00 &up you need at least 15watts input be safe my friend PS I have the same problem with a car I do not drive every week6. How to choose a frame to be sure it fits to the owned components?I would say buy a used bike of similar age, and a similar style. That means if its a road bike, do not expect to fit the parts to a MTB. Bicycle makers have regularly changed things over time, so what fits a 1990 bike probably wo not fit a 2000 bike and has no chance of fitting a 2010 bike. I would not waste money on a new frame unless the parts you have are less than 5 years old and show minimal wear.Your other option is to part out what you have on ebay or similar, and buy a complete bike (new or used)7. Building my first PC, could someone look at these components and give me feedback?That's an impressive list...I wish i had that much money.Everything should work fine.You will probrably find it cheaper on newegg rather than locally8. sharepoint 2007 installation an installation package for the product microsoft office document lifecycle components cannot be foundOk I got it.I just searched the installation directory for would lc.msi' and installed it manually and it worked fine.I belive that any error like this can be solved the same way.
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How Home Good Brands are Evolving to Engage Millennial HomeownersMillennials are widely known as the generation who prefers to rent rather than buy. Whether it's taking an Uber or Lyft instead of owning a car, or leasing a place rather than taking out a mortgage, millennials are approaching the concept of ownership in a markedly different way than their predecessors.But it's time to rethink that perception, at least when it comes to home ownership. More and more millennials are ditching the rent check in favor of a monthly mortgage payment. In fact, millennials now comprise 42% of all home buyers and 71% of first-time home buyersMillennials bring their own set of needs, preferences and expectations around home ownership, which creates challenges — and opportunities — for home goods brands. As such, I believe the next wave of major home goods brands will no longer be defined by the convenience or optionality they provide, but rather their ability to inspire and educate their customers. New types of homeownersLet's dive into how the market is changing with this new demographic of homeowners. Because millennials generally buy older homes that need fixing up, the vast majority (88%) are very interested in learning about home improvement and repair, and 86% have made at least one home improvement in the past year.But they often need help to get these projects across the finish line. In a recent survey, millennials had the least experience of any generation when it came to 13 of 21 common home repairs. Fixing the Wi-Fi router is one thing, but fixing the kitchen sink is a far more daunting task.It's clear millennials are buying homes and want to improve them, but many do not know how. They are in need of content and inspiration, but current offerings do not always offer this, leading them to go hunting for it. Those searches often lead to YouTube. Channels like HouseImprovements, which boast over half a million subscribers and over 100 million views, demonstrate the appetite for this content. But even with free content at their fingertips, studies show millennials still bring in professionals after using the videos to gauge to the complexity of the project and the need to hire someone. To appeal to these young homeowners, home goods brands need to hook them with a combination of inspirational and educational content. This will keep millennials coming back for more and create brand loyalty that drives repeat purchases and ultimately higher lifetime value.Why incumbents are not enough for millennialsLet's look at where incumbents in this space are falling short. The Home Depot built its business on being a one-stop shop for home improvement. It grew into the big-box retailer we know it as today because it provided anything and everything in one location. But it needs to do more to extend its impact beyond its stores and better educate and inspire its customers in the digital age. They have plenty of DIY videos on YouTube, although notably they have about half the number of subscribers as HouseImprovements. Additionally, classes they put on have a mixed reception, judging from online reviews.Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands like Casper and Peloton have also relied on convenience as their main value proposition. Their frictionless offerings are particularly appealing to millennial renters, who just want to get what they need into their place as easily as possible. Taking a mattress out of a box or getting a gym-class workout from home certainly addresses that need.But in the age of one-click, same-day shipping, convenience has become table stakes. As more millennials become homeowners, they do not want to just make incremental improvements with easy-to-buy products, they want to change the build, function, and look of their homes.As a result, we are seeing a new wave of companies focus on providing inspirational content and full-service offerings around the home. These D2C brands like Houzz and Casper have huge penetration and are part of the broader group of over 400 DTC companies that have raised $3 billion since 2012. Where we are headedIf incumbents used convenience and optionality to become industry leaders, the next generation of home goods and e-commerce companies will focus on cultivating a community where everyone can learn, easily communicate with one another, share inspiration, and get help. At Signia, we are particularly looking at areas that lend themselves to content, such as indoor and outdoor gardening, growing your own food, home decor (art, furniture, etc.), and renovation (patios, bathrooms, etc. ). There are already a number of companies using this playbook to great success, which run the gamut across the home goods space. Block Renovation, which counts NEA and others as investors, is a platform for end-to-end home renovation services for bathrooms and kitchens. It assembles beautiful content like the shots below to drive interest. In the kitchen, Made In Cookware is a cookware startup that partners with celebrity chefs and creates both video and written content on how to cook, clean, and utilize their tools. Outside the home, innovators include The Sill, a gardening startup that provides content on how to pot, fertilize, and care for plants; Hometalk, a DIY home and garden knowledge hub centered on content and community, which raised $15M from NFX and others last year after bootstrapping for seven years; and Sunday, a lawn care subscription service, that invests heavily in its content hub called The Shed.While there is no shortage of headwinds going against millennials in their quest for home ownership, more and more are overcoming these challenges and buying a place to call their own. As this generation takes over the housing market, the home goods brands that cater to this group's insatiable need for inspiration and content will be well positioned for success.Written by: David Bloomdavid@signiavc.com
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From its beginnings in the early 20th century, Scandinavian design’s streamlined style of modern furniture and decor has become even more popular today.The Scandinavian nations of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and especially Denmark are renowned for their modern living room furniture and interiors. Clean-lined and functional–yet taking on evocative shapes drawn from nature–Scandinavian design initially helped bring modernism to the masses by making it more humanistic. More than that, many classic Scandinavian works have proven to be timeless design icons.The BeginningsIn the early 20th century, the Industrial Revolution and Germany’s Bauhaus school inspired many European designers to create furnishings free of ornamentation, yielding a streamlined, machine-inspired functionalism. Scandinavian furniture designers put their own spin on the style, incorporating elements of their longstanding craftsmanship traditions, particularly light-colored woods.Finland’s Alvar Aalto, celebrated architect and modern furniture designer, helped pioneer the use of bending plywood in the mid-1930s. Many of his bent wood pieces are still in production today, such as the Stool 60, which recently celebrated its 80th anniversary, and perhaps the best-known of all his furniture pieces, the Paimio Chair, which was named for the town in which Aalto designed a hospital and all its furnishings.The 1940s and ’50sDuring and after World War II, a new generation of Scandinavian designers enjoyed increasing influence, and explored modern furniture designs that combined new materials and familiar natural forms. Finnish-born architect and industrial designer Eero Saarinen, for example, made his name in the United States while a student at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. He co-designed a bent plywood chair with Charles Eames that won the Museum of Modern Art’s “Organic Design in Home Furnishings” competition in 1940.Saarinen would go on to design modern furniture classics like the Womb Chair in 1948 and the Tulip Chair in 1957, as well as architectural landmarks like the St. Louis Arch and the Trans World Airlines terminal at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.It was also around this time that Denmark took the lead in Scandinavian design. Thanks to the success of numerous Danish designers like Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner, the phrase “Danish Modern” became shorthand for Scandinavian design (and middle-class sophistication). Like Aalto, Jacobsen was an architect and furniture designer. He not only created the elegant glass tower SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, but also all of its interiors, including two chairs that became popular worldwide: the Egg and Swan Chairs.Hans Wegner also became one of the most prolific modern furniture designers. His Round Chair from 1949, sometimes known simply as “The Chair,” represented his philosophy of “continuous purification,” with a curving back rail swooping down to form armrests.Embracing new technologies and forms, Scandinavian designers like Poul Henningsen and Verner Panton adopted a more futuristic style, favoring extravagant geometric forms and bold colors. Henningsen’s PH Artichoke lamp, designed in 1958, may look like that petal-covered vegetable but does so for a practical reason: to distribute overhead light without glare. It has since become one of the most iconic works of modern lighting design.The 1960s and TodayWhile he started in the ’50s, Verner Panton really hit his stride in the non-conformist 1960s and ’70s. His look was all about improbable shapes, vibrant colors and exploring innovative manufacturing processes. Take his Heart Cone Chair, which forms a valentine shape from its oversized wings. And his S-shaped Panton Chair from 1967 became the first chair formed from one piece of molded plastic.Today, the popularity of Scandinavian furniture has reached every corner of the globe. Many of the classics discussed here are still in production–as well as new designs inspired by them–by brands like Vitra, Artek, and Knoll. Scandinavian style has spread to accessories as well, including things like pillows, wallpaper and other decor from Ferm Living, and streamlined kitchenware from brands like Stelton and Menu.It’s easy to see how, over the years, the appeal of Scandinavian design endures: warm modernism with a natural, human feel. That’s something we hope never goes out of style.Classic Modern Design: Scandinavian was ·RELATED QUESTIONWhere can I find good Classic Homes furniture?You can find good classic home furniture in both local as well as online stores. Since you have not mentioned your country or city of residence, it is hard for me to list down some local stores. So, I will suggest you some online stores.You can try IKEA. It is the leading online furniture storeswhich delivers internationally. You, however, will have to check if your country is included in their service area or not.If you are a resident of India, then you can try one of the online stores listed below.WoodenstreetIt is the first online custom furniture store in India which delivers in several parts of the country. This store is solely dedicated to home furniture items and hence you can find a huge variety of on their website. You can even pick you design, and if the design is practical enough to be transformed into furniture, they will do it for you. You can choose your type of wood, finish, fabric, etc. of course from the list of available options.PepperfryIt is one of the leading furniture stores in India that sells amazing home furniture. It has an extensive list of satisfied customers. Along with furniture, this store also has an excellent collection of home décor as well as hardware and electrical products.Fab FurnishIt is another leading online furniture store in India which now seems to lose its charm because of the poor quality of services and products. Although I haven’t shopped anything recently from this website, this is what customer reviews say about this company. You may or may not have a bad experience.
MY CAR IS MAKING A SOUND SIMILAR TO THAT OF A FLAT TIRE BUT I HAVE 4 BRAND NEW TIRES.?Check your wheel bearing. Also, does your steering wheel involuntarily turn to one direction when you are not directing it? Does your car swerve to one direction if you do not harness it? Could be the control arm failing, and it could be many more things. You should take it to a local wheel/tire shop and have them jack up the car to see if the wheels wobble while jacked up. If it wobbles, you need to replace your wheel bearing. If your wheel turns by itself while jacking up, you need to re-align or replace the control arm— — — — — —I have a flat tire on a car that I have not used much the past few months.?i would fix the flat - the other tires might get insecured if they feel you do not care about them— — — — — —When was the last time you had to repair a flat tire?Last summer I had a blowout.....!!— — — — — —Can a flat tire make you wreck?A tire with low pressure can make a car pull or drift in a direction. But I will not cause a violent jerk that will throw you off course. Only a blowout or a sudden deflation could do that. But always keep them to the specified PSI do not put the PSI that is indicated on the tire. That is the MAX PSI the tire should have— — — — — —Is there a saying that has Influenced your life?A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you are going nowhere until you change it— — — — — —What is the name of the tool needed to take a flat tire off my car?Hello there, first of all please look in your trunk for tools to remove your flat tire off your car. The tools should be with the spare tire. Failing that you will have to purchase a cross brace wrench, which will have four different sizes. Please note that for your own safety when raising a vehicle to change a flat tire, you must block or use safety stands under the vehicle. This is task you must have someone to show you how to do it. (that's if you are not sure) One more thing after changing the tire the wheel must be re-torqued after a say 100 kilometre run. Okay. Far as the tire shop loaning them out it's not a general practise for safety reasons of-course. Thanks.— — — — — —What to Carry in Your Bicycle Seat Bag in Case of a Flat TireI am an avid cyclist who has ridden 30,000 miles over the past seven years. I enjoy sharing the little I know with interested others. The Time to Prepare is Now Let's say you are out on your daily bike ride, looking for and successfully finding solitude. You are all alone, more than walking distance away from home, no cell phone signal (this happens a lot up here where I live on the Palouse), enjoying the fresh air, exercise, perspiration and isolation. Suddenly, your front wheel (or your back wheel) starts to feel different, less responsive, maybe even squishy beneath you. This is a telltale sign of a slow leak in your tire...and probably means that soon it will be completely flat. Right now-now, when you are sitting in your chair or at your computer reading this article and maybe have some time and inclination to do something about it-is when you need to think about the answer to this question: When your tire does go flat, and you are out there all alone, will you be ready to fix it? Are you prepared? Do you have what you need in your saddle bag, in your jersey pocket or on your bike? This very thing happened to me one day (slow leak, squishy handling, rapidly deflating front tire) and, though I truly thought I was prepared for that moment, I found out quickly I was not! I definitely made some rookie mistakes along the way, too, and I want to help you make sure you do not repeat them. The Right Tools for the Right Job When I ride my road bike, gravel bike or mountain bike, I almost always carry a saddle bag kit under my seat. It looks like this: On the day in question, I pulled off to the side of the road, opened up my seat kit pack and found this inside: a miniature patch repair kit (Skabs), tire levers, and a CO2 inflator with a spare CO2 canister. At this point, I thought I was probably going to be able to do what I needed to do to get rolling again. Indeed, in most situations this would have been enough. When I removed the tube from the front wheel of my bike, though, and began troubleshooting, I found trouble and then said, "Shoot." I was prepared for a lot of stuff, but I was not prepared for this: the tube was torn length-wise--like maybe 1" to 2" rips--in a couple different spots. When I discovered this, I started digging through my seat kit pack again, looking for a spare tube. That's when I discovered rookie mistake number one: I did not have a spare tube with me. Ugh. Sometimes You Have to Improvise Though I did not have a spare tube, I did have lots of Skabs on hand so I was able to jury-rig a fix to the problem by overlapping the little patch circles along the entire length of the rips in my tube. I did this in two places. Here's what one of them looked like: You might think that rookie mistake number two was putting the tube back on the wheel, trying to inflate it only to find that I did not actually get the tube fixed. Or, maybe you think I did not check the inside of the tire for protrusions, goat heads, small things that might re-puncture the tire. Well, those are not it. I actually did do both of those things (but not in that order) and when I went to check that the tire would hold air, that's when I discovered rookie mistake number two. I need to digress a bit here to set the stage for mistake number two. See, about six months prior to this incident, back when the world was normal and all, I put my bike in my truck and headed to a town south of here about 33 miles. I wanted to ride on the trail down there, and there's no way to ride a bike from here to there without braving a narrow, no-shoulder, two-lane US Highway. Braving would not be the right word for that either, actually. It would be more like stupiding if you were to attempt it. And now I've digressed too far... Anyway, while I was riding down there in the Lewiston, ID/Clarkston, WA area on the trail along the Snake River, I got a flat tire when I was about 12 miles away from where my truck was parked at Walmart. Long story short: I had everything I needed except a frame-mounted bike pump. My CO2 canister failed, I did not have a spare, and I also did not have a frame-mounted pump with me. That's when I started doing the walk of shame back toward Lewiston, pushing my injured bike down the road, looking at my feet, listening to the flat tire bump bump bump rhythmically round and round. See, I did not have cell phone coverage, either (remember I said that happens routinely up here on the Palouse?) so I also could not call my bride and tell her about my dilemma. Thankfully, mercifully, a man hauling a trailer, and who would been out camping with his young kids the night before, stopped alongside and offered me a ride. I took him up on it and vowed to buy myself a frame-mounted bike pump as soon as I got home. Which brings us back to our story: Before installing the tube back on the wheel, and not wanting to use my CO2 canister except in case of real dire emergency, I went to check whether the tube would hold air, using the frame-mounted pump I would purchased some five months before. That's when rookie mistake number two really hit home: that cheap pump I would purchased and mounted so nicely on my bike frame right next to the water bottle? Well, it did not work. At all. It did not push air out of the little hose thingy. It did not deliver the goods, as it were. So in the end, I had to use my CO2 canister to troubleshoot (shoot!) and also to inflate the tire. Preparation Is Key - Do It Today! Using the inflator, I was able to get enough air (CO2) into my front tire, and the patch-up job held long enough for me to make it back closer to civilization. Close enough to have cell phone signal, anyway, so I could call my wife and have her come pick me up. At the end of the day, that was plenty good enough. After my two rookie mistakes, I also learned a few things about my level of preparation, and I've since taken steps to correct them: I always carry a spare tube; I have a pump that actually works; and I look through all my saddle bags regularly to make sure I will have what I need when I need it out there on the road. If you are planning a long ride of your own someday soon, if the trail/road/mountain is calling your name and you plan to respond...there is no better time than right now to take inventory and make sure you have what you need. And if you do not , there is also no better time to get it. Once you do, you will definitely be ready for the next time your wheel starts to wobble and your tire starts to hiss. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author's knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. Hi Liam - agreed. Tubeless is a great option for many folks. I do not have any of my bikes set up for tubeless, but I know those who do love the arrangement. I am considering it for my gravel bike. I also buy cheap tubes, and carrying more than one spare is an even better idea if you have capacity to do so. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week! Tubeless is great on the mountain bike rather than the need for tubes- far better handling and performance. I tend to buy cheap tubes and take 2-3 with me. Getting patches to seal on dirty mtb inner tubes can be a challenge in itself. Kyler - thanks for the thoughtful comment. Yours sounds like a harrowing (and memorable) learning experience. I am glad all I had was a shredded tube and not a shredded face! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week! When I was gifted my first mountain bike, we took it to an amateur trail that was quite long and I pulled my front hand brake and went right over the handlebars. Took off half my face and, unbeknownst to us, my dad's tire was swiftly deflating while we field-treated my face. His spare had a hole in it too! After walking about half a mile with my face bleeding, no water left, the ranger pulled up to us and gave us a lift. Thank goodness we were lucky enough to have the ranger pull up!
Mercedes-Benz Zetros
Mercedes-Benz ZetrosThe Mercedes-Benz Zetros is an off-road truck for extreme operations. It was first presented at the 2008 Eurosatory defence industry trade show in Paris. The Zetros is manufactured at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wrth, Germany. The truck is designed to be compatible with the Hercules C-130 transport and also fits into a standard German railway carriage.— — — — — —Mercedes-Benz 770The Mercedes-Benz 770, also known as the Groer Mercedes (German for "Grand Mercedes"), was a large luxury car built by Mercedes-Benz from 1930 to 1943. It is probably best known from its use by high-ranking Nazi officials before and during World War II, including Adolf Hitler, Hermann Gring, Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich, as captured in archival footage— — — — — —Mercedes-Benz SLS AMGThe SLS AMG Ambulance concept showcases the sports car as an emergency vehicle. Unveiled at the 2011 RETTmobil emergency vehicle expo, the concept retained the amenities of the standard car. The car was finished in ALU-BEAM silver metallic exterior colour with decals and emergency lights. It was not , however, revealed whether the car was fitted with specialised equipment.— — — — — —Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221)The Mercedes-Benz W221 is a chassis code of S-Class, the successor of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W220) and the predecessor of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W222). The S-Class are the flagship vehicles of Mercedes-Benz and each generation typically introduces a range of technical innovations and developments that over time will find their way into smaller cars. The vehicle was unveiled at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show.— — — — — —2000 Mercedes-Benz CupThe 2000 Mercedes-Benz Cup was a men's tennis tournament played on outdoor hard courts at the Los Angeles Tennis Center in Los Angeles, California in the United States and was part of the International Series of the 2000 ATP Tour. The tournament ran from July 24 through July 30, 2000. Fourth-seeded Michael Chang won the singles title. .— — — — — —Mercedes-Benz W186The Mercedes-Benz W186 model 300 was a four-door luxury tourer produced by Mercedes-Benz between 1951 and 1957. The company's largest and most prestigious automobile, it was the S 600 of its day, elegant, powerful, exclusive, and expensive. Three versions were produced in succession, known informally as the 300a (or simply 300), 300b, and 300c. An enlarged "300d" variant built on the W189 chassis succeeded it in late 1957. Also referred to as a "Type 300", the W186 was equal in features and price but superior in performance to the rival Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. Favored by statesmen and business leaders, it offered options such as a glass partition, VHF mobile telephone, and dictation machine. All but hand-built as the company flagship, the W186 is often identified as an Adenauer after Konrad Adenauer, the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, who employed six custom cabriolet, hardtop saloon, and landaulet versions of the W186 and its successor W189 during his 1949-1963 tenure. Among the custom features in these "parade cars" were writing desks, sirens, curtains, dividing partitions, sunroofs, and half-roof "landaulet" configurations. Technologically advanced, the 300 was regarded as a "driver's" car, sharing numerous design innovations and mechanical components with the iconic Mercedes-Benz 300 SL "Gullwing", including engine, suspension, and chassis.— — — — — —Mercedes-Benz M273 engineThe Mercedes-Benz M273 engine is a V8 automobile piston engine family used in the 2000s (decade). It was based on the similar M272 V6 introduced in 2004. An evolution of the M113 V8, all M273s have aluminium engine blocks, sequential fuel injection, forged steel connecting rods, a one-piece cast camshaft, and a magnesium intake manifold. The cylinders are lined with silicon/aluminium, and a dual-length Variable Length Intake Manifold is fitted. In addition to this, new features shared with the M272 include DOHC aluminium cylinder heads, 4 valves per cylinder and independent continuously variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust sides. A new electronically controlled cooling system has eliminated the need for a mechanical thermostat for improved engine warm-up and optimum control of engine temperature.— — — — — —Mercedes-Benz OM457 engineThe Mercedes Benz OM457 Engine is an 12.0 L (11,967 cc) displacement inline 6-cylinder 4-stroke Diesel engine. It is one of many motors in the 400 series of engines. The OM457 has many applications, including Truck, marine, military, municipal, and agricultural vehicles, as well as stationary settings. The engine has differing trim and power levels. The engine is water-cooled, and is produced using cast-iron cylinder block, with removable wet type cylinder liners. The engine utilizes diesel fuel delivered in a direct injection method from individual electronically controlled and camshaft actuated unit pumps. The cylinder heads are separate units for each cylinder. The crankshaft is a precision forged unit running in seven three-layer bearings, with counterweights bolted onto the crank webs, much like any other diesel motor of its vintage. The connecting rods are of a split design, with bronze bushings for the piston pin.
Looking for Left Handed Video Camera?
looking for left handed video camera?Camcorders are designed for the majority of humans, who average out to be righted handed. So, JVC, Sony, Panasonic, all produce camcorders for right handed people. The right handed design is not hard to work and can be used by anyone. I am sure that even though you are left handed, it wo not matter that much— — — — — —i need a goodhave a christmas fashion show, get out ur camera (or if u have a video camera, even better) have her try on different christmassy stuff, even garlands draped on her or lights or ornaments pinned to her clothes and take pictures of it. better even if you have other kids there too.like invite preschool friends or whatever.— — — — — —still prints shot with video? ball hitting the bat-puck-stick etc.?you are unlikely to be satisfied w/the quality of stills from a video camera. if you really want to try it, set the shutter speed on the video camera to it's highest setting (on my older Canon, it is something like 3000fps). this will minimize the blur and give you crisper images. the photo's in the paper/etc that are so very good are probably done w/a still camera with a very fast shutter speed and a very rapid ability to take the next image, and they probably take a hundred shots to get that one spectacular shot.— — — — — —can you take a video camera in Alcatraz?the policy of the national park service is amateur photography is always allowed. however setting up tripods, lights and using models/actors is considered a distraction to other visitors, and so professional style photography requires a permit— — — — — —what should i ask for my birthday? answer plz this is my lik 7th question of this!?How about makeup or a video camera— — — — — —Plz tell, is this a good video camera?Nikon S3100 Rs. 6742 The Nikon Coolpix S3100 is a 14 megapixel digital camera, that's powered via EXPEED C2 image processing technologies. The digital camera has a million/2.3-inch CCD sensor and element ratios of four:3 and sixteen:9. The Coolpix S3100 is slimmer than its predecessors interior the Coolpix sequence. This Coolpix digital camera makes use of TFT liquid crystal exhibit visual exhibit unit with anti-mirrored image coating. the two.7-inch exhibit has a determination of 230,000 dot pixels. The digital camera comes with an inner memory of 40 5 MB, and extra memory would be extra utilising the SD, SDHX, and SDHC memory card. The rechargeable Li-ion battery EN-EL19 is able to taking 220 photos or checklist as much as 1hr 35 min of HD video in one cost. good selection with all beneficial components, good regular overall performance and is value for money product. =====SM=====— — — — — —Can anyone help me pick a DSLR camera by Nikon!?Depends on how much you've got to spend. If you are looking at the D90, I will assume you lie within that price class - I own the D80, it's predecessor and could not be more impressed with it's build, the way it feels in my hands, and its performance. The D90 is its replacement, pretty much the same build, feel, and performance, with an updated 12 mp CMOS sensor (the D80 has a 10 mp CCD), a larger 3" 920K LCD, live-view, and an HD movie mode (though I could probably go without it, I've heard it is quite mediocre). I myself would love to upgrade, and would highly recommend it. The D90 will be a highly useful DSLR for those using it, I can gaurantee that (because I've used the D80 for 3 years), and do not worry about the HD movie mode being a useless feature, you do not buy a DSLR because it can shoot a 3 minute video clip. I use the 16-85 VR on my D80, and it's the best VR zoom I've ever used. So, if the D90/18-105VR kit is running about $1,150 (B&H photo), you can get the D90/18-200VR in a kit (from B&H photo) for $1,600, and it would be well worth the extra investment. I learned the hard way that kit lenses, are garbage. Besides, if you are trying to start a business, you want quality, not cost effectiveness - no? So know that the best investment is in the lens, not the camera. Get a good camera, but invest in the best lenses ------ like the 85mm f/1.4, 105mm f.2.8 micro, 70-200mm f/2.8 VR, and the like.
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