Zhongyirui 49 Inch HD LCD Splicing Screen 3x3 Unit to Build Jiangsu Keben Pharmaceutical Central Con

Pharmaceutical safety has always been a topic of great importance in China. The development of pharmaceutical industry is closely related to the vital interests of the broad masses of the people. The scientific and technological construction of pharmaceutical industry creates a good social environment for the continuous development of medical safety and health production and the maintenance of the health rights and interests of the broad masses of the people, and for the all-round construction of a well-off society.

Internet plus ecological strategy Internet has become the core mode of enterprise development with the progress of big data and information age and continuous upgrading of technology. It is a combination of Internet plus ecological chain and modern intelligent multimedia monitor system, and it has created a unique multifunctional monitoring center with a sense of the times. Among them, LCD splicing screen, as an indispensable protagonist in today's exhibition hall, its fashionable and cutting-edge product performance not only gives people a shocking visual effect, but also meets the diversified and personalized needs of users.

Jiangsu Keben Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive modern pharmaceutical group. Recently, it completed the construction of high-definition LCD splicing screen project of central control command center. The company strictly implements the work flow of safety audit, launches some new explorations in the system, adopts zhongyirui 49 inch LCD splicing screen as the guarantee in the monitoring, and continuously introduces new pharmaceutical equipment and technology, so as to ensure the scientific monitoring and management of environmental protection, safety and health in the production process and meet the growing medical and health needs.

The 49 inch monitoring screen splicing scheme of Jiangsu Keben pharmaceutical monitoring center is designed by zhongyirui engineers according to the requirements of their project leader and on-site environmental requirements. This scheme should realize the monitoring and management of the whole pharmaceutical environmental process. In order to improve product progress and safety awareness, it is necessary to ensure the real-time display of monitoring and accurate display of data informatization, Lay a good foundation for the safety and stability of the whole system.

System overview

The function and effect of the 49 inch monitoring large screen splicing display system directly affect the visualization of information and the effectiveness of decision-making, and also directly affect the effectiveness of the whole management system. The overall goal of the construction of the large screen mosaic system is: the system takes full account of the principles of advanced nature, stability, practicability, integration, scalability and economy, and builds a set of liquid crystal large screen mosaic system which adopts advanced and mature technology, follows the layout design well, the equipment is applied reasonably, the interface is friendly and convenient, the function is orderly and practical, and the expansion and expansion are good. To meet the needs of large screen image and data display.

Design principles

In this system, zhongyirui provides 49 inch HD LCD splicing screen 3 according to customer needs × 3 unit splicing control solution. The scheme adopts the most advanced imaging technology to meet the use requirements of users in special industries.

In order to ultimately satisfy the user, the large screen display system shall follow the following design principles:


The system can meet various practical and potential needs and achieve satisfactory results.


The system can provide long-term continuous operation and is stable and reliable.


The function and performance of the system have reached the advanced level of the display system of the same grade.


The selected high-quality LCD unit and controller ensure that the display effect of the system remains unchanged for a long time.


Under the condition of meeting the demand, the cost of system construction and use investment shall be minimized.


The adjustment and use of the system are simple and easy, the user interface is friendly, and the operation process is simple. It can be operated and used after short-term training.

Equipment selection


The 49 inch LCD splicing large screen system adopts the independently developed digital signal processing technology and splicing processing engine, combined with the latest LCD LCD screen, which has the characteristics of high definition, high brightness and high color gamut. LED backlight bilateral seam 3.5mm. High resolution (1920) × 1080), high brightness (500CD / m2), high contrast (4000:1), wide viewing angle (178 degrees) HD LG display panel, supporting 1080p Full HD digital video display.

Signal processor

The 49 inch LCD splicing large screen system can access computer VGA signal and monitoring video signal. Different video processing systems can be selected according to the customer's requirements for input signals to realize VGA, composite video, S-Video (optional), YPbPr / YCbCr (optional) or DVI (optional) signal input, so as to meet the needs of different signal input in different occasions.

Function realization

It can display video image signal, computer signal, network digital signal, cable TV signal, physical projection signal and other information to be displayed.

The system supports single screen, cross screen and whole screen display of any signal, and can realize the functions of arbitrary scaling, roaming, superposition and movement of the display window. At the same time, it can ensure the real-time transmission and display of video images.

Any control computer connected to the system can operate the large screen to realize the mutual call and control of images.

The LCD splicing control system is added to the system. With the intuitive and graphical all Chinese integrated operation interface: under the unified graphical operation interface, through simple mouse operation, the settings and calls of various equipment parameters and plans in the integrated system can be completed, so as to achieve the display effect required by users without caring about the cumbersome video switching Splicing unit switching operation.

System support 7 × 24-hour stable and continuous operation.

The LCD splicing screen central control command center system scheme created by zhongyirui not only improves the safety and scientificity of pharmaceutical production of Jiangsu Keben pharmaceutical, but also brings intangible assets and operating resources to the enterprise. After the completion of the whole project, the relevant person in charge of Jiangsu Keben pharmaceutical highly praised the performance, response speed, operation method and many other advantages of zhongyirui products, and expressed great satisfaction with the installation and careful guidance of zhongyirui engineers.

Jiangsu Keben pharmaceutical industry adheres to cleaner production, safety first, and pays equal attention to social and economic benefits; Pharmaceutical safety work has a long way to go, only the beginning, not the end. Any achievements belong to the past, can not be complacent, and always start from scratch. We should continue to learn, innovate, improve our management level, introduce advanced safety management system, and wish Jiangsu Keben Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to continuously produce good national drugs that are beneficial to others and ourselves.

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