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During the production of furniture design, FOSHAN SAN DUN Furniture CO., LTD divides the quality control process into four inspection stages. 1. We check all incoming raw materials before usage. 2. We perform inspections during the manufacturing process and all manufacturing data are recorded for future reference. 3. We check the finished product according to the quality standards. 4. Our QC team will randomly check in the warehouse before shipment. The strength our SANDUN Furniture brand solutions is to know the customer's issues, while mastering the technology, so as to be able to offer novel answers. And the long experience and the patented technology has given the brand a recognized name, unique work tools sought throughout the industrial world and unequaled competitiveness.We rely on our mature after-sales system via SANDUN Furniture to consolidate our customer base. We own a professional customer service team with years of experience and high qualifications. They endeavor to meet every demand of the customer based on the strict criteria we set up.
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7 Designers Share Advice on Mixing Patterns
Layering prints and patterns is a designapproachthat creates a sophisticated look full of depth and dimension. When doneincorrectly,however, the result can be a distracting and scattered space.To shed some light onthis expert technique, we asked top designers to share their favorite spaces with layered patterns and provide advice on how to mixprints successfully.Chloe Warner, of Redmond Aldrich Design "This guest bedroom has a ton of layers, which can be tricky, but has a huge payoff when done well.We love combining different styles of prints, includingflorals, geometrics, Ikats and textured weaves,to get an interesting composition. To be successful, the prints should all be related in some way, in color or attitude, and the end resultwill be like a fun, zesty dinner party." Elizabeth Stiver & Amy Munger , of Munger Interiors "The key to mixing patterns successfully is all about balance. You must have solid choices to break up all the pattern so your eye does not feel overwhelmed. Choosing similar color tones also allows you to be a bit bolder with your pattern choices." Kendall Wilkinson "Choosing a large pattern for a small room can sometimes be intimidating. In this project, the large-scale pattern in mango creates an impact and can last from the nursery until the teen years simply by swapping the crib for a bed. Small- and medium-scale prints on the wall, canopy lining and chair are juxtaposed with the bold damask for a sophisticated and playful look." Tiffany Leblanc , of Leblanc Design, LLC "Adding textural patterns and bold colors to classic furniture is a playful way to stay within the traditional style of a home. In this room, each fabric has a nice rhythm that complements the other patterns in the space. The large over-scaled chairs are inviting while the bright red fabric adds an intense pop of color. While the prints and furniture design are classic, the mix of colors creates a more updated feel.Layers of texture from the tile on the fireplace and the vinyl wall covering create a bold yet comfortable room to entertain family and friends in." Lydia Marks & Lisa Frantz , of Marks & Frantz "You would be hard-pressed to find a Marks & Frantz project that does not have a complex pattern mix! We don't believe in rules when it comes to creative pattern collaborations, just a few guiding principles to get the perfect blend of color, shade, texture and scale. When layering patterns, make sure to edit the color palette but alwaysthrow in a contrast color for balance.The scale of the patterns should also vary but stick to one pattern that is over scale. Most importantly, have fun with it!" Meredith Heron , of Meredith Heron Design "For this nine-foot wide living room located in a160-year-old Victorian row house, we used pattern and scale to broaden and emphasize the height of the space. We chose drapery and a rug with large-scale patterns and textured detail but kept the remaining upholstery simple and solid to allow it to recede back into the room and make it harder to define stops and starts of the space. Patterned accent pillows and script artwork adddepth and complementthe larger scale patterns while keeping the eye moving. Overall, the room feels colourful but it's mostly a base of neutrals with strategic dollops of colour to maximize the illusion of space." Charlotte Lucas , of Charlotte Lucas Interior Design "This was astuffy formal living room that did not fit into the lifestyle of its new owners, a young family of five, so we repurposed the furniture with new vibrant fabrics and created a fun adult lounge. Since the fabric on the antique love seat is such a statement, we layered in bold colors but kept them mostly solid so it didn't get too distracting. When mixing patterns it's always important to remember to vary the scale of the patterns as well as color and texture."
Michael Weiss, a Modern Furniture Designer, Used to Design for Another High End Company with Another
I think you are referring to Lillian August. She is Michael Weiss' mother and they codesign her line of exquisitely crafted upholstery, casegoods products and home furnishings accessories. The Lillian August Collection can be found internationally in fine furniture stores. Many home furnishings stores feature Lillian August Collection Boutiques - a separate store-within-a-store environment that has been a successful presentation for the Lillian August look.1. were can i find the cheapest modern furniture preferably a fouton or studiolike stule.?The cheapest place to buy modern furniture would be the city dump, and its tax free also. Have a great day!2. what is the best website for modern furniture?I do not know how much this will help you... but try Ikea. They have crazy amounts of all different stuff. Besides, their prices are reasonable. That clean, modern look is SO great, but a lot of times it can cost a lot of money. I hoped I helped.3. I'm looking for cheap modern furniture for a dorm room. Any ideas besides IKEA?I've seen some good looking furniture at Target online4. Anyone knows a website/store that has nice and inexpensive modern furniture?when you are searching for warm fixtures made in the u . s .--it truly is uncommon--enable me propose Stanley fixtures. It has some exciting strains and when I bought it many years in the past it changed into properly built and exciting with out searching like IKEA. that's fairly priced. in case you have not been to Haverty's it also has some respectable fixtures and this is type of different because they pay fixtures manufacturers to cause them to slightly different kinds than different shops get from those manufacturers. do not forget Craigslist as a source of fixtures at a good fee5. Know Your Interior Design Style: Vintage vs Modern – I'DSense – Interior designKnow Your Interior Design Style: Vintage vs Modern Do you spend your weekends scouring flea markets for vintage pieces? Or is functionality your first consideration for every purchase? In this second article of our 3 part guide, we look into the different aspects of vintage and modern interior designs and find out more about the personalities of their homeowners. Vintage interior designs appeal to a unique lot who may find their penchant for old eclectic pieces unappreciated by others. Well-designed vintage homes have idiosyncratic charms that bring their guests on a walk through history as they embrace (or attempt to embrace) the coarse wrinkled leather and chipped edges of well-worn furniture with minimal refurbishment or touching up. Cosy with an air of elegance, vintage interior design style homes exhibit an alluring and distinctive old school chic atmosphere. Modern interior designs are often confused with contemporary styles. Although they have overlapping characteristics, modern designs refer to an era-specific (1920s-1950s) design style, often termed mid-century modern. On the other hand, contemporary designs are dynamic and constantly change with the current trends. Modern styles stem from the idea to build for function with sleek and spacious interiors. Clutter is frowned upon with modern furniture focused on clean lines,polished curves and smooth surfaces. WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY? If vintage is what catches your eye, you are a unique individual with your own personal quirks and preferences. A highly determined and motivated person, you are not afraid of challenges, willing to experiment and take risks. Common adjectives to describe Vintage design home owners are: sophisticated, creative, driven and decisive. With little tolerance for clutter and ornate decorative trinkets, you are a modern home design lover. You enjoy your independence and on the spur entertaining- when you feel like having your friends over. Otherwise, to take a breather from your hectic professional work life, you prefer to indulge in some 'me time' over the weekend. Common adjectives to describe Modern design home owners are: perfectionist, meticulous, individualistic and boisterous. To find out more about other interior design styles and interesting tips on home dcor, Like and Follow our page today! Follow and Like us to learn more about other popular interior design styles and discover the one that best matches your personality!6. Classic European style home has what characteristics?classic Europe type sofa is the sofa of a more popular style, buy is indoor use ou shigu the owner that decorates a style, ou shigu classic sofa decorate a style to match the nature is good, but also more comfortable, classic European style house has the characteristics of style and price much more, suggest you compared to choose your own furniture products. What are the classic Europe type sofa brand? Classic European style home has what characteristics? classical european-style home have the characteristics of what? Not stick to one pattern and varied in style. European new classic furniture classical furniture designers and innovative ideas have emerged in the process of change. Designers will be classical style with a strange personal style and the modern spirit together, enable the emergence of the classical furniture out colorful appearance, Italian style of the neoclassicism enthusiasm romance, Spain neoclassical style fashionable luxurious American neo-classical style bold, achievement the neo-classical European style diversification. Heritage, innovate with Jane facing numerous. European new classic furniture abandoned too numerous and disorderly, skin texture and decorative simplify the line. It although he has classic curve and curved surface, but without the classic carve patterns or designs on woodwork, and use the straight line of modern furniture. White, coffee, yellow, magenta is common in Europe type style of the main color, mix a small amount of white, the color looks bright, generous, make whole space gives a person with special elegant open and tolerant. Neo-classical European furniture brand Jin Kaisha is generally preserved the classical furniture material, color, style, with simple fashion, new classic furniture is a lively performance characteristics. What are the classic luxury classic sofa brand? Classic European style home has what characteristics? classic Europe type sofa has the characteristic of comfort is very strong, so to attract a lot of attention to the owner to buy classic Europe type sofa of family to enjoy.Foshan James Bond Furniture Co.,Ltd helps high-profile clients build strategic relationships that drive company growth, investments, funding and more. There are many make-or-break details involved in the day-to-day manufacturing within our classic sofa are the in thing today. To buy a for yourself do visit Foshan James Bond Furniture Co.,Ltd at James Bond Furniture.Getting OEM/ODM SERVICE from an idea to production is a complex process. It involves significant research, time, planning and patience. But with the right information, the right resources and the right product, it's possible.Our commitment to equal employment and diversity is a global one as we serve customers and employ people around the world. Foshan James Bond Furniture Co.,Ltd finds it as a business imperative that is essential to thriving in a competitive global marketplace.
Trump's Americadonald Trump Discussed Response to North Korea Missile Test at Mar-a-lago Dinner Tabl
The White House Situation Room is usually used by the US Presidentto discuss international and domestic crises.But last week diners at Donald Trump's private country club got an inside look as the President created his own Situation Room - around a dinner table.Members of Mr Trump's Mar-a-Lago club posted pictures on social media of the President being briefed on and discussing a response to a North Korean missile test in the outdoor dining area of the estate.Richard DeAgazio posted three pictures on Facebook of Mr Trump and his guest, Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe, being briefed on the situation.Their discussions on the highly sensitive international incident were in full view and earshot of other members of the club."HOLY MOLY!!! It was fascinating to watch the flurry of activity at dinner when the news came that North Korea had launched a missile in the direction of Japan," Mr DeAgazio said in his Facebook post.Mr DeAgazio has since deleted his Facebook account.Another Mar-a-Lago diner, an employee at a furniture design firm, according to Slate, also posted pictures to Instagram showing Mr Trump looking at the camera while discussions continued behind him.After news of the missile test came to light, CNN reported Mr Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon and then-national security adviser Michael Flynn joined him at the dinner table for the discussion.Because the area was only lit with candles, aides used camera lights on their phones to help Mr Trump and Mr Abe read documents about the incident.That was a security risk, according to the Washington Post, because the cameras in the phones could have been hacked by foreign powers to read the documents.Waiters continued to clear appetisers and deliver the main course as the men discussed how to respond to the incident, the report said.First Lady Melania Trump and Mr Abe's wife Akie watched on as the discussion happened.Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tweeted her disapproval after details of the discussion broke.It is not the only national security situation the White House is dealing with at the moment.Mr Flynn has resigned as national security adviser over a controversy involving his contact with Russia's ambassador to the US before Mr Trump's inauguration.Last week a US official told The Associated Press that Mr Flynn was in frequent contact with ambassador Sergey Kislyak on the day the Obama administration slapped sanctions on Russia for election-related hacking.It is illegal for private citizens to conduct US diplomacy.Mr Flynn's conversations also raised questions about Mr Trump's friendly posture toward Russia after US intelligence agencies concluded that Moscow hacked Democratic emails during the election.ABC/APTopics:donald-trump,world-politics,government-and-politics,united-states First posted February 14, 2017 13:52:26
The Classics of Scandinavian Furniture Design
From its beginnings in the early 20th century, Scandinavian designs streamlined style of modern furniture and decor has become even more popular today.The Scandinavian nations of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and especially Denmark are renowned for their modern living room furniture and interiors. Clean-lined and functionalyet taking on evocative shapes drawn from natureScandinavian design initially helped bring modernism to the masses by making it more humanistic. More than that, many classic Scandinavian works have proven to be timeless design icons.The BeginningsIn the early 20th century, the Industrial Revolution and Germanys Bauhaus school inspired many European designers to create furnishings free of ornamentation, yielding a streamlined, machine-inspired functionalism. Scandinavian furniture designers put their own spin on the style, incorporating elements of their longstanding craftsmanship traditions, particularly light-colored woods. Finlands Alvar Aalto, celebrated architect and modern furniture designer, helped pioneer the use of bending plywood in the mid-1930s. Many of his bent wood pieces are still in production today, such as the Stool 60, which recently celebrated its 80th anniversary, and perhaps the best-known of all his furniture pieces, the Paimio Chair, which was named for the town in which Aalto designed a hospital and all its furnishings.The 1940s and 50sDuring and after World War II, a new generation of Scandinavian designers enjoyed increasing influence, and explored modern furniture designs that combined new materials and familiar natural forms. Finnish-born architect and industrial designer Eero Saarinen, for example, made his name in the United States while a student at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. He co-designed a bent plywood chair with Charles Eames that won the Museum of Modern Arts Organic Design in Home Furnishings competition in 1940.Saarinen would go on to design modern furniture classics like the Womb Chair in 1948 and the Tulip Chair in 1957, as well as architectural landmarks like the St. Louis Arch and the Trans World Airlines terminal at New Yorks John F. Kennedy International Airport.It was also around this time that Denmark took the lead in Scandinavian design. Thanks to the success of numerous Danish designers like Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner, the phrase Danish Modern became shorthand for Scandinavian design (and middle-class sophistication). Like Aalto, Jacobsen was an architect and furniture designer. He not only created the elegant glass tower SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, but also all of its interiors, including two chairs that became popular worldwide: the Egg and Swan Chairs.Hans Wegner also became one of the most prolific modern furniture designers. His Round Chair from 1949, sometimes known simply as The Chair, represented his philosophy of continuous purification, with a curving back rail swooping down to form armrests.Embracing new technologies and forms, Scandinavian designers like Poul Henningsen and Verner Panton adopted a more futuristic style, favoring extravagant geometric forms and bold colors. Henningsens PH Artichoke lamp, designed in 1958, may look like that petal-covered vegetable but does so for a practical reason: to distribute overhead light without glare. It has since become one of the most iconic works of modern lighting design.The 1960s and TodayWhile he started in the 50s, Verner Panton really hit his stride in the non-conformist 1960s and 70s. His look was all about improbable shapes, vibrant colors and exploring innovative manufacturing processes. Take his Heart Cone Chair, which forms a valentine shape from its oversized wings. And his S-shaped Panton Chair from 1967 became the first chair formed from one piece of molded plastic.Today, the popularity of Scandinavian furniture has reached every corner of the globe. Many of the classics discussed here are still in productionas well as new designs inspired by themby brands like Vitra, Artek, and Knoll. Scandinavian style has spread to accessories as well, including things like pillows, wallpaper and other decor from Ferm Living, and streamlined kitchenware from brands like Stelton and Menu.Its easy to see how, over the years, the appeal of Scandinavian design endures: warm modernism with a natural, human feel. Thats something we hope never goes out of style.Classic Modern Design: Scandinavian was Originally published at YLiving in September 2015 RELATED QUESTION Where can I find good Classic Homes furniture? You can find good classic home furniture in both local as well as online stores. Since you have not mentioned your country or city of residence, it is hard for me to list down some local stores. So, I will suggest you some online stores. You can try IKEA. It is the leading online furniture stores which delivers internationally. You, however, will have to check if your country is included in their service area or not. If you are a resident of India, then you can try one of the online stores listed below. Woodenstreet It is the first online custom furniture store in India which delivers in several parts of the country. This store is solely dedicated to home furniture items and hence you can find a huge variety of on their website. You can even pick you design, and if the design is practical enough to be transformed into furniture, they will do it for you. You can choose your type of wood, finish, fabric, etc. of course from the list of available options. Pepperfry It is one of the leading furniture stores in India that sells amazing home furniture. It has an extensive list of satisfied customers. Along with furniture, this store also has an excellent collection of home dcor as well as hardware and electrical products. Fab Furnish It is another leading online furniture store in India which now seems to lose its charm because of the poor quality of services and products. Although I havent shopped anything recently from this website, this is what customer reviews say about this company. You may or may not have a bad experience.
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