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Here are some brief introduction about french furniture developed by FOSHAN SAN DUN Furniture CO., LTD. First of all, it is exquisitely designed by our professionals. They are all experienced and creative enough in this field. Then, it is about its manufacturing. It is made by the modern facilities and uses new techniques, which makes it of superior performance. Lastly, thanks to its unparalleled properties, the product has a wide application.It is difficult to be popular and even more difficult to remain popular. Although we have received positive feedback with regards to the performance, appearance, and other attributes of the SANDUN Furniture products, we cannot be simply satisfied with the current progress because the market demand is always changing. In the future, we will continue to make effort to promote the global sales of the products.We offer a high quality french furniture and a full array of one-stop services to deliver reliability for all of the personalization needs through SANDUN Furniture. We take customers' ideas from rough concepts to finished with the best professional attitude.
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Knowledge About French Furniture
1. Pierre Desloges of french furniture Born in 1747 in the Touraine region of France, Pierre Desloges moved to Paris as a young man, where he became a bookbinder and upholsterer. He was deafened at age seven from smallpox, but did not learn to sign until he was 27, when he was taught by a deaf Italian. In 1779, he wrote what may be the first book published by a deaf person, in which he advocated for the use of sign language in deaf education. It was in part a rebuttal of the views of Abb Claude-Franois Deschamps de Champloiseau, who had published a book arguing against the use of signs. Desloges explained, "like a Frenchman who sees his language belittled by a German who knows only a few French words, I thought I was obliged to defend my language against the false charges of this author." He describes a community of deaf people using a sign language (now referred to as Old French Sign Language). The Abbe de lpe has often been credited with the invention of sign language, but this is incorrect. Desloges' book proves that French Sign Language predates the establishment of the famous school for the Deaf in Paris and is truly the invention of deaf people. Desloges also wrote a number of well-received political books around the time of the French Revolution. The time and place of his death are unknown, but he published a book as late as 1792. Some suggest that he died in 1799. ------ 2. Further reading of french furniture Desloges, P. Observations d'un sourd et mut, sur un cours elmentaire d'education des sourds et muts, Published in 1779 by M. l'Abb Deschamps (Chapelain de l'glise d'Orlans), Amsterdam and B. Morin, Paris. Fischer, Renate. The Study of Natural Sign Language in Eighteenth-Century France. Sign Language Studies - Volume 2, Number 4, Summer 2002, pp. 391406 Moody, William: Pierre Desloges (1747-?). In: Cleve, John V. van (ed): Gallaudet encyclopedia of deaf people and deafness. Vol. 1. A-G. New York, NY u.a. : McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. (1987) - pp. 301302References
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