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In the production of locket, FOSHAN SAN DUN Furniture CO., LTD always pursuits the principle that product quality begins with the raw materials. All the raw materials are subjected to dual systematic inspection in our laboratories with the help of advanced testing equipment and our professional technicians. By adopting a series of material testings, we hope to provide customers with premium products of high quality.We have established a brand mission statement and has crafted a clear expression of what our company is most passionate about for SANDUN Furniture, that is, making perfection more perfect, in which more customers have been drawn to cooperate with our company and put their trust on us.At SANDUN Furniture, all products including the above-mentioned locket are delivered quickly as the company partners with logistic companies for years. The packaging is also provided for different products to ensure a safe shipment.
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Knowledge Related to Paran Jai Jaliya Re
Paran Jai Jaliya Re (My Heart is Set on Fire) is a 2009 Bengali film directed by Ravi Kinnagi. This film stars Dev and Subhashree Ganguly. It is a remake of 2007 Hindi film Namastey London. The director of the original Vipul Shah filed a case against the producers of Paran Jai Jaliya Re and they gave a penalty of Rs. 75lakh. In this movie, Dev and Subhashree Ganguly act together in the second time after the film, Challenge• Other Related Knowledge of locketPlot of locketAnna (Subhashree Ganguly) is a NRI girl living in London whose father (Biswajit Chakraborty) wants her to get married with an Indian lad. However, Anna is deeply involved in a platonic relationship with a half-British boy Harry. Anna's brother, Sid (Tota Roy Choudhury) is in a relationship with a British girl and wants to marry her. However, his father refuses to let him marry her and which makes Sid choose to leave his parents' home. Meanwhile, Anna's father manages to bring his wife and daughter to India where he can find a suitable groom for his daughter. They meet Raj, a quintessential charming Bengali lad who falls in love with Anna and their marriage is finalized since Raj's father is an old friend of Anna's dad. However, although Anna likes Raj, she hatches a plan to delay and finally annul the engagement by implementing her brother's plan of bringing Raj to London and 'breaking up' with him abroad. Now in a foreign land, Raj tackles the adversities before him in order to win over Anna and marry her at last------Cast of locketDev as RajSubhashree Ganguly as AnnaRahul Banerjee as Vivek (Guest Appearance)Tota Roy Chowdhury as Siddhartha "Sid" BanerjeeMaryam as Liza, Siddhartha's wifeBiswajit Chakraborty as Ranjit Bannerjee, Anna's fatherLabony Sarkar as Maya Banerjee, Anna's motherAritra Dutta Banik as Raj's CousinBodhisttva Majumdar as Bijay, Raj's fatherMousumi Saha as Raj's MotherLocket Chatterjee as Seema, Raj's auntRajat Ganguly as Ranjit's friendMita Ganguly as Raj's grandmotherShaan as Harry------Controversy of locketThe producers of the movie were sued for plagiarism soon after the release of the film by Vipul Shah who produced Namastey London who alleged that the plot was his film. The film was banned from screening twice, once by a lower court and later by Calcutta High Court. After the High Court decision, the producers came to a settlement after Shree Venkatesh Films agreed to pay a fine of seventy-five lakh (7.5 million) rupees. This out-of-court settlement can be considered hefty since the making of the film took about 2 crore (20 million) rupees. Moreover, the settlement required the movie to display a title card stating 'Based on Namastey London, a film by Vipul Amrutlal Shah'.
Knowledge Related to Music Video
The music video for "You and I Tonight" was filmed in Vancouver and features a classic "break up, make up" story. The video starts off with a boyfriend and girlfriend who appear to have had a fight. The girl walks away and toward the camera with tears streaming down her face. In between are shots of Faber Drive performing on a street filled with cars in the pouring rain. The boyfriend yells at the girl, who rips off a locket she has on and throws it on the floor. She leaves the room and the boyfriend gets up and throws a vase at a wall. Just as the vase hits the wall and shatters into pieces, time appears to have stopped and everything, except the boyfriend and later the girlfriend, is frozen in time, including a cat appearing to jump down from a shelf. Puzzled, he looks around the room and grabs a rose from the broken vase. Meanwhile, the girlfriend is outside and tries to hail a taxi, but it drives away. A van drives by through a puddle of water which is about to splash the girl, but as she ducks, time stops and she avoids being soaked. After shots of Faber Drive, the boyfriend is seen leaving the house and stops at two frozen people engaging in conversation. With time still frozen, the camera then pans to the front of a car and zooms out to a scene of people in cars and umbrellas. The boyfriend is seen searching for his girlfriend. Additional shots of people frozen in time include a man pouring trash from a garbage can into another. The girlfriend is now seen also looking for her boyfriend, peering into stopped cars. She then gets inside a taxi as her boyfriend is shown on the street looking for her. He looks into the same taxi she went in, but she is not there. He sees her standing alone in the rain. In the final scenes, the boyfriend approaches her and comforts her. He pulls out the rose and gives it to her. They kiss and the silhouette of their heads make out the crude shape of a heart. · Other Related Knowledge of locket Lepthyphantes of locket Lepthyphantes Menge, 1866 Lepthyphantes abditus Tanasevitch, 1986 Russia Lepthyphantes aberdarensis Russell-Smith & Jocque, 1986 Kenya Lepthyphantes acuminifrons Bosmans, 1978 Ethiopia Lepthyphantes aegeus Caporiacco, 1948 Greece Lepthyphantes aelleni Denis, 1957 Morocco Lepthyphantes afer (Simon, 1913) Algeria Lepthyphantes ajoti Bosmans, 1991 Algeria Lepthyphantes albimaculatus (O. P.-Cambridge, 1873) St. Helena Lepthyphantes albuloides (O. P.-Cambridge, 1872) Cyprus, Israel Lepthyphantes aldersoni Levi & Levi, 1955 Canada Lepthyphantes allegrii Caporiacco, 1935 Karakorum Lepthyphantes almoravidus Barrientos, 2020 Morocco Lepthyphantes alpinus (Emerton, 1882) Holarctic Lepthyphantes altissimus Hu, 2001 China Lepthyphantes annulipes Caporiacco, 1935 Karakorum Lepthyphantes arcticus (Keyserling, 1886) Alaska Lepthyphantes badhkyzensis Tanasevitch, 1986 Turkmenistan Lepthyphantes bakeri Scharff, 1990 Tanzania Lepthyphantes balearicus Denis, 1961 Balearic Islands Lepthyphantes bamboutensis Bosmans, 1986 Cameroon Lepthyphantes bamilekei Bosmans, 1986 Cameroon Lepthyphantes beroni Deltshev, 1979 Greece Lepthyphantes beshkovi Deltshev, 1979 Crete Lepthyphantes bhudbari Tikader, 1970 India Lepthyphantes bidentatus Hormiga & Ribera, 1990 Spain Lepthyphantes biospeleologorum Barrientos, 2020 Morocco Lepthyphantes biseriatus Simon & Fage, 1922 Kenya Lepthyphantes biseriatus infans Simon & Fage, 1922 East Africa Lepthyphantes bituberculatus Bosmans, 1978 Ethiopia Lepthyphantes brevihamatus Bosmans, 1985 Morocco Lepthyphantes brignolianus Deltshev, 1979 Crete Lepthyphantes buensis Bosmans & Jocque, 1983 Cameroon Lepthyphantes carlittensis Denis, 1952 France Lepthyphantes cavernicola Paik & Yaginuma, 1969 Korea Lepthyphantes centromeroides Kulczynski, 1914 Balkans, Bulgaria, Romania Lepthyphantes centromeroides carpaticus Dumitrescu & Georgescu, 1970 Romania Lepthyphantes chamberlini Schenkel, 1950 USA, Canada Lepthyphantes chita Scharff, 1990 Tanzania Lepthyphantes christodeltshev van Helsdingen, 2009 Greece Lepthyphantes concavus (Oi, 1960) Japan Lepthyphantes constantinescui Georgescu, 1989 Romania Lepthyphantes coomansi Bosmans, 1979 Kenya Lepthyphantes cruciformis Tanasevitch, 1989 Kyrgyzstan Lepthyphantes cruentatus Tanasevitch, 1987 Russia, Georgia Lepthyphantes cultellifer Schenkel, 1936 China Lepthyphantes deosaicola Caporiacco, 1935 Karakorum Lepthyphantes dilutus (Thorell, 1875) Sweden Lepthyphantes dolichoskeles Scharff, 1990 Tanzania Lepthyphantes emarginatus Fage, 1931 Algeria Lepthyphantes encaustus (Becker, 1879) Moldavia Lepthyphantes ensifer Barrientos, 2020 Morocco Lepthyphantes erigonoides Schenkel, 1936 China Lepthyphantes escapus Tanasevitch, 1989 Turkmenistan Lepthyphantes exvaginatus Deeleman-Reinhold, 1984 Algeria Lepthyphantes fadriquei Barrientos, 2020 Morocco Lepthyphantes fernandezi Berland, 1924 Juan Fernandez Islands Lepthyphantes furcillifer Chamberlin & Ivie, 1933 USA Lepthyphantes gadesi Fage, 1931 Spain Lepthyphantes hamifer Simon, 1884 Palearctic Lepthyphantes hirsutus Tanasevitch, 1988 Russia Lepthyphantes hissaricus Tanasevitch, 1989 Tajikistan Lepthyphantes howelli Jocque & Scharff, 1986 Tanzania Lepthyphantes huberti Wunderlich, 1980 Corsica Lepthyphantes hublei Bosmans, 1986 Cameroon Lepthyphantes hummeli Schenkel, 1936 China Lepthyphantes hunanensis Yin, 2012 China Lepthyphantes ibericus Ribera, 1981 Spain Lepthyphantes imazigheni Barrientos, 2020 Morocco Lepthyphantes impudicus Kulczynski, 1909 Madeira Lepthyphantes incertissimus Caporiacco, 1935 Karakorum Lepthyphantes inopinatus Locket, 1968 Congo Lepthyphantes intricatus (Emerton, 1911) USA, Canada Lepthyphantes iranicus Saaristo & Tanasevitch, 1996 Iran Lepthyphantes japonicus Oi, 1960 Japan Lepthyphantes kansuensis Schenkel, 1936 China Lepthyphantes kekenboschi Bosmans, 1979 Kenya Lepthyphantes kenyensis Bosmans, 1979 Kenya Lepthyphantes kilimandjaricus Tullgren, 1910 Tanzania Lepthyphantes kolymensis Tanasevitch & Eskov, 1987 Russia Lepthyphantes kratochvili Fage, 1945 Crete Lepthyphantes lamellatus Barrientos, 2020 Morocco Lepthyphantes latrobei Millidge, 1995 Krakatau Lepthyphantes latus Paik, 1965 Korea Lepthyphantes lebronneci Berland, 1935 Marquesas Islands Lepthyphantes leknizii Barrientos, 2020 Morocco Lepthyphantes leprosus (Ohlert, 1865) Holarctic, Chile Lepthyphantes leucocerus Locket, 1968 Angola Lepthyphantes leucopygius Denis, 1939 France Lepthyphantes ligulifer Denis, 1952 Romania Lepthyphantes lingsoka Tikader, 1970 India Lepthyphantes linzhiensis Hu, 2001 China Lepthyphantes locketi van Helsdingen, 1977 Angola, Kenya Lepthyphantes longihamatus Bosmans, 1985 Morocco Lepthyphantes longipedis Tanasevitch, 2014 Morocco Lepthyphantes louettei Jocque, 1985 Comoro Islands Lepthyphantes lundbladi Schenkel, 1938 Madeira Lepthyphantes luteipes (L. Koch, 1879) Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Japan Lepthyphantes maculatus (Banks, 1900) USA Lepthyphantes maesi Bosmans, 1986 Cameroon Lepthyphantes magnesiae Brignoli, 1979 Greece Lepthyphantes manengoubensis Bosmans, 1986 Cameroon Lepthyphantes mauli Wunderlich, 1992 Madeira Lepthyphantes maurusius Brignoli, 1978 Morocco Lepthyphantes mbaboensis Bosmans, 1986 Cameroon Lepthyphantes meillonae Denis, 1953 France Lepthyphantes messapicus Caporiacco, 1939 Italy Lepthyphantes micromegethes Locket, 1968 Angola Lepthyphantes microserratus Petrunkevitch, 1930 Puerto Rico Lepthyphantes minusculus Locket, 1968 Congo Lepthyphantes minutus (Blackwall, 1833) (type species) Holarctic Lepthyphantes msuyai Scharff, 1990 Tanzania Lepthyphantes natalis Bosmans, 1986 Cameroon Lepthyphantes nenilini Tanasevitch, 1988 Russia Lepthyphantes neocaledonicus Berland, 1924 New Caledonia Lepthyphantes nigridorsus Caporiacco, 1935 Karakorum Lepthyphantes nigropictus Bosmans, 1979 Kenya Lepthyphantes nitidior Simon, 1929 France Lepthyphantes nodifer Simon, 1884 Europe Lepthyphantes noronhensis Rodrigues, Brescovit & Freitas, 2008 Brazil Lepthyphantes notabilis Kulczynski, 1887 Central Europe Lepthyphantes obtusicornis Bosmans, 1979 Kenya Lepthyphantes okuensis Bosmans, 1986 Cameroon Lepthyphantes opilio Simon, 1929 France Lepthyphantes palmeroensis Wunderlich, 1992 Canary Islands Lepthyphantes patulus Locket, 1968 Angola Lepthyphantes pennatus Scharff, 1990 Tanzania Lepthyphantes peramplus (O. 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Pickard-Cambridge, 1885) India Lepthyphantes striatiformis Caporiacco, 1934 Karakorum Lepthyphantes strinatii Hubert, 1970 Tunisia Lepthyphantes styx Wunderlich, 2011 Canary Islands Lepthyphantes subtilis Tanasevitch, 1989 Kyrgyzstan Lepthyphantes tamara Chamberlin & Ivie, 1943 USA Lepthyphantes taza Tanasevitch, 2014 Morocco Lepthyphantes todillus Simon, 1929 France Lepthyphantes trivittatus Caporiacco, 1935 Karakorum Lepthyphantes tropicalis Tullgren, 1910 Tanzania Lepthyphantes tullgreni Bosmans, 1978 Tanzania Lepthyphantes turanicus Tanasevitch & Fet, 1986 Turkmenistan Lepthyphantes turbatrix (O. 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