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Introduction to Video Game Musicians
1. Notable people of video game musicians Armada (video game player) (Adam Lindgren, born 1993) Armas Lindgren, Finnish architect Astrid Lindgren (19072002), Swedish fiction writer, known for the character Pippi Longstocking 3204 Lindgren, an asteroid named in her honour Barbro Lindgren (born 1937), a Swedish author. Blaine Lindgren (19392019), American sprinter Charles Magnus Lindgren, Swedish-American ship owner Charlie Lindgren (born 1993), American professional ice hockey goaltender David Lindgren (born 1982), Swedish singer, actor, and television presenter Emil Lindgren, Swedish professional mountain biker Erick Lindgren, poker professional Erik Lindgren, American musician and record producer Erik Lindgren (ice hockey), Swedish ice hockey player Fredrik Lindgren (musician) (born 1971), Swedish musician Fredrik Lindgren (ice hockey) (born 1980), Swedish ice hockey player Fredrik Lindgren (speedway rider) (born 1985), Swedish speedway rider Fredrik Lindgren (golfer) (born 1966), Swedish golfer Gerry Lindgren (1946-), American athlete George Lindgren, Baron Lindgren (1900-1971), British Labour Party politician Glenn Lindgren, chef, food writer, and frequent television and radio guest host Gran Lindgren (1927-2012), Swedish film producer Gottfrid Lindgren, Swedish wrestler Gustaf Lindgren, Swedish architect Hans Lindgren (1932-2012), Swedish actor, screenwriter, and film producer Harry Lindgren (1912-1992), British/Australian engineer, linguist, and amateur mathematician Hugo Lindgren, American magazine and newspaper editor Jacob Lindgren, baseball player James Lindgren, American professor of law Jesper Lindgren (born 1997), Swedish professional ice hockey defenseman Joanna Lindgren, Australian politician Johan Lindgren, Swedish professional road bicycle racer John Lindgren (1899-1990), Swedish Olympic cross country skier John R. Lindgren, American banking executive Jon Lindgren, Mayor of Fargo, North Dakota and LGBT advocate Jouko Lindgren (born 1955), Finnish competitive sailor Justa Lindgren (1878-1951), American football player and coach Kevin Lindgren, Australian lawyer and judge of the Federal Court of Australia Kjell N. Lindgren, American astronaut Lars Lindgren (born 1952), Swedish ice hockey defenseman Lars Lindgren (curler) (born 1957), Swedish curler Lars-Magnus Lindgren (1922-2004), Swedish filmmaker Lennart Lindgren (1915-1952), Swedish sprinter Lennart Lindgren (Swedish Navy officer) (19192013) Lisa Lindgren (born 1968), Swedish actress Lisa Lindgren (American actress) (1960-2005) Lon (Swedish singer) (Lotta Lindgren, born 1994) Magnus Lindgren (chef) (1982-2012), Swedish chef Magnus Lindgren (born 1974), Swedish jazz musician Mattias Lindgren (born 1972), Swedish rower Michael Lindgren, Swedish actor, producer, and writer Minna Lindgren, Finnish writer and journalist Mats Lindgren, Swedish ice hockey player Niklas Lindgren (born 1972), Swedish serial rapist Niklas Lindgren (sailor) (born 1988), Finnish sailor Pr Lindgren, Swedish composer and composition teacher Peter Lindgren (actor), Swedish actor Peter Lindgren (musician), Swedish guitarist Peter Lindgren (tennis), Swedish tennis player Peter Lindgren (business theorist) (born 1961), Danish organizational theorist Perttu Lindgren (born 1987), Finnish professional ice hockey center Rasmus Lindgren, Swedish football player Robert Lindgren, American lawyer and educator Sten Lindgren (1903-1959), Swedish film director Sven Lindgren (born 1946), Moderate Party politician and former Governor of Kalmar County, Sweden Tauno Lindgren, Finnish cyclist Thure Lindgren (1921-2005), Swedish ski jumper Torgny Lindgren (1938-2017), Swedish writer Ulrik Lindgren, Swedish Christian democratic politician Waldemar Lindgren (1860-1939), Swedish-American geologist ------ 2. Fictional characters of video game musicians Dwight, a character from The Walking Dead franchise Dwight Enys, doctor in Winston Grahams Poldark novels Dwight Fairfield, fictional character from the video game Dead by Daylight Dwight McCarthy, fictional character in Sin City Dwight "Dewey" Riley, a lead character in the Scream (film series) Dwight Schrute, fictional character in the American TV show The Office ------ 3. Schilder of video game musicians Schilder is mainly a Dutch surname, meaning "painter". Notable people with the surname include: Anny Schilder (born 1959), Dutch singer Cornelius Schilder (born 1941), Dutch bishop Franz Alfred Schilder (18961970), Austrian-German zoologist Henny Schilder (born 1984), Dutch football player Herbert Schilder (1928-2006), American dental surgeon Hilton Schilder (born 1959), South African musician Kevin Schilder, video game composer Klaas Schilder (1890-1952), Dutch theologian Maria Schilder (18981975), German zoologist Mike Schilder (born 1994), Dutch basketball player Nick Schilder (born 1983), Dutch singer-songwriter Paul Ferdinand Schilder (18861940), Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Robbert Schilder (born 1986), Dutch footballer Simone Schilder (born 1967), Dutch tennis player ------ 4. Daniel Bravo of video game musicians For musician Daniel Bravo, also known as Danielito, member of French band Tryo, see Tryo Daniel Bravo (born 9 February 1963) is a French former professional footballer who played as a defensive midfielder. With the exception of a stint at Serie A's Parma, he spent all of his career in his native France. He made 13 appearances for the France national team scoring once. ------ 5. Dwight (given name) of video game musicians Dwight is a masculine first name that comes from an English surname which was in turn derived from the medieval feminine name Diot, a diminutive of Dionysia, the feminine form of Dionysos. The name is mainly given in the United States and Caribbean countries (see below) ------ 6. Kenya Hathaway of video game musicians Kenya Canc'Libra Hathaway (born January 1, 1971) is an American contemporary R&B and jazz singer. She is the daughter of R&B and jazz singer Donny Hathaway and classically trained vocalist Eulaulah and is the younger sister of Lalah Hathaway, also a R&B and jazz singer. Kenya Hathaway attended the Berklee College of Music, in Boston. She has performed with many prominent artists including with Lee Ritenour on his track "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone", and "Morning Glory". She has made some 30 performances on American Idol: The Search for a Superstar as a backing singer. Her older sister, Lalah Hathaway, is a singer-songwriter, record producer, arranger, and pianist. Kenya Hathaway was also the voice actor for Sunny Funny in the PlayStation video game, PaRappa the Rapper. ------ 7. Career of video game musicians Bravo was born in Toulouse. On 24 July 1980, he made his debut for OGC Nice at 17 years of age in a game against Metz in the French Championship D1. Despite the relegation of Nice to D2 in 1982, he was called up to the French team to face Italy in February 1982. That night, the Blues beat Italy for the first time in over sixty years, and Bravo scored their second goal. He stayed at Nice for their spell in D2 for one season and managed to score eleven goals. He then signed for AS Monaco. This was the beginning of a series of clubs he would play for that would lead to him playing for Paris Saint Germain and then in Italy. With the French national team, Bravo played infrequently in the blue jersey, but still participated in the victorious Euro 1984, replacing Jean-Marc Ferreri, during the match against Yugoslavia. Whilst at Marseille he played in the 1999 UEFA Cup Final. ------ 8. Geographical distribution of video game musicians As of 2014, 58.0% of all known bearers of the surname Lindgren were residents of Sweden, 26.3% of the United States, 7.0% of Finland, 2.4% of Norway, 1.8% of Denmark and 1.7% of Canada. In Sweden, the frequency of the surname was higher than national average in the following counties: 1. Vsterbotten (1:108) 2. Norrbotten (1:197) 3. Vstmanland (1:310) 4. Vsternorrland (1:312) 5. Gvleborg (1:322) 6. Jmtland (1:347) 7. Uppsala (1:352) 8. Dalarna (1:370) 9. Gotland (1:370) 10. stergtland (1:409)In Finland, the frequency of the surname was higher than national average in the following regions: 1. land Islands (1:979) 2. Ostrobothnia (1:1,010) 3. Southwest Finland (1:1,067) 4. Uusimaa (1:1,265) 5. Satakunta (1:1,593) 6. Southern Savonia (1:1,766) ------ 9. Life and career of video game musicians Born in Trieste, Vee debuted in 1979 as an electronic disco project produced by Claudio Simonetti and Giancarlo Meo. Her song "Give Me a Break" became a minor hit in the American dance charts. The song "Higher" peaked at No. 36 in the Italian Chart. Another song of hers, "Remember", was featured in the 2005 video game The Warriors. She released her last single in 1989. Between 1982 and 1984, she posed semi-nude in men's magazines such as Playmen, Blitz, and the Italian edition of Playboy. ------ 10. Stanislav Bunin of video game musicians Stanislav Stanislavovich Bunin (Russian: ; born 25 September 1966) is a Russian-born concert pianist. He was born in Moscow in 1966 into an established European musical family which included his grandfather Heinrich Neuhaus, his grandmother Zinaida (Boris Pasternak's second wife), and his father, Stanislav Neuhaus. In 1985, after a series of prizes, he won first prize and the gold medal in the 11th International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. He spent much of the next decade in Japan, teaching for six years at Senzoku Gakuen Music College in the city of Kawasaki; his wife is Japanese. Having obtained German citizenship, in 2012 he was a resident in Japan. Bunin recorded his interpretations of works by Haydn, Mozart and, most notably, Chopin. Those include works he played for the soundtrack to the 2007 video game Eternal Sonata.
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