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FOSHAN SAN DUN Furniture CO., LTD takes pride in its hot-selling led flood light. As we introduce advanced assembly lines with core technology, the product is manufactured in great volume, resulting in optimized cost. The product undergoes several tests throughout the production process, in which unqualified products are greatly eliminated before delivery. Its quality continues to be improved.We aim to build the brand SANDUN Furniture as a global brand. Our products have characteristics including long-term service life and premium performance which surprises customers at home and abroad with a reasonable price. We receive numerous comments from social media and e-mail, most of which are positive. The feedback has powerful influences on the potential customers, and they incline to try our products with regard to brand fame.Tailor-made services are professionally provided to meet different demands of our customers. For example, the specific designs could be provided by custmomers; quantity is able to be determined through dicussion. But we don't strive merely for quantity of production, we always put quality before quantity. led flood light is the evidence of 'quality first' at SANDUN Furniture.
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LED Flood Light Fixture for Tunnel and Underpass
It is no surprise that tunnel and underpass are the most complex areas with maximum possibility of accidents. On this note, it is really important to make sure these areas are illuminated with the right type of bright lighting solutions.LED flood lights are the ideal investment for tunnels and underpass applications. They are energy-efficient and environment-safe lighting solutions ensuring maximum safety and visual comfort in tunnel and passageways.These are high-quality luminaries manufactured to meet the toughest demands for reliability, ease of maintenance and clear light quality. All this guarantees the smooth driving experience and harmonious flow of traffic.At General Hardwaresz, we offer a huge variety of LED Flood Light Fixture to choose from. Under our standard product offerings, we have• 120W LED module flood light shell having outer size: 260*360*250mm and power driver fix plate size: 238*80mm• 36W LED Flood light Shell GHP-FL-032 (3050W) with aluminium pressure die cast body, heat sink and frame, toughened glass, adapter, gasket, screw and reflector.• 80W LED Flood light Shell GHP-FL-030 (80W/100W) having size 360X285X115mm• 100W LED Flood light ShellGHP-FL-009(100W) with screws in stainless steel material• 80W LED Floodlight Shell GHP-FL-042 having outer size: 294*318.8*122mm, Pcb area size: 256*255mm and power driver size: 270*80*48mmOur products are ideal for the urban spaces where there is a very high requirement of better orientation and bright (clear) light. Each and every LED Flood Light Fixture available at our online store made of high-quality materials and withstands the worst weather conditions.The best part of shopping here is that you can purchase the product of your choice from the comfort of home. There is no need to visit the local stores. All our products are available at a single click of mouse. So, all you need to order and it will be delivered at your doorstep.·RELATED QUESTIONHow many watts of LED flood lights do I need to buy for my badminton court?I think 100-200 Lux commercial LED flood lights are enough for your badminton court. When it comes to play for international matches, requirements may rise upto 750 to 1000 Lux. Here a product you can check out to get better idea of features:LED Flood Lights - Senior LEDThe main purpose of using LED for badminton court is to provide adequate illumination. Make sure you don't have the problems of uneven lighting that makes spectators feel irritated.When I was searching answer for the same question that you have, I came across an LED supplier that deals in commercial LED lighting and offers a good catalog of products you can choose from. The brand name is SeniorLEDI even bought indoor lighting for my office from them and they seem to run perfectly.The products from SeniorLED don't generate any kind of heat and are focused on modern LED lighting standards. They also have on-time delivery and good product warranty! They manufacture LED lights with heat dissipation technology which is good for product lifespan!Learn more aboutflood lightingFor those who don't know about advantages of using LED lighting:LED lights helps saving 80% of electricity bills. They are a good source of preventing glare which we can fully control the brightness of the light.The heat dissipation feature helps in preventing damage to the LED badminton lights which keeps helps in extending their life.LED lights are easier to replace without damaging the ceiling or walls. They also produce the better quality of lights than halogen bulbs.You can use them for many purposes like in parking lot, display art galleries, and also for office rooms.There are many more benefits of using LED lighting in badminton courts, basketball courts, and even stadiums. You can also check the following answer that I find helpful about LED lighting.Hope this helps you.
500w Led Flood Light for Mobil Lighting TowerYard, Garden, Backyard, Porch&Stair
500W led flood light is a kind of outdoor lamp with beautiful appearance and powerful function. It can be used in various environments such as Mobillighting tower, Yard, Garden, Backyard, Porch & Stair. 500W led flood light has unique heat sink device and suspension device. It can be used stably at high altitude in different environments, and the surface water-proof technology is excellent. Thus, it can play a stable lighting function in various extreme weather environments. 500W led flood light can be used in the evening of sports venues such as basketball courts, so that wonderful games can be fully enjoyed by the audience. 500W led flood light can also be used on the external walls of buildings, so that the outdoor lighting of buildings can play a stable role. Whether in rainy or windy weather, the beauty and atmosphere of buildings can fully blossom at night. 500W led flood light can also be used on the lighthouse car, so that people can make mobile lighting in various locations and environments according to their needs. 500w led flood light JR313 description ●Fashionable & modern design, aluminum of lamp's main structural parts. Surface electrostatic coating with anti-impact, anti-corrosion and anti-shock functions ●The lamp's main body uses hollow laser processing to enhance air mobility without accumulating dust to accelerate the light fixture cooling, and effectively reduce the wind resistance when working at high altitude, improves structural safety ●Main heat dissipation parts made from ultra-high heat transfer aluminum, processed by a unique forging process with high efficient thermal conductivity and heat dissipation performance, effectively reduces the LED Chip temperature and extends the service life of the LED ●High-intensity optical lens, improved light transmittance ●Highly reliable seal structure design, uses an imported anti-aging silicone rubber sealing ring, IP66 protection rating ●Uses imported high quality LED light source, low luminous depreciation, and high luminous efficiency, stable and durable ●High-strength steel bracket, wide range of adjustable light angles ●Suitable for factories, industrial sites, sports field, gas stations, parking lots, station halls, railway stations, ports installations and mobile light towers etc. 500w led flood light JR313 specification Model No.: JR313-300W Power(W): 300W EPI Number: 2 Input Voltage: AC100-277V、DC48V Luminous Flux:37500lm CRI(Ra): >70 Beam Angle: 60°90° CCT: 3000-6000K Environment temperature: - 40°50°C Life Time: ≥50000H Ctn/Pcs: 1 N.W: 10.0KGS G.W: 11.2KGS Size: 640*400*230MM Model No.: JR310-500W Power(W): 500W EPI Number: 4 Input Voltage: AC100-277V、DC48V Luminous Flux:62500lm CRI(Ra): >70 Beam Angle: 60°90° CCT: 3000-6000K Environment temperature: - 40°50°C Life Time: ≥50000H Ctn/Pcs: 1 N.W: 15.0KGS G.W: 16.5KGS Size: 645*480*280MM 500w led flood light for sale 500w led flood light for sale,Shanghai JingRui lighting is a professional enterprise integrating research and design, production, sales and service.Our main products include 500w led flood light, LED Street Light, LED Grow Light, HID Flood Light, Ballast and Bulb, etc. which are widely used for mobile light tower, construction sites, stadium, parking lot, road, ports and docks, etc. Free Quotes. Trained Specialists. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 500w led flood light price Contact us for 500w led flood light wholesale price, We offer some of the most powerful outdoor illumination solutions on the market today, and we're happy to help you find exactly what you need. Whether you simply need to illuminate the area in front of your garage, or you want to outfit an entire warehouse with bright lamps, we've got the solution for you. Contact us to learn more about the brands and models we offer and to find out which are right for your commercial or industrial setting. ·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is proffesional led stage lighting?When you're putting on an occasion, whether it is an unassuming school play or a party, stage lighting rental is an unquestionable requirement. Lighting is a main thrust of your production, giving brightening, center, detail and modifying the view of the group of audience. There is nothing that so vitally passes on an inclination superior to a decent lighting system, and with boundless inventive potential, will serve as an immense advantage for your creation.Focus, position and hanging:Conventional stage lighting must be set up because of these three contemplations. Focus refers to where the light will point; position alludes to where the light will start from; hanging refers to the real demonstration of hanging the light. Shading, force and example (assuming any) should be considered next.Types of stage lighting :Ellipsoidal - these lights are the conventional stage lights and thought to be the most critical. They are centering lights, the appearance in front of an audience of which can be adjusted by screens and channels.Fresnel - these lights are utilized for shading washes on the stage.Standard Jars - these lights are the sort you will see in even the dingiest of bars. Continuously a strong choice, standard jars can get hammered, are sturdy and simple to transport.Follow spots - these are spotlights used to pursue somebody around a phase.Obviously, there are increasingly choices accessible for stage lighting with the consistent progress of innovation. Presently you have the fundamentals; here are a couple of more alternatives:LEDs - these Professional LED Stage Lightingare useful for centered pillars and have been gradually supplanting conventional globules in stage lighting.Dizzies - these lights are round circles with a few Drove lights (more often than not of varying hues) covering the surface. The circle pivots in an assortment of bearings and examples, making a whirling, confounding example, consequently the name.Gels - this term alludes to the hues given to lights. They function as shading channels, and should work in congruity with the shade of the light itself to accomplish the craved impact.Once you have got your types of lighting down, you'll have to consider where to place them. Here's an essential summary of lighting positions:Front - This is utilized for the most part for perceivability and shading impacts. Side - can be utilized to awesome impact to complement activity.Back - Additionally utilized for impact. This kind of lighting can make the dream of profundity on a phase, or notwithstanding to silhouette a man totally.
Best LED Flood Lights in Sale
Get ready to change the game with crisp area lighting. The fixture is useful in both uplighting and downlighting situations. That is, you can either fit it on the ground to emit light upwards or on the wall to emit light downwards respectively, per your convenience. These LED Flood Lights are applicable for amphitheater lighting, landscape lighting, billboard lighting, stadium lighting, school playground lighting, parking lot lighting, airport ground lighting, sports fields lighting.Led Flood Lights Are Best In Use For Outdoor Spaces Abbotsford Bc Buy-sellLed Flood Lights Are Best In Use For Outdoor Spaces Abbotsford BcBuy-sellLed Flood Lights Are Best In Use For Outdoor Spaces Abbotsford Bcfonolive.com·RELATED QUESTIONWhich custom lighting design manufacturers would you choose to work with (as in, your preferred list of custom lighting design manufacturers for new projects, renovations, and/or construction of a new home and/or commercial property) and why?Residential and commercial lighting are different products. You do not give a reason for wanting custom vs. off the shelf products.A unique custom lighting product is backlit onyx and hinoki wood walls, desks, columns, and stairs by GPI Design of Cleveland. The onyx and hinoki veneer are sandwiched between glass.Boyd Lighting is a San Francisco Bay Area maker of high end lighting.Phoenix Day is another Bay Area custom manufacturer.Holly Hunt is a collection of custom lighting manufacturers.Working with a lighting designer will save you time and money while guaranteeing your project will meet codes, function, and look good.
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