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How Do I Put LED Lights into a Dang Owl's Eyes. ?
With epoxy. Power them with a 9 volt battery fed through a 470 ohm resistor1. Can I wire LED lights into my amp?U can plug them into anything depending on size of lights u might blow them with the amp but if u hook them into speaker terminals they work fine I have a strip from Walmart plugged into my door speakers and they work great2. Why do light bulbs all over the house burn out disconcertingly fast?One reason bulbs can burn out quickly is if the voltage applied to them is higher than the expected voltage (120V in The USA). Wiring problems and bad transformers can cause the voltage to be out of spec. Another reason is if there is a loose connection somewhere, and the light flickers (causing unnecessary heating/cooling cycles). A third reason is if the light is in a confined space, and overheats.In order to check the line voltage, you will need to use a voltmeter. The Kill-A-Watt is a very safe product to use to check the line voltage. Note that you should try a few different outlets, since there are generally two different phases of power (not really phases, but opposite polarities, 180 degrees apart) going into a typical house, and you need to check both of them.Identifying a bad connection is trickier. Generally, you would see flickering lights, but to be sure you would want to use an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer (expensive equipment). Sometimes a bad switch will cause a short flicker when the light is turned on. Replacing the light switches with new high quality switches could help.Finally, have you noticed that the bulbs go out more quickly in certain places? Are those places more confined, causing the bulbs to heat up more? If so, you need to use lower wattage lights (such as CFL, halogen, or less bright incandescents) so that the bulb is less hot. LED lights, halogens, and CFLs are all more efficient than incandescent lights. For the same amount of light output, they use less electricity, and generate less waste heat (keeping them cooler). In order to check if they meet your needs, compare the light output (in lumens) to that of the bulbs you are currently using. Do not go by the "equivalent" rating (such as 60W equivalent). ... The amount of heat generated is nearly proportional to the wattage of the bulb (generally between 10 and 25 W). Another thing to look at is the color temperature, as measured in Kelvins. More orange lights will be around 2700 K, while more blue (daylight) bulbs will be around 5000 K. PS: Advertised bulb lifetimes are usually assuming use of perhaps four hours per day. So, a seven year bulb may only last a bit over a year if it is left turned on continuously3. What is the most affordable boat that can allow a team of 3 to 5 people to comfortably and safely sail oceans like the Atlantic from the US to Africa or the Indian Ocean from Africa to India, etc.?There are a great MANY boats that can do what you ask... However to refit them to make them sea worthy care and thought and experience has to be exercised and many systems such as solar panels, LED lights, water makers, navigation and communication systems and the more people you have the larger the boat needs to be to have sufficient storage for water and food on board. The faster the boat the less storage space is needed because you get there sooner... Most coastal cruisers can be equipped for ocean crossings... coastal cruising is far easier...4. has the new 'green' society made any impact on yourI put up LED lights, but only on the inside where we will enjoy them and remember to turn them off.. Last year I strung too many outside on the roof and blew out the wall socket in the garage - very unfortunate because that was the outlet for the water heater too ! Brrrr cold showers ! We use the same artificial tree each year, but buy a few new ornaments each year after Christmas. In order to save a little money on ink for the yearly Christmas letters that we send to relatives, we get our ink cartridges refilled instead of buying new ones.
Should You Get a Cosmoblaze Or Elinz LED Light Bar?
If you're on the market for an LED light bar, there are two names you should be on the lookout for: Elinz and Cosmoblaze. Over the last few years, these two brands have made it easier for ordinary Australians to purchase quality auxiliary lighting devices without spending thousands of dollars. If you're going to choose between the two, here are the qualities that make them similar and distinct from one other.Elinz or Cosmoblaze LED Light Bar?Let's see how these two brands of light bars stack up against each other.1. PriceBoth brands are known for their quality and affordability. However, Cosmoblaze light bars are relatively more expensive than Elinz light bars. The primary reason for this is that Cosmoblaze products are marketed as premium lighting devices. This basically means that they are on the more "high end" side of the price spectrum, hence, the notable price difference.2. ApplicationIf you're looking for an LED light bar in Australia used for professional competitions and touring events, then Cosmoblaze products are more advisable for you. It is because they have higher light output per voltage to help reduce eye strain that can be detrimental to you winning the competition. On the other hand, if you need an LED light for general-purpose applications, then Elinz makes an excellent choice. Take note, however, that Cosmoblaze isn't necessarily better than Elinz. They are just designed to excel in different applications.3. DurabilityBoth brands of LED lighting devices are designed for optimum durability. Cosmoblaze products, in particular, are equipped with extruded 6063 aluminium housing and polycarbonate lens to ensure that they will survive in any driving condition. Elinz light bars, on the other hand, don't rattle easily and is great for trucks, caravans, 4X4, farming and mining equipment, and 4WD vehicles.4. Dustproof and Waterproof ratingIf you need a 4WD LED bar light that is well-protected from dust and water intrusion, then look no further. Cosmoblaze and Elinz are built to fulfil this need. Cosmoblaze light bars have a waterproof and dustproof rating of IP69, while Elinz products have ratings starting at IP67. They can be submerged to water and exposed to dust for a longer period of time.How to Know Which Brand to ChooseTo determine which brand of LED light bar is suited for you, you must determine what your specific needs are. Identify the type of application you'd want to use the light bar in. Also, consider your budget. If you're willing to spend extra, then Cosmoblaze light bars is a must-buy. If not, Elinz light bars will do.To get the best results from your CREE LED light bars, be sure to trust only the best.Keywords: LED light bar, LED light bar in Australia, 4WD LED bar light, CREE LED light ·RELATED QUESTIONI didn't get Google Glass Explorer Edition. Is trying to learn Glass dev without the hardware a futile effort?No, you can still learn the fundamentals of Glass development without the hardware.There are three main approaches for accomplishing this:1) Visit the Mirror API documentation, get into the playground, and start hashing up some code. Download the PHP, Java, and Python library, whichever you're most comfortable with. Familiarize yourself with the jargon and converntions (timeline, bundles, menus, etc). Read the support documentation (second link below) to see how the Glass hardware actually functions. Build some apps to this specification. Soon enough, you will find a friend with hardware to t
Can You Hook Blue LED Lights to a Pc Motheboard? Just a Normal Motherboard?
If you are talking about led strips, then no. Most of them connect to the power supply via the 4 pin molex. However some can connect to the 3 pin fan header on the motherboards.1. Gateway desktop LED lights up, but computer doesn't turn on?it probably just does not like XP, try re-installing XP (maybe a load corruption) or a different OS2. Hooking up led lights to car battery?Instead of going directly to the battery, take your power lead from a switched circuit through the cars fuse box. Then it will shut off when you turn off the ignition3. Boosting 18 V drill battery to 60 V to power LED lights, problems with voltage stabilityI believe that your batteries may be too small.I use modules that look very much like (probably identical) for my LED yard lights. However, 7 Amps. I removed the original power supply and use these modules instead.The smallest battery I use is Dewalt Flex-Volt batteries - I have both 6Ah & 9Ah at 20 Volts. Do note that Dewalt plays a little loose with their battery voltage ratings - most people would call these 18V packs rather than the 20V rating that Dewalt uses. My battery packs are 3P5S with either 2AH cells (6Ah) or 3Ah cells (9Ah). These packs can be switched into 60V mode by means of a mechanical switch contained in the battery pack but I am using them in 20V mode.My portable lights work extremely well with those power supplies. Do note that I am using the power supplies in Constant Current mode. The open-circuit voltage is set to be a couple of volts higher than the maximum voltage that the LED lamps will ever require and the current is set to the proper value.I've also used those modules to power 4' LED strip lights (fluorescent bulb replacement). I am using one module per lamp, directly feeding the LED array inside the tube. In other words, I am not using the internal power supply within the tube. Also great performance using the Dewalt battery packs.4. City of the future communicates using solar panelsManganiello compares the current solar infrastructure with a creature that cannot see or feel. It is his ambition to provide solar cells and modules (groups of electrically connected solar cells) with these senses and enable them to communicate with each other and with the world. The crux of the technology involves deploying the existing infrastructure of a solar cell not only to convert light (photons) into charged particles (electrons), but also to provide them with sensors that can extract information from the light waves and enable them to broadcast their own light messages using LEDs or other light sources. But Manganiello also has plenty of ideas for more creative applications for integrating energy generation and information transfer, in particular as part of the increasingly wide-scale integration of solar cells in urban environments in the coming years, where solar cells could be built into windows and walls, but also indoors to capture and reuse energy from artificial light. For example, a desktop covered with solar cells could convert the light produced by a desk lamp into energy to wirelessly charge a phone. The electrical engineer holds his outstretched hands in front of his chest to illustrate two buildings opposite each other in his vision of the city of the future. If their walls can not only generate energy, but also exchange information through multifunctional solar panels, the buildings will be able to communicate with each other. For example, one building could report that too many washing machines are being used in it and that it requires extra power from its neighbour. Or they could share an internet connection using light signals. This could be of real benefit with the increasing scarcity of radio waves used for Wi-Fi. In time, all the buildings in a city will be able communicate with each other and warn each other in the event of a fire, storm or flood, for example. 'LED lights in an office building could send a signal to a sensor on your phone warning you to leave the building,' says Manganiello. Manganiello explains that he has thousands of ideas for experiments to bring these futuristic scenarios closer. 'Unfortunately, at any given moment we can only work on a tiny percentage of these, which is what I find most frustrating about my work.' He estimates that it will take about 10 to 15 years before new buildings will be able to communicate with each other through solar cells built in to their walls, however the first applications should start to appear in the coming decade. Manganiello is impatient to get moving. 'Energy is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Our biggest fear today is that our battery will run out,' he says. The graphs that made such an impression on him as a student twenty years ago have shot up even further. 'I want to believe that we can solve this, but when I see how societies, governments and the industry are responding to these issues, I sometimes lose heart.' He sighs deeply when asked to provide an example of such a response. 'The main problem is the resounding lack of a response, and the low priority given to sustainability.' Despite the severity of the problem, optimism and fascination still prevail in the interview with Manganiello. He concludes by sharing his favourite scenario for a sustainable future that the Photovoltatronics group hopes to achieve. He describes two cars, covered with solar cells which provide a large part of their energy. A deer suddenly jumps out in front of the foremost car. Even before it has applied the brakes, its rear lights rapidly transmit a signal to the solar cells on the vehicle behind: 'Warning, I am about to brake!' At the same time, the urban traffic control centre sends signals via street lamps to solar cells on the roofs of passing cars to control traffic and prevent congestion and air pollution hotspots. 'I think this is the best example, because safety is the main bottleneck in the development of self-driving cars, while this technology can make life easier and more sustainable. I think the Photovoltatronics research group can provide an important boost to the development of self-driving cars, and it is a privilege to be able to contribute to this.'
What Are the Pros and Cons of Energy Saving Light Bulbs?
i ought to provide you with experts and cons, yet your question requested for a third important factor. perchance that ought to nicely be "What the way ahead for bulbs sounds like". i am no longer an expert, inspite of the undeniable fact that it form of feels to me the technologies for LED lights is catching up quick. perchance analyze on that and different destiny developments should be informative. As for a catchy intro... it really is somewhat problematical no longer understanding your target market and what ought to drawn them in. yet i imagine each and every human being is fascinated contained in the large image first, so perchance electricity use by using u . s . a . , then ruin that down into kinds of electricity use by using residing house equipment, and then on to gentle bulbs. and perchance then pass into capacity mark downs if each and every human being in that u . s . a . switched, and what number have switched1. do led lights have that blue glow?Take the bulb you have to the hardware store with you and get them to match it2. I know this is crazy but there is a static noise from my PC speakers when the switch to on the light in my room is flipped??? Like WTF!?If you have a compact fluorescent light bulb then these have some electronics in them that can cause interference. This may also be the case with LED lights although I do not have any experience with these. You might want to try changing your light bulb with one from another room and see what happens.3. What power source should i use to wire 250 led lights?So you will have 250 branches, each branch having a current limiting resistor and the led. There will be 20 ma per branch, so 5 amps total current. In each branch, the led will have 3.3v across it (that's higher than I would have expected, but if that's what the data sheet says ...), so if each branch has 5v across it, the resistor needs to drop 1.7v. With 20 ma thru the branch, the resistor needs to be R = E/I = 1.7v / .02 amps So R = 85 Ohms. Some chargers are more intelligent than just acting as a voltage source capable of a certain current. Many provide optimum charging characteristics for the battery it's made for. If you could experiment putting a few resistors across your BlackBerry phone charger and verify that the current follows Ohm's Law for a 5v source, then go for it.4. do infrared led lights reverse the signs of aging?Would'nt think so.Cosmetic companies market all sort of creams and lotions for this purpose.Make up is still the best camouflage5. want to install new led lights but they have aluminum wires , can i join to copper wiring with merrits?Although I doubt you have aluminum wiring in a new device (probably tinned copper). You can join aluminum wire to copper wire with alumiconns. These are special wire nuts that have a special jell inside and these are 1 use only (alumiconns are usually purple or the 2 brands I have used are purple) for example the box I have on the shelf is ideal brand Twister AL/CU, these are listed for aluminum to copper wire connections. Regular wire nuts create a fire hazard with copper to aluminum connections so it can or needs to be done with alumiconns. I would bet you have tinned stranded wire coming from the new fixture. If you take a knife and scrape the wires there will s probably copper under the tin. If copper under the tin you can just use a standard wire it that is the correct size for the wire.6. How quickly does a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor get from 0-60?Not fast enough, lol. The Crown Vic was the work horse of police agencies across the country and in many others for a long time not so much for its powerful acceleration rate (sarcasm) but rather because it had the right mix of useful attributes. It had a large body, good trunk space, could fit two semi average size officers in the front seat with gear (it could get tight), the V8 engine was big and powerful enough for high speeds and it was durable. Of course this was off the assembly line. In the old days prior to LED lights an extra battery and heavy duty alternator needed to be installed, those along with all manner of other gear (trunk safe, VHS tape deck in the old days), stop sticks, emergency kits and a mess of other stuff) weighed down the car substantially. It was funny to get a new car, take it to the shop that installed all this gear and watch it sink lower as it went in. Additionally, prior to the new LED light bars, the big old light bars created massive drag at high speeds and when they were switched on I swear you could feel car engine work harder while the car actually slowed down lol!Now with the new LEDs and other lighter equipment the load has lessened substantially. Of course the Crown Vic isn't made anymore and the current police fleet of them is dwindling. Many departments are switching to the Taurus and Explorer police cars and they do very well.How quickly does a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor get from 0-60?.
How Do You Achieve This Stairway 'chaser' Effect with an LED Light Strip?
What makes the light "run up the stairs" is the use of individually addressable LEDS. That means each LED on the strip has a microprocessor that can be called up and say "hey, you, turn on at this RGB value: 0x999999". That adds a bunch of complexity. Not least, the microprocessors that monitor the PIRs and sequence the LEDs in the direction being traveled. However, there's no end to the cool: the processor could roll pulsing light up or down the stairs... or it could even do rolling rainbows of color, like Boeing Dreamliner or something, because virtually all these "individually addressible LEDs" are RGB color type. It's there; the poster just has not unlocked it because the limiting factor is software (you have to write it). It also forces the installation to use 5 volts DC instead of 12/24 volts DC. This means the power supply must be heavier, and the wires must be much heavier. Parts list is: You can do the kaboodle on 12V or 24V, and so the wires get a lot smaller. You can drop the microprocessor altogether, and simply use 12/24 volt PIRs wired in parallel. (i.e. whichever PIR sees a customer turns the lights on, and the lights come on when either PIR asks for it, and the PIR auto-times out after a time.) You can also use simple, cheap 3528 monochrome LEDs in your choice of color temperature. Most 12 volt PIRS will happily run on 12V or 24V. So will dimmers. So you just get 12V or 24V LEDs to suit. Your parts list is:1. Mains LED light bulb flickers when switched off [closed]You might find that a different brand of bulb is much less prone to this kind of behavior. The internal circuit varies quite a bit from bulb to bulb. If you have a store with a generous return policy that applies to such products you could simply buy a few different types and try them. In particular, I would expect bulbs based on Microchip's CL8800 to not suffer from this problem. See this excellect article if you are interested in the gory details. Most bulbs have a small switching supply in them, but this type is different.2. What Are The Benefits Of LED Light TubesIs there any benefits Of LED Light Tubes? High performance LED light tubes are now the latest trend in the lighting industry and they are quite popular presently and they come equipped with fantastic features. These lighting bulbs are better substitutes to fluorescent lighting tubes; with products such as Flexible LED tube light as well as LED T5 and LED T8 tubes. These lights can also be utilised not only in a working environment but also at residential houses. They are particularly better than other conventional lighting in terms of energy consumption, brightness and maintenance costs. Actually LED tube light types are safer to use. They have no toxic material (like mercury) in them, unlike fluorescent lighting bulbs. Mercury dust contained in fluorescent tubes pose serious health threat to anybody exposed to it, for those who work with them; such as electricians. Once a fluorescent light tube is broken in a room, it releases mercury into the air, the mercury could last for up to few hours in the air. Mercury is capable of causing asthma and some other respiratory problems. These lighting bulbs are also easier to install as compared to traditional fluorescent light bulbs. Nowadays, high quality LED fluorescent tubes have surpassed the normal conventional lights when it comes to energy consumption efficiency. The reason is that LED consume lesser energy consume lesser energy makes them a great lighting alternative for use in companies and for residential houses as this would assist in reducing the electricity bill payable for putting lights on by a great portion. They are in fact use only about 30 percent of energy which fluorescent light bulbs use to produce a particular level of brightness. They also save you a large sum of money as they last much longer than fluorescent light tubes. The flickering of the traditional fluorescent bulbs has been proven to be causing headaches to some people. The micro-pulse wavelength being emitted by these fluorescent light bulbs is said to be responsible for such headaches. Whereas, LED do not flicker at all when switched on, as such nullifying all concerns about experiencing headaches and disorientations. Though super bright LED lighting lamps are more expensive as compared to traditional lighting, but if you look at it on a long time basis, you would discover them to be the a rather cheaper lighting option. For more information on Ai LED light tubes, pls visit Ai LED fluorescent tubes3. Why are there light rays coming out of the LED light sources?It is caused by optical defects inside your eye. It affects all light sources in the dark - consider the traditional "star" shape with points when in reality starts are round
6 Types of LED Light Bars for Indoor Farming - Upstart U
All in all, LED light bars are an excellent way to give your crops the light they need to grow in higher densities. While there are many options on the market with unique features and a range of power requirements, one thing is constant: you must be mindful of how much heat they generate.Combinatorial products of unique primesRecursively generates the products by choosing to include or exclude each number in turnlooking for Restaurant that is unique to Houston.....?a most suitable position to have a get alongside with the girls is Cork This! that's style of outdoors of Houston (in 1st viscount montgomery of alamein easily) yet is truly truthfully worth the stress. They make their personal wine and may easily make personalised wine labels for youWhat is the uniqueness of Bengali?Bengalis are unique in different ways. Lets us see.Dress: People of Bengal have a unique dress sense. They wear Dhuti and Punjabi though Globalization makes them use western dresess like pants, shirts etc. Women wear sarees and they look beautiful. They wear saree in a unique way. Durga puja is the biggest festival here on which everyone comes home to celebrate it with his family and relatives.They are born intellectual. You do not find a Bengali who is not an intellectual at least as per his own view.They are interested in sweets. Different kind of sweets is a must on their list. They love sweets more than anything else.You do not find a Bengali who does not love fish.They can not live without rice.They are more political people.Here everyone is a poet. There is not a person who has not composed a Poem. They prefer service to the business. They are peace-loving persons. Their culture, heritage and lifestyle are unique. Boul gan,i.e folk song is an inseparable part of their life. Lalon site, Songs of Voba Pagla which are highly spiritual songs with the insight of philosophy are quite popular here. Rabindra sangeet and Nazrul giti are also popular here.They love to read but the stupid box makes them lazy enough and they are busy watching tv serials on a daily basis.Pic credit: PinterestWhat is the uniqueness of Bengali?.What is an unique date idea?the simple things maybe a walk in a park with hot chocolate, play cards and have a picnic. get another couple to go double date with maybeUnique Ideas for a Fun Reception?Its sounds great just the way it is. My brother had a slide show of this is who we are playing during dinner IT was sweetUniqueness of a Tangent Linear MapThe first inequality is not justified, because $-|f(x)-f(p)-L_2(x-p)|geq -|f(x)-f(p)|-|L_2(x-p)|$ rather than the other way around. Also, there is no justification for the limits in the second and third lines to exist. (In particular, note that $limlimits_xto p frac|L_1(x-p)||x-p|$ usually does not exist for a linear map $L_1$.) And if the limit in the third line does exist, the subsequent inequality is not justified, because $-|L_2(x-p)|geq -|L_2||x-p|$ rather than the other way around.Rather, the following approach could be used. For each $xeq p$, the triangle inequality implies that $$beginalign* frac|(L_1-L_2)(x-p)||x-p|&=frac|L_1(x-p)-L_2(x-p)||x-p| &leq frac|f(x)-f(p)-L_1(x-p)||x-p|frac|f(x)-f(p)-L_2(x-p)||x-p|. endalign*$$ Since the hypothesis is that each of the fractions on the right-hand side goes to $0$ as $xto p$, it follows that for all $varepsilon>0$, there exists $delta>0$ such that $|(L_1-L_2)(x-p)|leq varepsilon |x-p|$ whenever $00$ was arbitrary, this shows that $L_1=L_2$.Aquarius people and their uniqueness?Personally, I have noticed that Aquarians' are unique at ANY age. I have NEVER met one that was a follower..EVERUnique Identifier Creation and InvalidationLooks like some Data integrity check stuff. For example adding something like CRC16 (4hex digits) will allow filter ID with typosUnique ideas for a bachelorette party???How about a weekend road trip? Rent an RV or just keep the party small and have a few girls along. Drive to fun places like Vegas, Chicago, or any places that have significance to you guys. Choose 2 or 3 places to hit (it is only a weekend, unless you want to extend it to a week), find inexpensive motels, hit up bars in the area, and have a fun girly weekend!.
Jeep Lights: LED Headlights, LED Light Bars and More
Our newest release, Dynamic 4.5″ Amber/White LED Light Bars, are impressive! Perfect for a Jeep, these 4.5″ Amber/White LED Light Bars include 21 super bright dual color amber/white LEDs per unit. The white LEDs provide a super bright DRL while the Amber LEDs function as an eye-catching turn signal. Plus, the White LEDs to turn completely off for the entire turn signal cycle, providing even greater visibility to the amber turn signal flash.Do scientists make their error bars large so that their predictions can't be wrong?Yes, I caught a climatologist at the Scripps Institute doing just that.... publishing a study stating that there is an 80% chance that Lake Mead would be dry in just 20 years due to AGW until I confronted him and low and behold, two weeks later he revised the chance to 50% and published it. Obviously he can not lose at 50% now can he Dana. What is your question again Dana?Can US dollars be replaced with gold in 2020 for international trade like a country does not have dollars to buy other countryu2019s goods? Can it pay in gold coins and bars?Can US dollars be replaced with gold in 2020 for international trade like a country does not have dollars to buy other country's goods? Can it pay in gold coins and bars?There is not enough gold in the world to handle the huge dollar volume of transactions. Theoretically it could happen by raising the price of gold about 100 fold or so. Then each country would give its gold out to it's citizens in return for their holdings of that nation's money. In the Eurozone, Euros would be exchanged for gold.After that was done, then people would buy and sell things for milligrams of gold. But it would be very unfair and inefficient, because the distribution of gold ownership, around the world, is very different than the distribution of money. 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If a 100 Watt Incandecent Bulb Is Equal to a 23 Watt Flourecent Than a 21 Watt LED Light Is Equal to
Look at the output in lumens. A 100W incandescent lamp and an equivalent fluorescent lamp give around 1750 lumens. Your LED could be anywhere (expect it to be between 840 and 1600). 60W incandescent lamps give around 825 lumens. Also look at the color of the LED if they have it. 6500K is white(ish). Anything higher than that is pretty blue1. LED light strip vs. incandescent light bulb power consumption ambiguousness [closed]Current is not the same as powerPower = Amps x Volts2. My LED light blinks red on my Xbox 360..?once you are talking suitable to the recent 360 narrow, the only with an inner wifi receiver, then you definately maximum in all threat wo not get the RRoD. Microsoft fastened those themes with the narrow. in basic terms be helpful to maintain it in a properly ventilated section at the same time as you play. so a approaches as i comprehend, there is in basic terms one cooling fan on the marketplace meant to greater healthful the 360 narrow. it incredibly is through Nikon. it may or wo not paintings, based on the comments i've got study. yet word, Microsoft has not authorized ANY form of cooling fan to be use with any of their xboxes. utilising a cooling fan can probably void any guarantee you ought to your xbox3. LED light in the corner of my blackberry 8530 was solid for an hour or so, what does this mean?Throw it away. Crackberrys are junk. iPhone all the way!4. How to improve the white LED light efficiency? What are the solutions? - NEWS - Yangzhou Xinghui Lighting Engineering Group Co., Ltd.a) Enhance the internal quantum efficiency to generate more blue light in the active region and reduce the absorption at the blue output. With the development of epitaxial growth technology and multi-quantum well structure, the internal quantum efficiency of ultra-high brightness LEDs has been very large. Improvement, blue LED has reached more than 90%; b) Improve the light extraction efficiency, adopt the flip-chip structure to avoid the electrode and gold wire of the formal structure to block the light; balance the contradiction between the light absorption and the diffusion current of the transparent conductive film; the bottom reflection layer causes the blue light to reflect in the front light direction; the surface pattern or surface Roughening technology avoids excessive total reflection due to large difference in refractive index; etc.; packaging material close to the refractive index of the chip; c) improving the external quantum efficiency of phosphor photoluminescence conversion, developing phosphor materials and ratios with high photoluminescence conversion efficiency; d) Improve the light-emitting efficiency of the package. The high refractive index of the package material is beneficial to the extraction rate of the chip light, but it also increases the difference in refractive index from the air. For the planar package, it causes the total in-reflection with the air interface. Increasing, thereby reducing the light extraction rate, therefore, a secondary transparent encapsulation layer with a refractive index transition can be considered on the planar package; in addition, for non-planar packaging, the phosphor coating thickness is improved and The shape and the shape of the package structure avoid excessive total reflection of the emitted light due to the large difference in refractive index. The highest light efficiency of blue chip type white LEDs is mainly limited by four parts: 1 The internal quantum efficiency of blue light is estimated to be no more than 90% (under high temperature influence, while low power normal temperature can reach about 95%); 2 The light extraction efficiency of the epitaxial layer is estimated to be no more than 85% (the total reflection angle determined by the refractive index of the material of GaN and silica or epoxy resin in the formal and vertical structures is about 42; the total reflection threshold of GaN and Al2O3 in the flip-chip structure) The angle is about 46; it is estimated that the pattern optimization will not exceed 75); 3 The highest quantum efficiency of blue light converted to white light is estimated to be no more than 70% (see the most efficient lossless single-spectrum 555nm green light, and the photoluminescence efficiency of all blue light converted to 555nm monochromatic green light is less than 78%); 4 Phosphor layer white light out of the ball type package efficiency is not more than 95% (plane package output rate will be much lower, this one is usually less concerned, because light from silica gel or epoxy resin to the total reflection of air The critical angle is only about 42). The integrated optical efficiency of the four parts multiplied is estimated to be no more than 50%; that is to say, the luminous efficacy of the blue chip type white LED does not exceed 340 Lm/W. According to reports, the world's highest luminous white LED is the US CREE company announced in March 2014 that 303Lm / W. It is close to the limit of the estimated white LED efficacy of the above analysis. Progress in Light Efficiency of White LEDs in Silicon Carbide Substrate of American CREE Laboratory China's current domestic LED light efficiency has also gradually caught up with the international advanced level. Many years ago, the Nanchang University team in China used pre-rasterization etching on silicon wafers to alleviate the cracks and dislocation defects caused by the large difference in thermal matching during the cooling process after GaN growth. The key components of MOCVD equipment were improved by special measures. The trachea" to improve the uniformity of GaN growth and other independent patented technology, broke through the key technology of high-efficiency GaN-based blue light-emitting diodes on silicon substrates, and became the third country to master the independent intellectual property rights of blue-light LEDs after Japan and the United States. It broke the situation that Japanese sapphire substrate and American silicon carbide substrate have long monopolized the core technology of international LED lighting, and formed a global three-pronged force with Japanese and American technology. According to the "2018 China Blueprint for the Development of Semiconductor Lighting Industry" released by the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance: "In 2018, China's industrialized white LED light efficiency level reached 180Lm/W,3%,6%". This is commendable, but in the semiconductor integrated circuit industry, 8 inch, 12 inch and other mainstream large-size silicon wafers should be applied to the LED lighting industry on a large scale. At present, the mainstream is still a small size sapphire substrate below 6 inches in the LED lighting industry. When the chain has formed a first-mover advantage, the process maturity and low-cost advantages of the silicon wafer itself cannot be exerted. It is expected that when the industrial chain such as packaging equipment is upgraded to a mainstream with 6-inch or more substrates, the large-volume demand for silicon-based LEDs will continue to return to its original cost less than sapphire and gallium nitride substrates. A lot of advantages, when the market prospects for silicon-based LED applications are very bright. In the early days, because of the low light efficiency of red light, especially green LEDs, the RGB type consisting of three red, green and blue LEDs is limited to display or decorative lighting applications. With the gradual improvement of green LED light efficiency, RGB type White LEDs enter practical lighting. The main advantages of RGB white LEDs are: First, there is no need for phosphors to convert light. This alone can theoretically reduce at least 20-30% of the photoluminescence energy conversion losses in blue chip-type white LEDs; secondly, Easy to adjust color temperature and color, which is very important in smart lighting applications. However, the main disadvantage of RGB white LEDs is that the efficacy of green LEDs is still not high, resulting in a total luminous efficiency that is currently much lower than that of blue chip-type white LEDs; another RGB three LEDs must be strictly matched with luminosity and chromaticity distribution. The light color distribution curve of the three LEDs of red, green and blue should be smooth and completely consistent and the projection direction is consistent, otherwise the luminosity and chromaticity unevenness in different distances and directions are serious; there are also three LEDs of red, green and blue. Three sets of power supply systems complicate the drive circuit and increase the cost. The uneven distribution of luminosity and chromaticity is an inherent defect inherent in blue chip type white LEDs and RGB type white LEDs, but to a different extent. Since the human eye does not perceive the ultraviolet light, the ultraviolet light emitted by the ultraviolet LED chip is absorbed by the red, green and blue primary color phosphors in the package coating and converted into white light, so the ultraviolet chip type white light LED has no chromaticity distribution like the conventional fluorescent lamp. The unevenness of the photometry is also much better than the blue chip type and the RGB type, which is its greatest advantage. The main disadvantage of UV chip type white LEDs is that, in general, when the spectral envelope of phosphor photoluminescence conversion is similar to the continuous spectrum of blue light white light, the ultraviolet chip type white light LED has higher luminous efficiency than the blue chip type. Low, the shorter the ultraviolet wavelength, the lower the conversion efficiency (the light conversion efficiency of the phosphor under 254 nm ultraviolet light does not exceed 50%), and the manufacturing difficulty is multiplied, so it is theoretically impossible to use the short-wave ultraviolet chip for illumination. Make white LEDs. In addition, high-efficiency phosphors for long-wave UV excitation are needed. Moreover, the author suggests that the spectrum emitted by the phosphor after conversion should be like the three primary colors of the energy-saving fluorescent lamp, such as red, green and blue, forming a discrete discontinuous spectrum, each of which is a narrow spectrum, and the green peak should be close to the highest light efficiency of 555 nm. The green light with red and blue light may easily exceed the limit light efficiency of the 340 Lm/W blue chip type white LED. Of course, even if the phosphor can do this, the current half-width of the light-emitting wavelength of the LED chip is not too wide, and the 254-nm working ultraviolet light generated by the low-pressure discharge in the conventional fluorescent lamp cannot be matched with the phosphor by its very narrow wavelength half-width. The effect may still be poor.
Question About Audio Capacitor and (led) Lights on Them?
That's weird... I have some no name capacitor and the LED does stay on for a little while after I turn the car on, but then shuts off, until I turn the car back on. Not sure why yours continues to read the voltage... Do you have the cap going straight to the battery and grounded straight to the car? But as to your direct question, I do not believe it will kill your battery, I am sure it will drain it somewhat though. Many cars have flashing LEDs for there alarms and what not, and the batteries do not die1. How to connect led lights together [picture diagram inside]?Well, you will not have much of a light (for long) if you hook a 9 volt battery up to your present circuit. You have two basic options for hooking the LEDs up. Hook them up in parallel (not recommended) Hook them up in series. You pretty much lucked out doing this the first time. The 2 AA batteries with their internal resistances have limited the current such that you did not burn out your LED. The 9 volt battery however, will not have this limitation. Most LEDs need a forward voltage in the area of 1.2 to 1.5 volts to function. At the same time, they all have maximum currents and if you try to operate them with more current, they will burn out. Typically a current of around 20 milliamps is fine. It is possible that if you hooked about 6 of these same LEDs in series and then connected them straigth to the 9 volt battery, they may work and not burn out. However, normally one would look at the voltage drop of each diode and the required current and calculate the size of a current limiting resistor In your situation, start with 9 volts and then subtract the forward voltage needed to drive how ever many LEDs you use. Then divide that by the current and you have your resistor size.2. Does LED lights have any effect on fish tank plants?You do not have enough lights for your plants so do not buy anymore plants. Wait and see how the plants doing first before buying any more3. TEST YOUR CHEMISTRY KNOWLEDGE! What is...?Ha Ha. "Lighten up". I get it. AlGaAs is used in LED lights, which are far more efficient and consume less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs.4. LED lights use less energy and last longer than incandescent but Trump says "No"?Gas the Jew Trump. Trump screaming "AHHHH"5. Is it wise to run 4 led lights at 20mA each to a 9 volt battery without a resistor.I know you can but should u?no, not a good idea. Vf versus If is a curve with a very steep slope, that is, small changes in V produce large changes in I. You have no way of setting the current, it may be low, ie, dim light, or very bright, leading to destruction. In addition, Vf is very temperature dependent, and goes down with temperature dependent. So as the bulb warms up, Vf goes down, If goes up (a lot) which produces more heat, lower voltage, more current, a cycle that can continue until something burns out. .6. My Frigidaire GLTF2940FS1 is plugged in but will not start nor will the LED lights come on?Are you Positive the other outlet is Good? You may have tripped a breaker. Go and see. Also, a front loading washer, like yours and my Kenmore, wo not often do a thing unless front door fully closed and locked. My switch got broken once, I had to brace the door shut to make it work until I could get a new one. It could also be a GFI has tripped on the same line. Get a known working lamp or radio and try the outlets. Otherwise, let your Frigidaire cool off a while. It may have a thermal breaker inside. If it does not work after a few minutes rest on a good outlet, it may be toast. Especially if it tips a breaker .7. questions about led lights hooked up to the amp?you will desire to start via no longer being a cock and than rewiring is an insufferable torture reserved for under the worst of the international, and would in all hazard in simple terms be left to a individual who's paid to do it
Led Lighting Products - 5 Advantages to Using Them
LED lighting products offer consumers a number of practical advantages over traditional light bulbs and products. This technology can be used in many different places within your home including in place of regular light bulbs, in rope lights, and in flashlights just to name a few spots. You'll be surprised about the many places that you can use LED lights and the advantages that you'll find.Save Energy LED lights are very efficient when compared to other lighting products. Many traffic signal lights have been replaced with LEDs because of the energy savings (as well as the long life). Over time, this means that you'll save money on your energy costs by using LED lights in your home. With rising energy costs, these products can help you cost down on your energy consumption, which also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Long Life LED lights last much longer than regular light bulbs. Some LED products have been estimated to have about 100,000 hours of use in their average life span. This makes them a great option for hard to reach places where changing light bulbs often is difficult and time consuming. Although LED light bulbs can cost more up front, you'll save money over the long haul as you won't have to buy additional light bulbs, in some cases, for years.No UV Emissions LEDs don't produce UV radiation and they remain cool to the touch. This means that you can place LED rope lights in areas like porches, decks, and other wooden structures without worrying that the heat will cause fires or other damage. You can also use LED lights around sensitive antiques or other items as the light won't damage the objects. Many museums now use LED lighting to illuminate art work and other historic documents.Durability LED lighting is very durable. Combined with the long life and other advantages, this makes LED lighting ideal for many different situations. Shock and vibrations won't damage these lights.Design Flexibility Many people love using LED's because of the flexibility they provide. You can combine LED lights to create any shape or design that you want. You can also create fun special effects with the colorful lighting that LED offers. Whether you want chasing lights or other effects, LED makes it possible.LED lighting products have many different advantages over regular lighting. If you need the flexibility and long life of LED lights, look into the different products available to find something that will work for you. With so many great LED products available, you're sure to find what you need.
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