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High Quality Gu10 Led Spot Light High Power 3w with 3 Led
The need to save the electricity is at peak in some countries where people face load shedding problems. But there is no need to worry now as China has invented an innovative and energy saving device that is named as LED spot light with High Power of 3 Watts that gives you intense illumination for you rooms and complete house. This is the best gadget to save a lot of electricity in order to reduce your monthly bills. You can regard it as super energy saver as it consumes very less amount of electricity as compared to a normal energy saver with the same quality lightening. You can utilize several LED lights in your house for well and complete illumination by saving the energy as other lightening goods consume more energy as computer to LED spot light with high power of 3W. There are 3 LEDS that are integrated with this device for well and bright illumination in your house. This is the most accepted device that is being utilized all over the world for energy conservation and the most attracting feature is that its lifetime is 50,000 hours that is too much to be utilized. This is the masterpiece that is crafted with high quality materials that is why it works for more than 50,000 hours. This efficient energy saver is provided in size of 50mm x 60 mm that can be easily fitted in place of bulbs or old energy savers installed. It is a very light weight electric good that bears nearly 64g weight. You can purchase it in different colors of your choice. It is provided in red, blue, green, daylight white , warm white colors. There comes an instruction while purchasing to product of choosing the color. If you are not going to select a color of your choice then you would have the random color from company so always be specific while purchasing. It's a 3 Watt consumer electric equipment that takes the input of 100 volts in alternating current while 220 volts in direct current. This bulb is provided with 3 LEDS and each led is of 1 Watt that makes the total of 3 watt. The most attracting feature is its heat management as internal copper heat conductor along with external aluminum housing integrated to perfection. If you genuinely want to buy GU10 High Power 3W with 3 LED then the best resource to buy this product is chnabuye.com as the manufacturing origin of this product is china so you would also get the premium benefits along with low price tags.
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