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R&P: You Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello...?
I have more songs with goodbye in the title1. why do some people say hello to me but ..?Why do some people say hello to me but ..? but if i do not say hello they get butt hurt. but if go out of my way to say hello and they ignore me its okay for them to ignore me, and they think it is okay.2. Where might a guy find some Hello Kitty PopTarts?I dont know but i would love to have some of those! :D Maybe try Ebay? Or even just search on google for Hello Kitty Poptarts. Hope you find them!(:3. Where can you get those hello kitty necklaces that emo/scene hair people where?somewhere online and those neckalces are SO ugly save yourself4. hello, im wondering is it possible to do weights for my legs but calisthenics for my upperbody?Hi there, here are the answers to your questions: Question: i also eat about 1500 a day and i dont usually do cardio which i should ask should i run every other day as well? Answer: That depends on your goals and what you wish to achieve, the calories seems a bit low, but I am not a nutritionist nor do I count calories. As for running every other day, again what is your goals.....I would look at something like tabata or HIIT more bang for your buck.. Question: and so would it be ok to add weights for my legs and calisthenics for my upper body? Yes what you are attempting to do is often called a "hybrid" combining bodyweight exercises with weights, or street lifting, it's a nice complementary and calisthenics and weights work well together especially when it comes to the lower body. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions, you can email at the site below.5. Hello Christians: Are you prepared to explain away the other gods that your god is warning of?You HAVE heard of people praying to other gods... many indians pray to many different kinds of gods. There is only ONE God. And we should pray to HIM.6. Should I say "hello" if l meet by chance my ex?I think it's for you to decide. If that ex is dear to you ..It would not hurt. But keep it simple and short. If the ex left you rather in a bad way too just show him/her your bright smile and a 'no care in the world' attitude. Be cool7. Hello. You look clever. Do you mind telling me what you think of this?I really liked this! I wanted to read more8. What is the output for in main char *ptr="hello"; ptr ='m'; printf ("%s", *s);?This is undefined behavior.ptr is pointer to a constant string. Trying to change it, will result into undefined behavior. It shouldn't be changed.ptr is equivalent to *(ptr0) which means you are trying to change the value, address ptr0 is holding which is not allowed.Plus %s accepts a memory address. So you are supposed to give ptr there and not *ptr. You can do something likechar str[] = "hello";str = 'm';printf("%s", str); //melloor allocate on heap. That too will work.What is the output for the following program?9. When/Why in Hawai'ian's linguistic history did "Aloha" come to mean both "Hello" and "Goodbye"?First of all, it's "Hawaiians". "Hawaii is the state. The okina makes the difference.Back to the question, I am not personally sure when/why "aloha" meant so many different words, but I assume that it was used so often to the point where it kinda just became a word with multiple meanings10. Which statement below will read the contents of a file just making File object you need to use read method anyways... File inFile = new File("C:/MyDocuments/"); has the escape charcter so you need to correct it by File inFile = new File("C://MyDocuments//"); so the answer is File inFile = new File(""); Hope this helps Cheers:)11. does anyone know why hello kitty doesnt have a mouth?she does not have a mouth because maybe the drawer didnt want to rune the picture12. Do you consider it racist or discriminatory if a Chinese local shouts hello at a foreigner?Ah, not in the slightest, at least for me. As for someone that's coming from an extremely small country, I would actually be very honored if someone from China would yell our version of hello. And by the way, it's "ZDRAVO". Spread the word if you wish.
Would It Be Possible to Have a Common Syntax Targeting Different Language Compilers/runtimes Under t
There already is. Its symbolic logic, a subset of mathematics that is taught in the philosophy curriculum. What you see in computer languages today is mostly just an attempt to optimize the programming experience around different goals. Interact with the hardware? Use C. Script and call fast libraries? Use Python. LISP is its own issue because it is designed for easy manipulation of data strings. See Wikipedia• Other QuestionsWhat is a good first program to write (besides "hello world")?Create a game.Developing Your First Game with Unity and C#Tutorial 4: Make a Game in 60 MinutesLearn C# by Building a Simple RPG - IndexThat is what Java easy to learn for me and got me excited about computer science in general.I ended my first class with a 101% because I got excited about creating a game. The time I spent on that class alone is greater than the other classes I took that semester combined.------Which is simple python or Java?Yes Python is more simpler.It is more readable and easy to understand. Java is completely object oriented while python is not completely object oriented.Yeah learning java is more useful now, but in the future python is going to be a good competant for java in every field.And learning python first makes it easier to learn java.So, in my view learning python is simpler and better------Why can't we use C to write AI programs?You can. But you don't get as many libraries in C. AI is a big field that is built upon lots of maths and statistics. If you want to do things with AI you'll need libraries what are first natively available in other more AI languages like python. Most libraries support C but are not optimised to work on it. Other times libraries are simply not available for C. It's not that you can't use C. It's just not the best choice------Why are Thais and Cambodians mostly polite?In Thai society, we have the cultures that we honor and respect to elders, such as in family, children respect for parents, grandparents. Whether it is the act of speak we use "krab" "kha" at the end of the conversation sentence, or for example the younger walking through an adult the younger must bend...etc.Thereby, we treat others resemble as we treat our family members.------Who was Carlo Rizzi calling on the phone at the end of The Godfather when Michael walked in on him? And why did he look so nervous? Did he know about the hits, and did he have an inkling of the trouble he was in?In the book, Carlo is calling his mistress. Hes going to be delayed by his meeting with Michael, so he tells her that hell meet her later. Carlo is unaware of the specifics of what is happening that day. Its only when he sees the guys behind Michael that he suddenly knows hes in real trouble. But the movie is not the book, so Id assume Coppola wants us to think hes calling Barzinis people, which is probably better------Why does a narcissist ex want to destroy you?That is such a good question. The answer is because they are mean, vendictive and manipulative. They lack real empathy, sympathy and compassion. Though they can fake it well.If they are trying to destroy you then you did something to make them really mad. You left them, exposed them, called them out on something, embarrassed themIts a control thing to put you in your place in their mind------What is the difference between char *p and char (*p) in c?There is absolutely no difference in C betweencase 1 : As you mentioned char *p and char (*p) there is not difference. both are 2 : if char p and char *p in this case also there is not difference, because char p simply reduces to char *p when passed as argument to a function, and for the record, even char p20 is exactly the same thing as the function sees it as char *p------How do cats say sorry to humans?I have had cats who, after accidentally hurting me, would come to me and nuzzle me in a way that seemed to say they were sorry. They would snuggle against me when I told them I knew it was an accident and I wasnt mad at them. Ive never had a cat who showed any remorseful about property damage or slapping the snot out of a (feline) housemate for no apparent reason.------How do you know if your narcissist won't do you the same way again after he asks for you back?You dont. With people like that its almost a guarantee that they will. I dont even understand why people like you go back with people like that. They hurt you once. They havent changed. They are exactly the same person as before. Eventually theyll hurt you again. Its like certain people have a masochistic streak that wants to be hurt over and over so they just go repeat their same mistakes over and over------How do you say beautiful in Italian?Beautiful is an adjective in Italy, too. In Italy we say bella", in case of female, or bello in case of male, referred to people, sometimes we use the shorter form bel, like un bel bambino (a beautiful child), which sounds better than un bello bambino. But even there are more specific adjectives in other case, we often use bello to express some opinion on thi gs, events etc., so un libro bello stands for a good book, a beautiful narration, or bel tempo to express sunny weather.------Are there any Welsh people who don't speak any English, only Welsh?There honestly are some Welsh farmers who speak welsh exclusively because they can't speak English. They usually didn't go to school when they were younger, most will be 50 on age usually, so they never learnt English. They'd have inherited their farm from their father and their father before them. There would be no need for education as they have the farm to cultivate and live from. All their trade can be done through Welsh if it's local because the other local farmers speak at least Welsh so they're set, they don't need English------In Welsh, how do we say 'great grandad'?In north Wales, you would say Hen Daid, Hen meaning old and Taid meaning grandfather, so it therefore translates as old grandfather.This is also what they would say in the Welsh-speaking communities of Argentina, since Argentine Welsh is essentially North Wales Welsh transplanted to Argentina.In South Wales, people will say Tad-Cu for Grandad but Im not sure what they would have said for Great Grandad.------What is the meaning of n and t in C language?In C/ C these are known as Escape characters. There are more escape characters.(you can read about then on internet)Coming to n and t,n is known as new line character. While using this in printf ("n"); it gives a line break. The output marker goes to next line.Eg. printf ("hello nworld");Output - hello worldt while using in printf statement gives a tab space between the words or characters. Eg. printf ("hellotworld");Output- hello world------What will be the output of the following C code: #include void m (int *p) int I 0; for (I 0;I
How Do You Say U201chello Jiu201d?
The exact answer to this question is Hallo Ji".So, please be more specific, I mean ask the question in a more detailed way.It is not clear whether you want to know it any other language. If so, in which language?.• Other QuestionsWhat is the meaning behind The Sound of Silence by Disturbed?That cut is a cover of an older song by the folk duo Simon and Garfunkel. Listed below you will find some interesting theories and evidence around its meaning. Of Course only the song writers know the truth of the matter.Simon and Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence Lyrics | SongMeanings------Which one is correct, "I may be boring you", or "May be I am boring you"?It depends on the type of answer you wish to seek from listeners.But generally 'I may be boring you is used in conversation after sharing your opinion ,like May I be boring you but the fact is..???. You can say this when you don't find the expression of listeners.------How can I say "You are my everything " in Telugu?Neevu naa sarvasvam is almost a literal translation.Neeve naa sarvasvamu...adds a little more emphasis - neeve indicating only body else...Neeve naa lokam - you (and only you) are my another way of conveying the same feeling...------What is best website to learn cybersecurity free?Here are our personal favorite websites to learn hacking and security:Cybrary. Cybrary is a rather new site that offers a wide range of courses and classes spanning everything from basic networking to advanced penetration testing. ...SecurityTube. ...Harvard/EDX. ...SANS Cyber Aces. ...LEAP.i think it is Sufficient for cybersecurity.------What should I learn after learning C, and C?We are learn first one is c program and second is cprogram. Because some basic most functional concept include in c programming language .And c programming languages is include some advance concept include in c such as class,inheritance. Virtual function so many type s of concept------How do you say thank you in Punjabi?Dhanwaad. (In punjabi, You would say Ji, at the end as a sign of you showing the other person respect)The phrase you would use is Dhanwaad Ji! (thank you sirmadame).Doesnt matter if you cant pronounce it, the punjabis appreciate people who try to speak their language. Just say it with a smile. :)Dhanwaad Ji. :)------How do you say sorry in Arabic?It depends on context. If youre addressing a significant situation, one which requires you to be sincere and possibly express regret, then aasef () would be among the vocabulary to use. In other, more casual situations, such as when you slightly shoulder-to-shoulder collide with someone in a crowded setting, a word like afwan () would do------Does "also see" require a comma after "see"?Commas separate phrases. They do not belong in the middle of phrases, as for example between a verb such as see and its direct object. For example,I will see Alice at work tomorrow.For further information, also see John Childers, "Prolegomenon to Apoplectic Ein Soph," Journal of Contemporary Analectics 23, no. 4 (March 2013): 23-45.The issue is not really complicated.------How do Dutch people say hello?"Hallo", almost exactly the same as in English but with an A in place of an E. Other ways to say hello are also just about the same as in English, like "goede morgen" for good morning, "goede middag" for good afternoon and "goede avond" for good evening------Are Kosovo Albanians the same as the ones from Albania?Same as same be.The only difference is that they dont live in the same countrywhich might not soon be the case.But if they unite their two countries than the Bosnian Croats, Bosnian Serbs, Serbian Bosniaks, Macedonian Albanians, Macedonian Bulgarians, Greek Turks, Bulgarian Turks and Romanian Hungariansetc. will also want to unite with their respective countries.------What's the meaning of the song The Sound of Silence?I've always thought of it as an observation and expression of the Chaos that surrounds so much of human existence and how, in a kind of dreamlike way, we witness various kinds of things happening that touch or impact us without having to hear them------How do you say "Hello, my name is Maya Zarai Enriquez. I am 16, and I have 3 sisters" in Japanese?mondai wanai aka no problem.Phonetically this is how I would say it, it will differ from Google translate slightly.Konichiwa or if afternoon OhayoWatashinowinonomayiwa my name isMaya Zarai EnriquezWatasih wah ju roku soydithNOTE 16 ju is 10 roku is 16, ergo ju roku is 16 / watashi wa I amI hope this helps------Which careers do the smartest people (highest IQ) go into?The smartest people (highest IQ) people I know are in science, research or medicine. Indeed, my late father asked me often when I would get a real job.. Lol. Today, theyre combining their knowledge of technology with the needs of healthcare,.------How do you say "You are a horrible person and I really don't like you" in Turkish?Korkun (or "berbat" is also fit) bir inansn ve senden cidden holanmyorum.I hope you just wonder this sentence and you will not say it to anyone : ) By the way I used some different letters like "" or "" or "" which are not in english------How do you say "behave" in French?Well it depends on the scentence. But most commonly used is se comporter which literally translates to to behave (press on the word, it will bring you to reverso .net, where you can see examples of sentences for yourself). I hope this helps!------What does MA mean in Tamil?In Tamil, you can get variety of meanings for one word. It will differ on situations and names.For ex.MA means maangai (Mango)MA it's the sound of cow while they rest.Sometimes MA refers for calling the mom by their son.------How do you greet your dog when you come home?My dogs are gated in the kitchen, so I immediately open the gate, scratch their heads and we head for the yard. Once the peen is done, we have a little hug fest. I Mean little cause they are then hungry and want dinner.------What are some Arabic love quotes/sayings?These are all for a male,Habib Albi ( ) The love of my heartAna Bahebak ( ) I love youYa Hayati ( ) My lifeYa Rouhi ( ) My SoulHabibi () My loveOmri () My life ( but in a different way)Bmout Fiki ( ) I die for youEnta Ajmal shi sar bi hayati ( ) You are the best thing that happened to me.That's what I can think of now, I hope they help :)------Who wrote the first computer program?Ada Lovelace.In note G, she describes an algorithm for the Analytical Engine to compute Bernoulli numbers. It is considered the first published algorithm ever specifically tailored for implementation on a computer, and Ada Lovelace has often been cited as the first computer programmer for this reason------Do Koreans like half Koreans? I don't speak Korean (other than the basics) and I don't think I look Korean either. I don't really understand the culture either so I'm not such a great half "Korean."Don't know if you look Korean, but damn you pretty. But in all seriousness how would one classified to look korean. There's the typical single eyelid square face ones, and there's the pretty kpop ones. If you speak Korean, confront to korean customs, eat korean food... I'll consider you korean------How does the "Sound of Silence" by Disturbed make you feel when you listen to it?The expression emotes different cues from the lyrics, effectively giving it its own, darker, spin. The singer's vocal range is powerful and he is singing live with a full string accompaniment which makes this a first-rate performance. I prefer the original for its intention and how it is performed, which is more melancholy and reflective of the writer's narrative intention.------What is signed char and unsigned char exactly?An unsigned char is a (unsigned)byte value (0 to 255). You may be thinking of "char" in terms of being a "character" but it is really a numerical value. The regular "char" is signed, so you have 128 values, and these values map tocharacters using ASCII encoding.For more queries visit Cplusplus.------How can I get an Albanian citizenship?You must be at least 18 years old.You must be a resident in Albania since 5 consecutive years prior to request.You must have housing and economical means to support yourself.Not having past jail sentences of 3 years or more except if they were politically motivated.Basic/partial knowledge of Albanian language------How can you have casual conversations with teachers outside of class?? I think like with anyone else, you choose topics that interest you and possibly the other person. Start off with common ground discussing the school sports, clubs, activities etc.Perhaps something in class got you thinking about something random. Just like with anyone else, though, be respectful! In class, include them in your discussions with other friends.Teachers are people just like you!------What can I infer from people who don't say hi?Nothing, they could be more sensitive than you think and does not wish to interrupt your personal thinking space.Use telepathy for empathy, not for building walls of distrust.If unknown, unsure, keep it that way and clarify if you want to knowAnd have a big heart to know that everyone has a story behind their behavior.------Why can't computers understand simple English language?When we "understand" simple English, we take into account much more than than just the language. We use knowledge about the speaker, the context, intonation, expression, body-language and history, among other things, to assign meaning. In the absence of this additional information, the computer's understanding will be necessarily limited.------How do I recover my emails?Thanks for the A2A.If you have a Time Machine backup or some other kind of backup, you could recover them from that. Otherwise, nope. They're gone. Apple doesn't keep emails deleted by the end user on their servers.If you have a Time Machine backup and need help recovering those emails (if possible), let me know.------How will programming for quantum computing be different than programming for traditional computers?I think reading all the answers to your questions will provide the right answer. Nobody really knows how to program a quantum computer to do very much except multiply and factor matrixes and that is really not like programming a binary computer today------How do you say goodbye to a person in your country? Do you give one kiss, two kisses, shake hands, etc.?For business or professional meeting: shake hands or say goodbye while giving a smile and nod.For friends and family: hugFor acquaintances: wave and smile while saying goodbyeKissing is only for very close family. It is ususally for spouses or children under 12.------What are 'Gems' (Ruby on Rails)?'Gems' are software packages, libraries and utilities. Operating systems like Linux and Unix have repositories of software which are installed in a similar way. Since that was such a great idea, the communities around Ruby, Python, Haskell, and others wrote package management tools for their languages.------Why do Czechs and Slovaks call each other brothers after the fall of Czechoslovakia but Poles and Lithuanians can't manage to get on with each other?Because Czechs and Slovaks were not fighting and Czechoslovakia ceased to exist not because people wanted it so much.Since you are a Pole I am sure I dont have to get into the details in case of Poland and Lithuania, although the members of our nations can get along well anyway------I am studying on an area other than CS. How can I become a better programmer?The only way to become a better programmer is to program.nGive yourself projects. Reinvent the wheel - try rewriting built in functions of the language of your choice and before you know it, you have the confidence to take up any challenge------How do you say "Goodbye" in Bengali?Biday ( d pronounced like th of the )BUT it is socially unacceptable to say Biday when leaving as it has an air of finality .. like in death or ending a relationshipThe right word to use is Ekhon ashi or ashi Ekhon now ashi to come . Yes the word come is used instead of go as go imply a permanent break.------What is the past tense for has?What do you mean by past?English has four past tenses.The imperfect is was having.The simple past is had .The perfect is has had.The pluperfect is had had.There are also variations on at least two of these. All subjects for the examples are third person singular.------How do I learn Austrian?The easiest way is to go to Vienna, drink some Austrian beer or wine and try to repeat what Austrians say. After a while you will realize that Austrian is quite similar to German.You can use this clever method to learn Belgian, Brazilian or Mexican either. You can try it even with Australian.------Who invites their ex-boyfriend to Thanksgiving?If the ex and the lady still get along I dont see a problem with inviting the ex-boyfriend. Not all exes are angry or hate each other.Of course to invite the ex neither of them should have another significant other.And who knows, it could be a new beginning for them------What is a good way to end an online or text chat once the conversation has died?If you are done with the important stuff, how about keeping it simple:"OK - thanks. Chat with you later."If the other person insists on continuing, just say "I really need to go now. See you later," and then just end the chat on your end.------What does the Telugu word 'bavunnara' mean?It mean 'how are you'?..'Are you OK?...This is the formal and general meaning...but it has a little ambiguity in other context. In Telugu 'Bava' means elder sister's husband...'Unnara' means 'is he there?.but noone takes the later. The word 'Bavunnara',is usually followed by the word "Namathe' or 'Namasaram'.
Should I Say Hello to My Professors When I See Them Outside of Class?
I worked as a Research Assistant for a lady professor for about two years. Here is what my experience is about greeting your professor.In my opinion instead of a Hi, Hello works much better. Some might say there is no much difference in Hi and Hello. But try to say"Hi Dr. XYZ" and "Hello Dr.XYZ."Which one sounds more polite? To me the Hello always worked good and my professor reciprocated to it by saying Hello1. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if a yamaha r6 is an ok bike for a beginner?No. You would be dead in a week. That is way too much bike for a beginner2. MOVING TO ATLANTA!!! Hello all...besides the normal careerbuilder, monster, yahoo jobs....?i am so happy to examine the certainty written for all to confirm. that's no longer something yet propaganda. President Bush threw that word accessible and unlawful supporters have used it to loss of existence. that's no longer authentic, on no account became, on no account would be. human beings made this usa what that's, and while our government removes each and every of the illegals we could make it large as quickly as lower back. If illegals are so useful, and so no longer basic working why are their worldwide places this sort of mess that they are working from as quickly as they could. And in the event that they are so useful why is it unlawful for them to artwork, stay and bypass our borders3. Should a husband and wife always call to say hello on their breaks at work?Sue, if they both want to do that. Its not an immutable law of marriage though. Personally, I would find a bit intrusive and smothering. My wife and like to spend time together but also to do our own things. Otherwise we catch up afer work4. Is hello kitty still in style 14yr old?Hello Kitty is For Basic Bitches, That's what everybody tells me5. What programming language has the shortest 'Hello World' program?Python - print 'Hello World'MATLAB - 'Hello World'6. Hello! I love you. Wont you tell me your name?no i dont think so. RALIQ. lol7. Hello everyone, I have 500,000 Eucalyptus trees on 657 Acres will be ready for harvest in 2011 .?It sounds like you will be rich soon. All businesses have pitfalls8. Hello, I'm a bit worried about my friend!?Uh, yea, 14 and doing THAT? talk to htat guy(and i use the term lightly)...maybe it's a coping mechanism, or maybe he's just hypere9. What episode of Hello Counselor (Korean Variety Show)?extremely tough subject browse into yahoo or google it can assist10. Everyone type "Hello, How are you doing today! I'm great." with their EYES CLOSED?Hello, How are you today, I am great. I am a good typer....and can type without my eyes on the screen..11. Hello people what do you think about my outfit? Pics included?you've got some nice nostrils12. Polls & Serveys Rehab With Dr. Paige: Hello my name is _______ and i'm addicted to______?greenguy, sex. lets get Tiger in this program as well13. hello yahoo .i need to fix up my comp?Hello, Are you the owner of that computer? You need to log into the computer with the administrator account.14. How can I avoid saying hello all the time?Not enough details. Usually, in the UK, one hello per person is the norm. One would not say hello to everyone while walking along the pavement of a busy street. One could easily say hello when walking in the countryside, as meeting people is more strung out! A second meeting with the same person, may only warrant a smile and a nod! My stock greetings are: "How do" (it is not a question so no question mark). The other is simply "Hi" again I do not expect a reply except another "Hi". More commonly it is "all right" often shortened to "right" again not a question, as neither party expects an answer and do not actually care if you are alright or not - just keep walking! Lol15. Hello Fellow P&S People... What are you up to, loves?oh thats awesome! How old are you? Can you just get a regular job somewhere? Mowing lawns I guess, baking & selling cookies, church
Is It Considered Rude for Americans to Address a Stranger Without Saying Hello Or Excuse Me First?
"Excuse me" is a polite way to get someone's attention, as is "Hello". Whether it's necessary for courtesy depends on the situation.For example, if someone makes eye contact with me and I smile at them to indicate a willingness to be addressed, the smile is a nonverbal cue that it would not be rude for them to bypass the "excuse me" stage. It's still polite for them to say it if they choose to, but it's not necessarily rude if they don't.However, if I am having a discussion or reading a book or otherwise visibly occupied, and someone addresses me without the preliminary step of getting my attention, that's definitely rude.Expecting someone to stop what they're doing in order to answer a question is also rude even if they said "excuse me" first. So the "where is" portion of the conversation should always include both please and thank you at the appropriate points, no matter how the conversation began• Suggested ReadingHello... I'm 26 and I have been diagnosed with Narcissist personality disorder which... How can I be normal? I don't want to continue this path. I'm tired . Im Nigerian so basically people don't understand this issue over here.Be kind be honest stay true always treat others the way you expect to be treated I obviously am unsure of how narcissistic personality ,S are diagnosed within the medical world however I do not think there is any medication available for such a diagnosis is just a term used by a person who is within this profession , I do not know what your actual condition status or the reference anyone would be able to use to be able to pass npd diagnosis so please understand this all in all my guess would be maybe to ask doctor to give you access to talk therapy groups that may be available again I am unsure of your country or upon the services within your area but if possible maybe this can help with your condition all in all be kind treat people with respect and always be honest and love from the heart by releasing any all of past events that may have caused you pain greatly reduces a persons resistance to enjoy ones life paths and of all whose paths are crossed along the way you know who you are what you are a diagnosis is a term used by another ,S understanding to their best of knowledgeable skill of what it is maybe just think of it as a maybe was the diagnosis wrong because its clear YOU wish to Have inner peace indicating you wish to change hope you find your way no one can change past whatever it may have been yesterday has gone tomorrow is another day an opportunity for new beginnings make the best of------Hello everyone, I'm leaving for basic training with the Army to Fort Benning, in 6 days. I'm a single father of two, and a post graduate from a para military style police academy. I'm anxious, nervous, but also optimistic. What is your best advice?I felt the same way when I went through infantry OSUT back in 1987. My old Uncle took me aside and offered his advice, since he was former Army as well.Do what youre told to do. Dont do more, dont do less. Do EXACTLY what youre told to do.Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. Youre there to learn. Keep your mouth shut and blend in. Just be one of the guys. Dont draw attention to yourself.At some point youre going to think I made a mistake by joining the Army. You didnt, and basic training can be one of the best experiences of your life.Dont quitEVER, on ANYTHING!! If you cant run anymore, then jog until youre rested a bit then resume running.NEVER go AWOL. Going AWOL will screw up the rest of your life. You wont get jobs because of it, and youll have a criminal record. Better to suffer for a few weeks than for the rest of your life. Stay put and tough it out.Theyre going to yell at you. Theyre Drill Sgts. Thats what they do. Dont worry about the tone of their voice. Concentrate on WHAT theyre saying.At some point youre going to think I cant do this. Thats utter bullshit. MILLIONS of guys have gone before you and done it. Myself included, and Ive always had weight issues. And that was back in 87 when things were a lot harder. You can do it.Keep it in perspective. Youre getting paid to shoot guns and go camping.Hope this helps------How could I get in contact with someone from the "Hello Games" company's game development team?If you're looking for a job....You can use the twitter info and the email for the company below, but a very realistic answer is honestly that you really need to have an amazing portfolio already, an internet following, or know someone on the inside of that office already.If you have an amazing portfolio then you can submit it and hope for the best. If you have an internet following in the same way that some modders get for their amazing mods (or concept art or whatever really) then you can use that fame and get wherever you'd like to go. If you don't have any of that already established then you need to know someone on the inside the way the rest of the industry really gets in.Getting into a specific studio means you need to put everything that you are into that specific studio. You need to design and make things that that studio would love and you need to show that you are what they need. Otherwise, you're like everyone else who just needs to apply and get lucky.If you're just looking for general info to ask a question, don't really bother. There's no real question that is that inventive that the developers haven't heard before.------Is it respectful for an immigrant to have lived in their adopted country for decades, but still cannot, or refuses to, learn enough of the language of that country to even say "Hello" or "How are you?", read street signs, or read a menu?I've been in Ukraine for almost two years. Most people speak Russian and Ukrainian. Both are hard languages. For the first six or seven months I took an hour long Russian class every day. Hello and How Are You is easy enough. I can read street signs. Menus - maybe, maybe not. Living abroad and learning languages tends to stimulate empathy for the struggles of others in similar situations.Let's be realistic - most immigrants will know how to say hello and how are you. However, many may also be too embarrassed of their limited language skills to initiate or participate in conversations. In the United States, our largest minority are Latinos. Many are bi-lingual which is not to say equally strong in both Spanish and English. We have a phenomenon we call "Spanglish" which is a mix of both languages. I do the same thing with Russian because I have to in order to make myself understood sometimes.Many of our Latino immigrants work really long hours, have families, long commutes, limited time. For many, if there were going to take formal classes it would be early morning or late evening. My mother volunteers teaching English to immigrants in Florida. There is a strong demand for it because the timing is flexible. If shifts are variable, so too would be participation in classes. Don't like immigrants not speaking the primary language? Volunteer.The internet makes things easier. There are many free online language courses. Once kids know they can teach the rest of the family too. Kids are like little sponges when it comes to soaking up languages.------How do you write a program to find the first and the last occurrence of the letter 'o' and character ',' in "Hello, World"?How do you write a program to find the first and the last occurrence of the letter 'o' in "HELLO WORLD"?I did it in Plain English, which looks like pseudo-code and is easily translated into any other programming language. This is the "main" routine:To run:nStart up.nPut "HELLO WORLD" into a string.nWrite "The string is: " then the string on the console.nSkip a line on the console.nFind the big-O byte in the string (frontwards).nSkip another line on the console.nFind the big-O byte in the string (backwards).nWait for the escape key.nShut down.And this is the subroutine to find the first "O":To find a target byte in another string (frontwards):nWrite "Looking for the first " then the target then "..." on the console.nLoop.nGet a byte from the other string.nWrite the byte on the console without advancing.nIf the byte is not the target, write " - nope." on the console; repeat.nWrite " - I found it!" on the console.The subroutine to find the last "O" is very similar, only it starts at the end of the string and goes backwards:To find a target byte in another string (backwards):nWrite "Looking for the last " then the target then "..." on the console.nLoop.nGet a byte from the other string (backwards).nWrite the byte on the console without advancing.nIf the byte is not the target, write " - nope." on the console; repeat.nWrite " - I found it!" on the console.And this is what we get when we compile and run it:Et voila!------Hello! We recently launched and would really love your feedback on the look & feel as well as the overall UX. What do you think ?!Hey, checked out the website over an iPhone 5. Overall the design of the website is very clean and very user friendly. I think there can be a few modifications made:1. Currently, I do not think the website has been designed keeping in mind mobile and tablet devices. There is a lot of blank white space below the footer2. I think the URL structure can be changed, which will also help you rank better on search engines. Say for example if someone selects 'Call Routing' the structure could be Under the 'Solution' drop down, when you select 'Custom Solution', the user is taken to a page where he is given more info. Rather than than if the user has the ability to choose services and make a dynamic service package for himself would be more apt for the heading 'Custom Solution'4. The 'Contact' on top right and 'Contact Us' within the page in blue doesn't stand out at all. Instead, why not template all the internal pages to contain a form on the left5. When on phone and you have to select your country in any of the form, you have to scroll to reach the bottom if you are from United States6. Why don't use your own service? Rather than having old school lead forms, why don't you directly have click-to-call. (The current click-to-call would be easily missed by a user)Just my 2 cents. Hope this helps :)
How Long Does It Take for Coolefy to Ship?
I bought a car phone holder and usb charging cable. It took me about 14 days. I personally think it's best to treat these kinds of apps as having two presents. Once when you first purchase the item, and the second when you recieve it cause you'll probably be surprised when it arrives to your door.• Related QuestionsWhat is easier, to go to heaven or hell?Its easier to go to hell. Just do nothing and thats where you end up.Getting to heaven means suffering, sacrifice and facing persecution. Its takes spiritual life to fight against the downward course of this world. Any dead fish can float with the current but it takes one with life to go against the current------What are some Austrian greetings?The other answers are accurate, but I wanted to add some more:-Pfiat di (sloppy for "(Gott) behte Dich" - "May (God) protect you") Good bye.-Habe die Ehre (lit. "I have the honour"), often contracted to "Hawwedehre!", kind of informal and half-jokingly. Also used as an expression of shock or surprise.ADDENDUM:An even more contracted form is a common greeting in Vienna:Dehre!Pronounce dairy with a heavy German accent! ;^)------What is Ruby on Rails development?Ruby is a programming language.Rails is a framework.Rails framework use Ruby language to build a web application.Ruby on Rails is used to design web application in less duration as its basic moto is To increase the productivity of the Developer.As Ruby on Rails is an open source, you can always contribute in its development.------What is the indirect speech of he said, "Mary, I am going for a movie tonight."?WHEN DID HE SAY IT??yesterday --He told Mary that he was going for a movie last night.earlier today ... He told Mary that he was going for a movie tonight.just now,( you didn't hear clearly and you ask the person next to you, What is he saying to Mary? And your friend answers,) He says he is going for a movie tonight.------How do I pay for nursing home care with social security?No, it does not pay for all the cost. Nursing homes cost around $7000 a month. The nursing facility accepts your Social Security nearly in total for payment plus Medicaid covers the medical costs, if you are eligible. If you are not low income enough you have to pay the balance yourself. Nursing homes cost around $7000 a month. If you can get by with assisted living thats about half the cost.------How do I compile and run C programs in the command line using notepad in Windows?1>install a c/cpp compiler2> type gcc -v for c, g -v for cpp in cmd to check if the compiler is installed or not3>Write the program in notepad and save as filename.c/filename.cpp4>go to the desired folder in cmd using cd foldername5>compile the codec-> gcc filename.c cpp->g filename.cpp6>run the codefilename /just enter the filename by which you saved the c/cpp file.------Do Czechs love Slovaks and Slovaks Czechs?Love isn't the correct word in my opinion. Since we've been one country for a long period of time, we're like siblings and so, we communicate with each other as if we really were siblings. Slovaks understand Czechs and Czechs understand Slovaks, although young people don't really understand when they hear something in Czech. As I said before, love isn't correct word, but rather something like siblings------What would be your personal hell?EARTH, thats my personal hell, i despise this body, where my mind attacks itself and the body fails for no reason. Hell for me only because i know ive got a LOOONG time to live and i have to fight everyday with my mind, want to know what heaven would be for me? DARKNESS, dark quiet silence, maybe a bed to rest in and some music i like, maybe more------Why should I learn Esperanto?I would rather object to that myself. Esperanto is essentially a mixture of Romance and other European words, invented by a Pole, by the name of Dr. Zamenhof, to unite the world and Europe. It was somewhat of a good idea at the time, but now it is English that is used as a lingua franca between international citizens------How do you say my name in Spanish?Peter Pedro (pronounce it as if written Pethraw, with a TH as in THen, and an AW as in AWful)Johnson Ibaez (
Where Can I Watch Hello Kitty and Rugrats Episodes?
you could wach them on nick1. Why do so many people recall the quote "hello Clarice" in Silence of the Lambs?Mandela effect, in the other Earth (mark 1) that line was prominently featured when the two characters met. I think it got him the Oscar for the film2. Hello, um i want to start exercising but i am not really sure what to eat.?Head to More recipes than you could make in a lifetime, every cuisine you could think of, and they are all great healthy choices3. *hello everyone* Can you plz name a FAMOUS blonde? (the more the better) *thank you people*ashley tilsdale (not naturally blonde) jessica simpson ashlee simpson4. hello, how can i read the history of msn or yahoo messenger?in MSN u have to set message history folder in settings and in yahoo msg set it messages->msg archives5. Doesn't " Hello, I'm Michael Jackson " get on your nerves?$ 4 points Level 1 0% Best answer Um, fail much?6. If the male you like says hello when you say hi to him, what does that mean?it means he returned your greeting. nothing more, nothing less7. Hello. I am seeking advice for the grieving of a lost pet.?I am so sorry to hear about your pet I understand 100%. My cat died 3 months ago after being in family for 20 years even though she had been ill I still find things to feel guilty about, the fact that I was not here the day she died is one, the fact I did not have the guts to have her put down at the vets is another. I have made the decision not to have another pet but I know I might change my mind. The feelings you are experiencing are normal and will pass in time, and then you will be able to remember your pet without crying and just be glad they were part of your life. Best wishes8. Hello;may I know why the people always think,the Truck Driver have no education?I will answer this while responding to the other moron who wrote in that a truck driver is not a nurse, or a teacher. Approximately 30-40% of truck drivers have Batchelor's Degrees or higher. We need to know the rules and regulations of every place we drive. Our limit for impaired ability to drive due to alcohol is much less than a regular drivers. Anything that happens on our job affects our normal license and insurance. We are responsible to keep a log of hours driven, worked, spent in the sleeper berth, and off duty. Regular drivers can drive any amount of hours they want. Logbook violations can be considered forging federal documents, and often carry a fine of well over $300-500 per violation. Team drivers' logs must be synchronized with each other. We have to know weight distribution so that there is not excessive weight placed on axles thereby creating a hazardous situation. We have to perform daily checks on our equipment. We have to go through weigh stations. We can be stopped at any time for equipment inspections, and logbook compliance with regulations. We can be shut down from working at any time because the logbook is not current within the last 5-8 hours. We carry hazardous cargo, and have to know the additional regulations. Different categories of hazardous cargo require different handling, and packaging. Some prevent us from parking anyplace other than approved locations. Some require us to follow very specific routes as determined by the states and federal government. On top of all this, we have to watch for what the people in four wheelers are doing. While we try to leave a safety space to provide adequate stopping distance, 4 wheelers pull in front of us, stop short, cut us off, and it's only through the vigilance of the driver that many more accidents do not occur. We are one of the most strictly governed occupations, actually more so than Law Enforcement, and other emergency people. They can work overtime, and carry deadly weapons, making decisions whether to use deadly force or not. It's a FACT that most fatal accidents involving cars and trucks are caused by the driver of the car. This has been proven in studies by not only the University of Michigan, but also by the American Auto Association (AAA). The AAA had taken a positon contrary to these findings for a long time, and their findings caused an uproar, and the resignation of one of their executives. Truckers are not stupid, or dumb. Some talk that way, and many drive that way, however, those people are only a small sample of our driver population. It's like blaming all teenagers for what one did. Lastly, you need to be aware of the fact that virtually everything you have, or use travelled on a truck somewhere, sometime. Whether it's the Pampers at the grocery store, the tires on your car, or the computer you are reading this with. It's vey true that without trucks, and truckers, America stops.
Hello Quora Followers, I Am Looking for a Commercial Realestate Broker in the Atlanta Area. Do Anyon
That depends on what you want to talk to a broker about. Not all brokers are alike. Most will specialize in a particular property type such as office, retail, multifamily or industrial properties. Some represent buyers, some represent sellers and many represent both. Some only handle leasing transactions and others handle sales or both. Finding a broker is easy; finding the right broker is not so easy• Suggested ReadingWhy is PHP so complex?If you talking about learning PHP syntax and basic, it is not hard, but if you talking about using PHP development and everything other what comes along in web development, yeah, it can be complicated.Because PHP is one of easier languages to start with, Php become very popular. But there are things that not just learning language you must to know how server works, to learn about design patterns, coding standars , security, databases, frameworks, cms-stuffs.------Can we start a conversation?You would start with a greeting, ask how me/other person is doing, make conversation by telling a story or something current going on in your life or what you'd like to do, and if you'd like to chill in silence that's cool too, no ones forcing you to talk, just don't be weird about the silence lolHow can I take a conversation with you?------What do you think about people sending messages to just say hello and not wanting to chat or commit to plans?All is fine sometimes a simple hello trumps any ice breaker. people play games so beware but don't think committing and making plans plays into it. after the hello and initial contact to determine whether the person is serious, serious enough to dedicate time to and ultimately important enough to continue to mentor into committing and planning is all upon your capacity to open this up in them in a way that benefits both.------Hello. Usually I buy a power supply that as more amperage than needed to avoid overheating. May I get a 20A power supply for a nichrome wire that needs 10A, or the nichrome may burn out?No, your more Amps policy is absolutely fine. Go ahead and get that power supply, but make sure input (mains) voltage matches your mains and output voltage is the correct value required by your nichrome wire.If it is just a heating element, no other control electronics involved, then you could use a simple AC transformer with adequate power and the proper primary and secondary voltages; they are more robust and longer lasting than electronic power supplies but would be heavier and need an on/off switch on the primary side.------Does an object of class NoneType, in Python, need some space in memory like any other object having a value? I tried with type (print ('hello world')) and id (print ('hello world')) before asking. How is that managed according to garbage collection?Yes, but there is only one object of type NoneType.Let's take a look:>>> id(None)4497209448>>> type(None)>>> return_val print('hello world')hello world>>> print(return_val)None>>> id(return_val)4497209448So, as you noted, many functions-print being among them-don't return a value, and therefore they return None. Or more correctly, they return a reference to the singular NoneType value that exists in Python when it starts up and is never destroyed.------Hello! I wish to start my career in the film industry/serials I am 13 what can I do?Join theatre groups. Theatre is the best way to learn and nourish your acting skills. Build your portfolio up and once you confident start applying for tv serials and advertisements. Getting into serials is easier than getting into films. So get into tvs and serials and make your profile better. Get in contact with good agencies. Don't fall for the auditions that charge you amount for even applying.Good luck------Why can't people get along with me when all I do is say hello?I don't feel that greetings are about either getting along or making friends. They're just a polite way to acknowledge someone else. If it isn't returned, then I'd advise shrugging and ignoring the person in the future. No need to take it personally when someone doesn't like us/want to engage, because there are way too many people on this planet to fret about those we don't click with------Hello. Can someone tell me how can I get a good in Germany without college? I speak really well the language.Every German hillbilly (who prematurely left school) can speak German reasonable well.But since Germany has no natural resources, they have to export high-quality work in exchange.Where do you stand out from the crowd - What was your doctoral thesis about. Which sports do you master at the WC/Olympic level. ?Google for EU blue card and/or Positivliste Mangelberufe (further education required and not an impressive salary)------Hello to all the marketers out there . Can a mobile app (which will definitely help customers to save time) be considered USP for a business?If the business is the app itself where the key pain point faced is the 'time taken' - it most definitely would be considered to be the USP. If you have a completely different business - where your key-activity has very little to do with the app then probably not. It's hard to say until you tell us more about your business. Saving time could just be considered as a convenience rather than a unique selling point that actually puts you on a pedestal in comparison with your competitors------How do I make C language programs in Code::Blocks IDE? When I make any program and run it, the console shows "hello world".Here you refer to the following link can follow the video is a function to display "hello, how are you" 25 times called?You could call this function anything but a meaningful name might be printHelloHowAreYou25Times, e.g.:printHelloHowAreYou25Times() for 1 to 25 print("hello, how are you")The pseudocode above will print hello, how are you 25 times.Or if you prefer a more generic print method, you could supply parameters such as:print(String messageText, int numberOfTimes) for 1 to numberOfTimes print(messageText)Which prints messageText out numberOfTimes. The parameters would of course be set when the method is called, i.e.:print("hello, how are you", 25)------Hello guys! Can I say" well written, thanks for showing Your appreciation"?The sentence is grammatically fine but I do feel there is some problem with tbe second part.Well written is okThe second part must be, according to me, thanks for your appreciation.Because Appreciation is something that is not shown.I hope you can understand my point.Just write -well written, thanks for your appreciation.I am a bit doubtful about this. Let's wait for others to answer------Hello there bhaiyya! Can you please say how much hours did you study in a day for your IIT preparation?I used to study minium 7 hours a day.( When schools were closed)3 hours mathematics,2 hours physics and chemistry.Now excluding my school classes i used to study 4 hours for my IIT preparation and 2.30 hours for my school( my subjects are PCMB ENGLISH). For this reason i used to study less for my IIT preparation.If in your subjects biology is not present then you can study more as compared to if you have taken biology------What screams "I am into you"?Indifference. The stronger my feelings are, the more I conceal them. Its like Jane Bennett/ Mr Bingley situation when she appeared too reserved which led his friend Mr Darcy to separating them as a result. So not always a person who is into you makes it obvious. Sometimes a person who appears most indifferent, avoids eye contact and behaves overly coldly is actually madly in love ;)------Is it weird that sometimes when I hear someone say hello, I make the mistake of saying hi, thinking they were talking to me?It's been happening to me all my life. I also sometimes see someone waving and wave back only to find that the wave was for someone behind me. It's a little embarrassing, but it happens to just about everyone at some time or another. Just try to forget about it. The person using the phone might have left the room to avoid disturbing you with her phone conversation.If it happens again, just smile and say, "Oh, sorry. I didn't realize you were on the phone."------Does it make you feel old when people tell you "hello young man"?Well hello young man has a usual meaning and the other meaning which downplays your age which in both senses is done in kindness.If a young man was presented with these words, if he has social skills, would reply in kind.An old man replying would most likely be cheery and laugh because they know they are not getting any younger and feel rather humbled by it.------How do you reply when some stranger says hello on a jogging track?Definitely say helloMost importantly make eye contact and make it obvious youre observing them. One things for sure, someone who wants to sneak attack doesnt want you to see them coming.So say hello. Nothing more. Try to put distance between you if you feel uncomfortable. Be constantly looking around. They should definitely get the feel that you are aware of your surroundings.Best to you------Why do I (very often) wink, smirk/smile, say 'hello' in a flirty way and fingergun at plants (usually when I'm just passing by)?Practicing on plants is good! Plants are non-speaking and non-violent. Thats an excellent idea!Its better than what guys did when I was in high school. My first love, we didnt used the term crushes then, would pass me in the hall and punch me in the arm! Wow! He like me!Hopefully as you become more self-confident you can at least re-direct to humans in place of plants.------Why do people continually insist on using 'what up', or 'what's up' as a greeting instead of a simple 'hello'? I find it very infuriating so much that I've answered 'the sky' or 'everything over your head'!Whats up , unlike hello is not a greeting.Hello is usually replied with a Hi.Whats up is a better conversation starter, and it entices a response telling what is going on with you.Of course its common usage can also be attributed to hippies or people trying to look cool, but personally I think its a more upbeat manner to start a conversation.------What screams "Hello can I talk to your manger?" ?I left my keys on the table. I came back about 2 minutes later and they said they found them.The waitress who claimed to have last had them looked around for a minute and then went back to serving tables."Hello?""Oh yes. Just write down your name and number and I'll look for them again when the restaurant closes.""Uhhh.. what?".------Lately, babies have been saying hello to me. Are they seeing something that adults don't?I'm not sure if this applies to you or not, but I'll put it out there for you. It's not uncommon for babies, kids, and animals to perceive different things than most adults do. As a medium, I've seen them react differently, and my understanding is that they were perceiving something spiritual in nature, such as individual spirits that were around and about at the time. It might also be that they perceive your energy, your aura. It's hard to know for sure, but it's something to consider------What does the code of a website displaying "Hello World!" with Elixir and Phoenix look like?I'm assuming the real intent of this question is to try and ascertain the minimum possible code required to have an Elixir/Phoenix code.Phoenix itself is extremely lightweight compared to something like RubyOnRails, the code you get out of the box with the default generator is already very close the minimum viable one.If you are really looking to be as barebones as possible checkout this article by Peter Corey: Minimum Viable Phoenix.------Is the player actually the bad guy in Hello Neighbor, because we are sneaking in his house?No. because you see him do something really strange and scary so you Sneak inside because there is somthing freaky you think is in his basement. there is there is a long hall going down when you open the door and its dark with some candles lighting some things up but when its the end there is a little room with candles standing in a circle and in the circle is a matress with a teddy bear laying on it i think he kidnapped a kid------Why would you feel uncomfortable if you met a person for the first time and instead of shaking hands or just saying hello, they hugged you?It depends on the context. Is it a friends spouse that Ive heard about for years but havent met yet? Sure, a hug is fine. Is it a new coworker? No, not fine.I also hate being touched in general, unless Im really close to somebody. Im not a hugger. I love it when I meet somebody who is also not a hugger, because the social expectation isnt there.------Why don't they install different sounding horns for varying purposes in cars like a friendly hello versus move out the way?UK Highway CodeThere is only one use for the horn; to warn of danger.Rule 112The horn. Use only while your vehicle is moving and you need to warn other road users of your presence. Never sound your horn aggressively. You MUST NOT use your hornwhile stationary on the roadwhen driving in a built-up area between the hours of 11.30 pm and 7.00 amexcept when another road user poses a danger.Rule 195Zebra CrossingsDo not wave or use your horn to invite pedestrians across; this could be dangerous if another vehicle is approaching
Hello--just Got New Puppy--housebreaking Tips Please>?
congratulations, the first thing you should do is only feed your puppy the same time every day.second thing is to get your puppy into a leash to let it know when ,why and where it is appropriate to "go". teach your puppy obedience know or it will not be as acknowledging later on in your relationship later.GOOD LUCK.1. Hello people I'm Josh from New York's Times?You mean usurper of the Divided States? Josh, did not they ban you here?2. What do I say to a girl after a hello?Hello,It all depends on the situation.If you have never met the girl before you should probably ask her name. It's the proper thing to do. After that you can talk about something that is happening around you or you could suggest a question game. Question games are an easy way to get to know each other and you can skip a lot of small talk. If you know her name but you are not friends. You can give her a compliment. For example say something about her clothes and try to avoid cliche compliments like "You have beautiful eyes."I hope I could help3. Hello, who helps me to make a setlist of good Rock songs to play in a bar?a nice big list huh??? ok here goes.... hot blooded - foriegner welcome to the jungle - guns n roses nips are getting bigger - mental as anything holy grail - hunters & collectors run to paradise - choirboys like wow wipeout - the hoodoo gurus coming home - the radiators friday on my mind - the easybeats bad boy for love - rose tattoo better - the screaming jets evie - stevie wright hot chilli woman - noiseworks counting the beat - swingers my sharona - the knack alone with you - the sunnyboys i see red - the split enz out of mind out of sight - the models back in black - ac/dc highway to hell - ac/dc thunderstruck - ac/dc whole lotta rosie - ac/dc you shook me all night long - ac/dc china grove - the doobie bros metal health - quiet riot is there anybody out there - pink floyd wish you were here - pink floyd joy to the world - three dog night coming down on me - the angels i am ever gonna see your face again - the angels surrender - cheap trick wild thing - the troggs down on the corner - credence clearwater revival my woman from tokyo - deep purple rocking all over the world - status quo whatever you want - status quo come on eileen - dexys midnight runners money for nothing - dire straits life in the fast lane - the eagles hotel california - the eagles get a haircut - george thorogood johnny b. goode sweet child o mine - guns n roses devil inside - inxs fire - jimi hendrix purple haze - jimi hendrix rocky mountain way - joe walsh whole lotta love - led zeppelin stairway to heaven - led zeppelin heartbreaker - led zeppelin are you gonna go my way - lenny kravitz bat out of hell - meatloaf sabra cadabra - black sabbath crazy train - ozzy osbourne alive - pearl jam daughter - pearl jam tie your mother down - queen fat bottom girls - queen we will rock you - queen i want it all - queen creep - radiohead scar tissue - the red hot chili peppers the zephyr song - the red hot chili peppers its only rock n roll - the rolling stones sympathy for the devil - the rolling stones run runaway - slade *** on feel the noise - slade 1979 - the smashing pumkins just go ahead now - the spin doctors copperhead road - steve earle eye of the tiger - survivor ballroom blitz - the sweet rock n roll all nite - kiss do you love me - kiss strutter - kiss pretty vacant - the sex pistols anarchy in the u.k - the sex pistols smells like teen spirit - nirvana smoke on the water - deep purple what i like about you - the romantics sunshine of your love - cream the stroke - billy squier blister in the sun - the violent femmes OK THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH lol bear in mind that im only 16 so these songs might not be what your looking for but i love em! xo.
Some Hello Questions
Do you want to know about hello? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. "Hello, World!”Note: this is not to detract form earlier PHP example relied on an option assuming PHP was not being used as a webserver and abusing the HTML-effect outside of ?php tags to have an answer that was just "Hello, World!"That said, that solution made some non-standard server assumptions which are not common with PHP. So I am presenting an alternative that assumes a normal server layout, but still needs to go to STDOUT. This is not to detract from the previous posters example, but to present one in a different setting with different constraints.Note: originally thought using would be the only way, but then realized the die (normally used killing the script with an error) outputted to STDOUT and did not use extra variables. Updated: Cut off a few bytes recalling that "die" wont' bother with anything after itself, so did not need the closing ?>.Note: Worth noting, that if shorttags were on with a PHP5 server, could drop down 3 more bytes to 24 bytes with However, I was specifically going a standard server, and shortags are now off by default making a server with them on no longer standard.Example (courtesy of Scrooble): Try It Online!2. is it gay for guys to wear Hello kitty things?Not at all. But people are going to think that just because that's how teenagers are. They might make fun of you but do not pay attention. If you really like it then screw them ! Hello kitty is the best 3. hello i like pie do you?I love pie, and especially right now because fresh peach pie is my favorite4. Hello - do you agree that...?Yes as long as they treat you the way you want to be treated aswell!5. Where can i find hello kitty things?warm subject rely includes truly some hi Kitty Stuff. Like in case you circulate to Walmart or aim they have gorgeous hi Kitty stuff interior the Toys and bedding. Like blankets, crammed animals. Delia's might have gorgeous hi Kitty shirts. And Ebay has soooo lots diverse stuff. i've got on no account shopped from Ebay yet I observed this woman have a hi Kitty handbag and wallet and flipflops. She suggested she offered them from Ebay. Claire's has hi Kitty rings additionally. you may circulate to the information superhighway web site for discover different stuff too6. Say "Hello” to the world in ASCII artThis is basically the same as my Python answer. I would like to see the 199-character version.. sounds like magic7. Who loves Hello Kitty as much as I do?certain, i like hi Kitty a lot. i imagine that it truly is the cutest and maximum impressive element ever. I genuinely have a poster, some t-shirts, a handbag, hair straightner, and many different issues with hi kitty on it!!!!!8. Mother in law thinks hello kitty is evil?do not believe all that bullshit you give your child a hello kitty birthday party and let them talk all they want and do not think and in what way is poky man evil? I think that if you believe that you will be like your moronic mother in law- toys are not evil people are evil9. Hello, can you help me?You say you are fiancee and you are pregnant - I think you should get in touch with the national newspapers - I think they would be really interested in the fact you are BOTH pregnant - who impregnated who first? By the way 'kindof is actually two words and 'thot' is spelt 'thought' and I definitely am a TROLL!!!10. Hello, Horse Questions. Please Help?Before you get involved in sawing at her mouth or using gadgetry such as martingales or flash nose-bands get her teeth checked. It is very probable that her mouth is hurting her. A horse's teeth should be checked every six months by an equine dentist (aka Equine Dental Technician). The teeth are worn down to sharp edges by chewing but can also be broken and if a sharp tooth is cutting into her tongue or the inside of her cheek she will be in great pain every time you apply the bit. To allow her to go on like this is cruelty. Get it sorted out.
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