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Introduction to Asteroids (video Game)
1. Rhiannon (disambiguation) of asteroids (video game) Rhiannon is a queen in Welsh mythology. Rhiannon may also refer to: Rhiannon (given name), a Welsh given name "Rhiannon" (song), a 1975 Fleetwood Mac song Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches, a 2008 video adventure game The Song of Rhiannon, a 1972 fantasy novel by Evangeline Walton The Sword of Rhiannon, a 1942 science fiction novel by Leigh Brackett Rhiannon's Ride, a 200406 series of novels written by Kate Forsyth 16912 Rhiannon, an asteroid discovered in 1998 ------ 2. Legault of asteroids (video game) Legault is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Carl Legault (192383), Canadian politician Claude Legault (born 1963), Canadian actor Diane Legault (born 1956), Canadian politician mile Legault (born 2000), Canadian soccer player Franois Legault (born 1957), Canadian politician Hugues Legault (born 1974), Canadian freestyle swimmer Jose Legault (born 1966), Canadian journalist Karine Legault (born 1978), Canadian freestyle swimmer Kyle Legault (born 1985), Canadian speedway rider Lance LeGault (19372012), American actor Lonard Legault (19352017), Canadian diplomat Paul Legault (born 1985), Canadian-American poet Suzanne Legault, former Information Commissioner of Canada Thodore Legault (18861935), Canadian politician Thierry Legault (born 1962), French astrophotographer ------ 3. Niels (disambiguation) of asteroids (video game) Niels is a masculine given name. Niels may also refer to: Niels Island, Canada Niels Peak, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica 1720 Niels, an asteroid Niels (video gamer) or Zven (born 1997), Danish League of Legends player ------ 4. Ostro (disambiguation) of asteroids (video game) Ostro is a southerly wind of the Mediterranean. Ostro may also refer to: Steven J. Ostro, American astronomer 3169 Ostro, an asteroid named for Steven J. Ostro Hans Christian Ostr, a Norwegian who was kidnapped and killed in Jammu and Kashmir in 1995 Paul Fidrmuc codenamed Ostro, a Lisbon-based Nazi spy A video-game enemy appearing in Super Mario Bros. 2 and erroneously referred to in its instruction manual and end credits as "Birdo"Birdo, the Mario-franchise character erroneously referred to as Ostro in the Super Mario Bros. 2 instruction manual and end creditsOstrobothnia (region), an administrational area in Finland.
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