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The Customized Chiavari Chair is designed and developed by a world-class professional team from FOSHAN SAN DUN Furniture CO., LTD. To guarantee optimum quality, its raw material suppliers have undergone rigorous screening and only those raw material suppliers that meet international standards are selected as long-term strategic partners. Its design is innovative oriented, meeting the changing needs in the market. It gradually shows a tremendous growth prospect.Customers incline to acknowledge our efforts to build up strong brand name of SANDUN Furniture. Since our establishment, we are dedicated to producing high-quality products with satisfactory performance. After the products tap into the global market, the brand becomes more and more noticeable for our excellent past-sales service system. All of these efforts are highly evaluated by the customers and they prefer to repurchase our products.Our partnership doesn't end with order fulfillment. At SANDUN Furniture, we've helped customers improve Customized Chiavari Chair design and functional reliability and we continue to update product information and provide better services for our customers.
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LED Lights Flexible LED Strips, LED Strips?
Is the LED strip battery powered, perhaps intended for car use? If so you can. If it is mains powered then that becomes more uncertain, waterproof normally means splash proof not immersion proof1. If you hate led zeppelin?! who hates led zeppilen? O.o zeppilen kicks a**2. led lights for growing!?Forget the LED's for growing. They do not throw the UV's flourescent or HID bulbs do. That is what will make your plants grow3. Mag light LED conversion?Yeah, it's expensive. But the LED conversion actually does a better job in one respect. The mag lights let you focus the light from a wide flood to a spot. The LED conversion will let you continue to do that. The flashlights with multiple LED's can not do this. You can not have all the LED's at the focal point so the light will always be difuse in a flood mode. You can not get a real spot to shine a distance. Even if one of the LED's were in the focal point, the other LED's mounted around in the reflector will destroy the narrow beam4. What tv should I buy? LED, LCD, or combination LCD/LED?All led are a combo of LCD and LEDS some are edge lit and other run across the entire back of the tv. these are LED advantages lighter better color than LCD life span is longer(up to 100,000 hours) LCD is about 60,000 doesent overheat like a LCD( kills the life of the tv) and you can get anything other than a LCD or LED at that size. toshiba is a good brand.5. Samsung led tv specifications?The UE40B6000 is Samsung's entry level LED TV and certainly the .... However, as you will notice later in the review, it does not stay there6. What are the advantages of design-led and development-led web apps?There are not advantages to either.David Kelley (IDEO) introduced the concept of the three lenses of design:Desirability (What do people desire?) - This is led by IXD and UX designers.Feasibility (What is technically and organizationally feasible?) - This is led by developers. Viability (What can be financially viable?) - This is led by business stakeholders. A successful product lies at the intersection of these three concerns.Forcing a hierarchy among three critical components is not necessary when you have intelligent people who are able to understand and appreciate the perspective and role of the other two.7. what led to FARMING IN CHINA?farming has been a part of life since day one, tehy grew the same things they do today, rice, corn, peanuts, fruits and so on8. Light bulb in replace of LED?You can stick it in and try it. But I doubt it will work for you. Incandescent light bulbs work by getting very hot. You either need high voltage or high current, or both, to light a light bulb. LEDs on the other hand, work by driving a specific interaction within the device. An LED usually operates at a low voltage and a low current. Furthermore, LEDs only work at specific voltages and currents, while a light bulb will work at a very broad range of voltages and current. I have no idea what the 308 ohm resistor is in your circuit, but if I had to guess, I would guess that it is a voltage divider to reduce the source voltage to the value required by the LED. If that is the case, removing or replacing the resistor would probably make the light bulb work better. Whether you want to remove or replace would depend on the circuit's configuration. In any case, I would guess that your LED circuit will not be able to light your light bulb no matter what you do.9. Multiple led drivers for a single LEDYou can not in general connect multiple drivers to a single LED, they are likely to damage each other.Why do not you replace it with four white LEDs, each connected to a single driver? That way it should be electrically good and you can adjust the brightness by an extra 6dB10. Help with Led Zeppelin shirt?I prefer the second one, but both are nice11. led light circuit ? ?"when i remove the power i would then like them to power down 1 at a time in sequence" Ca not do this, as you have no power to keep them lit. But you may be able to use a very large capacitor to supply that energy. If they are drawing 10mA each, that is 160mA average. If the power down sequence takes 1 second total, you would need a 10000 to 50000F cap. But the cap would take a lot of energy to charge up, and would be physically large and expensive. .
Taking Care of Your Garden Plastic Furniture
you can't be irresponsible with how you use and take care of these wonderful creations. You do have to realize their limitations as well as what their primary uses and functions are for, and don't go beyond them. If you are concerned that maybe your garden plastic furniture needs a break, then here are some helpful tips for how you may get the same great use out of them, but tack many years on to the life expectancy in the process. Many homeowners are not so careful as to use these suggestions. If you are, then you can expect your garden plastic furniture to last for decades. First of all, you have to realize that not everyone sits in a chair the same way. It is difficult to keep a chair in good shape when you are not maintaining even weight distribution throughout the piece, so it is recommended that you routinely rotate cushions - one to four times per month - to ensure that the surface sitting area is not bowing the overall structure of the furnishing piece. These things can get away from you if you are not careful, and since longevity is of the utmost importance, it is recommended that you keep changing things up. You may also want to increase the thickness of the cushions while you are at it. Secondly, it is wise not to leave your chair or furniture set at the mercy of certain weather conditions. While many don't bother with getting their chairs out of a storm, or at least covering them in order to keep them from taking the brunt of winds and rains, the smart outdoor furniture lover will do his very best to shield plastic furniture as he would any type of furniture caught in the same conditions. Many times the life span breaks down on account of a disinterested owner, and so in another year or two, the owner is forced to replace a furniture piece that could have lasted a lifetime if taken care of properly and with discernment. Thirdly, attend to the chair or furniture set's needs by giving it the attention it deserves. You're not going to be able to protect your belongings from every little thing, but you will be able to act quickly in ensuring that the products are dried when wet and that cushions and weight distribution are kept even. If you can't bring yourself to give your chair or furniture set any TLC when it needs it the most , then it's hard for you to complain about the overall quality later on.
Which Would Be More Efficient the a Normal 100W Ind. Bulb Or White Led?
It depends on the particular LED... Also, one of the big problems with LEDs is that they give out very monochromatic light - basically all of the light is in a single (or a few) very tight frequencies, and it does not tend to look as good. LEDs peak at around 100 Lumens / Watt. Regular light bulbs get around 15 Lumens / Watt. Figuring 100W bulb = 1500 lumens... / 100 = 15W of LED. Your LEDs are 25mA * 4v = .1w each, so you would need 150 of them to equal a 100W light bulb. -- To counter the guy above me... You can actually run strings of LEDs on AC if you use a capacitor to limit the current and you have to have enough LEDs in series to make the voltage drop across the chain not blow out the individual LEDs. I believe they use this when they make LED christmas lights.1. Wii remote controller lag problem with Samsung LED Series 7 7050 46 inch. anyone can help please?..?i wud purchase a gamecube controller extremely it quite is like teh comparable cost, you are able to play any gamecube pastime with it and you may use it to do watevr the classic controller does ex. digital , mario console, destroy bros., mario kart and you cant play mairo galaxy with the two of thm yet it isnt even a stable pastime2. 3D PLASMA / LED vs 3D PROJECTOR ?I have found the best 3D effects from a good Plasma like the VT30 or VT50 series or samsungs Plasma E8000 with full HD 3D,the larger screen projectors use different technology and although the large screen is movie theater like in size and feel,the depth effects I always found better on Plasma.I have seen new Sony 4K and vidikron etc.All excellent but very expensive and the screen is as important as the quality of the projector.I have both panasonic & Samsung plasma & the effects are fantastic,and alot less expensive. There's a pro & con to every technology.Remember Im not saying a 3Dprojector is not great,just you need an expensive projector an expensive screen and a very dark room.I find that the blacks wash easily when any light reflects off the screen.3. do 12v led bulbs require a minimum of 12v to work? would a 3.7v work? do i need 4, 3.7 batt for light to work?Less that 12V should still work, but the bulb wo not be able to reach it's maximun brightness4. Toggle between two colors in a common-cathode RGB LED using a SPST switchIf all you want is to have two different colours depending on whether a SPST switch is on, the simplest possible way is to have one on permanently and one switched, giving you either red or yellow. This answers the question as written. Trevor's answer would work to give one on or the other on (without mixing colours), which may be what you meant, however requires more complexity and components5. can i wire my led power wire to the power wire of my car radio?If it were me, I would just run a new power wire for the lights. The last thing you need is to get the L.E.D.s all hooked up and start blowing fuses on the radio. Your best bet is to find a new source. If you want to make it so the lights come on whenever the car is running, just find an ignition hot empty fuse slot in the fuse box. You can check this with a test light. This means that the wire will only get power when the key is to the on position6. How can I go about making my headlights clear-cornered? Where can I find some LED turn signal bulbs?Using BLUE lights are illegal .V LEDS has many options for led lights . On HID'S use 5000k or 4300k you need to stay in the white spectrum to be legal XENTEC are good brand7. where can I get a 65 inch LED non 3D TV? (slim)?check under the couch :)8. Wiring LED driving lights powered from two separate switches and a common power source for two mode operationHere's a way, using electromagnetic relays.Three relays have been shown.Actually a single 3PDT relay would suffice.Diodes have been avoided, considering the voltage drop they would cause.
Border Patrol Unveils Surveillance Tool for Monitoring Illegal Crossings
Smugglers and undocumented immigrants attempting to sneak pastBorder Patrol agents en route to the United States will soon have to outwit a new surveillance tool that can scan open terrain for miles.The Border Patrol on Wednesday unveiled a new mobile video surveillance system along the U.S.-Mexico border in California that can look into the mountains with infrared scopes in the day and at night."It's game-changer for them,"John Moulton, chief technology officer, surveillance, at supplierBenchmark Enterprises, of Angleton, Texas, told Fox 5 San Diego. "One agent who goes on patrol can multiply his vision many many miles."The camera systems are carried onFord F-150 pickup trucks outfitted with surveillance towers. Five of the vehicles will be used by border agents along San Diego's southern border beginning Friday.The Border Patrol said it has arrested about 12,000 people attempting to cross into the U.S. illegally this year. The new monitoring system is expected to increase that number."We're averaging 160 arrests per day in the San Diego sector,Michael Scappechio, a Border Patrol supervisor, told Fox 5, adding that with "the looming threat of the migrant caravan in Tijuana (Mexico) and more people potentially on the way, we need to make sure we're prepared for that."President Trump has repeatedly called for the construction of a border wall to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. -- though he dropped that demand in order to avoid a shutdown of the federal government in a last-minute stopgap spending bill Wednesday.Meanwhile, a disabled U.S. Air Force veteranhas started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the proposed wall. As of Wednesday, the page raised more than $2 million toward a $1 billion goal.
Are These T.V. Stands Suitable?
=== buying a TV stand is important to go to a reputable furniture store == not Walmart or those super discount cheapies ==== Best buy - Sears - Good brand furniture stores -- all will sell you good stuff ...the use of particle board in much of todays' furniture is a big problem to me and I have gone to building my own cabinets with solid wood === that may not be possible for you but you can buy a TV stand at Ethan Allen or Macy's that is good solid wood .... I live by this """ good wood properly used has never failed"""" -- glass and brass stands are another option for you .1. Does solid wood floor deform over time?I suppose there could be some expansion and contraction if you have huge fluctuations in humidity. I do not think it is a problem usually. Solid hardwood lasts for years and years. I am actually a fan of laminate if you have dogs in the house because the finish is really tough2. When installing 5" wide solid-wood, prefinished floor do I need to nail AND glue or can I just nail it down?hi josh, just secret nail the floorboards, through the tongue so that the nails are hidden. you can hire a porta-nailer very cheaply and its also pretty much foolproof to use...if your boards were any wider, you would need to face nail too. the only place you should use glue is between butt joints (where the end of one board meets the end of another) im assuming you know all about expansion, contraction, acclimatising the floor boards etc. if you do not email me and ill give you a crash course! take your time and enjoy it, its a satisfying job. best of luck!3. underfloor heating and solid wood floorI presume that "Wet System" means water filled tubing or piping. But oh yeah, wood is no problem & is extremely common, both nailed-down traditional floors & floating laminate floors. There's no steam or moisture being released & the floors do not heat to anything more than a hot summer day. However, insulation is okay but you really just need a shiny space blanket type of radiant barrier (the shiny side of tin foil) to reflect most of the heat upward & not even consider nor attempt thermal loading. You will be happier & more comfortable with a system that can heat up & cool down or just maintain a room's or building's temperature4. I have a solid wood table that is a family heirloom, how hard would it be to stain it to cover up some of the damages. Could I end up messing it up further?How are you sure it is stained? Keep in mind that stain is just the color like when you stain your shirt with mustard.If the piece is very old the difference in color might be that the clear coat has changed color... a tricky proposition to match even for a professional.As far as trying to touch it up on your own it is probably a good bet that it will be messed up more. Rather than trying to correct the problem I suggest that you have a piece of tempered glass cut and lay it over the top. Despite the expense it will be cheaper than having the piece refinished properly.I have a solid wood table that is a family heirloom, how hard would it be to stain it to cover up some of the damages. Could I end up messing it up further?.5. how does compression affect arch top jazz guitars?It can be either. The very best are handcarved from solid wood, the cheaper mass produced ones are pressed plywood/laminate (or stretched ply over wood bracing)6. will two 4 by 6 boards bolted together be as strong as one 4 by 12 board?Assuming you are suggesting bolting the 4 x 6's together side by side to make a 8 x 6 beam the answer is definitely - No. If they are bolted together to make a 4 x 12, the answer is still No since it will not be possible, with only a reasonable number of bolts, to develop a joint between the 4 x 6's that is as strong as solid wood would be. If they were glued together to make a 4 x 12 with a glue that developed a bond strength equal to the wood strength then they would be for practical purposes equal. As an example; From the Span Tables for Joists, American Softwood Lumber Standards; (The following would be for S-P-F, Select Structural Grade, Max. But a single 2 x 12 would span 17' - 11" Also a simpler example: Consider the strength of a flat 2 x 4 (4" wide by 2" high) vs a vertical 2 x 4 (2" wide by 4" high) Stand in the middle of an 8 footer, which will deflect the most?
Sealing MDF so It Doesn't Absorb Moisture
You do not actually need to seal the MDF so it does not absorb moisture, any more than studwork in walls, the interior components of cabinetry or the framework in covered chairs need to be sealed. Regardless of whether it's solid wood or a type of manmade board the material can be left to absorb and release moisture naturally with any changes in humidity. In any case the whole concept of "sealing" is commonly misunderstood, with only a few exceptions the coatings applied to wood do not truly seal the surface off from water vapour*. However, it looks like the natural colour of the MDF wo not suit the completed panels so I think you need to paint them. Normally when someone is looking to paint MDF the recommendations are about how to get the surface looking good since it will be on show (e.g. filling/sealing the edges, then primer and finally paint, with quite a bit of sanding thrown in there). But here it seems like you really only need to change the colour so you could go straight to paint. Matt black seems like it would be the ideal colour.*This is why even a fully varnished tabletop will still expand and contract through the seasons as humidity goes up and down.1. How to attach a rim joist on Free Standing Deck an inch away from the house?If you are building a "free standing" deck, then why are you wanting to attach it to the house? The proper way to build a deck that is attached to any house is to start at the house. Sounds like you went backwards on this project. You can see why because you have no room to work, now. First, you would install a ledger board to the house and proceed to build the rest of the deck off that ledger board. The board that is between the house and the deck is not called a "rim joist". At this point, you will need to use "Teeko" clips or metal fasteners to connect back to the house and a thicker ledger board to take up the last 1" of space. After fastening the ledger board to the deck with metal fasteners, you can proceed to fasten the same board to the house with minimum 1/2" diameter lag bolts/flat washers. Make sure they are long enough and that they go into solid wood (i.e. - floor joist is best or rim joist). Seal the top edge of the new ledger board to the house as to eliminate water intrusion.2. Exterior Sheathing with highest r-value?Exterior sheathing, such as T-111 or OSB, have little to no R-value. Solid wood has a R value of 1 per one inch of density. Where wood shines as an energy efficient product is heat retention. For example, a typical log home of 8 inch diameter logs only has a R- value of 8. However, the physical characteristics of the wood allows it to absorb and retain interior heat, creating a radiant heat effect.3. What do Americans call the wooden battens fixed across the end grain of solid wood table tops and drawing boards?As Dennis points out, a Google search for "breadboard end" gets lots of hits, e.g. Breadboard Ends . Don't goof up like I did by gluing them down completely (one of my panel boards split open).What do Americans call the wooden battens fixed across the end grain of solid wood table tops and drawing boards?.4. What is the difference in re finishing or refacing the kitchen cabinets which is less expensive?Trying to refinish a door is more trouble then it's worth and still not always possible. Think of all the grooves and nooks and crannies that you will have to sand with your finger tips ground into the sand paper. Also keep in mind many doors might just be a veneer rather then solid wood. If you try to sand veneer a sander would go through it in a blink of an eye right through to the particle board core. Replacing is an ok idea. We used to buy ours from Decorative Specialties out of California. You can order each door and drawer face by it's wood species and to the exact size. They have several hundred door and drawer styles to choose from. They run from $25 each for a little door such as above your fridge or micro to maybe $125 for pantry doors. Drawer faces around $20 each. The average being around $50 each for oak, slightly more for maple and much more for cherry. Keep in mind if you buy new doors you will have to drill the 32mm holes with a forstener bit and a very strong drill. Can you do this? The 32mm holes are for any standard concealed hinge. You would not have to drill if you do a wrap hinge but they are so fugly and outdated you will defeat the purpose. With wrap hinges you will have limited choices of door styles because the door edge has to match and except the wrap hinge. And do as you not paint cabinets. They will look horrible.
Online Shopping Websites Are Huge Websites Which Have Seemingly Endless Collection
If you are college going teenager and believe in everyday fashion collecting t-shirts and clothing for sale must be one your favorite past time. The joy of getting good clothing at affordable price is exclusive. The other idea is to review what you already have before you go for online shopping. I also go to sleep many nights wishing that things had not happened as they did. If you do not want to retrieve the entire collection every time you need to display the count, then you will need to store and maintain it separately from the collection with the help of Cloud Functions. Namely, it's not guaranteed that the function will be executed only once for a given event and, as the article says, the functions must be idempotent (can be applied multiple times without changing the result beyond the initial application).Considering that, the only reliable and relatively simple way of maintaining collection counts I've found so far is a cloud function that reads the size of the collection when a document is added or deleted and then stores it in a field. But many a time, an online product may seem great but the physical piece may not attract you so much, so you are always welcome to look before you buy.If you are college going teenager and believe in everyday fashion collecting t-shirts and clothing for sale must be one your favorite past time. Why just college girls even working women can hardly resist the temptation of collecting t-shirts for sale. Why not? The joy of getting good clothing at affordable price is exclusive. 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In Judaism, we are taught to give thanks to G-d for returning our soul back to us each morning. This prayer is meant to be said before all else. It is suggested that we use it to contemplate. I tend to do more of my contemplating before I sleep. Upon reflection, I realize that in so doing, I am concentrating on the past instead of welcoming and embracing a brand new day! "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." Buddha Another day Another day A fresh start A new beginning A chance to do it all over again erase the page tear it up throw it away and start fresh Fear Night black, ominous, enveloping It cradles me in its darkness holding me with invisible bonds I am afraid to surrender into the unknown into the abyss Hope and promise A new day unfolds like the petals of a flower in the morning dew glistening, sparkling, its face full of hope and promise Every night, before I sleep I stop, take inventory, so to speak A chance to go over, a chance to review To build upon what is working and to start anew Oh, lucky, lucky, lucky me. To let my experiences of today Teach me to enjoy a better, more productive way! a brand new dayGST collection lowest for October at Rs 83,346 croreGoods and Service Tax-Accumulation under the products and enterprises charge (GST) eased back to Rs 83,346 crore for October, as the Integrated GST was used for credits and rates were changed descending. It was the most minimal month to month gathering since the GST take off in July.The receipts, shared between the Center and states, were down regardless of October being a celebration season, and furthermore because of the way that 48 for each penny did not document returns. The repressed gathering could additionally influence the effectively declining financial position of the Center and states.The accumulation for October was down 9.5 for every penny from Rs 92,150 crore for September;the objective for a month is Rs 91,000 crore. The objective was determined on the premise of the year's Budget Estimates of the legislature and 14 for each penny development over the receipts of 2016-17 for the states. Accumulations for November could be even lower, as the rates of more than 200 things were brought down, against 27 for October.The fund service ascribed the easing back to use of the IGST for credit, rate cuts, and self-announced duty installments.It said the expense organization of the GST was currently in view of self-pronounced government forms, in which the assessee chooses how much duty risk he has and appropriately asserts input impose credit. "Since execution of a portion of the fundamental highlights of GST, for example, coordinating of profits,e-way bill and switch charge system have been put off, impose consistence wo not not be up to the stamp," it said. Around 62 for every penny documented out of an aggregate of 8.1 million anticipated that would.Assessment specialists said things which saw a cut in rates, for example, khakra, 'aam papad', unbranded namkeens and unbranded ayurvedic-unani drugs are not those which get much income. Likewise that IGST credit was there for the long stretches of August and September also.The service battled that in view of the first-run through prerequisite of paying IGST on exchange of merchandise starting with one state then onto the next even inside a similar organization,there was an extra trade stream of IGST out the initial three months. "As and when the last exchange of these products happens, the credit for IGST is being used for installment of State GST (SGST) and Central GST (CGST). In this way, the inflow of new expenses is low," it contended….Read MoreGetMyOS.Com — A cool site with complete collection of downloadable Windows operating system for PCWhen did you need to install / reinstall the operating system on your PC last time. Have you used the same installation media every time you bought it from the market, or you download a copy of the latest version of the OS from the Internet. Well the second option looks better because it only requires the operating system's license if it is commercial, and the ISO image file. Windows, the most common operating system for personal computers is easy and even easier for everyday users to set up. You may not need any specialist or IT person to install Windows on your computer. It may be a little confusing to download Windows from the official Microsoft site, but most users prefer to download Windows from an informal source like GetMyOS. Com, because it is much easier than verifying your license information on the Microsoft site.Just look at this Windows download directory on GetMyOS, you can download any version of Microsoft Windows, be it the 1985 version, or the most recent release.Let me tell you how you can easily download Windows 10, 8. 1 / 8, 7 or any other version of Microsoft Windows through GetMyOS in just a few easy steps.Step 1. Select the versionGo to the Windows Download directory, and select which version you want to download.Step 2. Choose a fileNow select file / version / language of Windows, and proceed to the download page. Step 3. Allow personal cloud access, and downloadFinally, you have to allow access to your personal cloud storage service such as Google Drive to download the file.Therefore, as soon as you click on the download button, the ISO file will be copied to your Cloud Account and the download will begin immediately.The main advantage of downloading through Cloud Account is high performance. You will not face any downtime with your download, and your download speed will be at full capacity.Currently, direct download is not available on this site. If you do not have a Google Account, just create a new one for free and start downloading. On GetMyOS you can read the installation instructions of the operating system, screenshot, and more.More other operating systemsWell, GetMyOS is not only about Microsoft Windows but also for downloading different operating systems for the personal computer. You can download the latest version of Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Kali Linux, and more at this website.How to get the number of items in a Firestore collectionThe answer to this question turns out to be not as straightforward as one might think because Firestore does not support aggregate queries at this moment, and in order to get the number of items in a collection the entire collection must be retrieved, which is far from optimal.If you do not want to retrieve the entire collection every time you need to display the count, then you will need to store and maintain it separately from the collection with the help of Cloud Functions. This is exactly what is suggested in the Aggregation Queries article. However, the examples given in the article, where you would increment/decrement the counter on each write event, would not work as is because of the limitations of the firestore events. Namely, it's not guaranteed that the function will be executed only once for a given event and, as the article says, the functions must be idempotent (can be applied multiple times without changing the result beyond the initial application).Considering that, the only reliable and relatively simple way of maintaining collection counts I've found so far is a cloud function that reads the size of the collection when a document is added or deleted and then stores it in a field. Here is the code of such a function:This example assumes the following structure:users/ userId/ my-collection/ itemId ... my-collection-count ...Here we have users collection, where for each user (userId) we have another collection called my-collection - this is the collection that we want to count items in and store the result in my-collection-count field for each user.Compared to the example in the Aggregation Queries article, this function is idempotent because it calculates the count on each execution, so it does not matter how many times it is run. On the flip side it is less efficient, but in many cases it is an acceptable compromise.See also this StackOverflow answer for more complex alternatives on how to make a function idempotent.One more thing to be aware of is that in Firestore each document "costs" one read (see Firestore pricing). For example, if you have 100 items in a collection, you are being changed for 100 reads each time we update the count. So if you have a very large collection that is updated often, then you might consider alternative ways to maintain collection counts that do not require reading the entire collectionSatisfying Customers, We built a Family!We are the best jewelry store in Michigan for almost 9 decades. We provide you with the most beautiful engagement rings to celebrate your auspicious day. We have the most unique and quirky designs especially for you. Our specialty is our platinum Tacori collection. The Tacori selection is the most loved and searched collection in wedding rings selection. We are the first to get you the wide range of this collection as soon as it launches. We boast as we are the best Tacori dealers in Michigan and thus have an exclusive collection for display at our store.In the world where apparently no one has time to come, select, buy and then pick the piece from the shop, we make the process a lot easier. We provide free shipping at your doorstep as per your convenience. 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Capital Metro Chooses Luminator Technology Group for New ...
Luminator Technology Group (LTG) announces today its selection by Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Capital Metro) to install new passenger information displays throughout the Austin metropolitan area. The digital displays will deliver real-time updates to passengers including rider alerts, next bus arrival, route information and maps. The signs will be installed beginning Fall 2019.The Dynamic Passenger Information display and software suite enable all signs in the system to be monitored, managed and updated from a central location. The E-Paper technology provides an easy-to-read front lit design with no light pollution and also meets ADA visual and audio requirements.Capital Metro sought a solution that could work with and integrate into its own transportation network. LTG's offering will deliver information and monitoring of its display systems' battery levels, network connections, and real-time diagnostics. "We understand Capital Metro's desire to provide timely and accurate information to its passengers," said Werner Malcherek, chief technology officer, LTG. "We are proud to partner with such a progressive and technologically innovative city, to deploy smart digital signage that will enhance rider information and allow Capital Metro to easily and efficiently manage the system." LTG's Dynamic Passenger Information display technology is designed and manufactured to withstand the unique demands of the transit environment. The low power cellular data modem and Ethernet connection enable for more efficient communication, allowing for streamlined content updates and system health monitoring. These displays also include the option to use solar power, reducing costs and energy consumption and the ability to provide passenger information in remote locations where power is not available. An existing customer of LTG, Capital Metro has also deployed bus destination sign technology and video surveillance and security technology provided by LTG's Apollo Video Technology. About Luminator Technology GroupLuminator Technology Group (LTG), is a leading manufacturer of passenger communication systems, video surveillance, and lighting solutions for global mass transportation applications. The company, founded in 1928, leverages its extensive engineering resources to develop solutions that increase intelligence, safety and efficiency for bus, rail and aerospace operations worldwide.For more information about Luminator Technology Group please visit
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