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Knowledge Related to Mocha Uson Blog
Mocha Uson Blog (stylized as MOCHA USON BLOG) is a blog maintained in a Facebook page of the same name which serves as a page for supporters of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte · Other Related Knowledge of fake breast Content of fake breast Prior to the time Uson became a public supporter of Rodrigo Duterte, the page focused on her giving sex advice to followers and bedroom sessions with her group, the Mocha Girls. The page currently hosts content related to President Rodrigo Duterte since Duterte ran for President. In the Mocha Uson Blog, Uson has shared memes favoring Duterte and critical of the President's critics especially Senators Leila De Lima and Antonio Trillanes IV. Uson also coined the termed "Presstitute" to protest against alleged corruption of mainstream media groups in the Philippines such as ABS-CBN, GMA-7, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Rappler. Uson also shares links to other Duterte political advocacy pages and blogs through the page. The mobile application version of the app developed by Cloud Panda PH Inc. allows users to post videos, text, and videos as well as access features such as Mocha TV, DDS Podcast, and OFW Help. ------ Notable posts of fake breast PepederalismoIn August 2018, a video uploaded by Mocha Uson Blog featuring a blogger named Drew Olivar and Mocha Uson herself garnered nationwide attention and criticism. The live video, dubbed as "Pepedederalismo" by the media, has been criticized for being lewd and obscene. In the video, a segment featured Olivar dancing in sexually-suggestive manners by repeatedly touching his crotch and chest areas while singing lyrics about "pepederalismo", a portmanteau of federalism and the colloquial terms for vagina (pepe) and breasts (dede). Mocha Uson, the owner of the blog and the video is quick to defend her side that there is "nothing wrong with the video" which she said was meant to generate conversation among Filipinos about the concept of federalism. She maintains that the jingle is not part of the government's official information campaign on the topic. Furthermore, She clarified that she did not receive any government funding to produce the controversial video, albeit it wasn't immediately clear if she has recorded the video during her working hours as a government employee. Disrespecting sign languageIn September 2018, Mocha Uson and co-blogger Drew Olivar drew flak from netizens and criticism from deaf advocates and Filipinos for posting a video that makes fun of sign language. ------ Reception of fake breast By September 2016, the page had registered more than 4 million followers. The blog site, reportedly generated 20 million users in June 2016. As of 2018, Mocha Uson Blog has 5.4 million likes. Vincent Lazatin, Executive Director of the Transparency & Accountability Network, criticized Mocha Uson Blog for its controversial and polarizing content. The blog has also been the subject of parodies and satire. Due to the blog occasionally posting disagreeable content, it has also become the subject of petitions for removal which have been disputed by the blog's supporters through a counter-petition. Mocha Uson Blog's mobile application reportedly had about 10,000 downloads as of January 2018.
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