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Introduction to G&c Furniture Carrigtwohill
1. Uphagen's House of furniture The Uphagen House (Polish: Dom Uphagena, German: Uphagen-Haus) is a reconstructed 18th-century merchant house in Gdask, Poland, located at the Ulica Duga within the Royal Route in the historic Main City. It houses a museum, which is a branch of the local historical museum (Muzeum Gdaska). The Uphagen house is one of only a few 18th century merchant town houses in Europe that is open to visitors. ------ 2. Alfred Jarvis of furniture The Very Reverend Alfred Charles Eustace Jarvis KCB CMG MC (14 November 1876 26 March 1957) was an eminent Anglican priest in the 20th century. He was born in Bournemouth in 1876. His parentage is unclear. In 1915, in Gallipoli, he told the Bishop of Fu Kien, that he was the son of Dr Birdwood, brother of Lt-General Birdwood, GOC Australian and NZ Army Corps, and that Dr Birdwoods second wife has refused to accept him, so he had been adopted.He began work as an apprentice in a furniture store and served as a soldier in the Boer War. He studied at Handsworth Theological College and was a Methodist Minister from 1901 to 1908 when he was ordained into the Church of England. He was initially a Curate at All Saints, South Lambeth. In 1909, he joined the Army Chaplains Department. His promotion in the Great War was rapid. In 1915, he was Principal Chaplain Mediterranean Expeditionary Force and from 1917 to 1919 Principal Chaplain Mesopotamia. In these four years, he won the Military Cross, was 3 times Mentioned in Despatches, was awarded the Serbian Order of the White Eagle and became a CMG He had served in Gallipoli, Salonika and Egypt as well as in the campaign leading to the capture of Baghdad. One of Jarviss strengths was his administrative ability. In Egypt and in Mesopotamia he had prepared Reports reorganising the Chaplain its as new camps and outposts appeared. After the war he was Assistant Chaplain-General, Northern Command from 1920 to 1925 and Chaplain-General to the Forces until 1931; and also Chaplain of the Tower of London from 1927. He was Provost and Vicar of Sheffield from 1931 to 1948; and also Archdeacon of Sheffield for two spells (1931 to 1933, and 1934 to 1938) and Rural Dean for one (19391942). An Honorary Chaplain to two Kings and a Chaplain of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, he died on 26 March 1957. There is a memorial plaque in Sheffield Cathedral. ------ 3. Sanders Park of furniture Sanders Park is a park in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire formally opened on 14 September 1968. The park is named after two people Mary Beatrice Sanders (18561951), and Lucy Mary Maude Sanders (18641945) who donated the park to the town. ------ 4. PettyRobertsBeatty House of furniture The PettyRobertsBeatty House, also known as the Octagon House, is an historic octagonal house in Clayton, Alabama, United States. The structure was one of only two antebellum octagonal houses built in Alabama and is the only one to survive. This unusual house was built by Benjamin Franklin Petty starting in 1859 and completed in 1861. Petty was a carriage and furniture merchant who was a native of New York and pioneer settler of Clayton. The house was patterned after a design made popular by Orson Squire Fowler's book, A Home For All, or the Gravel Wall and Octagon Mode of Building which was published in 1854. In April 1865, the house was used as staff headquarters for Union Cavalry Commander General Benjamin H. Grierson. Petty's heirs sold the property to Judge and Mrs. Bob T. Roberts in 1901. In 1981, under the administration of Mayor Edward C. Ventress, the property was purchased from the estate of Mary Roberts Beatty Armistead by the Town of Clayton which has overseen its renovation. The house was added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 21, 1974. ------ 5. Jolimont (mountain) of furniture The Jolimont is a hill that stretches Southwest to Northeast for about 4 km along the Thielle canal, between the Lake of Neuchtel and the Lake of Bienne, in the Seeland, Switzerland. The Jolimont elevation starts in Gampelen till Erlach (fr. Cerlier), where its promontory into the Lake of Bienne builds both the Isthmus and the St. Petersinsel peninsula. North, nestled between it and the Thielle canal lies Gals and, at its southern side, Tschugg. ------ 6. Reza Hamzaee of g&c furniture carrigtwohill Reza G. Hamzaee (Persian: ) (born 7 May 1951) is an Iranian-American economist and BOG-Distinguished Professor of Economics at Missouri Western State University. He is known for his research on banking and managerial economics ------ 7. Career of furniture Cresswell joined Evenwood Town in 1951, and later played for Bishop Auckland in the 1950s, winning the FA Amateur Cup three times. After a transfer to Manchester United fell through, he played in the Football League for Carlisle United. He finished his career with Horden Colliery Welfare. Cresswell earned 10 caps for the England national amateur football team between 1955 and 1957. ------ 8. Archaeology of furniture The Jolimont is located within an area rich in archaeological sites, at the side of an important waterway. Local historians have explored the hill since the 14th Century. Isolated objects of almost all areas, undetermined defensive systems and vestiges of Roman housings indicate the early presence of mankind on the summit plateau. Three tumulus excavated in 1847 contained tombs with furniture dating back to the medium Bronze era (including weapons found in the men's tombs from the 2nd Millennium B.C. and the Hallstatt era (approx. 500 B.C.). A Roman road leading to Petinesca (Studen) on the side of the lake of Bienne, passed at the southern side of the Jolimont, reaching the Steiacher villa on the Tschugg territory ------ 9. Animals of furniture Litter (zoology), a group of mammals born of the same pregnancy Bedding (animals), or litter, material strewn in an animal's enclosure for it to sleep on and to absorb feces and urine Cat litter, or "kitty litter", loose, absorbent material as part of the indoor feces and urine disposal system for pets ------ 10. Adolphe Goldschmidt of furniture Adolphe Benedict Hayum Goldschmidt (1838, Frankfurt 6 April 1918, London) was co-inheritor of the Goldschmidt family bank. His father was Benedikt Hayum Goldschmidt, founder of the bank B.H. Goldschmidt de and consul to the Grand Duke of Tuscany. One of the richest families in Europe, in 1900, after their father's death, he and his brother, Maximilian decided to close the bank and leave Frankfurt. While Maximilian, the later Maximilian von Goldschmidt-Rothschild, moved to Berlin, Adolphe went first to Paris and then to London, where he bought a large house in Mayfair. He also bought a 2,500 acre (10 km) country estate in Suffolk. Adolphe and his wife became collectors of art. They acquired many expensive pieces including the furniture of Louis XV and Louis XVI. Adolphe did not want to go back into banking, but he became a sleeping partner in Helbert Wagg & Co. and invested in bonds. He also held interests in the Central Mining Investment Corp., which controlled mines in South Africa and had interests in the De Beers diamond and oil business. Adolphe was the father of Conservative politician Frank Goldsmith, who anglicized his name to "Goldsmith", and grandfather of both tycoon James Goldsmith and environmentalist Edward Goldsmith. Adolphe's descendants are Zac and Jemima Goldsmith. ------ 11. Seifhennersdorf of furniture Seifhennersdorf (Upper Sorbian: Wodowe Hendrichecy) is a town in the district Grlitz, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It is situated on the border with the Czech Republic, and the Czech towns of Rumburk and Varnsdorf lie across the border to the north-east and south of town. Seifhennersdorf is 8 km south of Ebersbach and 14 km west of Zittau. ------ 12. douard Livre of furniture douard Livre (22 September 1828, in Blamont 26 November 1886, in Paris) was a French artist, painter, illustrator, cabinet maker, engraver and designer of ornamental art. He is most notable for the bed he designed in 1877 for the courtesan Valtesse de la Bigne. A lacquered rosewood Japanese-style cupboard by him in the form of a pagoda, with bronze lions and dragons writhing round columns, sold at Bonhams in London 12 December 2008 for 2,036,000,000, beating the world record for a 19th-century furniture item. . ------ 13. John Jacques (furniture manufacturer) John Jacques (9 November 1804  14 February 1886) was a Canadian cabinet-maker, furniture manufacturer, and financier. In 1835, Jacques, along with Robert Hay, bought William Maxwell's furniture business and established Jacques and Hay. The firm was a leading manufacturer in Canada for half a century. In the middle of the 19th century they helped establish the southern Ontario furniture style. This style was epitomized by the use of black walnut, the absence of veneer and more muted ornamentation than was typical for the period. ------ 14. Hffner (furniture retailer) Hffner is a furniture retailer in Germany. A company of that name was founded in 1874 by Rudolf Hffner, and became Berlin's biggest furniture retailer before World War II. Based in the eastern part of Berlin, the company was discontinued after the war. In 1967 Kurt Krieger bought the right to the name "Hffner" and created a new company under that name. This company was initially based in Berlin-Wedding, but the headquarters moved to Schnefeld, Brandenburg after Germany's reunification. Hffner's mascot is a man wearing a hat and a red bow tie named Hffi. ------ 15. Schtte-Lanz G.IV of g&c furniture carrigtwohill The Schtte-Lanz G.IV was a bomber designed at the Luftschiffbau Schtte-Lanz (Schtte-Lanz airship works), in Germany, that remained a project, with no aircraft being built. The G.IV was to have been a twin-engined triplane General characteristics Performance ------ 16. Ikin of furniture Ikin is a surname. People bearing the name include: Ben Ikin (born 1977), Australian rugby player David Ikin (born 1946), English football player Humphrey Ikin (born 1957), New Zealander furniture designer Jack Ikin (19181984), English cricket player for Lancashire, father of Michael Ikin Michael Ikin (born 1946), English cricket player for Staffordshire, son of Jack Ikin Van Ikin (born 1951), Australian author
Knowledge About G&c Furniture Carrigtwohill
1. ASKO of furniture ASKO or ASK may refer to: ASKO Kara, a Togolese football club ASK Pasching, an Austrian football club ASK (Austria), Association for Sport and Physical Culture in Austria (German: Arbeitsgemeinschaft fr Sport und Krperkultur in sterreich) ASKO (company), Finnish furniture manufacturer and furniture store chain Asko Cylinda, a Swedish appliance manufacturer ------ 2. G. A. Hanssen of g&c furniture carrigtwohill G. A. Hanssen (November 22, 1869 - January 4, 1944) was an American architect. He designed private residences in Davenport, and later moved to San Diego, California. With Ralph Swearingen, he designed the Yuma County Courthouse in Yuma, Arizona in 1928; it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. . ------ 3. Music Hall (Hanover) of furniture The Music Hall was a concert venue in Hanover, Germany. It was located in the "U-boat hall" on the former Hanomag complex. The structure was originally built in 1943 as a submarine production facility in the northern shipyard of Kriegsmarinewerft Wilhelmshaven. Notable performers included Rush, Sting, Roxette and David Bowie. The structure is now a furniture store ------ 4. Sainte-Croix, Quebec of furniture Sainte-Croix is a municipality in and the seat of the Municipalit rgionale de comt de Lotbinire in Quebec, Canada. It is part of the Chaudire-Appalaches region and the population is 2,433 as of 2009. The new constitution dates from 2001, after the amalgamation of the parish and the village of Sainte-Croix. ------ 5. Personal life of furniture Amdahl was born to Seddeltrykkeriet (banknote printers) chairman Hans Amdahl (18751945) and Gyda Sawert (18771957) in Trondheim. In 1931 he married the dancer Bengta Andrea Jnsson (11 May 1910 3 September 2003), daughter of furniture shop keeper Andreas Jnsson (18711940) and politician Gitta Jnsson (b. Hagerup, 18691950). He died in Brum in 1968. ------ 6. Other uses of furniture Litter (rescue basket), a basket-like stretcher device used to ferry injured people Litter (vehicle), a piece of furniture mounted on a platform and carried by (usually human) muscle power Plant litter, dead plant material that has fallen to the ground The Litter, a 1960s psychedelic rock band ------ 7. Director manager career of furniture He began business career with traded fruit, clothing and furniture from Hungary, which were exported to the Czech Republic. Later he continued as a FK DAC 1904 Dunajsk Streda club officer. Then he moved to Artmedia Petralka as club officer. From 2010 he is a director general of K Slovan Bratislava ------ 8. Cast and credits of furniture Director: Tony Donoghue Screenwriter: Tony Donoghue Producer: Cathal Black Film Editor: Ed Smith Mise en scene: Alan Eddie Music: David Kitt Sound designer: Fionan Higgins Photographer: Tony Donoghue Poster design: Simone Crowley Principal cast: Mary Brannigan, Eddie Coen, Patrick Cahalan, Mikey Cahalan, Sean Gleeson ------ 9. Reviews of furniture Review by Tom Easton (1980) in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, January 1980 Review by Charles N. Brown (1980) in Locus, #230 February 1980 Review by John Clute (1980) in Foundation, #19 June 1980 Review by Joseph Nicholas (1980) in Vector 98 Review by Theodore Sturgeon (1981) in Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine, June 1981 ------ 10. Blades (surname) of furniture Blades is the surname of: Ben C. Blades (19081973), American politician Cameron Blades (born 1971), Australian rugby union player Daniel Blades, Lord Blades (18881959), Scottish judge Jack Blades (born 1954), American musician Jay Blades (born 1970), British furniture restorer and presenter Mona Blades, 18-year-old New Zealand woman who disappeared in 1975 Rubn Blades (born 1948), Panamanian singer ------ 11. Exhibits of furniture The museum encompasses an exhibition hall, a shrine, pavilions, and a family cemetery, as well as Yi Won-ik's original house from the late sixteenth century. Items on display include furniture, portraits, writings, and personal items that belonged to or were created by Yi Won-ik. ------ 12. Gustaf Erik Hedman of furniture Gustaf Erik Hedman (1777 - 1841) was a Finnish painter. Hedman was born in Oulu, and married to Elisabeth Margaretha. He studied at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts. He primarily painted religious-themed works for church commissions. His works include murals and altarpieces at the Esse (1816) and Vhkyr (1819) churches. He has also painted furniture. ------ 13. Furniture Building Court Building, also known as the Furniture Building, is a historic commercial building located in downtown Evansville, Indiana. It was designed by the architectural firm Harris & Shopbell and built in 1909. It is a seven-story, Beaux Arts style building sheathed in brick and limestone. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. ------ 14. Education of g&c furniture carrigtwohill 1948 Graduated from the University of Thessaloniki, Law School. 1949-1950 Post Graduate Studies in Public Administration and Management, USA Bureau of the Budget, Washington, DC. 1949-1950 Post Graduate Studies in Economics and Public Finance, American University, Washington D.C. 1951-1953 Post Graduate Studies in Economics and Public Finance and Economic Policy. University of Rome, Italy. ------ 15. Arts and entertainment of furniture Charles Rogers (director) (born 1987), American film director and screenwriter Charles "Buddy" Rogers (19041999), American actor and jazz musician Charles R. Rogers (18921957), American film producer Charley Rogers (18871956), British actor, film director and screenwriter who was sometimes credited as Charles Rogers Charles Rogers (collector) (17111784), English customs official, known as an art collector ------ 16. Scele of furniture Scele (Romanian pronunciation: stele; German: Siebendrfer; Hungarian: Ngyfalu, between 1950 and 2001 Szecselevros) is a city in Braov County, Romania, in the region of Transylvania, with a population of 30,798 inhabitants in 2011. It is adjacent to the city of Braov, its city centre being situated 15 km away from downtown Braov ------ 17. Hacienda del Lencero of furniture The Hacienda del Lencero is a Spanish Colonial architecture era building and gardens located near of Xalapa city, in the state of Veracruz in eastern Mexico. The house, which takes its name from Juan Lencero, a soldier of Hernn Corts, was the property of Antonio Lpez de Santa Anna in the 19th century ------ 18. Track listing of furniture (All songs written by Earlimart) "Hold On, Slow Down" 1:40 "First Instant Last Report" 2:27 "The Hidden Track" 4:12 "Sounds" 2:42 "The Valley People" 0:39 "All They Ever Do Is Talk" 3:57 "A Bell And A Whistle" 2:40 "Broke The Furniture" 3:28 "Unintentional Tape Manipulations" 5:56 "Heaven Adores You" 3:43 "808 Crickets" 0:49 "Tell The Truth, Parts I & II" 5:30 "It's Okay To Think About Ending" 5:00 ------ 19. Queen Anne of furniture Queen Anne often refers to: Anne, Queen of Great Britain (16651714), queen of England, Scotland and Ireland (17021707) and of Great Britain (17071714) Queen Anne style architecture, an architectural style from her reign, and its revivals Queen Anne style furniture Queen Anne (play), a 2015 play on Anne's life Queen Anne's War during her reign ------ 20. Maisons du Monde of furniture Maisons du Monde is a French furniture and home decor company founded in Brest in 1996 by Xavier Marie. At the end of 2015 it had nearly 250 stores across France, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and in Switzerland, of which more than 180 are in France. In 2010, it generated nearly 323 million in sales. in 2015 it employed over 5,500 people. ------ 21. Gillow of furniture Gillow is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Alfred Gillow (18351897), English cricketer Eulogio Gillow y Zavala, archbishop of Antequera Joseph Gillow (18501921), Roman Catholic antiquary Robert Gillow (17041772), cabinetmaker Russ Gillow (born 1940), ice hockey player Shara Gillow (born 1987), Australian cyclist Thommie Gillow (born 1980), poet Wilf Gillow (born 1890s), footballer ------ 22. Decorations of g&c furniture carrigtwohill Commander of the Greek Order of George I, Commander of the Greek Order of the Phoenix, Commander of the Bulgarian Order of the knight of Madara, Cross first Class of the Romanian Order of Theodore Vladimirescu, Knight of the Italian Order of Merit. ------ 23. Manny Cussins of furniture Manny Cussins (26 October 1905 5 October 1987) was a British businessman, who made his fortune in the furniture retail business, becoming chairman of Waring & Gillow. He joined the board of directors at Leeds United F.C. in 1961, and served as the club's chairman between 1972 and 1983. He died on 5 October 1987, aged 81. where?. ------ 24. Mission of furniture The Chunghyeon Museum aims to preserve and promote Seonbi culture by displaying artifacts that once belonged to Ori Yi Won-ik (1547-1634), a prime minister during the Joseon Dynasty. The museum emphasizes traditional Korean culture, especially the "loyalty and filial piety from Joseon period Confucianism," and conducts educational programs incorporating museum material. ------ 25. Sainty of furniture Sainty is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Guy Stair Sainty (born 1950), art dealer and author on royal genealogy and heraldry John Sainty (civil servant), English civil servant John Sainty (footballer), former professional football player and manager Marilyn Sainty (born 1947), New Zealand fashion and furniture designer ------ 26. Carl Adolph Grevesmhl of furniture Carl Adolph Grevesmhl (17441827) was a Swedish businessman from Stockholm. His furniture business made him a very rich man. He was commissioned by King Gustav III of Sweden to furnish Stockholm Castle. Grevesmhl owned the Zinkensdamm estate between 1790 and 1811, and in 1810, he bought Herresta ------ 27. Lammhult of furniture Lammhult (pronunciation) is a locality situated in Vxj Municipality, Kronoberg County, Sweden with 1,459 inhabitants in 2010. Lammhult has a long tradition with making furniture, presently production by designer brands are Norrgavel and Lammhult among several. It has also large retail stores for furniture and such items. ------ 28. IDEmbler of furniture IDEmbler is a Danish chain of furniture stores, founded in 1969. In some countries, it is known by the name of its holding company IDesign. The company runs over 30 stores in Denmark and has subsidiaries and affiliates in the Nordic Countries and the Middle East. ------ 29. Tahirovi of furniture Tahirovi is a Bosniak surname. It is derived from "son of Tahir". It may refer to the following people: Denis Tahirovi (born 1985), Croatian footballer Emil Tahirovi (born 1979), Slovenian swimmer Emra Tahirovi (born 1987), Bosnian-Swedish footballer Enid Tahirovi (born 1972), Bosnian handball player Haris Tahirovi (born 1981), Bosnian footballer Ivan Tahirovi (born 1965), Slovenian football player Nesim Tahirovi (19412020), Bosnian painter ------ 30. In people of furniture van der Made - Dutch family name Dalem Di Made (fl. 16231642), Balinese king Ida Bagus Made (19151999), Balinese painter Joseph Made, Zimbabwean politician Sacco van der Made (19181997), Dutch actor and voice actor Simon van Groenewegen van der Made (16131652), Dutch jurist Tilly van der Made (born 1938), Dutch runner ------ 31. Broyhill of furniture Broyhill may refer to: Broyhill Furniture of Lenoir, North Carolina Jim Broyhill (born 1927), Republican former U.S. Representative and Senator from the state of North Carolina Joel Broyhill (19192006), American politician and a Congressman from Virginia for 11 terms, from 1953 to 1974 Lincoln Broyhill (19252008), record-setting American tail-gunner in World War II and later a successful real estate developer ------ 32. Timothy Clifford of furniture Sir Timothy Peter Plint Clifford (born 26 January 1946) is a British art historian. Clifford was the director of the National Galleries of Scotland from 1984 to 2006. He was known for his innovative methods for hanging and displaying art, and for his ability to leverage limited acquisition funds to purchase important works of art. ------ 33. Public officials of furniture Joe Walsh (American politician) (born 1961), American politician, former US Representative for Illinois Joe Walsh (Irish politician) (19432014), Irish legislator and Cabinet member Joseph Walsh (Massachusetts) (18751946), American jurist and Massachusetts congressman, 19151922 Joseph Charles Walsh (18681960), lawyer, judge, journalist and political figure in Quebec Joseph T. Walsh (19302014), American jurist ------ 34. Marc Brown of furniture Marc Brown may refer to: Marc Brown (author) (born 1946), American author, creator of the Arthur books and television show Marc Brown (basketball) (born 1969), American basketball player and coach Marc Brown (ice hockey) (born 1979), Canadian ice hockey player and coach Marc Brown (journalist) (born 1961), American news anchor for KABC-TV Marc Brown, spokesperson and owner of Norton Furniture ------ 35. Patrick Seguin of furniture Patrick Seguin (born January 29, 1954 in Montpellier) is an art dealer specialized in design and architecture of the 20th century. Patrick Seguin founded the Galerie Patrick Seguin in 1989 than since settled in Bastille, a district of Paris. He promotes furniture and architecture of Jean Prouv, Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret, Le Corbusier, and Jean Royre. ------ 36. Robert Jones (designer) of furniture Robert Jones was a British designer active between 1815 and 1833. His work include chimney pieces for the Royal Pavilion at Brighton, later moved to Buckingham Palace, and various items connected with grand interior design, such a throne dais for Queen Charlotte. and ornate furniture in the Chinese style, which was fashionable the end of the 18th century. . ------ 37. Nirmal (disambiguation) of furniture Nirmal is a town in Telangana, India. Nirmal means "pure" or "unsullied" in Sanskrit. Nirmal may also refer to: Nirmal furniture Nirmal paintings Nirmal toys and craft Nirmal (Assembly constituency)List of people who bear the name Nirmal: Nirmal Baba, an Indian spiritual leader Nirmal Jain (born 1966/67), Indian billionaire, founder of India Infoline ------ 38. Number of stores of furniture 265 stores in Europe: France: 193 stores Italy: 30 stores Luxembourg and Belgium: 16 stores Spain: 12 stores Germany: 8 stores United Kingdom: 4 stores (in Birmingham, London and Manchester, Leicester ) Switzerland: 3 stores United States: 2 StoresThe brand sells online to United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, the Netherlands and Austria. ------ 39. In entertainment of furniture FilmMade (1972 film), United Kingdom Made (2001 film), United StatesMusicMade (Scarface album), 2007 Made (Hawk Nelson album), 2013 M.A.D.E., 2003 album by Memphis Bleek "Made" (Scuba Dice song), 2006 "Made" (The Wanted song), 2010 Made (Big Bang album), 2016 Made, a Toronto lo-fi bandTelevisionMade (TV series), United States, 2002 to 2014 ------ 40. Cast of furniture Josie Bissett as Carrie Lewellyn Rob Estes as Jim Barber Lyndsy Fonseca as Sandy Barber Ephraim Ellis as Jeff Barber Martha MacIsaac as Moira Lewellyn Fraser McGregor as Andrew Barber Clare Stone as Lily Barber Kristopher Clarke as Andrew Lewellyn Jason Spevack as Nathan Lewellyn Jessie Wright as Daisy Lewellyn
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