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Knowledge About Horror Video Games
1. Holocaust survivor advocacy of horror video games In 1982 Schagrin helped to co-found the Holocaust Survivors of South Florida organization. The Sun-Sentinel interviewed Schagrin several times in the late 1980s as a Jewish survivor of the Auschwitz death camp and member of the group. In 1987, Schagrin was interviewed following the group's hosting of an exhibition tracing anti-semitism from the Middle Ages through the 20th Century. In 1988 Schagrin was then interviewed after meeting with Elie Wiesel at an event at the Soref Jewish Community Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 1991 he was then interviewed regarding the rise of pro-Nazi underground video games. In 1993 he was interviewed by the Miami Herald regarding potential US involvement in the Bosnian War, stating that any unilateral action by the US would not be effective. Schagrin has been the feature of several stories about his reconnecting with fellow prisoners he knew during his time spent in the Nazi concentration camps. He himself was discovered by Moses Katz, a man with whom he had been placed in four successive, different camps with by the Germans between 1941 and 1945, after Katz overheared a conversation in a New York City airport in 1965 that mentioned the town where Schagrin was originally from. In the early 1990s, Schagrin and Katz themselves took the reins of the Holocaust Survivors of South Florida, of which Schagrin was a long-time member. Schagrin also reconnected with the sole surviving member of his extended family after 70 years, his cousin Leo Adler, who discovered Schagrin after being given a copy of Schagrin's memoir, a book about Schagrin's life called The Horse Adjutant: A Boy's Life in the Holocaust co-authored by Stephen Shooster. ------ 2. Danny Hinshelwood of kids games Danny Hinshelwood (born 4 December 1975 in Bromley) is an English former professional footballer. He is currently manager of non-league side Selsey. Hinshelwood began his career as apprentice with Nottingham Forest on leaving the FA School of Excellence, one of his duties being to walk Brian Clough's dog. He won England Youth honours and an FA Youth Cup winners' medal while at Forest, turning professional in December 1992. He found it impossible to break into the first team at the City Ground and left on a free transfer in February 1996, joining Portsmouth. He made his league debut later that season, but after five games for Pompey fell out of the reckoning and joined Torquay United on loan on 2 March 1997, playing six games for Kevin Hodges' side. He was released by Portsmouth at the end of the following season, joining Brighton & Hove Albion on a short-term contract in August 1998, but was released by the Seagulls in January 1999. He joined Bognor Regis Town, moving on to Havant & Waterlooville in October 1999 before being appointed player-manager of Selsey on 7 January 2000. He transformed the Selsey side, his success leading to offers from bigger sides. In 2003, Selsey won the John O'Hara League Cup, but he quit the club in July that year after his budget for the following season had been considerably reduced. He subsequently returned to manage Selsey in April 2004. In 2007, Hinshelwood was appointed as assistant manager of the Sussex County side, combining this post with his duties at Selsey. He left Selesey in November 2009. His father Martin Hinshelwood played professionally for Crystal Palace, among others, and was Brighton's Director of Youth Football while he was at the club. His younger brother Scott was an apprentice with Portsmouth and played under him for Selsey, as did their cousin Marc, the son of Paul Hinshelwood, the former Crystal Palace and Millwall player. ------ 3. History of simulation video games In 2000, The Typing of the Dead became known as the "ultimate typing game parody", adapting The House of the Dead 2 to replace the gun with a computer keyboard so that the player must type to defeat zombies. A resurgence in typing games among indie titles saw the releases of parodies of typing tutor games, including David Lynch Teaches Typing, Cooldog Teaches Typing, and Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing. Non-parodic games were also developed, such as Keyboard Sports, Epistory - Typing Chronicles, The Textorcist, and Nanotale, which largely dropped the educational context of the genre and featured similar gameplay and storytelling as a traditional video game. The video game series Cook, Serve, Delicious! was noted as being an "accidental" typing game, as despite the fact that it was a fan remake of an initially controller-based series, the move to PC necessitated the addition of keyboard controls. As typing games branched out and crossed over into other genres, their developers faced challenges advertising the games, due to the fact that most people still assume them to be edutainment. Diego Sacchetti, designer of The Textorcist, stated that when the game released in 2019, 90% of the coverage from critics compared the game to Mavis Beacon, causing him frustration, as he would classify it as a "type 'em up". Typing games are said to be having a "moment" due to the familiarity of most players with keyboards, allowing players to think of the device in "new, more interesting ways". However, the future of typing games is unclear, with Tim Garbos, director of Triband, the studio that developed Keyboard Sports, stating that the keyboard may "die" due to increasing use of controllers and speech recognition, rendering the typing game irrelevant, hence the subtitle "Saving QWERTY". ------ 4. Essay d'analyse sur les jeux de hazard of dice games Essay d'analyse sur les jeux de hazard ("Analysis of games of chance") is a book on combinatorics and mathematical probability written by Pierre Remond de Montmort and published in 1708. The work applied ideas from combinatorics and probability to analyse various games of chances popular during the time. This book was mainly influenced by Huygens' treatise De ratiociniis in ludo aleae and the knowledge of the fact that Jakob Bernoulli had written an unfinished work in probability. The work was intended to re-create the yet unpublished work of Jakob Bernoulli called Ars Conjectandi. The work greatly influenced the thinking of Montmort's contemporary, Abraham De Moivre. Montmort collaborated with Nicolaus(I) Bernoulli in a fascinating correspondence which began in 1710. They discussed many topics, particularly the probability questions that arose from Montmort's book. A second edition of the book was published in 1714, a year after the publication of Ars Conjectandi, published eight years after the Jakob's death. The second edition contained many new material and contained correspondences between the author and the Bernoullis, Niklaus and John, and is more than twice as long as the first edition. There are five sections: (1) A Treatise on Combinations; (2) Problems on Games of Chance; (3) This is called "Problem on Quinquenove:" (4) Various Problems; and (5) Correspondence. The second section studies the card games: Pharaon, Lansquenet, Treize, Bassette, Piquet, Triomphe, L'Ombre, Brelan, Imperial and Quinze. The third section examines games played with dice: Quinquenove, Hazard, Esperance, TricTrac, Trois Dez, Rafle, Trois Rafles, and Noyaux. The fourth section solves various problems including Huygens problems from De Ratiociniis in Ludo Aleae. The section ends giving four unsolved problems. The fifth section contains Montmort's correspondence with Nicolaus(I) Bernoulli where Petersberg and Waldegrave problems are introduced. ------ 5. 1993 World University Games of dave & amy's Nutbrown also coached extensively with the Canadian National Team program alongside coaches such as Ken Shields and John Dore. He was the head coach for Canada at the XVII World University Games (or 1993 Summer Universiade), leading Canada to a 5-2 record and a berth in the tournament final against the dominant host country United States. In that year's tournament, the United States roster featured future NBA players including Damon Stoudamire, Michael Finley, Ed O'Bannon, Sharone Wright, Eric Piatkowski, and Carlos Rogers, averaged 40 more points than its opponents and had six players averaging in double figures. The United States entered the final with a cumulative 18-game winning streak and overall record of 90-6 in the event. The USA's perfect record and aspirations for a gold medal nearly came to an end as an inspired Canadian team forced the Americans to mount a second-half comeback before the U.S. earned a 95-90 win. Controlling the entire first half, Canada led by 17 points, 41-24, with 3:48 to go in the first half, however, the U.S. managed to cut the Canadian's lead to 12, 52-40, by halftime. Trailing 59-50 with 16:43 to play, the U.S., behind five points from captain Damon Stoudamire, went on a 16-0 scoring run to regain the lead, 66-59 with 12:50 to play. The U.S. went on to lead by as many as 10 points, but Canada rallied to cut the lead to one 87-86 with 2:48 to play. However, an Ed O'Bannon basket was followed by a jumper from Finley and the U.S. was back in front by five, 91-86. Canada cut the lead to three, 91-88 with 1:48 to play, but the USA's Stoudamire countered with a basket with 1:21 left to push the U.S. lead back to five and the USA managed to hold off the Canadians from there for the 95-90 victory and the gold medal. Jeff Foreman led Canada with 30 points. ------ 6. Later years of dice games During the 1960s, after leaving Cuba, Cellini first ran casinos in the Bahamas for Lansky. However, he and brother Eddie were eventually deported. Cellini then headed to Europe to run gambling operations in Rome and London. Along with the Ayoub Brothers from Steubenville, Cellini ran a croupier's school in the United Kingdom. He also helped manage the Colony Sports Club casino in London with actor George Raft. However, an investigation by Scotland Yard soon uncovered evidence of links between New York mob figures and British casinos. Cellini and Raft were barred from participating in legalized gambling establishments in the United Kingdom. Early in the 60's, Cellini was reportedly involved in the Cuban Project, also called Operation Mongoose, an abortive joint operation by the Central Intelligence Agency and organized crime to assassinate Cuban president Fidel Castro. In the early 1970s, Cellini had ties to Mary Carter Paints (precursor of Resorts International) in the Bahamas. He also became involved in Resorts International in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the first legal casino in the U.S. outside of Nevada. During this same period, Cellini was involved with swindler Robert Vesco in the embezzlement of over $240 million from the mutual fund Investors Overseas Service. In 1976, Cellini appeared in Hamburg, Germany with Freddy Ajoub and Joseph Nesline, having contact with Wilfrid "Frieda" Schulz. Schulz was the self-proclaimed king of Sankt Pauli, Hamburg's red-light district. German Police suggest that Schulz and the American mobsters worked together for years. In the late 1980s, there were unsubstantiated reports that Cellini and his brother Eddie had dealings with Nathan Landow, a top Democratic fundraiser for Democratic politician Al Gore's Presidential bid in 2000. In March 2010, there were reports that actor Robert De Niro and director Martin Scorsese were developing a film biography of Cellini. However, neither De Niro or Scorsese have confirmed these reports.
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