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I Missed the VMA's (Video Music Awards) That Showed on MTV on August 28...?
haha. I would desire to declare that for Paris Hilton, i am no longer that shocked. i think of each and every person is used to seeing her "out-of-it". Oh nicely, atleast she grew to become into "unique" (because of fact she makes me snort) interior the VMAs.1. What is the difference between the functionality and performance of S-video and VGA?S-video is a low-quality, low-definition analog video signal from the days of old boob-tube TVs. It cannot go above 1024x768 in resolution, and all the data is jumbled together in one Chroma channel, which gives a fuzzy image. VGA is a high-quality analog signal that transmits color data in three separate channels, Red Green and Blue. And two other channels for H-sync and V-sync. MUCH higher resolution than S-video, much clearer image. To connect to an LCD HDTV, I prefer HDMI or DVI (both use the same digital video signal).2. How to use a VGA to S-Video / RCA Adaptor ?VGA to Component/Composite/S-video cables may never work, because they try to combine formats in different color spaces. VGA is RGB, everything else is Luma/Chroma. In other words, you need a color converter. The only way it may work is if your video card can output YPbPr over VGA3. If you closed your eyes when you heard Osama's video, wouldn't you think it was a Democrat candidate talking?Do not be silly sweetie! you do not need to close your eyes! OBL is a Democrat... a Commie Dem!! just like the liberals!!4. How many of you feel that Sen. Obama's campaign will always be dogged by Rev. Wright's video remarks & rants?This is a campaign killer. Put this together with Obama's own unfortunate comments about "typical white people" and the whole bitter small town thing and he's hit the campaign killer trifecta. Mostly because none of this is going to die down. Whether it's Wright doing interviews that continue to damage Obama, or McCain talking about his elitist ways, or Hillary talking about it all as his opponent, it's here to stay. Through the primary, and all through the general if he gets the nomination. If this continues to escalate and he continues trying to treat it as nothing but distractions, the super delegates are going to have more to worry about than why he can not win the Big Four Swing States. And the thing that may hurt him the most is that he and his supporters bite back by attacking the media, and Clinton, for making an issue out of it. They just do not get it. This is an issue that people are talking about at their dinner tables and in their living rooms every night. To them, these matters are not distractions, they tell them the measure of the man, they tell them something about his character that they feel needs to be discussed. I do not think he's helping the situation by trying to laugh it off, making fun of ABC, refusing any more debates, and being sarcastic. He just does not seem to get the point. People CARE about these matters, whether he wants to pretend they are distractions or not. And what the Republicans will do to him will make what they did to Kerry look like a walk in the park - and he was a war hero.5. I can't get my S video cable to work with my DVD player?Same thing happened to my sister in law, Skip the s video and switch to component. After I changed connections, everything worked great6. pc to tv help using a s-video cable?If both devices have S-Video, connect one end to the PC and the other to the TV. Turn on the S-Video on the PC and change the input on the TV. Done, and done7. Is it possible to scale an emulator's video to see more of the level?Yes you can, as you did not specify an emulator the Dolphin GC/Wii emulator is able to expand the view to be more than the original, I have 3 monitors and I have played several games in Dolphin at 5760x1080. There can be a lot of weird issues with doing this though, often developers and artists are lazy with things that are not supposed to be on the screen and the things on the outer edges will be distorted, behave strangely or simply wo not be there. These issues are somewhat common even in popular PC games.
Are There Any Official Nintendo-registered S-Video Cables for the Wii?
No, thers no official s-vid cabls 4 wii, but all them do the same thing. just choose a trusted brand and try them1. What's a video game that you want to be made?Honestly more than anything I want to see a prison game. A really well made one, have rockstar do it. The prison genre is so successful in other types of media like films, think Shawshank Redemption and Cell 211 and TV shows think Prison Break and OZ. I think if done correctly it would truly be amazing. Even think about it gets me pumped. Comeon Rockstar! :D2. Can a S-Video cable carry Audio (Sound)?s-video is only for video!3. In Jennifer Lopez's video for "If you Had my Love" what is the name of the song she uses for the break down?it extremely is no longer a undesirable translation in any admire. YHWH is JHVH in Greek. In Hebrew, Jesus is YSH. In Greek, Iesous, in Latin Iesvs. Why does Christendom proceed to prepare a undesirable transation of Jesus' call? genuine comparable difference. additionally, JWs did now no longer upload the vowels or coin Jehovah. Latin (Roman Catholics) extra beneficial the vowels far interior the previous the call Jehovah replaced into used (As Iehova as seen from the Indiana Jones action picture the suited advertising campaign with Sean Connery). an same vowels as Jehovah, indoors an same order have been used. infinite Bibles use Jehovah indoors the textual content cloth fabric. The Bible shows it extremely is the wicked who hate God's call as nicely because of actuality the servants of devil's beast gadget. Rev. sixteen:9, 13:6. God's/Jesus' servants are named for the father (Matthew 6:9, Acts 15:14, Rev. 3:12) and his son in in spite of language they use and in spite of that language's difficulty-loose spellings and pronounciations are. Christendom might desire to truly advance up as "Jesus" is not the easily call of God's Son the two. it extremely is merely the English version. Debbie4. What are the main changes in today's video games compared to the 1990s?Gaming has matured a lot since the 90s. Games like Journey, Heavy Rain, LA Noire, Braid, Mass Effect, Metal Gear, Shadow of the Colossus, Half-Life, etc. Mocap, voice acting. Overall character and story development and depth. Games have greatly improved and will continue to.5. How to connect PC to TV with the S-Video?the tv needs to be set to alt input and it needs to be on .. try rebooting with it set ryt and hooked up .. the n go into the catylyst control center in advanced and try display options and forcetv detection . .. then go to the hotkeys manager and set up "switch amongst displays"6. If i use a s-video to component cable?You can not upgrade the video from it's original form7. Since I can't upgrade my laptop's video card, why are there stores that sell mobile video cards?There do exist standards that allow one to upgrade a Laptop video card (search MXM), but the vast majority of laptops do not support these standards.Some laptops also allow you to use an external graphics card in a big ventilated housing, but even this seems like a big gimmick to me8. Will Andrew Brietbart's video be 0bama's undoing ?That would be wishful thinking. He was not able to take him down even with the Acorn scam. He worked tirelessly to smudge the President every chance he got. Truth to be told, Brietbart was just not a force at all, he was not that much well known to the public except among republicans. Heck, even the lunatic Limbaugh is more popular than him9. Best wire for video picture - component, composite, or s-video?Component fosho. It does High Definition to a certain degree (not 1080p), only 1080i. That means, it can show up to 1,080 vertical lines, and it does it in a line 1,3,5,7, go back to fill in line 2,4,6,8. scheme. I am going technical on you, sry, but yeah, if you want to watch DVD's, S-Video is enough, but Component will bring out the colors and be sharper. Do not forget, only composite carries sound as well with two audio and one video cable (your standard). HDMI carries sound, but not DVI Hope that helps, and if the technical stuff is overwhelming, sry!
Tesla Model S P100D Takes on the Mercedes-AMG E63 S [Video]
We recently featured a drag race in which the Tesla Model S P100D took on some of Germany's finest. Tesla handled some fierce competitors from the likes of BMW and Audi but one of Germany's most lethal cars was not on the track — the almighty Mercedes-AMG E63 S. So Top Gear decided to pit these two beasts against on another. Could the Mercedes-AMG E63 S be a car that challenges this ludicrous competitor? Top Gear notes, "The Mercedes-AMG E63 S is a deeply, deeply fast car. I can not express that enough. It's a super saloon with astonishing reactions, phenomenal traction and epic torque from its 4.0-litre twin turbo V8. 604bhp and a vast 626lb ft of torque from 2,500-4,500rpm. That's colossal, even for a car that weighs almost two tonnes."How does that stack up against it's all-electric rival? It's reported that, "The Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous does a phenomenal job of overcoming its mass (it weighs a quarter of a tonne more than the Merc). Its twin electric motors develop 762bhp and 687lb ft, giving it a power to weight ratio of 339bhp/tonne, against the Merc's 303bhp/tonne. But there's more because of course the Tesla does not have a conventional rev band. That power is available everywhere."How does the Tesla fare throughout the race? Well, it's just "… bloody quick. The acceleration rates are interesting to analyse because the P100D goes through every increment roughly a tenth faster than the E63S… at all relevant speeds the Tesla is faster — just look at the 30-70mph figure to give you an indication of what it's like joining a motorway. The Merc makes the leap in 2. 68 seconds, but the Tesla is almost exactly half a second faster."Is Tesla's launch control impressive? Top Gear reports, "Tesla's launch control did play up. With amusing results for everyone watching as my head snapped back. That was less impressive. Gave me neck ache the following day, too — which goes to show just how hard these things go off the line."===Note: Article originally published on, by Matt PressmanSource: Top GearAre av cables needed if i have an s-video?Yes, you need AV cables ( red & white ) for audioDo I need S-Video if I use HDMI?If you already have an HDMI connection it will supply audio and video to your tv unit. You do not need an s-video to your TV from your dvd player. S-video will provide video, but since your HDMI already has it, you do not need it. It is far inferior to HDMI anyways, because it's an older analog connection. Remember some dvd player requires that you tell it which connection to use. If you unplug your S-video cable and the tv goes black, plug it back in. You will first need to go into your dvd player settings and tell it to use the HDMI connection instead of your s-video connection. Hope that did not confuse you.S VIDEO CABLE HELP I"M LOST?the cable that connects your Hp to your monitor can be used to connect your hp to the tvDo you think we should boycott the media for the Virginia Tech Tragedy for airing the killer's video?I understand your frustration, but in this case, I do not see this as sensationalism--I see it as an extremely important piece of this story. Journalism is suppposed to inform. This man did this horrible thing, and everyone wants to know why. We have video where he explains why--is not that important? You are not talking about news; you are talking about propaganda, where things are sanitized. The minute you start doing that, the truth starts getting lost. The victims are labeled victims because that's what they are. It's not a bad word and is not disrespectful toward them. I also admire Professor Librescu very much, and my local news is giving him the full and respectful coverage he deserves. (You might be interested to know that over on the religion boards, there are those who believe this brave man, who died saving his students, will not go to heaven because he is not Christian.)Making an 80's video.. need ideas!?Polyester jump suits with super loud colours, or adidas, adidas sneakers with loud colours. FAT gold chains. Have the girls wear half a can of rave hair spray (if they still make it)look up girls 8-s hairstyles and same for the boyz. And also give the girls Hoop Earrings that are like 5 inches in diameter. YOu need fanny packs Loud Loud fanny packs. have some people maybe tie their jackets around their waists like they are cool and maybe even throw in a pseudo-slater dude sitting backwards in a chair at the local cafe. Thats about all i could throw in good luck!.
How Do I Connect My Laptop to My Tv Via S-video Cable?
try FunctionF5 of you laptop. (the function key is laptop-specific, I think they usually are labeled "Fn")1. There was an 80's video which featured a "Beauty and the Beast" type plot.?Meatloaf. It's that song, "And I would do anything for love... but I wo not do that!"2. Wife's video tape watching habits,?who watches video tapes these days..maybe it's time for a dvd player, that would solve the problem3. I get bad quality when i plug my S-video from my laptop to my TV?Because VGA is a better quality anyway. but i use S-Video All the time and it looks awesome on a 576p tv?4. what is a good 80's song for a Groom's video slideshow montage for a wedding. He had a mullet so enough said.Wild Boys, Duran Duran!!!!5. What's video converters are available for Ubuntu? [closed]Transmageddon supports almost any format as its input and can generate a very large host of output files. The goal of the application was to help people to create the files they need to be able to play on their mobile devices and for people not hugely experienced with multimedia to generate a multimedia file without having to resort to command line tools with ungainly syntaxes.The currently supported codecs are:Containers:MatroskaAVIMPEG TSflvQuickTimeMPEG43GPPMXTAudio encoders:VorbisFLACMP3AACAC3SpeexCeltVideo encoders:TheoraDiracH264MPEG2MPEG4/DivX5xvidDNxHDIt also provide the support for the GStreamer's plugins auto-search. WinFF is a graphical user interface for FFmpeg. It will convert almost any video file that FFmpeg will convert. WinFF does multiple files in multiple formats at one time. You can, for example, convert mpeg's, flv's, and mov's into avi's (or DVD/VCD format or MPEG or 3gp etc.) all at once.This package provides a variety of preset conversion settings for common formats and devices. These presets are intended to hit the "sweet spot" for each individual codec. They have been written with a tip of the balance to quality.Arista is a simple multimedia transcoder, it focuses on being easy to use by making complex task of encoding for various devices simple.Users should pick an input and a target device, choose a file to save to and go. Features:.6. How should I deal with my husband's video game habit?Discuss this with him. You are both adults...find some resolution that will work for all concerned7. Is the ending song from The Verge's video show Small Empires a custom made one? If not, then does anyone know what's the name and artist?Hot Ride by Kevin Ronnie McPherson. On some sources the name Tyler Van den Berg also pops up. So I guess it was a collaboration. I have not found this track on youtube yet.UPDATE:nSammy Guergachi provided this answer: Sammy Guergachi's answer to Is the ending song from The Verge's video show Small Empires a custom made one? If not, then does anyone know what is the name and artist? nand yes, it is there, and it is a-ma-zingIs the ending song from The Verge's video show Small Empires a custom made one? If not, then does anyone know what is the name and artist?.8. Why are today's video games so hard to to explore? (Beat!)?It will make the games boring. Like when I play I always do the hardest mode,because I love challenge. Its not easy to make games the way u want it. Some people suffer different disease or something that is totally different than urs. If they do that they have to make the games for everybody with any disability problems they have.that will make it impossible to make. Video games are not for everyone. Not to sound like a asshole.9. Spouse's video games / computer usage...I want both male and female input on this please.?You are asking the wrong question. What you should be wondering about is why you guys want to be married if you would rather spend time online with other people than with each other in person. Please do not go into marriage with each of you thinking you can always do what you want without consideration to your mate. That's immature, and wo not last. If you are not ready to actually be partners and live real life together, do not even go there.10. How do I add a s-video output to Gateway laptop?that replaced into long fairly relies upon on what ur gonna do on a computer. If its approximately extreme gaming i could say allienware quad or tri center. next choose for gateway. seek for stuff on line. Its too long to be pronounced. There are too many information...solid success with ur laptop
How Can I Upgrade My Laptop's Video Card?
I do not think you can upgrade a laptop video card, laptops are usually more compact and cause of that all the parts are built and connected all as one big part, the only things I know you can change is mainly the ram and the battery and possibly the cooling fan. I would recommend you overclock your current laptop video card but it would be too much work and can get really overheated and break your laptop. I suggest you buy a new laptop if you want to play hardcore games without breaking your computer. hope this helps.1. connect computer to a tv using S - Video Cable?If your PC has a 9 pin mini-din VIVO socket, you need a breakout cable to get S-video. A 7 pin mini-din will directly accept an S-video cable for video out (the graphics card on my one computer supports that). If your computer has no mini-din video connection, you need a VGA to TV converter box.2. What are the name of the shoes in Cassie's video me & u?i think they were jordans... i want those shoes soooo bad3. When RCA/S-Video cables are "gold plated," does that improve the picture quality?i am going to guess that what you are finding is that the photograph is amazingly blocky. you may try some thing this is HD (like an X field or PS3) on it & see if the photograph high quality is extra suited with that. no remember if it somewhat is then i might purchase A HD Sky field & watch television utilising that quite of regular sky!.4. How big of a difference between s video and HDMI?HDMI normally contains 1080p quality stream. S Video can only reach up to 480p without any adaptors. That's quite a huge difference5. what's a video game commercial that you'll never forget?Oh, i loved the one you are talking about. It is probably my favorite!6. Having Trouble Accessing Pdf's and video files? access is denied?to access your files.... restart in safe mode and log in as administrator7. S-Video Can my TV be as clear as my monitor?It has to do with the number of pixels that represent the image, for example, your television is probably 340x480, however your computer, even in the lowest resolution, is 600x800, the monitor yourself can probably display well over 1000 pixels. This is because your less than 2 feet from your computer monitor, you need the high resolution. In the case of a telelvision, text and images are optimised for a viewing distance much further away, sat 10 feet, and so the precision is not required. Some of the newer televisions, such as the HD 1080 I or 1080 P will display your computer screen with alot more clarity however they will still not approach what is possible with a smaller display viewed closer up8. Is it possible to connect your laptop to a projector by using a s- video cable?You can as long as your laptop provides that output, but if your projector accepts VGA, that is the easiest way to connect it, as this is a standard monitor connection, and will look much sharper and have a higher resolution than s-video9. i need a s video or composite to vga adaptergo to radioshack, they have a nice composite to s video adapter. it's about $30 - $4010. How do I determine my laptop's video / graphics card capability?The pictures card already helps 1080 selection. in case you purchase an exterior reveal screen (1920x1080), you would be waiting to run 1080 for the period of the on-board pictures port (in case you have one). however the laptop reveal will constantly be constrained to 720.11. S Video Cable giving Black & White Picture on My Colour TV? Plz help?Find a new S-VIDEO to Composite connector cable. It seems as if has something to do with the conversion between the S-Video and that yellow connector. Thats what you are saying you have right? It sounds like there is too much information being sent on the S-Video cable for it to convert back to the composite connector without any problems. I've read that this one works from the Source/Circuit city: Evolution II Platinum S-Video to Composite shielded cable (approx $30 US )
What Is Your Honest Opinion of Taehyung Juuling? It Was Suspected Earlier This Year but now That Jim
honestly?he's a grown man and he is old enough to make his own decisions. i can not say anything about it because we do not know the reasons behind him it due to stress?anxiety?depression?other mental disorders?or just for fun?i am just worried. i am not an army, never will be, but it still worries me. the idol life is harsh. as we've seen from the rough year we've had, idols to through a lot. and they do not talk about it most of the time. if it's for fun, well, then it's his own decision. and i respect it, even though there's so many dangers1. Why isn't Deepika Padukone's video 'My Choice' banned yet?First of all, the whole generalization that it is Deepika Padukone's video is insane. She is a puppet who is reading out a script behind the scenes in a black and white, slow-motion clip that has an amazing background music.Now, coming to the point.nThe censor board does not work that way. Let me point out:nAIB Roast: Undoubtedly, I have my own stand against government taking that video down. But, the ban was uplifted because the Roast was carried out in an open place and then broadcast on a social networking site. The ban was not because they uploaded the video, it was because the roast happened in full fledged presence of an audience in a roofless place.Beef Ban: I have no idea why is it put here and I wonder how does it have any relevance to banning this video. BBC Documentary: I do not understand the whole point here, a foreigner comes to a country and starts criticizing it in open public. They interviews a rapist, what is he going to say? "I am a culprit?" No! Obviously he is going to blame the short-skirts and late-night culture. I saw the first four minutes of the video and I do not understand why is a foreigner's take on an independent country any important?'My Choice': Apparently, it is Government who would say, "My Choice" to your question. Jokes apart, the video was partly nonsense! There are surely some demeaning points in it. But the number of positive and meaningful cliches in the video are way more than those we have been creating a hoopla about. The video is supposed to be taken very seriously in regards to some points, which were wonderfully depicted in the video. There were some which had no purpose whatsoever, but still they can be ignored by a matured girl.nI was extremely surprised with the response given by various ladies on Quora on the video, in an answer to the question: What is your opinion on the video "My Choice", directed by Homi Adajania for Vogue Empower, which stars Deepika Padukone? And the responses made by Zehra Alvi, Anangsha Alammyan, Bhuvi Jain, Priscilla Sam (And several others')'s answer have been changing my perspective about Feminism.My advice to those asking for a ban on this video: "Concentrate on the positive side of the video and the intent with which it was produced, rather than focusing on the immature cliches which have been hyped unnecessarily. If you cannot differentiate between the two, you are too young to watch that video."Why is not Deepika Padukone's video 'My Choice' banned yet?Why Deepika Padukone's video 'My Choice' is not banned yet?2. Dell S-Video Cable too loose?I am going to guess the problem is with your cheap K-Mart cable. IMHO, S-Video connectors are poorly designed. They are more likely to fall out than most any other type of connector. But if you spend a little more, you can get a cable with a tighter metal surround which will hold the plug in place better3. Can I upgrade my PC's video card? Which one?nvidia geforce GT220 i latterly offered it and prefer it. i am now working my demonstrate screen on great extreme determination in complete HD. takes seconds to place in and in basic terms costs around 50. would totally advise it btw I even have the 1GB reminiscence one not the 512MB4. connect computer to a tv using S - Video Cable?You need to be carefull how you waste your money on this. A high definition wide screen laptop into an old TV? Think about it and then then forget about it. There was a similar help question here a day or two ago. It can at best be not very good. The dedicated electronics needed to convert video format from HD wide to whatever ...525 or 625 NTSC or pal would probably cost more than replacing the TV set. The laptop has HDMI out because that is what it is, you need a HD TV.
HELP! How Do You Update a Computer's Video Card?
pass to the producer of the video card's internet site and seek for the help or replace section. seek for the drivers and discover the corresponding type. click to get carry of the as much as date version of the drivers and set up them. additionally attempt updating domicile windows to provider %. 3 by domicile windows replace on top of issues panel1. Where is My S-Video Channel?Video 1 and Video 2 likely refers to EITHER composite or SVideo. Look for a button that says lcd/crt, out to TV, external monitor, or anything like that. On my keyboard it's fnF8. - 17R3W2. TV Tuner Card and S-Video question?That S-Video connector on your laptop is a VIDEO OUTPUT, not an input, so you would need a TV tuner card with S-Video INPUT on it3. S video cable producing black and white picture on color tv?Is Composite video working from your set-top box? (the yellow plug). If yes, then use that one. I doubt you can see much difference than s-video. There are many points of possible failure: the cable, the plug on the set-top, or the TV itself. For best picture, use component cables4. Setting up S Video to Scart lead?The best option is to buy a new s-video cord. And yes, not having all pins plugged in is one of the problems, but not the only one. T.V.s werent really designed to be used as monitors, so, even if you do replace the cord, your T. V. will still probaly have problems displaying your computer's picture5. What cable do I need ? For s-video.?Bad news. There is no cable that can take s-video to any of the 3 inputs. Time to get a new HD sat box with HDMI out.6. Why did Trump say he didn't remember knowing about the disbanding of the pandemic response team when there's video that shows him explaining why he did so? Is it early-onset Alzheimer's or something else?It's his lifelong habit of lying in the face of the facts and believing that people are fine with that7. How can I hook up my laptop to my television using s video cable?My first impulse is to declare "basically plug it in." cope with audio as a seperate animal, by ability of actuality it rather is. basically hook up a typical S-video cable between your computing device and your television. Then hook up a typical audio cable between your computing device's audio out and your television's audio in. i am hoping it rather is smart8. How do I set my pc up to stream to the TV? I have inputs for HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-video, blue, geen and red jacks?how old is ur tv? it aint hd without hdmi. this sound like a trick Q to me. haha9. How big of a difference between s video and HDMI?HDMI normally contains 1080p quality stream. S Video can only reach up to 480p without any adaptors. That's quite a huge difference10. What is the difference between HDMI, PS3 Component av cable, And PS3 s-video cables?Here are the different types of connections and their output quality: 1- Composite (Fair) This would be your standard Yellow/White/Red RCA connectors. 2- S-Video (OK) This is the single 4 or 7 pin connector wire. However, this type of cable only carries the video signal which means that you also have to connect the audio separately using RCA wires (White/Red) for the audio. 3- Component (Better) This would be the 5 RCA wires. Two for audio (Left and Right) and 3 for video (Red/Green/Blue). This is also considered an HD connection if the TV supports the format. 4- HDMI (Best) This is the single wire connector that carries both HD video and HD audio signals and will support up to 1080p. You can not use an HDMI cable and component cables AT THE SAME TIME. In the display settings of the PS3 it will ask you to choose a connection type, so you would have to pick either HDMI or COMPONENT. Hope this helps. Good luck!11. will an S-video cable work for an HDTV?If your TV has and S-Video IN Port, then you can just connect your Laptop to your TV via the S-Video Cable. Remember however that S-Video is video only. No sound will be transmitted to your TV. On the other hand, if your laptop has an HDMI port, then you will be better off hooking up your TV through HDMI. Having said that, the reason your TV is going blank is most probably because the Screen resolution set on your Laptop is not supported by your TV. Try setting your Lapop at a very low resolution, say 800x600, and then connect. Sometimes, there might be some special keys that you have to press on your laptop to route video through S-Video OUT port. But I do not think this is the case in your scenario.
Spouse's Video Games / Computer Usage...I Want Both Male and Female Input on This Please.?
I am a woman, and in my marriage, I was the one with the computer game addiction. I wanted to play that game more than I wanted anything else, even sex or being with my husband or talking to him. Needless to say, it was really destructive to our marriage and caused a lot of pain and loneliness to my husband. He was always loving to me even though I did not deserve it. He showed me kindness when I showed him indifference. Eventually his love won me over and I quit the game. Our marriage has been so much better since then, we have grown closer and I've just grown to appreciate the wonderful man I am married to that I do not deserve. We only live one lifetime. Although the addictive force of the game and the intense but useless and imaginary pleasure it provides was extremely powerful, I am so glad to be living real life. We live one lifetime. I do not want to waste mine on sitting on a chair in front of a screen imagining that I am doing something cool or worthwhile or fun when all I am really doing is getting fatter and duller and more self-absorbed when there are actual human beings who need me and love me that I am blowing off. I read about how video games overactivate the pleasure centre of your brain to the extent that you become unable to enjoy normal things anymore. Like a real conversation or watching a sunrise or swimming or hiking or making love with your spouse.1. Why isn't Deepika Padukone's video 'My Choice' banned yet?It should not be banned because it is an awesome video. I personally like it because it has helped expose some of the top and well known Indian Quora writers as hypocrite and pea brained. Spitting venom against it is trending now and some of the writers have chosen to manifest herd mentality. Most of the Young Indian men and women seems to have problem with the line 'sex outside marriage'. But the whole thing was metaphorical and one should not take it in literal sense. What the line tries to imply is if a man can cheat on a woman without feeling any qualms about it and without society frowning upon him then the society should also refrain from calling a woman a slut or whore if she choses to cheat on her husband. The only person who has right to confront the woman is her husband, not the society. If you can see comedy in movies like 'No Entry' why are you making fuss about this video? Believe me in a month or two there will be a new trend. Indians will realize where they went wrong and will start supporting this video and they will claim they were never against it. But for now, by critisizing this video Indians have proved they are not ready for change in this arena. All this Indian Quorans writing stuffs in Quora about equality and modernism is pretentious bullshit. You guys are way behind.2. How would I set up an S-Video cord?why did you ask this question twice with different wording?!3. Is it worth buying Dr. Najeeb's video lectures for the NEET PG/AIIMS PG preparations?Yes it is worth buying Dr. Najeeb video lec as he makes the complex things into simpler and easy to digest texts for students.U can check out him by his video and can know his depth and detail knowledge that he sharesHope got ur answer4. I am looking for something that can do the job of a VCR without playing tapes....and must output S-Video.?Pick up a DVD Recorder with a built in Hard drive, then you can have the best of both worlds in one. Toshiba has a nice model5. How do i connect my computer to my tv if my video card does not have s-video out or vga?There are converters which convert a VGA signal to S-Video or Scart, but they usually result in a poor quality picture because just about every resolution is too high for a TV. I've not seen one made by a reputable manufacturer and you will end up with sore eyes unless you are running an application in 320x240. So what I am getting at is... do not buy one. The other option would be to buy a more recent TV with proper support for VGA or DVI inputs which will display a native resolution. Or.... buy a new graphics card.
Is This Video Card Decent?
You would be better off getting a 5670 or 6670 for about the same money. The amount of video RAM a card has is not indicative of it's performance1. What camera's are used for feature films?It depends on the feature film... but the Sony CineAlta and Arri cameras are pretty common. The cameras are in the US$100,000 range. There are some pro-grade Sony and Panasonic digital cameras that around $70,000... Consumer miniDV tape camcorders are not generally used. Occasionally, an independent film maker may use miniDV tape... Red makes great cameras, too. To improve your video capture, pay attention to the camera work on TV or at *most* movies... 1) NEVER capture video when the camcorder is handheld. ALWAYS use a stabilizing device... chair, table, monopod, tripod, SpiderBrace, SteadiCam/Glidecam, dolly, camera crane/jib... 2) NEVER zoom in or out. If you must, use manual zoom and zoom SLOWLY. 3) NEVER pan left/right or up/down. If you must, pan SLOWLY. 4) Typically, consumer camcorders have small lenses and small imaging chips so they do not handle low-light very well. Turn on the lights. Bring lighting with you - perhaps a video light. 5) Video is part of the "system". Audio is important too. Having a camera with and audio-in jack for connecting different external mics - and that the camcorder has manual audio control will help a LOT. In feature films, all of the audio is captured on specialized audio recording equipment (film cameras they use do not record any audio; digital cameras they use can capture audio, but that is typically stripped out). Nearly all the supporting audio for surround sound is added during editing (so you do not need a camcorder that records surround sound). 6) Makeup and wardrobe can be important... There's a LOT more, but this should get you started...2. a good video editing software?in case you are speaking approximately unfastened video modifying application, living house windows action picture Maker is perhaps the suited. For application which you will possibly desire to pay for, Sony Vegas professional is fairly good yet additionally relatively expensive. i in my opinion use Corel VideoStudio professional X4. You do might desire to pay some money for it, even with the undeniable fact that it is so lots greater useful than living house windows action picture Maker and is low-fee than Vegas professional3. How to password protect my video clips, or the folder containing video clips?.?you can mark it as hidden or you will need a software. If you want to mark it as hidden right click the folder you want to hide, at the bottom you will see hidden, mark it and your file would not be seen on the screen4. Fujifilm X-T3 or BMPCC4k for musicvideos and feature filmAs long as you can do the job right, there is no contest here. BMPCC4k all the way. The X-T3 is a nice mid-range photo camera, but it's a still camera first and a video camera second with all the limitations that entails. The BMPCC4K is a very solid entry level digital cinema camera. It lacks the more full featured functionality of it's bigger brothers like the BMPC or Ursa Mini, but it inherits from their roots.Yes, the file sizes are large and you should not underestimate the cost of data storage. If you are planning on shooting a feature length film in 4K RAW, expect to be using around 10-17TB of footage (I am working through post on a six episode TV series shot in 4K on a mix of Ursa Mini and BMPC4k currently. ) What you get for that extra data is well worth the cost though, especially on a large project. You get a degree of flexibility in your color that is unmatched in the DSLR/Mirrorless camera video shooting world, which will greatly assist in your color grade efforts in post. Also make sure you get your hands on a color target to simplify fine tuning your color as you go and save yourself lots of time in post. Do make sure you have sufficient lighting and know what you are doing when it comes to exposure though. While the Black Magic line of digital cinema cameras is a great line, it does not hold your hand. It expects you know what you are doing and does not do a great job of covering for your mistakes, even up in to the Ursa end of their product line. They can produce amazing images if you use them right, but used incorrectly, you will have far better results out of the DSLR/Mirrorless world.I have experience shooting video professionally with both a Canon 5D Mark iii (with Magic Lantern installed) and most of the Black Magic line of digital cinema cameras. There is no comparison between them when used properly. There are a few special cases I would choose my 5D over my Ursa Mini, but they are few and far between (mostly low light shooting where it actually has to look like low light.)The one thing that might be a gotcha for you would be that if you do weddings, the Black Magic line is really not well suited for weddings compared to the X-T3, but for music videos and feature film production where you can control the light to fit your needs vs the other way around, Black Magic wins hands down by a significant margin
Knowledge Related to Video Games in Colombia
Video gaming is a growing sector in Colombia. The medium has been popular in the country since the 1980s, but little local development had taken place until the turn of the 21st century. As the country has been producing many engineers since the early 2010s, many of which specialized in electronics, industry and information technology, the local video game industry has been booming. . · Other Related Knowledge of s video Videography of s video Despina Vandi"Den Iparhi Tipota" "To Adiexodo" feat. Giannis Parios "Efyges" "Den Pethainei I Agapi" "Spania" "Katalliles Proipotheseis" feat. Giorgos Lembesis "Giatriko" "A Pa Pa" "Sta Dosa Ola" "To Koritsaki Sou" "Ipofero" "Lypame" "Gia" "Christougenna" "Anaveis Foties/Deste Mou Ta Matia" "Thelo Na Se Do" "Olo Lipeis" "Lathos Anthropos" "Ela" "Simera" "I Melodia Tis Monaxias" "Gia" (English Version) "Fevgoume Kardia Mou" "Oti Onirevomoun" "Come Along Now" "Opa Opa" "Happy End" "Na Ti Herese" "Stin Avli Tou Paradeisou" "Olo Lipis/I Believe It" "Jambi" "Amane" feat. Giorgos Mazonakis "Kalanta" "Mehri Ma Mina" "Thelo" "10 Hronia Mazi" "Fantasou Apla" "Agapi" "Koritsi Prama" "Erota Thelei I Zoi" "Mou Heis Perasei" "Girismata" "To Nisi" "Gia Kaki Mou Tixi"Giannis Ploutarhos"Enas Theos" "I Kardia Mou Ine Zalismeni" "Paramilao" "To kalytero Paidi" "Ti mpike anamesa mas" "Thisavros" "Tha ta spaso ola" "Panselinos"Angela Dimitriou"Eho Mia Kardia" "Den Eisai Tipota" "Kane stin akri" "Echoume Ke Leme" "Poia Ton Ehei Agapisei" "Fyllo Ke Ftero" "De Mou Charistike I Zoi" "Mavri Lista" "S'eho Anangi" "Ela Ela" "Einai Krya Ta Sentonia"Katy Garbi"Zisame" "To Kati" "Epitelous" "Ti Theloune Ta Matia Sou" "Thelo Apopse Na Horepso" "Viastika" "Emmones Idees Medley" "Katapliktiko"Evridiki"Simadi Sto Laimo" "Kai Den Teleionoume Pote" "Dese Mou Ta Matia" "Lepides" "To Koumpi" "Afta Pou Krivo Mesa Mou" "To Trito Sirtari" "Ta Diagrammena"Natasa Theodoridou"Den S' Adiko" "Pou Perpatas" "Acharisti Kardia" "Peripou" "Na Grapseis Lathos" "Paranomi Mou Agapi" "Katazitite" "Sou Vazo Diskola" "Den Se Noiazei Gia Mas"Vasilis Karras"Tilefonise Mou" "Aporo An Esthanese Typseis" "Aftopepithisi" "Phenomeno" "Gia Des Poia Milaei" "Ti Anthropoi" "Ti Esthanese" "Gyrise" "Dodeka Para" "Gela Mou" "Na 'Rthi Brosta Mou Na Ta Pi"Giorgos Lembesis"Katalliles Propotheseis" "Eksartisi" "To Moro Mou" "Mataioponia" "Etsi Eimai" "I Agapi Vlafti Sovara Tin Igeia" "Eliksirio" "Marilyn Monroe"Giorgos Mazonakis"Mi Mou Zitas" "Mou Leipeis" "Paliopaido Tha Gino" "Ston Erota" "Amane" (feat. Despina Vandi)Lefteris Pantazis"Filakia"Stella Georgiadou"To Allo Miso Sou Ime Ego"Triantafyllos"Ela Omos Pou Den Pernaei" "Moro Mou" "Afiste Minima"Giorgos Giannas"3/4" "Fyge" "Gia Ta Filia Sou"Litsa Giagkousi"Apistia" "De Les Tipota" "Mythistorima" "Asto Min Orkizese" "Para Poli" "To Thavma"Kalomoira"Nomizeis" "Pethaino Gia Sena" "Proti Mou Fora" "Paizeis?" "Ki Olo Perimeno" "Secret Combination"One"Proti Mou Fora" "Fovame" "Moro Mou" "Gimme"Hi-5"Ksero Ti Zitao"Kaka Koritsia"Geia Sou" "Ksanagennithika"Vicky Haritou"Erota Peirati"Marianda Pieridi"Meine Dipla Mou" "S'agapo" "Ta Pio Megala Onira" "Vale Fantasia"Apostolia Zoi"Mi M' Akoumpas"Michalis Hatzigiannis"Pou Einai I Agapi"Elena Paparizou/Antique"Alli Mia Fora" "My Number One" "Min Fevgeis"Sakis Rouvas"Ela Mou" "Mia Fora" "Shake It" "S'eho Erotefthi (Studio version) "S'eho Erotefthi (Forest version) "1000 Milia" "Horis Kardia" (The Blowgher's Daughter)Dionysis Skhinas"Zisame" "O,ti Kai Na Les" "Mou Tairiazeis"Kostas Martakis"Nai" "An Kapou Kapote"Notis Sfakianakis"Mavra Matia" "Kapse" "Agapi Ti Dyskolo Pragma"Antzi Samiou"Pes Mou Giati" "Imisfairia" "Kleftes ki astinomi"Giorgos Tsalikis"An Imouna Paliopaido" "Ksenyhtao" "Gia Sena Ta Spao (Valentino Mix)" "Thelo Na Oneirevomai Mazi Sou" "Tsalikis Hit Mix"Thodoris Ferris"Magnitis Sto Velmma" "Ta Amartola Sou Matia"Stelios Maksimos"Poia Stigmi"Sofia Arvaniti"Oso S' Agapisa" "Min Anaveis To Tsigaro"Yiannis Parios"I Monaksia Mesa Ap' Ta Matia Mou" "Tosa Grammata" "Gela Mou Ki As Einai Psema" "Dialekses Tin Tichi Mou" "To Simadi Tou Erota" "Den Eimai Ego"Haris Alexiou"Esi Me Ksereis Pio Poli"Eleni Dimou"Ta Ho Vrei Me Ton Eafto Mou"Lena Alkaiou"Tipota"Paschalis Terzis"Afise Me Mono" "Tipiki Diadikasia" "Kai Fovamai" "Rotisa Ta Matia Mou"Katerina Stanisi"Apo Pou Ki Os Pou" "S' Eho Kanei Theo" "Stamatise Tou Rologiou Tous Deiktes"Litsa Diamanti"Ti Zitas"Dimitris Basis"I Zoi"Giannis Kotsiras"Etsi Ki Allios" "Tifles Elpides" "Alexandria"Harry Varthakouris"Monaksia Kalimera" "" To tragoudi tou Harry no 3 (Tipota)"Antonis Remos"Ti Imouna Gia Sena" "To Kerma" "Gia Na Tin Kerdiseis" "Emeis"Nikos Vertis"Asteri Mou" "Pame Psihi Mou"Irini Merkouri"Kati Eho Pathei Me Ta Matia Sou" "Pou Na Fantasto"Petros Imvrios"Prosehe"Christos Antoniadis"Magia"Efi Sarri"Afou M' Areseis"Peggy Zina"Poly Kala Pername" "Efiges"Konstantina"I Kardia Mou Ine Zalismeni" "Ti Mpike Anamesa Mas"Elli Kokkinou"Kapoia Mera"Mando"Emeis" "Prodosia" "Never Let You Go"Thanos Kalliris"Matia Feggaria Mou"Antipas"I Nichtes Tou Trelou" "Den Se Perimena"Stelios Dionisiou"Anoiktoi Logariasmoi"Thanos Petrelis"Den Echo Matia Gi' Alli"Aggeliki Iliadi"Ti Monaksia Fovamai"Lena Papadopoulou"To Sfalma" "Poios Sou Emathe" "Pragmatika"Giorgos Christou"Paizeis me ton pono mou"Maro Litra"Metaniosa"Chryspa"Mou Kanei Plaka O Theos" "Antres 100%"Constantinos Christoforou"Mipos"Poimis Petrou"Kathreftis"Aggeliki Zika"Den Eimaste Dio Eimaste Ena"Nafsica"Mi Me Pairneis Tilefono" "Kano Onira"Tamta"Agapo (Wanna Play)"Nikolas"Tyfones"REC"To leei i kardia mas"Stereo Mike"Fevgo" (feat. Haris Alexiou)Christos Kyprianidis"Tha Sou Elega Polla"Vasilis Terlegkas"Enos Leptou Sigi"Dimitris Chrisochoidis"Topio Seliniako"Tzina Alexopoulou"Kathe Dakry Sou"Eleni Karousaki"Tora Den Anteheis" "Na Pas" "Mono Nichta Se Thymamai" "An Imoun Antras"Elena Basi"Nihta Me Pairneis"Andreas Konstantinidis"Mono gia sena" (feat. Julia Alexandratou)Valando Tryfonos"Sti Dipla Thesi"Katerina Stikoudi"6000000"Maria Karlaki"Enstikto"Irini Daniil"San Ena"Andri Karantoni"Esy" ------ Reception of s video Back to the Future Part II was criticized as a poor conversion of the film. Mark Patterson of CU Amiga wrote, "There's so many crossover plots in the film it seems almost impossible for a game to do it justice. . Obviously it was always going to be a difficult license to translate; I just wonder if anybody could have handled it in a more exciting manner." The introduction sequence was praised by some reviewers, although Robert Swan of Computer and Video Games (CVG), reviewing the Atari ST version, stated that the sequence was a nice idea that was poorly executed, writing that the DeLorean "jerks along like a slug with bunions". Chris Jenkins of Sinclair User reviewed the ZX Spectrum version and considered the sequence to be "astonishingly badly-drawn". The game's music and sound was mostly praised; Patterson considered the rendition of the film's theme music to be among the game's two outstanding features along with the introduction sequence. The character sprites were criticized, especially the design of Marty McFly. Some critics felt that the hoverboarding levels went on too long. Patterson believed that the beat 'em up level was poorly executed and the worst of the five levels. He also wondered why the fourth level would take the form of a tile puzzle game, questioning its relevance to the scene it depicts. In addition, Patterson believed that the second level was too easy and quick, and was critical of the final level being similar to the first: "It's a bit of a cheap gimmick to rehash an earlier game section so blatantly. I was very disappointed to get this far and discover I really had gone back to the future." Gerard Ryle of The Age wrote about the game's various levels, "Pretty weird stuff I admit, but this game's real strength lies in its reliance on a combination of quick reflexes and quick mind." Amiga Action criticized the music and the "weak" background details. Zzap!64 considered the levels to be slightly better on the Amiga version over the Commodore 64 version. Commodore Format criticized the "unoriginal" levels, but praised the sound, calling it the most pleasing aspect of the game. The magazine stated that the game's lasting appeal, beyond a few days, "is extremely questionable," and wrote that the game's "dozens of nice touches" only serve to "remind you that the game as a whole is full of unfulfilled promise." Mark Caswell of The Games Machine reviewed the Atari ST version and considered it a disappointing game, criticizing its slow pace. However, Caswell believed that most of the graphics were fairly good. CVG's Swan believed that the puzzle levels did not fit in well with the rest of the game, and stated that the game "isn't a total disaster," but "you do get the feeling that a lot more could have been made from it." Atari ST User stated that the game closely follows the film but that "this doesn't manage to salvage the average movie tie-in." The magazine praised the colorful graphics, but criticized the poor scrolling and monotonous gameplay, and concluded that the game did not have lasting appeal as its different gameplay styles provide only initial excitement. Neil Jackson of ST Format called it a "colourful and somewhat schizophrenic game" with an "interesting" combination of gameplay styles and "superb" graphics. However, Jackson criticized the first level as being "incredibly tough," due to poor collision detection and joystick control, although he praised the puzzle levels for providing "well-needed breathing space" between the action levels. Jackson concluded that while the game "is not what it could have been, there should be something in it for everybody - if you can just get far enough to reach it!" Rich Pelley of Your Sinclair reviewed the ZX Spectrum version and was critical of the game's long loading times. However, Pelley praised the variety and the puzzle levels, and considered the game to be addictive and "very faithful to the complicated film." Reviewers for Crash were disappointed with the gameplay. Mean Machines reviewed the Master System version and was critical of the graphics, poor controls, and poor collision detection, while stating that the levels were either too easy or too difficult. Sega Force called it frustrating and considered its graphics mediocre, both especially during the first level, although praise was given for the visual appearance of the puzzle levels.
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